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  • I am fascinated-horrified by the ks.

    I know right? It's like a trainwreck. They just keep on twisting themselves into knots to make it all make sense, when it never will.

    You know that k blog I mentioned where the blogger is starting to push back on all the ridiculous 'reaches' and contortions and who got kicked out of the kommunity for saying she thought Tay was bi? (the heretik!) Well, lots of other ks are reaching out to her anonymously now to thank her and to say they agree with her that all of the 'source' stuff is looking pretty bogus right now, and one person told her this:

    One blog even told me that she used to say that she had sources and that she had insider info but that it was all bullshit and now she laughs at the way she used to act like that. She’s said it on her own blog and not just to me.

    So . . . yeah. We now have ks admitting to planting fake blinds and also admitting to making up sources as well.

    Oh sorry, 'kookie' and 'krumbles'.

    I would totally think it was a pretty damn cool thing for someone of Taylor's stature to come out as LGBT (IT'S 2018 EVERYONE SHOULD BE BI) but the side effect would be that all of these poor suckers would think that meant every wackadiddle assertion they ever made was ABSOLUTE TRUTH . . . which would be both hilars and sad, really.


    • Reminder that just cuz two people dressed up in wedding attire doesn’t mean they’re married.
      Second reminder that just cuz two people did NOT dress up in wedding attire or hang out for 2 years or seem to give a shit about each other at all anymore doesn't mean they're NOT married.


      • Amazing. Fandom is so much like high school.


        • Thank you for your service, Ophy! I feel like I would like to do a PhD on Tumblr fandoms.. if they weren't so head-wreckingly mental. The logical tone in the midst of deranged invention!

          You may recall that I question whether Dianna Agron is legally married to Winston, or if they just gave the appearance of a wedding.


          • Well, now we know.

            Taylor announced from Tokyo that she is leaving Big Machine and joining Republic/Universal:



            No word on her old masters yet (although Universal is the one bidding on Big Machine right now . . . so maybe that was part of the deal?) but she did get two major concessions . . . she gets to own her masters going forward, and she finagled payouts to artists on future sale of Spotify shares. No info on straight numbers in general, though.

            I dig her commitment to making sure errrybuddy gets paid:

            While terms of the deal were not announced, a source close to the situation tells Variety that it makes Spotify payments non-recoupable.

            “In the same vein as her Apple letter, Taylor Swift negotiated a history-making record deal that positively affects artists. She knew she had an incredible amount of leverage and could have used that to get her own previous masters back, or to merely focus on getting the biggest cash advance for herself but instead, the most important thing to her was to negotiate a better deal regarding Spotify payments for Universal artists and make them non-recoupable.”

            In 2015, Swift wrote a letter to Apple slamming the company for not paying artist royalties during its free-trial period; the following day, the company changed that policy.

            That's probably going to be the takeaway headline from all of the above.

            In personal news, Taylor used her week long break from tour to hang out in LA with Joe and go to the after parties of The Favourite LA premiere and the Mary Queen of Scots premiere. (One party was on Thursday, the other was Friday).


            “Taylor showed up at the afterparty and stayed until the end with Joe,” an onlooker tells PEOPLE of the couple whose relationship was made public in May 2017.

            “She and Emma Stone were chatting up a storm,” the onlooker says of Alwyn’s The Favourite costar. “Taylor just stayed by Joe’s side the whole night.”

            . . .

            As of late, Swift has been by Alwyn’s side as his acting career continues to skyrocket. Her support comes after fans spotted the British actor at her Reputation tour stops, where he’s been seen supporting her from the audience.

            The Favorite really might in contention for the Oscars, which makes me wonder if Taylor actually said anything about going or if the person was just specc'ing.

            Anyway, back to back industry events for Joe got the ks grumbling (obvs) because she didn't spend any of her break with Karlie (well, I mean . . .duh?). But most infuriating of all! no shiny pap pics means they can't even dismiss Taylor's support of Joe as just a stunt.

