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  • I love the new song! It's perfect for summer, it's super catchy, and yeah, it's most likely not gonna be the best song on the album, but I'm fine with it kicking off the new era. Music videos are never really that awesome for me so I was meh on this one, but it seemed to me like a mash up of Blank Space's mood with Shake It Off's choreography.

    I feel kinda bad for the Kaylors and the Gaylors, but their ever moving goal posts are life affirming. Although I will say that TSwizzle does seem like she's doing some baiting here. She pays enough attention to this group of fans to know that her release date coinciding with Lesbian Recognition Day could not have been an accident. Couple that with the video being full of rainbows and I can see why they'd be bothered or felt like they were being manipulated. But if it had happened any time during this month, their reactions would have likely been the same?


    • But if it had happened any time during this month, their reactions would have likely been the same?

      Oh hey, you guys!!!!! It's May! Do y'all remember what the kween of kays PROMISED the faithful would happen in May???


      YES. It's FINALLY time for Karlie to dump her 'husband'! HUZZAH. And right on schedule, Karlie celebrated the first day of GAYLIBERATION MONTH by posting this insta story . . . oh . . . oh, damn.

      Well, okay fine . . . let's wait a week and maybe the Met Gala will be the when the sekrit wives can finally be free to walk a carpet togeth- ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME.


      But as for JKush, I mean they don't even like each other, so whatever, so he just showed up on the carpet for a second to take a pic and then he probably left . . .

      They didn't, like ACTUALLY hang out inside . . .

      Okay, but it's not like they went to after parties together as well- BLERGH.

      Yes, but WE KNOW Josh didn't put on like, Katy Perry's hamburger costume last night and then like, kiss his 'wife' or anything OH SHITCAKES:

      Taylor, meanwhile, paid the Met Gala TOTAL DUST and didn't show up to grind on her wife AT ALL and even the non-kay people were Unhappy!

      taylor not showing up to this event with this theme while she has a major project on the books this year is so laughably horrible like i can’t conceive this

      Just like she did during the Grammys, she decided to hang in London instead of doing the US celebextravaganza thing. Not only that, she might have finally decided to buy her own place there?

      . . . not exactly sure how 'move to London where my beard lives' is really helping the Gaygenda, ya know?

      So no, it has Not Been A Great Week for the kays, gotta say. Or for hamburgers who don't want to be worn by Kushners, for that matter.

      The kween and her kult can explain it all!

      I think she is legitimately there working. It could be business meetings, recording, writing, or promotional/tour planning. For all we know, she may be considering buying property there. She has so much money to invest. And, Karlie* and Taylor both spend a lot of time in London. Having a place there is not out of the question. She said long ago that she initially bought in LA because she was tired of staying in hotels when she went there for work.

      I think we were purposely shown that she was there, so there was a built in excuse as to why she did not attend the Met Gala. Notably, she was not with the stunt buddy in the pic (she was solo with a bodyguard). But the Toe’s can fantasize that she is spending time with him.

      * Karlie? does not? spend? much time in London? Like, not really? Hardly at all?

      Don’t let that rat beard of Karlie affect you. Ignore them for crying out loud. That rat BADLY WANTS the attention. Ignore it. Ignore Karlie for the time being that she’s with the rat. There’s no point in dragging her and it’s only exhausting. She’s bound to the contract with the rat so the stunts are going to continue. Dragging won’t change anything because she’s still in contract. Ignore everything rat related. Don’t give him the satisfaction that he badly craves.

      Actually met gala felt like the final push for jk before the contract ends, good job kk, you gave him what he want without a good dress.

      I don't really think you can blame the kontract for how bad Karlie's dress was.

      But to be real, some are DISPLEASED with the Very Circuitous Route Karlie seems to be aking to get to the Big Gaygenda:

      There is a saying though … when you hang around trash, you start to smell like garbage. Karlie can only push hers and Taylor’s ‘fans’ so far. He is toxic trash. She needs to take a shower and wash her mouth out with soap. It is hard not to say ‘eewww’ when you see pics of her tonight.

      IMO she believes that the moment she drops him and shows out there with Taylor we all will be forgiving and generous. That all the shitty behavior will be excused. Today I am not sure about me. I am not a forgiving person.

