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  • Gonna do a bit of a Plecverse update today (?) maybe? but first . . . .



    • OMG this is amazing. How did he and his C list living even make it to there

      in other news Nina and Nikki took pics together last night and E! reports she was shown baby pics. I guess final nian sigil burning.


      • Lol that SNL skit was hilarious - maybe Ian's BS has been picked up be even more people than his anti fans - they got the hat, the bracelets, bad acting and his lack of knowledge (when he pretends to be knowledgeable) and the narcissism. I just wonder if enough people know who he is to understand the skit. Maybe he's been going to auditions and boring everyone to death.

        (Saw the pics of Nikki and Nina at that event - Ninas expression looks like she is trying to escape)


        • but George and Janet are expecting their first baby.

          Yes! They had a baby boy last week!

          [6/9] 長話短說,38小時過後,我們的男寶寶來到這個世界。我絕對會說他是我們”美麗的男寶寶”!但 你們真的見過 寶寶剛生出來的樣子嗎?(George當時是搖滾區) 它當時並不是我認為最美的事物我必須承認...,它其實長得像異形啊!哈哈! Long story short, 38 hours later, we have our baby boy. I would say our “beautiful baby boy,” but have you SEEN a baby when it comes out?! (George did at the business end). It is not the prettiest thing… it looks like an alien! Haha! 說真的我真的不知道如果沒有林思宏醫師、產房護理長王俐文還有其他護理人員、Holly及許多 客服人員們的 協助我會怎麼樣。生寶寶真的是件既美妙卻又嚇人的一件事,尤其當妳在分娩的這段期間只有感受到 自己的無比脆 弱,妳絕對會需要一個懂妳也懂妳的寶寶的團隊來支持妳:一個能不時監測妳和寶寶狀態的專業團隊 ,且具備充分 耐心可以願意一一回答妳百萬種不可思議的問題。妳絕對會需要一個盡量能讓妳感到放心的環境,在 這可能是妳人 生中最不舒服的一天!(或者舉我為例,我人生中最不舒服的38小時!) I honestly don’t know what I would have done without the support of Dr. Jason Lin, Wendy (our doula), and the rest of the nurses and staff at 禾馨婦產科-專業母胎兒醫學中心 . Having a baby is a wonderful, yet absolutely terrifying thing, and you feel completely vulnerable when you are going through labor. You need a team by your side who knows what YOU want for your delivery and for you and your baby. A professional group who is there to monitor you and your baby in case anything goes wrong, and who is also caring and supportive enough to answer all of your millions of silly questions. You need an environment which makes you feel as comfortable as possible, in what is going to possibly be THE MOST UNcomfortable day in your life! (Or, in my case, 38 LOOONG hours of my life!)

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          A post shared by George Young (@instageorgey) on

          We finally get official confirmation (as if it were needed) that the Westonkin reconciliation didn’t last
          If you remember, US Weekly confirmed their last break up (several months after it happened) and then poof! a week or so later they were back together . . . I don't think that is going to happen again this time.

          Well! Not entirely dead! Nina and Glen are still together, still being all cute and stuff. US Weekly updated the world about their continued togetherness . . .

          It's the real thing! Nina Dobrev and Glen Powell are still going strong, a source exclusively tells Us Weekly.

          "They're a cute couple and are getting pretty serious," the insider tells Us.

          The couple first sparked dating rumors in January after they rang in the New Year with their friends in Texas and attended several public events together, including a Golden Globes after party. Us Weekly confirmed in July that they are indeed an item.

          "Nina and Glen were friends before they started hooking up. Glen chased Nina around for a while before she agreed to give him a shot," a source tells Us, noting that things turned romantic earlier this year, around the same time that Powell's Oscar-nominated film Hidden Figures was released.

          The Vampire Diaries alum and the Scream Queens actor, both 28, aren't in a rush to live under the same roof just yet, though. "There are no plans for Glen to move in with Nina right now. They're both traveling for work," the insider tells Us.

