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  • I genuinely think that Karlie is not a nice person.

    Taylor still has publishing rights of her songs, is what I understand, I.e. she still makes money off of them but has little to no say if they are used in a commercial or a TV show or something. Who in their right mind would believe that she could have bought them and declined?


    • I am stupid busy with ridiculous job nonsense today. I cannot wait to leave work and drink this in.

      Thanks, O!


      • Delicious, fantastic stuff here. I am loving it. Super happy to see all the people chiming in to support Taylor, though I am very disappointed in the Courtney Cox thing.

        I am with dada in thinking that Karlie is not nice. She married a Kushner, after all.

        The kays are also going to LOVE/HATE the new rumor, that one of JK's investment vehicles may have helped to finance this purchase, which means Josh (and therefore also Karlie) might also be part owner of Taylor's catalogue.
        I am sure the kays will say that is Kaylor’s secret plan and this is all a setup, even the drama.

        The other thing is: what did Scooter and Scott think was going to happen here? Did they think she would just go quietly? It could be they hatched this as a plan and are now going to extort more than the $300M from her.


        • Hoooooly shit, I love this dramz! The list of unfollows warms my heart and I still can’t believe a grown man chose to go by “Scooter.”


          • I don't know how Karlie is gonna be able to stay silent about this for the next week. Any time she posts, she gets Kaylors in her comments, but today, they were a straight up mess. Just 90% #westandwithtaylor and #unfollowscooter all over the place. I just can't buy into the theory that Karlie is not a nice person. I've never gotten a snakey vibe from her and if anything, she's maybe too nice? Like, that's how she ended up here, by trying to be nice to everyone and not pick sides and straddle that fence for as long as she has. It seems more likely to me that Taylor threw down an ultimatum and Karlie was like, "Ehhhh, I'll just stay friends with both of you because like, my dude is besties with him and I now have professional entanglements? If that's ok?" And Taylor nixed that and threw her out of the circle of trust and Karlie's been trying to work her way back in ever since.


            • I just listened to a Trump, Inc. podcast about how rich the Kushner family is getting from Trump being president and how Josh particularly is lowkey benefitting.

              So Karlie can DIAF? There are babies in cages and it’s her ducking in-laws making it happen. She’s a rich white lady who is “nice” in the way that nothing touches her and so she can pick and choose which causes to champion and picks only the ones that don’t make her uncomfortable.
              It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


              • Hoooooly shit, I love this dramz! The list of unfollows warms my heart

                I don't know if we can trust that unfollow list, to be honest! Some of them are definitely legit, but some of the others might not have been following him anyway (and I don't even think Adele is really present on her social media accounts in truth).

                The same with that petition site, that claimed Troye and Katy P had signed . . . maybe they did? But apparently anyone can put in any name, so we just don't know.

                The other thing is: what did Scooter and Scott think was going to happen here?

                I think they thought she would keep her pretty mouth shut and only rage in private.

                Taylor still has publishing rights of her songs, is what I understand, I.e. she still makes money off of them but has little to no say if they are used in a commercial or a TV show or something.

                Honestly, I'm not sure! It's possible that Scooper really can't do a whole lot with the songs themselves without her permission. (Other than make money off of them every time they are streamed or sold?)

                Bizwise, this is an interesting point:

                It's from this article:


                fans tweeting #WeStandWithTaylor threatened to stop listening to Ms Swift’s previous albums to prevent Mr Braun making money from them — and legal experts said that Ms Swift’s clout could disrupt the deal.

                . . . .

                Ms Swift could take legal action, according to entertainment lawyers. “She might have some rights that have to do with defamation and injury to personality,” said Michael Sukin, a longtime music lawyer who has worked with the estate of Elvis Presley. “She’s a very rich woman. She could make life difficult for them. She might not win, but who wants to risk all this money over that?”

                And they wonder if this will lead to lasting change:

                I did read somewhere that Scooper might be able to open up the music itself (not lyrics) to anyone that wants to sample it, maybe? So Kanye could make a whole album of Taylor samples and sing anything he wants over them, I guess?

                But it does look like Scooper is going on the offense to continue tricking people into re-buying the songs in the meanwhile:

                it’s like he’s changing minor details in taylor’s work just to mock her..the r in reputation. the period in ikywt. changing the genre for’s like he’s rubbing it in her face that he can play with her work and it’s sickening

                When he changes the structure of the title and genre, it makes it appear that you no longer own the song in your itunes, and gives you the option to purchase it. Apparently, you can still find the songs in a 'hidden music' folder, though.

