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    Plecverse is no fun without a narrative! Thanks Ophy

    Especially interested in the Kim Klinger bit because I was under the impression they buried the hatchet.

    Oh and Nina lost out Baywatch reboot to Alexandra Daddario

    in other news: I hear from the television critics tour that CW is gonna have it's own streaming service as they won't be extending the netflix deal.


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      No Netflix for CW? That's a terrible idea.
      It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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        Originally posted by Iva View Post
        Plecverse is no fun without a narrative! Thanks Ophy

        Especially interested in the Kim Klinger bit because I was under the impression they buried the hatchet.
        I think the only place the hatchet was buried was in someone's back. Kim is still shading Ian and Nikki on social media and even Devon has now taken sides (she sided with Ian), Somerholics keep on making out that she was Ian's employee - don't think they understand what a co-founder actually is (it's not an employee)

        Sounds like CDan have also picked up on the ISF drama with their latest too


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          Baby Accola-King, y'all!


          A photo posted by Candice King (@craccola) on

          So the baby came ten days ago, but they kept mum 'til now. Cute toes, I guess?

          Also released recently were more King wedding pics:


          These are 16 months too late to save Nina from all the 'she didn't get invited' nonsense.


          So! Nina liked this post, and divided fandom into 'OMB THAT SHADY BITCH' and 'LOL NEENS':

          She also liked this one:

          Take those two in combination with this blind . . .

          Ha! I doubt this is true, but it was funny timing regardless. Anyone can submit a blind to most of these sites, which make blinds worthless except as a gauge of how people perceive various celebs . .. and this is definitely what some folks think might be happening behind the Nian-y scenes. (Again, I doubt it . . . but oh how I wish *somebody* would start spilling tea!)

          Speaking of shadiness, Kim vs Nikkian is not a thing at all, according to Kim, who would appreciate it very much if people would *stop* reading shade into everything she posts. That said!

          Kim posted about celebs endorsing/creating 'eco' product lines, and Nikki did an interview in Cosmo about the same kind of thing, and it sure as heck reads like 'point/counterpoint', just saying.



          We don't truly need another fashion product because it says it was made with a certain post consumer good, no. What we need is to stop consuming. We need to wake up & realize that there is a VAST difference between wanting and needing. Limiting our consumer demand is the most powerful way we can save this planet. NOT buying is the fastest way to a healthier planet. But the world of celebrity helps fuel consumerism, it's part and parcel- the two have entangled each other for years now- "Buy this fragrance, this beauty product, this health food product". So again, do I think it's good? I think it propels this idea that we can continue to do things half assed and save the planet. I think it propels the self indulgent concept that we can just do these small things and it will make a difference. We are many years past that point.

          . . .
          We can't afford to just "do what ya can" " turn the water off when you brush your teeth" any longer and we need, not want but we NEED to stop buying shit. PERIOD. WE need to REDUCE our consumption immediately- all of us. PERIOD.


          People get scared and they do nothing, so I'm trying to teach young people that waking up in the morning and deciding to just turn off your water when you're brushing your teeth and saving those two minutes of water is pretty fucking cool. Or, say you turn your shower on and you know that it's going to take 90 seconds for the water to get hot, instead of wasting that water, you put a bucket in your shower and save it and maybe use it for your grass outside. That's pretty fucking cool too. And if that's all you do, that's still great. If we could all just do one little thing, we could accomplish so much.

          It's not about creating these little armies of extremists that feel like they need to isolate everybody else for not doing what they consider enough or perfection. That is the wrong approach. For me, it's not about creating a world of vegans. It's about giving people options in the fashion world so that if they feel like making a decision to purchase something that is cruelty-free or sustainable or recycled, they can.
          Anyhoodles, Kim might not think she's in a conversation about this kind of stuff with Nikki directly, but she kinda is?

          Moving on! Nothing Dobwell-ish, but in other Nina news, looks like she might have watched this weekend's sportsball with friends . . . including the Evans brothers:

          And she did a carpet last week, wearing Antonio Berardi:

          I think I like it? Don't love, just like.

