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  • Velvetkiss
    Not sure about PDubs being Captain Kirk, but I do not watch those anyway. Looks like PDub's and wife have split up.

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  • dada_teacher
    Nina, her bf and Glen were all together in an Omega event a few days ago. I can imagine the awkwardness! Her bf remains fugly in my eyes.

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  • isadora
    I'm jealous of these rich people tbh.

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  • vanessa
    PDubs as Kirk is interesting; I like it.

    Nina’s life seems exhausting.

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  • ophy
    Y'all want a quick somethin somethin Plecverse-ish? Cuz I threw this together just now.

    I saw that PDubs is going to be playing James T. Kirk for Star Trek: We Are Running Out Of Titles on Paramount+ and it made me curious to look up other folks and also, you know, do a bit of a Nina round-up. It's been so long!


    Paul has also got a new Netflix show called Confessions that is going to be exec produced by him and co-written with Julie Plec.

    This has been a passion project for Wesley for years. The Confessions adaptation was one of the first pieces of development he took on when he launched Citizen Media in 2016 with a deal at Warner Bros TV. Smith’s article chronicles his two-year stint teaching public high school in northern California. Despite teaching while anesthetized by a heavy dose of prescription narcotics, Jason finds that his brokenness from addiction begins attracting broken students, and in a town obsessed with high school football, he’s not alone in his obsession to escape from himself.

    No thanks!

    Kat is engaged!

    She and Darren have been together since 2017. Kat's been looking UHMAZING this summer.

    Although I find these questionable lewks:

    She's promoing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (she did one of the voices) and has a movie with Ryan Phillipe and a new Netflix romcom coming up:

    And still working with refugees:

    ONB is headlining the new Broadway show Almost Famous opening soon:

    The hair! The mustache!

    Based on the Cameron Crow movie, obvs.

    His wife Mel has a bunch of projects coming up, but she's also been in NYC with him while he's been in rehearsals:

    So they seem to be fine.


    Candy Cola and Joe King are splitting up, which is so sad! Their two girls are still so little. They just moved to Nashville from LA last year, which makes me wonder if that had anything to do with it, honestly. They've been split since January apparently.

    The split might also explain why she was back at work as Caroline on Legacies in the past few months . . .

    She was in Italy when the news came out with a bunch of TVDers, including JPlec, Trevino, Malarkey and fam, Sheriff Liz, etc...

    and then in Liverpool with Trevino, Malarkey, and David Anders (maybe some others too, dunno) for a fan convention.

    I didn't even know people were still doing those fan conventions! When I looked her up on twitter, I saw this from a con in Nashville a few weeks ago and it kinda made me sad!

    Honestly, so sad to me! How could there POSSIBLY be anything else left to say about a show this dead, I mean, really???? Who is buying these tickets!!

    Speaking of someone who would rather actually die than do a TVD convention, Nina's still off doing two or three projects a year (she actually has FOUR movies in post-production and one in pre-production right now, and debuted as director /won a award at the Mammoth Film Festival a few months back), and Ian has what? zero film projects going on, but! fan conventions and a Bourbon line. (and Nina has a wine company that is already being traded on the NYSE, so he doesn't even score over her there). NOT THAT IT IS A COMPETITION.

    And in other TVD reunion news, here are Nina, Kat and Shaun in Cannes last month:

    I love this pic and I wonder whose luxury dog that is.

    Okay, time for a Nina round-up . . . .

    Nina and Shaun are not engaged (as far as I know? not announced yet anyway) but since the Olympics (where Nina supported him in many over the top ways from LA):

    It has been a whole lot of moving about, somewhat unnecessarily given that WE ARE STILL IN A PANDEMIC Y'ALL.

    . . . they have been to Coachella:

    New York:

    (couldn't find a pic of this but I know they were papped there.)

    Costa Rica:






    Nina got hurt in Monaco, because of course she did:


    (and the tiniest crumb of Powbrev* after all these years!)

    (*Glen is still with the preposterously named Gigi Paris btw)

    Dubai (twice for SW):

    The Maldives:


    New York (again):

    and Las Vegas:

    (no pic, but they were at the UFC fight last week.)