                Insiders are saying this was 'brutal':

                But David Geffen, Scooper's 'mentor' (another good friend to Karlie and JoshK, btw!) is out there just lyyyyying about it:

                They never even let her bid! So . . . yeah.

                Geffen is obviously crazy powerful in the media, so I would expect to see this particular lie recycled many times and maybe turn the tide against Taylor. That's generally how these things go when you mess with the Guys In Suits.

                Scooper just seems like a scumball all around, so perhaps all of this will highlight to new artists not to sign with him at all.

                Speaking of The Suit Guys, Scott Borchetta wants you to know he is a BIG STRONG ITALIAN MAN.

                (TSwizzle was 80% of Big Machine revenue and probably more than that of actual assets. Scott B. would be NOTHING without Taylor, the reverse is NOT true.)

                . . . and for the record? He has said at least TWICE in interviews that when he looked at Taylor at age 14, he thought she looked 20 and said it in a super creepy way, so . . .

                Also hard to believe that Scott B cares about Parkland or gun control when he pulls shit like this:

                That's the horrible anti-LGBTQ+ pro-NRA GOP TN senator Taylor was campaigning AGAINST.

                Big Machine is already losing artists because of all this:

                That kickstarter raised 3X their goal really fast, thanks to Swifties.

                Fandom has also turned #WeStandWithTaylor into a purity test for celebs:

                (Joseph directed a bunch of Taylor videos).

                This twitter thread is trying hard to keep track of who is taking who's side:


                Sophia Bush, Busy and Claire Holt both took Scooper's side! Those all surprised me. Busy, and Courtney Cox eventually unliked the Scooper posts that they had liked, though.

                But Sia!

                Sadness. (She's very good friends with the Kardash's.)

                This one, though:

                Anna Delvey is the Con Artist who was recently sent away for de-frauding half of NYC's rich hipsters! She is Team Taylor!

                Brendon Urie didn't hold back, he's obvs Team Taylor:

                “Man, this fucking Scooter Braun shit, like what a piece of shit, right? You guys know about this dude? It just, like, broke my heart. I read Taylor’s statement, I was like, that sounds about right, ya know? Toxic, toxic dudes doing toxic bullshit in this toxic industry… What a fucking asshole. I thought that was illegal. To do a business turn behind the people who wrote the stuff, like, you can’t do it without their knowledge. There’s like a certain amount of time legally you have to, like, let the people know… Like there’s gotta be a precedent for that, not toxic masculinity, not these fucking idiots who are just ya know… He doesn’t sound like a very good person, does he? Do you stand with Taylor? Of course, I mean it’s just a fucking shitshow to learn how awful people can be, ya know? Just for a profit. P-R-O-F-I-T. Just for a monetary gain and maybe some clout. I don’t know what kind of clout they feel they deserve because it like, dude, you screwed over a young artist early on and know you were screwing them over. Everybody involved in that is a piece of shit, man.”

                But Kat McPhee straddles a fence!

                In her defense, she just got married to David Foster a few days ago and is on her honeymoon, so I'd cut her slack anyway.

                Folks are also putting pressure on Ariana Grande from all sides, even faking screenshots on her behalf, but so far she's been mum.

                Demi is even out there fighting with her own stans:

                Many think Ed is being the most cowardly here:

                There's no way the Swifties are going to let him get away with the 'I've spoken to her privately' thing when he currently has a single out with Justin.

                What I think it interesting is that nobody on the Team Taylor side have backed down, but several on the Team Scooper side have (or have been made to be defensive about it) which definitely shows you which 'side' has the moral high ground here, as far as general opinion goes.

                I'm sure it'll swing back 'round to Taylor being the Bad Guy because misogny reasons eventually. Always does.

                Stouffers knows what's what!

                Ronan's mom ain't playing around:

                And overall, Swifties are getting a wee bit overly emotional about all of this.

                Okay, that was the general breakdown, whew. I need everything to sloooow down now, though.

                Karlie just had a Vogue UK cover come out . . .


                Her recent marriage to 34-year-old venture capitalist Josh Kushner weighs heavily in her life’s joy category – as well as the pillars of the Jewish faith, which she converted to for Kushner. “Changing part of who you are for someone else can be seen as weak,” she begins. “But you know what? Actually, if you’ve been through what I’ve experienced, it requires you to be anything but weak. It requires me to be stronger and self-loving and resilient. I really did not take this lightly.”

