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  • You chose wrong ,Nina. Always choose Pacey!


    • You chose wrong ,Nina. Always choose Pacey!

      So many bad choices* lately, Neens!

      * not that she should give a flying fuck what randos on the interwebz think, but still!

      Speaking of what interwebz randos think:

      That's uh . . .


      • Ok. I just saved the meme. That's exactly my brand of dad humour. I love it!


        • I am here to defend DK as Nina’s friend. She has always seemed like a good girlfriend to her female friends (from my vantage point of reading Issie’s extensive research on her). And she and Nina can compare notes on having problematic dirty-looking boyfriends. I think it’s good as long as they are physically distancing.


          • Actually only came here to post about cadlymack getting fired off the show she created, but may as well throw in a Neens update . . .

            Nina and SW are still making Questionable Romantic Choices together and! some Questionable Pandemic ones as well by traveling with pals hither and thither (raise your hand if you KNEW Nina would not be able to stay the fuck at home for months on end, no surprise there).

            SW has made Questionable Hair Choices also!

            Birthday yacht party for Leo DiCaprio's gf (who JUST turned 23!):

            A lot of folks not very distant there!

            This is how I imagine a Leo yacht party to look though:

            We got a fan circled pic here, but isn't that her right hand anyway?

            Dobrevics are hells nervous this whole thing is going to come to an engagement point, yikes.

            At least they were outside for that one . . . for this other bday party, they were not:

            And thither and thither with other friends as well, surfing, biking, hiking, snowboarding, hammocking, private plane-ing, bridge jumping, quarry jumping, etc:

            View this post on Instagram

            how do I get out now

            A post shared by Nina Dobrev (@nina) on

            . . . anyway, you get the idea.

            In the past month or so, pretty sure they've been to Oregon, Vermont, and Texas (and a couple of mystery locales?), presumably private plane-ing it each time. The outdoors-y stuff is safe enough, but packing into a private plane and yachts and hotels(?I suppose?) with pals and mixing with randos is not so much the best idea, I wouldn't think.

            Steve Aoki took no chances when traveling with them:

            SW is a madman. If it weren't for his shady dudebro past and apparent riskiness during a viral outbreak (y'all can stay home sometimes! it won't kill you!), he'd basically be the ideal adventure buddy for Neens.

            Anyhoo, there it is.

            Now! As for the person isadora calls Plec Jr, she's having a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week!


            Carina Adly MacKenzie Out as 'Roswell, New Mexico' Showrunner (Exclusive)

            Carina Adly MacKenzie is out as the showrunner of The CW's Roswell, New Mexico.

            According to multiple insiders, the first-time showrunner's relationship with studio Warner Bros. Television had been strained for some time. One of the latest points of contention came late last month when MacKenzie, who created the soapy drama, which renewed for a third season in January, fired off a series of tweets. One source, in particular, says that Warner Bros. had to do "damage control" with a foreign distributor after MacKenzie accused ITV in the U.K. of homophobia, biphobia and bigotry for cutting selective sex scenes from her show.

            A spokesperson for ITV2, the channel that aired the episode of Roswell in the U.K., disputes MacKenzie's characterization of the editing, however. "During our compliance process on episode two, we edited love scenes featuring the characters of Alex and Michael and Max and Jenna," said the rep. "Editing is only ever undertaken to ensure content is suitable for scheduling in a pre watershed time slot when younger age groups may be watching. Scenes involving sexual content were edited in keeping with the regulator, Ofcom's, guidelines."

            For two-plus years, MacKenzie had co-run Roswell with Christopher Hollier (The Originals, Once Upon a Time) but was the show's sole creator and its chief creative voice. During her time on the show, she is said to have fostered a working environment that was rife with tension.]Among the issues, according to insiders, is that MacKenzie would spend an unusual amount of time on the set in New Mexico, away from the show's Los Angeles-based writers room — a move that was said to frustrate some of the writers.

            Showrunners typically spend the bulk of their time during the writing process in the room (or at least they did pre-COVID), and though Hollier was technically in charge in MacKenzie's absence, some point to the fact that MacKenzie did a lot of rewriting and often turned scripts in late as proof the show may have been run more smoothly were she around in person more. Sources note that the situation improved some in the second season when the writers room was given more lead time before production started.

            There was also said to be friction at times between MacKenzie and some of the actors, including series star Jeanine Mason. Multiple sources say that Warner Bros. HR looked into the matter last year. The results of that probe, which MacKenzie, Mason and Warner Bros. all declined to comment on, are not clear, but what is known is that MacKenzie was able to continue running the show.

            In a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, a Warner Bros. TV spokesperson would say only, "Carina Adly MacKenzie has departed as executive producer/co-showrunner of Roswell, New Mexico. The third season of the series will return to The CW as part of the network’s 2021 midseason lineup."