    At least four of those places they were traveling with Zoey Deutch and her boyf Jimmy Tatro (who folks might remember as the guy who didn't do the dicks on American Vandal):

    . . . and finishing up in Las Vegas with Miles and Keleigh Teller where they did a TikTok with Chris Pratt:

    Anyway, it's been kind of a whirlwind. Some of the trips were for biz (SW was clearly sponsored for one of his trips to Dubai through his brand Whitespace, Nina filmed scenes for an action movie while they were in Greece/France, she and Jules did a whole Freshvine event in Monaco, and they were in London as Miles Teller's guests at the Top Gun premiere) but others seemed all about playtime. Which makes me think it was a deal they struck that they would travel the world for six months straight after Shaun retired.

    this supposition is supported by this:

    Dobrev is to thank for White's first Super Bowl trip, which happened right after his final Olympics.

    "My girlfriend said, 'If you're retiring, you've gotta make this list of things you want to do,'" White recalled during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! at the time. "Pretty close to the top of the list was, 'Go to a Super Bowl,' because it's always during the competitive season — I've never been to one. So I landed, said hi to everyone ... and went straight to the Super Bowl."

    You'd think! that a six month around the world bucket list trip would be the perfect time to get engaged, so maybe they did, dunno. He was certainly heavily hinting that marriage and family were his next steps while doing so much Olympics press. Would have been insane to say that all that to the worldwide media without an actual plan in place.

    So! That's all I've got! Tired now! But probably not as tired as Nina Dobrev's travel agent!

    Last edited by ophy; 07-09-2022, 12:24 PM.

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  • isadora
    They seem happy. And it makes sense she's with an athlete. She's pretty dumb.

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  • dada_teacher
    I still think he's ugly, but if she likes him, who am I to talk? I hope she's happy.

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  • ophy
    They are not Not Cute, I suppose!

    And I think they are for realz gonna get marriedz. He's been talking in press the past couple of weeks about how this is his last Olympics because he wants to settle down and have kids, so . . .

    I don't have a legitimate roundup ready to go or anything, but I might dig stuff out for a post next week.

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  • LaaLaa
    Fine, they’re cute.

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  • ophy
    I was like - how do I know this guy's name/face when I never have seen anything he's been in? Thanks ophy!

    So yeah . . . Stobrev! Circa 2015 (I think)!

    He is the dude she dumped ONB for, and then several months later he cheated maybe? at least that was what was hinted at in her captions when she went off on a Hawaii girls trip right after the breakup. They mos def didn't stay friends, unlike Neens and all of her ex-guys who don't cheat on her. (Well, and ONB but that's a case of turnabout is fair play, I think.)

    I loved that book, but I am Not Excite about the casting news. If they were specifically going to fish around in Nina's discard pile, I think either Alexander Ludwig or Derek Theler would have been a better choice. It's important to me that Josh be a mountain of a man for smol and tol reasons. If they were going to throw out the size differential thing**, then Glen Powell would have been good, too.*

    * might be too close to Set It Up, though.

    ** or am I remembering the wrong Sally Thorne book?

    Or ONB himself, of course! Not sure that he's doing anything other than voicing the He Man cartoon for Kevin Smith these days.

    I guess this is a chance for me to do a bi-annual Plecverse update -- but just gonna do Nina for now because I have someplace to be soonish . . .

    Speaking of Nina's discard pile, Shaun does not seem to have joined it yet. Instead of breaking up, they have only gotten cozier and more domestic. Most of her 'just hanging out at home' pics have been from his house, or have been of Maverick with his dog Steve so!

    They might have even moved in together? They mos def spent both Thanksgiving and Xmas with his family/his house, and Dior and Luis Vuitton seem to have sent her birthday presents in Jan to HIS house. One of them was a makeup case with "ND + SW" printed on it, so . . . dunno y'all.

    Giving him the benefit of the doubt because okay people do grow and change and its' hard to know now if he had a substance abuse issue way back when specific things were said against him so maybe he'a lot less shitty now that he's grown up and possibly sober --- because! this is as serious as she has ever been about anyone since the Ian days and for her sake I hope he's now a nice dude who is treating her well. She does seem happy.

    There is a ton of Whitbrev (Shina? Dobrite?) content out there, so that's just a wee sampling. They are like, the opposite of private on their socials.