          Channa had some Containment folks over to their love nest to meet Drift:

          Drift!!! ❤️❤️❤️ @hannmang @christophrwood

          A photo posted by Kristen Lee Gutoskie ❤️🙏 (@kristengutoskie) on

          Puppy meet puppy: George meet...

          A photo posted by Hanna Mangan Lawrence (@hannmang) on

          2 dorks

          A photo posted by Hanna Mangan Lawrence (@hannmang) on

          . . . and were just super cute in general:

          Loves ❤️

          A photo posted by Chris Wood (@christophrwood) on

          Nights ❤️

          A photo posted by Hanna Mangan Lawrence (@hannmang) on

          Dog + house >>>> doghouse

          A photo posted by Hanna Mangan Lawrence (@hannmang) on


          A photo posted by Chris Wood (@christophrwood) on


          A photo posted by Chris Wood (@christophrwood) on

          This vid is a reminder that Hanna is an Acrobat Queen:

          Dat high five tho 👋

          A video posted by Hanna Mangan Lawrence (@hannmang) on

          That is one flexible ladyfriend you got there, ONB. (Congrats!)

          . . . and in Westonkin world . . .

          When your boyfriend has to apologize on your behalf because you are 4.

          A photo posted by Phoebe Tonkin (@phoebejtonkin) on

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            Channa are cute! And I love that Phoebe+chocolate post so much.


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              Not sure if Kim is shading but it is amusing that both her posts and Ninas posts seem to resonate with the Somerholics - maybe they think the same things but don't voice it. They must be thinking these things themselves if they read shade into it (maybe). I do want Nina pics with Capn America though... Though her birthday pic with Vin Diesel was not too bad. The Cosmo article was blah and I was sure Nikki has made out that she was vegan in the past - it just all seems holier than thou though.

              Oh and maybe Plecverse is moving to Fox - Caroline Dries' pilot, Recon, has been picked up. It's also exec produced by KW and JP. Wonder what this means for tvd future as they are beginning to spread themselves quite thin.

              Channa are cute (does this also mean less hanging with Nikkian as Riley was their pal)


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                I've been on a movie watching spree recently and I have to say, Nina really did up her game with Austin. I saw him in both Whiplash and Bridge of Spies. I'm sure he's consindered a bigger star now than either Ian or Chris. I'm not saying that's why she's interested in him! Just that it worked out well for her in that prospect too, in the end.


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                  DRAMZ going down between Kim and Ian's sister! Will post a fuller update with actual context tomorrow because why not. In the meantime, if you are into that kind of thing, you can read Ian's sister's accusations here:

                  and Kim's response here:


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                    WtF, and why is Nina still gets mentioned into this thing?


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                      Talk about airing dirty laundry in public - surely Ian had some method of contacting Kim. Strange how it also came out after Nikki's Cosmo article that then got blasted by vegans. This reminds me of Ian's "people change and forget to tell you" tweet when him and Nina broke up which pushed the blame on her in a passive way, same thing here and no mention of Jess who also left and was closer to Ian than anyone. Somerholics are all doing the 'thank you for finally telling us the truth' - not realising it's very much 'he said, she said' - who knows.

                      Mentioning Nina was a bit out of order as a) she is never going to agree or disagree and b) it's made everyone think Ian didn't care that Kim hated Nina as she wasn't as important. scorched earth policy continues - but is there some ISF failure about to come out and they are deflecting bad press ready. And is Ian under the control of all the women in his life and can't fight his own battles.

                      Whilst Nina might be a bit of an airhead she comes over as pretty amiable and down to earth and she honestly seems to have dodged a bullet by not staying close to the somerhalder family who are all coming over more and more as childish divas.


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                        The bullet Nina dodged is the size of a train. Not the classiest of families, for reals.

                        So to provide actual context, I must back up a few days . . .

                        In this article promoting her vegan handbags, Nikki said stuff that pissed off some vegans:


                        Nikki Reed Thinks Vegans Are Scary
                        It's not about creating these little armies of extremists that feel like they need to isolate everybody else for not doing what they consider enough or perfection. That is the wrong approach. For me, it's not about creating a world of vegans. It's about giving people options in the fashion world so that if they feel like making a decision to purchase something that is cruelty-free or sustainable or recycled, they can.