          Obvious relevant points: Getting 'serious', Glen 'chased' her (which I totally believe), and 'not moving in yet' (but if they were to move in, it would be into Nina's place and not Glen's place. Which I also believe).

          Powbrev threw a ginormous 80s themed Labor Day at the Powell Family Ranch:

          With bonus John Stamos!

          Some misc Powbrev pics:

          So anyhoo, they are rapidly approaching their 1 yr anniversary and Nina is so domesticated, she doesn't mind sharing with millions of people that she does Glen's laundry:

          (Unless Nina has started wearing Hanes men's briefs this year).

          Okay, so as for the haircut she got for a part . . . I don't hate it!

          This is what it looks like on set:

          Which is fine?

          And I really like the way it was styled for this Elle event:

          Which is adorable, and so is the dress.

          Those bangs will be a bitch to grow out, though.

          She's booked 7 movies since leaving TVD, bought a house and a Tesla, and gotten herself into a steady relationship with a hottie, so I guess being run out of ATL by Nikkian worked out pretty good for her?

          Probably better for her than for Nikkian themselves who can't seem to catch a break. Nothing on their imdbs, and their headlines aren't great lately?

          First there was this from Elle which called out Nikki specifically:

          Here's the Problem With the "Noblewoman" of the Internet

          Nikki Reed recently gave birth to her daughter, but only one day before the announcement, she made headlines for something she said, as many celebrity quips are prone to doing, about how she and her husband Ian Somerhalder would behave once her baby emerged from her uterus. She said they would have a "month of silence" — which, given that Bodhi Soleil was born on July 25, should be just about ending.

          "We'll take the baby's first month for ourselves," she said to Fit Pregnancy. "After the baby arrives, we're doing one month of silence. Just the three of us, no visitors, and we're turning off our phones too, so there's no expectation for us to communicate. Otherwise, every five minutes it would be, 'How are you feeling? Can we have a picture?' You don't get those first 30 days back, and we want to be fully present."

          I can picture the hot eyeballs of internet purveyors rolling far into the backs of their skulls, along with my own. It's an irksome comment; it also seems illogical — I'm not a parent yet, but I have empathy, imagination, and ears to hear other people recount early parenthood: It is a stressful and emotional time, likely mitigated with relief of a phone call or the visit of a friend or family member. Never mind the fact that even her husband couldn't resist the urge to post a photo of her Fit Pregnancy cover on Instagram along with an ode to her — or that Reed, herself, has also been posting on Instagram since July 25 (including that Fit Pregnancy cover and a recent photo from the eclipse) — which is indeed hypocritical, but also highlights the absurdity of Reed's declaration of "silence."

          We're not privy to knowing if the Reed-Somerhalder household has had visitors, but the posting highlights the impracticality of the suggestion, or perhaps a flaw in the publicity cycle. Separately, no one should be made to feel guilty for wanting help, or for sharing a moment with family, or answering the phone, which is what Reed does by painting herself as someone who can funnel new parenthood into a higher calling for zen. This exemplifies a trend that is prevalent, even pervasive: That of the Noblewoman.

          You know the Noblewoman. She is holier-than-thou, inundates your social media feeds, and postures herself as the sacrificial lamb of the internet. Be it by voicing her opinions on parenting, wellness, weddings, celebrating an unwarranted abstinence or sacrifice of some sort, or simply by making a grandiose exit with a stunning Instagram photo before a social media "detox" — the Noblewoman does not insult women who do not act the way she does, but rather, performatively exhibits how what she is doing is superior to all other women who could not possibly cultivate the diligence that she has mustered. . . .
          etc. It goes on for a bit.

          And then! Their cutesy ha ha ha story about Ian throwing out Nikki's birth control pills is TOTALLY MISUNDERSTOOD . . .

          During a 2016 trip to Barcelona, Spain, Somerhalder says he went into Reed’s purse to do the deed. “It was the beginning of the pack, so I had to pop all those suckers out,” he admits, noting that the moment – including Reed’s reaction to her husband throwing the pills down the toilet – was caught on camera.

