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  • Awww, Ophy. For you I hope but you know the truth, right? They will break up.


    • Dada! Beekdamnit!

      Now if they split up this week, I'm not blaming 2016 -- I'm blaming YOU. No go throw salt over your shoulder while walking widdershins around your house to remove the curse. DO IT OR WE ARE ALL DOOMED.


      • I thought they were being unusually sharing with their holiday snaps, something must be afoot.

        They have to make it through 2016 at least - I can't take anymore. (Matin Freeman and Amanda Abingdon have just announced they've split )


        • (Matin Freeman and Amanda Abingdon have just announced they've split


          Holy hell, people. 16 years together and two kids!

          I BLAME DADA.*

          *just because


          • Awwww, I am genuinely sorry for Martin and Amanda!

            I don't care much about Westonkin but even I hope they don't split up during 2016.


            • I saw about John and Amanda - - but it was in the DM so I tried to pretend it wasn't real.
              2016 can just kiss my ass.


              • I am all for finally getting a Westonkin engagement, I mean it is time. Paul needs to get on it, asap. Plus I agree Nina should be at least inviting ONB over for Christmas, in the spirit of friendship at least.


                • Just wondering if anyone following this can explain what's going on with Kat? I keep seeing vague references to her being "fired" that I'm assuming are tongue in cheek (the show basically being done and all), but it seems like she may be on a "no fucks left to give" tour or something?


                  • I don't know if this is what people are referring to, but I did see a clip from an interview where they asked Kat if Nina was coming back for the last ep and she just seemed ooooover it. Although, she might just be over being asked that question so often, when it has very little to do with her. She told the interviewer to 'ask Nina', not her:

                    That's all I've seen in regards to Kat.

                    Kinda assuming this means Nina ain't coming back . . . if Kat knew she was, then she might have played coy and smiley, but she just acted exasperated. Like, it's not happening, but Kat's not allowed to say so, so she's left in an awkward position whenever people ask her about it.

                    TVD only have an ep or two left, right? I know The Originals wrapped their S4 a week or so ago, but I think TVD still has more filming to go.

                    Nina sure ain't acting like she's going to head to ATL after Xmas, but who knows. She could still surprise us all.

                    ETA Oh, in that same interview, Kat makes a comment about tv writing that people are passing around as her fuck you to the TVD writers:

                    (start at 7:08).

                    In context, though, she could have been talking about any set that she has worked on, not just TVD. But yeah, I can see why people are saying she's 10000% done. She seems more focused on her upcoming album than this last season of the show she's been working on for 8 yrs. Not that anyone can blame her for that.
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                    • Christmas Eve round-up!

                      Nina and Derek Hough* are cozied up in a snowy cabin for Christmas! #NOUGHRISE

                      * and Julianne, and Brooks, and Ash, and Lane, and a couple of randos I didn't recognize . . . and Derek's girlfriend, Hayley, who I've been working really hard to pretend I don't see there. And honestly, Nina? I wouldn't have to work so hard to pretend DH's gf isn't there if you would only stop posting insta vids of them dancing in the moonlight in the snow all romantical, just sayin'.

                      You know, it's not impossible that Nina might do DWTS, I guess. A week ago, she posted this vid:

                      ing with my dance partner @julztocker

                      A video posted by Nina Dobrev (@ninadobrev) on

                      And Derek responded, which did make me wonder if he's encouraging her to train for a reason.

                      Anyway, I do realize that the fact that Nina has tagged along on multiple vacas with DH and his gf, and has now even snapped them romance-stylez with a heart emoji (therefore I guess she ships them, damnit) means that this is the deadest of all possible ships for me to cling to, and yet!

                      His 'Nins'. Bastardos.

                      I suppose it's kinda sweet they've stayed so sweet to each other, but it's not how exes are supposed to be. They are suppose to let their new wife flood the tabs with so many bullshit stories about you that you eventually leave the tv show you have been working on for six years and flee the state, never to return.

                      If Nina actually does do DWTS and gets paired with Derek, I will have to burn down the planet, fo reals.

                      Speaking of Nina's exes, apparently, ONB was staying with Mama Plec while in LA last week:

                      But based on his insta vids, he's in Ohio now. Ugh I can't even think about how much Drift must be missing Hanna over the holidays I know he's just a dog shut up.

                      OMB, it's been forever since I posted cute pics of George and Janet being cute:

                      Diva 1+2

                      A photo posted by George Young (@instageorgey) on

                      高雄的朋友們,我們來了! @instageorgey #在世界的盡頭說我願意 #StartingattheEnd

                      A photo posted by Janet Hsieh (@janetagram) on

                      They wrote a book together and they are still in LOVE and they are never ever breaking up and dada isn't allowed to say ONE THING about it nooooope.

                      In Westonkinland, just a few snaps (papped again! or maybe these were from the same day as before, dunno) from a shopping trip:

                      Chanel! Does Chanel do engagement rings? Asking for a friend.

                      And totally last and sort of random . . . if anyone is wondering if Davina from The Originals is still dating a One Directioner, the answer is yes:

                      Happy birthday my love ❤️

                      A photo posted by Danielle Campbell (@thedaniellecampbell) on

                      If you are also wondering if all of the comments on her instagrams refer to her One Directioner boyf actually being in a sekrit relaysh with a different One Directioner boy, that answer is also still yes. #LARRYISREAL

                      That's it.


                      • I'm waaaaay sick to check but is Nina's tbt pic any significant? I think I recognise it from somewhere.


                        • Oh, it's just DH and JH from their xmas vaca in Utah a couple of years ago, I think? It must have been 2013, because Xmas 2012 she was in Utah with Ian and they were still together, and Xmas 2014 she was at Whistler with her fam and Chris Wood, and in 2015 she was in a cabin with her mom and Austin and WHY CAN I REMEMBER THIS STUFF when I can't even remember my own social security number WHY.


                          A photo posted by Nina Dobrev (@ninadobrev) on

                          I doubt it's significant, other than the fact they are all spending the hols in the same place together again, I guess? You might remember that Nina left the Houghs behind on Christmas Day that year and flew all the way to Sydney and met Julian and held hands with him at New Year's . . . and that kicked off The Year of Nina Dobrev's International Buffet of Guys.

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                          • From the House of Chanel..


                            • From the House of Chanel..

                              Oh, reallllly . . . hmmm . . .


                              • A Westonkin engagement could happen and would kinda be like some tiny bit of karmic balancing for the year. There has to be balance in it somewhere, right? Plus it's beautiful weather in Sydney today... perfect for proposing :P

                                I don't really care about Nikkian other than that it would be interesting to see who she'd go after next. But birds of a feather and all that, they may truly be a perfect match. Gross.