                        Some vegans responded . . .


                        Nikki Reed thinks Vegans are “Extremists” but still wants you to buy her Vegan bags
                        Perhaps instead of trying to get into the wallets of vegans, Reed and Freedom Of Animals should try labelling her bags as “plant-based” or “slightly-less-guilt-inducing.” After all, she throws out all of her previous arguments in later saying, “sometimes you just need to start with you. That’s how I started. I realized that making my own food and not using animal products just made me feel good.” Now it’s all about Nikki, not the world, not the animals.She wraps her theatrics up by saying, “I don’t appreciate the word “vegan.”” Well, this vegan doesn’t appreciate the hijacking of a grassroots movement to help with purse sales. Stop trying to profit off of vegans, and let them spread their message without the harassment of “so called” like minded people.

                        Kim's was one of the first comments on that ecorazzi article:

                        Kim Klingler • 7 days ago

                        I respect the points you've brought up in this article and can't tell you enough of how important I think it is to discuss all these issues in varying forms and thought processes. I think she genuinely means well with her efforts- everyone projects from their own level of conscious evolution- but perhaps "doing what you can" is what's preventing efforts from becoming more evolved, more impactful. Her bag line is targeted to shoppers who have this kind of cash to throw around, and introducing them to her thought process is warranted and needed AND the fact that it has created a lot of chatter, talk and controversy is GREAT, because it's enabled conversations of different thought to be had, and conversations - discussing our differences with a common goal in mind is what is exactly needed for us to move forward as a human species. Without that interview you would not have had the opportunity to share your thoughts as laid out in this well written article where so many people would be exposed to it, so... shaming, or damning her is something I hope not to see. Talking openly about the issues or contrasting views is what I hope to see and I hope to see that we all treat each other with respect and don't resort to childish name calling. This article is fabulous, the points of concern ( not judgement) are fabulous and VERY much needed to help ALL of us grow, and develop the solutions we need as ONE HUMAN family. Congratulations to BOTH, you've created phenomenal opportunities for expansion.

                        Nikki responded to the article with two ginormous insta novels:

                        Many of you have asked about how Freedom Of Animals came about. I did not start this line, I was approached by Morgan last April because she had been following my work with animals and the fact that I have been open about not eating meat or dairy for many years. She knew that I would greatly appreciate all she was doing to create a bag out of recycled material and all of her efforts to do something good in the world. She is an amazing woman with an amazing vision. Of course I wanted to be a part of it, because they are beautiful, she is beautiful, and I love the mentality that we can all be active participants in some capacity when it comes to new ways of thinking, or new ways of creating. Suddenly I was catapulted into this world of labels, and the polarity between meat eaters and vegans, when I was just a girl in the world who didn’t eat meat…I was simply trying to do my best to make a difference by doing what made sense for me, and decided to take on and shine a light on a beautiful bag line made out of recycled plastic to reduce the amount of waste and destruction and send a message to the fashion industry that we must create more options for people who are trying to make more eco friendly choices. I am now seeing first hand the challenges that arise when people try to do good in the world, as they are paralyzed by fear after being intimidated and told they're not doing “enough” so they do nothing at all. I, however, am not afraid. I am grateful for this because I think it has raised a very important question…and I would love to hear your thoughts. Why do we criticize each other so much? If we are trying to inspire people to adopt a certain way of thinking, how does it help to punish them for their efforts both small and large? I will tell you, it does the exact opposite. If you are mean spirited it will never encourage people to adopt your way of thinking, it will scare them away from even trying. It will make them feel defensive and helpless, and inevitably contribute even more damage to whatever you are so passionately fighting for. Meanness never gets us anywhere. It creates an even bigger divide. (Continued)