                The couple’s union has become tabloid fodder, put under further scrutiny by Kloss’s own political views. While Kloss and her husband are fervent Democrats, Kushner’s brother Jared is a senior presidential advisor who happens to be married to Ivanka Trump. “It’s been hard,” she explains. “But I choose to focus on the values that I share with my husband, and those are the same liberal values that I was raised with and that have guided me throughout my life.” What detractors tend to forget is that she and Josh fell in love more than seven years ago (Kloss was 19), long before anyone had fathomed that a Trump presidency could become reality.

                'who happens to be' like it was an accident or something.

                This bit about Victoria's Secret might not make her the most popular among her fellow Angels:

                During this soul-searching period, she quit one of her most lucrative contracts, with the lingerie conglomerate Victoria’s Secret. “The reason I decided to stop working with Victoria’s Secret was I didn’t feel it was an image that was truly reflective of wh I am and the kind of message I want to send to young women around the world about what it means to be beautiful,” says Kloss. “I think that was a pivotal moment in me stepping into my power as a feminist, being able to make my own choices and my own narrative, whether through the companies I choose to work with, or through the image I put out to the world.”

                Well. If you say so.

                I will say that if she's angling for a Heidi Klum-esque post-modeling career, she needs to get way more of a tv personality, because whoo boy, Karlie was bland as shit on Project Runway. I haven't heard that the ratings slumped, though, so maybe she can hang on there for awhile.

                As a related note, this made me raise an eyebrow because of who is saying it . . .

                Clayd works in model management, and is friends with Stella Maxwell, Martha Hunt, Sara Sampaio, Irina Shayk etc and he definitely hangs with some of the former squad members.

                This is him with Gigi Hadid:


                View this post on Instagram

                cheers portugal, you were a delight ✈️

                A post shared by Clayd Yila (@clayd_yila) on

                Toni Garn (supposedly Karlie's ex-gf before Taylor!):

                View this post on Instagram

                *watches Side To Side music video once*

                A post shared by Clayd Yila (@clayd_yila) on

                View this post on Instagram

                in case you ever wonder why we’re late✌

                A post shared by Clayd Yila (@clayd_yila) on

                . . . and with Martha Hunt at a party:

                View this post on Instagram

                after the after party

                A post shared by Clayd Yila (@clayd_yila) on

                He's met Taylor and Tree as well, and is a major Taylor fan. The kays haaaate him because he has mocked them online and called them delusional. So anyways, he is definitely clued into backstage model dramz so I thought the fact that he was willing to call out Karlie for being fake was . . .

                I don't know how Karlie is gonna be able to stay silent about this for the next week.

                Yeah . . . I don't either.

                and if anything, she's maybe too nice?Like, that's how she ended up here, by trying to be nice to everyone and not pick sides

                That's the WORST kind of friend to have!*

                * I have often been that kind of friend, and it mos def one of my character flaws.

                I don't have a strong opinion about whether or not Karlie is just too nice or is just too ambitious or if she should for sure DIAF, but I will forever be skeeved out by her shady friends (Wendi Deng?!) and the half-assed way she and Josh have kinda sorta but not really 'distanced' themselves from Jared and Ivanka and Josh's horrible parents. At some point, I think you should just officially and IN ACTUALITY cut ties with people who are pro-concentration camps for kids, ya know? Hanging out with Jared and Ivanka secretly the night before your liberal friends show up and then oooping about it when Ivanka refuses to let it stay a secret isn't the same thing. It feels like they are trying to have their 'liberal street cred' cake and eating their 'being besties with rich and powerful straight-up villains' cake at the same time, and I don't have much patience with that.

                She's literally only interesting because she's one half of a konspiracy that I'm adicted to, as I am concerned.

                The Kays found away to twist this into something to verify the their delusions because of course they did:

                . . . It was ALL ABOUT keeping Taylor from Coming Out at Pride! WHICH SHE WAS TOTALLY TOALLY GONNA DO WE KNOW BECAUSE OF A PARTICULAR DRESSSSSS.

                m convinced that the sale was done strategically in this month to destroy Taylor’s Pride plans. They have been holding her back from being herself and this was their final effort to take her power from her. The fact that he manages Karlie is no coincidence. It’s the ultímate fuck you for her leaving them.

