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Plecverse III: Return of The Plecverse

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  • ophy
    started a topic Plecverse III: Return of The Plecverse

    Plecverse III: Return of The Plecverse

    Okay, isadora is still on vaca, so I'm going to open a new thread even though she hasn't has a chance to close the old one.

    Just pretend I torched Plecverse II.

    Viva Plecverse III!

    So! Nina has been out and about a whole bunch lately (and she's in Austin TX with friends at a music festival right now), and she's announced a new film project, released new mag shoots, appeared on tv a bunch, etc. Can't lay all that out right now, but wanted to post a few notable things . . .

    Dobwell's red carpet debut was in NYC at Austin's movie (Bridge of Spies) premiere.

    Nina wore Versace:

    Calling her boy over:

    I like the whole look, including her (male) accessory.

    Nina was nearly unrecognizable in her TWO new photoshoots:

    2nd shoot:

    I like the first one way better.

    . . . . and one of the former victims of the 2014 Boy Buffet spoke out about Nina's Unicorn Magicks today:

    Amazeballs, right? Poor Bastian Baker. He posted this on both Twitter and Facebook, apparently. (And Nina still follows him on Twitter, so . . . how fun for her.)

    Well! Despite Ian's truly weirdo plea . . .

    . . . TVD's ratings were NOT GREAT for the premiere:

    But for reals, I haven't even seen the TVD ep yet, and I still know this would have been a better storyline than whatever they ended up with:

    Maybe Julie needs to put all her eggs in the Containment basket, because the TVD/TO-verse ain't looking great right now.

    Speaking of, ONB and his co-stars were at NYCC this wkend:

    Someone is looking hella broad, gotta say.

    Anyhoodles, ending with Westonkin, okay.

    So yeah, Westonkin keeps Westonkining.

    A whole post accomplished with no embedded insta pics! I'm hoping that will keep this new thread easier and cleaner.

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  • IssieCol
    I haven't listened to Candace's podcast yet even though I listen to several others all the time. My faves usually involve sports analysis/commentary and true crime dramz like the Elizabeth Holmes one called The Dropout. That one was SO GOOD. I also go to The Ringer daily and just see what they have up that day. When I'm doing my notes for the day and am stuck at my desk for a long time, podcasts help get me through the slog of office boredom.

    I love love love that you keep up with everybody, Issie.
    Insta lets me check in on everyone with relative ease and I don't actually have to watch any of their work or read any blogs to see what they're up to. I still need this place to actually learn anything. Like, if you'd never told us that Nina was dating the Mellon heir, I'd never have bothered to suss that out on my own. I haven't had any celeb obsessions since DK and The J. I kind of miss it sometimes since it was super fun to do, but I can't imagine doing that deep dive on the regular now! How did I have so much time before? Kids, man.

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  • ophy
    I love love love that you keep up with everybody, Issie.

    I have no idea what Pheobe is up to! other than doing Aussie film projects. She buttoned the hell up after Westonkin 2.0 crashed and burned.

    That girl has been married and pregnant twice each in the last 4 years. That is a wild ride.

    I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

    You know who seems like she contains endless joy in her little body? Candace. If that girl ever has a bad day, she doesn't let anybody know. Good for her! Also, she and KBell need to figure out a project where they play sisters.

    I like this idea, for sure. They have similar parenting vibes, too.

    Do you ever listen to Candice's podcast with Kayla Ewell? TVD peeps like Trevino pop up on there on occasion, but none of the main three cast yet. Ian would probably charge them con prices ha. I've tried again and again to get into podcasts, but . . .nooope. I would have been a terrible old timey radio listener, too. My eyes need something to do.

    Speaking of Ian, hoo boy has he done something really unfortunate to his hair:

    View this post on Instagram

    2019... It was supposed to be the year of the Faux hawk(ish). The priorities for the year (other than being a great dad and husband of course) were/are: -New look ✅ -Raise a SHIT ton of $ for @isfofficial with the new wine tasting @omaze campaign I NEED YOUR HELP NOW! -Release #VWars (working on dates) -Kick ass with my production company @rarebirdsprods ✅ -Launch wine company @D2Dwines ✅ -Launch new spirits company with someone you know well (coming to a glass near you) -Be a decent human being (working on that) After the 3 glasses of wine wore off and the clippers ran out of battery... something hit me like a ton bricks: a little thing called “continuity” for aka #VWars reshoots! I stopped trimming... Shit. Biotin smoothies here we come- gotta grow this shit out fast... Hair growing out and gearing up for production now. So much gratitude to you all for so much support. It means the world... Love, Ian -

    A post shared by iansomerhalder (@iansomerhalder) on

    But! before that, he and Nikki ran into Paul and Ines back in Feb at a pre-Oscar shindig:

    That's legit cute. I'm like, 87% sure Nina was there at the same event and yet???? VERY DISAPPOINTING.