                        A photo posted by Nikki Reed (@iamnikkireed) on

                        We could spend all of our energy picking each other apart or we can appreciate what efforts are being made in an attempt to encourage more. When will we start to be inclusive not exclusive? When will the victory come from actually saving more animals, and our planet, and helping each other, instead of being motivated by our own righteousness and desire to feel superior by looking down at those who haven't taken on “our exact way of thinking?” I will repeat, if you are mean spirited it will never encourage people to adopt your way of thinking, it will scare them away from even trying and inevitably contribute even more damage to whatever you are so passionately fighting for. I remember when I first gave up meat, I was very critical of those around me who didn't agree with my lifestyle. And it wasn’t until I came to my own peace with my choices, and felt secure in those choices, that I realized I was judging others out of insecurity. Similar to what children do, fighting for their own identity attempting to separate from their parents, I was marching and screaming at those who would listen until I realized that it only had the opposite effect. I am asking all of you to look at your own lives, and wonder what more you could do if you came from a place of love. Nine months ago, I was just a girl trying to do something good for the world by not eating meat, and making small choices that would hopefully help our planet. I was asked to support, and bring awareness to an amazing line of bags, that will hopefully bring awareness to our own ability as people to create something beautiful out of recycled materials. This isn’t about labels, this is about shining a light on an effort to create something sustainable and eco-friendly, with the potential to shatter this stupid line we have drawn to separate ourselves into groups. I have certainly learned a lot from this experience, and it has only motivated me to continue to be a voice for all of you who are trying your best, who do care, and who are doing what they can to make better choices for the world.

                        A photo posted by Nikki Reed (@iamnikkireed) on

                        Kim then posted this:

                        It's very easy to make judgements - cast out the differing clan- then encircle "your" congruent clan into a tighter knit weave- further alienating and reducing the contrast of opinion and thought process. We have come to a point in our society where there is no room for dialogue. Be it about climate change, animal testing or religion. The moment someone has a thought that is divergent or calculated- people pull out the victim card.

                        . . .

                        Cowardice is what's preventing us from truly creating a new world. Self Victimization. Defense. You're being mean you poo poo head.... you think differently than I do. I don't like you. Menh. Meany. You shared your opinions, you're a terrible person, go away, I'm telling all my friends about how mean you are - and my mom, I'm TELLING MY MOM too you know.

                        Its exactly like being an ostrich -sticking your head in the sand - except you have a bunch of friends underneath with you, so you think you're good but you aren't good, because you aren't a bunch of ostriches - you're a bunch of chickens.

                        . . . and then a few days later, Robyn wrote her twitlonger rant, which I am going to copy here just in case she deletes it:


                        A letter from the heart @kimodo007

                        A letter to Kim. It is with a frustrated and fed up heart that I write this. This is extremely difficult for me, as I tend to stay away from the drama and like to keep family matters private, but at this point I have no other way to let the truth be known other than through a social medium. What you are doing is wrong and it's time for you to stop. There needs to be an end to you're bullying and passive aggressive behavior. You claim to be so vehemently against these behaviors, yet you keep perpetuating false truths and blatant lies. Kim, you have never been a part of our family or close to me, as you claim to be and to say otherwise is a lie. In fact, the opposite could be said, you've done nothing but driven a wedge between my family for the past 5 years. During that time you have spent an incredible amount of energy in an attempt to ruin Ian and Nina's relationship because of your disdain for her, yet now, you give the impression of being Nina's biggest fan. You're manipulating young fans and it's it not acceptable, it's sickening.

                        The messages you put out don't reflect the truth. It's rather simple, the spewing of inanities and passive aggressive behavior needs to stop. The amount of energy spend on your divisiveness could be so much better spent elsewhere. As you said to someone, "go spend time with loved ones, read, laugh", that sounds good me. Maybe you should do the same. You've misled ISF team members and supporters to believe you were close with Ian's family, but you were lying then as you're lying now. You tirelessly tried to rid Nikki from Ian's life from the very beginning and your question to his team, "What is our strategy going to be?" didn't go over very well this time, as he asked her to be his wife and the plan backfired. To take it one step further, the scathing article that was recently written about her is rather conspicuous, as you are good friends with the author and publishers, who you also have a working relationship with. You comment saying you won't condone the name calling or insulting behavior, yet this is the exact behavior you've been displaying, albeit indirectly. It's time to move on and actually start believing in the quotes that you post. I'll leave you with a couple that I think are a nice place to start, "We are responsible for our own happiness and misery" and "You know you are on the right track when you become uninterested in looking back." Stop looking back Kim. Be well. FYI-The entire family knows EVERYTHING...