                Rumors had been abound within the Kaylor fandom that Taylor was attending the NYC Pride event on June 30th, and possibly even coming out of the closet then. We expected to see the CSiriano dress make its appearance there, as the designer has suggested in his NYCPride tags- and we were almost positive that Taylor was going to be the one adorned in the rainbow tulle dress. Plus there was the Spade message telling us that she was going to bloom in June. So then, why was Billy Porter wearing the dress, which curiously has a mesh fabric that would be considered a nude tone for light-skinned individuals. Wouldn’t a designer like CSiriano have been carefully picking out these kinds of details? A sheer panel is meant to give the appearance of a lack of textile. Putting a light flesh tone mesh on a proud black man seems counter-intuitive. Unless the dress had originally been designed for Taylor Swift (like CSiriano had essentially confirmed through his instagram likes) and Taylor had to back out of the Sunday plans last minute and decided to give the dress to Billy so that CSiriano’s efforts would not go to waste.

                Scooter Braun (most likely influenced by the Kushners, and possibly Joshua Kushner himself) was trying to prevent the PR disaster that “Sunshine on the street at the parade” would have caused Joshua Kushner, and so the Kushners were able to get the Carlyle Group to help fund the disgusting BMR acquisition that shook up Taylor’s plans for Sunday.

                Despite Scooter being Karlie Kloss’s manager, his actions have been proven over the years to be in favor of Joshua Kushner’s public image rather than Karlie’s.
                Where does Scott fall into all of this? You can imagine that if people found out that he had recommended (or more likely, forced) the closeting of Taylor Swift, they would be coming for him and BMR. Keeping Taylor Swift in the closet this Sunday was in his favor as well.

                (Siriano didn't confirm shit but oookay!)

                That's something special right there. But . . . a dress that was designed to fit Taylor Swift couldn't be modified last minute to fit Billy Porter last minute, just sayin'!

                Oh, and here's their official stance on the catalogue buy-out:

                Real life footage of Scooper Brown according to the kays:

                Although, if Taylor is being 'blackmailed' then why oh why did she speak out about all this yesterday?

                Even non-kays aren't happy about how this purchase was funded, although the potential Kushner angle isn't as emphasized, obvs:

                Late stage capitalism is full of this kind of wickedness and it's hard to avoid accidentally funding wars, but yes, I agree this is gross.

                But back to the kays, they REALLY want this to happen:

                if Taylor exposed Scott for making her beard all this years, it would be OVER for him, so cool if she re-released her albums with female pronouns

                I hope Scott and Scooter lose their sleep knowing Taylor can easily re-release her music but with female pronouns. Yes, she's That Bitch and she will fuck y'all up, I know already has a plan, she's amazing

                But I don't think they should hold their breath on ever hearing Taylor sing "She knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring" or "She built a fire just to keep me warm" , let's be real here.

                And! it ALWAYS COMES BACK TO DAISIES. Abigail's insta story is making the kays hopeful!

                As for Taylor herself, other than liking a few more things on tumblr, she's been ghosting.

                (You can see all of likes here to get an idea of what she's been thinking/feeling . . . note! she still hasn't rewarded the kays with any likes on their obvious kay blogs, even in all of this furor: )

                Her jet went from London to NYC and then to Nashville, so nobody knows exactly where she's at right now. Could just be prepping for the July 10th show, could be planning her next move.

                If I were her, I'd be papped going into Jack Antonoff's studio today . . .

                Scooper could drop a Taylor Swift's Greatest Hits album at any time, so maybe she might want to get ahead of that with one of her own . . . and then go off on vaca for the 4th of July with a British hottie perhaps. I mean, I really DO need everyone involved to take a vacation because this has been A LOT.

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                • One of the key takeaways in the podcast I listened to was about all these companies. I discovered that when Ivanka “divested” for propriety’s sake, the trustee was Josh Kushner.

                  So: fuck Karlie Kloss and her having it both ways while children are imprisoned for these horrific people to gain power and make money.

                  That said, I’m not clear on *why* Scooter is so horrible? Maybe I skimmed too fast but aside from managing a bunch of talent and prioritizing money above artists’ rights (which I am against) I’m still not sure why people say he’s so evil (vs just an opportunistic suit).
                  It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                  • I think Taylor blames him for the Kanya incident(s).


                    • I think Taylor blames him for the Kanya incident(s).

                      I think it goes a bit further back than that, to when Justin was putting Selena through hell, and there were all these rumors that Scoop was enabling/encouraging Justin's terrible behavior and Taylor was trying to get Selena to finally walk away from Justin for good. I mean, there's a few years of history there when Taylor and Scoop might have interacted or clashed, even before Kimye's nonsense. But in general, he's just got one of those asshole reputations, for being one of the more toxic weasels in the business. I've seen a bunch of threads floating around twitter that list out all the ways he has screwed people over or exploited his artists or used shady tactics to undercut rivals, but I didn't save one. I can look for it later, maybe.


