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  • Going to breeze through this YNTCD stuff to get to the latest shocking! development!*

    *Karlie got married! To a guy! She keeps doing that!

    But we'll come back to that later . . . . All righty . . . we got a flurry of promo press for Lover and YNTCD, but now it's gonna slow down for a bit, because Taylor's already flown back to London. That's been her pattern in this era . . . one week or so of work in the US, then right back home to Notting Hill. Seems like she's finding a pretty good work/life balance that works for her, which is super smart.

    So! I have one quibble with the YNTCD vid. As someone who has spent most of my life hick/redneck/hillbilly adjacent, I thought using an over the top stereotype of that segment of society for the protesting homophobes was a misstep. I think we all know the more dangerous homophobes are either middle class white dudes kitted out in military gear like a hate militia, or! who the ones look like male US Senators! and I immediately thought she should have had old white men in suits carrying the misspelled redneck signs instead.

    That said, I watched a few YNTCD video reaction vids done by gay guys and watching Taylor and friends laying there so unbothered while being protested by homophobes is where some of them started to break down and get emotional, so it was apparently a powerful and cathartic image for many of them. I still think it could have had just as much power if all the protestors had looked like Mitch McConnell, though!

    It's already making an impact at Pride events . . .

    Some of my fave bits:


    The cats on the raft!

    13 pearls on the sunglasses, and just the whole trailer-on-fire vibe:

    Ryan painting Stonewall:

    (some think this is actually an easter egg for a Lana del Ray collab, btw.)

    I adore these boots:

    Everything about the pop diva pageant:

    The Fab 5 were drinking from tea cups from Friends!

    and they all looked amazing:

    The dice = 67 = 8/23(!):

    Ellen as an easter egg!:

    Ellen's scene was filmed AFTER the Ellen interview, and yet she already had the tatt when Tay came on the show?

    That I find confuzzling.

    The video is what the kids call ICONIC, but it also inspired a very predictable discourse. For every half dozen "Taylor Swift Shows Us How NOT To Be An Ally" headlines there are another half dozen "Taylor Swift Is The Ally We Need Right Now" headlines.

    InStyle is perplexed by it all:

    Taylor Swift Finally Got Political — Why Isn’t It Enough?

    It seemed like everyone wanted Swift to use her platform to speak out. Until she did.

    For years, it seemed as though the internet had one collective request for Taylor Swift: Use your platform for the greater good! The singer-songwriter was noticeably silent after the 2016 election, save for a vague voting selfie that didn’t give any insight into the specifics of her politics, and a tweet during the inaugural Women’s March that many fans found lacking. And throughout the first year of Trump’s presidency — a time when so many celebrities came forward to take a stand against his policies and administration — Swift remained quiet, despite fans urging her to speak out at every turn.

    Swift’s current era is a lot different. Beginning in October 2018 with an Instagram post declaring her intention to vote Democrat in the Midterm Elections, this version of Swift is anything but apolitical. At the start of Pride Month (June 2019), Swift shared a letter written to Senator Lamar Alexander asking him to support the LGBTQ community via the Equality Act, and her latest music video for “You Need To Calm Down” urges her fans to do the same by linking to a petition. On top of that, Swift has donated $113,000 of her own money to the Tennessee Equality Project, a LGBTQ advocacy group in her home state. In a word, Taylor Swift has gotten political. And yet, for some, it’s still not enough.

    Taylor Swift’s new song “You Need To Calm Down” is her first track that openly tackles socio-political issues, with a verse dedicated to taking down homophobia. The single was initially met with positive reception from her fansand fellow celebrities, but others soon expressed skepticism about the singer’s allyship, questioning the motives behind her choice to advocate for the LGBTQ community. One review says “YNTCD” simply “feels insincere,” calling it a “half-hearted protest anthem” with a message that seems “forced and unnatural.”

    But the facts of Swift’s activism tell another story. At the time of writing, Swift’s Equality Act petition has garnered over 275,000 signatures, with a goal of 300,000. GLAAD reported an influx in donations in the amount of $13 (AKA Swift’s favorite number) shortly after the release of “YNTCD,” which nods to the organization in one of its lyrics. And after Swift posted her letter to Senator Alexander, her fans followed suit, writing letters of their own, and the singer’s first political Instagram post seemingly served as the catalyst for an uptick in voter registration in Tennessee.


    In the wake of Swift’s recent political activism, plenty of public figures, politicians, and organizations have voiced their gratitude to the artist. Senator Cory Booker, who co-introduced the Equality Act in May 2017, said: “Throughout our history, movements powered by people have propelled our country forward, and today’s times are a true reflection of that legacy. I’m so grateful to Taylor Swift for starting this petition. Seeing it a matter of days is a demonstration of how change happens, and it’s inspiring.” Anthony Ramos, Director of Talent Engagement at GLAAD, called Swift’s actions the “true sign of being an ally,” and the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) thanked the singer for “her commitment to equality.”

    But Swift’s biggest critic has always been the collective voice of the internet, as she herself even recognizes in the opening lyrics of “YNTCD.” And it seems as though the internet will always find a reason to dislike Taylor Swift no matter what she does; yes, even when she does exactly what people have called on her to do for years.


    Quite often, the negativity directed towards Swift isn’t tied to anything tangible: her song feels insincere, she seems like she’s being fake — the list goes on. When she was silent on politics during and after the 2016 election, the public decided to fill in the blanks, with many assuming Swift was a Trump supporter simply because she didn’t say anything to the contrary. And now, even with concrete numbers to reinforce the fact that Swift is making a positive impact by using her voice in the exact way she’d been called on to do, there are some who still aren’t satisfied.

    The pervasive disdain for the singer — regardless of her words, actions, or lack thereof — seems to suggest that none of this has ever been about Swift’s politics. A lack of outright activism allowed Swift to become a punching bag, and some folks are having a hard time reversing that narrative to align with the facts.

    But regardless of how anyone feels about Swift’s music, her impact is undeniable — and it’s only going to grow. With over 83 million followers on Twitter, and 118 million on Instagram, she has an enormous audience of impressionable fans, ready to jump on board with whatever she says or does. Swift has power, and she knows it. And this time around, she’s not using that power to reclaim the snake emoji or stir the pot of age-old celebrity feuds; instead, she’s using her voice to advocate for issues that matter.

    She listened to what the internet had to say. Maybe it’s time we returned the favor.

    In other words, for many in the media and on stan twitter, Taylor is just bitch eatin' crackers to them, and there's probably nothing she can do to change that.

    Taylor does have her defenders, though.

    And the Next President Of The United States:

    But there was some concern that Taylor may have used the drag queens as props and underpaid them maybe (which has apparently happened with other pop star projects) . . . the queens themselves shut that down.

