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  • Since she's not going to give me an endless buffet of drunken birthday bash pics with numerous random celebs this year, my dream for Nina's birthday in two days would be bigfootesque pics of her and Glen from somewhere like oh I don't know, maybe a MEXican sEXican vaca perhaps?
    I could really use that as a distraction from real life this week.


    • Awwww, ONB is going to be a daddy!


      • I just saw it! Good for them. They seem happy!


        • YES! BEBE:

          Awww, good for them.

          I didn't post about this, but y'all probably know that Mel went public with the fact that her ex-husband Blake Jenner was an abusive asshole and put her through absolute hell (he's the reason why she has a permanently enlarged pupil in one eye!), which puts her relationship overlap between Blake and ONB into a brand new perspective and might be why they moved in together so fast, and maybe why ONB is so protective of her when paps and crowds are around, etc.

          Melissa didn't name Blake in her video about domestic violence, but Chris made absolutely sure everyone knew who it was:

          And PDubs did too:

          But anyway, very glad she got out of that situation and very happy that they are both so happy.

          I also like Mel's VOTE shirt:

          Speaking of ONB! Two career notes . . .

          He was on Legacies for a couple of eps this season:

          And apparently, he and his face looked like this in Legacies as a MurderUncle:

          Which ALMOST makes me want to watch that show . . . but I just can't! Those last couple of seasons of TVD broke me down by dullness and I don't think I can go back there anytime soon.

          I assume the longer hair he has been growing is for his new show:

          EXCLUSIVE: Hope and Michael’s little boy is all grown up. Supergirl alum Chris Wood is the first actor cast as a lead in the ABC pilot thirty(something(else), a sequel to Marshall Herskovitz and Ed Zwick’s beloved 1987-91 drama series.

          Written by Herskovitz and Zwick and to be directed by Zwick, thirtysomething(else) will follow an ensemble of new faces playing the grown-up children of the original cast, the new generation of thirtysomethings. They are being joined by returning original cast members Ken Olin (Michael Steadman), Mel Harris (Hope Murdoch), Timothy Busfield (Elliot Weston) and Patty Wettig (Nancy Weston), reprising their characters in supporting roles.

          Wood will play Leo Steadman, Hope and Michael’s son and Janey’s brother. Good-looking and charming (not unlike his father), Leo is so intent on becoming a “big deal” like his father that he skips steps along the way. His talent and grand ideas are tripped up by his lack of focus and follow-through.

          Unless Leo also turns out to be a snarky murderprince, this sounds very meh to me! I never watched the original, though! But it's an actual grown up show on a non-CW network so this is a good career move, I guess?

          Okay, since I'm here, a quick Nina update . . .

          She's mostly been in South Africa, filming a period movie for the past month or so:

          This bathing suit is TREMENDOUS, I LOVE it:

          With a quick foray into Paris for Fashion Week:

          She's also been jetting around to London, Toronto, and NYC, promoting her new movie Run This Town.

          London with her pal Nicole and some dudes?

          I don't love this pink sack she wore in Toronto, but her hair! It's almost Elena-length again.

          Truly terrible makeup on The Daily Show:

          Pretty sure she's single at the moment . . . she made a couple of jokes in South Africa about her dating life being terrible and summing it up with "he's just not that into you" as a general theme.

          But! as she was originally leaving LA for South Africa in February, the Dobrevics were making me raise an eyebrow:

          YOU KNOW WHO.

          NO I DON'T.

          TELL ME.

          Everyone who usually spills this stuff is being cagey, and I HATE IT.

          I tried to some digging, and it's true that when Nina posted a bunch of gifts 'round about her bday time and tagged who each thing was from, she left one pic of a flower bouquet untagged.

          Also, her most recent ex Grant just unfollowed her on everything for some reason? But she still follows him. (she follows all of her exes except for Ian and ONB).

          Could YKW be this tall dude? maybe? She was in LA with Tall Dude and her brother Alex and other friends getting brunch:


          I wanted YKW = Glen, but! I don't think so. In case you are wondering (you probably were not), the last time Glen liked a pic of Nina's was Feb 3. He hasn't liked her last 15 or so posts, but was ;iking them regularly up til then. And! the last time she liked one of his was also Feb 3. (what! happened! on Feb 4th!)

          . . . it might be because of this . . . in late January, Glen took my advice about a Mexican Sexican vaca, but not in mEXico, if you get my drift:

          Glen Powell was seen on a beach in Punta Mita, Mexico this week.

          The Scream Queens actor, who can next be seen opposite Tom Cruise in the highly anticipated sequel Tom Gun: Maverick, seemed to be having the time of his life with bikini-clad model Gigi Paris.

          The beautiful brunette could be spotted straddling her 31-year-old actor as they waded in the waves. The duo were also seen kissing on the sand.

          'Gigi Paris' sounds like an extremely made up name, but wevs.

          It wasn't just a Sexico fling, though, because they were also spotted at dinner in LA a few days later.

          I doubt it's a coincidence that Glen and Nina stopped interacting on instagram a few days after he started seeing someone else. Which also makes me think that MAYBE I WAS RIGHT about something sort of starting up again between them during awards season, because if it was all just friendly and platonic with no feefees involved then WHY would they stop cold turkey like that when Gigi Paris came on the scene, I mean WHY.

          And Nina's quote pics have been hmmmm:

          I could easily draft a scenario where Nina was the one making overtures to Glen to get back together post-Grant, and Glen almost letting himself forget just how badly she hurt him but then noping out of it to Mexican frolic with Gigi Paris (GIGI PARIS, SERIOUSLY THAT NAME IS KILLING ME) because of the lingering pain from his Thanksgiving '17 heartstomping, and that's why Nina was moping around South Africa seeming a bit down about her love life.

          Glen and Gigi haven't been papped together again, though, so maybe that's already dunzo. (= I HAVE NOT GIVEN UP HOPE).

          At least! If it wasn't gonna be Nina, I could have lived with Zooey D., but nooooo:

          As a VERY RANDOM side not, the only people who don't seem to think Nina is single right now are the Gaylors . . . who think she might be Karlie's new girlfriend, based entirely on a blind item.

          So Enty has a BI up that says that “the tall alliterate model” (Karlie Kloss) is upset that she’s losing followers and her views “barely crack five figures”. The writer opines that maybe [Karlie] should get back with “the singer” (Taylor Swift) instead of that “A/A- actress” she’s been with lately. (???)

          Looks as though it might be Nina Dobrev. (I think even “A-” is a stretch for her, but I guess it’s possible. She was the lead in her failed sitcom, so I guess that bumps her up a half-notch.) She was with Karlie and Cara at the PFW Dior show, and she’s been at a few Dior events where she’s taken pics with Karlie. (I assume they’re both brand ambassadors? I don’t follow that stuff.) Feh. Not so interested. Julianne, come get your girl!!

          Oh, Gaylors. They always deliver the laughs.


          • GiGi Paris is more fun to say with a really bad Brenda Walsh French accent.

            Gheeee ghheeee pareeee!
            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.