            The kween ain't bothered, even though she's been swearing up and down that Taylor and Joe weren't going to be seen together ever again:

            There is zero indication that she went ‘with him’. This after party was very close to her home. It was an easy drop in by herself. I do not consider this a Toe public appearance. This was just more movie promo, as is certainly required by her side of the contract.

            We could just as easily say she went ‘with her long time friend Emma Stone*’. But heteronormativity says she went ‘with him’.

            As an anon said, “When promo for the favorite is done the “appearances” will be done also. She’s helping out Emma’s movie by being “tied” to him.”

            BOOM. GOAL POSTS MOVED (again).

            * if the kween is not careful, the ks are going to start assuming that Taylor left Karlie for Emma Stone, just sayin'.

            Anyway, Taylor is liking Joe's posts in a matter of SECONDS now:

            And there was this last week:



            Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend Joe Alwyn ‘Unconditionally Supports Her’

            “She finds Joe to be one of the coolest guys,” a source exclusively reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly. “He’s extremely chill, laid-back and unconditionally supports her.”

            I'm just sensing a real 'mutual support' theme here making me wonder if there is some kind of ground work being laid. Maybe this is all just advance promo for a new line of sports bras that they are going to launch together.

            You know who isn't showing unconditional support?

            BEEKDAMNIT ZAYN.


            In an interview with Vogue at one point in the conversation Zayn randomly says this:

            "She was travelling around in a suitcase,” he says, eyes agog, of his pal Taylor Swift’s ability to avoid the paparazzi."


            I don't actually believe it, but oh it will always be hilarious to picture.

            This also seems like bull, but ha anyway:

            I would totes do that if I was famous, but I really can't picture Taylor bothering to include Zayn in any anti-leak measures. She hasn't even been seen hanging with him since they did IDWTLF together.

            And in 'extreme k contortions of the day', pics of the THE NYE's party of 2016/17 (the one that inspired the actual song) came to surface recently:

            . . . and eagle eyed Swifties noted that the pics of Joe and his friends were from Taylor's North London rental (well, obviously):

            (I'd like to note that Joe must have really chill and fantastic friends? There wasn't a single leak about Tay's whereabouts from his friends during the months she was disappeared, which is an impressive display of keeping your fucking mouth shut . . . TALKING TO YOU, ZAYN.)

            . . . and the kween responded thusly:

            I am told by others that it is photoshopped. Taylor is not in the pics either. Regardless though, this Toe stunt was allegedly planned since 2015, so they could easily stage a photo in 2016 of his friends in a room that they knew Taylor would be in later.

            Good lord, they really do think the people behind all of this are DEVIOUS MASTERMINDS. I mean, whoever plans this stuff out so many years in advance should really be using their skills for more important kinds of conspiracies and projects than silly pop star bearding, you know? Like, solve world hunger or something, Tree.
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            • I'm starting to resent the kaylors. Why on earth won't they support actual members of the LGTB community?


              • Taylor's Netflix special was well done to no one's surprise, but it made me bitter anyway because it was filmed in Dallas and their show was MOAR EXTRA then the Houston show. I mean, it always will be because that stadium is huge and they can move around a lot more within it, but still. BITTER. Also, since it was the last night in the U.S. and everyone knew they were filming it for the special, the energy from all of the performers was super amped up and you could tell.


                • Since Joe and Tay didn't post anything publicly for VDay there ya go.

                  So! I've been holding off from posting here because there was a rumor that Taylor and Joe got engaged at Christmas and were going to announce it this week, but! Katy Perry and Orlaaaaando just announced their engagement so the idea that Taylor might do hers the same week is blown all to hell.

                  When I actually get an hour or so to myself (maybe tonight?), I'll try to pull some of the gazillion things I've been storing up (like how Cinderella-y Taylor was at the BAFTA after parties, or how schmancy the Irish castle was where they spent Xmas with their fams, or how kaylors have been melting down, etc) and dump them here . . . since there's no point in waiting for an engagement announcement anymore.

                  Damn you, Katy Perry. YOU RUIN EVERYTHING.


                  • Yes please!