    "“I’ve been on a lot of productions, but this was one of the easiest I’ve been a part of because they made us feel so comfortable. Just a really comfortable, casual day. Taylor was there with us the whole time, drinking champagne with us and taking pictures, walking around with no security or anything. Talking to her was like talking to a friend. The hotel they put us up in, the car service, the food and the pay were amazing. Honestly, there’s nothing I could say about the project or the people involved that wouldn’t be positive. If Taylor asked to work together again, I’d do so in a heartbeat.”"- Trinity Bonet

    RK: Taylor comes in, I turned around and she said “Hi” and I said “Hey” and she literally jumped in my arms. She sits on the couch and tells us, “I’m compared to all these pop stars, but of all the pop stars out there I’m most like Ed Sheeran, but nobody ever compares me to him, they want to compare me against these other women. So I want you girls here to represent that we’re all strong, fierce women.“ She was the most gracious, most kind person I’ve met in my life, not just celebrity. I totally had a different opinion of her before I met her. People say a lot of things. I mean she made a whole album about her reputation. In the media she’s painted as a mean girl, there are so many different controversies, Harry [Styles] and Kim Kardashian. But now, honestly if anyone tries to say anything bad about Taylor Swift to me, know I’ll be like “Eh! You don’t understand. This girl is amazing.”

    WCP: What do you think of the criticism that the video puts a straight white woman at the center of the queer narrative?
    RK: She’s championed gay people many times, in other videos and things. It’s like, when you have a platform like that, who better to use it for than communities that have been underserved. It’s like, you have this platform, you have this voice, what do you want to say? Use that to do some good. You know, she said nothing, and they complained that she wasn’t being political enough. Now she’s saying something, and it’s “appropriating culture?” How? How is she appropriating culture? She’s trying to help. She’s saying, “These are all my friends, go follow them, go to their shows, stan them.” And she also has a petition for the Equality Act. It’s basically her lending her voice. There’s been tons of straight white women who’ve lent their voice - Madonna, Cher - you know other straight women who are gay icons.

    Why not Taylor?

    It also looked like the funnest shoot EVER for reals.

    Taylor very much liked hanging out with the queens.

    (in the last gif she was asking Todrick to be the executive producer.)

    Also wanted to add this from Taylor about Katy's appearance in the vid because there's this extra detail:

    “She was so amazing to do the video. And things with us have been on very good terms for awhile, but we just have kept it private. We’ve just kept it between us and made sure that things were really good with us. And I don’t know if we ever had plans to make it known to people, but I wrote this potential ending of the video where it would be me and Katy and we would see each other. Because what I based that moment on was Katy and I actually did see each other from across the room at a party, and we actually did walk across the room towards each other just like that, and we weren’t dressed as fries and a burger, but it was actually a really sincere, wonderful moment in my life when we saw each other for the first time after you know, years and years of kind of miscommunications and all that.

    So we wanted to kind of portray an example of redemption and forgiveness, and how you can kind of grow up, and move past things, and you can actually kind of grow back together, even if there is sort of a rift in your friendship. And that is something she was really, really wanting to do as well, and it just was great, because we got to plan things together we got to come up with the concept of the costumes together cause we wanted it to be kind if playful just like the rest of the video, so we added the costume element.”

    No idea what the event was, but I like the visual.

    Now that we have two singles from the Lover era to dissect, critics have been dumping on both of them and saying she's becoming irrelevant, and it's obvious that Taylor can't win here either . . . but she also can't actually lose?

    I mean, none of the discourse or criticism has affected Lover pre-sales.

    Okay moving on! To kay nonsense!

    So y'all remember how when Karlie and JK got married back in October, People mag said they would do another ceremony/reception for their friends in the spring, and so the kays decided that meant 'May' for some reason, but then it didn't happen in May and so the kays have been harassing Karlie and her fake husband all over twitter and insta and laughing at them for being fake because the whole May thing didn't happen?

    Well! Guess the big old fakers were saving their heterosexual LIES for Pride month:

    Karlie Kloss Celebrates Marriage to Joshua Kushner with Party in Wyoming 8 Months After Wedding

    “May your marriage be as intense and long lasting as my hangover from this weekend,” Kloss’ close friend Derek Blasberg wrote along with three photos of the couple, including one that showed them being lifted on chairs during a traditional horah dance. (Prior to getting engaged, a source previously told PEOPLE that Kloss converted to Judaism in early June.)

    “Our best friends’ wedding,” Dasha Zhukova, founder of Garage magazine, captioned her photo of Kushner and Kloss, who wore an off-the-shoulder white dress that featured lace detailing.

    Also in attendance were Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, who got engaged in February.

    A rep for Kloss previously told PEOPLE that they would host a larger celebration for friends and loved ones in the spring.

    Katy P. and Orlando were there! Not dressed as hamburgers!

    And Ashton again:

    And DVF:

    . . . and maybe Ivanka and Jared?

    . . . so . . . Katy Perry etc are all coolio with socializing with Ivanka and Jared??

    All righty then.

    More pics of the Wyoming Weekend of LIES:

    Hmmm . . . someone seems to be missing . . . who could it be . . .

    Not only has neither Taylor nor Karlie acknowledged each others' latest biz endeavors (Taylor has not liked/posted anything to support Project Runway, Karlie hasn't liked or posted anything for YNTCD) but Taylor doesn't seem to have attended this second ceremony in Wyoming, either. Can't blame it on work this time, because Taylor is just hanging with her boo at home in London.

    Needless to say, The kween is NOT HAPPY about ANY of these COWBOY SHENANIGANS:

    Karlie staged the second ceremony in Wyoming with the criminal this weekend.

    Just an FYI. Spare my inbox because I am not answering today. I do not know what this means. But, it is very sad. No it is not real.

    Also, Wyoming is convenient because:

    Marriage records do not become public record until 50 years after their filing date. NY … also no public marriage records.

    I guess we'll all know the TRUTH in 50 YEARS! (does she think they got legally married a second time because that's not a thing.)

    That this is a loud bang before the split. I do think the People Magazine headline was telling. Reminding people they have been ‘married’ for 8 months, so the split will be more realistic. I will say more later … including about the contract … but I want to observe a bit, too.

    Because YES everrrrybuddy stages an elaborate wedding party with tons of fabulous people there RIGHT BEFORE announcing their divorce, that is a thing that happens so frequently there should be a German word for it like 'murriedaforegaybkommen' or something.

    Karlie allegedly went through with this entire ‘wedding’ stunt, because she feared the disgusting Kushners would retaliate and harm her career, if she didn’t. Well, Karlie … what do you think they are doing? The only difference is that you feared they would hurt you behind your back … now they are doing it right in front of your’s and the public’s face. It really looks like you got played.

    (The Wyoming dress was not Dior! just fyi!)

    Rando kay reactions:

    can’t stand her i’m sorry i said it. whatever happens with the kushners... she has ASKED for it. practically begged it. not sorry for her at all. karlie, i hope you read this because i think you should probably make babies with him too, ruin your life even more. you don’t even hate josh, you’re so fucked up.

    Jerk got the King in check, the Queen is still in play but likely under pressure by Jerk's pawns. The King & Queen forgot that a pawn like Jerk could become a Queen if it makes it across the board. If Jerk checkmates the King then the game is over and the King & Queen lose. The risky gambit in 2016 did not pay off in this game of chess, it in fact changed the entire board to favor Jerk heavily. The board has changed and they'll never get to tell their real, full truth to the world now... Tragic .


