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  • You guys! Do y'all mind if I experiment with font size on here? My eyes are old, y'all. Not sure how this will post, though.

    Yes, Katy and Taylor! It's happening!

    According to Swifty Sleuths, it looks like the pic was actually taken in Taylor's LA house, but her jets dropped her off in NYC a week or so ago, so my theory is that Katy broke into Taylor's house and baked the cookies herself, but Taylor is being nice about it instead of prosecuting her for trespassing and stolen property (i.e. cookie dough, frosting, and sprinkles, obvs).

    Or maybe the ONE person who is both a Katycat and a Swifty got ahold of a monkey's paw and so this is what we get.

    For reals, though, if Tay is still in NYC, then is might be a latergram and people are wondering (worrying?) that this means a Tay/Katy P. collab called Lets' Be Friends, and nobody really wants that to be honest?

    I agree with Issie, wonder if this means an actual hatchet burying tour on Tay's part, and does that mean Karlie is next??

    Anyhoo, I have been holding off on doing a Big Update because the current fake source over on the k'lor kween's page has been doing a countdown (in Roman numerals! so YOU KNOW it's legit!) and I think it's counting down to TOMORROW and I wanted to wait and see WHAT! WILL! HAPPEN! So far, the sources 'predictions' have all been very weak, vague, and mostly after the fact so I'm curious to know what they will retroactively decide the countdown was for. Tomorrow is the 13th of the month, so it's not that weird to think Taylor might do . . . something?

    Obviously, the hope is that she publicly commences the Gaygenda, but I guess we'll see! If only the Katy peace post had happened tomorrow, they could have claimed that as the fulfillment of this week's prophecy, but Katy jumped the gun I guess.

    The k'lors desperately need SOME good news because when they last got really confident about Tay/Joe and Kar/Josh all ending in May they got hit with . . .

    Karlie in Canada with JK for the weekend of May 25th . . . .

    She and Josh both posted a bunch of pics and insta stories with lots of heart emojis, while looking very much UNLIKE a 'about to be fake divorced from our fake marriage' couple.

    The kween had thoughts!

    I have not been told any different on the timeline. But it would not surprise me if they stunt at least once in June since we have called out the May split for months. And, as I just mentioned, they are not likely to announce it right away. Maybe mid summer. Just guessing on that though.

    That makes sense. Josh and Karlie didn't split up in May BECAUSE the kween said they would!

    But even worse! All of the gaylors were assaulted with THIS HETEROSEXUAL INSULT at the same time:

    Joe! And Taylor! strolling the streets of Paris!

    but . . . but . . Joe was supposed to be OUT OF THE PICTURE (according to the kween and pretty much every k'lor/g'lor on the planet).

    Actual footage of Joe:


    Anyway, have to leave it here for right now because of 'must actually parent my child' reasons, but I'll be back with more updated-ness, I really will. I've got OODLES of kayland reaction to The City Of Love stroll Heard 'Round The World. Spoiler! They were all UNPLEASED.


    • Mega post ahoy!

      Well, to literally nobody's surprise, the pop star who is currently in 'release new music mode' and who obsesses over the number 13 is going to release new music today on the 13th. Possibly announcing the album title (Lover, most likely), a new single, and possibly? also releasing a music video.

      So that will work for the kay's source's prophecy, but! I think prophesying new music when everyone assumed new music was coming anyway is a pretty sad use of a kay source's time. At least spill deets about actual kaylor related stuff! There were several forums that not only already had the 13th pegged as a release date, but have even spilled what the single will be called "You need to calm down" (so that's where the Je Suis Calme! easter egg comes from) :

      . . . and this is a snippet of cover art:

      Folks are NOT LOVING any of this which I think is funny since nobody's even heard the song yet. The only description has been 'a summer song' which doesn't sound bad to me. RED was the autumn album, Reputation was the winter album, I guess 1989 was a Spring album? and so Lover? may as well be the summer one.

      But yeah, the fact that all of this info has basically leaked out into the public domain makes the kay's source's countdown seem even sadder, because they don't have any other actual info, I guess.* The idea that today was going to be significant was already out there.

      *assuming that was what the countdown was supposed to be.

      The kween's kourt knows EXACTLY what will happen during Taylor's livestream tonight:

      y’all she’s probably coming out in a matter of days at this point so if she needs a little me time to regroup before her life irrevocably changes forever like… let her have that, she’s earned it

      Second single and album title announced tomorrow. With that comes an explanation behind both. She will strongly hint at liking women. I still think she’s the one wearing that Rainbow gown and she’ll wear it at Wold Pride in NYC at the end of the month around the same time July RS is dropping. She’ll officially come out in that. her concert on July 10th where she’ll speak for the first time about everything directly to her fans and through her songs. This way no one can twist her story.

      Taylor is going to come out. Even Karlie is dropping hints about it. Karlie knows what she is doing by emphasising OUT. Taylor is really going to do it. ♠️ also made a big deal on the countdown and whatever Taylor has in store, it’s going to be mindblowing since she’s also very extra when it comes to 13.

      IT'S HAPPENING THIS TIME. You know, not like all the other times they said it was happening and then it didn't happen and everybody was really sad, nope this time IT IS HAPPENING!

      . . . Meanwhile, because what goes up must come down . . . yesterday, Karlie wanted everyone to celebrate her fake husband's fake birthday oh wait, his birthday might be real but NOTHING ELSE IS CAN POSSIBLY BE:

      Her insta comments are FULL of fans who really do want to send her and The Good Kushner some love:

      And her tumblr fans wanted to celebrate, too:

      It's really very heartwarming.

