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    I have to admit I hit play on a couple of his live sessions on facebook, but never made it past minute 2 or so. I think he may have taken money from the Nungesser campaign as well as some friendly legislature guarantees because he was extra involved with him. I also think Ian took some NLP courses or something around 2006. Recently I met someone who swears by these and I noticed some similar tics in conversation. Further more I understand it can be used to manufacture a response that's already in one's nature such as donating to a cause

    I also think he's trying to use that gesture where he rubs his chest as an anchor. It should be poor man's conditioning.

    It makes sense he would use it though. A lot of struggling actors try loads of these 70s mumbo jumbo self help seminars. I watched a couple of lost period interviews, there's significantly less energy and erratic speaking involved. (OMG the awful hair: ). Note there's no weird chest touching, the pleading gestures or mirroring Danza. I'd love to analyse paley center lost panels from 2005 and 2014 (I think) because I think those two would show the clearest difference but let's face it - I'm not that dedicated


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      IS is doing less of the touching and is a lot less energy and crazy. He needs to go back to that. After watching that video I saw one showing the casts reaction to Candice's pregnancy. Kat acts happy, but the smile looks very fake to me.


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        That's hilarious - only cast person to not know or notice. In his interviews he always seems to look everywhere but the interviewer and his eyes dart back and forth.


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          I almost hate myself for doing this! But here goes, a fast overview . . .

          Starting with ONB!

          Don't know exactly when Chriley crashed and burned. The last time they were spotted together was at a softball game in ATL back in September. In October, Chris and Hanna Mangan Lawrence were looking kinda cozy at Nadine's birthday party and hanging in the park with other friends (Riley was absent on both occasions!), so it's possible that Chriley was over, and Channa was already a thing by October.

          Park People.

          A photo posted by Chris Wood (@christophrwood) on

          Hanna would have have just gotten out of a nearly six year long relationship when she began dating Chris. Hanna and her ex, who is one half of the Australian electronic duo Bag Raiders, were last spotted together in July-ish. They had been together since 2009, when she was just a teenager. Not sure when they actually split, but sometime between July and October is a good bet, based on when their insta interactions dried up.

          Riley and Hanna have known each other longer than either of them have known ONB. They did a miniseries together over a year ago, and became BFFs at that time. They were excited to be reunited in ATL in when Hanna was cast on the Containment pilot last March.

          So! When Hanna and Chris met last spring, she was in a long term relationship, and he had just started dating one of her friends.

          It's hard to know how to put a date on when Chris and Hanna went from friends to lovuhs, because they've been joking around on insta for so many months, even when definitely coupled up with other people.

          As friends:

          Pimpledee and Pimpledumb✋😎😎

          A photo posted by Chris Wood (@christophrwood) on

          Ummmm no thanks 👎 @christophrwood

          A photo posted by Hanna Mangan Lawrence (@hannmang) on

          We've joined the circus 🔜🎪🎪

          A photo posted by Hanna Mangan Lawrence (@hannmang) on

          Definitely noticed a shift when Hanna went to Australia to visit her family at Christmas. After having been fairly quiet on insta for awhile, ONB started liking all of her pics (and *only* her pics) while she was away. As soon as she came back to LA, they went public. They spent New Year's Eve together at Julie Plec's house (with Ernesto, btw! #Juliesto), whereas Riley spent New Year's Eve out dancing with cadlymack.

          The fandom didn't wake up to Channa until they both started posting pics of the same puppy:

          🍾Happy New Year!🍾 Love, Drift ❤️💩

          A photo posted by Chris Wood (@christophrwood) on

          The Force is strong with you, Drift.

          A photo posted by Chris Wood (@christophrwood) on

          DRIFT ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

          A photo posted by Hanna Mangan Lawrence (@hannmang) on

          I mean come on!

          A photo posted by Hanna Mangan Lawrence (@hannmang) on

          I feel you, man.

          A video posted by Chris Wood (@christophrwood) on


          A photo posted by Hanna Mangan Lawrence (@hannmang) on

          If that wasn't clear enough . . .

          Oh hey, LA 😍😎

          A photo posted by Chris Wood (@christophrwood) on

          And then they traveled to the TCAs together for a panel on Containment:

          Muggin' 😏

          A photo posted by Hanna Mangan Lawrence (@hannmang) on

          Did the red carpet together at the GG after parties . . .

          Did the morning after the GGs together . . .