                    • Waiting on a call from our realtor so I don't know how far I can get with an update tonight, so just gonna call this Part 1. I want to cover the following areas: real estate, T+J=4EVA, Kaaaaaaylooooors, and then maybe just a misc post for rando things.

                      Starting with the UK Barbie Dream Houses, why not.

                      The paps followed either Tay or Joe home to their newest London rental (I think it's their third rental house in two years?) soon after Taylor started rehearsing with the Cats cast a few months ago and snapped some extremely boring pics of a couple of Taylor's bodyguards getting her mail. The house is big, historic, located about 8 mins from Joe's parents, and has been rented by celebs before Johnny Depp once interviewed for a mag profile there and sounded absolutely NUTSO and high as a kite.


                      I don't have any compunction about posting deets because well, it's already been all over several blogs and the paps have already found it anyway (and it's not like any of Tay's other homes are secret). So here ya go:

                      It's on the market for 10 millions pounds and used to belong to a Nobel Prize winning Nazi-hater:


                      The Victorian home offers a master suite spanning the entire first floor with custom furniture, his’n’hers dressing rooms and bathrooms, and Aquavision TVs. The five further bedrooms are all ensuite with bathrooms designed for different ‘moods’. No luxury has been spared in the home which also benefits from a pool and spa complex, gym, bar and cinema room in the basement.

                      Those tired after their workout can take the lift upstairs, or relax in the landscaped garden and terraces featuring beautiful 1920s trees. The home also has quarters for staff and a laundry room, whilst cars are provided for with space on the carriage drive and in the garage.

                      Staff quarters is obviously a key thing for Taylor, but I do wonder what kinds of 'bathroom moods' we are talking about here? I don't think I have five different 'bathroom moods', personally, but maybe it's different for rich people.

                      There's a lot of backyard space for London, right?:

                      I can totally imagine Idris Elba, Judi Dench, and Rebel Wilson at this table for a Cats cast dinner:

                      . . . with a Cats pool party afterwards!

                      Judi Dench in a bikini maybe!

                      Anyway, there are lots more pics at the official for sale listing:

                      I saw a rumor (that I can no longer find) that they are paying over $50k per month for the place, which doesn't really surprise me. She was paying around $40k for that townhouse in NYC while her Tribeca apt was being renovated so that seems to be right in the budget area.

                      And if anyone's curious, an eagle eyed tumblr blogger also found one of the previous rentals, the place where many of the 'at home' Tay pics from the Rep mags were taken (by Joe, according to Taylor):

                      But like, totally not taken by Joe, according to the kaylor kween, obvs:

                      Okay, enough about where the PEASANTS live, what about THE FRICKIN' CASTLE.

                      Taylor, Joe, their fams, and apparently the Apatows* spent Christmas at a castle in Ireland that belongs to Dominic West's wife. The people who track Tay's jets noticed activity back and forth between London and Ireland, but that was all that anyone knew until Joe posted this pic on instagram:

                      Hello, Suspiciously-Taylor-Shaped-Shadow-On-The-Ground.

                      . . . and a handful of Irish folk recognized it as 'the knight's walk' near Glin Castle close to Limerick:

                      * the evidence that the Apatows were there: One of the parents, not sure if Leslie or Judd, said they were spending holidays in UK b/c both of their daughters were dating British guys (Iris was dating Patrick at the time but they have now broken up), Maude's boyfriend followed Joe on insta the day after Christmas, and Maude posted a pic of insta that looks like it might have been from the castle hallway. This is not hard and fast evidence however.

                      These are the castle deets:


                      The place costs almost $40k per week to rent, and was once rented by Mick Jagger.

                      It's real purty!

                      And if you are into some more castle peepin' (AND WHO ISN'T) here's a video tour by Dominic West and his wife:


                      DW almost ruined the whole thing with his big dumb mouth, though:


                      Dominic West revealed that he nearly ruined Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn’s Christmas getaway to Limerick.
                      . . .

                      The actor has since revealed that Taylor and Joe’s trip to the castle was almost ruined, as he spoke about the holiday in an interview before they jetted off to Ireland.