      The kween has thoughts:

      Karlie created her own mess by bearding for the criminal since 2012. So people have the right to be angry or turned off by her. She took his money, with full knowledge that he is dirty. This is 100% on her.

      Taylor, of course, coordinated this with Karlie. So that is a disappointing reflection on Taylor … I am a whole lot less enthused about whatever Taylor is doing tomorrow now. So … well done team …*♀️

      This post alone doesn’t change my opinion on the contract being over. I need to see if they do pap walks, or if she beards for him at future events before I am convinced that she extended it. The post was possibly done just for Karlie’s own sake to distance herself from the narrative … and, possibly, to attempt to stomp out our talk of the contract ending in May.

      It is really sad that when they do come out, their narrative is still going to be false … based on what seems obvious … they are denying publicly their true history together.

      Anyhoo, so here comes the fun bit where Taylor Keeps On Not Coming Out despite the fact that errrybuddy thought she was gonna . . . obvs, she didn't come out when she was interviewed by Robyn Roberts, she didn't come out when she released Me!, she didn't come out when she wet on Ellen . . . actually wait, let's talk about Ellen for a sec. Not only did she NOT come out, she mentioned her first kiss was with a high school boyfriend*, and she also talked about her ex Joe Jonas:

      * the kays say she was out and proud during high school and never dated any icky hs boys ever.

      And despite the fact that the kays insisted that Ellen knows all about the Gaygenda and is encouraging Taylor to come out, Ellen also made a joke about Taylor talking about her boyf when they came back from commercial. It was all sort of hetero-esque when it wasn't supposed to be?

      The kays had the answer:

      as a body language expert I thought Ellen’s body language when she mentioned the “boyfriend” was very telling, the subtle eye roll, kick of the leg and shift in her seat, all signs of annoyance and being /done/ not necessarily with Taylor but the fact that the GP can’t see how obvious it is that she isn’t straight. You can tell that Ellen knows and has known for a long time.

      AS A BODY LANGUAGE EXPERT. Just gonna leave that out there.

      In conclusion? Taylor didn't make her Ellen interview hint at anything, let's be real. Even though she could have!

      But she did talk about Benji, so that was nice.

      Moving on! Taylor continued not coming out during her radio interviews in the US, the UK, and in France and oh! just wanted to post her Paris outfit here because I thought it was interesting:

      I like the color and print, just not sure about the proportions, ya know?

      These two pics that Joe (or whoemever) took of her at the hotel are nice, though:

      View this post on Instagram

      au revoir

      A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

      She also entirely failed to come out when she did Graham Norton with the XMen cast.

      Bottomline, the entire press tour for Me! has been a lot less "I'm coming out soon" and a lot more . . .

      Very disappointing!

      It's been two steps forward, three steps back for the past couple of months.

      But who knows this time it MIGHT happen! Kind of like one of those fics: "Five Billion Times Taylor Swift Failed To Come Out And One Time She Did". It only takes one, amirite?

      Okay, now throwing it back a bit to dump some of the kay reactions to Taylor 's various shenanigans.

      All of the various rainbow references have definitely been noticed because it's IMPOSSIBLE to use rainbows and not be hinting SOMETHING. In fact, all of these people must also be hinting they are equally as closeted as Taylor I suppose . . .


      Tiffany Haddish in this stunner:

      Tay's BFF Katy loooooves herself some rainbows:








      . . . and basically every corporation ever this month:

      C'mon Elizabeth, if you come out we will support you:

      I could totally keep going, but the point is! All the other pop divas etc can use rainbow imagery and are seen as Good Allies for it, but only Taylor has to be Hinting Something. I don't think the kaylor/gaylors have fully realized the extent of which tipping the hat to the pride flag by draping yourself in it is seen as allyship these days.

      I mean, yeah, maybe all of those ladies really ARE coming out. Maybe 2019 is THE YEAR for all of these peeps to come out, (which would be hella fun, let's be real!).

      But the other thing about the TS7 aesthetic that has folks scratching their heads is WHICH freaking pride flag is she supposed to be repping as a hint because it keeps changing?

      But the kays have an answer!

      The various LGBT flag colors are probably an informal poll. Taylor's PR team is probably monitoring anyone who notices the flag colors & collecting data for her to consider. The polling favors Bi!Taylor by are ridiculously huge margin, and pretty much everyone entirely ignores lesbian flag colors and maybe a handful of people mention pan colors. Majority wins with Taylor everytime, she's gonna go with Bi as a label because it's obviously the best for commercialism considering her brand.

      That makes sense. In the future, everyone will identify as whatever an informal and entirely unscientific poll tells them to identify as. That's what democratic socialism stands for, obviously.

      Then of course, the MAJOR CLUSTERFUCKERY step backwards happened when Taylor and Joe were papped in Paris together when no one even knew he'd come with her (he's been filming for weeks so the kays thought they were safe). But nooope, there he was reporting for duty.

      What did it mean? Well, it meant that she was going to let them all down!

      Side note: What I am posting is just tip of the kayberg, there are hundreds of reactions out there. I tried to curate them but it's still A LOT. Feel free to skim, you'll get the general gist of what kind of HOMOPHOBIC TRAITOR they think Taylor is for daring to hold her boyfriend's hand in public during PRIDE MONTH.

      No more streaming. I’m not about to support a queerbaiting capitalist.

      Taylor Alison Swift, you done fucked up.

