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    DK and the J meeting Nikkian - they all look like they are grimacing.
    Meh about the Ian/Kim re follow as was hoping she would spill the nasty beans now she wasn't part of ISF any more. She has though still been liking Ninas 'bangs photoshoot'. Did he refollow Jess and her husband as well. But as Nikki is now an ISF director think that is enough to keep anyone sane away


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      Did he refollow Jess and her husband as well.
      Nope. And Jess got fired/left ISF apparently. He took her and Kim both off the Team page. Nikki hasn't been added as a director (yet) though. Honestly, given that Kim and Jess were the people who did all the actual work up top, it's hard to say that ISF is the same org without them at all.

      Poor Jess. To have to leave your job while pregnant is sucky. Maybe Kim will hire her for her new endeavor? That seems pretty likely.


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        Considering how good friends IS and Jess were - she went almost everywhere with him. It honestly seems to be that he has supplanted everyone with Nikki - I think the thing about her being a director now of ISF was in one of the recent interviews she gave. Friendship doesn't count for much - and these are the people who he will need when Nikki dumps him.


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          That does suck to have left your job while you are pregnant. I would think that would be stressful, but maybe working for ISF was more stressful and was a good choice. I hope for Jess it was a good choice, but a shame all her hard work came to this kind of end.

          I agree the Nikkian and DK and the J meeting looked really awkward. Glad to see Nina hustling and hope it pays off. Still would have liked to have seen how her and ONB would have turned out, but they both seem happy with where they landed.


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            Seems like IS is now endorsing a Rebublican in Louisiana as the guy supports environmental issues - the fact the guy is also a member of the NRA and is anti-abortion has passed him by (I suppose women's rights are OK if buying your own shoes but not for freedom of choice). Really someone needs to take social media away from him.


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              I saw that with IS posting about voting for that guy, sorry his name escapes me. Yes IS is so not good with Social Media now that he has no one policing him. It does not surprise me the least that he did not vet the guy he is promoting before doing so, seems like typical IS fashion.


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                To be fair to Ian, *only* Republicans are running for office in that parish in Louisiana, but yeah. Pretty icky that a supposed liberal crusader who publicly fundraised for Obama is now traveling on private planes with and endorsing (6 posts for Nungesser already) a guy who runs anti-Obama ads, is pro NRA, and describes himself as '100% Pro-Life'. Super icky. Ian is also endorsing Jake Groby, a different Republican, running for a different seat, just because the guy is supposed to be anti-fracking. Ian is showing himself to be a one issue voter. He cares about his own backyard more than about women's health rights or doing something about gun proliferation or supporting people with actual intelligence or character, I guess.

                Also kinda wondering if there is a quid pro quo going on. You endorse us, and we'll help you with those permits you need for your precious sanctuary, maybe?

                Even the Ian stans are having hard time swallowing his worshipful praise for his new Republican buddies. I've seen at least one person outright unfollow him for this. But when asked:

                ‏@[email protected] why are you really doing this Ian?

                Ian Somerhalder ‏@iansomerhalder Oct 19
                Ian Somerhalder Retweeted Angel

                Because if we want real change-we must elect and empower those who have the ability to make a change. Make sense?

                Yep, because old white southern conservative men are ALL about change, okay. They are first in line for all that hopey changey stuff. Why not help raise up a candidate who *actually* represents 'change' in more than just one tiny narrow sliver of your personal concerns? Or not, whatever. You do you.

                Trying to imagine under what circumstance I would ever agree to run around the state actively campaigning for a pro-lifer. Oh excuse me, "a 100% Pro-Lifer".

                Hey, we got actual twitter interaction between Dobwell yesterday:

                Austin's bro is funny.

                Speaking of haircuts from Riawna, Nina says she is cutting her hair for a movie role she's not allowed to talk about yet:


                “"I'’m going to be cutting my hair for my next role. I’'m doing a movie that I haven’t announced yet, so I can’'t talk about it, but we’re going to be cutting my hair for that.”"

                The confident Hollywood pro went on to dish out solid, motivating advice for girls everywhere. “"Have fun, be silly, be carefree, only listen to whatever you want to do and don'’t listen to other people because it doesn’'t matter. It’'s what matters to you and what you believe in and what makes you happy and what makes you smile that will get you through the day,"” she told InStyle. "“So don'’t be affected by other people’s opinions because everyone will have an opinion and you can never appease everyone—I have to remind myself of that daily."” We'’re definitely inspired.

                'Cutting my hair' could mean anything. She could be doing a Joan Jett shag, or a cancer patient shaved skull, or just a long bob, who knows. But hey, new role.

                Well, well, Nina and Nikki were both at the Elle Women in Hollywood event:

                What, no pics together? No joint selfies?

                Nikki's dress reminds me of her bed ruffle dress from way back. So boxy. Such a weirdly wide silhouette for such a tiny girl. But Nina's whole look is too ballerina for me. Maybe with her hair down, it wouldn't seem costumey, because the dress itself is nice. Not crazy about the color -- that dress in a more vibrant color would be better with her skin tone. But yeah, at least it's not a bed ruffle outfit.

                Nikki also showed up to some other event in LA, with one of her new handbags:

                I'm down with the circle shape, but those proportions are just bad. Which is kind of her thing? Not great proportions is like a sartorial theme for her.