          Adds The Vampire Diaries actor, “Actually, now thinking about it, I guess I kind of decided [to start a family].”
          Reed says she couldn’t decide between a home or hospital delivery, sharing, “The birth that I always wanted was a home birth with no lights, no one talking, no intervention of any kind. I wanted to be peaceful, quiet, alone.”
          Though the couple note that they often choose to keep their personal life out of the spotlight, they chose to share their birth story “because we feel so proud of this moment, above all things,” says Reed. “And we want to do it again.”

          Producing headlines like this:

          And then that latest SNL skit is just running salt in the old wound, I guess.

          But! Nikki is apparently not holding a grudge against Elle for sneering at her 'nobility', because she and Ian showed up at the same Elle event where Nina was a few days ago:

          Very happy to see Nikki not wearing a muddy sack, very confused by why her dress appears to be designed by the same person who designed the bat signal for Batman.

          Oh! And of course this wasn't an awkward moment at all:

          Showing baby pics to her husband's ex garnered Nikki and Ian the best press they've had in months.And their last great press came from when she agreed to do an Instagram dinner with them last spring. So maybe they should just do more of that! Maybe they should just follow her around all the time. They should ask her if they can move into her garden shed or something. Then they could then write posts about how it is very ethical to embrace 'living small'.

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          • Loved the SNL vid.

            Isn’t chucking contraceptives down the toilet really environmentally unfriendly?


            • The best thing was they also took the Mickey out of those brooding photos he posts where he is out in the wilds (car probably hiding behind a tree) and he is communing with nature. Those pictures have always reminded me of Ben Stiller in zoolander and I chuckle each time I see one.


              • The SNL video was great! I am guessing people are catching on to them. Poor Nina looks like get me out of here. I am sure she hates having to interact nicely or even at all with them. Not because she has bad feelings, but just because that part of her life has been over for a while and she just can not seem to shake them.


                • Powbrev! Broke! Up!*

                  * I mean, they say they didn't but they kinda did

                  I'm using a lot of exclamation points, but I'm not actually super surprised?I thought they were good together, but it's been a whole year and Nina is a flight risk always, so . . .


                  Nina Dobrev and Glen Powell "Taking Time Apart" Amid Busy Schedules

                  Nina Dobrev and Glen Powell's relationship appears to be changing.

                  Several months after E! News learned that the Hollywood pair was dating, multiple sources say things aren't as serious as they once were.

                  "There hasn't been an official 'split' but Nina and Glen have been taking time apart," one insider exclusively shared with us. "Nina just wrapped on a project and is about to start another and her schedule has been a huge part of it. They haven't been spending much time together since the end of the summer."

                  Another source says there haven't been any major fights between the two. In fact, Glen is a "very easy-going dude" who avoids drama if he can.

                  "They are still seeing each other, but have cooled things off a little because of busy schedules," the source shared.

                  Fans first began to speculate about this pair's relationship status when Glen unfollowed (and then refollowed) Nina on social media. And when documenting their Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving celebrations, both Hollywood stars didn't appear to be ringing in the holidays together.

                  Throughout their friendship, though, Nina and Glen have certainly displayed #CouplesGoals on more than one occasion.

                  When it was time for The Vampire Diaries star to celebrate her birthday with a La La Land-themed party, Nina and Glen couldn't help but recreate a special moment from the movie.

                  There also was a little PDA between the two when they attended Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich's wedding in Idaho.

                  "They have a similar group of friends and have been seeing each other on the low for a little while," one source previously shared with us. Another insider added, "All of their friends like them together. They both feel pretty comfortable around each other."

                  So many contradictory things in that statement! So needlessly confuzzling! JUST ADMIT Y'ALL BROKE UP C'MON. But I suppose this leaves a door open for a reconciliation, considering the split just happened a minute ago.