    I'm sorry but kaylor are cruel as f*ck at this point. They give a little and then devastate us as per usual. A lot of people are so invested in them bc there's so little representation in the world. If you re gonna continue to play these games please stop liking post about daisies or putting anything kk in your videos taylor. Come out on your own and be free. but no more of this cruelty please it's too much.

    all i can say is that Karlie and the bottom are clearly trying to make themselves look legit before Taylor comes out.

    We need to call him Bottom jerk now, he radiates gayness through every cells of his body lol

    i think the inclusion of people like katy perry actually makes it more fake and silly looking but regardless it’s a mess. we’ve known this was coming and was likely in the contract for years but it’s a very bad look for her. i mean this is all super complicated bc it’s a mix of contractual obligation, timing (kushner legal issues, taylor likely making her own moves), and publicity but ultimately….. i feel horrible for everyone involved (meaning the girls) while also knowing that karlie is an adult and unfortunately she’ll have to deal with the fallout of this strategy. i think that it will resolve itself eventually and we’ll be out of the woods at some point, but tbh i’m not going to spend time defending karlie or excusing this. it SUCKS but my heart goes out to taylor mostly.

    I want to support Kaylor, and I did most of the time because I wanted to believe there was an end plan. But they play with our feelings and I'm just tired of it. I'm still gonna buy taylor's album and hope it does well. But now I think I'm done with Kaylor, they played me well. so bye

    I really really don't understand why Karlie has gone along with it. No contract would force all of this. A contract might be written, but it isn't enforceable (not a lawyer). Does she just want to avoid the "drama" of a legal battle? Honestly, if Taylor/Karlie stopped dropping heavy hints they were still together I'd say, they broke up/Karlie got married to Kushner. You sleep with the dogs you get fleas.

    (so is it in the contract or NOT).

    Heavy hints!

    Quick question taylor & co. What gave you the impression that jerking around an already vulnerable group of people was a good idea? We cannot un-know the truth. Why not call toe for another stunt. Just to twist the knife.

    I feel so disappointed and used. And I’m a grown ass woman. I love Taylor but I wish she would just stop with the daisies and blender hands and butterfly wings, I don’t want to be constantly reminded of something that isn’t real/public.

    (They think a clip from yntcd shows Karlie's hand turning on the blender or something like that? Yes, it's as looney tunes as it sounds. #blenderHands)

    This one might be the funniest of all:

    Really wish Spade would’ve let us know about this.

    But hey, hope springs eternal . . .


    And this is a bit of a digression, but in the video there's this girl? in front of an orange trailer? And nobody has identified her yet?

    The kays have theories!

    I am 100% convinced the girl is Karlie, peddling to nowhere and the oranges represent trump, the girl also looks miserable and her trailer is small and cramped, I think it was a jab at her because I don't see Taylor being okay with any of this and if she is still with Karlie and supports this then that's all I need to know about Taylor.

    What if the girl with the orange trailer represents Karlie AND her reputation. Like you anon said. The trailer is dented. The girl is surrounded by orange. Hell. She's covered in it. You know what orange makes me think of, as a non American? Especially orange pants? Those orange overalls with the initials for Department Of Correction on the back. Maybe... Just as much as the timing of the release of the song on Trump's bday, that was a dig at the fam that will soon will be wearing prison orange.

    Backing things up a bit, before Karlie went and BETRAYED PRIDE MONTH, the main discourse was around the fact that the kays were holding two things to be true at one time: 1) Taylor TOTALLY and IRREVOCABLY came out as gay in the YNTCD video and 2) Taylor is TOTALLY allowing the people around her and her team to portray her as a straight ally because she's not QUITE ready to come out yet.

    But then ooops, she said it herself:

    “I pretty much know that anything I do is going to have some people who just hate it. I’m trying to make things that will make my fans happy, that will make my fans feel accepted, supported and loved.If people want to criticize me and be constructive, I’m always open to learning.I don’t think you are ever doing things perfectly, I think you always have room to improve and learn. I want to constantly learn how I can be a better ally. If criticism is constructive then I am all ears. But if it goes into like kill yourself, I never want to hear from you again, I’m like that’s not constructive. Just calm down!”

    - Taylor on Clyde1 about constructive criticism and dealing with public opinion online

    And she states that it's her loved ones and friends in the LGBTQ+ community that inspired her (so presumably not her own experiences):

    “I feel like there are so many of my loved ones and friends and fans who, you know, they’re in the LGBTQ community and they have to go through life either being verbally or vocally judged and criticized or wonder if the people around them are silently judging them, or wondering the people around them are just tolerating the way that they are. And I think that’s really unfair, and I just wanted to make it known to everyone around me, and my loved ones, and my fans, and my friends, and my colleagues, like I don’t just tolerate the way that you are; I celebrate the way that you are.

    And I want to support everyone having the same rights. It’s crazy to me that in our country we actually all are not treated equally under the law. We really aren’t. I know that there’s so much going on in our government right now, but I don’t think we are past making positive change, and I’m never going to give up on that. My life feels better, it feels better living my life knowing I’ve been given so much but I can use it for something good. So my life has been a lot better once I decided to really be vocal about how I feel about things.”

    - Taylor to Elvis Duran on how she decided to make more noise politically

    Really, I know the kays wanted Taylor to do something super gay but it actually led them to a place that makes it REALLY HARD to keep on believing that she is actually gay herself? I mean, now we know what the pride pin on her jacket meant, and all those rainbows, and all the support she threw to LGBTQ+ artists, and Taylor EVEN SANG THE WORD GAY in a song, and yet STILL none of it added up to Taylor being a gold star lesbian in a relationship with a super model.

    Every time someone from the vid was interviewed about her, they just kept piling on more misery for the kaylors and gaylors:

    Bobby Berk from Queer Eye:

    All that I can assume is that after meeting her and seeing how lovely she is, I can just imagine that Taylor’s sitting there and not taking the fact that she’s a straight white person with straight white privilege for granted. She’s looking around at the people who aren’t naturally born with that privilege. She’s trying to make sure that everyone has those same rights and everyone is treated the same. You can tell a lot about a person by the way they speak to crew. A lot of times, people can be divas. For Taylor Swift to be the biggest pop star in the world, when there were things on set she didn’t quite like, she’d say something like, “Hey guys, what do you think about this or that?” (The attitude was that) it’s a community and let’s make this work. When I saw that, I was thinking, “Wow, this is her video and her production.” I had so much respect for that.

    In her world, she speaks to every single person she interacts with equally. So for her to see that there are demographics like the LGBTQ community who aren’t treated equally, I think it infuriates her. One thing that infuriates me are the amount of people who’ve come after her in our community in the last week, saying things like she doesn’t have any business latching onto the queer community or is using the queer community to promote herself. She doesn’t need us. She is doing just fine on her own and is using her platform as somebody that millions and millions and millions of people look up to and is saying, “Hey, everybody needs to be treated equally.” For her to be using her time and money to help us and help the Equality Act get passed, I mean, we owe her a debt. You don’t have to be queer to be a queer ally, and she’s definitely a queer ally.

    Hayley K:

    In Todrick's YNTCD reaction vid he said this:

    Taylor and I have been friends for the past four or five years and I never would have thought we would get as close as we have but I love her so much like she is my sister. And I love the fact that she has grown so much.