      Let’s not defend this stunt. It was a mistake, and a very bad one that has almost certainly obliterated a lot of the good will she’s built with the LGBT+ community. I still don’t doubt that she’s queer, and I think we’ll see a lot more signaling from her, but this is a clusterfuck that should have been avoided. When Tay finally does come out completely, it’s going to be a goddamn bloodbath that makes the abuse Ariana Grande took look like a disagreement over ordering lunch.

      You know when you love someone and they hurt you, you just make every excuse and think for some reason what they did was because they care and love you? Yeah, that’s called manipulation and if you identify with that relationship situation - RUN. That’s the advice I’d give someone I care about if they were stuck in a vicious, deceitful, abuse cycle... and yet here we all are. Hurt and coming up with excuses for their behavior. My “hope” and the excuse I offer is that it’s goodbye to stunting..

      At this point I don’t know how the GP has not exposed her (and cancelled her) for queerbaiting. She loudly wears rainbows and supports LGBT musicians and artists and dancers and stylists and publicly donates to LGBT charity and then does the equivalent of a #nohomo. Taylor, this is a message to you: if you don’t want what happened to Ariana to happen to you, then either cool it with the gay or drop your freaking beard. Seriously, this is going to end badly for you if you don’t.

      This is the first time through Taylor's career that I've actually been outright disgusted with her. I'm no longer excited about new music. Ive deleted my blog. She's completely inauthentic. Everything she's been screaming this era is just a ploy to sell music. She clearly doesn't think the real "her" is worthy of being open and accepted. Enough of the bull shit that "it was happening too soon". No. She kept him around because she was never going to take the step. She's a despicable role model.

      Can they, like, never come out? Stay married to your beards for fucking ever and don’t bother trying to cater to a lgbt audience. Stay in your fucking lane like you’ve done all these years, we’re finally starting to get representation from other small artists, can Taylor Swift (and Karlie Kloss) keep living in their heteronormative world, we really don’t need their schemes and plans. I swear I’ll still give you my money Taylor, just stop using ANYTHING related to the lgbt community.

      I don't think we've caught a break with all the gay stuff Taylor's been doing it honestly does NOT make up for the stunting. Stop playing us. We've been waiting a long time for this you don't need to come out but stop yo-yo ing us around. We are not play toys.

      Happy Pride. Yeah, no. I'm out. Still got scars on my back from your knife.

      Toe stunting literally *anywhere* other than Paris could have been more tolerable, but now there's going to be people who will *never* back down on both Rep & TS7 being for Mr. Toe Schmoe now. Really Taylor, you had to connect France with him? Well, there's a real possibility that their'll be too much burnout with us to analyze if there's any Kaylor Konnections in your next single, what with the tide of incoming vitriol and violent homophobia I can *feel* that'll be coming to our inboxes, Ms. TS

      Taylor's worst enemy is herself, and that's the truth. Joe is nothing but a bought and paid for dog she takes on a walk to 'prove' she's not with a woman. If Joe really was her boyfriend, then people wouldn't be so fucking pissed. But he's just some scruffy gay Z-lister she's walking like a dog until Karlie Kloss 'divorces' her 'husband'. Taylor wants to be out and she wants to keep her star on the rise so she's walking her pet gay guy

      A note to Taylor and Tree: You really have to consider how foolish you make us look despite how badly you need us. Don't keep tugging us around when we are the most devoted and important fans a closeted artist could ever have. Don't take advantage of us. And don't destroy your own momentum within the fandom. Again and again you self sabotage your own progress. Think carefully about your impact on community opinion and individual queer fans. Please.

      God, I think a lot of people were pissed because it was a surprise stunt. Everyone just rolled their eyes and ignored KK because we knew it was stunt time, but TS kind of dropped a bowling ball in our Cheerios without warning, and that damn insta like, which her homophobes took as a sign to tar & feather us, was TS just beating is over the head with the bowling ball. At least warn your gays somehow before you let your homophobes go wild & rabid Taylor, I mean this is what *I* got upset about tbh

      The bowling ball in the Cheerios imagery is just . . . *chef's kiss*.

      This one is my fave . . . a fake conservative spotting!

      Let me start off by saying that I am quite religious and I consider myself somewhat conservative. I’m probably considered one of Taylor’s target demographic for these cringed stunts unfortunately . I’ve been lurking on your blog since early 2016. I just wanted to say that even with my religious beliefs, I feel for the lgbtq community and how painful this is. The community deserves better than this. Taylor, stop playing mind games.—A conservative fan. (Do better if you want my money, Taylor)

      In the words of our First Lady, BE BEST Taylor Swift!

      So either she was getting cold feet and was going to delay her come out, or it meant that she was going to - GASP HORRORS! come out as bi or pan - which would be an OBVIOUS LIE.

      Well after this lovers’ stroll around Paris we can DEFINITELY say she’ll never come out as lesbian. What a shame. I don’t think things are ever gonna change in regards to how the lgbt community is viewed when even one of the most powerful people in the industry gives into the pressure of pretending to be into men in some capacity even if she’s not. I know it would be a huge risk for her and it would have bad consequences, but it’s a bit of a let down nonetheless.

      She’s lesbian coded to Lesbos and back for years now, with Dianna being as blatant since Ellen and her girlfriends, and it’s been lesbians who’ve picked up on it since 2007.

      Yep, Taylor Swift, "Bisexual" Queen. God I love Taylor but I hope she knows what she's doing. Girl "better" be telling the truth or have a good, dramatic, sympathetic spin to put on it if she ever comes out as anything else after coming out as bi... People are going to be BIG mad otherwise if she ever revealed that she willingly bends the truth for literally the 10000th time . I know it's the most male friendly consumable way to come out, but really... Girl just better commit to her new role .