    They hang out with a lot of people, including PDubs and Ines:

    And they seem supportively joined at the hip, I suppose. She goes to his skateboarding/snow boarding competitions, and he goes to her sets.

    This is cute, I will admit:

    Shaun White Recreated His First Date with Nina Dobrev for One Year Anniversary

    He didn't let anything come in the way of his perfect plan.
    "I wanted to recreate our first date, but everything was closed," Shaun told Us Weekly.

    Shaun wasn't going to give up and did whatever possible to make it happen.

    "I managed to sweet talk the owner of the place to open up for us. It was actually pretty fun to have a place all to ourselves," he revealed.

    That's not the only time Shaun had to get creative. Since the couple got together during the pandemic, their list of date ideas were pretty limited due to social distancing guidelines and shutdowns. But that didn't stop them from coming up with some awesome ideas.

    “We did a couple of drive-in movies," he said. "We did some simple things. My sport of snowboarding is outdoors and you go to the mountains and you’re kind of distanced already by chairlifts and things. So, we’ve been able to do more snowboarding and trips like that than I would’ve expected."

    He also revealed that he spent his time watching The Vampire Diaries when they first started dating to get to know more about Nina.

    "As we were getting to know each other, I was like, ‘Oh, I should check this show out,'" he said. "There’s a lot of episodes. Not that I was mad about it, but I didn’t realize, like, how deep I was going to go. Because seasons now are, like, oh, 10 episodes. These are, like, 23 episodes a season. And I was in it!"

    Welcome to the fandom, Shaun! You're definitely going to love it!

    So yeah. And they are already seeding an engagement:


    Nina Dobrev and Shaun White Are Heading Toward an Engagement: ‘Around the Corner’

    By Yana Grebenyuk April 16, 2021

    Heating up! Nina Dobrev and Shaun White‘s whirlwind romance continues to get more serious — and the pair could be making a big commitment soon.

    Nina Dobrev's Dating History

    “Nina and Shaun are very happy together at the moment,” a source tells Us Weekly exclusively, adding that those close to the pair “wouldn’t be surprised if an engagement is around the corner.”

    The insider continues: “Nina has had a lot of relationships not work out in the past, but ever since meeting Shaun, you can tell she’s just really excited about how far this relationship has come. They’re gradually taking steps to starting a future together.”

    “They’re both adventure seekers, love the outdoors and experiencing new things together,” the source says of the Canadian actress and the X-Games champ. “She’s drawn to his athleticism and loves the fact that he’s been helping her with her snowboarding skills. They also have a fun side and like to be playful and goofy.”

    Other than all that, Nina launched Fresh Vine, a wine label, with Julianne Hough.

    (Glen* liked that post! excuse me while I sob in the corner brb)

    * he was still with Gigi Paris, last time I checked, just fyi!

    . . . anyway, back to the wine:

    She also released Fin, a shark movie documentary produced with Eli Roth and Leo di Caprio:

    And she's in partnership with Dior:

    . . . and she has three movies in post production, and one tv series in pre-production.

    One of her movies, Love Hard, is a romcom that I think is supposed to hit Netflix this year and sounds like something I will actually watch, which might not be true of anything else she's doing.

    Anyhoo, she's still working and hustling.

    Bonus! Nina and Kat reunion!:

    and appears to be KILLING IT in Cannes this year:

    And as a side note, Kat is still with her dude, too:

    Okay, that's it and now I'm off to NoT Kill It At Cannes*.

    *off to get an MRI today actually, wish me luck!

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  • vanessa
    Ooh, I have been looking for new romances to read, so I am off now to get it.

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  • BreezyK
    One of Nina's exes is starring in the adaptation of maybe my favorite romance of the past 5 years

    I was like - how do I know this guy's name/face when I never have seen anything he's been in? Thanks ophy!

    I started reading a TON of romance after 11/9/16 because I was guaranteed a happy ending. This one is SO good - enemies to lovers trope. Who knows if the adaptation will be any good, but I highly recommend the book. The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

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  • isadora
    Yikes, that guy that played Alaric seems like an angry white dude. Gross.

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  • LaaLaa
    Warner Huntington III would vote for Trump.

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  • IssieCol
    Despite Nina's questionable taste in boys in the past, they were always at least cute. SW is a failure on all fronts.

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