    I remember one times talking to her like when I first started talking to her because I didn't know honestly how she felt about gay people. I was like, clearly she knows I'm gay, but I don't know if I should tell her or not. Then one day I asked her if you were to have a gay child, what would you do? Taylor: what do you mean what would I do? they would just be gay... and it was such a simple answer, there's nothing to do I would just love them and they'd just be gay. And I just love the fact that now she's using her humongous platform to support our community

    That's VERY MUCH NOT a question you would ask of your gold star lesbian friend who has been married to Karlie Kloss for years, ya know? It's what you ask of your straight friend who only recently stopped being yeehaw.

    And this is what Tay's very good friend Cara D. had to say:

    ‪I cried and I’ve been texting her all day. She is incredible. I think what she’s doing is brilliant. It’s just the beginning. I think most of those people who are in support don’t realize how important it is to say it out loud. We were talking today and she was like ‘You were one of the people that helped me get to this place.’ It’s not that she never believed it; it’s more that I don’t think she realized how much they need it.

    I was about to show up to that video, which sadly I did not. But, she is incredible and I think what she’s doing is brilliant. It’s just the beginning. Most of those people who are in support just don’t realize how important it is to say it out loud. So I think it’s just incredible.”

    Cara Delevingne on the ‘You Need To Calm Down’ music video and her helping Taylor announce her public support for the LGBTQ community (Variety Hero Award red carpet)

    Also TOTALLY the way you speak about a straight friend who needed a little help figuring out their responsibility as an ally, not what you would ever need to say to a fellow gay person.

    But that's o-kay! according to the kween:

    As I have said before, I would completely respect her right to not come out explicitly. I say explicitly because she already came out to me in the music video. I am not sure how it could be interpreted any other way to people.

    Why Bobby Berk called her straight:

    She is definitely out to people close to her, but not everyone. Also, he is not going to speak for her. If she doesn’t say it explicitly, he is not going to.

    To me, observing this era, it is quite clear that she is planning to come out. But, like any other person, she has the right to change her mind if she so chooses. In my personal opinion, she came out quite loudly in the YNTCD music video.

    This Kaylor community should be the most supportive and understanding of what Taylor is doing this era.

    She is embarking on a personal journey in front of the entire world. I think we would all agree that her PR skills are next level. She is a master at it. She knows what she is doing. She knows that every single move she makes (no matter what the topic is), will be met with supporters and naysayers.

    Let’s make this section of her fanbase her safe place.

    Can we just all calm down and appreciate and observe what we are witnessing?

    Yes! The safe place where people are accusing her of lying about all of previous relationships and concocting fantasies about her sexual exploits with her friends after she explicitly asked you not to, and where you accuse any guy within fifty feet of her or Karlie of being gay.

    It's all part of the process!

    I think when/if Taylor does decide to come out, we’ll all know. She herself said she is strategic. And she’s way too smart to let all this backfire by moving too quickly. I think we should all just appreciate that after so long she’s publicly enjoying pride month (as an “ally” or not) and making overtly lgbtq+ friendly songs. It took her 13 years to get this point. We should all trust her and her journey without trying to pinpoint exactly what day she’s coming out.

    The ally stuff means nothing, because she is JUST lying but NOT lying!

    I honestly don't feel like she would make this huge of a deal about it and drag it out this long if she wasn't coming out lesbian. But she has to literally burn her whole image down(like in the mv) & come out. All the "boyfriends" and "all her songs being about boys" and all that, so I just feel like that is what she will do. She wouldn't necessarily have to do that if she was coming out bi, I'm bi myself so no disrespect at all, sorry if that offended anyone

    IMO I think that the reason Taylor & co keep using the word ‘ally’ is to slow things down a bit. Yes, an ally can be a member of the LGBT but most will take it that she is not LGBT but supportive. BUT, when she does come out they will look back and educate themselves, she didn’t lie.

    Sorry I’m also new, can you explain (or link me to) the PR stuff with Joe?? I’m confused because she puts so much effort into making the “relationship” private and it doesn’t make sense to me that it’s a PR thing although I hope it is ?

    There is not a lot to link about him, because they spent so little time together. She staged that narrative as a ‘private relationship’ to mirror her private relationship with Karlie. The PR spin is that she is involved in this secretive, private relationship. So when she writes songs about Karlie and their secretive relationship, the public will assume it is about Toe.

    Our secret moments in a crowded room, they got no idea about me and you

    If you think back to when they were seen together, one of them was always promoting something. A new movie release for Toe, or a new single for Taylor. The classic example was Toe wearing dark jeans and Nikes on a hike in hot weather right before the release of the Delicate music video.

    Dark jeans and your Nikes, look at you

    As a side note, the kween absolutely has jet trackers among her minions, they just conveniently don't share with the rest of the klass the fact that Taylor zips right back to London (and Joe) as her default setting. So yes, if someone is restricting the knowledge you are exposed to you might not realize that Taylor and Joe are hardly ever apart for more than a week or two at a time?

    For newbie Gaylors who previously believed in Taylor's public relationships, who are confused about the "official" narrative vs the gaylor narrative, I would suggest you start by looking critically into Tay's public relationships and the songs that are supposedly about each of them. From clearly staged and deliberate "candid" pictures, to chronological impossibilities, the heterosexual narrative falls apart the second you start to question it.

    Demonstrably untrue! Reams and reams of master timelines exists to show you it's untrue! And just because you say it doesn't make it less untrue!

    Since they mentioned Joe! Here's a Lover era easter egg for ya from THREE years ago . . .

    In October '16, a couple of weeks after Joe and Taylor made things official (their anniversary is Sept 28, according to Taylor), they kinda sorta made a public debut in NYC. Taylor and her squad (minus Karlie) went to a Kings of Leon show and at least one pap caught Joe walking behind them, but he was unknown/unidentified at the time. And then afterwards they all headed to . . .

    . . . a dive bar on the east side called Lover(s of Today).

    Also! she says she leaves hints in clothing during an era . . . .

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    • Karlie having a second wedding and Taylor not going again seems like the ultimate FU to Kaylors. I am here living for it. Obviously.


      • With Issie on that.

        If you re gonna continue to play these games please stop liking post about daisies or putting anything kk in your videos taylor.
        Wait - there are daisies? Everything old is new again, crazy fans are so much alike.


        • The logic leaps these people make bogles my mind.


          • I actually think the sad girl in front of the orange trailer *is* a dig at Karlie! She's too nutty about numbers and colors and symbols for it not to be.

            I love it.
            It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


            • There’s no end to the logic contortions humans can make when determined to believe. I’m starting to like Taylor’s world though - she gets in so many layers.


              • I can’t get past the idea of these contracts. In what cray world is it so necessary in 2019 to prove you are straight by having some contract that requires you to have multiple fake weddings with all of your friends and family? And how in the world would it hurt Taylor Fucking Swift at this point if she declared she loved Karlie? I just can’t get it in my head, how they arrived at THIS.