                      “It nearly killed me, not being able to tell anyone about it! And so, I did! I was doing an interview with Esquire magazine before Christmas and I couldn’t help it when asked about the Castle,” he told The Sun.

                      “I said ‘we’ve got a great A-lister coming to stay over Christmas’ and then when it was published, Taylor Swift’s people rang up and said, ‘You’ve broken our security agreement, we’re not coming.'”

                      “It was a disaster! Anyway, she came and it was all fine,” he added.

                      Tay's security peeps are such hardasses all the time, I love it.

                      They were also spotted at the local pub and in the village, but nobody got any pics. Sadness. Maybe they haven't invented cameras in Ireland yet?

                      . . . of course, the kween and her kult knows EXACTLY what's what:

                      The kween's officially official stance:

                      Ireland is close to London - where she was working on Cats - so it’s possible her family spent Christmas there for something different. But she was not hanging out with Toe there. He may have flown in for a photo op, or he used an old pic of himself there, to imply they spent Christmas together.


                      Okay, that's all I got for tonight, and I only just got through the real estate stuff wow. Will try to post the next parts soon and holy hell no wonder I've got so much Tay stuff saved up, I haven't done any updates since November.


                      • These are great. But what about the engagement rumours?


                        • But what about the engagement rumours?

                          DUDE GIVE ME SOME TIME I WILL GET THERE.

                          for reals I've got a lot of stuff because I've put off updating for so long and I'm TERRIBLE at organizing but I'll do a post about just what Taylor and Joe have been up to since tour ended next. I don't have time this morning. I have to split it into parts because it's TOO MUCH.

                          ETA I can't resist, so I will say this much . . . normally I dismiss engagement rumors, and Tree!Paine! uses GossipCop to deny them pretty quick anyway, but the rumors this time seems kinda different?

                          They hit a whole bunch of outlets at around the same time right around Tay's birthday and kicked up a bunch of fuss even in 'non-tabloids' and they still haven't been denied yet.

                          I still didn't pay too much attention until one of those celeb podcasts (Who Weekly, maybe? I can't recall, but it was one of the less trashy ones) said they had actual sources that Taylor and Joe were already engaged but wanted to wait until after most of the awards shows were out of the way before announcing. According to the podcast, they were going to announce before the Oscars, but after the Grammys, so peeps were speccing it would be this week. But it wasn't this week, and now we don't know if a) there isn't an engagement anyway b) there is but they are never planning on announcing or c) KATY PERRY RUINED ERRRYTHING.

                          (the answer is c, duh).
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                          • I'm just joking .If it weren't for you I wouldn't even know that there were rumours!


                            • I love the London rental house; I would totally buy that if I were rich and it were here and not there.

                              I bet they’ve been engaged for a while.


                              • Okay, time for the TayJoe post!

                                I bet they’ve been engaged for a while.

                                Yeah, I'm 70/30 on them having been engaged since at least December. They were both in London for her birthday on 12/13, the engagement rumors hit the tabs that same week, and then a week later they brought their fams together for Xmas for the first time. And well, you know. A castle. In Ireland. Rented for 2 wks at $40k per week. That would be the PERFECT place and time for the Alwyns and Swifts to get their secret engagement celebration on. Seems kinda elaborate and $$$$ if it was just a random holiday, but then again who knows.

                                And of course, there are really good reasons to take this idea seriously. This is by far Taylor's longest relationship, Joe seems like a pretty good bet for something long term and steady (he's not some wild child stumbling out of clubs or pissing off paps, or a loose cannon on social media. He's like, entirely unproblematic so far), he's the first guy she's gotten domestic with (she never moved in with Coleslaw Hoover), their families seem to be completely on board, and! Taylor is turning 30 this year so . . . she's probably thinking about kids and the whole caboodle. Not saying that they are DEFINITELY engaged but it would not be stupid to suspect that they might be.