                        THE ENTIRE FAMILY KNOWS EVERYTHING. So wonderful! So threatening!


                        Robyn Somerhalder ‏@Robynsome Jan 31
                        You guys know that I don't post much, but my last post is from the heart and is something that has needed to be made known to you all...

                        Robyn Somerhalder ‏@Robynsome Jan 31
                        I would've kept it private, she blocked me when i didn't even follow, so no private message.Would've called, but no #. No address either...

                        Robyn Somerhalder‏@Robynsome
                        Yes,Nina should be left out of it& her fans shouldn't be manipulated for someone else's personal gain.It's sad to see,that's all I'm saying

                        Robyn Somerhalder ‏@Robynsome Jan 31
                        It was getting out of hand and needs to end. All I'm asking is for the bullshit to stop. I'm sorry to be lacking in the integrity dept...

                        Kim responded:

                        I want to take a moment to respond to some accusations publicly addressed to me, after which I don’t plan to entertain this slander any further. To suggest that I had something to do with anyone's break up is irresponsible, untrue and defamatory. I respect and have enjoyed watching Nina Dobrev grow through her adventurous spirit in life. To me, she embodies a lot of the "live life" principles I relate to and can respect. Bringing her into this nonsense only speaks volumes and it is my wish that she may find the freedom from it as much as I wish freedom from it.

                        My blogs aren't about actors, characters, or people (unless specified that they are), shipping, teams, sides, labels, or camps. My blogs are about change, ideas and causes affecting humanity. I'm not writing for fans; for that you can visit just jared, celebrity laundry, TMZ, fandom groups, and you can easily access these sites by doing a simple search for your desires. I am not manipulating young fans. I do however have an interest in engaging advocates, activists and fellow changes makers with broader conversations and diversity of thought. My blog and my thoughts expressed there are not directed to "fans” and are not about specific people. They are however about things I have learned, things that motivate me, or confuse me and are predominately inspired by questions posed. In this same spirit, I often post quotes that reflect how I feel at any given time, and if you connect those posts to someone specific, that’s a reflection of how YOU feel.

                        I will clearly share that I have never met or emailed the author of the recent article published, nor did I have ANY communication with the publisher or ANY communication with anyone about the creation, generation or anything to do with it. People have opinions, thoughts and ideas, even ethics or principles that are their own and not at all “manipulated” by me—it's novel I know. That article was sent to me quite quickly after it went out, and my comment posted directly on that article was in support of nonjudgmental dialogue and asserted that no one should shame or judge anyone and that this behavior is exactly what holds us all back from positive world change. I have never said to anyone I was close to any family other than my own. These accusations are untrue and are exactly what continues to fuel unnecessary “feuds” and he said/she-said behavior. I want no part of this behavior and have done my best to unfollow, unfriend, and block anyone who engages in it.

                        If you are interested in this type of nonsense, please unfollow, block and/or unfriend me. I will not be upset, hurt, or remotely impacted. I am more motivated today than yesterday to pursue change and engage youth in taking action to improve the world. I will continue to open dialogues about topics that either intrigue me, inspire me, scare me, concern me or motivate me. If you wish to focus on people, camps, gossip, and unfounded accusations you are more than welcome to do so. I will simply no longer be engaging with any aspect of it, as it only adds to the behavior I don't want to see.

                        Nina's response to having her name dragged into all of this (from Hawaii where she's vaca-ing with gal pals)?

                        Nina Dobrev ‏@ninadobrev 3h 3 hours ago
                        Theme song to my life right now... "I'm Good" by the Mowgli's

                        She's not bothered.

