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  • Well, Neens took new dude to the big ol’ wedding in her instastories! And they gallivanted with Zoey Deutch, Cami Mendes and Annasophia Robb, which makes me happy because I actually know about and like those people!


    • I love that you call him new dude when I think they've been together for 10 months, maybe? I didn't start to clue in on him until December, but in retrospect they probs started hooking up in October or November. If they make it past one year, this will be her longest relationship since Ian. Dobwell ended just shy of the one year mark, and Powbrev was right about there.

      Grant took Nina back to his hometown in Pittsburgh last month (they were there to visit you, v, but you weren't home when they knocked, I guess).

      I suppose that means it's getting serious which also means Neenz might be moseying on along any day now.

      Well, Neens took new dude to the big ol’ wedding in her instastories! And they gallivanted with Zoey Deutch

      Glen was there, too!

      Inevitable that would happen, since he and Nina still have so many of the same friends. Makes me grrrrrr that we didn't get any pics of Powargh standing awkwardly with Grina - whoah those are terrible ship names. Glenee and Mellbrev?

      Anyhoo, I wouldn't be surprised if Powargh aren't engaged soonish. Glen seems like he's been ready to husband up for awhiiiile.


      • I just saw! I have to believe awkwardness will surface eventually, given how well documented this wedding weekend was. Man, I’m so jealous. It’s so fun to go to a fab wedding and not be IN it. (I’m in three weddings in the next 7 months, help meeeee.)

        ETA: They’re in the same photobooth strip in Zoey’s latest post! Told you!
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        • Grant took Nina back to his hometown in Pittsburgh last month (they were there to visit you, v, but you weren't home when they knocked, I guess).
          BRB, trying to figure out where that picture was taken.


          • Thank you for the heads up, Laa, I missed that!


            Glen and Nina, but I don't spy Renee and Grant.

            I seriously envy Nina's ability to just be dudes with the guys whose hearts she's broken in the past. That takes some real skillz.

            Looks like Nina also spent a fair amount of the wkend with the non-Sprousehart Riverdale couple, which I don't recall her doing before?

            You know, I don't mind Grant at all and he seems like a decent fellow but! I! hate! his! hats!

            Miles and Keleigh were also there, but I'm posting this for Nina's suave outfit:

            I kinda dig it. Like the bag too.

            This dress is also cute, matches the boot on her fractured foot.

            Ha, Ruby.

            I mean, when is Nina NOT injured for reals.


            • I feel like both of Nina’s outfits are the kinda thing I’d wear to work on a day someone fancy is coming in and I actually have to care about my appearance, but I might also be judging it against the gorgeous gownage we got from Zoey and Cami. And that’s not fair because boot.


              • It seems that ONB and Melissa Benoist have gotten married under the radar. They seem solid, lets see.


                • Until V pinged me yesterday, I did not realize it had been so long since I had posted! Y'all must have thought I had LOST MY TYPING HANDS IN A FREAK ACCIDENT or something. Like y'all were imagining this:

                  BUT NO.

                  I wish I could say I am just now coming off an Internet cleanse and I feel PURIFED and REFRESHED and TOTALLY DETOXED but that would be super untrue. In all honesty, a) homeschooling is kicking my butt right now because I am struggling to find a curriculum that works for the ogirl and I have zero time to myself and b) when I can find a non-zero amount of time to myself, I have fallen down a 90 Day Fiancé rabbit hole and CANNOT get out of it. .

                  I blame Chrissy Teigen's boosterism for this happening to me.

                  But once I have finished watching all of the seasons of 90 Day Fiancé, 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After and 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days that are available on Hulu, THEN I will probably feel PURIFED and REFRESHED and TOTALLY DETOXED.


                  It's been 10 years since TVD aired! Holy hell!

                  In celebration of TVD's 10 years, we got a couple of oral histories, with some real previously unknown gems, like how much Nina and Paul did NOT like each other:


                  SIEGA: I had Nina come to my house with a couple of the guys that we were considering and one of them, unbeknownst to me at the time, was her real-life boyfriend. Obviously when they did their chemistry read, they had a lot of chemistry but he just wasn’t right. I could see she was giving it her all and he was too but it just wasn’t connecting.

