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Plecverse III: Return of The Plecverse

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  • Plecverse III: Return of The Plecverse

    Okay, isadora is still on vaca, so I'm going to open a new thread even though she hasn't has a chance to close the old one.

    Just pretend I torched Plecverse II.

    Viva Plecverse III!

    So! Nina has been out and about a whole bunch lately (and she's in Austin TX with friends at a music festival right now), and she's announced a new film project, released new mag shoots, appeared on tv a bunch, etc. Can't lay all that out right now, but wanted to post a few notable things . . .

    Dobwell's red carpet debut was in NYC at Austin's movie (Bridge of Spies) premiere.

    Nina wore Versace:

    Calling her boy over:

    I like the whole look, including her (male) accessory.

    Nina was nearly unrecognizable in her TWO new photoshoots:

    2nd shoot:

    I like the first one way better.

    . . . . and one of the former victims of the 2014 Boy Buffet spoke out about Nina's Unicorn Magicks today:

    Amazeballs, right? Poor Bastian Baker. He posted this on both Twitter and Facebook, apparently. (And Nina still follows him on Twitter, so . . . how fun for her.)

    Well! Despite Ian's truly weirdo plea . . .

    . . . TVD's ratings were NOT GREAT for the premiere:

    But for reals, I haven't even seen the TVD ep yet, and I still know this would have been a better storyline than whatever they ended up with:

    Maybe Julie needs to put all her eggs in the Containment basket, because the TVD/TO-verse ain't looking great right now.

    Speaking of, ONB and his co-stars were at NYCC this wkend:

    Someone is looking hella broad, gotta say.

    Anyhoodles, ending with Westonkin, okay.

    So yeah, Westonkin keeps Westonkining.

    A whole post accomplished with no embedded insta pics! I'm hoping that will keep this new thread easier and cleaner.

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    You're alive!!!!


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      Well that's good, I was worried you were closing down plecverse altogether!


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        Well that's good, I was worried you were closing down plecverse altogether!

        I wasn't sure anyone would care if I did, to be honest.

        And yeah, I've been very distracted lately with puppy fever. We decided to get another dog this fall, and the kids are insisting on a puppy and puppies are super hard to find this time of year unless you go to a breeder (which we won't do). So I'm stalking all of the rescue groups and shelters in a hundred mile radius 24/7 and reading up on training manuals and buying puppy kongs and trying to prepare our nine yr old boxer mutt to have her life turned upside down --- and it has become a very consuming thing. My husband is being even pickier than the kids. No Labs, no Retrievers, no pitt bulls, no bully breeds, no long haireds, no yappers, no howlers, no herders, no purebreds, nothing over 45lbs or under 30lbs, and no black dogs (because we have a white couch). I guess I should feel flattered that he thinks I'm a beekdamn miracle worker?

        Talked to a humane society lady on Saturday, and apparently there is a puppy season, and this isn't it. Puppy season is late spring, which EVERYONE knows (except for us). She said that if you see a puppy you want on a shelter website, "You'd best holler at your husband, jump in your car, and fly like the everlovin' wind" to go get it, because puppies go super fast. I've already had four puppies adopted out from under me in a matter of hours in the past two weeks.

        If we don't get one by the end of October, I quit. I'll bring home an asthmatic arthritic 14 yr old dachshund instead, and just tell the kids, "Hey! Look at our new puppy!"

        Or I could maybe stick dog ears on a raccoon? They'll never know the difference.

        Anyway, I don't know how much I will be posting in general in here, because the Plecverse is obvs a bit boring and slow lately. I don't want to just regurgitate what folks are putting on insta, and I'm way over Nikkian's tedious joint shenanigans (oh, she's selling her plain fringed pleather purses for $400 freaking dollars, by the way, because yeah, four hundred dollar pleather makes sense, and he's engaging with haterz on insta about 'that Nian stuff' again, because that also makes sense), so I'm kinda thinking I'll mostly do what Issie does in the DK and The J thread . . . sporadic updates when stuff is notable.

        Bastian Baker's continued (public) heartache over being Nina's late summer fling over a year ago is notable (to me). I can't stop thinking about it! It so perfectly lays out what a boss she was that whole summer, with her merry-go-round o'boys, breaking the hearts right and left.

        This was their fateful meeting in Monaco, where he serenaded her while she was sitting on Kellan:

        (and she left with yet another guy because of course she did -- poor Bastian! Poor Rossiter! Poor Kellan?)