      Taylor is pushing the bi flag colours down everyone's throat. I hope she's got a decent plan if she ever decides to come out as a lesbian after that, especially if everyone finds out that every man she 'dated' are gay and paid for. Excluding CH, who's an ass enough to out-out Taylor. Welp, I'd defend her bearding for 13 years but I sure can't *fabricate* men that she's been with, so girls on her own with that.

      Bi people are legitimately getting really excited and they feel seen and represented by their literal idol on Tumblr and Twitter. They are sooooo happy and it'll actually hurt them if she ever admits that the only reason she came out as bi was to stay marketable and consumable to the masses. Of course she could do the late-in-life lesbian realization in a few years and it could be ok?

      Seems like swifties will "accept" taylor as bisexual cause then she doesn't lied to them This is not "accepting" people, it's just putting your wishes over taylor's feelings... They're still blind and will never assume they're wrong all this time

      Go ahead choose the safe “I’m bisexual and in a relationship with my angel of a boyfriend” route, You’ll see where that gets you. You coud’ve been the hero for everyone. You could’ve broken the dirty, horrible, opressive bearding heteronormative machine and I’m so so so heartbroken to see you not do that, I don’t think I’ll ever understand why you didn’t. Because no reason that comes to my mind is worth it, not the safety of the men, not your career, not the het fans. Why would you let something that hurt you so bad hurt millions of others in the future. Sucks, really disappointing.

      Tay’s lyrics scream lesbian. When you live so much of your life thinking that you like men when you don’t….the difference is STAGGERING when you awaken. It’s easy to find our own signals. I doubt she’ll come out as a lesbian because of our society’s lesbophobia but I’d love her to prove me wrong. (We are here for you, my dear! We will hold you up.)

      I think it’s just plain and simple. We were waiting for a hero, she is not a hero.

      As a side note, I realize there isn't anyone out as a lesbian with quite as high a profile as Taylor so I can sympathize with the need for representation, but can y'all tone DOWN the raging biphobia?

      Oh, but I'm wrong because it's not biphobic at all:

      That's very convincing. I am totally convinced now.

      Not everyone was ready to give up on her, though:

      What if the pap walk was to help an amicably split narrative? They spent an afternoon together, talked, and agreed the sparks stopped flying but they value story together and it’s a relationship they can smile back on. Now they’re just friends, and Taylor left Paris and posted the Au Revior, sending him love as a friend and part of her past, and he liked it like a thank you too. I get it wasn’t necessary to do a pap walk for this narrative, but maybe it felt safer to have the receipts in place.

      That's some excellent fanficcing, I like it. I think it's called bargaining, though?

      This one is just . . .

      just went down a rabbit hole of anagrams after your post and if you rearrange the letters in "another like me" you get "The omen: Karlie". Maybe this is coincidence?? but I'm still shook.

      And these people are not even worried because TAYLOR ALREADY CAME OUT DUH:

      Have you not figured it out? Could your intense detective skills blind you for so long?

      Guys, she’s out of the closet already. She’s been out.

      The only thing that you’re meant to see is her transition to being comfortable with whomever she likes. You’re meant to see, not hear. There’s nothing for Taylor to say regarding her sexuality, just more songs pointing the obvious.

      Right, more of all of the obvious songs using really obvious pronouns like 'he' and 'him', okay.

      The kweens official message:

      I decided today that I will not buy her album or go to her tour as long as he is around. I am not going to support this album as long as it is being implied about a fake romance with the undeserving muse.

      I posted all of those messages because Taylor’s team needs to know the negative impact she has at times on her LGBTQ fans. I have received devastating messages from fans over the years when Taylor and Karlie play on the emotions of their LGBTQ fans. The two steps forward-one step back game is hard on people’s mental health. No one has asked her to come out. It is her choice if she does. But the yo-yo game of hope and daggers is not healthy. If I did not know what I know, it absolutely presents itself as queer baiting.

      Enjoy your weekends. Neither one of them deserve our time or attention right now.

      HOPE AND DAGGERS. I love that.

      Honestly, if your fandom is all hopes and daggers and your icon is constantly letting you down by not living out the fantasies you have concocted for her, maybe you should consider joining a different fandom? Just a suggestion!

      Another step forward! Tay basically kinda dressed as the pan flag for her and Brendon's (who happens to be pan, by the way) performance at Wango Tango:

      It did have this kind of energy:

      . . . but then, two steps back!

      Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn Reportedly Had a Secret-ish Double Date With Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse

      Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn, a couple madly in love with each other and also their privacy, went on a double date with another couple that really, really loves to keep their relationship private too: Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse, Us Weekly reports.

      The four went to as private a public venue as they could manage in Los Angeles: Hollywood’s San Vicente Bungalows. The San Vicente Bungalows is an exclusive members-only club (other members include Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Aniston), and they don't allow people there to take pictures.

      Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas recently had their honeymoon there, which prompted Page Six to report that the club has a "no phones, no pictures, no social media, no talking about other members-policy." So it truly is the perfect place for two private couples to have a double date out.

      Other people still saw Swift, Alwyn, Pattinson, and Waterhouse, and one onlooker told Us Weekly that the date happened. It was good fun. "The four were laughing and talking" all night, the onlooker said. "They were at a table, just the four of them. Rob and Taylor were across from each other."

