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  • It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.
    I relate so heavily to this.
    It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


    • I like his yellow jacket and her little hat, though the babushka was not a great look.

      I love Taylor updates!

      The longer she stays with Joe the more interesting he becomes to me. He must be strong-willed to not be messed up by being with her. I hope those two kids can make it work.


      • I relate so heavily to this.

        It's the #eternalmood!

        The longer she stays with Joe the more interesting he becomes to me. He must be strong-willed to not be messed up by being with her.

        Yeah, you know what? I feel the same way, and I didn't expect to when they first revealed him (Joe WHO?) as the reason why she disappeared into London. The longer he toughs it out without any sign of weirdness or problematic-nass or fame thirstiness the more he seems like the right choice on her part.

        Okay, skip this if you have no actual interest in Joe (understandable!), but here's a wee bit of a deeper dive . . .

        His whole life went under the kaylor/swiftie microscope, and they uncovered two previous (entirely normal) relationships, one with a college ex-gf, and one where he apparently lived with a tv presenter ex-gf post-college for a year or so, but they found no secret drama at all. He's never said anything dumb or frat boy-ish* that has been recorded, no pics have emerged of him doing anything stupider than getting sloshed in pubs with friends . . . the worst things the ks have been able to say is that he showed 'sympathy' towards the Nazi-adjacent character he played in Operation Finale -- but he just said the same thing that every actor has said when playing 'the bad guy': that you have to play them with an understanding of their humanity as well, because no character is just one dimensional evil. HOW SHOCKING. They tried to kick up "he's a nazi sympathizer!' and yelled for a few days that Taylor must DENOUNCE HIM with all the fake outrage they could muster, but nobody outside of k circles bought into it. so it fizzled out. Nice try, though.

        * years ago he was once tagged, or he tagged someone else? in a pin-up-ish pic on insta of a rando model which caused some to wonder if he had some hidden frat boyish tendencies in his youth, and also! the ks got ahold of what they called a GAY SO GAY video of him and his GAY MALE FRIENDS but it's actual just him and some mates goofing around in a drunken pile of pals fully clothed . . . and his ex-gf was right there with them/him and nothing sexual was even going on? so that doesn't seem super gay to me? that is seriously the 'worst' things that have been found on him, which in the age of social media is pretty impressive.

        No tattoos, no rehab, no club exploits, no baby mamas, no delinquency, no twitter feuds, no messy exes selling interviews to The Dail Mail, no crazy fandom of his own, an apparently stable family life . . . SO BORING, but! In Taylor's world, that kind of boring is probably just exactly what she needs. He's like the anti-Clearasil Hootennany.

        And careerwise, he appears to be selective in the best ways for awards-bait longevity and in interviews, he always says the smart thing . . . like, when they asked him and his MQOS castmates what female directors they might want to work with someday (obviously trying to trip them up with a hard question), he was the only one that could rattle off like four women right away and sound legitimately enthusiastic about them - and he just finished filming with a black female director on Harriet, so he walks the talk.

        So yeah . . .I've been getting the impression he's just as straightedged and controlled and well intentioned as Taylor is, which might work super well for them long term.

        And I think your instinct is good, v, because she did TRY to break up with him (to protect him from her bullshit life) but he shut it down, which shows he can be strong willed even with her.

        At a secret session when talking about DWOHT:

        she just said that she realized that they both have deep feelings for each other and that that was the point where she wanted to end this because she realized that he has a totally different life (I guess she meant the paparazzi situation) and therefore she told him that she wants to break up and he was just like "no." and she was "excuse me?" It was really funny when she told us.

        But apparently he stayed and convinced her that he knew what he was getting himself into

        Esquire interview:
        His levelheadedness has also helped him navigate the incessant curiosity about his relationship with superstar Taylor Swift. Asked whether anyone gave him guidance, Alwyn says he kept his own counsel.

        "“I didn'’t seek out advice on that. Because I know what I feel about it."

        (side note, Interviewers have tried every whichaway to get him to spill or confide deets about her, but nothing has shaken him so far.)

        Taylor needs somebody that steely and clearheaded, I think, in order to make it work.