        . . . and this is when he serenaded her on a balcony in Paris:

        . . . and this is where it ended, on Lake Lanier in Georgia:

        Feels like there should be a 'Nina Dobrev Broke My Heart' Support Group for the boys of '14. Bastian can be prez, obvs, as well as Official Club Troubadour.

        (They should maybe save a seat for Austin? I know nothing, I'm just saying.)
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          Hey! I was team Bastian till ONB came into the picture. He's gorgeous. He'll cope. His tweets are hillarious. Btw, I forgot to mention I don't like Nina's Vercace at all.


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            ophy! The dude and I are on a rescue pup search, too! What training manual are you reading?

            On topic... um, they're pretty.


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              Hey! I was team Bastian till ONB came into the picture.
              Yes! I would have been perfectly happy with Nina/Bastian for sure. Super gorge. He was inconveniently always away, though, so I don't think it ever had a chance. She's got a much better sitch going on with Austin right now than she could have ever had with a Swiss rock star forever on tour.

              What training manual are you reading?
              I read this one yesterday:


              (that link gives you the whole booklet for free)

              I thought it was pretty good, actually, especially the housetraining tips. But I don't know how anyone can stand crating their itty bitty puppy as much as he wants you to.

              What are you guys looking for?

              mr.o totes wants either a clone of our current dog (a boxer mutt) only in cream or light brown instead of dark brindling, or a Vizsla or a Catahoula or some other kind of rare-ish breed. I keep telling him you get what you get when it comes to shelter dogs (it ain't like ordering a salad!), but he's being stubborn.

              I just want a squirmy squishy little idiot with puppy breath, the rest doesn't matter to me.

              Other Nina news, since I'm already here . . . she's filming LipSync Battle today.

              This is addition to the daytime talk/late night shows and screenings she did in the past couple of weeks.

              I think technically this was all supposed to be promo for The Final Girls, but it feels more like Nina just saying, "Hey, I'm available for work, y'all."

              Also, she recently hinted that she might be doing a guest arc on a tv show/joining a tv show:

              She's being very cagey about her future career plans, other than to say that there *are* plans. Of course, there's that Maisie Williams/Asa Butterfield movie she's doing, but that shouldn't be a major time investment for the size of the role.So she could easily do a short arc on a current show.

              Just crossing my fingers she's not going to do anything involving Ryan Murphy, because ugh.


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                I guess I should feel flattered that he thinks I'm a beekdamn miracle worker?
                In his defense, if anybody can do it, you can.


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                  We're looking for a small to medium-sized dog that doesn't shed too much - anything mixed with a poodle would be great - isn't too yippity, and doesn't require a lot of exercise. Basically, an affectionate napper that would otherwise go to an elderly person.


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                    Oh, you guys have the right idea. If only somebody would just let me get a yorkie or a poodle or something small I can just snuggle and nap with, that would be awesomesauce. I basically want a dog that is like a cat, because I'm allergic to cats. But that wouldn't make anyone happy but me.

                    If you find a dog like that, post about it in the pet thread, Laa. I'm super curious what you will end up with.


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                      Cavalier King Charles spaniels i like - or any spaniel really but Welsh Springers are mad and need so much exercise. I would love a dog but am out way too much and honestly I think my cat would eat it.

                      Oh liked this interview with Nina by the way - how can anyone not love doing karaoke with Paul Rudd. Seems like she has now stopped her holiday and is suddenly hustling like crazy (well we all did say it was time she hustled). Critics are not being too kind to Nikkis stint on Sleepy Hollow - most are saying she is an awful actress. They cut a lot of her scenes from episode 2 and the new cast photos that have just been released she was not in.


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                        I have a Tibetan terrier/Cocker spaniel mix (and a poodle) - she's very cuddly and laid back at home while being mildly energetic outside. The only downside is if you let her hair grow out she'll be long haired but she barely sheds so it's not a big deal. We got her when the poodle was 9, I was terrified. But the literature was spot on, I never let either dominate the other so it turned out fine. No crating either.

                        Nina must really be on the outs with Jared Eng (or he is so in with the Nikkian & Kat). His is probably the only website of that type I check out daily (strictly because of lack of personality) and the only thing I saw was the public coming out with AS.
                        I did make it point to seek out TVD ratings. Wonder if this will be the final year considering how The Originals keep coming back year after year with even worse numbers.

                        Spotted Stowell recently in a minor roll on Behind the Candelabra.