      That's right! You should NEVER forgive her for attending an event with the husband that she has attended that same event with for several years in a row! HOW DARE SHE.

      As for peeps being irritated about Taylor not going, I think it was the smart move let's be real. Given the theme and all of the high expectations for carpet performance, there is literally NOTHING Taylor could have worn/done that wouldn't have gotten her dragged. If she'd actually put effort into the theme, she would have been called tryhard, and if she hadn't she would have been dismissed as pointless, so why bother?

      The kays can explain why she didn't show up, too!

      Tay won’t attend Met gala. Many reasons. The most important two - jerklie and toe. 1. Why she would acknowledge the fake wedding? 2. If she shows without toe this will disturb many of her immature fans. Obv. Taylor doesn’t want that either.


      Taylor did a Facetime interview* with UK radio this morning and doesn't look terribly upset with her decision to stay away:

      * the fact that it was Facetime kinda undercuts the whole 'she's only in London to work' argument, gotta say.

      But really! if she had gone to the Met Gala, the headlines would have been either all about the 2016 Gala when she met Tom or her proximity to Kimye, KPerry, Karlie, or Harry.

      Speaking of! Haylor hopefulls really wanted to see a Haylor reunion happen, but the universe laughed at them!

      So it was Hendall that got the 'friendly exes' headline, damnit. (I admit to being a bit sad over this as well.)

      Okay, rewinding back a week to when Taylor was busting her butt promo-ing ME! (which I'm already over, and would just like the next single now plz) I do have some stuff to dump here (I was originally saving it all to post together with Met Gala pics but LOL):

      The video where Taylor met! Benjamin Button!

      Benjamin's interior dialogue:

      She also revealed that the WHOLE ME! video is basically an easter egg for the album and the tour and that people haven't found all the clues yet but we are so tired tbh?

      I'm too old for this. Just tell give me the damn album already.

      Her promo has been pretty relentless. She did NO interviews for rep, but has already done a dozen of them for TS7, and we don't even have a name for the album yet.

      Although if she ACTUALLY named it 'TS7' for reals, that would be a brilliant troll.

      I think this might have something to do with why she's going to be massively promo-ing throughout the era:

      So! In the name of securing the bag, Tay and Brendon performed their rainbow tushies off at the BBMAs.


      Really liked the whole jewelry look, though:

      (the Kaleidoscope ring makes me think that really might be the album title.

      And of course, Tay was back in her awards show groove, dancing and mixing it up with celebs:

      Paula Abdul!

      The actual performance was v.cute! (even if afterwards she drew fire from the folks claiming Bey invented marching bands):

      If Tay and Brendon had shown up to the Met Gala together like THIS it would have been ICONIC:

      Anyway, after the BBMAs, two things happened . . . Taylor flew straight to London where Joe 2.0 was waiting:

      . . . and her ex bf Joe 1.0 got married to Sansa Stark.

      The kays have an explanation for why Tay's gay ex-beard married a lady with lady parts! BECAUSE OF COURSE THEY DO.

      As if both Joe & Sophie really wanted/needed to secure their Het cover all the more now? Bc the timing is very suspicious, to say the least, not just the publicity buzz surrounding it, which currently benefits both of them for their respective careers (bc it’d be too easy if it was only to get publicity out of it, right? lol).

      Me thinks Joe Jonas may be more worried than i thought (to see what happens after Tay is out), maybe to see more people dig more into her old beardings, than probably expected before, wondering if their “romance” back then was false, then starting to look into his other beardings with other women, the rumors some of them also have had for years, and wondering the same thing? Something that could be very problematic for the brothers’ reunion album & tour and for his Het cover/brand image ?

      Bc Sophie already played her very PR acceptable coming out card a few weeks ago, technically she’s less at risk than he is on that one.

      Should we expect similar things happening soon for a few other guys Tay had also “dated” in the past ? maybe an “engagement” lol ? (yes, i’m looking at you Jake Gyllenhaall (with the new Spider Man movie being released in july, after having flashed your new beard in magazines in january..), or a new beard ? (hello Taylor Lautner). However, we may not see Tom Hiddleston flashing a new beard as preemptive damage, same for Harry.

      What is certain: the next few months are going to be very interesting (and telling) regarding these guys’ PR moves.


