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  • Originally posted by Velvetkiss View Post
    I think Nikki saying no cons next summer is fitting. We all know Nikki is not only needy but very insecure and We know she is already pretty miserable on her Con Honeymoon, so it makes since that she is already putting the brakes on Cons for next summer, because no way is she going to do a con summer vacation again no way she will let Ian go alone, so saying it is to try for a baby is just her way of trying to not look like a insecure needy controlling wife. She must not think they need the money too badly, which is odd because of S7 is TVD's last season than the Con money could come in handy till they can get other gigs.!
    I will say that those cons seem just horrible except for the free trip to Europe part. But they just seem like something I would avoid at all costs.


    • They do sound awful. I think she loved the first one in Brazil as she was also having attention (going up on stage, kissing Ian, hanging in the autograph room). But the ones in Europe are a little more formal and she hasn't been involved and so I don't think she is now enjoying it as much. Even leaving the hotel Ian was out in front as all the fans were for him and she was in the background - don't think she liked that as she didn't start smiling until the paps started taking pics.

      But the stuff about a baby and Ian not doing cons if she is pregnant etc really does make it sound as if she can't leave him out of her sight - I thought actors go on location so surely she is used to this. It also makes the progeny sound like an accessory in order to get more tabloid coverage. Hey there's been no stories about them in over a week apart from Ian yelling at fans.


      • I totally agree, I would not want to spend my time going to con after con. My point was more along the lines of zeitghost of Nikki not being able to let Ian out of her sight, I mean actors go on location all the time and the do cons even if they have children. I can see Ian not doing cons in the summer if that is when she is due, but that is not something she can truly predict, so just seemed odd her announcing it already, when she is not even pregnant. Plus I thought they had just said they were going to wait to have kids, so yeah sounds like she needs something to keep the media attention on her and now she will have the paps on baby bump watch, because she basically just told everyone they are supposedly trying to have a baby, true or not.


        • WUT.


          It's like he's instituting a campaign to turn a certain group of fans against him this summer.

          Yep, here they go . . .


          Fans: so what do you love about Damon? Ian: Donate to ISF, have you seen my wife * brings out Nikki*, I'm already married isn't that cool

          Ians going to do all of our work for us, the show will get cancelled ten episodes in because he can't keep his mouth shut.

          Here's the thing: be bitter all you want. Keep it off the stage at the con your fans paid to attend because most of them ARE DELENA FANS.
          Everytime Ian opens his mouth I guarantee you lose another viewer please donate to ISF to shut him up

          And who is it who says we mix fiction and reality?? last time I checked DAMON wasn't married... #TVD


          Please remind him that we're asking about DE. We all know that Nina didn't want marry him even when he's single that's why he's still bitter


          I'm probably going to lose a shit load of followers for saying this, but I'm so over Ian Somerhalder.

          Ian wears an earpiece and answers with what Nikki tells him to say

          Ian: "the fans blur reality and fiction" [...] fan: "can we expect a Delena wedding?" Ian: "I'm already married"

          Ian's "jokes" about this topic are not jokes there is clear underlying bitterness or resentment or something he does this EVERY DAMN TIME

          We've seen just how fast The CW drops things when the ratings bomb, Ian is literally killing TVD so fast, the show won't even get a full S7

          Him, Nikki and Julie will be living in a box on the street and I don't feel even a lil bad about that, i feel pretty happy.

          "Im just a stupid actor" - @iansomerhalder NO ONE DISAGREES.

          TVD cons need to be renamed to "my marriage and isf" cons

          Has any con gone by without him mentioning his human I'm just curious

          With every con that happens, Ian reaches a new level of stupidity and unprofessionalism.

          I hope he did call JP in a panic at 4a and I hope she directed him to the article where she said Nina agreed to come back in the finale.


          "I'm already married." And what the fuck does that have to do with Delena or TVD?

          At this rate he should stop doing cons, he's not doing anyone any favors, especially not himself.