            MacKenzie, for her part, told THR: "I have made the difficult decision to resign from my role on Roswell, New Mexico. I do not take this decision lightly, but ultimately due to fundamental differences, I must depart and entrust Roswell, New Mexico to capable hands. I am so proud of what we built over the last two years, and I believe in the heart and soul of the show: asking tough questions, striving to make the world better, amplifying marginalized voices, and fighting the good fight."

            Her departure comes just as writing for the upcoming third season is beginning. Roswell, a steady performer for The CW, follows the daughter of undocumented immigrants (Mason) as she discovers her teenage crush is an alien who's kept his unearthly abilities a secret. Warner Bros. is likely to make a formal announcement about a succession plan in the coming weeks, though co-showrunner Hollier is expected to stay on and take full responsibility for the show.

            MacKenzie, a former TV journalist who wrote about The Vampire Diaries at the now defunct, transitioned to a career as a TV writer after that show's creator, Julie Plec, took her under her wing. MacKenzie started as a writers' assistant on Vampire Diaries spinoff The Originals, quickly rising through the ranks to become a writer and story editor on the series. Her credits also include an episode of The Flash. In April 2018, she inked her own two-year development deal with Warner Bros. TV. Sources say she is no longer under a deal with the studio.

            Totally blew the chance that Plec Sr. helped her get, ouch.


            Carina Adly MacKenzie is setting the record straight.

            Earlier in the day on Friday (July 10), it was announced that the Roswell, New Mexico creator had resigned from the show, where she served as an executive producer and co-showrunner.

            In an article about her leaving the series, it was reported that Carina had tension with cast and crew, which led to her eventually leaving.

            “Because there’s a lot of nonsense getting spread around, let me make it clear this decision has nothing to do with any of the cast, crew, or writers. I love them in an epic forever handprints-on-my-soul kinda way,” Carina wrote on Twitter. “Finding Liz Ortecho with Jeanine [Mason] has been a joy. I think any fan who joined us for a glass of wine on Instagram live during this shutdown knows there’s no ‘tension,’ so I’m just gonna go back to texting with her about the home reno projects we’re both working on and roll my eyes at that boring attempt to pit women against each other. What year is it?”

            “As for ~secret anonymous sources~ revealing that I wasn’t in the writer’s room as much as I’d have liked to be, TRUE TRUE TRUE. Shooting on location while writing in LA is so hard. Thank god for my co-showrunner/friend/partner/champion Chris Hollier; together we could be in two places at once,” she continued.

            “Over the last few months, the team and I broke the Season 3 story together, I had talks with the actors about the season character journeys. I put my finishing touches on the season premiere this week. But this is a business, and there were fundamental disagreements about a couple of things that were and are very important to me,” Carina concluded.

            Well, her tweet rant about ITV was hella unprofessional, so . . . this was probs a good call on the part of the network. (you can read it embedded in the THR link). Pro-tip! Don't call an affiliate a bunch of bigots! I ain't no showrunner, but at least I know that much.

            The thing that surprises me the least is that she spent most of her time on location with the cast instead of working in the writers' room. She hired mostly her friends to act in Roswell and! that's how she broke into the biz in the first place, hanging out on the set of CW shows and pal'ling around with the stars while interviewing them. That was pretty obviously going to be her MO as a showrunner, too. But you can't be 'boss' and 'pal' at the same time, I guess.

            Not sure how she recovers from this career-wise? No longer having that dev deal with WB must hurt. They don't hand out second chances to women bosses in Hollywood very often, and Plec Sr. is not really on the ascendant anymore as far as influence goes. Maybe she can write for Berlanti again, or she can go back to doing YA books? Or maybe not! I tried to read one, but didn't finish it . . . too much like The Originals fanfic but not in good fun way, just boring.

            cadlymack made a looooot of enemies in various fandoms over the years (including in the Roswell one), so there's a bunch of peeps crowing about karma on twitter now . . .

            but let's be real . . . if she was a dude, they'd probably just hand her another show to run, obvs. I mean, nothing here sounds any worse than what JRoth has done over on The 100 set, but no one ever ousted him and ruined his career for it!

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            • Eh. Roswell also had abysmal ratings and I think she was sleeping with one of the actors. She was also very hated by the Arrow fandom.


              • I'm trying to well up sympathy but I just can't. I've never liked her online persona, she seemed way more interested in actors and famous people than creating cool shit. Obviously, she spent all her time with the pretty actors on set. Even though that's very unusual when filming on location like that. And on top of it all, the Ros reboot is soooo boring. I can't believe it's on season three. Amazing, to be honest. Just a real sign of how oversaturated programming is right now.

                She also uses her "progressiveness" as a shield from criticism and I HATE THAT. Like how she said anyone who was bummed that she made Michael gay in the reboot was homophobic? Please. Michael and Maria was THE BEST THING about the original series -- unless you count how just generally insane and often deliciously bad it was). It's perfectly reasonable to be bummed they aren't resurrecting that!

                And calling the people who air your incredibly low-rated show that nobody watches bigots? Sure. She sounds reasonable.

                She seems like a person willing to die on every hill.
                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.