                        Anyway, add all of that to this CDAN blind from yesterday:


                        Big drama in the marriage of this A-/B+ list mostly television actor on a long running almost network show and his B list actress wife in the likely to be canceled network show where she got a gig. She has been Yoko-ing everything in his life and it is really pushing back which is causing him to lose a ton of fans. It has also resulted in the potential for some litigation which could go through his money really quickly. Getting involved with this actress was never a good idea.

                        . . . and people are wondering if someone is threatening to sue ISF, and so the Somerhalders are getting ready to cast Kim as the scapegoat. Could be? That family is becoming famous for broken promises, so . . . it wouldn't be surprising if someone out there got litigious on them/Ian. At the same time, since anyone can submit blind items, this could also just be nonsense.

                        As for the man himself, he decided this was the right time to publicly celebrate his nine month ditch wedding anniversary.

                        That's not a thing, dude!

                        Oh wait, I totes forgot to get mr.o a 'ten year four month' wedding anniversary present, my bad.

                        If that wasn't enough, Ian went to People to promote . . . his marriage, apparently?


                        Ian Somerhalder Says Every Day Waking Up to Wife Nikki Reed Is 'Pure Bliss'

                        So when did Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder last experience a moment of sheer happiness?

                        The actor, who tied the knot with actress Nikki Reed last April in Malibu insists he's most happy "every single morning I wake up.

                        "Every single day. Look who I get to wake up with," he tells PEOPLE in this week's issue. "We're under kitties and dogs, and it's just pure bliss." Surrounded by a menagerie of pets at home – including cats, dogs and horses –, Somerhalder just celebrated his 37th birthday in December and Reed, 27, posted a romantic social media message to her husband writing: "You are my every dream brought to life… Here is to the next 65 years together, holding hands, strolling through the woods, still learning, still listening. Happy happy birthday...I love you."

                        No doubt the sentiment wasn't lost on Somerhalder. "It has to be a conscious effort to wake up and recognize all the beauty in our lives," he says. "I'm grateful."

                        Because saying that you are happily married when everyone already knows you are happily married is totally worth talking to a high profile magazine about. Me thinks *somebody* is demanding a whole lot of extra validation lately from *somebody's* husband (and husband's family members). That ecorazzi article must have really touched a nerve.

                        Things to note from all of this!

                        a) Back in the day, Kim probably thought Nina was too flighty and shallow to make a good Mrs.ISF . . . until she realized what the alternative was, and now wishes she'd appreciated Nina more.

                        b) NOBODY IN IAN'S ACTUAL LIFE THOUGHT HE AND NIKKI WERE A GOOD COUPLE OMB "What is our strategy going to be?" What Is Our Strategy Going To Be.
                        Either that discussion actually happened (!) or Nikki was able to convince Ian that it actually happened, which resulted in Nikki replacing Kim . . . and since TheJRam left around the same time, I assume she was also part of the 'Free Ian From The Crazy Woman Strategy Meeting'. It's not at all surprising that Ian's friends would have been alarmed by that development in Ian's life -- but it also doesn't exactly reflect well on Nikki to reveal that.

                        c) Robyn is not wrong that Kim didn't start heaping praise on Nina until *after* leaving ISF, but that might loop up to a), really.

                        d) "The entire family knows EVERYTHING..." (!!!!). WHAT ARE THEY THREATENING HER WITH OMB.

                        e) . . . or that is to say that the entire family knows EVERYTHING . . . *except* how to contact their brother's former co-founder and bestie by phone, email, DM, or by letter, or by ANY way that doesn't require blasting a twitlonger to the entire world.

                        I still keep going back to that threat, though. Plz plz plz write another twitlonger tell-all, Ian's melodramatic sister! You are the worst kind of deets dangler!

                        Since I'm here, other updates . . .

                        Nina has been in Hawaii with friends (no Austin, who I think is filming something elsewhere):

                        She's probs back in LA by now, though. She should be filming shortly, I think? Must be hella irritating for Nikki that Nina has landed three roles in actual movies since leaving/being forced out of ATL.