        My fave rep room story from last summer:

        … told her how much new year’s day means to me and we talked about that for a while and I was like i’m so happy you’re finally happy. you’ve been through so much and now you have someone to share your life with and she was like yeah he’s the best (she said it like baaaast and her voice got all silly)!! he’s just such an amazing person and he calms me down whenever I see something mean someone says about me he just takes me right out of it all. and then she was like and he’s been my longest relationship!!! we’ve been together for 20 months now. when we get to two years, i’m going to freak out. i’m going to be so obnoxious about it.

        and then we talked about that for a while and I honestly don’t remember what we said because i started to black out and then we took our picture and then I was like WHATS THE STORY OF THE CHAIR because finally my brain started working and she was like huh?? and then she was like omg people in england just have bonfires like all the time and we just hang out in his backyard burning stuff and I was like did you know you were going to become a meme from that picture and she was like no but I love it. and then she was like all of those pictures in the magazines are taken by joe, he just takes pictures of me all the time. and she was being so cute about it. and then I was like omg you’re wearing the necklace (because i’m a basic bitch) and she was like isn’t it great?

        — @xiwantyourmidnightsx ‘s conversation with Taylor at the ‘rep room’

        If he takes pics of her 'all the time' and has no problems handling all the fame nonsense for her sake, he probably adores her -- and he clearly has the staying power she wants, and! the hard! stare! she needs him to have so he can be the one to glare at the paps for her.

        Every celeb needs a hard glare person willing to walk next to them.

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        • Taylor has definitely made Joe interesting. I wonder if he is the reason she seems to be letting her guard down just a little with them being seen in public together? I mean he will need to get VERY use to it, especially if they are engaged.


          • I didn'’t seek out advice on that. Because I know what I feel about it.
            I kinda love that whole paragraph where he talks about it.

            I think there’s a very clear line as to what somebody should share, or feel like they have to share, and what they don’t want to and shouldn’t have to.
            I went on a Tinder blind date coffee meetup this afternoon, and he was a nice man, solid citizen, etc. But now I realize I just want someone who can be that sure of how he feels about me. /sob


            • I’ve not much interest in Taylor at all but, even so, these updates are like water in a desert.


              • So I guess we'll know about the engagement rumours soon enough but I do believe even if it's not true yet it will be soon.

                ETA. I really liked the not breaking up story.
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                • I have a surprise addendum to the Barbie Dream House post!


                  While Grazia chatted to Joe about working with Olivia Colman (‘She was amazing,’ he gushed), Taylor appeared and gave him a congratulatory squeeze. ‘I was watching the show from home,’ she told us. ‘Every time The Favourite won another award, I was just squealing! I couldn’t believe it,’ she continued. ‘It’s so great for him – and it’s his first time coming to the BAFTAs, so it’s exciting. It’s a big deal.’ The singer, who is currently filming Cats, added how ‘proud’ she was of Joe’s success. As well as his stellar role in The Favourite, Joe has starred in Boy Erased and Mary Queen Of Scots this year.


                  Last week, the couple was also spotted together in Hampstead at The Spaniard’s Inn pub. According to a source, the couple were in the area as they were ‘eyeing up a £12 million mansion’. Taylor has allegedly ‘fallen in love with Hampstead’ and is ‘keen to buy the detached 5,000-square Georgian mansion’.

                  ‘They’re in the process of putting down an offer,’ added our source, who says they ‘enquired about local schools in the area.’ With a London property on the horizon, perhaps Taylor and Joe’s red-carpet debut is imminent..

                  THEY (allegedly) ASKED ABOUT SCHOOL DISTRICTS Y'ALL.

                  And! Harry Styles lives right behind The Spaniards Inn (and had his 20th Bday there), so if they buy a place in the neighborhood they will be neighbors to Harry holy shit that's kind of amazeballs.

                  Supposedly, this is Harry's place (that he spent 3mill pounds on):

                  In these pics, you can literally see how Harry's house is directly behind The Spaniards.

                  That's wild, I didn't know that when I posted the pics of Joe and Taylor there. Ha. Next, she should get papped hanging out at whatever coffee shop is closest to Tom's place (also in North London, prob not that far away). Keep your (boy)friends close and your exes closer!