    ETA Oh! Forgot to mention that my 13 yr old came home from the library a couple of weeks ago with TWO The Vampire Diaries books (the Stefan's Diary ones, so based on the tv show not based on the original books) and she's been telling me all about these vampire brothers named Damon and Stefan ("hey mom, did you know Stefan is a RIPPER? what's a ripper anyway?") and had literally NO IDEA I used to watch the show so now I live in constant fear she is going to stumble onto my old fic one day oh holy hell. Or worse! THIS THREAD!!!?!

    She wants to know at what age will I let her watch the old seasons on Netflix! Kids shouldn't be allowed to enter into the TVD fandom in 2019!!! IT'S DEAD AND OVAH.

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  • IssieCol
    Nina's new dude looks like a white boy Jason Momoa. I'm not mad at it.

    I recently started following Claire Holt on insta and she is very open about her struggles and fears. It's so refreshing! And she does it in a way that seems like she's trying to open up a supportive community among her followers and not like she's using her sads as a way to get extra attention. That girl has been married and pregnant twice each in the last 4 years. That is a wild ride.

    Phoebe seems a little aimless lately, but maybe she's got things cooking and is just being low key about it.

    You know who seems like she contains endless joy in her little body? Candace. If that girl ever has a bad day, she doesn't let anybody know. Good for her! Also, she and KBell need to figure out a project where they play sisters.

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  • ophy
    It seems that phoebe's and claire's relationship is fully back to normal.

    Yes! They've been good for awhile now (insta interaction and whatnot at least).

    Pheebs with Claire's brand new bb James:

    Claire's had a bumpy couple of years . . . let's just let her wiki page sum things up:

    In July 2015, Holt became engaged to longtime boyfriend, Television producer Matthew Kaplan. The two were married in April 2016. On 27 April 2017, Kaplan filed for divorce from Holt, citing "irreconcilable differences". Holt subsequently filed in response on 2 May 2017, also asking for her name to be changed from Kaplan back to Holt.

    On 3 December 2017, Holt announced her engagement to real estate executive Andrew Joblon. On 4 March 2018, Holt revealed on Instagram that she had suffered a miscarriage. Holt and Joblon were married on 18 August 2018. On 11 October 2018, Holt announced on Instagram that she was pregnant, and revealed on 19 November that she was expecting a son. On 28 March 2019, Holt gave birth to her son, James Holt Joblon.

    It's been roller coaster-y, but she seems happy now!

    View this post on Instagram

    8.18.18 ❤️

    A post shared by Claire Holt (@claireholt) on

    And since I'm here anyway, may as well note that if Phoebe is dating anybody nowadays, she's keeping it way on the down low, 'cause there's nary a peep about it out there.

    Speaking of! Nina and Mr.Pittsburgh aren't keeping things as down low anymore. They were court side a couple of weeks ago at a Lakers game:

    Dobrevics are speccing about whether or not this means Nina will bring him as a plus one to to the Met Gala this year. I think that's doubtful? But she's very smiley there with him, so I assume it's all going well.


    View this post on Instagram

    Working on that winter body

    A post shared by Glen Powell (@glenpowell) on


    Anyway, dunno if she's even going to the Met Gala this year anyway, because she didn't last year. And! she and Ilaria split last year(! I never thought that would happen!) and so Nina has actually been with Kate Young (who also dresses Selena Gomez, Margot Robbie, Dakota Johnson, Rachel Weisz) for months and months. So these looks are attributable to Kate, not Ilaria:

    Meh? And why so much white?

    I did like this navy dress though:

    and the earrings were a win!

    . . . but the hair wasn't, and I think it needed a stronger lip:

    After FOREVER, Neens finally snapped at the folks trying to age shame her on her insta:

    I mean . . . she couldn't stay baby faced Elena Gilbert forever. I think 30 yr old Neens looks amazeballs, personally.


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  • dada_teacher
    It seems that phoebe's and claire's relationship is fully back to normal.

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  • IssieCol
    Nina's skin is glorious, but that dress is a doily.

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  • Velvetkiss
    I agree not feeling Nina's grammy look, it makes her looked to dull. ONB looks very happy and they are super cute in the picture! I agree what does soon mean, ONB????

