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  • No engagement announcement yet, but we do have more of Westonkin in Oz:

    The Houghs plus Nina plus Lane plus Derek's girlfriend did a Christmas dance vid, just like in years past:

    In the outtakes, you can hear Nina's very distinctive snortlaugh:

    Out takes #Christmas Takes a minute to get it right Best times ! @ninadobrev laugh in the backround

    A video posted by Derek Hough (@derekhough) on

    I guess if you've won multiple Emmys for your choreography, you kinda have to do dance vids at Christmas.

    And as a reminder of why he became Our New Boyfriend in the first place, here's ONB's excellent new Christmas video and song:

    "Libby's Aggressive Christmas"

    Merry Christmasssss (No animals were harmed in the making of this film. Except for Kyle.)

    A video posted by Chris Wood (@christophrwood) on

    With Libby (his sister), Kyle (his brother in law), his mom, Drift, and Some Other Dog.


    • Paul is still working hard on his hiatus beard in Oz:

      Phoebe's leg on his lap! LOL.

      They aren't doing the whole fan thing, though.

      Eden ‏@Eden_gauci Dec 27
      For all fellow vampire diaries fans I'm in the same restaurant as Paul Wesley. Please kill me

      Eden ‏@Eden_gauci Dec 27
      @sgfgana he's with pheobe

      Eden ‏@Eden_gauci Dec 27
      Dad about Paul "He's not even a real actor" Step mum " last night I watched him kill a pack of werewolves" fucking me

      Eden ‏@Eden_gauci Dec 27
      Paul said no to a photo. I'm sad but he was so sweet.

      Eden ‏@Eden_gauci Dec 27
      @heartedkay I did he left I asked him for a photo and he politely denied x

      Eden ‏@Eden_gauci Dec 27
      @heartedkay he was really sweet


      Unexpected and kinda sad Supergirl news . . . I had assumed that co-star shenanigans couldn't have accounted for the Channa split, because all of Chris' costars are married or coupled up . . . but!

      Supergirl’s Melissa Benoist Files for Divorce From Blake Jenner

      Melissa Benoist and husband Blake Jenner are reportedly ending their marriage.

      The Supergirl star, 28, recently filed divorce papers from The Edge of Seventeen actor, 24, citing irreconcilable differences and is not seeking either party to give spousal support, according to documents obtained by TMZ. The actress also requested to change her legal name back to Melissa Benoist.

      Benoist and Jenner, who have no children together, wed in spring 2015 after getting engaged in July 2013. They were last spotted together at September’s Toronto International Film Festival.

      The former couple met while playing love interests on Ryan Murphy‘s musical TV series Glee in 2012.

      “I thought she was the bomb the second I saw her, so it was just super cool to be working together,” Jenner told PEOPLE in 2014 about working with Benoist. “Thankfully, we’ve had some scenes together. Because if we didn’t, I don’t think we would have had the time to get to know each other.”

      On their engagement, Jenner said: “It was fun, it was real low-key. It was private. I did sing, I sang ‘Will you marry me?’ It was funny, it was a lot like us.”

      Jenner guest starred on two episodes of CW’s Supergirl earlier this year.

      “I love working with him,” Benoist told PEOPLE Now in March. “We only have fun working together. He’s my person to act with. He’s my favorite scene partner, always.”

      Blake Jenner, played Adam on Supergirl in S1 btw, and is NOT a Kardashian-related Jenner.

      I guess that means Adam won't be coming back in S2.

      No indication of course, that ONB had anything whatsoever to do with this marital breakdown -- but hey, any time two co-stars exit their current relationships at the same time, ya gotta raise at least one eyebrow. And that's pretty much exactly what Chris and Hanna did Fall of 2015 . . . left their significant others a few months after meeting on set. And in Fall 2014, Nina left Mark Foster after meeting Chris on set. I'm not saying that there is a yearly pattern going on, but . . .

      Anyway, now I'm looking at tumblr gifs to see if Chris and Melissa have any actual chemistry. Maybe so?

      They are pretty damn cute on screen, I guess.

      Regardless of how it happened, they are both single now, and ONB has quite the rep when it comes to on set romance. I ain't gonna make any assumptions here, but it's a possibility to keep an eye on, I guess.


      • Goddammit, don't make me watch Supergirl.
        It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


        • MB and ONB are actually cute together.


          • Goddammit, don't make me watch Supergirl.

            Maybe you should watch Supergril? I mean, it's an easy light hearted kind of thing to watch, with mostly adorable characters played by super attractive people. Not such a terrible thing to spend time on, given our current dystopia.

            You can skip S1 and just start at S2 without any trouble . . . and holy beekola, ONB is such the space puppy. Chris can do 'clueless hunky alien with super strength who doesn't understand earth customs' just as easily as he did 'scrawny murderous murderprince'.




            Honestly, I don't even hate Kara, and normally these shows always make you hate the title character. She's very sunshiney and 'girl power', but in the way Supergirl probably should be. Also, they have a female President in this version of America, and the female President is played by Linda Carter, just sayin'.

            It's not the cleverest Berlanti show, but it's the least dark and probably the most fun.

            All of S1 is on Netflix and all of S2 so far is on the CW ap.

            Speaking of murderprinces . . .

            If he was filming with Ian, I'm guessing it's some kind of doesn't-really-count hallucination scene. Bute wevs, I'll still watch the heck out of it on you tube.

            And speaking of Ian, he and his lady were out and about for the paps in LA yesterday:

            I can't even with that muddy baggy 80s outfit. GURRRRL. Her BFF is a stylist for beek's sake.