      A separate source told Us Weekly that these days, Swift is more at ease being out in public with Alwyn, her British boyfriend of two years. Swift "has become more comfortable being out" with Alwyn, the source said.

      As to how this double date even happened and how these people know each other? Waterhouse was a Taylor Swift squad member and remains the singer's friend.

      Pattinson, Warner Brothers' new Batman, and Waterhouse have been together for almost a year. They were first reported to be dating last July. Pattinson was asked about Waterhouse during his the Times interview in April this year. He responded, “do I have to [talk about her]?"

      Then he explained why he doesn't want to talk about her or anyone he has, is, or will date.

      "If you let people in, it devalues what love is," he started. "If a stranger on the street asked you about your relationship, you’d think it extremely rude. If you put up a wall it ends up better. I can’t understand how someone can walk down the street holding hands, and it’s the same as when I do it and a hundred people are taking your photo. The line between when you’re performing and when you’re not will eventually get washed away and you’ll go completely mad.”

      No pics, boo. Suki and Taylor have been friends for years and years, and Joe and Rob probably know loads of Brit actor peeps in common, so this isn't that weird of a quad-pairing, I suppose. Because there weren't pics, the kays ignored this whole thing pretty much entirely.

      Another step forward . . . Taylor posted about the Equality Act for Pride month:

      View this post on Instagram

      HAPPY PRIDE MONTH!!! While we have so much to celebrate, we also have a great distance to go before everyone in this country is truly treated equally. In excellent recent news, the House has passed the Equality Act, which would protect LGBTQ people from discrimination in their places of work, homes, schools, and other public accommodations. The next step is that the bill will go before the Senate. I’ve decided to kick off Pride Month by writing a letter to one of my senators to explain how strongly I feel that the Equality Act should be passed. I urge you to write to your senators too. I’ll be looking for your letters by searching the hashtag #lettertomysenator. While there’s no information yet as to when the Equality Act will go before the Senate for a vote, we do know this: Politicians need votes to stay in office. Votes come from the people. Pressure from massive amounts of people is a major way to push politicians towards positive change. That’s why I’ve created a petition at to urge the Senate to support the Equality Act. Our country’s lack of protection for its own citizens ensures that LGBTQ people must live in fear that their lives could be turned upside down by an employer or landlord who is homophobic or transphobic. The fact that, legally, some people are completely at the mercy of the hatred and bigotry of others is disgusting and unacceptable. Let’s show our pride by demanding that, on a national level, our laws truly treat all of our citizens equally. Click the link in my bio to sign the petition for Senate support of the Equality Act.

      A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

      She went on a tumblr liking spree after posting that, and notably she didn't post a like on any posts from kay blogs or anything like this:

      she’s gay, your honor. and she, an adult woman who is in a privileged enough position to have full agency and control over her own narrative, is coming out literally right now as we speak

      tbh that lyric from clean “i screamed so loud but no one heard a thing” really just describes taylor trying to come out by essentially shouting it from the rooftops and some people are still clueless

      But she did like posts like these:

      "TAYLOR YOU ARE SO AMAZING!!!! Thank you time and time again for being an ally to the lgbtq+ community and for respecting who they are and for speaking up with such grace!!!!!!!!"

      "Just signed!! I’m so happy Taylor supports the LGBTQ community! We love you Taylor!"

      "Honestly Taylor supporting gay rights makes me so happy and I feel so welcomed by her"

      "Taylor wishing us gays a happy pride month THANKS BABY LOVE YOU"

      . . . and other posts that thanked her for being an ally. Which is quite different than claiming to be a member of the community you are advocating for, right?

      And that friend of Taylor who had her come and surprise his boyfriend at their engagement party posted:

      I mean . . . so far everything she's done, this petition, making rainbows part of the TS7 aesthetic, giving shout outs to LBGTQ+ artists, honestly can be chalked up to ally-ship? And isn't way different from what other pop stars have done? But nooooo, it's all has to be evidence of MORE!

      Uh . . . other than the last one, that doesn't seem hard to do? I'm honestly not sure if this person has ever met a straight person in their life. Which seems statistically impossible!

      But what would happen if Taylor actually DID come right out and clearly state that she is a straight ally and nothing more? Y'all would be cool with that, right? I mean, you would have to accept it if she stated it as fact . . .

      What would it take for Tay to do to convince you that she is actually straight?

      if she were to ever give a statement that she is straight, i would expect her to offer some explanation as to why she is queer coding her entire..prescence rn…bc if she really is straight, then what she is doing is pretty intense queer baiting and that would be really shitty of her, considering she KNOWS how her lgbt fans feel extremely connected to her right now…i guess i would stop so openly encouraging a discussion around it but u are right, i think a part of me would never truly believe her only bc of her chemistry w women..,,and her including herself w the lgbt community when talking about pride..there’s just a lot of things that i feel like would be really hard to fake, for YEARS at that, when she really…wouldn’t have had to…considering she’s always had lgbt fans before her hints got loud enough for people to take notice..for me, it just doesn’t make a lot of sense for her to drop all of those hints for going on…6? 7 years? even if she wasn’t lgbt, i still wouldn’t believe her relationships were real, they were still v clearly for pr purposes…and tbh, her being lgbt is the only way those relationships would even make sense bc aside from it, she wouldn’t need the pr help?? so w that in mind as well, it would make a straight statement even harder to believe

      So . . . there's no winning here for Taylor. If she comes out as straight, they won't believe her, if she comes out as bi/pan or no labels, they won't believe her. Well, I suppose there's really only one acceptable answer and that's the one she's . . . uh . . . never going to give them, so . . .

