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  • Nina has been announced as getting a role in another Indie film due to start filming in South Africa (this one with GoT Maisie Williams)

    So sounds like her 6 month holiday is now coming to an end and she is getting down to hunting down parts. (The 6 months came from her recent interview where she said she wanted to take off one month for each year she had been on TVD)


    • Going to make a concerted effort to post fewer insta pics on this page to see if the thread behaves better. It's been buggy and slow for me lately.

      Dobrev, who left the CW’s Vampire Diaries earlier this year after six seasons, will play American flight attendant Izzy, who is the love interest of Butterfield’s character. The screenplay by Fergal Rock was a 2013 Academy Nicholl semifinalist. The pic, produced by BCDF Pictures and Kalahari Films & Media, is set to start shooting in South Africa this winter.

      Butterfield’s Calvin is a hypochondriac college dropout who now works as a baggage handler at Cape Town airport. In a funk, he is pulled into the unconventional bucket list quest of Brit teen Skye, played by GoT’s Williams, who also appears on Doctor Who this season. That team-up helps Calvin to face his deepest fears.

      From the description, it sounds like she's going to be the woman a younger Asa has a crush on from afar, and Maisie will be his real love interest. So not a big role, perhaps. And not the kind of thing to prompt you to leave teevee forever. But hey, work is work. (and pilot season is not so very far away, which would be a better bet for Neens).

      Nina's Travel Guide to ATL, courtesy of Marie Claire:

      It's basically a Nina stalking guide . . . for a year ago. She wouldn't be spilling all her fave joints if she still lived there. But useful! mr.o and I keep tossing the idea around of heading back to ATL for a 'without the kids' getaway, and some of those places on her list I would totally check out.

      Austin did a Q/A on Twitter to promote his show, and someone asked him how Nina was (or maybe where Nina was):

      That is a good answer. It's even ONB-esque. Austin just inched up on my 'interesting or nah' meter.

      Nina is doing WeDay up in Canada today:

      Can't tell much about the outfit yet, but it looks like a basic black pantsuit.

      Nina at last week's Spartan Race:

      Helping Jules:

      Oh, that nice and all but I remember Nina's last Spartan Race.

      I remember everything.

      Anyway, as for Nikkian, they have been hosting environmentalish stuff, wearing very boring clothes, using GossipCop to deny that they are having marital troubles, and promoting things like Sleepy Hollow and Nikki's new purse line (and continuing to ignore Kim entirely).

      Nikki's new purse line:

      Quite possibly the dullest collection of pleather and fringe ever.

      Kim hasn't tweeted anything about Ian and Nikki running around doing their power philanthropy this week, but she did toss a heart emoji at Nina:

      Kim Klingler ‏@kimodo007 1h1 hour ago
      @ninadobrev #WeDay [❤️]
      Well, the heart didn't copy over, but yeah. She keeps tagging and tweeting at Nina, but it doesn't look like Nina has responded to her at all. Not super surprising, really.

      Kim also posted this:

      (ahem, Ian).

      Kat meanwhile, has been performing and promoting the heck out of her new album, whilst wearing fierce clothes that are cut a tad oddly at the top, I mean for reals:

      That's cut weird, right?

      Most of the Kat stuff is in insta, so I'm not going to post it, but rest assured that she is hustling like crazy lately.

      Ugh, insta. I'm having enough trouble with this thread anyway. Maybe we need to lock it? Feels like whenever we get over 100 pgs, problems happen. Given how boring everyone is right now, locking might not be a bad idea anyway.

      So! Last day to buy a Fight Hunger t-shirt from The Gillies. He's giving away his chair from on set and promising Skype dates and all kinds of stuff:

      He's only sold 1800 shirts, yikes.

      And lastly, the new TVD poster is out. This is official. And officially terrible.

      This is a much better poster for sure:


      • As this new film is shooting in South Africa in a few months it still gives Nina the chance to take on other roles as well. And it gives her a chance to work with British actors as they always seem to get good roles (GoT).

        The promotion for TVD seems to be dead this year and most of the cast don't seem like they care that much. The Flash is really the big CW promo now. Sleepy hollow premieres tonight and it doesn't seem as though many are excited for the sexy Betsey Ross as she is being touted. I am interested in seeing what the viewing figures for both show premieres will be like.


        • Oh, so she was wearing black jeans and and a black leather jacket.

          That's way better than the black pantsuit I thought it was.

          She changed her shirt later:

          I'm meh about the shoes, though:

          The idea of green shoes was a nice one, but I'm not sure about the metal stiletto. Looks painful.

          Speaking about painful, here's ONB as a cop. Twice.

          christophrwood: On set sporting the new limited edition @livelokai! By purchasing one, you’re supporting breast cancer research and empowering those affected. #livelokai #lokaihero

          julieplec ‏@julieplec 2h
          BFF's. @paulwesley @ChristophrWood #Containment

          Paul Wesley ‏@paulwesley 7m
          @julieplec @ChristophrWood I love a man in uniform

          Just like his boyf, Paul is supporting live lokai's breast cancer campaign:

          If Paul is hanging out on the Containment set . . . does that mean he might be directing an ep? It would make sense for him to do so.

          Meanwhile, Phoebe posted a pic from the TO set:



          • Scorched earth continues - it now seems as though Ian no longer follows Jess or her husband - not only did Jess used to go every where with him, she was with him for the puppies and he also married her and her husband. His ISF hangout yesterday he was basically introducing Nikki as the person who plays such a large part in ISF. Nikki's interview earlier in the week basically said how they had known each other for 9 years and how she was in awe of him - sounded like a fangirl but maybe that's what he likes. I wonder how her ex husband feels to be honest.

            Anyhow yep scorched earth - maybe they didn't like that the JRam or Kim didn't seem to hate Nina or maybe it's because they are both females. Who will be next? Bryn? - doubt that though as he is male. At this rate when the divorce does happen he will be lucky to keep his foundation. Surprised that his family aren't cottoning on to this as they must have been friendly with Kim and Jess as well.


            • I think a new thread is a good idea. My phone cannot handle this thread anymore.


              • Not sure if isadora is back yet, but I sent her an email to close this thread when she gets a chance. I can barely post at all in here anymore.


                • Isn't Jess expecting her 1st child soon? Guess old IS has gotten rid of almost all the people he was close to before Nikki.


                  • Originally posted by Velvetkiss View Post
                    Isn't Jess expecting her 1st child soon? Guess old IS has gotten rid of almost all the people he was close to before Nikki.
                    According to Twitter timings - IS unfollowed her in the middle of her baby shower which Kim attended but seems like NR wasn't invited.


                    • Generally, I don't curr about TVD peeps, but Nina's photo shoot for Who What Wear is stupid pretty to me. I'm so confused! Do I like bangs now?

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                      • She looks very different and some of the outfits are so so but I do think she looks good. Wow he unfollowed her during her baby shower. Sounds like Jess and Kim will be better off in the long run, but sad because they both seemed such big parts of his life before Nikki.