      However! A small subset of kaylors-who-think-they-broke up are jumping on a new! and exciting! bandwagon:

      Hi. Taylor is seeing someone new. hooked up at the end of 2018. A girl who was in a relationship and recently publicly ended it. both will come out around the same time, Tay’s team will mention Toe’s been on the rocks for months, no one really knowing when they broke up. Tay & her new girl will wait a few months before being seen hanging out. her past relationships didn’t work bc she was in the closet, she doesn’t want that to happen again. both feel they can make a diff. with LGBTQ youth.

      And IMMEDIATELY some stated that they THOUGHT they knew who this new galpal is . . .

      Do you actually believe Brie and Taylor are dating?

      I honestly don’t know, anon. There are some odd coincidences that I’m side eyeing. IF they were, it would be like a melding of Swiftgron (being pretty private), and like Kaylor where even some brave swifties (hets) were clamoring for Karlie to be something more than “friends”, but loving the friendship. *ship them as friends flashbacks*

      If Brie covers a gay as hell song of Taylor’s, we maaaaaay need to pay attention, if you’re into them.

      Yes THERE IS something going on. I know people are coming here mocking and personally I don't ship them but don't give up posting these Braylor evidences, it's becoming more obvious and we need someone in this fandom who digs deep for when the great news blow up BOOOOMMMMM

      i’m trying to stay neutral but my ship for this is leaving the dock in 3 seconds.

      Also if Taylor is planning to wait to come out in this album release cycle, a “Braylor” google search would likely bring up stuff about her friendship with Brendon Urie. So having the first single of the album be with him would be kind of brilliant from that angle, in addition to it being a great collab with two super talented amazing humans. Kinda like the song “Babe” burying search results for the article about her


      here’s no way taylor is seen wearing an accessory that matches brie’s days (i feel like brie had that particular earring on at all points of the marvel press tour for end game and CM) after the TIME 100 gala for no reason ESPECIALLY after they refused to be photographed together or even acknowledge each other in front of cameras aside from one grainy ass video.

      i don’t know what’s happening and i don’t want to reach but at this point i’m convinced it’s something neither of them want the general public to be aware of just yet…….

      For the record? A few months ago, Brie split from Alex Greenwald, lead singer of Phantom Planet, after dating for three years and being engaged for two years. Before that, she was with the actor John Amedori for four years. There are pics of her with her (male) exes . . .

      Not saying she's not also into women! I have literally no idea. But she's not out, and she'd definitely dated dudes for the past decade of so, so it kinda looks like they are slotting her in as the new Karlie -- but even worse! there's like, ZERO info out there to link her and Taylor together and they don't even seem to be hanging out regularly at all? There are ZIP NADA ZILCH HQ pics of Taylor and Brie in the same vicinity.

      There's this pic of them talking at the Time 100 gala a week or so ago:

      . . . where they are standing a couple of feet apart and not touching at all, and also there was a report of them chatting at an Oscars after party THREE YEARS AGO and that's it? Like for reals, no other connection between them except that for some reason a handful of people on the internet are absolutely determined to make this a thing, so . . .



      • Just when it couldn’t get any sadder. Do these people also root for actual gay couples that are true and out? Or is this like how Tom Cruise is interested in only non-$cienos?


        • Apparently, it's only fun if you forcefully project your sexual preferences onto famous strangers. IDK, it's a thing.
          It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


          • Do these people also root for actual gay couples that are true and out?

            Not really very much? Occasionally, but not with the same fervor. Conspiracy theories give you an endorphin rush unmatched by any other kind of shipping. #tru

            Y'all, Karlie's horrible dress was actually a piece of GENIUS SABOTAGE!:

            KK did NOT want to show off last night. Where else have we seen an understated look from her? At “the wedding”. Her “wedding dress” was completely plain, nothing to write home about. Don’t you think if one of the highest paid models IN THE WORLD was really getting married she would want to make a massive statement? Well, she did. Just not the one you would think.

            Bonus: she can use all this “worst dressed” press as leaked “insider commentary” on how tough the last few months have been when the whole stunt unfurls in “divorce” later.

            People on here used to say that they get along and are friends, but I don’t think that can be said anymore. For starters, if he actually cared about her as a person, he would have never asked/pressured her to go through with it. Full stop. Plus, we’ve heard from multiple people close to them that they’re not getting along and haven’t been for months.