                  More deets here on Harry's house, including interior pics:


                  Interestingly, Harry bought that house in 2012, which is the year he and Taylor met and started dating, so she OBVIOUSLY KNEW. Of course, maybe he doesn't actually live there now, that's possible. And he's apparently been staying in Tokyo, I think? with his new Japanese model girlfriend? so he probably wasn't moodily staring at the window at Taylor in her nana kerchief right at that moment.

                  OR WAS HE.

                  Anyway, y'all know me . . . so you KNOW that as soon as I heard Taylor Swift was looking at 5,000 sq ft Georgian mansions in Hampstead I would IMMEDIATELY just close my laptop and continue living my life-

                  Yeah, okay, I'm going straight to the real estate interwebz DUH, and then Imma look at dozens and dozens of houses and I'll probably build a spreadsheet to help narrow down the possibles and then I'll -- uh it looks like Swifties think they've already identified it BEEKDAMNIT I wanted to do that.

                  Gardnor Road:

                  Judi Dench as well, that's nice. Taylor, Harry, Joe, and Judi can have tea every day. Tay and Joe can send their kids to the same school as Harry's kids.

                  THE FIC WRITES ITSELF OMB.

                  More deets on the Gardnor Rd house:

                  Built in 1736, period features abound both inside and out. The agents say there's a drawing room with bay window, luxurious master suite with dressing area and ensuite, and three further bathrooms spread over 4,600 sq ft.

                  There's also another rarity for the capital: off-road parking and a garage.


                  The official listing:

                  Not seeing any interior pics yet. However! No pool, though?:

                  The house they are renting now has a pool and is listed a lot cheaper, just saying.

                  Assuming that Grazia story is credible, that's quite possibly the house in question, but! I'd also like to proffer these alternatives for peepin' purposes:


                  A couple of of these have pools! I mean, if I was spending that kind of money I'd want a pool. WHY U HATE WATER TAYLOOOOOR.

                  On top of the real estate rumors (SCHOOL DISTRICT!), the secret engagements rumors are hotting up:

                  Swifties are theorizing that Taylor won't want to announce an engagement via an instagram (because that's how Katy and others have been doing it lately) or via People or another tab (because that seems to sorta counter Joe's 'I keep private things private' stance) but will just show up on the red carpet of the Oscars this Sunday (or the VF party carpet?) wearing a purty ring and not saying anything at all ("there will be no further explanation, only reputation") with perhaps a People follow up on Monday but I don't know! Anything is possible, I guess.*

                  *even the fact that this is all bunkum!

                  The jet trackers have been hinting that Taylor's jet went to LA from London earlier this week, so the chances that there will be SOME KIND of Oscar's/Vanity Fair showing-up on Taylor's part is decently high, for sure.

                  ETA WELP, i guess Harry still lives there and had big plans for that house, wonder if that will change if Tay moves into the 'hood?

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                  • Obvi, Taylor and Joe are buying a house near Harry because Harry and Joe are sekrit lovahs and being neighbors makes it easy to house hop. And then Karlie can come visit Harry now that they're friends through DVF and Kaylor kan karry on their kourtship.


                    • Obvi, Taylor and Joe are buying a house near Harry because Harry and Joe are sekrit lovahs and being neighbors makes it easy to house hop. And then Karlie can come visit Harry now that they're friends through DVF and Kaylor kan karry on their kourtship.

                      By jove, I think you've kracked it!

                      Only I think this is one of the world's prettiest poly foursome and I am VERRAY EXCITEDS about it.

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                      • Oscar dress suggestions! I'm sure that Taylor has been patiently waiting for these ideas before deciding what to throw on last minute.

                        Elie Saab 2019:

                        Zuhair Murad 2019:

                        Jenny Packham:

                        Reem Acra 2019:

                        She's been wearing a lot of black and silver lately . . . and I know she just wore blue at the BAFTAs, but I am still rooting for (a deeper?) blue again anyway. The top red one would be fun, though. Mostly though, I was picking dresses that would look smashing with a SECRET ENGAGEMENTS RING because reasons.
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                        • I love that Reem Acra so much.

