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Plecverse III: Return of The Plecverse

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  • I will be shocked if Nina dips her toe back into the Glen pool. Maybe she's just banging one of his friends? Heh.
    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


    • Nina and Emma Watson are living the same romantic life but on separate coasts. They each keep a boy for about a year (usually less) and then discard when they get bored. It seems super exhausting, but I am also an old lady whose life goal is to fit in a nap most days.


      • Nina and Emma Watson are living the same romantic life but on separate coasts.

        Maybe Nina and Emma should just skip the boys and hook up with each other? That might break the pattern.

        (real pics! not manips! just saying!)

        I weirdly get the vibe that Nina might not have been the dump-er this time, though? Or maybe he cheated? Just based on the fact that she took a social media break for almost a week, which she doesn't normally do (and didn't during the Powbrev break-up) and the fact that her friends were sending her flowers, which MAYBE they would do for any break-up I guess, but it just seems more of a natural thing to send them to console someone who has been dumped, not the other way 'round. But I could totes be wrong.

        Oh, I also wanted to say that after some thought, I think those September pics of Glen and Nina at that smaller bday dinner for Glen's bff might actually have been throwbacks after all. I'm not 100% on that, but they looked really familiar to me and might have been from 2017. That doesn't take away from them hanging out lately in general, though.

        Maybe she's just banging one of his friends? Heh.

        Always super possible! But . . . ouch.


        • I follow Nina and I legitimately missed every piece of this evidence. Ophy I bow to you. Good riddance to that guy. He never grew on me.


          • He obviously never grew on me either!

            I feel like this could be relevant to some . . .

            The Return Of The Murderprince!

            I don't watch Legacies, but maybe I'll have to watch the scenes on You Tube. I think ONB's ex Riley is on the show, too, though? She's the one he left when he met Hanna, who is the one he left when he met Melissa B.

            Well, maybe they won't have any scenes together.


            • Also read that he's sharing a house with THREE (!)* bikini models while doing a film outside of LA, so he's not suffering I suppose.
              I took that as proof that she had dumped him.

              Emma Watson was quoted the other day saying she is “self-partnered”; Nina should say the same.