          I REALLY love how you think still having Ian will save TVD when he is literally turning off any potential viewers you have left @julieplec

          How do people still stan that 50 yr old jar of mayonnaise

          It's incredible how he actually got freaking married and yet it's so obvious HE is the one who hasn't moved on.

          Why is IAN so vain and talks about himself? I'd love to see how "famous" he is when Tvd ends

          Everyone else: Elena can wake up & return for a happy ending Ian: oh idk I think someone lied to you. I'm already married! Donate to Isf

          Everyone please pray for nobody's friend @iansomerhalder ain't nothin wrong with him he's just living in constant fear of his new wife

          'I'm already married' is the new #hacked, btw.

          That's kind of funny. Everyone else (Nina, Julie, Dries, Paul) have been dangling the idea of Elena waking up in the finale to make the D/E endgame a reality in front of the fans like a carrot, and Ian just stomps in and throws the carrot away. Hilars.

          I guess he's throwing something else away, too:

          ian somerhalder ‏@iansomerhalder 10h10 hours ago
          Barcelona!Cant wait to see u this weekend!I LOVE the gifts-But To help our planet pls DONT bring gifts,just give to

          ian somerhalder ‏@iansomerhalder 10h10 hours ago
          I have to travel a great deal and can't take your thoughtful and beautiful gifts!!!!!

          Okay, weird. Everyone else takes the gifts, says thank you, takes pics of the gifts spread out on their hotel bedspreads, etc.You've always taken the gifts before, Ian. What's so different this year oh you don't have to answer that.

          high hopes ‏@DEhigh_hopes 24h24 hours ago
          @EuroPressAgency I am going to the BMIF4 just for him

          Euro Press Agency ‏@EuroPressAgency 24h24 hours ago
          @DEhigh_hopes Don't... Even if #iansomerhalder is announced in September, he will cancel last minute if baby on board.

          . . . which is a good warning to have, since people pay out the money for these cons way in advance.

          There are a ton of pics of Ian and Nikki with fans in Barcelona. I guess they are afraid to say no this time around, and people are taking advantage of that.

          We also got pda pap pics, because of course we did.

          Lately they have both been doing a better job of reining in their runaway captioning skills:

          Feels like they have taken some of the criticism lately about being overly verbody cheesemasters to heart.

          ONB has also been taking fan pics in Barcelona:

          With my lovely @christophrwood you are super sweet 🙈😍❤️

          A photo posted by Veronica Baron (@onlymeveronica) on

          Ladies and gentlemen, this is Chris Wood ❤️ @christophrwood

          A photo posted by Veronica Baron (@onlymeveronica) on

          He can probably count this summer as a success so far. He has boosted his twitter followers up a bunch, managed to promote Containment without looking like a pushy famewhore, and has avoided saying anything/doing anything to create negative drama (so far). Oh, and boyfriend has gotten paid $$ obvs. He's been sold out pretty much everywhere.

          Barcelona now, then two weeks off, then Rome. And then he is free.

          Enjoying!Freedom!Nina took pics with fans at The Grove yesterday:

          I don't know why she wasted a trip to The Grove without calling any paps, though. Hustle, girl! She still hasn't announced a single new project yet, and Eli keeps tagging her on 'future Ibiza vaca' pics. Don't go tra la laing off to vaca land before nailing down *something*.

          Bonus! gifs from China, where Claire sends some love to Candice:

          Even the girls know how to play HoYay.

          2nd bonus! Another example of why doing a panel with Chris is better/more fun than doing a panel with anyone else . . . Bane and Batman on a speed date in Brussels:

          Kat does a surprisingly good Bane. But yeah, Chris really loves pushing his panel mates into bizarre improv situations -- which is a form of entertainment vastly superior to the 'everyone asks the same boring questions and the actors give the same boring answers' kind of panel. His solo panels seem less fun, because he really likes having a scene partner to play with.