                          For 12M it should come with a pool, but they can be dangerous with kids.


                          • I am absolutely determined to wear that Reem Acra to my husband's funeral.

                            Do y'all want me to drop a bunch of kaylor nonsense here with little to no commentary because IT'S A LOT and then just run away? DO YA.


                            When we last left them, the kays were still very excited over the shiny promise of KAYLOR RISING due to Karlie attending the Nashville rep show. They just knew that ANY DAY might be bring a resurgence of meaningful interaction and! maybe even 2014-style 'glass klosseting', which were of course, the glory days of the the kay-regime.

                            One of the kween's 'sources' told her there would definitely be MORE TO COME and even predicted a date (sorta):

                            When do you think we will receive the first Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss friendship candid?

                            `I recall late November, holdin’ my breath | Slowly I said, “You don’t need to save me | But would you run away with me?”`

                            YES. Late November! Not a problem, they could just all collectively hold their breath to see the girls together again in late November.

                            Late November came . . . late November went . . .

                            The kween:

                            I know the original plan was for the candids to be in late November. That was the information I was given back in mid-October. Something changed their plans since then. No way to know what exactly it was, unless my source stops by to tell me. But to be clear, I was also told this by a mutual who had her own source. So we had two sources saying the same thing.

                            That's RIGHT. We didn't just have ONE wrong source, we had TWO. So you know, you can't blame us.

                            . . . but Karlie WAS papped ON THE VERY LAST DAY of November, at Whole Foods.

                            Maybe Taylor was INSIDE the grocery bags?


                            I think we all have to remember that planned candids are not just about calling a pap and walking around outside.

                            A Kaylor candid, after all this time of hiding, would include a PR strategy/rollout with the media and social media, including planned articles by Tree.

                            So a change in schedule - perhaps by Karlie’s Project Runway filming - would cause more change than a simple adjustment in time to walk outside together.


                            More kween back pedaling:

                            I received a message from an anon. I cannot vouch for their credibility because I do not know them, but I thought I would share what I was told.

                            The Kaylor candids were supposed to happen yesterday, but there was a change in Karlie’s filming schedule for Project Runway. She wasn’t originally scheduled to film on Friday. Because of this, the Kaylor outing was postponed.

                            Also, do not expect an outing on the weekend, because Karlie pretends to be Jewish (Sabbath) every weekend. I was not given a new date for the candids, but I was told it will happen.

                            'pretends to be Jewish'. Uh . . .

                            Instead, what Late November brought was Taylor posting on instagram urging people to watch The Favourite with a clip of Joe and even! tagging Joe for the first time ever:

                            Sniff. Whatever. It OBVIOUSLY has nothing to do with Joe.

                            The Favourite is about a love triangle between LESBIANS. I think that’s a huge factor why she was extra with promoting it. Emma is also her friend so it’s really hitting many birds with one stone. Clever.

                            There was still some hope left for Late November NYC candids or latergrams until . . . .

                            (this appears to have been in Nashville, so I guess they were with Tay's fam for Thanksgiving.)

                            The highs (that pic of kaylor at the Nashville show) and the lows (pretty much everything else since late 2016) has all been a bit much for this big-K-but-not-the-big-kween who went on QUITE THE RANT:

                            Het fans being still blind Toe shippers to this day, despite ALL the elements showing it’s fake, many Het fans also discussing it more & more, and refusing to acknowledge anything about Toe & their stunting anymore ? + the ridiculously screwed up Toe timeline etc ? are hopeless.

                            The only thing that will make them open their eyes, really open their eyes: will be when Tay comes out… bc except for that, at this point…

                            They’re like docile members of a ridiculous cult (not the regular cults, but a very nuts one (even more nuts than Sciento and their Xenu alien BS (lol) and gosh knows i love The X-Files to death , brain washed, who’d believe anything as long as it’s in their cult book/bible, instead of opening their eyes to see things for themselves, just by using their brains.

                            There are more than enough elements now, explanations, analysis etc, available here, to help any Het fan/Toe shipper understand and see things for what they truly are.. Nothing complicated.