      So yeah, that's kind of the bottom line if we are being super real. They want something they are never going to get.

      And oh, by the way? Just by having this conversation that questions their conspiracy we are being homophobic:

      I'd like Taylor Swift to come out as much as the next person who wants increased visibility for bi folks, but nothing she has done in this era actually points that way.

      However! Perhaps that will all change during her livestream tonight! We will know soon!

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      • I do wonder why they've chosen Taylor to be this person. Like, why not Katy Perry or Beyonce or who ever else? Kacey and Gaga get so much love and are not expected to be anything other than what they present themselves as. I mean, maybe there's a whole section of tumblr devoted to time lining Kacey's upcoming divorce announcement and subsequent coming out party and I just don't know about it? And WTF happened with Ariana Grande!? Was she also supposed to come out but then didn't and now she's cancelled? Because she's more popular than ever lately so that does not seem to have worked out according to their plans. I was around for Mark of the Behr and basically ran my own fan account for a Creek alum's RL romance for like 7 years and even still, I find this perplexing.


        • WTF happened with Ariana Grande

          Oh, that was fun times . . . Ariana was announced to headline a Pride event, people jumped all over the organizers for not booking a LGBTQ+ artist to headline, so then Ariana released a song that hinted that she liked both girls and boys but didn't actually come out as bi. Everyone rolled their eyes and called her an attention seeker and it was widely seen as a clusterfuck. I mean, it's definitely true that folks will erase your bi-ness if you've mostly dated men publicly, but also this is all just part and parcel of Ariana's dramz and why people don't believe her about stuff anyway. I really don't think Taylor would get the same reaction, she has a lot more credibility with the General Public.

          As to why Taylor? I think it's about aesthetics, tbh. She looks like a Barbie and that somehow triggers fantasies. That's my theory!

          Okay! Livestream!Taylor totally failed to Come Out once AGAIN.

          Although her livestream did take down instagram, so that's some Big Dick Energy right there.

          But she did spill the info FINALLY.

          The Lover (nailed it!) album will be out on August 23rd! A new single called 'You Need To Calm Down' (nailed it!) will be out at midnight tonight, with a video out on Monday!

          Taylor Swift 6/13 Livestream - recap

          New single called “You Need to Calm Down” tonight, midnight Eastern

          Music video Monday June 17th, premiering on Good Morning America then YouTube

          Title is Lover!

          Album release date is August 23, 2019 - because 8 + 2 + 3 = 13! Apparently that also adds up to “I’m obnoxious.”

          18 tracks on standard edition

          Romantic - but not all happy.

          Cover shot by Valeria Rocha.

          FOUR deluxe editions at Target in US, on website globally - each one has completely unique content. Covers differentiated by pastel labels. She needs a “whole other livestream” to explain what’s inside

          Two audio recordings on deluxe - “I like to record everything that’s happening”

          For the release of the LOVER album, she’s done a collaboration with Stella McCartney. She adds “so much whimsy and imagination and romance to the clothing she designs”. She has a new clothing collection inspired by the Lover album

          “Thank you for absolutely everything. You make this so fun to do. I will never take for granted that you care so much about the stuff that I make.”

          “I love you, you’re wonderful - WHOA there’s a lot of people in this livestream!”

          “Lover” Deluxe Editions Include:

          Lover CD
          2 bonus audio memos from Taylor’s songwriting sessions
          A collection of exclusive content from Taylor (varies by each version)
          Poster (varies by each version)
          Lined, blank journal pages
          Lyric book

          Very intrigued by the Stella McCartney collection news, although I feel like we already know what it'll look like. Floaty, dreamy, pinks and blues obvs.

          And all is not lost, because some kays have already decide that she called it 'Lover' because she couldn't call it 'Love her' so . . .

          This was fun, LiLo doing the most to get noticed:


          ETA Yep, she broke it.

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          • I did NOT mean to stay up this late it happened by accident but since I am awake!

            The song is fun and super catchy . . . I was hoping for a dreamy romantic song and this is more of a social commentary/political/sit down haterz song? Well, she did say she was going to be more political in TS7, although I'm crossing my fingers there are going to be much more personal kids of songs to come. And this one mos def would make a good Pride anthem (which explains the Pride pin on the jacket!) so it makes sense to release it this month. She didn't QUITE come out, but she did say GAY in a song and so I'm sure there's a whole lot of victory dances going on. VERY EXCITING.

            http://<a href="</a>

            Presumably Monday's video launch will be more enlightening on whether this is again more allyship or if she's staking a claim to community membership in this era. I mean, when you sing a Pride-ish anthem, you kinda have to address the elephant in the room question about it, right? I think that both the people who think she's gay and the people who don't AND the people who aren't sure would all like that to happen.

            Either way, should be entertaining!


            • This twitter account is basically Nostradamus, wow:

              Yeah, so I think I jumped the gun with thinking this song could legitimately be considered paving a way for Tay to come out as anything other than a straight ally. Saw this lyric analysis online and was like oh, duh.

              So she's defending three entities in the song . . .

              In the first verse, she's talking about the haterz targeting HER:

              In the second verse, the haterz are targeting HER FRIENDS (ie. the LGBTQ+ community) and it's no longer her gown, it's HIS gown:

              And in the third verse, they are targeting the Pop Divas as a collective, and she's back to including herself in 'we':

              (And now we know why it was so important to make it clear/remind people that she and Katy Perry had patched up their feud, so that third verse would hit right and not seem hypocritical.)