          I kind of think one of the reasons why he's able to stay so energetic and spritely at these things is because the conlife isn't going to become his actual life. I would not be surprised if this was his only summer to do cons. Not that he couldn't do them next year if he needs the cash -- but hopefully he won't have to, you know? It's not likely that Containment will lead to cons . . . conventions are mostly just a scifi and supernatural show phenomenon. So if Containment does well, sayonara cons. And if it doesn't do well, hopefully he will have gained enough visibility to snag something on a real network next pilot season. He's not trapped into the 'TVD is all I've got therefore I must milk the con circuit for mortgage $$' cycle the way Ian, Malarkey or Matt Davis are.

          3rd bonus! Pics of Ernesto at the Serenbe Playhouse dinner:

          He'll be playing Stanley in A Streetcar Named Desire June 11th - 28th.

          Not gonna lie, if we weren't going to be at the beach during that time, I'd be super tempted. Just saw the same play a few weeks ago for the first time, and badly wished Stanley was played by someone else. Ernesto is . . . an interesting choice, I think. Also, I'm dying to see what the yuppie hipster farm paradise is actually like.
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          • IS does sound bitter tho and laughing as he was the one complaining that his fans couldn't split fiction from reality - think he is as needy as Nikki as he constantly seems to push the married thing. Yes even worms under rocks now they are married. jP is probably resting her head in her hands at his dismantling of S7.

            And yet more pap pics - how many more are needed - they're now all probably watching for baby bump since Nikkian threw that one out there and guaranteed themselves at least 6 months of tabloid fodder.

            Yep Nina needs to hussle but I think she is just being so happy to be free that she wants to have the summer off and enjoy her new house - isn't this the first time she has had her own place in LA


            • "I'm already married"

              The only explanation I can imagine is that he was hella high.


              • Ean is back!

                Ean ‏@eansumoholder May 31In a shocking twist my own fans have turned against me. I'm moving 2 India and changing my name, maybe to Ein Samoheldar or Frank Simoholdor

                Ean ‏@eansumoholder May 31
                The new season of TDV will be set in Mumbai. I have already purchased farmland and my horses are being shipped out via private yacht

                Ean ‏@eansumoholder May 31
                My only option is to start over in a new place, far away from the constraints of American celebrity culture. It has become too much for me.

                Ean ‏@eansumoholder May 31
                Now if you will excuse me, my limo has arrived to take me to my private jet. Goodbye America and also LA

                Ean ‏@eansumoholder 11h11 hours ago
                This flight attendant just asked me if I wanted any peanuts. ...HELLO I am already married!!

                Ean ‏@eansumoholder 11h11 hours ago
                She said that she thought I "liked peanuts". ...I hope she didn't pay for that information

                Ean ‏@eansumoholder 1h1 hour ago
       I seem to have lost the blueprints for my animal sanctuary. ...if you find them, please start building without me

                Missed you, boo.

                At his Barcelona panel earlier today, Ian was whining again about the Paris incident and how hard it is to see people mad at him for wanting 'ONE DAY':

                Ian talked about all the hatred he was getting because of wanting to have a day for himself and honestly he is such a humble man.


                He read comments like: "Ian Somerhalder is an asshole" and he was like: "are you fucking kidding me?" yes Ian I feel you.

                ian somerhalder ‏@S0MERHALDLER 3h


                Yeah, STILL not addressing the actual point. You spoke to the folks outside your hotel like a condescending ass. It wasn't *what* you were asking for, it was the grandiose way you asked for it that rankled people. But keep playing victim, you've learned from the best.*

                * and just to clarify, I still believe that celebs should be allowed to use a pressure washer to mow people down when folks are stalking them in person. Or a flamethrower.

                He also cleared up this question:

                @iansomerhalder directing was the most profound and most fun experience, with @NikkiReed_I_Am and team standing by his side #bloodynightcon


                Nikki had gone to HL to swear she didn't hang out on set while he was directing, but I guess that wasn't true. No wonder Nina was hiding in her loft in unicorn slippers most of that week.

                But this . . . dude . . .

                @iansomerhalder and @NikkiReed_I_Am just started their production company for things that matter and actors that care [💗] #bloodynightcon

                He told us to support them (him and nikki) on their new projects

                Ian is talking about films projects with Nikki and ask us to go see the movies even if it sucks [😂] #bloodynightcon
                EVEN IF IT SUCKS.