                      Perez knows! the answer! to the age old question that keeps Jennifer Lawrence up at night . . .


                      The Taylor stuff is near the beginning, the Karlie vs Taylor stuff is at the 7:25 mark, but I'm so super nice to y'all that I have transcribed it for you:

                      You all know for awhile now I've been saying and it's true, that KK and TS had a falling out. They've pretended like they haven't but they aren't close like they used to be, they don't hang out . . . they don't celebrate birthdays or special occasions . . Taylor didn't go to EITHER of Karlie's two weddings . . . and the reason is Scooter Braun. It makes so much sense now. A source* tells me that Taylor found out that Karlie was telling things about her and her career to Scooter. Even if she wasn't doing it in a malicious way, clearly Taylor had so much bad blood with Scooter . . but the falling out had to do with Karlie blabbing to Scooter Braun. I can't believe I didn't contemplate that sooner.

                      * bet ya a nickel the source's name rhymes with 'Kree Rain' and this is Taylor's payback.


                      "Did you think I wouldn't hear all the things you said about me?"

                      Interestingly enough, I just read on a tumblr that Karlie left the Nashville rep show BEFORE the This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things played as the closer. Oh, and this . . .

                      I'm just terribly non surprised by this.

                      Twitter immediately seemed divided:

                      This has prompted much re-examining of events and lyrics, though. And here's an expanded theory:

                      I remember when the public found out about Joe and Dan Wooten from the Sun there were rumors that Taylor was pissed and wanted to know how he found out. I believe Karlie was the one to let it slip. Maybe not to the tabloids but to Scooter.

                      Anyway, I don't think it's a coinkydink at all that Karlie signed with Scooper near the end of 2015, and then Karlie and Taylor started drifting apart within the next 12 months, fading away entirely by the end of 2016.

                      The kween DOES not buy what Perez is selling:

                      Perez plays along with the narrative that celebrities want out there. The narrative is that Karlie is with the criminal and Taylor and Karlie were never in a ‘relationship’. Perez knows Karlie is not dating the crook, and that the crook is gay. But, he will never post about either because it is not the public narrative.

                      Other bits! and pieces!

                      Taylor fulfilled 50% of my wish for her and jetted off to the British Virgin Islands yesterday. Possibly with Joe? or possibly with friends?

                      Martha and Danielle Haim were seen leaving her apt not long before her jet left NYC:

                      Unless they get papped or somebody posts something, we won't know if this is a couple thing or a friend thing. Last year, Joe and Taylor did Turks and Caicos alone, so this might just be Tay's new July 4 tradition.

                      Before leaving the country, she had her lawyer rebut the Geffen lie (which had been gaining traction):


                      "She Has No Legal Recourse": Why Taylor Swift Won't Sue Scooter Braun to Get Her Masters

                      “Scott Borchetta never gave Taylor Swift an opportunity to purchase her masters, or the label, outright with a check in the way he is now apparently doing for others.”

                      As for Swift, she could offer to write Braun a check, but King questions why she'd spend that kind of money when she owns everything she makes from here on out and has a highly-anticipated album due out later this summer. (She could also refuse to play her old music in live shows, thus diminishing the value of the songs, assuming her fans won't freak out.) King suspects the situation will diffuse as the news cycle shifts. "This too shall pass," he says. "Her new album will be a huge success, and she’ll get far more of the profits than she used to get.

                      Sammataro also notes that Swift will still have some control over certain exploitations of her masters that require permission from the owner of the underlying composition. For example, a film studio can't license "Shake It Off" for a movie without the green light from both Braun and Swift. And public pressure arising from this situation might make Braun think twice about exploiting her work in ways she wouldn't be happy with, even if he's within his rights to do so.

                      "Any time Taylor brings attention to an issue it gets magnified," says Sammataro, noting how Swift successfully nudged Apple in 2015 to change how it pays for music. "She has a very loud megaphone and she’s not afraid to use it. She’s had great success in effectuating change."

                      Once again, I reminded of how just a few weeks ago BuzzFeed said Taylor had become 'irrelevant'. If so, then I don't know what RELEVANCE would look like.

                      And Tree let EW know that Tay's not scurrred of no Scooper and pals:

                      Honestly, she's probably far more let down and mad at Scott Pancetta than at Scooper.