                        SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO SUFFER. (she ain't suffering).

                        Also, Nina's episode of lip sync battle with Tim Tebow airs this week:

                        Digging those boots like whoah.

                        And in Channa-land . . .

                        >>> 👌

                        A photo posted by Hanna Mangan Lawrence (@hannmang) on


                        A photo posted by Hanna Mangan Lawrence (@hannmang) on

                        He's going after more serious roles now.

                        A photo posted by Chris Wood (@christophrwood) on

                        They continue being obsessed with their dog, which is only right and just and exactly what dogs are good for.

                        (side note: Riley and Danielle are friends, and the day after Riley was at Danielle's birthday dinner and posted a loveydovey insta post with birthday wishes, Danielle liked Chris' post of himself with Drift. I assume that wouldn't have happened if Chris had been terrible to Riley or had cheated on her or something? I still have no idea how everything went down, but Riley's peeps don't seem to be bitter toward Chris.)


                        Phoebe and the baby that plays Hope:

                        We are not impressed. Ps The originals is on tonight at 9! On the cw

                        A photo posted by Phoebe Tonkin (@phoebejtonkin) on

                        Phoebe (and Riley and Carina) at Danielle's 21st brithday:

                        Truly the most wonderful night. Thanks for making me feel so special. Will never forget it 💋💋💋

                        A photo posted by Danielle Campbell (@thedaniellecampbell) on

                        Nothing of Paul lately, but this:

                        Andrew Miller ✔@MillerLoLife
                        I hope the CW does Grease 2 with @1PhoebeJTonkin [email protected]

                        Phoebe Tonkin
                        @MillerLoLife @paulwesley we are game.1:09 PM - 1 Feb 2016

                        Can you imagine Paul trying to sing *and* dance on live tv? Worth the price of admission for sure.


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                          Nina starts filming XXX in Toronto in 2 weeks according to the director. No idea where the Arrivals fits into her timeline but assume as the Arrivals is low budget it has a shorter shoot schedule than XXX.

                          Nikki still seems to play her victim card. Evil vegans picking on her (wonder if she remembers her vintage lamb leather purse from last year which was an engagement present) and I wonder if Kim wasn't nice to her whether she went crying to Ian and Nina just shrugged it off and never bothered.

                          I get fed up though that when someone critiques Ian/Nikki or disagrees with them their supporters (and nikki herself) throws around the bullying word. It really detracts from the real issue of bullying. Opinion and critique is not bullying.
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                            Excited by ophy's announcement of intrigue I actively went looking for the post that shaded Nikki and ended up finding nothing. Didn't even cross my mind this vegan bs was it. So much for a called-for response from Robyn.. Kim Klinger also strikes me as unstable because I can't picture a non acting adult who posts so many inspirational picture quotes while at the same time telling fandom to get a life. I wouldn't even know where to find those by the bulk.

                            God that wedding tux is awful. What's the point of marrying someone for their looks if they won't dress well? I am the opposite of stylish but even I can tell that's an awful material and at least a size too big.

                            anti ian, anti somereed and anti ian somerhalder are somewhat more active, I must admit. Apparently some rare individuals think that when Nina instagramed in 2014 it was shade.

                            "Yes, in desperate need of a Tall double whipped and ripped mocha boyfriend, sweetened with sugar not Splenda. " I don't really see it. I think the receding hairline thing Ophy posted is the last fandom bit that gave me a lol moment.

                            Ian also wore his wedding ring in some TVD scene and some people are pissed

                            I don't have it in me to watch a single new scene of that show but I did go into nian tag. And every other picture is now some sort of sexually suggestive manga.

                            Sleepy Hollow is probably getting the axe during May sweeps so that part of a blind item is imminent. TVD might squeeze out a year or two more because of CW reasons.


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                              I am guessing that Ian gets off on having all the women in his life fighting each other, which makes me wish they would keep it quiet. But as a fan of bad TV actors and their shenanigans, this is awesome.


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                                Agreed, completely awesome.

                                Also, thanks to those Paul gifs I'm now sad for not seeing something I never knew I wanted.