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  • dada_teacher
    I actually like Nina's dress. And both Melissa and ONB look so cute in those pics.

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  • vanessa
    Thanks for the roundups, O. I don’t much are for Nina’s Grammy look, but good for her getting the gig.

    ONB looks happy.

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  • ophy

    Nina's new dude GM actually IS a sccreenwriter/director! Ooops, mea culpa. He was at the Mammoth Film Fest yesterday b/c he had a short film premiering there:

    I thought maybe IMDB didn't list short films, but I just checked ONB and the short film he wrote and directed which premiered at the Vancouver Film Festival a couple of weeks ago is listed, so I don't know what is up with that. Wouldn't it be hilars if Grant and ONB became short film festival circuit buddies? Ha.

    Nina stayed in LA . . . to present at the Grammys (which is a pretty good excuse really):

    I do not love this. It's Dior, but really boring? Man, if I had Nina's amazing coloring, I'd never wear nude or beige or anything blah ever ever. Nothing really works here for me.

    This is also hilars and totally tangential. David Anders posted the below . . . you may remember him from such things as playing Elena's daddy uncle, when he is only like 7 yrs older than Nina in real life:

    . . . but then of course, Sara Canning, her 'aunt', is only two yrs older than Nina, and SMQ who played Elena's 'baby brother' is six months OLDER than Nina, so it's all just one fucked up Gilbert clan.

    Anyhoo, somebody please remind ONB that the next time he takes a gig he needs to make sure he's not stepping into any tinhatting nightmares again, because those supercorpers/melties (Melissa/Katie tinhatters) are being total dicks about his wedding. A Meltie Meltdown if you will.

    In this symbolic photograph, one can assume that the camera angle used to highlight the man’s beard and the ring on the woman’s left hand, was intentional in order to highlight the relationship of beard and closeted dyke.
    I see what is obvious. Taylor does the least to make sure her (straight) fans are happy. Melissa is a hot mess who dresses gayer than your biggest dyke, mixed in with looking miserable with her jump off.

    They’re closeted. What about this do you not get?

    I’ve said it before, but I’m of the opinion that Mel is a hyper sexual not-straight woman. She’s unfortunately from a conservative part of the country.

    Can't wait for Mel to publicly cheat on Chris once they get married it's just an elaborate way to meltie endgame
    my lesbian ass looks at him and feels my pussy instantly dry over. sad!
    lmfaoo this engagement bullshit is sending me... shall we start placing bets on how long this is gonna last now or after the wedding? If there really is a megamind jr on the way I'm going to give it 5 years but she cheats on him for at least 3 1/2 of those years. If there's no baby forehead coming I give it 6 months before she finally gets tired of not having orgasms.. this shit honestly so funny. Like heterosexuals are wild lmfao

    not to be a conspiracy theorist but melissa benoist is the karlie kloss to katie mcgrath’s taylor swift


    . . . and they've already done this, because of course they have:

    I'm really not blaming him for not signing on for another season of Supergirl because yiiiiikes what assholes.

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  • ophy
    I'm choosing to believe that this only happened because Chris has now officially lost his ONE TRU LOVE Paul to Ines. Ha!


    From their jeweler:

    No for reals, that is so adorable and it's a very nice ring and I think this is really awesome and I hope hope hope we get lots of TVDers at the wedding (since Paul DENIED us a TVD wedding).

    Side note, those supercorper tinhats who think Mel is actually in love with Katie McGrath and who overlap with the Kaylor tinhats who are mad at Karlie for marrying Josh are really having a baaaaad time right now. (The Venn diagram of Supercorpers and Kaylors is practically a circle, just sayin'.)
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  • dada_teacher
    Paul's wife is really cute. I loved this update.

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  • ophy
    To make up for that terrible pic the outlets are using to announce the SEKRIT MARRIEDS news, here are some better ones of Paul and Ines:

    There's not a lot out there about her, but I did see this on FF:

    She was a retail coordinator for a jewelry store when she met Paul. She quit the job and went back to school and is almost certified to become a health coach.

    Health coach works well for Paul's vegan lifestyle, I assume! And because she's a civilian, they will probs stay married forever and ever. It increases their chances by like a billion.

    So . . . congrats! Y'all are cute, and this whole thing is perfectly fine and acceptable.

    Before all of this news, the Dobsley fans were having a bit of a renaissance, with hopes a'stirring after several Nina/Paul interactions lately.