                No for reals, there is an underlying desperation there that should be a concern for his actual fans. Begging people to support you didn't translate into eyeball in the theater for your last movies (or ratings for your directorial debut, amirite.) Maybe you should try a different tactic. Like . . . not sucking, maybe?

                But! I will say that the ginormous group selfie is a great compromise when Nikkian doesn't want to spend forever taking pic after pic:

                Hopefully, that solves all the issues and will prevent another "it's MY DAY" confrontation from occurring.

                ONB is still doing it one by one the old fashioned way:

                I don't think he's had any panels yet.

                Back in LA, Nina, Hilary, and Lane got sweaty and bendy last night apparently:

                Yoga? Namas'tay right here and shop. Til I drop. #NamasteSeries @adidasWomen @SIX02 #CommitToMore

                A photo posted by Nina Dobrev (@ninadobrev) on

                Well, I'm sure that appearance meant $$ for Neens, so good for her.

                More from NIna last night:

                After the sweaty hijinks, she went to some other event:

                According to Nikastrong, the red arrow points to a guy who looks like Austin's brother wearing the Stowell Family Yankee's Cap. Maybe so? Based on insta interaction, Nina and Austin's brother must be hanging out some.

                Bonus! While Paul is in China filming a movie, Phoebe is attending a TSC reunion:

                We found our family's crystals @thomas.dekker @iheartcarlsjr @brittlrobertson @matt_mcinnis

                A photo posted by Phoebe Tonkin (@phoebejtonkin) on

                I know isadora is too busy living the high life right now to check this thread, but that one was for her.


                • @iansomerhalder and @NikkiReed_I_Am just started their production company for things that matter and actors that care [💗] #bloodynightcon
                  So what is it going to do? Just raise money for ISF? So we have an actor who apart from TVD hasn't had a decent film role in years and an actress who apart from Twilight hasn't had a decent movie or paycheck in years (and that role she got as the director was a family friend) - yep this production company is going to make lots of money and will go the way of the PMcD/NR recording studio.

                  Nina is way too bendy - I fell over in my lunges this week :-( but sounds like she is now doing a few promo events


                  • Super quick update:

                    vids of ONB doing some white boy rap in Barcelona for isadora:


                    #VIDEO. @christophrwood at the #BloodyNightCon 5 convention in #Barcelona #TVD #TheOriginals

                    A video posted by 💉TVD & The Originals🎬️️ (@tvd__the.originals) on

                    And interacting with fans on twitter/insta:

                    Of course, that only prompted people to dig up even *worse* pics of him to start spamming him with.

                    Like these:

                    Yikes. #adorkable

                    ONB is definitely still accepting presents from fans, unlike Mr. 'Just Donate To ISF Instead PLZKTHXBAI':

                    What do you think of my new look?

                    A photo posted by Chris Wood (@christophrwood) on

                    That is impressive work.

                    This tidbit was on twitter today:

                    wait for me. ‏@DE_FTW 4h 4 hours ago
                    Does anyone know whether the audience at the cons have become smaller?

                    steph ‏@neova1 24m24 minutes ago
                    @DE_FTW yes in paris convention, chris wood was more successful than ian

                    Don't know if that is accurate, but it certainly *feels* potentially true. Chris is slaying them all over Europe, while people are becoming more and more frustrated by Ian. Also, novelty factor, of course. The folks in Paris have seen Ian a zillion times, and this was a first for Chris.

                    Nobody in Barcelona gave Chris and Zach the memo that they are supposed to only talk about Nina awkwardly, if at all:

                    Our dressing rooms were right next to each other so yeah I'm gonna miss her - Zach about Nina

                    "I love Nina" - Zach

                    Zach cried at the table read when he read his & Ninas last scene

                    Chris wood is sooo soo hot [😭] he wants to be stucked with katherine in an elevator [😂] and said such nice things about nina

                    "She's so fun" Chris about Nina

                    Chris loved doing all the scenes w/ Nina but his favorite is when she was kidnapped bc they filmed a lot of scenes together #BloodyNightCon

                    Chris wood about @ninadobrev : "she is so fun, she is all over the place, she is a party planner!" #BloodyNightCon #TVD


                    It's not just Nina that Chris is thinking of . . .