                • That is an interesting point. It makes me think these fans are a smidge older? I don't know a single person under 30 (let alone friends' kids who span across the toddler to teen spectrum) who would think the U.S./global economy is *that* anti-gay.

                  That's certainly not to say real problems and prejudices don't exist and are not harmful. Obviously we have a long way to go on MANY fronts. But the idea that a very famous and wealthy person who lives in a bubble of wealth and fame would be sooooo worried about being perceived as gay that they'd stage elaborate weddings and parties (TO A TRUMP RELATIVE IN 2019!) to ingratiate themselves to some conservative base is just... I don't even know. It's a lot.

                  I'd bet that Karlie's connection to the Trump family hurts her in the circles she moves in more than it helps her. And add to that the fact that his parents are HORROR SHOWS that I never stop thinking about whenever any Kushner nonsense is mentioned? Say what you want about Karlie but girl seems willing to put in the hours and sacrifice friends and probably career opportunities to be with her beloved. LOL.
                  It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                  • Say what you want about Karlie but girl seems willing to put in the hours and sacrifice friends and probably career opportunities to be with her beloved. LOL.
                    Yeah, I am not sure I would be that loving. Or at the very least I would be pressuring him to publicly denounce his horror show family.


                    • YNTCD is just healing rifts all over the place. Calcite Hoofersman liked Katy's post about it and now this!

                      Taylor's next album should just be ALL collabs with exes and former feud partners (except Kimye because no).

                      Wait - there are daisies?


                      Because Taylor liked a post about how she was carrying a daisy in her cocktail during YNTC . . .

                      That OBVIOUSLY means she's hinting at kaylor because EVERRRYBUDDY knows that daisies = that road trip Karlie and Taylor took to Big Sur five years ago:

                      So ANY reference to a daisy any time and anywhere means KAYLOR 5EVAH.

                      (but of course Taylor/Joe shippers can also point to the fact that Taylor called herself Joe's daisy in Don't Blame Me, so . . . ):

                      The kays are still on about this:

                      I actually think the sad girl in front of the orange trailer *is* a dig at Karlie!

                      I do think the color orange is definitely an easter egg for SOMETHING. In the ME! video, during the 'one of these things aren't like the others' lyric, there was only one orange briefcase, and at least two of each of the other colors. Also, the enamel pin from the EW cover that had Track 5 on it was orange, she used an orange heart emoji on her Paris post, she posted a pic with an orange fence, and Katy P had orange hair in the video. So I think it is more likely to be a hint about the aesthetic of the next single on the album, and not Karlie's future as an inmate with the Department of Corrections.

                      Could be wrong, though!

                      I'd bet that Karlie's connection to the Trump family hurts her in the circles she moves in more than it helps her.
                      This I agree with. In fact, her camp(?) was super quick to disavow that Ivanka and Jared came to the actual party, despite Ivanka posting a pic that made it look like they did.


                      Ivanka and Jared Did Not Attend Karlie Kloss' Wedding Party in Wyoming, Source Says — but They Stopped by Beforehand

                      Joshua Kushner and wife Karlie Kloss threw a post-wedding party last weekend in Wyoming but his brother, White House senior aide Jared Kushner, did not attend, according to a source

                      As Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump were preparing to embark on one of their most delicate political campaigns, his brother and sister-in-law, Joshua Kushner and Karlie Kloss, were preparing a weekend-long party in Wyomingto celebrate their wedding last fall.

                      The two worlds briefly collided when Jared and his wife visited Josh and Kloss in Wyoming, multiple sources tell PEOPLE.

                      It was there that Josh and Kloss, who married in October, just threw a three-day celebration of their nuptials alongside guests including Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry.

                      However, despite tabloid reports that Jared, 38, and his wife were there during the celebration, a source who attended says they actually only stopped by on Thursday night before the festivities on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

                      . . . so they weren't invited to actually come to the party, but made sure to be there the day before to take pics to make it look like they were invited to the party.

                      But that's okay that they didn't make it to the fake wedding party, because according to this EXPERT on a kay blog, hardly anyone did!

                      Most of the photos have max 20 people in them. With the exception of the line dancing photo Karlie pushed on Insta. And most of the photos of the activities feature the same 15ish people. They seemed to be using camera tricks to make the room look full (I’m a video and television producer so I have some context for how this works when you don’t wanna pay too many extras). The video of them in the circle singing, for example, you can tell there is no one else there behind them except the staff of the venue. I think they hired a main cast and then a few extras to fill out a few of the photos. But in most you can tell there are not more than 30 people at this “party” MAX. ~Anonymous video and television producer

                      Less than 31 people means it's NOT REAL SHEEPLE.

                      Some of the people who helped out with these 'camera tricks' were royalty, btw:


                      The wedding guest list also included Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan, who acted as a tour guide for the trip and was in Wyoming this weekend with his sister Princess Salma.

                      The long weekend was packed with festivities for guests who'd traveled out. On Friday, June 20, the celebrations kicked off with a night of karaoke, with guests including Ellie Golding and Princess Beatrice singing along to songs in the ranch's lodge.

                      On Saturday, the fun kicked off with paintball during the day and ended with line dancing inside in the evening. The group danced to hits like Cotton Eye Joe before heading outside for a fireworks display.

                      And on Sunday, guests were treated to some horseback riding before changing for the final big dinner. Inside, tables were set with enormous floral displays as guests sat down to eat — with Joshua sitting to Karlie's left, and Beatrice on her right.

                      After they ate, the young crowd — which did not appear to include the bride and groom's parents, or much family at all — hit the dance floor to bust a move.

                      But according to one wedding guest who reportedly spoke to People, Ivanka and Jared only actually stopped by on Thursday night and didn't attend any of the official wedding activities.

                      It's unclear if Ivanka and Jared weren't invited to the party, or if they simply declined to come.

                      Though they both attended Karlie and Josh's actual wedding back in October, they may have wished to avoid a room filmed with Trump critics this weekend.

                      The Wyoming party guest list was stacked with stars who have been openly critical of the president and his policies.

                      Dunno about the Jordanian peeps (and why would the Prince of Jordan be the 'tour guide' in WYOMING USA??) But there are pics of Princess Beatrice there:

                      Man, Josh must have spent a FORTUNE to pay off all of those people to show up for a photo shoot to stage this fake party. Princess Beatrice and the Crown Prince of Jordan alone must have cost plenty.

                      Say what you want about Karlie but girl seems willing to put in the hours and sacrifice friends and probably career opportunities to be with her beloved.

                      I mean . . . it's got to be actual love at this point, right? His horrorshow parents hate her, his horrorshow sister in law is clearly using her, and if she WAS sekrit wives with Taylor Swift, it wouldn't be like she'd have any need for the Kushner money or influence. He is definitely rich, but at some point an extra hundred million or so doesn't matter that much.

                      So . . . I guess she must love him. It's hard to see the point otherwise.

                      but no, Karlie' instagram comments PROVE that NOBODY is buying any of this crap:

                      Sunce i was a little girl , i also dreamt of marrying a criminal in a small, outdoor wedding ceremony with no friends, close to no decorations, where i would take like 3 pictures , then 8 months later, having a second ceremony in the desert, with a bunch of strangers

                      Also why the fuck did you need two weddings? This smells like she knows some shit and you didnt want her to be able to testify.................

                      why are they all white and straight? Is that the reason of Taylor not being there?