                            Like some Het fans (even among big Het shippers during Tayvin & Hiddleswift) who haven’t acknowledged anything about Joe since day 1, bc they could also see it’s fake, from a mile away (even if they didn’t admit it publicly).

                            Despite a part of them not even believing yet the Gay explanation (at least publicly on their accounts), but just seeing that Toe (like Hiddleswift) is obviously fake.

                            Same for Toe shippers still claiming that Joe still doesn’t use Tay’s name/influence for his career at all, and only minds his own business. lmao. How come that’s not pure denial at this point ?

                            When Het shippers have clueless & blind heteronormality, like dry mud, in their eyes: there’s nothing to do.

                            Bc at this point, refusing to see how obvious it is that Joe uses Tay’s name like crazy to boost his promo season, in everything he does promo related: is not only clueless, but also a clear rejection : it’s refusing to even look at things, bc they’re scared to death that their Het Fairy Tale will collapse if they start questioning one thing, bc it’ll lead them to question another one after that, and then it’ll be the Domino Effect: most of them know it deep inside, even if they won’t admit it.

                            I'm not sure what troubles me the most about this, the fact that she thinks Joe The King of Privacy has been dropping Taylor's name (he hasn't), or that the NON-KAYLORS are the ones in the Xenu-like cult, or the fact that she clearly knows NOTHING about how to properly CLOSE HER FRICKING' parenthesis.

                            Yeah, for sure it's obviously what she did to the parentheticals. She basically MURDERED them.

                            But let's put the whole Late November debacle behind us, because here comes 12/13! The Holiest Holy Day in December!

                            For reals, the girls would definitely be together in NYC for Taylor's birthday! The sources said so!

                            a mysterious anon said " December 13th, also the weather is looking to be lovely in New York City for a stroll on December 7h, it'll be picturesque!", and her source just said "// 7 //".

                            . . . well, that December 7th walk didn't happen. Instead, Taylor and Joe went to the Ally Coalition event together and then Joe posted a pic of himself and Jack Lowndes from inside Tay's Tribeca apt on December 8th.

                            . . . but that was okay, because it meant Taylor was still in NYC where Karlie was for her birthday week, right? right? They would still be spending her birthday together!

                            . . . HELLO BIRTHDAY WEEK LONDON STUNT.

                            Taylor and Joe must have snuck over to the UK because on 12/10, Taylor went to Joe's MQOS's London premiere screening and after party:

                            Sigh.So yes, the girls were on different continents for Taylor's birthday. Reality rearing its ugly head again.

                            Now that there’s photos of Taylor in London, what are your thoughts? I’m surprised she’s wasting her time the week of her birthday stunting with him.

                            It appears that Cats will begin filming this week, based on posts by other members of the cast. So she is obviously there for Cats, and chose to stunt. One of my top sources tipped me off earlier today that she was expected to be there, so I wasn’t surprised. But, I was skeptical until I saw a pic.

                            Taylor obviously has an interest in the film industry with her foray into Cats. So these premiere outings could be a combination of promotion for Toe, and networking for her.

                            it seems like there are no photos of Taylor And Joe inside the after-party together. Just because she was there doesn’t mean it was “with” him. I think what’s clever about Miss Swifts PR plan is that a lot of it is just us choosing what to see. Swifites will take this as “Joe is endgame, she’s so supportive of him” when all she really did was show up to a party where she had friends AND is about to start filming a move herself.


                            But that's okay, the ks simply shifted to eagerly eagerly awaiting Karlie's bday wishes for Taylor and they were! not! disappointed!

                            Huh. Okay, so it was in her insta stories and not an actual post and okay, so instead of posting a real pic of them together that she had on her camera roll she apparently just googled 'karlie kloss taylor swift' on image search and then used one of the pics that come up on the first page and really this seems like yet another step backwards after last year's tepidness but still!

                            We KAN make this work, decided the very determined ks:

                            I think that "proud of you always" could be the best alternative to "i love you forever" she could think of, lmao. And the golden heart here is the key, she couldve used any other heart but she used the golden one, and we know how present the golden theme is in Taylor's music. I think Karlie tried to not say much but with the few words and emojis she used, and the picture selection, she actually said a LOT.