                                But finding the right time to announce is probably tricky? Joe's obligated to do the full award show circuit because The Favourite racked up so many noms (and to a lesser extent, MQOSs also got nommed here and there) and they probably don't want a) for him to be harassed on the red carpet since he has to do so many of those right now and it's his very first awards season ever or b) the hullabaloo over an engagement to overshadow The Favourite's awards campaign in general. Also, there's the pop star aspect of it . . . Taylor will want to announce a life event in an uncrowded field, but there's been a lot of that kind of thing happening. Nick Jonas and Priyanka, Meghan Trainor and the Spy Kid, Miley and Liam, Lady Gaga (although I think that's already over?), Miranda Lambert, Ellie Golding, Justin Bieber, Ed and Cherry, Karlie of course, and then KATY FUCKING PERRY goes and gets engaged as well, so Taylor will probably want to put some space there in between herself and all of those others.

                                * If this is am actual thing! which it might not be!

                                What we do know is that we've had so many more sightings and appearances of T&J since Rep tour ended and Harriet filming wrapped that it looks like they are still very solid as a couple, and consciously becoming more comfortable being public. I can't even list everything since the last time I updated, so here's just a summary . . . (I'll intersperse kaylor responses where I have them**):

                                ** when I've got screenshots of k'lor stuff, it's because I've stolen them from kaylorfails on tumblr, she's the greatest archive of kerrazy online

                                So! I last updated in November, where Taylor had been seen going to a few of Joe's movie screenings and premiere after parties. Basically, if Joe had a big event this past fall and winter, Taylor sneaked into it on the quiet, and I don't think she missed any that I can recall?

                                Honestly, for the past three months they don't appear to have spent any real time apart except for when Joe has had to jet to NYC (promo, Fashion Week) :

                                (are yellow leather jackets a thing? Ugh I don't think I want them to be)

                                or Paris (Fashion Week):

                                . . . while Taylor had Cats responsibilities in London.

                                View this post on Instagram


                                A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

                                They spent Thanksgiving together in the States (they were spotted hiking that weekend, but we didn't get pics) and were in NYC for the beginning of December.

                                Joe was doing promo in NYC that first week of December and seen going in and out of Taylor's Tribeca apt, but! the ks were convinced he was just 'pretending' to stay at her place:

                                The kween's response came swiftly:

                                This is good news to me. It means he is going to leave as soon as his NYC obligations (interviews) are done, and head back to London. So he won’t be around for her birthday. And, we did not see them interact together. So September 28th is still the last sighting together.

                                Do you all realize how easy this stunt is? They don’t have to see each other. He walks in the back door of the building, and right out the front door, with a pap for hire waiting for him. It takes 2 minutes.

                                (the kween keeps conveniently forgetting that Tay went to TWO of Joe's movie premiere after parties in LA in November but okay.)

                                But no! She spoke too soon, because Taylor (and Joe) showed up to Jack Antonoff's Ally Coalition to support LGBT youth event that week:

                                She was the surprise guest and sang Delicate with Hayley Kiyoko.

                                On one hand this was VERY EXCITING for the ks because TAYLOR CAME OUT AS (an) LGBTQ (ally)!!!!!!

                                But on the other hand it was not as exciting because 1) she was wearing her J necklace 2) Joe was actually there with her, and they came back to her place holding hands:

                                . . . and c) she forgot to wear pants.

                                I might have been the only one worried about that, though. DECEMBER! IN NEW YORK CITY!!! PUT ON SOME FUCKING PANTS. BEEKSUS.

                                But it was ALL OKAY according to the kween:

                                Do you realize what she is about to do? She is about to come out to the entire world. She did it to balance things, and give him the publicity part of his end of the contract. Hayley even said that Taylor was nervous last night. That was a big step for Taylor. She has a plan to ease her fans into the idea. I am sure a few more opened their eyes last night when they saw Taylor there. Let her navigate her journey as she chooses.

                                Apparently she chooses to navigate coming out (as a gold star lesbian) with her boyfriend by her side!

                                Anyhoo! Then they went back to London, which is where they were (together) for her birthday, but we got no sightings. Y'all already know what happened the week after (CASTLE OF SECRET ENGAGEMENTS IN IRELAND) and then! back to NYC in time for New Year's Eve! . . . and they brought a bunch of Joe's friends and his brother with them.