                      Literally WHO are any of these fucking people? Where are your friends Karlie? Where are the people you love?

                      @lindaevangelista Kushner crime family #666FifthAvenue. It’s crazy how rich people will play dumb and look the other way around other rich people. Ethics and morality don’t matter when you’re rich.

                      But rest assured, kays . . if you are one of the people leaving nasty comments on Karlie's instgram keep it up! SHE WANTS YOU TO DO IT.

                      I mean, it can't be just that she can't turn off her social media comments because at her point in her career she still needs the engagement numbers, right?

                      Anyway, the kween has finally had a chance to formulate some Big Thoughts about the Cowboy Stunt:

                      Karlie and Taylor are working lock-step on this. But they are handcuffed by Karlie’s contract(s). It is obvious to me that Karlie is obligated to protect the narrative that her relationship with the crook is real. Sure Jan!

                      So in order for that to happen, old Kaylor could never have been real. If it was, then it means Karlie and Taylor cheated on Jerk. They are erasing the old Kaylor narrative, and selling this Karlie Kushner stunt as real. When Karlie splits with him, Kaylor will go with the narrative that their relationship first started after Karlie split with the criminal.

                      This is all just based on my observations … it just looks like the obvious future narrative.

                      Well, the OBVIOUS FUTURE NARRATIVE would be that Karlie is married to a dude wand will continue to be married to a dude, and Taylor will continue to date dudes until one day when she will also be married to a dude, but okay!

                      More bits and pieces from kween and her kourt:

                      Neither the criminal or Karlie should show their faces there {at Pride}. Their heterosexual stunt during Pride month was tacky.

                      Honestly, why does Taylor still insist on letting us know that Kaylor is still together? Doesn't she realize that it would be easier for them both to pretend that Kaylor is dead & over? She should go all in with pretending everything is about Toe while Karlie pretends to be the perfect subservient housewife to the criminal. They're never going to tell the world their real truth, so honestly letting us know that they're still together after 5+ years is unnecessary & overdramatic & obnoxious.

                      Just a thought...we had hoped for May being the Jerklie end, but I recall the potential of it being as late as August. So, what if the plan is when Lover is released in late August, and KKK's "divorce" is underway...KK posts all over SM how much she adores the album, which then prompts TS to reconnect with her. And so, as we fall in love with these songs as autumn/winter goes on, we begin tying these romantic lyrics with the new, risen Kaylor outings we get to have! Wouldn't that be amazing?

                      You said she feared the disgusting Kushners would retaliate and harm her career, if she didn’t marry him. Then what is stopping the kushners from harming her even if the contract is over? If the bottom is not satisfied w his cishet image, he will use karlie whenever he wants regardless of the impact to karlie.

                      If Kaylor is still together which I’m still convinced that they are, what we are seeing with these stunts is setting up the narrative. They need to make the relationships look real. As for the contract, we are not privy to its details. I don’t think Karlie doesn’t have a way out but her and Taylor are definitely playing a game of chess with Jerk. We don’t know what’s the deal but they lost the upper hand the moment they renewed with Jerk on 2016. They gambled and they lost.

                      New timeline alert! Now we are moving the goal posts to August, y'all. Mark your TSwift calendars!!!

                      Conversation Me with Taylor Swift

                      Me: I have Question taylor?

                      Taylor: Okay. I can guess. Is it about my beard?

                      Me: WHATTTTT?

                      Taylor: Now you asking me question.

                      Me: It is seem so REAL in real life.

                      Taylor: I want to come out. But im afraid they judge me and hate my music.

                      Me: NO!!! We accept you and LOVE you are as a human kind.

                      Taylor: so sweet. Gimme a hug. Big hug. *dieeeeee

                      Me: It is real? You love girl? Cause I love you.

                      Taylor: I you TOOO….We’re fu**ing Lesby buddy now.

                      still huggging and im die on her arm..

                      Here's a new twist on bearding:

                      Only a small percentage cares about kaylor. Very small percentage are woke. Media will bring kaylor up again when she comes out but nothing much they can do as karlie is very much married as we have been reminded for the nth fckng time with the fake-o-ganza. Just a thought, but do you think taylor will do the faux gf route to further bury kaylor before she reunites with k*rlie publicly (assuming after she has split with the bottom)?

                      This is SPECIAL:

                      call me a dreamer but, i’m pretty damn sure that taylor wouldn’t go out of her way to make the cover art for her whole *next album* a picture of her with a glitter heart over her eye if their relationship was in a fragile state

                      So that last bit is based on their theory that the cover of reputation actually has Karlie's eye on it instead of Taylors and YES it is as KERRRAZY as it sounds.

                      (I think it's supposed to be the one on the right?)

                      . . . and with this, the kays lose any moral high ground ever:

                      Yeah, hard to buy that what you are doing is working TOWARD liberation and justice for closeted gay folks when you post homophobic shit like that.

                      Never fear, the kween's source Spade stopped by to calm down the ruffled waters right after the wedding 2.0 brouhaha:

                      Why worry, she blooms in June.

                      Well, that's great! By my calculation, whichever 'she' you are referring to has a few more hours to 'bloom' before June is over, so hop to it, gurls!

                      . . . and that brings it all full circle back to daisies again:

                      Meanwhile, Taylor has been in London all this time (Joe was spotted there twice as well, and photog'ed by a civilian once) and didn't show up to any of the Pride events the kays predicted she would (they kept changing the prediction each weekend).

                      On July 10th, she'll be in NYC for a Amazon Prime concert event, where she's supposed to POSSIBLY play yet another new song from Lover, but I think that is all that is known about her upcoming events. Odds are good that another single will come in July, and maybe? some secret sessions will happen around the end of July as well. People are crossing fingers and toes for Taymerica! this week, but I can't see that happening this year.


                      I seriously wish she and Joe would just do it, and invite Blake and Ryan over to recreate this iconic moment in history:


                      • Guess I posted too soon this morning, because now!

                        Hope Taylor's statement embeds properly . . .

                        Taylor is UNHAPPY.


                        That's kinda of a lot to say on her part . . .

                        So yeah, Scooter Braun just bought Big Machine for $300 million, when the only thing of any real value belonging to BM is Taylor's entire back catalogue. Swifties are livid!

                        Fans are actually negotiating with Scooter on Tay's behalf!

                        This has kayspiracy konsequences because!

                        . . . Scooter not only manages Justin and Kanye, but also Karlie and Josh Kushner and! was at the Joshlie October Surprise! Wedding . . .

                        . . . and at last week's months's Wyoming Wedding Hootenanny.

                        Scooter and his wife and Karlie and Josh are very close! There are lots of pics of them hanging out together. They aren't just in biz together, they are ACTUAL FRIENDZ.

                        Methinks we are getting warmer to knowing why Taylor and Karlie aren't girlfriends anymore . . . post-kimyegate, Taylor clearly hates Scooter and there has been musical biz dramz going on behind the scenes, but I guess Karlie chose keeping Scooter as her manager over her friendship with Taylor?