    A few weeks ago, Paul watched Nina shoot Fam and totally surprised her onset during the curtain call:

    I mean, how ADORABLE was that? She literally screamed when she saw him. And the hug! Dobsely hopes were SOARING.

    And Nina said this in an interview recently:

    Which is saying something considering she goes on vaca with Trevino and Kayla Ewell, like, all the time.

    And you can see the Dobsely influence on her insta as well:

    All of this Dobseyness culminated in late Jan, when Paul actually posted from inside Nina's house:

    So yes! There were some peeps (lightly) mourning when E! announced Paul and neens were both otherwise taken.

    . . . but TRUE FANS won't give up!

    I don't think anyone is going to be more than just mildly heartbroken by it, though.

    Side note! this was a wackadilly moment during a Paul and Ian panel at a con yesterday in Nashville (YES THEY ARE STILL DOING CONS TOGETHER CAN YOU BELIEEEEEVE IT):

    Someone in the audience asks if either of them would consider guesting on Nina's show, and Ian fumbles around with it (i mean, the answer was obviously just NOT A CHANCE IN HELLLL MY WIFE WOULD KILLLL ME, but he couldn't quite come out with it) and Paul interjects that he and Nina have discussed it and that he (Paul) might actually do it, and Ian mock angrily says "Yo homie, you been talking to my ex-girlfriend? what the-?" like he was joking but it was still just WEIRD.

    You'd think that after doing LITERALLY a gajillion jillion of these dumb panels Ian would be much better prepared for when Nina, his co-star of like, seven YEARS is brought up, but he still seems to be flummoxed that people would bring her up to his face. AT A TVD PANEL WHERE PEOPLE ASK ABOUT TVD AND TVD RELATED THINGS.

    And since I'm here talking about Ian anyway, he and Nikki made it! . . . onto a list of couples who don't realize that they are no longer relevant.

    Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder are stuck in the past

    Since the final installment of The Twilight Saga in 2012, Nikki Reed has appeared in a handful of episodes of the since-canceled Sleepy Hollow, a Hanson music video, and a few projects with seemingly very limited releases. She attempted a music career when she was married to American Idol loser Paul McDonald from 2011 to 2015, but that didn't do well — perhaps, in part, because their duet music video for the single "Now That I've Found You" frustratingly kept cutting off their faces. In fact, they separated before the project was released.

    Ian Somerhalder, who Reed married in 2015 not long after her divorce from McDonald was finalized, hasn't done much since The Vampire Diaries ended in 2017, though he's slated to star in TV series V-Wars in 2019 — yet another vampire-themed show. Maybe next time they'll consider their own relevance before refusing to take photos for fans, the way the Daily Mail reported that Somerhalder did to a group in Paris in May 2015.

    They were sandwiched in between Nick Lachey/Vanessa, and Jenny McCarthy/Donnie Walhberg (I didn't even know they were a thing!)

    Anyhoo, Paul is not the only member of Westonkin that Nina has been reuniting with . . .

    They were both in Aspen a few days ago for a Frame event. They used to be Fashion Week buds, but you never see them hanging out anymore. I had just assumed that Paul got custody of Neens in the Westonkin split, so this was nice to see.

    And of course, Nina just can't emerge from the slopes unscathed:

    Speaking of TVD reunions, Nina and GM went to Tijuana with Trevino as part of a charity that helps families that were split up at the border:

    You can really see how tall he is there, wow.

    And Mellobrev went to the SuperBowl in ATL with Kayla and her husband:

    (that's GM's eyebrow. Artfully cropped! ha.)

    Nina was all fancified b/c she presented at that honors thingy like she does most years. I'm way digging that red dress:

    The fact that they were spotted making out at the Super Bowl and the rumors made it to US weekly is probs why she and Grant went public afterwards:

    Her rep totally denied she was dating anyone, but then the E! confirmation came out just hours later. So yeah, don't think it was planned far in advance. Interesting that US W doesn't get the couples exclusives anymore, but E! does.

    It's been a really 'Busy' week for Nina!

    If ya'll decide to throw me into a pit for that pun, I will totally understand, just let me pack some snacks first, thanks.

    Okay! That was all I gots on the main peeps.

    But I thought y'all would appreciate ONB's sign at the women's march:

    But not everyone did!

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  • Velvetkiss
    RIP Westonkin, you will be missed. So now that makes me wonder than, what happened with Phoebe. I mean it always seemed like she was ready to be married and he wasnt. Seems fast, but I hope he is happy.

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