                            This may be a reach, because proud is such a solid and appropriate word for long term couples to use about one another, but could it also be an allusion to PRIDE? ️* If it’s not intentional, I do believe it to be a very happy and lovely coincidence.

                            It certainly revived hope!

                            A thought: Joe and Taylor will announce an amicable break-up during Cats' filming, followed by a photo of with Karlie ("Taylor and BFF Karlie reunite after singer's split with Alwyn") then when Kushner is about to go to jail, Karlie will bail. The girls appear supportive and long-lasting from the beginning of the new era and fans can connect the dots.

                            Anyways! In a previous post, we covered what happened next which was the k's response to THE CHRISTMAS CASTLE OF SECRET ENGAGEMENTS so I'm not gonna go over that again.

                            And then all of the NYC NYE stunting with Joe's friends happened, which made ks sad.

                            But it's okay, because stunting with Joe is really a sign that Taylor is very charitable?

                            And oh, but the kween's source called Spade TOTALLY predicted that Taylor would go the Golden Globes:

                            Only the very best sources speak in riddles that you can later use to retroactively apply to any possible outcome:

                            Yeppers, the kween and her sources are out there doing the BEEK's WORK and she knows it:

                            And don't any of you dumb hets DARE question her, or she will slide right the hell into your dms!

                            And Spade is like, totally not Taylor, but what if THEY ARE???

                            . . . which reminds me of how the kaylors are still convinced that Karlie once stopped by the LChat in person to post this gem:

                            Such classic tinhatting, to think the people concerned are legitimately communicating with you.

                            Then CDAN decided to troll both the kaylors AND the four leftover Swiftgrons:

                            A former major Swiftgronian got riled about all of THAT:

                            Oookay. Classy.

                            Unfortunately for the kays, things just keep getting worser and worser for them. Instead of the promised candids of 'the girls' or ANY increase of interaction paving the way for the Grand Coming Out, they kept getting things like this:

                            Jerklie’s kiss looked like high schoolers kissing for the first time. I feel bad for them. The gay is still showing.

                            Yes, a VERY GAY (heterosexual) kiss! WHO DO THESE (married to each other) PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE FOOLING HUH.

                            That's okay, it's been fixed thank beek:

                            And there HAS been an increase of online interaction* . . . unsurprisingly between Josh and Karlie, now that they are married.

                            * (for the record, still absolutely nada between Tay and Kar since Tay tossed a like at Karlie's wedding pic several months ago.)

                            View this post on Instagram

                            A post shared by Karlie Kloss (@karliekloss) on

                            View this post on Instagram

                            South Africa

                            A post shared by Joshua Kushner (@joshuakushner) on


                            Anyhoos, nobody should despair because the wedding was a stunt, Taylor and Joe aren't getting engaged, the girls will come out, and the kays will be vindicated and the hets WILL cry and cry.

                            Despite never yet having been right about ANYTHING at all, this is the latest prediction:

                            My feeling is that Taylor will break up with the wet noodle sometime in April to clear the decks for Karlie to dump the jailbird in May. Given this as a timeline they Karlie and Taylor could start hanging out together as mutual support for each other. Leading too the inevitable you’re the one I’ve been waiting for. My guess is July or August before we get any confirmation they are together.

                            . . . and the kween is VERY sure all of this secret engagement buzz is the EMPTY FOOLISH CHATTER OF THE DELUDED:

                            So you’re confident Taylor and joe aren’t getting engaged? I keep seeing so much chatter about that

                            Very confident. The noise before the breakup. Everyone is reminded of their relationship. The ‘split’ will get more publicity this way.

                            People Magazine is the usual go to for Tree on the TS contractual ‘splits’. Let’s see if they follow the same pattern.

                            (the above was just a couple of days before the pics of Joe helping Tay and her nana kercheif into the car at the pub. The kween is really just SO BAD at this.)

                            And! once the blessed beard break-up day arrives, there won't be any more dudes! Huzzah!

