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  • Wow, that was a lot! I really liked the black and flowers dress that Nina wore to somewhere or another but I am scarred by the bathing suit/mesh thing. Also: OMB your parents too? This year, man.


    • Yes, I apologize for how insta-embed heavy that post was. My fault for waiting over 2 months between updates . . . although to be fair, I have been hella distracted by the Trumpocalypse and what-Gilmore-Girls-did-to-Logan-Huntzberger.

      Trying to figure out when Channa actually broke up . . . The BonkaiTwitter fandom noticed the pics vanishing from Chris' insta on Nov 30th from what I can tell. But then Dec 1st is when Hanna liked Chris' pic of Drift:

      She was already in Oz at that point, so I'm kinda assuming they split before she left. But it's hard to gauge. My totally inexpert opinion is that maybe the move to Canada was really hard on Hanna. All of her friends are in LA and Oz and she's been away from her Aussie family for a long time . . . Chris has been doing long hours on the Supergirl set and probs not home very much . . . and Hanna hasn't booked any new gigs . . . so there she was, stuck in their apt with the dog all day. Maybe she got fed up and left for Australia and isn't planning on coming back. Or who knows, maybe he proposed and she said no, and they broke up all Huntzberger/Gilmore circa S7 stylez and that's why she went home.

      Twitter peeps saved some of their pics from the burning, thank beek, so I guess it's time for the RIP Channa picspam:



      And how does this kind of deletion happen, anyway? Chris didn't delete pics of Erin after they split, or pics of Nina after they split. And Hanna didn't delete pics of her and Jack (?I think his name was Jack). So they aren't naturally the kind of people who are post-relationship deleters (although interestingly, Chris deleted some pics of himself and Jodi from his insta and unfollowed Jodi, which makes me wonder if they did hook up after all? which would put his Plecverse romance count at FOUR co-stars). Did one of them get mad and start deleting, and the other one noticed and so they started deleting, too? According to Portuguese twitter, I think Chris deleted first, and then Hanna *after* she liked the Drift pic . . . which may explain why Chris was more thorough and scorched earth and she was less thorough. I do think it's weird to delete (which seems petty) and yet not unfollow (which would also be petty, but somewhat less petty?).


      Ah, well. In memoriam . . .

      Me and the three Portuguese teenagers who were the only other people on the planet to ship these two crazy kids, are super bummed, y'all.

      Also: OMB your parents too?

      Yeah, not at all sad about my parents, btw . . . they would have/should have split up 25 years ago, but they both fell prey to the sunk cost fallacy. The difficult thing to work out right now is money and property stuff because they don't want to involve lawyers and judges and get divorced properly even though they now live in different houses. I'm pushing for a legal separation with a mediator, but my mom is digging her heels in. She wants full access to the house my dad lives in, even though she won't let him have any access to the house she lives in. So ridiculous.

      They are refusing to let us tell our kids, though, so trying to plan out these very first holidays after their split is has become nightmarish. It'll probs be easier next year.

      The oparents are both acting like babies, so no shipper RIP picspam for them!
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      • Sad about all the breakups but hey, at least some have weathered the 2016 storm. Though there's time yet I suppose but I'm trying to focus on the positive.


        • at least some have weathered the 2016 storm.

          Ack, we need to cloak Westonkin in protection spells ASAP!


          • I am sad that Channa is done. I thought they were good together. Of course Nikkian is still together, I dont think anyone else could put up with them, so they may just need to stay together. I am all for a rekindling of ONB and Neens. Get on it JP! So Zach is dating the new girl, she plays cybil on TVD, a siren. I just caught up on S8. I was mad they killed Tyler.

            Sorry about your Folks. I agree 2016 can be over. I lost my Mom this year among so many other crappy things, so I am ready for this year to end. Let's hope 2017 is much better, with the exception of Trump.


            • I lost my Mom this year among so many other crappy things, so I am ready for this year to end.

              Oh man, very sorry to hear that. Yes, this has been the suckiest of years. 2017 just has to be better.


              • 2016 can eat shit. Bring on the newness of the year.

                Thanks for the update, o! I am FASCINATED by people who delete all their relationship pics from social media.
                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                • I liked Channa - much more than Chriley. Especially as they had a cute dog.

                  I see Bryn Mooser got married - Nikkian were not in attendance and it doesn't look as though they posted anything about it either. Probably another 'cosmic' friendship bit the dust (are there any old friends left?).