                                How do we feel about Tay's hat, hmmm?

                                According to Swifties, they were walking in the West Village, and supposedly they walked over to Emma Stone's apt.

                                They all went out again for dinner that night:

                                Patrick really does look like a lankier BabyJoe, right?

                                Then Swifties started to get excited when these showed up the next day on 12/31:

                                And yes, they were for a legitimate NYE party! Not just some weird balloon popping fetish but an actual party! And Taylor actually posted pics from it! Taylor and Joe hadn't shared any pics from their previous two NYE parties, so this was seen as something special.

                                It was a costume party with a 'chidhood heroes theme' and you can flip through Tay's pics here:

                                Yes, Ryan Reynolds and Blake were there.

                                Fom a swiftie:

                                ash avignone is gwen stefani
                                leah mccarthy is avril
                                abigail is posh spice (black wig)
                                mccall koenig is nancy drew
                                gigi is mary poppins
                                blake is dorothy
                                jari (i think is her name - she was at thanksgiving 2016) is miss frizzle
                                iris apatow is Cinderella
                                i believe frida kahlo is the girl in the green hat who was in the candids the other day, and rizzo is the woman who looked like daisy ridley
                                inconclusive on steve irwin, mr toad, and audrey, but i would assume they’re london friends

                                Yeah, I could never have done that much detective work. This is the most important of the pics, though:

                                Because Taylor in a loooong red wig is weirdly so good.

                                BabyTay is pleased with this whole concept:

                                So! they are partying it up with a mix of his friends and her friends and their friends which really just lends more credence to the engagement idea, right? Perhaps they celebrated their engagement with their families at Christmas, and then celebrated again with their friends at NYE and that's why it was so important to fly their London peeps to NYC for this partick party?

                                Looks like people were careful not to post Joe and Tay together, but you can just see the profile and back of Joe in his Zorro costume in this background:

                                Right after the party, Ryan followed Joe:

                                The ks didn't like that. They didn't like ANY of this. But! The kween had a GREAT explanation for why Karlie*** wasn't at Tay's NYE party (AGAIN . . . 'cause they've NEVER spent NYE with each other):

                                *** Karlie and Josh actually went on their delayed honeymoon to South Africa so they weren't even in the country.

                                Kiss the girl

                                I kept wondering why taylor kept selling the shit out of that crab tied to a string in every picture. The only thing i can think of is a reach, but sebastian’s big song is “kiss the girl.” I wonder if her pushing this crab is a call out to kissing girls/a stand in for the midnight kiss she hasn’t gotten from karlie. I think NYD is consistent with this given that taylor WANTS “your midnights” BUT she’ll take whatever she can get, even if it’s cleaning up the mess that was made the night before.

                                I’ve seen a lot of anti-kaylors claiming that the fact that they’ve never spent new years together is proof this song isnt about kk but i feel like it does the exact opposite because of the content in the song. Taylor WANTS to be with her lover at midnight, wants to have that new years day, that hyped (and fleeting) moment with her lover, and the “but” implies that isn’t a reality (reminiscent of the delicate bridge). Taylor doesn’t get the midnight, she doesnt get the flashy moment, but she does get the quieter, more intimate moment after the party is over, everyone is gone, after the crowds have left, she has an amazing person to come home to.


                                Allrighty, that brings us to the next very exciting thing . . . Taylor's Golden Globes surprise!

                                I'm looooving this custom Atelier Versace because it makes her look about twenty feet tall and like a nearly naked mermaid widow.

                                That's a dress you could be BURIED in, ya know? It's just that good. The makeup, the jewelry, it was all working for her.

                                She didn't walk the red carpet before the show, but she did hit the after parties, and there were lots of sightings and blurry pics:

                                Swift joined Alwyn at Fox’s party at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. The instant she entered the event, the "Gorgeous" singer made a beeline for The Favourite star, putting her head on his shoulder and hand on his chest. Swift didn’t leave Alwyn’s side, posing for photos and chatting with Alwyn’s co-star, Nicholas Hoult, as she kept her hand around Alwyn’s waist. At the end of the evening, the two exited through the back of the venue and away from the crowds.