                        SUPER HARD TO BELIEVE IN KAYLOR NOW HUH.

                        Have to see how all this shakes out, and what the kween comes up with to explain it away. (She will probably blame it on Jkush somehow . . . like his evil kontract is holding Karlie and Taylor BOTH hostage and the girls are equal victims in this!)

                        The kays are already dealing with another disappointment . . . they thought for sure Christian Siriano was making this rainbow dress for Taylor to wear as she Comes Out at a Pride parade, but it was actually for Billy Porter.



                        • Ack, too much is happening and I can't keep up!

                          Many people support Taylor's right to speak out and feel that an artist should be given the opportunity to own their art! Many other people think she should have kept her mouth shut!

                          Taylor has made no further statements herself:

                          But she's done a whole lot of liking on tumblr and twitter that shows exactly how she feels about the general discourse.

                          Justin led the Scooter defense squad:

                          Taylor's likes:

                          scott and scooter making justin speak instead of making their own statements…. L O LLLLLL

                          it’s not an apology when you proceed to gaslight someone in the same post.

                          just say you hate successful women and go


                          "we haven't gotten to communicate our differences" you cheated on her best friend and then publicly sided with the man who made revenge porn against her was she supposed to invite you over for tea??? Fuck outta here

                          Nah nah nah nah… Justin… no…. the real issue is that Taylor has not been allowed to own her own music and has been sold out by the man she trusted with her career age 15. The fact that the new owner is scooter is just the icing on the cake

                          Justin: I don’t know why you had to bring this to social media :////

                          Justin: *is saying this on social media*


                          (whew that tea about Justin cheating on Selena!)

                          Taylor is not the only one MAD at Justin:

                          (Justin deleted Cara's comment, so she posted it on her own insta as well).

                          Tay's getting support from many of her peers:

                          Iggy Azalea:


                          This one from Halsey was sweet:

                          So I guess her 'we all got crowns' message really resonated with them.

                          Here are some bits and pieces of the shit storm:

                          Scooter's media outlet tried to push the story that Taylor was 'lying' about not knowing he was buying her catalogue, but Tree shut that down fast.

                          Scott B.finally made a statement of his own and he brings up Manchester and Parkland for some reason? I mean . . . irrelevant first of all, and also this was during Taylor's disappeared-time, what did he actually think she was going to say?

                          He was so maaaaaad and bitter that Taylor didn't take his crappy deal to lock her in to 6 more albums, huh?

                          So! I've read that Scooter has been trying for years to get Taylor to work with him, but she wouldn't do it . . . and Scott was obviously not happy that she left his label so the theory is that this is their joint revenge on her.

                          Okay, kays! This day, the last day of Pride month was supposed to be The Day when Taylor would wear that Siriano rainbow dress and announce to the World that . . .

                          So I literally just had a dream that Taylor was standing under a huge balloon in the shape of a rainbow and behind her was smoke bombs going off that changed all the colors and fireworks too. And then she said… “What you heard is true, I’m gay.” With the biggest grin on her face. And it was like everyone in the crowd had been waiting for this for so long (us). Of all days to have this dream. Today’s (extremely possibly) the day ladies and gays. My heart is so happy.

                          . . . didn't go as planned, obvs. It almost hurts to see them set themselves up for disappointment again and again.

                          Instead we got some very good insight into just how much Taylor and Karlie have drifted apart, and possibly why.

                          This was one kay's theory BEFORE Taylor's post came out:

                          let’s follow the logic… Taylor and Karlie are together and a power house couple in the “gay mafia” world (aka Geffen’s world), Geffen rules Scooter and Scooter manages Karlie and Josh (this is NOT a coincidence). if Scooter “owns” Taylor’s masters, it really means Geffen does (I bet you! and I bet you Geffen is the $$ behind this deal) maybe, JUST MAYBE, this is a deal that Taylor and Karlie worked out to get Taylor her masters back? or at least to get them out of the hands of big machine?? there is more to this yall!!!!

                          . . . but that obvs didn't hold water afterwards, when everyone realized Taylor was upset and blindsided.

                          So! Evil kontract apologia begins!

                          Fuck it's like Karlie and Taylor are trapped.

                          Karlie is for hell sure being Black Mail too. If this is happening to Taylor than that is also happening with Karlie. People who are pointing at karlie need to sit down!

                          idk any industry stuff but is it possible that scooter bought taylor’s music as leverage to prevent her from coming out and thus won’t also out karlie in the process, since there’s obviously a reason karlie married josh

                          Now we know who to blame if Taylor never comes out of the klosset! Scooter Braun is #1 Bad Guy!

                          Also if Karlie tried to breach the contract you really don’t think Scooter would sue her? Of course he fucking would. This is *exactly* why I haven’t been too critical of either one of them. They clearly don’t like the position they’re in, and I’m 1000% sure that behind the scenes they’re trying to get out of this mess. So until these nasty ass people (I’m looking at you Josh) are out of their lives, the bullshit will continue, and I hope for now on everyone isn’t so mean to them when they have to fulfill their contractual duties.

                          So... is Karlie officially done with Scooter? Can't believe she'd stay with him after all this...
                          I’ve heard she’ll be done with him once Josh is finally gone, and that she’s been shopping for a new team for over a year.

                          People on here need to remember that Karlie signed a management contract with Scooter, and that you can’t just breach said contract because you don’t like it. It’s the same reason Taylor is getting fucked over right now. The quicker y’all realize that, the quicker you’ll pour your energy into being angry at the right people.

                          (People fire their managers all the time? And she didn't have to invite him to her weddings or double date with him and his wife if he was being such an asshole to her REAL wife?)

                          Y'all can't unring the Sccoter/Yael/Karlie/Josh squad bell, I mean this was the four of them last week:

                          Speaking of Scooter's wife Yael . . .

                          no idea why she wants to insert herself into this when it has literally nothing to do with her and she's not even in the industry but . . . this was what she decided to post to try to 'end' Taylor:

                          Selena's mom ain't having it!


                          1) Well, this was fucking condescending and unprofessional. Someone wanting to own their own music but being refused a real chance to do so is throwing a 'temper tantrum'?

                          2) The friend dropping comment! (is this how Karlie is going to spin what happened between them!?)

                          3) where did Taylor say ANYTHING about Scooter's kids or personal life? That's some gaslighting bullshit right there. And was that a DIG at Taylor for not having a husband and kids yet? I mean . . .

                          4) No way in hell that Taylor 'passed up' an opportunity to buy her master's. The chance to 'earn' them back is not the same thing at all. And if she had agreed to that dumb 'offer', she would now be working FOR Scooter so . . . she made the right choice, obvs.


                          Taylor is still letting her likes do the responding (which is smart because if she directly responds it just prolongs the nonsense in the headlines):

                          Men sending their wives to protect them just to make it seem like a “cat fight” and so they look so above it all, after they started it all (see k*m and now scooby’s wife), is peak comedy to me tbh

                          And Todrick says hold up . . . this whole thing about a selfless and LOVING Scooter WANTING to work with Taylor in a congenial fashion because he loooooves her soooo much? That just ain't true.