                  Ben Hollingsworth, probably? I think that was who she was with back then.

                  So this could have been Stefan:

                  CAN YOU IMAGINE how differently the Plecverse would look if Ben was cast as Stefan and therefore Nina and Ian had (maybe!) never dated? Huh.

                  DOBREV: I read with a lot of guys and I had different experiences — good, bad, indifferent. It’s not that one person was perfect for it; everyone was just so different. But I remember that Paul was the only one who didn’t speak to me unless we were speaking on camera. Everyone else was trying to schmooze with me and flirt with me because it’s a chemistry read, and that was my first-ever chemistry read so I thought that’s what it was supposed to be as well. I was trying to get a vibe: who did I have the most sexual tension with? And because Paul didn’t speak to me, we had the least sexual tension.

                  WESLEY: I didn’t even look at her. I saw her looking at me trying to say hello and I refused to even make eye contact with her. And it sounds a little pretentious and actor-y but the scene we were doing for the chemistry read was the first time we ever met, it was our first conversation, and I wanted her to meet me for the first time in the room during the audition so that it was real.

                  DOBREV: When he left the room, everyone had auditioned and they asked me, “Who did you connect with the most?” And I said, “I don’t know who I connected with the most but I definitely probably connected the least with that Paul Wesley guy.” [Laughs]

                  WILLIAMSON: We didn’t want Paul until we met Nina. Paul came in like 100 times and every time he came in we’d be like, “Alright, here’s Paul Wesley again.” I liked him; I just didn’t love him. And only once we found Nina and put them together did I go, “Oh he’s really good, who is that? It’s the guy we passed on 15 times.” [Laughs]

                  WESLEY: Apparently my silly little plan worked.

                  DOBREV: Then Paul got cast and we ultimately had the best chemistry. It’s the kind of thing where you can see it on screen and you get an energy from the room that I maybe didn’t have a barometer on, but he was absolutely the right choice and the best person for the role. I couldn’t imagine anyone else being Stefan and I’m so grateful that they chose him because now he’s one of my closest friends and we have a friendship that will last forever — vampire pun intended. [Laughs]

                  SOMERHALDER: This guy they were testing had been out drinking all night, he was super cocky and trying to psych me out. I looked at him and was like, “There’s no way you’re getting this brother, it’s just not happening.”

                  WILLIAMSON: And Ian came back in and he blew it. They said, “I’m sorry, we need to see a little bit more before we can say yes to him,” and it was the only time in my career where I said, “If he doesn’t get the part I’m going to have to leave the show.” That’s how much I didn’t want the other person to get the part. I was like, “I know the other guy gave a better audition, but this role is Ian, and I think I can write for him in a way in which I cannot write for this other guy. Please trust me on this. Because if you can’t see it, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to continue on with the show.” Julie stood with me and Peter Roth, the president at Warner Bros. Television, said, “Let’s go with Kevin.”

                  SOMERHALDER: I got a call from my management saying, “So you wanna be a vampire?” And the rest is history.

                  Or if KW hadn't fought for Ian, ERRRRYTHING would have been different.

                  Maybe we could have had Vampire!Matt Bomer, who knows!

                  Also how funny how the littlest thing changes endgame for ships the fans think are destined:


                  The Mikaelsons did eventually say goodbye to Mystic Falls at the end of Season 4, and while their departure was ultimately for the best — as The Originals went on to run for five successful seasons — it meant the end of several relationships, including Klaus and Caroline.

                  “As much as it pains me to say this — because it wasn’t very feminist or a good representation of a functioning relationship — they probably would have ended up together,” Plec says. “But I do still think the story would have ended very similarly. Klaus would have still died in an epic sacrifice. And Caroline would have found her way to Stefan, regardless. Klaus put a wrench into my long con with Caroline and Stefan, but like Damon and Elena, Klaus and Caroline were undeniable in a lot of ways.”

                  KLAROLINE WAS ENDGAME-ISH. Woot.