              So basically she's there, she steps back, then she steps in again. So she's deliberately NOT including herself in the group being targeted in the second verse, so no . . . I'm back to thinking this is going to turn out to be just allyship again. Beekdamnit.

              Yes, Tegan and Sara (who have performed with Taylor before) already been knew, as the kids say:

              So far all of the gay people who actually know Taylor in person have been consistently using the 'ally' word, so we should just let go of the dream, I suppose.

              The kays are jumping up and down with LOOK SEE SHE CAME OUT SHE DID IT WE WON euphoria right now, but I'm not sure they are going to be quite so pleased when she actually starts doing interviews to promote the song and starts to break down the lyrics for them.

              I do think it's funny that she basically foreshadowed this song back in 2017:

              Reaction so far has been very good, and the song already knocked out that horsy rap song from #1.

              It may or not have staying power, but initial reception has been super positive. More than for Me! (although I like Me! better personally).

              I do agree with this:

              It's a more grown up Mean/Shake It Off and fits right there perfectly in that genre.

              This NME review is typical of what folks are saying:

              This, then is the sound of the gently political Taylor we were promised: first looking inward, then looking out to the world, picking her issues carefully, choosing her words economically and – thank goodness – packaging it in an infectious, bite-size pop package. Efficient. Pointed. Careful. Great. A swift turnaround, you might say.

              That's fair.

              Joe is a fan, obvs:

              And weirdly, so is Guillermo del Toro?:


              • I understand the frustration I really do but I keep thinking about the out and proud artist who could really use the support. They could still enjoy Taylor you know and just stan someone else.


                • The lyrics I read actually had it down as "when you could be GLAAD" which made me LOL so I hope it's accurate. If the Kaylors and Gaylors consider this her coming out anthem, what happens the next time she's seen with Joe? Do they commit seppuku? Anyway, I like this song better than ME which I also liked, but found kinda forgettable. I don't skip it when it comes up on my playlist, but it's not like Blank Space or Delicate which I basically played on a loop for a whole day straight because I loved them so much. That said, "could you just not step on my gown" is a great line. I'll be waiting for the video memes.


                  • They could still enjoy Taylor you know and just stan someone else.


                    The lyrics I read actually had it down as "when you could be GLAAD" which made me LOL so I hope it's accurate.

                    Yes! It's spelled that way in the lyric video.

                    And all of the EA's are highlighted for the Equality Act:

                    Someone's gunning hard for a 2020 GLAAD Ally award!

                    GLAAD's twitter has already tweeted over 20 times today about the song. MAYBE THEY SHOULD CALM DOWN J/K. Also, they saw a surge of donations today, mostly in increments of $13 because people are hella extra in this fandom.

                    If the Kaylors and Gaylors consider this her coming out anthem, what happens the next time she's seen with Joe? Do they commit seppuku?

                    A jet anon mention on one site that Taylor (and Joe? he was with her in LA but no one's sure if he was also in NYC with her) left NYC to go back to London already, but I only saw it once and haven't seen it confirmed. Would be hilars if they pop up at a pub tonight and get papped looking extra hetero. Minds blown!

                    They do seem to forget about him so easily when it suits them to.

                    Ooops, was in the middle of writing this post when Taylor just shut down a TRULY STUPID rumor that she and Katy Perry were going to dress up in hamburger costumes and kiss in the video and Taylor SHUT THAT THE FUCK DOWN . . . and called herself an ally at the same time.

                    Gonna try to embed it from Taylor's tumblr account, not sure if it will post correctly:


                    If not, here's an image of her response:

                    She almost never shuts things down that fast.

                    Does that mean we are finally done with Taylor Swift being The Internet's Schrodinger's Gay? She just labeled herself, y'all . . . you gonna accept it?


                    from the kween of kays!

                    Holy shirtballs, lady, you need to


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                    • I haven’t had time to listen to the song yet - my life is too full; this has to stop! But I enjoyed the post of crazy as per usual.

                      I like the color and print, just not sure about the proportions, ya know?
                      Re: the yellow dress, it looks weird and wrinkly and I don’t like it.


                      • Ohhhh . . . that explains so much. The kween (or whoever in her kourt who posted this) doesn't actually know what 'ally' means in this context.

                        Whelp, that's embarrassing.

                        This whole thing is a hot tortured mess.

                        Submission: Regarding Taylor’s Tumblr Comment

                        Her comment is actually timely, and it gives us a bit of insight on her Coming Out. 1) Taylor knows people are talking about her actions regarding the LGBTQ community, and 2) she’s aware that people are tagging her as an either an ally or a queerbaiter.

                        In her comment, she literally says she knows the difference between the two, but she does not explicitly tag herself as an ally. Nor is it implied. Because this is Taylor, guys, she’s very particular with how she phrases things, and if there’s a possible chance of it being interpreted as something it’s not (especially on such a sensitive and important topic), I’m 100% she would want to make a clear stance. But she didn’t.

                        Idk how het swifties can mistakenly interpret her comment of “…to be an ally”. First of all, Taylor has repeatedly said that she is very particular with her grammar and sentence structure. “to be” implies something post-positively. She wouldn’t refer to herself as an ally this way, because it doesn’t make sense grammatically. “Being an ally” is more straightforward, as she is openly advocating (beyond advocating, actually). So…it makes me think that “to be an ally” is actually referring to the people who think she is queerbaiting. She tells them that for them to actually be an ally, they would need to actually know the difference between advocating and queerbaiting. It makes sense because in the context of the conversation, she addresses rumors of possible queerbaiting.