            All Josh cares about is being famous to some extent (read Kushner, Inc… he’s just like his dad in this regard) and the amount of foreign money he can secure. That’s it. When it comes to achieving that, he’ll use Karlie in whatever way he sees fit and doesn’t care how it impacts her and her career. If they were real, he wouldn’t post about her on social media (or vice versa) because he would *actually* care about how it effects Karlie.

            Who do these people actually think Karlie and Taylor ARE? I mean, let's say the kay AU vision of the world is accurate, and 'the girls' really are sekrit wives/engaged/life partners etc . . . then HOW is Ms.Taylor the Boss Bitch, one of the richest/most influential people ON THE PLANET letting Mr. Rando Kushner OR ANYONE ELSE victimize her soulmate in the way these people think Karlie is being victimized? It makes no frickin frackin sense whatsoever. And if her dearly beloved really was being forced at nearly gunpoint to play along* with nefarious villainous schemes FOR YEARS would the Taylor look this happy and la di da everything is awesoME! the very morning after Karlie is made so miserable by the kontract??

            * I've seen the new Project Runway! Karlie Kloss is nowhere near a good enough actor to pull off what the kays think she is pulling off!

            Anyhoo, I didn't expect them to move the May goal posts quite so soon, but here ya go!

            You said that the contract is likely to end this month but they’ll probably announce their split in August. The general public mostly doesn’t know they’re “married” so if no one knows that then no one will care/there won’t be big headlines for their “divorce.” I think they’re planting the seeds i.e. getting their names out there and linked as a married couple and then portraying themselves as a hot mess to give people a reason to think they’re having problems.

            maybe the article will say something about how they‘ve been arguing and almost didn’t go to the gala and that’s why their outfits were so underwhelming/last minute. And the fight snowballed into irreconcilable difference and now they’re filing for divorce, etc etc

            Their continual posting of each other on social media proves they aren’t real to me because they get backlash every single time they do things, yet they continue to throw it in people’s faces. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense if they’re legit, especially since it damages her image and career. It tells me she *has to* post about him.

            I don’t want to say we should just ignore them for the time being, but like, what else do we do? I know for a fact she’s trying to get out of this mess so it’s not going to be like this forever. I also don’t want to be nasty towards her about it.

            (So Joe and Taylor are fake b/c they never post about each other on social media, but Kar and JK are fake b/c they always do? Gotcha!)

            She! is! trying! to! GET OUT! Can't you see???

            I mean, I don't even really like the Kloss-Kushners, but even I can tell they are very sweet on each other and y'all kays will be waiting a loooooong ass time for that divorce announcement.

            As for Tay, she's gone back into hiding more or less. Could be that she's regrouping after the BBMAs performance backlash, or it could be that 'flurry of promo punctuated by long periods of quiet' is just the new normal for her album roll outs.

            Any day now, though . . .


            • Taylor is on EW this week:

              She's got 29 pins on . . . she's repping the Friends cast, Grey's Anatomy, GOT, Dixie Chicks, and a rainbow heart that's got folks excited that it's a pride pin hinting she's coming out as gay this era.

              She might come out as bi!* It's not totes impossible, and if she was gonna do it, this is the era to do it in, I think. Obvs, I've wanted someone of Tay's stature to come out as bi FOREVER. . . . but I don't think a certain segment of fans realize yet that she can come out as bi and still not be currently dating any of the women they want her to/think she is. (and it definitely doesn't mean she and her boyf will split up, obvs).

              *I don't actually think she is, but hey! I've been wrong before.

              As a side note, she's been wearing this very subtle Tiffany gold and diamond bracelet a bunch of times since her birthday/Christmas:

              Fans are assuming it's the new Necklace of Unknown Significance. The BOUS!

              More pics from EW:

              From the interview (her FIRST with an actual journalist in three years):

              This practice of sharing and re-sharing and sharing again is why listeners consider Swift one of the world’s most accessible pop stars, someone willing to not only interact with her audience but invite them to secret listening sessions, or make the occasional surprise visit to their wedding or prom. It’s a symbiotic relationship, one that, as Swift tells EW, helped her dig out of the darker era of reputation.

