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  • Looks like Nikki's sack clothing has been because that is what she will be selling in her new clothing line. I do not know who wants sack clothing, but more power to her, at least it is sustainable.

    The Nian people are crazy. They really do need to get over it already. I can see why they kept the pregnancy a secret, because they had to know the crazy stuff that would go on and that can not be healthy for anyone.

    Not ok with Nina's using a service vest for her dog. That seems to not her. Could that have been a private plane?


    • Being a cynic I am guessing they released details about the pregnancy now because the clothing line is going on sale in a couple of days. Perfect extra publicity.


      • Well, I'm much less cynical about this. I think they announced it yesterday because they are attending the Eastwood Ranch Foundation fundraiser tonight, and they knew they would not be able to hide it on the red carpet. I mean sure, wearing a sack dress from her upcoming line to make the announcement in was entirely purposeful, but they knew they would have to go public before tonight's event anyway.

        Also, I think they are PERFECT for each other and will be married FOREVER.

        I wouldn't have seen this pic of Nina by Ilaria's husband if Glen hadn't liked it:

        Another #TBT @nina x #ERD in color ✔️

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        She does seem to be in NYC now, which is also where Departures is filming. So she will be there awhile.

        Steroline's Brazilian honeymoon!

        . . . or just the TVD cast hanging out in Rio together before the con starts.

        I don't think I have ever seen The Gillies on a bike before:

        Pretty sure the other guy is Mark Bauch, Paul's photog friend.

        Anyway, Pheebs isn't there so I no longer curr about this con. It's nice to see Paul looking relaxed after his bout with Heartbreak Eyes, though. And I like that Candice went back to blonde.

        ShAke it oFf #humpday

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        • I don't think I have ever seen The Gillies on a bike before
          I approve

          Also, I think they are PERFECT for each other and will be married FOREVER.
          I agree


          • Did you see the other story today that Claire Holts husband had filed for divorce one day before their first wedding anniversary - they looked so cute too.

            Nikkian are probably perfect for each other - both attention seeking narcissists and Nikki seems to be happy following on with anything ian does. Just because you are into the environment though doesn't mean that you need to design a sustainability sack clothing line


            • I respect the fact that Nikkian kept their private pregnancy thing private for a while.


              • I remain cynical but proven wrong once already so I'm open to this just being me being an overly cynical bitch :P

                Meanwhile that photo on the bikes just gave me total flashback to the OC! Might have to binge watch some of that today


                • Nikkian do seem well suited for each other and now a baby. Makes it seem like they are going to be more permanent than her last marriage.


                  • Nikkian will break up. So will Westonkin. Sorry.


                    • Ha! Nikkian will probably prove the exception just because. Westonkin, yeah - but not yet!


                      • I'M IGNORING YOUR DOOMSDAY-ISH, DADA.

                        Holy fuck, this is ridic.

                        Hopefully that gets shut down super quick.

                        Well, I don't think Nikkian went to the Eastwood Ranch event (can't find pics) even though they posted that they would be there, so color me wrong about that one. I don't hold pregnant ladies to any promises, though. They get all the exemptions and excuses that they need.

                        Her new line of itchy and scratchy plastic sack dresses are very sack-y:


                        The #bayougirl #sustainablefashion #bayouwithlove

                        A post shared by Bayou With Love (@bayouwithlove) on

                        The absolutely perfect present for the hippie cult member in your life. Is your mother a hippie cult member? Buy her a plastic sack dress for Mother's Day!

                        DOESN'T YOUR MOTHER DESERVE ONE.

                        Or maybe she deserves the world's least comfortable high waisters . . . I don't know your mom so I can't possibly say.

                        These pants.... Our high waisted, wide-legged pants are made from recycled cotton and post consumer plastic in Los Angeles. Available for pre-order on May 6th. #sustainablefashion #bayougirl #bayouwithlove

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                        Anyways, ONB tagged along with Mel to New Mexico where she's filming a movie:

                        That's cute.