                        More on the word advocating… she couldn’t have picked a better word actually. Because people who are part of a certain community or a certain cause can actually advocate for that community or that cause. But let me just add that, with what Taylor’s doing, it can no longer be interpreted as her being an ally. It went beyond that the moment she embraced the rainbow.

                        Let me just finish with this. The biggest advocates for the LGBT community are not the allies–the biggest advocates are the LGBTQ people. So with a voice as big as hers, and with Taylor knowing how the media scrutinizes her actions, does it still seem that Taylor is tagging herself as an ally?

                        P.S. To the het swifties still in denial, Taylor didn’t do all this stuff just so you could lump her with all the other artists who support the LGBTQ community and call her an ally. No hate, just facts.


                        NO HATE JUST FACTS.

                        Re: the yellow dress, it looks weird and wrinkly and I don’t like it.

                        It was not my fave!

                        But I enjoyed the post of crazy as per usual.

                        You're in luck, then, because the kays are chugging along krayzy as always, acting like their clownery hasn't been shut down already. They'll be churning out delightful denials for YEARS to come, all the way up until Karlie's fake baby graduates from fake high school, probs.

                        No supremo hetero pub date with Joe tonight, because Taylor is still in NYC. She took her dad to Stonewall for a Pride event this evening with Jesse Ferguson, and sang Shake It Off.

                        I am mostly posting about it because her shoes!

                        How on earth. Those shoes. How.

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                        • I can’t even with the shoes. They’re adorable, but they look both dangerous and uncomfortable.


                          • So, NewOld Taylor basically took the friend collecting to a different demographic, amirite? The YNTCD video is pretty much Bad Blood except with her fave gays + Katy Perry rather than her fave models + Kendrick.

                            One thing I'd missed and now love because it shows how Taylor will forever be a stay petty Betty (despite whatever claims she makes about being able to move past grudges) is "step on my gown" is in reference to Aretha Franklin saying complimentary things about the talent of younger female singers, but when they asked her about Taylor, she said Swifty had beautiful gowns. That is A+++++++. I could go to the International School of Shade and complete a post doc on amazing insults and still not perfect it like Queen Aretha.


                            • I had missed that too! I cannot textually express how perfect everything about that is. I remember that interview with the Queen.


                              • Oh, that Aretha response was excellent. I didn't catch that either. I thought she had structured 'on my/his/our gowns' refrain just so she could have THAT moment where Billy Porter struts out.

                                I thought of Billy's UHMAZING red carpet moments as soon as I heard that in the song.

                                So it was a fun video! (I still like Me! better). Taylor's Gayborhood!. Or I've also seen people call it the Gaylor Park.

                                But YES. K(aty)aylor is real:

                                Pretty hilarious that the only thing the spoiler got wrong from Taylor's ABSOLUTELY FALSE denial was the kiss part (which I agree would have been an awful thing).

                                It's just adorbs as it is.

                                This is how it happened according to Taylor's radio interviews this morning:

                                "Well we have been on really good terms for awhile like she sent this beautiful note and an olive branch to the opening night of the reputation Stadium Tour, awhile ago. And from then on, we’ve been on good terms, and we hadn’t seen each other though. So the first time we saw each other was at this party, and when we saw each other it as just very clear to both of us that everything was different: that we had grown up, and that we had grown past allowing ourselves to sort of be pitted against each other, and it just was really, really clear that we remembered how much we had in common. And so both of us have been in a really good place for awhile but we didn’t, I don’t think either of us really knew if we were ever going to talk about it publicly. And so when I thought of this concept for the video and I wrote the treatment, I thought of this idea, and I was like, ‘You know, I’m just gonna ask her if she’s interested in this but I would be totally fine if she’d rather keep it private, keep it between us.’ But I sent it to her and you know, she was like, 'I would love for us to be a symbol of redemption and forgiveness.' And I feel the same way about it.

                                "So basically it was a long synopsis of the entire video, and I didn’t think of the burger and fries costume until she wore the burger. She wore that Jeremy Scott burger to the Met Gala afterparty, and I was watching like, ‘That is amazing.’ It just felt very punk rock to me, like her wearing that, I was like 'That’s really, really cool and funny.’ And I was thinking, 'You know, we’re going to have this moment in the video, and if it’s too on the nose, if it’s too 'I’m wearing normal clothes and hugging,’ it won't; really fit into this video because this video is very wacky, and very surreal and fun and playful, so I was like, 'Can we do a burger and fries?’ as like a metaphor for two people who belong together, and like people who are like a perfect pair, and she thought it was really funny, so we did it, and like, just the metaphor of us being like, searching for someone who you have something in common with and seeing them and having it be so visually representative is funny."

                                Also B(urger) and F(rench) F(ries) = BFFs. Ha.

                                Speaking of queens, it took me forever to realize the quote on the wall in the trailer was from Cher.

                                “I love men. I think men are the coolest, but you don’t really need them to live, “My mom said to me, ‘You know, sweetheart, you should settle down and marry a rich man,’” she continued, “I said, ‘Mom, I am a rich man.’”

                                Cher is a high quality twitter follow, btw.

                                Anyhoo, there's been a TON of discourse about this vid, obvs, as well as lots of easter egg dissection. I've collected some stuff to throw in here later. The ogirl and I are knee deep in a virtual lab right now, trying to solve some food chain disruptions. Living that bio life, yo. (online school is waaaaaay more like homeschool than I was expecting it to be *sigh*.)