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  • I can't believe there is another TVD spin-off and also that I haven't set the ol' TiVo to record the new Roswell. Hilariously bad sounds irresistible to me!

    It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


    • I can't believe there is another TVD spin-off

      It's turrible, but not in a fun way.

      and also that I haven't set the ol' TiVo to record the new Roswell

      Hearing that it's baaaaad, but also not in a fun way. Too preachy, not soapy enough, and no chemistry between the leads . . . but that's what you get when you are 1) trying too hard to be 'woke' and 2) only cast your friends.

      UGH don't say that UGH. I just caaaaan't. And I don't even know why I can't. Although, Neens is probs gonna Lady!Clooney it up until she is fifty so I guess it doesn't matter who she is smashing at 30

      (quoting myself because I CAN.)

      I think I just figured this out in the shower. The reason why I caaaaaaan't be arsed with Nina's New Manbun Dude (or Glen's New Aussie TeeVee Presenter) is because my brain still believes that we are living in the interregnum era between Powbrev 1.0 and Powbrev 2.0, so whatever disposable randos they've picked up might as well have REBOUND stamped on their foreheads. I realize that this is not the least bit rational b/c it's much more likely that Nina and Glen are dunzo forevah, but I just . . cannot . . . let . . . go.

      And the fact that Glen moved his new ladyfriend into his house so beekdamn quickly means that we were most likely right that they only split because Glen wanted to domesticate and Nina didn't and I will nevah forgive her for that. NEVAH.

      YOU WERE AT THE FREAKIN' FINISH LINE, NEENS. i don't wanna have to keep doing this for the next thirty years!

      And it's not that I can't appreciate Single-ish!Nina and her gazillion fun friends and her carousel of hot dudes and the fact that since December 1 she's been in like five countries on four continents but holy shiiiiiit it's been YEARS of living like this why is she not tired yet??

      I'd just like to move on to Nina staying home more and sweet happy domestication timez with a nice interesting photogenic manbun-less guy and babiez maybe? babiez could be fun! Or more dogs, just a metric ton of more dogs would also be just fine.


      • The extrovert gear will never be comprehensible to a bunch of indoorsy people haters like us, o. It's like they get energy? From being with other humans? WHUH? Please also see Sophia Bush. Nina's and Sophia's circles overlap bunches, actually and they're kind of friends too. They definitely share Aaron and Lauren Paul and Diet Coke Arielle. I'm surprised Nina hasn't also adopted Ruthie Lindsey and Jedidiah Jenkins by now.

        I'm obvs very bad at spotting randos I'm not that familiar with in photos! I didn't even recognize the Mellon in his safari costume!


        • Nina hasn't also adopted Ruthie Lindsey and Jedidiah Jenkins by now.

          Dunno about Ruthie Lindsey, but Nina adopted Jedidiah years ago! He's one of her camping and Coachella buddies!

          ERRYBUDDY will eventually be absorbed! RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.

          (actual footage of Nina roaming the streets of LA)

          The extrovert gear will never be comprehensible to a bunch of indoorsy people haters like us, o. It's like they get energy? From being with other humans? WHUH?


          • Ophypost!

            Ninacella looked soo embarrassing.


            • Ninachella just looks exhausting to me. I would rather be home and comfy binge-watching Netflix. I do not think she is going to slow down. Maybe this is her purging all her years dating Ian. Maybe that was too much domestication for her and he scared her, lol.

              Still, dislike that PW is not with Phoebe, but at least he seems happy with Ines. I still can not believe Nikkie and Ian have not shown the face of their kid to the media yet.

              I hope ONB does not get stuck on Legacies. I have watched it, it is not great and I personally feel like they changed Alaric's character to much to fit into Legacies. I also do not understand why the Saltzman twins have to be so insecure. They are wasting the character or Hope's potential.

              I saw the new Roswell and it is okay, not great. I do think they are trying to be too political and to now, but Cadlymack did say she wanted to do a political drama and not another sci-fi fantasy show. She made a bad choice in choosing Roswell for that.


              • Roswell was fucking terrible and Carina acting like it's because people don't like hot boys kissing is just another reason she's a tedious asshole.

                It was soooo boring. I am desperate for some delicious cheese and TV refuses to give it to me and I DO NOT KNOW WHY. A "political" drama about ("illegal") alien teenagers in Roswell, N.M.? Except the white kids are the REAL aliens and the brown girl is legally here or something? IDEK. It could have been made into a fun subtextual element but NOPE.