                      Okay! This was relatively short because I'm on the road soonish, but fingers crossed that we will get beachy pap pics tomorrow that will shift the narrative. There's also been chatter about secret session invites going out, which always causes major dramz! across fandom.

                      Maybe she'll let slip to the sessioners what her next plans are for undermining Scooper in every possible way!


                      • JLaw and I appreciate this roundup.

                        I miss Taymerica - such a shame that had to be lost in this.

                        bet ya a nickel the source's name rhymes with 'Kree Rain' and this is Taylor's payback
                        Tree being this source is huge. That is not just business gone bad, that is burning a serious bridge. But maybe she feels that Karlie has already done that. If Issie is right and Karlie is just too nice, then maybe this will be a wake up to her her to pull on her big girl pants and make a choice.

                        Tying these things together with the outing of her and Joe makes a lot of things make sense.

                        I am not sure I buy the thing about Karlie walking out of the reputation show before the song because she knew it was about her. If you know that, why would you ever even go to that show? Doesn’t feel right to me. It FEELS more right to me that she does not see herself in the song (even though she probably is), and just left because getting out before the rush of people is a thing.

                        The poor Kaylors. Somewhere deep inside, they have to know this is the end.


                        • But maybe she feels that Karlie has already done that. If Issie is right and Karlie is just too nice, then maybe this will be a wake up to her her to pull on her big girl pants and make a choice.
                          I think she already did? She chose her boyfriend and their couple besties.

                          My guess is Karlie just doesn't think whatever she did was that big of a deal and thinks Taylor is sensitive and dramatic (which is, to be fair, very likely true). That said, it sure seems like if you're going to sell a catalog of songs, you'd like the performer in on the bidding war, particularly if that performer is megarich and an artists' rights activist, basically? The sale appears personal and vindictive when seen in context to everything else.
                          It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                          • That said, it sure seems like if you're going to sell a catalog of songs, you'd like the performer in on the bidding war, particularly if that performer is megarich and an artists' rights activist, basically? The sale appears personal and vindictive when seen in context to everything else.

                            That does seem to be the sticking point. Taylor is (probably) worth more than Scoop, and certainly just as able to raise the amount of capital he can raise, so by not letting her even bid on it, Scoot B was saying FUCK YOU to the woman that basically built his company for him (according to all accounts and analysis of his company's assets). He made her BEG and still shut the door on her. Her money should have been as good as anybody's else's, but as you can see from that interview where he said he didn't want to be 'subservient' to her, it was all about his ego. Now he's subservient to Scoop, but at least they both have penises so that makes it okay!

                            John Fogarty of Creedence Clearwater Revvial actually had a lot to say about this:

                            I’m appalled that she really wasn’t offered the chance to buy them, because her money would have been just as good as the next guy’s money.

                            Her lawyer (Don Passman) said that she was not given a chance to buy it. And I believe that statement. I don’t believe the cover-up PR spin doctors on the other side trying to say that Taylor turned down the opportunity, because there’s probably nothing more on this earth that she would want more than those masters. As in my case, it’s not so much about the money as it is about owning your children. After such a long period of having so much of the benefit go to somebody else, in the back of your mind you think that you’re finally going to be given the chance to own what you created. It’s only right. In my case, I’ve waited 50 years already. I’ve got about another five years to go of just waiting it out.

                            As everyone with a brain knows, it is the artist. All the lawyers and the PR men and the rest can stand around and take credit for what’s going on. But without the artist, nobody’s going anywhere. And that’s true in Taylor’s case too, obviously, even though she was quite young… Think of all the numbers of people on the planet, and there are just a precious few who are gifted enough as artists to create things that get the public excited enough to want to spend money, especially in the numbers that Taylor has enjoyed for the last 15 years. People like managers and label execs and all that seem to take that part for granted when they’re making these sort of statements. If they only could have a little bit of humility and realize how rare somebody like Taylor Swift is in the universe. And she’s quite young, still. Twenty-five years from now, she’ll utilize even more of what she’s got.

                            But I would say that she seems, especially in this world of social media, I’m quite certain that 99% of her fans are on her side. The main thing is to have a support group. It’s horrible to have to do this alone. Especially because the name-calling starts, and when people run out of the truth, they start trying to attack your character. I think my advice would be to keep doing what you’re doing. I think her fans want her to stick up for herself, because she always has. … I’m sure she could have raised the money to have this happen. It sounds pretty spiteful that Scott (Borchetta) wanted to sell the label to her only real enemy, as far as I know. He was the manager of Kanye, and Kanye did some pretty dreadful things publicly to Taylor.