                Speaking of! What is this dress is doing to Kat (at an event in NYC) because WUT:

                The Glittery Boob Ruffles That Ate Manhattan. Sheesh.

                No big surprise that this is Marchesa. It's like Georgina is now just a parody of herself.

                And this was Kat's casual look the next day:

                I never even thought about wearing my own 'censor' bar up top. How clever.

                No new ONB news, but he's been hanging in the park with George:

                The Containment cast is so tight. Just like the TVD folks before S1 aired. How adorbs.

                Waiting for this kind of pic, tbh:

                Finally watched the first couple of eps of TVD S7, and the absolute only good thing about any of this nonsense are Price's recaps.

                Lily and The Lamest Australian Witchpires Ever as a substitute for our darling murderpuppy?


                I don't think so. It's like Plec and co aren't even trying.

                When the show finally gets canceled, it'll be a mercy killing, for reals.
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                  Would have felt better if IS had stated that no one standing in LOuisiana was pro-Obama and campaigned for someone to stand instead. The fact that he thinks change will come from people who are pro-life (and probably think evolution is a myth) shows what a stupid and unintelligent man he really is. Getting into bed with his enemies just to get his vanity project built. I find it strange that somerholics still support him.

                  I liked Nina's dress, the hair was too severe though as it looks better down. Austin is showing he has a sense of humour and the guy seems to always have a work project on so good work ethic - I still miss ONB though (and it seems as though TVD does as well)


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                    Well then! I guess I won't bother watching.

                    Any decent Steroline moments to turn in for? I am considering just fast-forwarding through any scenes that doesn't involve one or the other?
                    It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                      So far, Steroline has been quite boring. It's been Stefan going, "Caroline, I'm giving you space to heal from your mother's death which happened like, nine episodes ago but just so you know I still want to bone you" and Caroline being all, "okay that's nice" and then an episode later for no particular reason they kiss with zero intensity about it and . . . . Flash forward three years, Caroline is a tv news producer and is engaged to someone who is not Stefan, but we don't know who it is, and nobody lives in Mystic Falls anymore, and wevs.

                      For reals though, the villains this year are so boring. Mean girl lesbians who get upset over fashion and make-up? A guy who doesn't talk, but drinks tea? Lily, The Terribly Boring Mother Who Nags Everyone? Enzo-doing-Lily's-bidding-and-being-the-worst-at-everything? A guy whose name I don't remember but whose sole purpose was to let Damon take his heart out the way Damon has taken out so many hearts before? That's not a scary/interesting assortment of evilness at all.


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                        I agree TVD is so horrible this season. I mean they made Lily and Company out to be such hard to kill and evil that they had to be put in a prison world and well, they seem easy enough to kill and nothing so great about any of them. I am not sure I get what is with the whole future jumping thing, but my guess it is a way to bring in a new character, which my guess is a vampire hunter of some sorts and if she is female could be a new love interest for Alaric. Steroline I figure they are setting the ground work for them to be done, as it was said the end game for Caroline was that she would be with someone who picked her first and that was not Stefan. It could be Enzo or someone new and let's not forget that they are trying to make a love triangle out of Stefan, Caroline and is it Valarie the witchvampire girl? None of it works in replacing Nina or Kai, they really should have just cancelled TVD and gave Kai his own spinoff.


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                          Another film project for Nina but it sounds like this is shooting already and doesn't sound like a big part -

                          Not sure if this is the project that she is cutting her hair for but she had said that project was to be announced so it may be something else.


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                            So this is Nina's new role:


                            Domhnall Gleeson, Thomas Haden Church, Christina Applegate Starring in Rom-Com ‘Crash Pad’ (EXCLUSIVE)

                            “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” star Domhnall Gleeson, Christina Applegate, Thomas Haden Church and Nina Dobrev are starring in the romantic comedy “Crash Pad,” which has started shooting in Vancouver, Variety has learned exclusively.

                            Wonderful Films, Indomitable Entertainment, and Windowseat Entertainment are the production companies. Kevin Tent, the Oscar-nominated editor on Alexander Payne’s”The Descendants” and “Nebraska” is making his directorial debut with a Black List script by Jeremy Catalino.

                            Gleeson stars as a hopeless romantic who thinks he’s found true love with an older woman, played by Applegate — only to learn that she’s married and that his fling is merely an instrument of revenge against her neglectful husband, played by Church. He threatens to blackmail her by telling her husband but his plan backfires when the husband decides the best way to get back at his wife is to move in with Gleeson’s character and adopt the slacker’s life of debauchery.
                            No word yet on what Nina's shorter-haired role is, but the movie sounds only a few notches less cray than Austin's (in it's own way).

                            According to Twitterland, Austin's movie with Anne Hathaway is filming in Vancouver at the same time that Nina's movie is filming in Vancouver, so good for Dobwell, I guess?


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                              Well TVD is now down to 0.5 and 1.2 million viewers - seem like even though they are promoting shirtless IS, it's no longer pulling in the viewers.


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                                Well the big list IS posted of who to vote for last weekend seems to have been ignored as all of his list bar 1 lost their elections. Though Nungesser did get past his primary and is now in a two way run off (but he did just squeeze past the 3rd placed person). Note to politicians - just because a celeb has 5 million followers doesn't mean they all listen and follow like sheep (or are old enough to vote, or are in the same parish, or are even real people and not bots). Though this may be used as an excuse for the mythical sanctuary never seeing the light of day.