                        I had wondered if he was gonna go or not. They are definitely the joined-at-the-cheek kind of couple, which seems to suit his fool-for-love inclinations perfectly.

                        Speaking of boyfs who tag along when their girlfs are filming a movie . . .

                        That girl lives in Brooklyn and sells 'luxury sex toys' at a store, apparently. Not saying she met them at her shop! Not saying that she didn't either! But it's cool that Glen came to NYC to visit Nina on set. This is a first for them, I think? There's nothing documented to suggest that either of them visited the other while working before, so this is kinda like a level up in the Powbrev relationship.

                        Gonna be hella irritated if they don't get papped in NYC while he's in town with her. It KILLS ME that they have been able to fly so far under the radar that even Dobrevic superfans don't realize she has had a boyfriend since November.

                        Pheebs confirms that she ain't in Rio:

                        . . . because she's heading to Oz again:

                        Dunno why!
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                        • We've got visual and audible confirmation of Glen being with Nina and the puppers!

                          Nina and Glen went to go see Derek and Julianne at Radio City Music Hall this evening, and are presumably there now.

                          You can hear Glen on Nina's insta story (even though she doesn't tag him):

                          Glen is carrying Mrs. Maverick in this one:

                          And you can see them goofing around with the dog in the backstage dressing rooms on DH's insta story:

                          Not everyone is a fan of this development!

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                          • I. just. can't. - - - fuck off with the smudging, Nikki.


                            • I assume the back of the blue "dress" looks like


                              • I love that people in the instagram comments are treating plastic sacks-with-armholes like they are legitimate fashion designs. THEY ARE PLASTIC SACKS WITH ARMHOLES.

                                If you are not into a $200 plastic sack-with-armholes, you can splurge $260 on this muddy plastic jumpsuit that I can't even describe because I just can't even:

                                Okay! Gonna post more from Radio City Music Hall, because it has DIVIDED the Dorebvic fandom into separate camps . . .

                                Firstly, Mrs. Aaron Paul EXPOSED Powbrev in a way harder to dismiss as 'just friends hanging out':

                                People were like whaaaaaaa that's her butttttt. Where's her haaaaand.

                                . . . and then there were vids of a big after-show dance party in the lobby that Nina, Glenn, Brooks, Aaron Paul and his Mrs., and the Houghs, and the Houghs' dancers took part in just for funsies (lots of vids, I'm only posting a couple):

                                . . . and I guess snootier fans thought it was undignified or childish for them to be acting so silly and people were even unfollowing fellow fans over whether or not one was pro-Spontaneous Dance Party or Anti-Spontaneous Dance Party . . . but I think the honest truth is that some people are just shook that this guy:

                                is the perfect match for this girl:

                                because they are both total goofballs of sunshine who don't take themselves too seriously at all.

                                There are lots of miffed people out there who had dismissed Glen as a threat to their particular Nina head canon and are now reevaluating the whole situation and DO NOT LIKE IT.

                                Irked people:

                                1) There were a surprisingly large number of Dobsely shippers who thought for sure that once Phoebe and Paul split up it was finally time for Nina and Paul to be endgame ( and who have been trying to ignore signs that Westonkin reunited).

                                2) The Single!Neens people who are just dying for her to get back into the coke boat lifestyle and who don't like it when she has a steady boyfriend at all.

                                3) The former? current? Nianers who sorta realize that Nian is never coming back but also sorta don't want to really let go of 2010 - 2013.

                                4) The superfans who are just now figuring out that Nina has been coupled up for months and months without sharing that info with them and oh, that stings.

                                5) The people who think that Glen looks like a bird. (most specifically bald eagles and/or seagulls for some reason).

                                I don't know y'all, she seems hella happy to me so you may as well just suck it up. So what if she's got herself a sexytimes fun friend and y'all didn't figure it out! This is not a bad thing!