                    Ohio Boys representing:

                    BLOODBUZZ OHIO @zach_roerig @christophrwood #Barcelona #redandblack #titsandteeth

                    A photo posted by Michael Malarkey (@mkmalarkey) on

                    And finally, Ian is going to give the Barcelona fans quite a treat on the morrow!

                    Oh, goody for them!

                    Over in Austin today, Julie and KW were on a panel moderated by Carina:

                    This is happening!! #atxtvs4

                    A photo posted by Kristin Hinck (@kristybabe) on

                    Holly ‏@hollye83 7m7 minutes ago
                    #TVD episodes that were proposed and didn't happen: a cemetery gargoyle comes to life, Damon as a bandit with a gun. #ATXTVs4

                    Jean Bentley ‏@hijean 11m11 minutes ago
                    "The entire series is an outlet for grief and an allegory for the fear of being alone." [email protected], poignantly explaining #TVD #ATXFestival

                    "Damon was the bandit with the gun," plus something about a gargoyle. (A LOT changed in the process of making #TVD, Kevin says.) #ATXTVs4

                    Holly ‏@hollye83 40s40 seconds ago
                    Kevin & Julie just told us that Damon killing Jeremy was calculated to turn the audience against Damon and it failed miserably. #ATXTVs4

                    There was also implication that they intended to make the S/E stuff last 3 years or 50% of their 6 year plan. #ATXTVs4 #TVD

                    Natalie Abrams ‏@NatalieAbrams 58s58 seconds ago
                    [email protected] says Chris Wood (#TVD's Kai) was up for he role of the twins on The Following

                    Jean Bentley ‏@hijean 4m4 minutes ago
                    Yes, @julieplec talked to @ChristophrWood about becoming a regular on #TVD but he wanted to stay a villain #ATXTVs4 #ATXFestival

                    Was going to post this stuff in the TVD thread, but wanted the bit about Chris turning down becoming a TVD regular in here. Interesting, right? So we were right that Julie did offer that. I wonder if his decision to turn it down was made concurrently with the Woodbrev break-up and Nina's final final 'goodbye TVD' decision, or before-hand or what.

                    If he honestly just went politely "no thanks" because he's smart enough to know it would be a terrible career move (and was also smart enough to request Kai's decapitation to make it even clearer) then bully for him. There's no doubt that TVD is on the wane, so I give him props for that.

                    Also, gargoyles.


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                    • I did see some stuff that some girls at Ian's panel wanted to ask about Nina leaving but when they went to hand in their questions they were asked to change them as he wont answer questions about Nina - bitter much?

                      Think CW is not a dumb guy when it comes to his career - not sure that another CW show was quite the right idea though. Interesting from JP that the CW doesn't care about ratings - we might get TVD season 11 after all - very old looking vamps with lots of makeup


                      • I don't know whether Cordon is smart for CW. If Cordon pulls in Originals crowds he'll lose his momentum and will be stuck with a 6 year contract that can outlive the network he's on and especially if they "don't care about numbers if it's zeitgeist" ... This is a network that ran 90210 for a couple of years strictly because it was pulling some internationally. Supernatural survives thanks to it's fanbase. tvd has effectively turned most people against it. I remain done with it but I'm having an off season in general. This is the least tv I've ever watched.

                        Ean account gives me joy (even though there's nothing noteworthy Ophy hasn't posted)!

                        So strange Williamson hasn't done anything worthwhile since leaving tvd. Stalker flamed out, so there's still hope for the world. As much as Kevin wants to do procedural, teen angst is his bitch. Also that Kevin Bacon thing was attrocious. I still read David Sims reviews of first season (on AVC) for a chuckle every now and then

                        <Julie> has more shows on then Kevin, ha!