                        Oh and I saw the Final girls last night. That was a pleasant surprise. I knew the reviews were positive but I really didn't expect to like it that much especially given I don't usually watch slashers.
                        Has "madnono'ed" in front of a friend.
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                          My husband is being even pickier than the kids. No Labs, no Retrievers, no pitt bulls, no bully breeds, no long haireds, no yappers, no howlers, no herders, no purebreds, nothing over 45lbs or under 30lbs, and no black dogs (because we have a white couch).
                          It sounds like he's looking for an imaginary dog. Seriously, I think you'll have problems finding a medium-sized shelter dog that isn't part Lab, Retriever or Pitt. Also, if you're getting a puppy and it isn't a purebreed, you're not necessarily going to be able to predict its ultimate size.

                          I was going to suggest you try to a Basenji rescue (if they have one around you) but some of them howl. Or a Corgi, but they're technically herders and they're maybe smaller than you want (but so adorable!).

                          So, basically, good luck! I miss my dog so much I'm thinking of getting a cat in Singapore but I don't know if I'd be able to get it back to the states with me when I get home and there's no way I'd abandon it. Maybe I'll get a goldfish.

                          Plecverse? I got nothing.


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                            I like cats.

                            And Nina Dobrev with bangs.
                            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                              New puppies don't let you sleep. NEW PUPPIES DON'T LET YOU SLEEP. I had forgotten that part. I am a zombie now.

                              Okay, anyway . . .

                              Nina has still been out and about showing prospective employers that she cleans up real purty:

                              Wearing Badgley Mischka at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic in LA:

                              Love that color on her, not sure about the shoes.

                              Ri calls this hair style 'the unicorn braid':

                              It's a'ight.

                              And she and Jules went to a Hozier concert, which almost made me jealous and then I remembered how much I hate going to concerts (I do like Hozier, though):

                              Slowly we've been seeing bits and pieces of Nina's new house:

                              A guest room, maybe? Loving those blue pillows.

                              Her guy got cast opposite Anne Hathaway in the new movie Colossal:


                              EXCLUSIVE: Austin Stowell, who plays downed U2 spy plane pilot Francis Gary Powers in Steven Spielberg’s Bridge Of Spies which opens in theaters this week, has scooped up his next role. He has been cast as Anne Hathaway’s love interest inColossal, the monster pic written and to be directed by Timecrimes‘ Nacho Vigalondo for Brightlight Pictures.

                              Production gets underway next week on the pic, which when it was being sold in Cannes this spring posited a plot about an ordinary woman (Hathaway) who discovers she has a connection to a series of attacks by a giant lizard and a robot in Tokyo, and she needs to find out why she is the only person who can stop it. (That giant lizard in Tokyo bit raised the eyebrows of Godzilla rightsholder Toho, whichquickly filed a lawsuit against Voltage Pictures for copyright infringement. That suit is ongoing and a hearing on it is set for next month.) CAA is handling domestic rights and Voltage is handling international.In addition to Bridge Of Spies, Stowell co-stars on TNT’s new series Public Morals. His upcoming films include the action-thriller Stratton opposite Dominic Cooper andIn Dubious Battle and The Long Home both directed by James Franco.

                              That movie sounds BONKERS. Good for him.

                              He's been doing a lot of press, too.

                              PDub and OND and others at a surprise birthday party for Nadine (Malarkey's wife who is now on Containment with Chris):

                              Screenshot of Paul calling Chris' phone:

                              Earlier this week, ONB's mom visited him on set:

                              Still undecided about watching the show itself, but I never tire of Jake The Cop in the bts pics.

                              Nikkian ran into DK and The J in NYC last week:

                              That group hug did not look awks AT ALL.

                              There are other pap pics of Nikkian from that same walk, so I guess it was their paps that caught that moment.

                              In dramaville, Kim and Ian refollowed each other on Twitter. Bu then, she's also still posting gems like this:

                              And! Nikki and Kim did not refollow each other, so I'm guessing what Kim and Ian did was just for show, and to keep up ISF donations.

                              Let's throw in a dash of Janet and George:

                              Saying goodbye sucks... 越來越不喜歡分開 #longdistancerelationship

                              A photo posted by Janet Hsieh (@janetagram) on


                              Ending with Westonkin . . .

                              New pics of Phoebe and her phoebeface:

                              And I think these are new pics from the Emmy party that Paul and Pheebs attended last month:

                              So not into that snoozeville black slip dress. Maybe that's why Paul is perturbed. He's all, "Did you forget to put on the dress that goes over the slip? Are you having a 'Rachel from Friends in the lingerie meeting that guy's parents for the first time' moment?"

                              Okay, have to pick up tiny puppy poop pellets now from inside the playpen. He's good at getting on the paper with pee, not so good with the other.