                  Here's what we know . . . Nina filmed two movies simultaneously in Oct/Nov, one in Toronto and one in LA. She was going back and forth a dizzying amount. But! she didn't neglect her boyf. For his birthday in October, she flew Toronto to LA for like 24 hrs so she could be at his party.

                  They were apart on Halloween because she was filming that day in Toronto. But! She was back in LA to support Glen at his Black List reading for charity on Nov 11:

                  That's where they were snapped being cute:

                  A day later, they were still in LA together:

                  On 11/15, they went to the 75th Golden Globe Anniversary event together:

                  . . . and afterwards, Nina got frisky in the kitchen, and you can see the reflection of Glen filming her in the window:

                  50 shades of why are you dancing in the kitchen? Because why not? @ralphlauren

                  A post shared by Nina Dobrev (@nina) on

                  That Ralph Lauren dress might be questionable, but those dance moves are legit.

                  And on 11/20, Glen went to the wrap party for one of Nina's movies:

                  So! Kinda obvs that as of just ten days ago, things were fine? Despite Nina's 'busy' schedule?

                  And then! Thanksgiving, they spent apart. Glen went home to the Family Powell Ranch, and Nina went to Big Bear with Lane and some other friends.

                  My Clique

                  A post shared by Glen Powell (@glenpowell) on

                  Nina always does a cabin Friendsgiving with her pals, so that didn't seem super weird to me (especially if she was planning on doing Xmas/New Year's with the Powell's just a month later).

                  While apart, on 11/25 Glen liked this post from Nina:

                  Salut tout le monde! @Cosmopolitan_fr

                  A post shared by Nina Dobrev (@nina) on

                  And he liked this post from Lane:

                  . . . so presumably everything was copacetic with the separate Thanksgivings? Until two days later, when I guess things weren't, because! on 11/27, Glen unfollowed Nina, Mrs.Maverick, Lane, Ashdragon, and Kev (who were all at Friendsgiving).

                  HE UNFOLLOWED HER DOG, Y'ALL. And that is supposed to be 'chill' and 'no drama'? He refollowed Nina a little while later after Twitter took notice, but he didn't refollow the others. HE DIDN'T REFOLLOW HER DOG. I mean, you're not 'still seeing' someone if you aren't following her dog on instagram. That's just common sense.


                  Oh, Glen. Honey. You unfollowed the dog.

                  Regardless, they've actually seen a fair amount of each in other in the past few weeks, so there hasn't been any drifting apart because of scheduling or anything. That's nonsense. And normally, celeb couples wait a few weeks to announce a break-up, so the fact that he went to E! only a day or so later is also weird?

                  Possible conclusions to explain that weird ass E! statement.:

                  1) she dumped him outright, but he's in denial about it and thinks she'll come back once she thinks it over.
                  2) she sorta dumped him but did it wishy washy stylz ("I think we should take a break, just for awhile, and we can talk more about it when I get back from set").
                  3) he popped some kind of commitment question to her (moving in, maybe?) but she said "uh . . . nooooope" and now they are in that weird limbo place where one person wants to take things to the next step but the other person wants things to stay just like they are . . . but the first person is so hurt by the refusal to take things further that they take a step back, and it's all a bit clusterfuck-y.
                  4) he dumped her but he's conflicted about it. (ha! I'm kidding about #4. He didn't dump her . . not unless he did it because he knew she was about to dump him.)

                  None of that really explains why he went to E! so quickly to announce a non-break-up break-up, though. Maybe he did it to pre-empt her going to the mags first with a more definitive break-up statement, and he didn't want her publicly slamming the door shut so fast? But I dunno.

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                  • Immediate unfollows in these events always makes me suspect cheating. If it's a civil break-up, taking time apart, etc., they usually don't want to be super obvious or look bitter. Going from friendly to "I can't stand to look at your dog" within 2 days, definitely suggests a DRASTIC event, imo. Either cheating, or possibly your commitment/rejection scenario.


                    • Either cheating, or possibly your commitment/rejection scenario.

                      Cheating is always possible . . . but you wouldn't expect an open ended non-break-up break-up announcement as a result, right? You slam that sucker shut.