          A photo posted by Hanna Mangan Lawrence (@hannmang) on


          A photo posted by Chris Wood (@christophrwood) on

          and have been cute on social media:

          Who is Hanna Mangan Lawrence, you ask? Well, she's both Australian and British, she turns 25 in March, and she did a number of Aussie dramas and acclaimed indie movies throughout her teens and early 20s before landing a role in Spartacus as Seppia. On Containment, she plays a pregnant teen, I think. She's been in the biz longer than Chris has, and has definitely done more films than he has -- that said, he edges her out in general name recognition here in the US ( his 150k followers on twitter vs her measly 439 followers).

          Her mother is a British playwright, her dad is an Australian teacher. And apparently, Hanna is also an accomplished gymnast and acrobat? According to wikipedia, she's won national awards for acrobatics in Australia. #superbendy

          Her Spartacus gifs are pretty funny:

          That show must be intense!

          Anyway, Chris and Hanna seem like a pretty good match, I guess? Just from looking at her insta, she appears to be fairly chill, and I like the sort of casual tomboy vibe she gives off.

          But! Based on social media, she was waaaaay into her ex-bf, and since they were together for so long, it opens up the possibility that Channa is really just a rebound thing that ain't going to hang around long. Chris hasn't been this open about a relationship since he was living with Erin years ago, so who knows. He might be about to get his heart stomped flat.

          On the other hand, maybe Hanna needs to watch out, because this is Chris' third (or fourth, depending on whether or not you buy into Jodi/Chris as a thing, which I don't) Plecverse romance in a 12 month period, so . . .

          Honestly, if one of the Plecverse gals had dated three (or four) guys from the Plecverse all in 2015, the fandom would be yelling trashy stuff at her. But because it's Chris, and because he's hot, folks aren't really doing a lot of pearl clutching. For reals, though, can you imagine if Nina had dated Ian, JoMo, Zach, and Trevino all in the same year? She would have been hounded into dust.

          As far as dramz goes, Chris unfollowed Riley on all platforms on 1/09, and Riley unfollowed Hanna on twitter, but didn't unfollow her on insta. Hanna still follows Riley, and Riley still follows Chris -- so it's a bit confusing? I can't tell who we are supposed to be pointing fingers at.

          It's a shame about Riley and Hanna, because they were actually friends . . . not the kind of friendly Hollywood acquaintances Nikki and Nina were, but 'calling each other 'sista' and doing birthday posts for each other on insta' kind of friends.

          My babe and I ❤️❤️❤️❤️ just a little 🍷🍷@lifeofrileyv

          A photo posted by Hanna Mangan Lawrence (@hannmang) on

          We here @lifeofrileyv 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

          A photo posted by Hanna Mangan Lawrence (@hannmang) on

          Reunited and it feels so good! @hannmang @maisiersellers #mygirls

          A photo posted by Riley Voelkel (@lifeofrileyv) on

          Happy birthday to another of my beautiful babes! #missher #sistas

          A photo posted by Riley Voelkel (@lifeofrileyv) on

          Guess that is all dunzo.

          Wevs, I'm biased toward Channa because Channa have a puppy, and they named the puppy 'Drift', as in 'Drift Wood'. Ha.


          As a side note, Containment's chances of even airing are looking dim. The CW won't commit to a premiere date, and Plec's star is rapidly tarnishing over there. ONB and Hanna both need to be hitting pilot season HARD.


          Austin and Nina are still going strong, in case anyone was wondering.

          That last one was from Nina's emoji themed birthday party from January 9th.

          Nina filmed one movie in the past few months (Crash Pad with Domhall Gleeson), and will soon be working on two more (Arrivals with Maisie Williams and xXx with Vin Diesel). Austin has four or five projects coming out this year, and I think he's filming something right now.

          And getting work is a good thing, because Nina's got to pay for her house reno somehow. You can see her newly finished LA house here:

          Lots more pics at the link! It looks alright. Black, white, blush, and gold. Not my thing, but fine.

          Who else do y'all care about?

          Unless something's changed in the past three days since she last posted, Candice is (still!) pregnant:

          But she's got to be ready to pop at any moment.

          Oh, and and I doubt y'all care, but Danielle (Davina from TO) is no longer with Tyler Posey . . . she's managed to snag herself one of them 1D boys instead. She's dating one of the supposedly gay ones (that doesn't narrow it down much I know).

          They've been in Chicago, London, France and LA together in the past month, but all of the pics are sort of bigfootesque.

          Here's a Danielle and Louis round-up, why not:

          A kissing one, complete with a red circle!