            Meanwhile, in the snowy heights, Derek's girlf left the holiday cabin.

            Soooo . . . Nough got into a pillow fight, which is the obvious thing to do when Derek is girlfriendless:

            And played around on snapchat:

            And I totally hate them.

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            • These updates are making life better.


              • Oh, Laura . . . cross fingers and toes that Westonkin gives us something to actually update about by New Year's!


                • I had never added up how much of a costar playa ONB is. He's got that good boy look down, though.


                  • Yeah, in the general Plecverse gossip-world ONB is seen as a total ho. I don't think I buy into all of his rumored hook ups on the CW network, though . . .

                    Rumored: AnnaSophia Robb, Nina Dobrev, JodiLyn O'Keefe, Riley Voelkel, Hanna Mangan Lawrence, and now Melissa Benoist.

                    That is six co-stars (technically he and Riley weren't on the same show, but still) from the same network in two and a half years . . . but only three were actually confirmed. There was also some rumors about another actress he might have been seeing post-Nina, whose name I can't remember, and who wasn't on the CW. Even if every single rumor is true, six or seven women in a couple of years doesn't seem like a whole lot for a guy in his 20s, coming out of a six year relationship, but hey . . .

                    To be totally fair, there is NO evidence anywhere that Chris and Melissa are a thing at all. They do not show up on each other's insta anywhere. Chris follows her, but I don't think she follows him. (And speaking of insta, the last time Blake was on Melissa's insta was 17 wks ago, and the last time she was on his was 12 wks ago, btw). I don't see any pics or rumors that they have ever spent time together off screen.

                    As far as interaction goes, this is all I found:

                    Melissa Benoist ‏@MelissaBenoist Nov 14
                    also @ChristophrWood I'm gonna clean up while you're gone

                    Chris Wood ‏@ChristophrWood Nov 15
                    @MelissaBenoist Not if I--clean up first...(?)

                    Chyler Leigh ‏@chy_leigh Nov 15
                    @ChristophrWood @MelissaBenoist You guys are dumb.

                    I'm not even sure what she is referring to, but presumably something from the episode, and therefore work related.

                    Chris and Melissa obviously do follow each other on twitter . . . but Blake and Chris follow each other, too. So I guess they met at some point -- which does suggest off screen socializing of some kind maybe (but not the kind that involves naughtiness).

                    Literally the only reason why people were tweeting CHRIS WHAT YOU DO? at Chris when Melissa's divorce was announced was because of his recent break-up and his track record with co-stars, and that is it. Nothing else actually supports the idea.


                    • I am actually a low-key Melissa fan from her days on Glee. So I maybe need to binge watch this shiz? I like her. I adore him. But I'm not into superhero shows. I mean, I don't even watch the one with The Scofield Brothers and YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT MICHAEL SCOFIELD. He is like one of my beloved all-time TV boyfriends!

                      I desperately need a good romantic melodrama, you guys. WHERE DID ALL THE SHIPS GO?
                      It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                      • May have to check out Supergirl because of ONB. All the money nikki has and she dresses like that, why oh why!! The Nough stuff was too cute. Wonder how his girlfriend feels about all that.


                        • Is, never watch the one with the Scofield brothers.


                          • I mean, I don't even watch the one with The Scofield Brothers and YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT MICHAEL SCOFIELD. He is like one of my beloved all-time TV boyfriends!

                            Yeah, what dada said. I ditched it before the S1 finale. Totes stupid . . . and they already killed off Michael Scofield, so . . .

                            Supergirl is more fun than that one, and a lot less dumb. ONB doesn't show up until S2, but S1 has most of the great Calista Flockhart stuff in it.

                            To bring this back on a Plecc-ish topic, I totes missed this when it happened . . . on the carpet at the AMAs in Nov (where Nina presented Drake with an award), one of the interviewers made Nina tell Ian an early happy birthday:

                            Hee. Her face!

                            Apparently, she refused to say anything about whether or not she was coming back to TVD, though.

                            A new blind from CDAN, that seems to refer to Nikkian:


                            This former movie franchise actress can’t get hired since she was basically fired from this network show because she thought she was the star instead of a recurring for the season. Now, the married actress is trying to convince her actor husband to do a reality show which would also ruin what is left of his career. He is already facing the loss of his weekly paycheck from his long running show ending.

                            CDAN is garbage, of course, but what's left of the TVD fandom are dissecting this idea vociferously. Can you imagine? It would chock full of promo for ecoplastic handbags/sanctuaries that will never be built/make your own almond milk recipes/don't forget to turn the tap off when you are brushing your teeth/look at us dancing in the kitchen and holy beek, it would be terrible. Preachy and terrible.


                            • LOVE Calista Flockhart and those gifs are great! Poor Nina. Oh please no reality show for Nikkian, I mean they are two of the most boring people.


                              • Pheebs and Paul celebrated NYE with friends in Sydney:

                                And went to the zoo today for some reason:

                                Oh, maybe he's always wanted to propose in front of the monkey house, I dunno.

                                As for Neens, I think we might have figured out who her new guy is (assuming she has one, which is still debateable). She and some of her crew are visiting Glen Powell ( John Glenn from Hidden Figures, Chad from Scream Queens) in Austin right now -- and she's being just cagey enough to make me wonder if there's something going on. I'll do a deep dive as soon as I get a chance, and then come back with whether or not this theory holds water.

                                If it's a real thing, then it's potentially a fun pairing. He's not a bad looking guy, and his career is gaining some momentum. They'd definitely look nice on red carpets together in this month's award show circuit.