                      I think the rejection scenario could be the one! All the danger signs are in place . .. they safely passed the 1 yr mark, he just turned 29 with 30 looming, he just spent a weekend with his sister's twin babies that he's gaga over, And! with his parents who celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary on Saturday . . . all around him, friends and family are loved up and happy marrieds, while poor Glen has been living with a roommate for years, so . . . not hard to imagine that Glen might want to level up to actual domesticity and to start building a grown up life together. But Nina is super proud of buying her own place in LA and not having any roommates and being an independent woman* so . . . and if he got hurt by her saying no to him moving in, and then got drunk while sitting by the Texan lake with his kangaroo, I can totally see the unfollowing happening without any other catalyst needed.

                      * let's be honest, I blame those years she spent as Mrs.ISF for why Nina is so skittish to settle down again. Afterwards, she said something about how bad it is to 'lose yourself' in a relationship and not know your own identity, etc, so . . . this is the logical consequence of that.

                      just as a side note, post the non-break-up break-up, Nina has been spending time with . . . Trevino, of all people. She doesn't look too busy to be in a relationship right now, just saying.

                      Football game on Monday:

                      Game Day Fun! #WhoDat

                      A post shared by Lane Cheek (@cheeklane) on

                      Basketball game yesterday:

                      Doesn't look date-y or anything (and they have hung out in gangs of friends off and on in the past year or so) but I like noting TVD reunions. It would be pretty funny if they actually did start dating and Elena Gilbert ended up married to Tyler Lockwood, though. I mean, out of Nian, Westonkin, etc? That would be totally hilars.

                      ETA Okay wait, does this non-break-up break-up mean no one should be surprised if she dates other people? I can't tell from the E! statement just how breakish the break is.

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                      • Or the time they spent together recently was awkward in person and they realized they weren’t in sync anymore.

                        But my guess is he’s a needy mess and she’s happy to be single again.


                        • I vote for the wanting a bigger commitment and Nina saying No. I can see that pushing him to unfollow everyone and wanting to be the first to announce it to the media.


                          • (actual footage of Glen Powell talking to E!):

                            Well, he just refollowed Lane, Ash, Nicole, and some others, so either he feels silly about the whole thing, or he realizes he overreacted to the idea of the break.

                            But he didn't refollow the dog. Maybe it's actually Mav he's mad at!

                            Still not getting cheater vibes on his end, because many of Nina's friends left him sweet comments on his post about his parents' anniversary, and he liked their comments back. And her friends didn't unfollow him (even when he unfollowed them) So I don't think anybody on Team Neens is mad at him for wevs is going on. That makes me lean even more toward Nina rejecting Some Big Unknown Overture, and her friends feeling sorry for him about it. For his sake, I hope he didn't actually propose, yikes.

                            Nina, meanwhile, is sending off "Too busy for love? Who me?" signals this week.

                            Dance class with JH:

                            Reebok training vid:

                            And a lazy day pap walk with Mav:

                            You know, I would not at all be surprised if they reconciled once he gets done feeling his feels. (But odds are probably good that they are actually dunzo, let's be real.)

                            Totally random, but here are two of Nina's other exes running into each other this week:

                            Somebody should photoshop DH, ONB, Sebastian the Troubador, Julian The Aussie, Foster The People, That Racecar Guy Who I Think Was British, and poor Glen into that pic. It would be crowded! But hilars.

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                            • I just caught up on this thread and Nina totes gave him the boot or shot him down hard when he tried to make extra commitment noises -- and it was via text she did! They weren't even in the same state? GIRL, that's cruel as fuck to someone you dated for a year! That's why he unfollowed her and issued a statement.

                              She's a unicorn and kind of an asshole to boys. But, she's young and beautiful and hot and terrified of commitment. She's the TaySwift of the CW.
                              It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                              • Isadora I was just thinking that Nina is similar to TaySwift. Maybe they should join each other's squad and compare boy notes.