          I know how much y'all like bigfoot pics with circles and arrows.

          Of course, this makes Danielle the latest Public Enemy as far as the Directioner fandom goes, but she doesn't seem bothered by the hate. (Yet, anyway.)

          And in keeping with tradition, we are ending with Westonkin:

          Christmas Eve ❤️🍷

          A photo posted by Phoebe Tonkin (@phoebejtonkin) on

          Wonderful Christmas Day with two of my favourite people .xx

          A photo posted by Jane T (@jane_tonkin) on

          My new fave:

          Obvs, all is right with the world as long as all is right with those two dorks (even if they don't have a new puppy).


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            Okay, I'm thinking y'all lied when y'all said you wanted an update. Ain't nobody wanted an update, you were just messing with me to see if I'd do it.

            ETA Well, since I'm here anyway . . .

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              I DID want an update! I like that the Katie Holmes-esque one landed herself a 1D guy, that is very Holmes-like famewhoring right there!

              I would like an update on George and Janet plz!!


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                That was so weirdly pleasurable!

                Like why do I even care about seeing these people? Habit? I don't even know but I like ONB is a serial monogamist and kind of dramatic!
                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                  It's funny, we thought Nina was the player that dumped ONB, but I am thinking there was mutual playing going on there.

                  I enjoyed the update!


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                    I'm meh about 99.9999% of these people but I love the updates!

                    Nina's place is pretty, insta-bloggy and basic, which sounds about right.

                    How long was ONB with the first chick again? Maybe those two can still be BFF if the first one was apathetic about him anyway and saw he was a better fit for her pal? But that's rational, so probs not.

                    I told y'all she looked Holmesian!

                    Oh, Westonkin, my cheekbony loves.


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                      I missed the updates - often more interesting than the Plecverse shows (but then the CW looks to be moving away from the type of stuff that Plec does now that they have Golden Globe winners on the Monday, supernatural and superheroes the rest of the time and then vampires shoved to Friday - and no containment in sight ((but then it was laughed out of ComicCon accordingly)

                      I saw ONB had moved on but couldnt work out where or when so i applaud your detective skills there but who could resist the scruff and goofiness.

                      Nina getting XXX i am surprised at as thought she would do Indie stuff for a while - but it could be a good career move if the franchise reboots as big as fast and furious was. It would at least open some doors if it does well.

                      Kat in a recent interview did say that she hoped this was the last year of TVD - am guessing she wants to move on as she is one of the few cast members who have other things on the go. I think most of the others will go into obscurity (apart from maybe Paul who will go into Indie directing rather than acting). She was at Nina's birthday party so it looks as though the two of them do remain friends. (as well as Trevino and Kayla)

                      Kim (ex-isf) is also continuing to throw shade on the sanctuary (something about Jon Stewart opening 4 sanctuaries as he has partnered with the right people, hasnt begged for money and not bought land in a flood plain) - hell hath no fury as a woman scorned there.


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                        You joking, ophy? ITA with everything the others said.

                        Westonkin as beautiful as ever.

                        I second the request for Janet and George.


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                          Got to give the people what they want!

                          Some lovely recent-ish George and Janet pics (apologies in advance for so many insta embeds, but there is no other way):

                          Better together.

                          A photo posted by George Young (@instageorgey) on

                          Yay!!! Looks who's back in town 😜😍! 他回來了!@instageorgey

                          A photo posted by Janet Hsieh (@janetagram) on

                          HE HIT ME I SWEAR IT! *boop beep boop #StarWarspremiere #theforceawakenssg

                          A photo posted by George Young (@instageorgey) on

                          Turns out that if I'm pointing at you it means I'm trying to flirt with you.

                          A photo posted by George Young (@instageorgey) on

                          Merry Christmas everyone, from me and George!! @instageorgey 聖誕節快樂!!

                          A photo posted by Janet Hsieh (@janetagram) on

                          A photo posted by Janet Hsieh (@janetagram) on

                          A photo posted by Janet Hsieh (@janetagram) on

                          Star trekking. Or Star gazing...damn it I can't decide on the caption which is better gah undo und-

                          A photo posted by George Young (@instageorgey) on

                          In honour of #2015bestnine I present to you: FailedSelfies. #2015worstnine

                          A photo posted by George Young (@instageorgey) on

                          So they continue to be perfect, ovbs.

                          How long was ONB with the first chick again? Maybe those two can still be BFF if the first one was apathetic about him anyway and saw he was a better fit for her pal?