                                Anyway, even though Joe and Taylor did NOT walk the carpet together, fans can fix it:

                                Taylor and Joe returned to London after the GGs, which is where we got The Spaniard (a very old inn/pub/restaurant) date night sighting on the Friday before the BAFTAS:

                                The next day, she and Joe were spotted again, shopping on Portabello Rd.

                                The fact that she was still in London that Saturday as making people nervous because lots and lost of Swifties were still holding out hope that Taylor was going to make an appearance at the Grammys . . . which was the same night as the BAFTAS, where The Favourite was predicted to do very very well. On the other hand, Reputation had been uh . . . snubbed? a lot? by the Grammys with only one nomination, and not even for a top award. So by staying in London people were thinking the Grammys were a lost cause, but still! Many people thought it would be more polite for her to stay hidden on Grammy/BAFTA night because if she was 'working' it wouldn't look like she was staying away from the Grammys for petty reasons, but if she showed up to the BAFTAS it might be interpreted as a fuck you to the music industry.

                                Well . . .

                                Yeah, Taylor is a sophisticated British ladieeee now she don't care 'bout no stupid American Grammys!

                                TAKE THAT GRAMMYS.

                                When she arrived at the after party, she went straight over to Joe, as caught by a sneaky Dan Wootten of The Sun:

                                Their first bigfoot kissing pic! Should we cover it with circles and arrows? (I don't actually know how to do that tbh.)

                                This is going on my refrigerator ha just kidding.

                                Lots of HQ pics of her at the party, but I like this one with the editor in chief of British Vogue b/c her boobs looks shockingly damn good here:

                                Getting Cinderella vibes here and not hating that:

                                And LOL at Joe blocking this woman trying to shove her business card in Tay's face as they are leaving:

                                This raises questions though:

                                "Keen to keep a memento from the night, Taylor was seen taking home two pottery rabbit table decorations from her table." We love a thief! hahaha

                                (the tables were decorated as per each movie best picture theme, that's why The Fav had rabbits at their table.)

                                Where did she hide them when she left! Did she just shove them under her coat, or is 'helping Taylor klepto her way out of a party' part of her bodyguards' job description?

                                You! Can! Imagine! the contortions the kween and the ks had to put themselves through to explain away the fact that Taylor would rather go to Joe's events than her own:

                                The coloring of the two cushions + her dress make the bisexual flag in her Instagram post. Even when she’s trying to be straight the gay jumps right out

                                Taylor must be getting paid directly from the Favorite promo budget- I said the same thing to a friend tonight! She is pushing that particular movie of his hard. No question she has some contractual obligations to that particular film.

                                . . . oh but wait:

                                Well, it was a nice theory while it lasted.

                                Not everybody is buying what the kween is selling anymore:

                                That's an excellent use of the Marie Kondo vernacular. Kondo-away all the tinhatting from your life, dudes!

                                Anyhoodles, the ks are becoming reconciled to the idea that they may be in for more 'stunting' next weekend, when Taylor shows up at the Oscars to support Joe again, and it will go something like this most likely:

                                The other potentially exciting thing on the horizon is the (fairly well sourced) rumor that Taylor will be doing the April covers of Elle US and Elle UK . These are Schrodinger covers right now because nobody knows the what/why/HUH of them yet. They should get released the first week of March, which is soon! Then errrrybuddy will know if Taylor is doing the covers to a) announce new music coming out (she's been seen going in and out of studios lately and hinting heavily at TS7) or b) showing off her SECRET ENGAGEMENTS RING or c) coming out as gay wives with Karlie Kloss, duh or d) none of the above.

                                probably d!

                                That is all, now please enjoy these Tay/Joe manips because they are GORGEOUS:

                                I have more kaylor stuff for the next post and then just totally random things I didn't squeeze into anywhere else.

                                ETA Ha, people are getting hella impatient. Elle has been RTing this timeline vid every damn day for weeks.

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