                            It really has been a look into the side of the industry that most fans have no clue about, and I think it's telling how old school vets like Cher and John Fogarty immediately knew which side was the right one.

                            He was totally right about how they go after your character when they run out of the truth . . . this is from Page Six yesterday:

                            They admit this:

                            Another insider told us Swift did try to purchase her masters — and the label — on several occasions, but was met with stipulations.

                            “It was a s - - tty deal. She tried to buy it multiple times, but they wouldn’t let her cut a check like Scooter,” the source said.

                            But then hit her with:

                            But an insider said of Swift: “Everyone knows she’s playing the victim. She has five homes, a private jet. She even summons her boyfriend [UK actor Joe Alwyn]. She sends a jet to London to pick him up and bring him to her when she needs him.”

                            I mean really, you just make her sound more awesome. I'd like to be able to summon a British hottie whenever I want, too, WHO WOULDN'T. And also! that's kind of the point? She's damn fucking rich, so y'all should have let her spend some of that spare cash to buy your broke ass record label.

                            SHE COULD HAVE AFFORDED IT OBVS.

                            (I don't know what Taylor has against Forbes but she refused to be on the cover of it the last time she got No.1, too.)

                            I guess Page Six's point was that yes, she could have bought them, but her money had girl cooties on it and she owns a plane so screw her.

                            So Taylor's old manager Rick Barker dashed all of our hopes (my hopes, anyway) about getting new recordings of her old albums:


                            Given that she can't re-record, I honestly think that Taylor did the smartest thing she could in the smartest way she could. Going public was her best power move. She knew she would get 'oh poor little rich girl acting the victim again/throwing a spoiled girl tantrum' accusations, but by going public she immediately devalued the asset Scoop spent so much to acquire. She let him know right away that she wasn't going to 'work with him' the way he expected her to. But! she also made sure prospective clients who want to license her music will realize that Scoop has almost NO power on his own to do so, and she has shown the entire world that she is NOT going to be cooperative. That cuts into the value a lot. He can't sell the music to commercials, movies, nada. I'll bet he had made lots of plans that will flop now.

                            People agrees:


                            “The steps Swift is taking now may work to her advantage: negative publicity could pressure investors to pull out of the deal or convince Big Machine to strike a deal post-sale” – A source to @people

                            She also shone a spotlight on Scoop, which brought the shady way he treats his artists and how he gets his financing into focus:

                            Scoop was always disliked by many, but now he's a downright pariah in certain corners. This might have a very real effect on who is willing to sign with him personally, or with his new label. A new artist just starting out might think twice about aligning with him, whereas they wouldn't have before. Anyone signing with him/the label post-BigMachinegate will have to assess whether or not they can risk alienating Swifties right away.

                            . . . because by sharing her emotions, she activated the Swiftie army and made it VERY personal to them, which should not be underestimated.

                            Look at the sad sad fanart! It speaks for itself!

                            You made Taylor cry! THEY WILL NOT FORGIVE AND THEY WILL NOT FORGET.

                            And it's already having affects on the existing business Scoop bought. One of their acts left the label entirely, and is now having their next release funded by Swifties, and people have been returning their pre-orders for OTHER Big Machine releases in droves . . . to the point of which Big Machine is trying to throw Taylor vinyls into package deals to drive sales.

                            . . . but the response has not been GREAT:

                            Being associated with Big Machine or Scoop will make some artists toxic to many many of the exact kind of people WHO BUY MUSIC.

                            Of course, the old skool Scoop defenders are not really doing him any favors really. I mean, seriously Demi . . .

                            This is a hot mess, girl.

                            He's not doing himself any favors either:

                            So by letting fans know directly WHO is going to be making money off future sales of her work and HOW she feels about that, Taylor has undercut Big Machine's maneuvering a lot. Swifties have already figured out ALL the workarounds to continue to support Taylor without giving a dime to Scoop and Scott at the same time. Even if this only shaves off a few percentages of profit here and there, Taylor will know she had that kind of impact on a $300 million deal between 'power brokers' with one single social media post.

                            Most importantly of all, though, she's making this a public fight in a way that might benefit future artist negotiations, and that's worth being accused of 'tantrum throwing' anyway.

                            So! the Prime Concert was last night . . .

                            (I'm digging the purple! Most people assumed she would come out draped in rainbows but I like this!)