                  “We always thought Elena would circle back to Stefan one final time before the ending, but because Nina was no longer there, the show transitioned into a love story about the brothers,” Plec says. “It also became about Damon and Stefan’s redemption. That was their goal, and they achieved it in a very satisfying way in my mind.”

                  Adds Williamson, “I was a true Stefan-Elena fan, but I didn’t think we had the real estate to get there. Had I had all the actors at our disposal, I think Julie and I could have had a different endgame. But since that was the end — the network, the actors, everyone chose to end it — I think it was the best outcome. I stand by that ending.”

                  So was Stelena! So Delena shippers can thank Nina for leaving so early that Delena won by default.

                  Dunno if people are feeling nostalgic or what, but recently there have been Plecverse reunions galore!

                  Candice and Nina reunited with Cousin Vicky when they went to see Kayla's new baby Poppy:

                  There was also mini one when Julie presented Nina with an EMA honor award:

                  Of course, some of the cast are still out there shilling at cons several weekends a year, so in that sense reunions are ALWAYS happening, like The Gillies and Pheebs and JoMo last month in NJ:

                  Paul and Ian still do so many cons that it's like they are never apart.

                  Still! In the Year Of Our Beek 2019 they are STILL milking that long dead cow.

                  They are both going to be 90 yrs old and STILL doing a TVD convention tour of nursing homes in 50 years just you wait.

                  And! This bigger TVD reunion happened, I guess! In Ibiza! from 9/22:

                  (that's cadlymac with them)

                  And Nikkian were there:

                  and! bigfootesque pic of Nina, Grant with PDubs and Inez:

                  But nothing of Nina with Ian or Nikki leaked out yet. (might not exist, tbh.)

                  Paul's entire family was also there so the main fan theory is that this was a wedding anniversary party/reception for him and Inez because they didn't do a big wedding last year, maybe? That seems to be the celeb thing to do nowadays, have a quiet itty bitty wedding, then a big party the next year (see: Karlie/Josh, Ed/Cherry, Justin/Mrs.Bieber, etc.)

                  Speaking of itty bitty celeb weddings . . .

                  It seems that ONB and Melissa Benoist have gotten married under the radar. They seem solid, lets see.

                  Yes, as dada noted, ONB and Mel B. got hitched Labor Day weekend, I think? They had that shiz locked down tight, because not a single pic has emerged from it.


                  Supergirl co-stars Melissa Benoist and Chris Wood are married! The celebrity couple tied the knot on Sunday, E! News can exclusively confirm. Making the pair's big day even more special? They were joined by guests including their CW family including Kevin Smith, Odette Annable and Paul Wesley.

                  The duo exchanged vows at a private estate in Ojai, California. "It was a beautiful setting for a wedding very peaceful and quiet," a source tells E! News, noting the ceremony took place beside a pool. "The vows were brief and lasted about 15 minutes. There was lots of cheering and applause as it ended."

                  The reception that followed was held in an adjacent grove of trees, where long tables were set up for all the guests. "There were lots of glowing candles and lights strung above," adds the insider. "The food was served family style and everyone passed the dishes back and forth."

                  "It looked like an elegant outdoor dinner party," continues the source. "There was a lot of laughter and happiness."

                  Since PDubs was there, this also counted as a TVD reunion why not.

                  Melwood's biggest shipper, Kevin Smith, won't shut about the wedding:

                  (Kevin also mentions that Chris just sold a script to Plan B, so I'm thinking he's basically done with acting and is going to focus on writing and/or directing which is not surprising after his short film came out, no more murder prince I suppose oh well.)

                  We did get this duet about weddings from them at the charity Concert For America just a few days after their own wedding:

                  And they got solos here, if you are into the whole musical theater thing:


                  They both sound GREAT but that turtleneck is very ill advised:

                  This is not the first offense that ONB has committed in regards to turtlenecks, alas.

                  I'm really happy for them. May they casually walk their dogs together forevs.

                  Also speaking of weddings (and now pivoting to Neens), Nina said in an interview this week that she will have done 7 weddings in the past couple of months which! seems! like a lot!

                  She and Grant were at Miles Teller's wedding in Hawaii:

                  The other weddings were not as well documented, I suppose.