                            Our long heterosexual nightmare will soon be over!

                            . . . speaking of heterosexuality, in January, Troye Sivan (who has performed with Taylor and was in a movie with Joe, so he'd KNOW if they were gay bearding, yeah?) said:

                            “I think we’re in a really interesting time in music right now where we are seeing more and more queer artists pop up, but we don’t have a queer Taylor Swift, we don’t have a queer Rihanna, or a queer Beyoncé,” he said, speaking on an episode of Will Young and Chris Sweeney’s Homo Sapiens podcast, released on January 24.

                            Which, coming on top of Taylor saying that she'd never personally experienced homophobia (when defending Hayley Kiyoko), and Todrick saying that he wasn't sure at first how his non-queer friend Taylor was going to react to him being very queer, could have put the kays on the defensive, but no!:

                            Taylor's gay friends basically saying that she's straight is all part of the Gaygenda Coming Out Plan, naturally.

                            But to be very clear, Taylor (and Karlie to a lesser extent) have a RESPONSIBILITY to come out, you know. And they'd better NOT pussy out and pretend to be bi!

                            I hope taylor has the power to come out as gay (because she is) and not bi or pan or anything like that not only for herself but because smaller gay female artists depend on the positive attention she’ll receive to make it easier on them in the future

                            (Uh . . . what's wrong with being bi, y'all?)

                            I don’t think Taylor (or Karlie) owes us coming out, though that would be incredibly positive. But I do think she owes us and herself to not be negative regarding her use of her image. If she doesn't wanna come out openly thats fine, but don’t use your incredible platform to play this supportive girlfriend to a nobody roll. You are an A+ celeb and this guy is D list at best. At least live your truth quietly, that would be neutral. Be “single” if need be.

                            I mean . . . by 'blatantly queerbaiting' they mean 'just living her life as a (probably) straight woman who has straight female friends as well as queer friends of both sexes and straight male boyfriends and who occasionally wears rainbows on her clothes', I guess?

                            I mean, how dare she?

                            For reals, though, I don't understand why they keep laying the burden of representing all the lesbians of the world on Taylor's shoulders when Taylor has never ever NOT ONCE given any indication that she identifies as queer at all. There's something really deep and troubling going on under all of this, you know? There are actual LGBTQ artists out there that y'all could be supporting!

                            Whew, gonna wrap this up. It is by no means comprehensive . . . I mean, there's been a lot of infighting between the kween and a rival would-be kween which was really amusing (The Battle Of The Equally Fake Sources!), and lately there's been a lot of dramz because a major Swiftie is claiming that 'Spade' contacted her and told her the kween is actually a king (there's no greater krime than a straight guy katfishing a lesbian tinhat ship!) and I stumbled on an ACTUAL straight guy who is obsessed with kaylor and who is SERIOUSLY KREEPY, and the kween tried to convince the weak kays that she had RECENT pics of the girls together that were SEKRIT and she couldn't share them . . . but they turned out to be from 2014 and most had already seen them, and there were also some rather funny posts where the kays tried to parse out every bit of rainbow filter used in the reputation tour movie, oh! and Josh Kushner's REAL husband Mikey Hess got engaged to Misha Nonoo this week which was hilars in its own way . . . but I love y'all too much to subject to any more of this, for reals. It's just too much.

                            . . . except for this bonus round! The peeps at kaylorfails call these 'famfictions' and they are amazing:

                            . . . and of course, there's also actual fanfiction why not:

                            Yeah . . . ..

                            Now if we really do get some kind of Big! Taylor and Joe news this weekend, I'll be rounding up the kay funtimes reactions and posting them after they marinate and mature because of kourse I will.

                            (there's literally no way that at least a half dozen of my links aren't going to break is there sigh)
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                            • There are actual LGBT artists out there that y'all could be supporting!
                              It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                              • Dude, I seriously don’t care about Taylor, Joe, Karlie, Tree, or if Taylor marries an actual tree, but I looooove reading your round-ups. Occam’s Razor, y’all! I can’t with the endless “signs” and analyzing single words. It’s delicious. It’s like peeps are still waiting for Y2K.