                  Oh and Kat Graham no longer follows Ian on Twitter either


                  • Really? This Kat Graham thing actually surprises me.


                    • Oh and Kat Graham no longer follows Ian on Twitter either

                      According to Does Follow, she unfollowed Ian on Oct 31. That's crazy! WHU HAPPENED.

                      (Does Follow isn't always 100% accurate about dates, though.)

                      Kinda weird that she doesn't follow Ian anymore, but she does still follow Nikki.

                      Ian still follows her, and Kat still follows Paul and Candice . . . and Kat follows Nina, but Nina doesn't follow Kat. ONB follows Kat, but Kat doesn't follow ONB. Ha!


                      • That is interesting that Kat no longer follows Ian, unless because the show is coming to an end and she was only making nice because he helped her keep her job on the show and now she doesnt need too. Who knows with them, it could be anything.


                        • Possibly because he is a narcissistic jerk?


                          • Possibly!

                            Since I'm here, I'd like to yell at these two jerks . . .

                            Beekdamnit, DH. Every time I let go of Nough, y'all draaaaag me back in.


                            • They do seem awfully flirty with one another. I wonder if they will ever give it another go around.


                              • Seeing as how All Things Fall Apart is the theme of 2016, I thought y'all would like to know that Paul and Phoebe are still together, and jetted off to Australia to spend the holidays with her friends and fam.*

                                * which would kinda be the best possible time for a proposal, yeah?

                                Ya know, I'm actually kinda wondering if they are planning something . . . they got papped when landing, and Just Jared (who is Kat's BFF, btw) did a piece on them:


                                Paul Wesley & Phoebe Tonkin Jet To Her Home in Australia For The Holidays!

                                Paul Wesley and Phoebe Tonkin are spending Christmas down under.

                                The cute couple was spotted touching down at the airport Monday (December 20) in Sydney, Australia.

                                In case you didnít know, Phoebe is Australian.

                                ďThank you @virginaustralia for an incredibly cozy and comfortable flight back home. I slept like a kitten, and managed to watch the entire 3rd season of Friends. A++
                                Also, one of the best soy lattes Iíve ever had at 38,000 feet. ✔️✈️,Ē she captioned an Instagram photo from her flight, which you can see below.

                                I don't remember seeing them get papped at a non-LA airport before. They don't get papped often, anyways, but I don't think they ever got papped in Oz, right? Hmmm . . . she best be coming back to ATL with a sparklie, Paulio! It's been 3.5 years!

                                And in non-Christmas engagement-y news, if you'd like to see a single ONB wearing guyliner, this quick Comedy Bang Bang skit is your chance:


                                Beard + Guyliner = Yeah, Okay, that's pretty good.

                                Hanna, by the way, is still in OZ, but it looks like ONB is back in lonely lonely LA.

                                PCH ☀️

                                A photo posted by Chris Wood (@christophrwood) on

                                That bike ain't gonna keep you warm at night, yo. Well, okay, maybe it would if you brought it into bed with you and kept the engine going, but that sounds both dirty and dangerous and not actually advisable and would probably void your warranty and violate your tenancy agreement for wherever it is you are living now.

                                In totes not lonely LA, Nina seems to be having a happy holidays. She brought her mom and step-dad to Cali for a visit.

                                Some ship presents, others ship Mom and Dad to LA for Christmas

                                A photo posted by Michaela C. Dobrev (@michaela_paintaworld) on

                                And cook them a very special dinner

                                A photo posted by Michaela C. Dobrev (@michaela_paintaworld) on

                                The salad secret - we don't buy lemons; we get them from the tree in the garden

                                A photo posted by Michaela C. Dobrev (@michaela_paintaworld) on

                                Rudolph the red nosed Dobrev's ❤️

                                A photo posted by Nina Dobrev (@ninadobrev) on

                                Mr+Mrs Klaus and their Naughty Little Helper ☃️❤️ @juleshough @brookslaich

                                A photo posted by Nina Dobrev (@ninadobrev) on

                                #MistleToe @ilariaurbinati

                                A video posted by Nina Dobrev (@ninadobrev) on

                                Still no particular guy in the picture as far as I can tell. But hey, do y'all remember when you took a certain Ohio boy skiing at Whistler for Christmas '14 and maybe that same kid is hanging around LA with his motorcycle and could use a special Christmas dinner maybe*? MAYBE???

                                * yes, it's an extremely dead ship, I'm totally aware of that.

                                Anyhoodles, Imma update y'all if certain somebodies in Oz start flashing significant bling.

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