                  Not wedding related but worlds collide! Nina at Paris FW with Karlie at the end of September:

                  I hope Neen got ALL THE KAYLOR DEETS.

                  Nina also brought her dude along to Paris FW:

                  Nina cosplaying as a persone francaise:

                  She's been out and about a lot doing press for her new movie Lucky Day (where I think she also plays a persone francaise?):

                  I covet the green handbag.

                  This Dior bag is fun too:

                  And her hair! Kinda liking the longer length, bringing some old skool Elena vibes.

                  She's got another movie coming out in a few months where she plays a character named 'Wren Pepper' which is just so manic pixie, right? Hopefully, that's not what it's about. I still don't think we've seen Nina play a character anything actually like herself, but perhaps she will by the time she's 80, dunno.


                  I'd like to close with some sad news . . . as of today, RIP Instagram Following Activity tab. Pour one out, y'all.

                  By removing that tab, Instagram just made it nigh impossible to Track Celebrities And Figure Out Who They Are Dating And/Or They Are Still Dating And/Or Who They Are Feuding With. That one move just decimated 75% of the content from Celeb podcasts, too. Just brutal.

                  I guess I'd better hope Nina and Grant stay together FOREVER because I'll never again have any chance of figuring out her Next New Dude And What Kind Of Dumb Hats He Wears until they are busted at a Laker's Game 6 months into the relaysh.


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                  • I am sorry homeschooling is kicking your ass, O. It sounds like a really hard thing to do.

                    So KW basically said that Ian is as a bad actor and KW hired him anyway. That’s my takeaway from the nostalgia posts.

                    I like Nina’s hair a little shorter, the at the shoulder bob was awesome, but /shrug, she probs doesn’t have time to get it cut anyway with all her flying around doing stuff.


                    • I'm baffled about how the entire TVD cast was hanging out on holiday and we got almost no pics.

                      Also, I still feel actual irritation at the sight of Cadkymack or whatever her name is photos! LOL. SHE IRRITATES ME.
                      It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                      • Nina went to an event in what are essentially bright pink pyjamas. Not a great idea for her.


                        • I thought it looked dumb, but then it grew on me. Also re: Nina - her instagram makes me exhausted. She never stops! It must be so confusing never knowing what country you are in when you wake up.



                          • Heh. I loooove those pjs.

                            We did get a little something from TVD Ibiza from Nina and Paul!

                            View this post on Instagram

                            I “despise” you ♥️

                            A post shared by Nina Dobrev (@nina) on


                            So! Been weeks and weeks since Nina and Grant were spotted together, looks like they might be dunzo.

                            Other evidence!

                            1) Nina went radio silent for almost a week in September, came back online with pics of flower bouquets from her friends, thanking them for 'support'.
                            2) after having done an entire summer's worth of weddings with Grant as her plus one, Nina showed up to the two last weddings of the season without him.
                            3) She dashed off to the South of France to hang out with her mom, also without him.
                            4) She went to a sports ball game with a gal pal.
                            5) They were JUST creeping up to the one year mark, so DUH.

                            As an FYI: Seb Stan and Nina at a wedding that she did NOT bring Grant to:

                            Been waiting yeeeeers for proof that she and Seb were friends.

                            But y'all! I also heard that Glen Powbrev is single now -- no more Glen and Renee! . . . and if Neenz is single again now too . . .


                            I will only say this . . . she has been liking his instagram posts again lately. She was clearly hanging out with him and pals (including Orlando Bloom and Miley's new bf Cody Simpson) mid-September (around when she and Grant might have split?):