                I just couldn't believe how heavy-handed and stone-cold boring it was.
                It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                • Isadora I am with you on that I thought Roswell was okay. I did not think Carina did a good job with writing, casting or trying to make it political. If she wanted to do a political drama, then why not just pass on Roswell and go find that project, because Roswell was not meant to be political. Liz is legal because she was born in the USA, but her parents are illegal, I believe. I also think Carina did not do a good job with casting some of the characters.


                  • PDUBS GOT SEKRIT MARRIEDS!!!!!!


                    Surprise! The Vampire Diaries' Paul Wesley Is Married

                    Paul Wesley is officially off the market!

                    E! News has exclusively learned that The Vampire Diaries star and Ines de Ramon are married.

                    Speculation about the couple's relationship status was sparked earlier this week when photos surfaced of the pair wearing matching rings on that all-important finger.
                    As it turns out, the duo was able to take a big step in their relationship without anyone knowing—until now!

                    The pair has yet to walk a red carpet together. And if you think you're going to see the pair all over Instagram, you may be out of luck. Ines' profile is private.

                    Literally no other deets??? FAIL.

                    LOL at the pic E! used for the announcement, though:

                    fuzzy ring enhancement:

                    Yep, marrieds.

                    . . . and on this EXACT SAME day, E! also breaks the SHOCKING! news that Nina is dating Grant Mellon:


                    Inside Nina Dobrev's Relationship With New Boyfriend Grant Mellon

                    Nina Dobrev has a new man in her life!

                    The Vampire Diaries actress is dating screenwriter and director Grant Mellon, but is keeping things low-key between her and the hunk. A source tells E! News, "Even though the relationship is still hush-hush, Nina refers to Grant as her boyfriend among her inner circle of friends."

                    The insider says that in the short time that Nina's friends and Grant have spent together, like at her 30th birthday party, they have started to "really like Grant."

                    And Grant has even gotten her bestie's seal of approval! "The two have spent time as a couple with Nina's best friend Julianne Hough and her husband Brooks Laich," the insider shares.

                    While he is well-liked by all of Nina's friends, the Fam star is keen on keeping things private. The source says, "Nina and Grant have been intentionally keeping their relationship as low-key as possible."

                    It's early days, but the source shares that Nina is "really happy" with her new beau.

                    Before dating Grant, Nina was linked to Scream Queens star Glenn Powell for some time. Glenn was frequently Nina's date to big events like her birthday party and best friend Julianne's wedding in Idaho.

                    However, after only months of dating, the pair drifted apart due to their demanding schedules. "There hasn't been an official 'split' but Nina and Glen have been taking time apart," a source previously shared with us. "Nina just wrapped on a project and is about to start another and her schedule has been a huge part of it. They haven't been spending much time together since the end of the summer."

                    But, in the words of Ariana Grande: "Thank U, Next."

                    The pic they use for Dobrellon/Mellobrev/Ninant? (Mellobrev is probs best) is also pretty lol:

                    . . . well, Nina has a track record of dating guys who wear dumb hats so okay.

                    . . . . and uh . . . if Grant is a screenwriter/director, IMBD doesn't seem to know about it.

                    I have some bits and pieces Imma post later, but just wanted to run here with the PDubian matrimonial news while it was still fresh.

                    Goodby Westonkin FOREVAH.

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                    • Aw, RIP Westonkin, you were a good ship while you lasted. Congrats to PDubs and the new missus.


                      • So now that Nina/Mellon is publicized, I give it no more than 3 months.


                        • So now that Nina/Mellon is publicized, I give it no more than 3 months.

                          He's 6 ft 4, so I give it four more months.

                          Ugh, I just wanna post things but mr.o is making me watch British people murder other British people right now.


                          • RIP Westonkin, you will be missed. So now that makes me wonder than, what happened with Phoebe. I mean it always seemed like she was ready to be married and he wasnt. Seems fast, but I hope he is happy.


                            • To make up for that terrible pic the outlets are using to announce the SEKRIT MARRIEDS news, here are some better ones of Paul and Ines:

                              There's not a lot out there about her, but I did see this on FF:

                              She was a retail coordinator for a jewelry store when she met Paul. She quit the job and went back to school and is almost certified to become a health coach.

                              Health coach works well for Paul's vegan lifestyle, I assume! And because she's a civilian, they will probs stay married forever and ever. It increases their chances by like a billion.

                              So . . . congrats! Y'all are cute, and this whole thing is perfectly fine and acceptable.