                          The fact that Todrick was able to ditch Scooter as a manager also shows that the 'Karlie can't break her kontract!" people are deluding themselves.

                          And Taylor liked this as well:

                          scooter is KNOWN to be a terrible manager who manipulates, bullies, and gaslights his artists to get what he wants out of them. Todrick literally wrote a whole ass song about it and put an actual scooter in the music video. anyone who is still defending scooter braun in 2019… has two brain cells

                          Which to me is like saying, "Karlie, what's good?" I mean, Karlie's silence on this so far has been deafening!*

                          * you know who else has been silent? Ed. I assume because he just released a collab with Justin, but . . . kinda wondering if that friendship is over, too.

                          A lot of people are hoping this is an actual possibility:

                          Scooter is coming out of this looking super bad and many celebs are standing up for Taylor's right to be allowed to at least TRY to bid for her music, so maybe he can be guilted into it? Especially if she makes it clear she might re-master them . .

                          From what I understand, this could work? It's apparently been done before. They wouldn't sound exactly the same obviously, but this could be a chance to re-record all 6 previous albums in any way that she wants to, because there's no doubt at all that the Swifties will buy them. She could tweak some of the songs that she wanted to make pop but that Scott B. forced her to make country, too.

                          Swifties are super fired up about this, and they WILL make any re-masters go platinum if it kills them.

                          Anyhoo, considering that Sccoter is already trying to trick fans into re-buying the music they've already bought . . .

                          Hoping that Taylor takes the time to re-master her work might be the best plan.

                          (apologies if I have any broken gifs or links, my machine is about to die! I'm racing the battery life right now.)


                          • THANK BEEK you wrapped this up for me. I had trouble figuring it out!
                            It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                            • It's 1 in the morning and I need to be up in like 5 hours, but NO REGERTS. I've been waiting for the time to sit with this update allll night and I fucking savored it like key lime pie. Bless you, o! I 100% believe you that Karlie staying friends with Scooter (you know she knows EVERYTHING about what went down) is the main reason behind the end of their bestieship. Also, seeing that Queen B, Rihanna, and Adele involved themselves at all by unfollowing Scooter had me internally screaming.


                              • Ha! I love that you stayed up for this. It's not showing any sign of slowing down!

                                Starting with the kay nonsense, just tp get it out of the way:

                                Seeing some kays drop off and say they are done with vague sources that consistently fail to provide any warning of fandom earthquakes, but for many of them this is actually a good thing because it lets them expand the universe of Villains Keeping The Girls In The Klosset. Every good konspiracy needs good villains!

                                The kays are also going to LOVE/HATE the new rumor, that one of JK's investment vehicles may have helped to finance this purchase, which means Josh (and therefore also Karlie) might also be part owner of Taylor's catalogue.

                                View this post on Instagram

                                *sips tea*

                                A post shared by Karlie Kloss (@karliekloss) on

                                (what Karlie posted before All The Shit Went Down).

                                So! The fact that Taylor posted what she did and then sat on tumblr and twitter lurking and liking and FUMING all damn day is the MOST relatable thing ever. I think we all wish we could be the person that just posts and then walks away but like, I am totally not that person and Taylor is sooooo not that person.

                                And YASS. Karlie broke her silence!


                                Scooper Brown obviously has a ton of pull in the industry, and he's got his managed artists and employees piping up with "but he's suuuuuch niiiice guyyy" hither and yon (and he regularly uses TMZ to go after people, as well as Pop Crave, which he apparently owns), but not everyone is buying it.

                                There's always going to be people rolling their eyes at anything Taylor does or says, but overall this has NOT been 2016s' #RIPTaylorSwift #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty all over again. Maybe Scooper thought he could re-create that, but it's not working. Some people appear to be 'taking his side' (Demi Lovato, Kacey Musgraves, Kendall Kardash, Olivia Munn, and (heartbreakingly for Taylor!) Courtney Cox) but most are not distracted from the real issues so far.

                                And! this! This re-post of his friend's post on his insta story shows he knew EXACTLY what he was interested in with this deal:

                                SO FUCKING GROSS.

                                He deleted that after Taylor liked this post:

                                the fact that scooby snack included a screenshot of his friend saying “when your buddy buys taylor swift” into his instagram story of him bragging about this situation…. really turns my stomach and shows the entire point of the purchase in the first place! love when men show themselves without even trying.

                                . . . but again! can't unring that bell!

                                So all of his but "i looooove you, taytay! WHY are you being MEAN! it HURTS me and it HURTS my CHILDREN" is just your standard garden variety male bullshitting. I thought it was a good insight that he did exactly what Kanye* did . . . send the wife to do the dirty work to the media will look at this like a trivial catfight between women 'throwing tantrums' and not take this seriously as a discussion about how the industry screws over artists.

                                * well, Kanye was his client at the time, so OF COURSE the game plan is the same. Scooper probably orchestrated it.

                                Not everyone is taking that bait!

                                Taylor's like:

                                taylor: i wanted access to my masters

                                scott: i TOLD you i was gonna sell to scooter

                                taylor: i wanted access to my masters

                                yael: LEAVE MY CHILDREN OUT OF THIS

                                taylor: i wanted access to my masters

                                justin: why can’t you just LOVE… love man

                                She's staying on message at least! I wonder if this means we will get a real sit down with her over this? Not sure who she should sit down with, though. Gayle King, maybe?

                                By the way, this was the supposed 'chance' Taylor was given to get her masters back:

                                That was not in good faith at all, that was ten years of indentured servitude with no actual light at the end of the tunnel.

                                Like THAT is the discussion here, not whether or not Taylor got a heads up about the deal (Scott apparently texted her at 3AM London time, and she saw the news when she woke up, before she got to read the text and holy hell, HOW does that count as a 'heads up' anyway ?) and not whether or not she said yes to a couple of events where Scooper wanted her to parade around for his benefit, and not whether or not Scott can remember her crying over Scooper, and not whether or not Scooper's wife(?) feels 'bullied' by Taylor calling him out over this. IT'S ABOUT ETHICS IN MUSIC PUBLISHING . . .


                                Cher comes though!

                                Justin's general idiocy and homophobia (and ripping off women) is also being called out:

                                And even though Demi (she's one of Scooper's) came at him, Todrick is NOT done:

                                So, now we know why Taylor chose April 26th (a non 13 day!) to release the first single off the first album where she owns everything:

                                There are peeps out there claiming none of this has anything to do with gender, but bitch plz. IT'S ALWAYS ABOUT THAT.

                                If TAYLOR FUCKING SWIFT can't own her own art, what real chance do any young female artists have? There's always going to be some asshole dude who will just take it away because he's a MAN and therefore more entitled to it. Hopefully the fact that Taylor was willing to go nuclear instead of holding her tongue will mean something lasting.

                                I mean yeah, Taylor will be all right because she's Taylor Fucking Swift and she always wins the long game . . .

                                . . . but what would be great is if this helps out the next unknown 15 year old girl who signs with a record label.

                                I'm a bit busy today, but I'll do a sum up post tonight maybe(?) if more things go down. I'm of two minds about whether or not Taylor will double down today or just ghost for awhile. It's always hard to predict.