                            View this post on Instagram

                            | @joeystantonforpresident It’s your birthday, so I’m gonna say a few things. No one knows your true age because you have the wisdom of a 70 year old philosophy professor who moonlights as a therapist-but you have the spirit of a college kid who just used the rest of his student loans to make the best-worst decisions on his last spring break. Funny enough the two come together just about every time we hang. I’ve learned so much from you about life, myself, and how capable I am of greatness. You instill that in those you love and care for daily. You told me something that stuck with me, that someone once told you: “We’re in the entertainment business... so do something entertaining”. You are the epitome of entertainment. You embody joy and fearlessness in a way that scares the shit out of people, because it causes them to look at themselves and ask: “am I really living?”. I thank God for you because you are a constant reminder to live. And to live well. To be brave. Really brave. To laugh hard. To be bold in the face of fear and uncertainty. But most importantly you remind me to just be me. You’re the one that’s supposed to be getting gifts today, but even on your birthday you are the one giving the present of your presence. And we can never thank you enough. I love you Brother. Enjoy this BEST DAY EVER!!| 09•16•2019 [6:40am] #betterdaysahead #myagentisasuperhero #vikingsofinstagram

                            A post shared by Taylor John Smith (@taylorjohnsmith) on

                            (scroll through to two pics of Nina and Glen.)

                            She also went to a Jonas Bros concert with his little sister.

                            And! she went to Glen's Tracksuit and Tequila 31st birthday party this week.

                            THAT'S ALL I AM SAYING.

                            ETA Okay, yep, that was good timing ooops:


                            Nina Dobrev and Grant Mellon Split After Nearly One Year Together

                            Multiple sources tells E! News that The Vampire Diaries star and the screenwriter-director are officially over after less than a year of dating.

                            "Nina hasn't brought him around to any of her events in over a month and hasn't mentioned Grant," one insider reveals. "She has been partying and hanging out with friends without him. He has been shooting a Netflix film outside of Los Angeles and they haven't been hanging out together. Nina seems to be doing fine but none of their friends have seen or talked to Grant."

                            According to a second source, the duo's split happened quietly. "Nina hasn't mentioned a breakup," the source says. "But she hasn't spoken about Grant in several weeks. She seems to be quite happy and has recently been out socializing with friends, each time without Grant."

                            INCH RESTING that even though they split up all the way back in September, the break-up news wasn't released until after it hit the press this morning that Nina was at Glen's birthday party.

                            THAT'S ALL I AM SAYING.PART DEUX.

                            ETA2 Editing! to add the pics from Sept 16 so you don't have to go to insta for them:

                            When I first saw this, I assumed they were throw backs to when Powbrev was a thing two years ago, because it was a bday for one of Glen's besties and seemed like a smaller kind of party and I was surprised that Nina would even be there now that she should have been shunted off to that circle of acquaintances relegated for the ex-gf of your friend that you are still only semi-friendly with, ya know?

                            THAT'S ALL I AM SAYING.PART TROIS.


                            I missed one! Because I am hella rusty, obvs. Nina and Glen were also at the same Halloween party last week, dancing in the same general area:

                            I ALWAYS start hanging out a whole bunch with my also-recently-single ex-bf the minute I leave a Dude With Questionable Hats, so I feel ya, Neens.

                            THAT'S ALL I AM SAYING.PART -- oh, you know what I'm getting at.

                            (but I would very much like to know who broke up with whom first, right?)

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                            • Oh this is super interesting. I can sorta see them both being single and doing an ex backslide rebound thing that maybe only lasts a short while, but I wouldn’t mind if it was some sort of event that made them realize they really were right for each other after all. They were very well suited, back in the day.

                              Good story either way!


                              • but I wouldn’t mind if it was some sort of event that made them realize they really were right for each other after all.

                                Wouldn't it be UHMAZING.

                                Generally, when Nina is done, she is DONE and she doesn't go back to beat a dead horse. But then again, they are 30 now, not still 20-somethings, so who knows.

                                Grant does not look super bothered by this break up, based on this shoot from a couple of days ago.

                                Also read that he's sharing a house with THREE (!)* bikini models while doing a film outside of LA, so he's not suffering I suppose.

                                * three seems excessive, right? I mean, any number over ONE just seems excessive to me. Nobody needs a couple of spare bikini models.

                                You know who I would like to see come back to shoot his shot again? The Swiss Troubador, Bastien! He's was so totally nuts for Neenz. Wrote a song for her AFTER she broke his heart and everything.

                                Hell, maybe we could just cycle back through all of the 2013-2014 international boy buffet again why not.