                              Before all of this news, the Dobsley fans were having a bit of a renaissance, with hopes a'stirring after several Nina/Paul interactions lately.

                              A few weeks ago, Paul watched Nina shoot Fam and totally surprised her onset during the curtain call:

                              I mean, how ADORABLE was that? She literally screamed when she saw him. And the hug! Dobsely hopes were SOARING.

                              And Nina said this in an interview recently:

                              Which is saying something considering she goes on vaca with Trevino and Kayla Ewell, like, all the time.

                              And you can see the Dobsely influence on her insta as well:

                              All of this Dobseyness culminated in late Jan, when Paul actually posted from inside Nina's house:

                              So yes! There were some peeps (lightly) mourning when E! announced Paul and neens were both otherwise taken.

                              . . . but TRUE FANS won't give up!

                              I don't think anyone is going to be more than just mildly heartbroken by it, though.

                              Side note! this was a wackadilly moment during a Paul and Ian panel at a con yesterday in Nashville (YES THEY ARE STILL DOING CONS TOGETHER CAN YOU BELIEEEEEVE IT):

                              Someone in the audience asks if either of them would consider guesting on Nina's show, and Ian fumbles around with it (i mean, the answer was obviously just NOT A CHANCE IN HELLLL MY WIFE WOULD KILLLL ME, but he couldn't quite come out with it) and Paul interjects that he and Nina have discussed it and that he (Paul) might actually do it, and Ian mock angrily says "Yo homie, you been talking to my ex-girlfriend? what the-?" like he was joking but it was still just WEIRD.

                              You'd think that after doing LITERALLY a gajillion jillion of these dumb panels Ian would be much better prepared for when Nina, his co-star of like, seven YEARS is brought up, but he still seems to be flummoxed that people would bring her up to his face. AT A TVD PANEL WHERE PEOPLE ASK ABOUT TVD AND TVD RELATED THINGS.

                              And since I'm here talking about Ian anyway, he and Nikki made it! . . . onto a list of couples who don't realize that they are no longer relevant.


                              Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder are stuck in the past

                              Since the final installment of The Twilight Saga in 2012, Nikki Reed has appeared in a handful of episodes of the since-canceled Sleepy Hollow, a Hanson music video, and a few projects with seemingly very limited releases. She attempted a music career when she was married to American Idol loser Paul McDonald from 2011 to 2015, but that didn't do well — perhaps, in part, because their duet music video for the single "Now That I've Found You" frustratingly kept cutting off their faces. In fact, they separated before the project was released.

                              Ian Somerhalder, who Reed married in 2015 not long after her divorce from McDonald was finalized, hasn't done much since The Vampire Diaries ended in 2017, though he's slated to star in TV series V-Wars in 2019 — yet another vampire-themed show. Maybe next time they'll consider their own relevance before refusing to take photos for fans, the way the Daily Mail reported that Somerhalder did to a group in Paris in May 2015.

                              They were sandwiched in between Nick Lachey/Vanessa, and Jenny McCarthy/Donnie Walhberg (I didn't even know they were a thing!)

                              Anyhoo, Paul is not the only member of Westonkin that Nina has been reuniting with . . .

                              They were both in Aspen a few days ago for a Frame event. They used to be Fashion Week buds, but you never see them hanging out anymore. I had just assumed that Paul got custody of Neens in the Westonkin split, so this was nice to see.

                              And of course, Nina just can't emerge from the slopes unscathed:

                              Speaking of TVD reunions, Nina and GM went to Tijuana with Trevino as part of a charity that helps families that were split up at the border:

                              You can really see how tall he is there, wow.

                              And Mellobrev went to the SuperBowl in ATL with Kayla and her husband:

                              (that's GM's eyebrow. Artfully cropped! ha.)

                              Nina was all fancified b/c she presented at that honors thingy like she does most years. I'm way digging that red dress:

                              The fact that they were spotted making out at the Super Bowl and the rumors made it to US weekly is probs why she and Grant went public afterwards:


                              Her rep totally denied she was dating anyone, but then the E! confirmation came out just hours later. So yeah, don't think it was planned far in advance. Interesting that US W doesn't get the couples exclusives anymore, but E! does.

                              It's been a really 'Busy' week for Nina!

                              If ya'll decide to throw me into a pit for that pun, I will totally understand, just let me pack some snacks first, thanks.

                              Okay! That was all I gots on the main peeps.

                              But I thought y'all would appreciate ONB's sign at the women's march:

                              But not everyone did!

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                              • Paul's wife is really cute. I loved this update.