                        • Just some bits and scraps from yesterday:

                          This wasn't a very nice thing to do to poor Ian in Barcelona . . .

                          TVDForo y más series‏@TVDForo
                          he looks down and looks at it and said... "Oh, wow"

                          Yikes. Having him sign the #hacked tweet was mildly amusing, but there's no call for this expansion on the theme, y'all.

                          Barcelona BonKai:

                          Closer look at what Kat is wearing because it looks craymazing:

                          I'd wear it! . . . as pajamas, that's all. But she's definitely rocking a whole Beyonce thing with that hair, right?

                          Superman!Chris knows how to make an entrance:


                          This is the only kind of photo op I would agree to:

                          (to be fair, her shirt is a fuck cancer shirt, so I suppose that was the point.)

                          I'm sure everyone was dying to know what Zach did for Nikkian as a wedding present . . .

                          @zach_roerig built @iansomerhalder & @NikkiReed_I_Am a deck for their airstream as a wedding present #bloodynightcon

                          Awesome! . . . of course, he didn't actually go to the wedding, but wevs.

                          Barcelona is over. Se terminó!

                          Leftover from Brussels: The full gifset of Ian's ass slap shows Chris' reaction (or lack thereof):

                          Some Kat/Chris shippers (and there are A LOT of Kat/Chris shippers) claimed the look on Chris' face was 'jealousy' (?), but it kinda looks to me like he's wondering whether or not Ian is off his meds.

                          The Kat/Chris shippers also love the way Chris waited for Kat at the steps and helped her down after The Ass Slap Heard 'Round Belgium:

                          Well, that was nice of him.

                          Chris is free now! Two whole weeks before he has to be in Rome. I think Riley is free as well? Looks like she sponsored a coffee cart for the set of her latest movie:


                          Frijolitos Mobile Coffee
                          "On Location" with actress Riley Voelkel @lifeofrileyv serving up an incredible #thankyouto her #castandcrew on the #lifetime movie set of #advanceandretreat

                          Make sure you support her as her career continues to soar!
                          ¡Salut! Ms. Riley may the roles keep on Rollin'!!!
                          Let's keep'em #filming all night!
                          #lightscameraaction #lifetimetelevision #lifetimemovie #sag #aftra

                          '#thankyou' sounds like a wrap present to me. . . and there was also a new photo shoot:

                          My amazingly beautiful client @lifeofrileyv #RileyVoelkel #theoriginals #cw

                          A photo posted by @paulsmithphotography on


                          Moving onto Nina!

                          Eh, the robe is okay. Kind of circus-y for my taste. The hammock and bean bag are gorge, though.

                          Also, Nina was spotted somewhere in LA, going into a screening room to watch a screening of . . . something unspecified. But hey, at least that all sounds totally work related.

                          Nothing Dobwellian or Westonkin-y this weekend, unfortunately.

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                          • Chris is giving Ian some serious side eye. He's probably thinking 'just a few more cons then I have my own show and then I don't have to play nice with this muppet'. CW did say some nice things about Nina during the con though.

                            So who gets the airstream deck in the divorce. But shame on Zach he didn't donate to ISF. Honestly I used to tolerate Ian - he was mildly amusing and his devotion to his environmental causes was laudable - nowadays though he is probably one of the most annoying celebs out there. He's become a bit of a laughing stock


                            • Spoke too soon!

                              It's #nationalbestfriendsday

                              A photo posted by Phoebe Tonkin (@phoebejtonkin) on

                              This pic is marvelous and includes:

                              --- a reunited Westonkin
                              --- Glasses!Phoebe!
                              --- Phoebe's phoebeface
                              --- the Westonkin ring
                              --- drunk!Paul, perhaps?

                              Well, he liked her pic and tagged it #hungover, so perhaps 'formerlydrunk!Paul' is more accurate.

                              Also, a couple of pics of Nina with friends at something somewhere don't know, posted yesterday.

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                              • Kevin just finished s third and final season of a kerrazy show on a major network. Wouldn't exactly call that nothing.
                                "But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.”---Kanye