              “It’s definitely the fans that made that tonal shift in the way I was feeling,” she says. “Songwriters need to communicate, and part of communicating correctly is when you put out a message that is understood the way you meant it. reputation was interesting because I’d never before had an album that wasn’t fully understood until it was seen live. When it first came out everyone thought it was just going to be angry; upon listening to the whole thing they realized it’s actually about love and friendship, and finding out what your priorities are.”

              Then, during the Reputation Tour, she had an epiphany: that despite the caricature that she thought had been created of her, there were many people who saw what others had simply refused to.

              “I would look out into the audience and I’d see these amazing, thoughtful, caring, wonderful, empathetic people,” she says. “So often with our takedown culture, talking s— about a celebrity is basically the same as talking s— about the new iPhone. So when I go and I meet fans, I see that they actually see me as a flesh-and-blood human being. That — as contrived as it may sound — changed [me] completely, assigning humanity to my life.”

              “Our priorities can get messed up existing in a society that puts a currency on curating the way people see your life,” she says.

              "Social media has given people a way to express their art. I use it to connect with fans. But on the downside you feel like there are 3 trillion new invisible hoops that you have to jump through, and you feel like you’ll never be able to jump through them all correctly. I — along with a lot of my friends and fans — am trying to figure out how to navigate living my life and not just curating what I want people to think living my life is. I’m not always able to maintain a balance, and I think that’s important for everyone to know about. We’re always learning, and that’s something that I also had to learn — that I’ve got to be brave enough to learn. Learning in public is so humiliating sometimes… Do I feel more balanced in my life than I ever have before? Um, probably yeah. But is that permanent? No. And I think being okay with that has put me in a bit of a better position.”

              (I'd call that her response to the BBMAs kerfuffle.)

              She's just really light and happy this era. Good for her.

              They also did an interview with her about cultural influences, and she revealed that reputation is basically her GOT playlist which is hilars to me:


              Though she’d heard rumblings about a Red Wedding, the pop star managed to stay away from most major spoilers. “I can avoid pretty much any information,” she tells EW. “For a couple years, every time I’d see my name in print, I’d throw the phone. If you can avoid your own presence, spoilers [are] easy.”

              “So much of my imagination was spent on Game of Thrones,” she says. “At the time, I was making reputation and I didn’t talk about it in interviews, so I didn’t reveal that a lot of the songs were influenced by the show.”

              . . . .

              “These songs were half based on what I was going through, but seeing them through a Game of Thrones filter,” Swift says. “‘Look What You Made Me Do’ is literally Arya Stark’s kill list. ‘King of My Heart’ was influenced by Khal Drogo and Daenerys. It’s even got this post-hook of drums — I wanted them to sound like Dothraki drums.” She also wrote lines based on plots from season 7 right before the record dropped. “‘I Did Something Bad’ I wrote after Arya and Sansa conspire to kill Littlefinger,” she says. That and “Look What You Made Me Do,” she adds, “are very Cersei vibes, too. Daenerys as well.”


              Though she hasn’t confessed the Thrones connection to any cast members (she’s met both Sophie Turner and Emilia Clarke), Swift did tell series creators D.B. Weiss and David Benioff once at a party. “I was sitting there going, ‘Do I tell them? Is that weird? No one asked for this information.’ [But] one of the first things they said was ‘Our daughters love your music.’ I’m like, ‘This is my in.’” (The showrunners were flattered by Swift’s fandom.)

              As far as GOT is concerned, I don't really go here? But I assume most of you know what she's talking about. I just think it's amusing that Taylor is the kind of fangirl to get a hyperfixation to the point of writing what was practically her own fanfic for a tv show.

              Looks like Taylor might have gone back to the UK after ME! promo because Joe has been filming the new BBC A Christmas Carol an hour outside of London. Fans had been grumbling that he should have come to her instead of the other way 'round, but I mean, the guy does have to work sometimes? Bob ain't gonna Cratchit himself, y'all.

              I do think it's funny that he's already playing a dad character!

              He did like Tay's EW post super fast, though:

              And a long throooowback to Taylor's Disappeared Time in early '17 resurfaced on tumblr and I wanna post for wig and orgasm reasons:

              No room for improvement!