                          I doubt Riley was apathetic. They were together 6 months (maybe?) and lived together (maybe?)!

                          Here's my best guess at a timeline:

                          Nov '14 - Feb 5th ' 15: The Age Of Woodbrev. Four glorious all-too-brief months. As e.e. cummings once said, in 'Into The Strenuous Briefness'

                          (Do you think?)the
                          i do,world
                          is probably made
                          of roses & hello:

                          (of solongs and,ashes)

                          Mid-Feb '15: Looks like this is when Nina and Austin kicked into gear, maybe? She was spotted with a tall dark haired beardy guy in NYC on Valentine's wkend, and it wasn't ONB.

                          March '15: Containment pilot filming in ATL. Hanna comes to town to reunite with her former BFF, Riley, and Chris starts dating Riley. This is probably when he chose 'Riley' as the last name for his Jake The Cop character (JP confirmed that she let him pick it).

                          March '15 -- September(ish) '15: The Age of Chriley. So they lasted at least six months. And Chris posted a vid on instagram in August which strongly suggested that he had Riley had moved in together in ATL:

                          "Don't forget your key." @lifeofrileyv

                          A video posted by Chris Wood (@christophrwood) on

                          If Hanna and her ex split up in July-ish, but ONB and Riley were living together in August (and were most likely still together even into September, based on the softball pic), then it doesn't seem likely that Hanna and ONB both left their significant others *for each other* simultaneously. (Although, that doesn't rule out that ONB might have eventually left Riley to be with a now-single Hanna, maybe.)

                          This is all wildly irresponsible spec, but for the purposes of the timeline . . .

                          October '15 -- Jan '16: The Age of Channa (so far). Thinking maybe Chris and Hanna got a place together in LA -- which is fast for having only dated for three months (at the longest guess), but not so weird for modern love, I suppose.

                          Hanna's brother appears to be visiting them, and helping them set up a house, plus none of the interiors either of them have posted match where ONB was living in LA before, and Hanna wouldn't have had her own place in LA anyway, so I suppose Chris got a place (and dog!) and she has moved in?

                          Pics from yesterday:

                          Mirror hanging talents 🏋💎💯

                          A photo posted by Hanna Mangan Lawrence (@hannmang) on

                          And they took her brother to a Clippers game:

                          We love LA! Clipper nation 🏀🏀🏀🏀

                          A photo posted by Hanna Mangan Lawrence (@hannmang) on

                          Serial monogamy hits it on the head. ONB seems to get domestic pretty quick. Don't forget he was with the same girl for six years, and lived with her for much of that time. Maybe he's happiest sharing his space with someone else. #commitmentphile

                          Oh, I just realized that I didn't do a Nikkian update yesterday and probably won't? But I will post what is now causing some minor dramz . . . Kim apparently gave props to John Stewart and his wife for opening up animal sanctuaries efficiently, thereby outlining Ian's fatal flaws in contrast:

                          So if anyone asks why the damn sanctuary hasn't even begun yet, it's because Ian insisted on buying hella expensive land in a flood plain, refused to partner with other orgs, and was overly dependent/optimistic about fan donations to get it going and keep it going. Sounds about right.

                          She also posted this, which I thought was a tad bit pointed:

                          No surprise to anyone, Nikki has officially replaced Kim as Director of ISF, btw:

                          Good luck with all that!

                          As for Danielle, apparently the 1Der she's linked with is having a baby with another girl? So I don't know what is up with that, and they all just babies themselves really (Danielle is only 20), so I doubt this thing has legs. Maybe by February, she'll have moved up the chain to one of the younger Marvel actors, or whoever they end up casting as young Han Solo. Just stay away from the Scieno center, girl.

                          ETA oh, just saw that zeit has posted the bit about Kim as well. So yeah . . . that post (looks like Facebook?) is where that reported 'shade' comes from.
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                            Thanks for the updates! I enjoyed them! Nina's house is nice, not my style of furnishings, but seems to fit her. Love the Westonkin stuff, they are just adorbs. ONB sure moved quick with Hanna. It will be interesting to see if her and Riley can repair their friendship and how long this might last. It does not surprised me that Nikki is now the director of ISF. I mean Ian has been allowing her to replace all the females in his life besides his family, so why would Kim be any different. Sounds like Kim is upset and I do not blame her, especially if she left only because of Nikki. Dont know if that is the case, but sure seems like it may be.


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                              I'm still reading! The beast has awaken.


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                                I've missed these updates so much.