              But for reals, it's the wig part that was important to that sighting. In a diff post, that person also said she didn't notice any security, just Taylor and Joe and a two or three friends or whatever, so no wonder! that Taylor spends so much time in London. If she's got wigs that good (and this was like the third or fourth brown wig sighting of Taylor in those months but nobody believed them) and can honestly move around town without being noticed by more than one or two randos then that is definitely the place for her to live long term. And I would like more deets on their new Notting Hill place plz! There are many streets in Notting Hill that match her new aesthetic!

              (and which look a lot like ME! tbh):

              I'm leaning way into at least one song on the album being called 'Welcome to London' or something similar.

              She did share some stuff about TS7:

              “There’s a lot of a lot on this album. I’m trying to convey an emotional spectrum. I definitely don’t wanna have too much of one thing…. You get some joyful songs and you get the bops, as they say. [There’s also some] really, really, really, really sad songs, but not enough to where you need to worry about me.”

              Other info she dropped is that it's going to be her longest ever album (which means at least 20 songs, I guess?) and that the stamps on the TS calendar really are important, so one of the stamped dates is probs the release date. Oh, and that there are easter eggs hidden on the jacket she is wearing on the cover of EW because of course there are.

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              • I eagerly await the explanation of how the brown wig is a signal that the Joe thing is just a contract keeping Kaylor apart.


                • [I eagerly await the explanation of how the brown wig is a signal that the Joe thing is just a contract keeping Kaylor apart.[/quote]

                  I want more details on the wig!

                  But yeah that story circulated two years ago, but the kays have literally never acknowledged that Taylor once told an entire pub bathroom about the high quality of the orgasms her boyfriend gives her.

                  (not that she didn't basically tell the whole world on Reputation anyway.)


                  • I officially don’t enjoy the first single, but I’m totally down with the pastel madness aesthetic. And if she didn’t make it up after the fact, the GoT inspiration is hilarious! But I’m still waiting for a cat theme, tbh.

                    Karlie seems like a bit of a dummy to me, so it makes sense that these Taylor Is Sekrit Gay! believers would eventually turn on and/or abandon KK for someone infinitely more socially aware like Brie Larson.


                    • And if she didn’t make it up after the fact, the GoT inspiration is hilarious!

                      She didn't!

                      According to the rep secret sessioners, she actually did tell them about the GOT influence back in 2018, but asked them not to mention it . . . I guess because she felt a little silly about it. I've seen a couple of sessioners mention it today since Taylor is telling people herself.

                      Here's one:

                      Currently, album theorists are convinced that many things are hinting at TS7 being a double album. It could be that's why she still hasn't dropped the name? Usually fans get the album name at the same time as the first single, but she's being cagey about it this time.

                      Like maybe 13 songs per disc, or something along those lines. Would be wild if true. A similar theory is that half the album will be her, and the other half will be all collabs. She did have Dixie Chicks, Troye Sivan, Selena, Faith Hill, and Drake on her jacket . . . and it would not be weird for her to collab with any of those people. There's no Ed on TS7, though! She did tell a radio interviewer that this week.

                      someone infinitely more socially aware like Brie Larson.

                      I did NOT predict this, but they are not letting it go.

                      A major gaylor got this anon today:

                      More “Braylor” evidence/coincidences are coming in the next couple of days. On another note wait until the Ellen show is booked, that date will become significant.

                      Which means 'sources' are already coming out of the woodwork to start dropping clues, y'all.

                      Braylor just came out of thin fucking air, that's the crazy thing. At least pick someone Taylor has actually been seen hanging out with! I mean, this makes about as much sense as if I started shipping Cinderella with Little Bo Peep from Toy Story and actually convinced myself it was happening based on nothing whatsoever. It's one of the stranger things I've see out in conspiracyland!

                      But that's okay!

                      ETA You know, Braylor is a brand new shipping frontier, so I could probably slide into some gaylor DMs and secure a spot as a 'totally legitimate source' if I hurry!

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                      • Taylor is performing dressed in a rainbow suit! I wonder if gaylors are having an aneurysm.


                        • IT’S THE SIGN THEY’VE BEEN WAITING FOR!


                          • Oh, it's been fun in Kayland for sure!

                            Imma do a real update post soon, I promise.


                            • Taylor and Katy Perry becoming friendly again after aaaaalllllllll the mess they made together bodes well for a legit Taylor/Karlie reconciliation. Kaylors will have material for years once that friendship is back on track.


                              • I don't think that friendship will rekindle, actually. What do you think, o?