                            . . . and she did three things with significant emphasis . . . she made a pointed comment about writing her songs and lyrics, sang I Knew You Were Trouble with a lot of heat, and put extra super spicy sauce on "the liars and the DIRTY DIRTY CHEATS of this world" when she sang Shake It Off. She left zero doubt about who/what she was referring to, but didn't address anything head on.

                            Interestingly enough, I just read on a tumblr that Karlie left the Nashville rep show BEFORE the This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things played as the closer.

                            There is some dispute about this, so I am taking it back! I don't know that it's actually accurate!

                            If you know that, why would you ever even go to that show? Doesn’t feel right to me.

                            For months and months during the tour (and before it started), Karlie had been harassed by randos online and in person and in interviews by actual interviewers about whether or not she was still friends with Taylor and if she was going to any rep shows . . . particularly after tour started and people noticed Gigi and Martha (and Joe and his mom!) had been to several but Karlie had been to nada, and Karlie's answer was always the same, that she was DEFINITELY going to go uh huh definitely. So I doubt that Karlie felt like she had a choice, but what was she gonna do? Just buy a ticket and roll up to the civilian areas like a nobody? She HAD to get Taylor to agree to let her into Club Meredith or Club Olivia and do the backstage selfie thing. Maybe that's why she didn't show up until five months into the tour.

                            There's one theory that Taylor actually enjoyed watching Karlie squirm and insist that they were still really good friends when she'd actually been iced out . . .

                            HEADLIGHTS MEET DEER.

                            . . . but that she gave in and let Karlie come and bring her sisters to the Nashville show because she's got no hard feeling against the other Kloss sisters. The other theory is that Abigail (who stood next to Karlie and her sisters at the show) talked her into it as a nice gesture. She also might have done it just to forestall any more feud headlines. Or all three of those reasons.

                            Anyway! We've got CONFIRMATION on Perez's story!

                            Ashley A., liked TWO tweets about Perez's video yesterday, setting off a BOMB in the fandom:

                            Ash was MOST definitely not going rogue here. She was one of the gals (Martha, Ash, one of the Haim sisters) who just got back from flying on Tay's jet to St. Thomas for 4th of July(we only got pics of them getting on and getting off jets, that's it), and hours after liking those tweets all cat-amongst-the-pigeons stylez, she and Gigi were at Taylor's Prime Day concert:

                            Fandom considers her one of the most ride or die, so . . . that's definitely the story Taylor wants out there as an explainer, I guess!

                            (Ash was also one of the squad members who unfollowed Karlie a couple of years ago, I guess we now know why.)

                            Karlie's insta comments are a MESS:

                            I think fandom immediately loses perspective on this kind of thing. Taylor obviously feels like Karlie screwed up and can't really be trusted and is choosing sides against Taylor, but that's not on the same level as Kanye putting himself in bed with a naked wax figure of Taylor and calling it 'art', or Kanye getting an entire stadium to chant "Fuck Taylor Swift" at his concert. Just note that they Karlie and Taylor friends anymore, and move on.

                            Also, not sure why they can't agree on the right trolling emoji! Snakes, rats, or scooters, make up your damn minds, Swifties.

                            All of this tells me that Taylor has been holding back from going scorched earth on Karlie for a looong time because either a) she doesn't feel like Karlie was being malicious, just dumb or b) was waiting to see if Karlie would step up again later on when push came to shove (which it now has) . . . but it was probably super annoying to drop a friend, allude several times (in lyrics, videos, and finally in Elle) to dropping said friend, and yet STILL hear that ex-friend claiming to be your bestie to Vogue, Andy Cohen, and errrybuddy else who asks, and PRETENDING they weren't dropped, because they are so sure you won't blow their cover about it.

                            Well, cover blown now!

                            I wonder if Yael Braun's 'you drop friends like wilted flowers' line was the last straw. It would have been for me!

                            The kween AIN'T BOVVERED by Ash's likes, OKAY.

                            If you have followed me long enough, you know that I try to stay fact-based, and that I share what I am allowed to. The content of my blog, and its narrative should be enough to guide you to the truth. I would not waste my time here blogging about Karlie and Taylor, if they were not together.

                            I have no idea. But Abigail liked Karlie’s IG post after the Scooter mess. Social media is all PR games. Just relax and observe.

                            Maybe she liked it to keep it for when they show together as a f*ck you to Perez. Maybe she wants to smoke out the Karlie hating fans on social media. We will likely never know.

                            OH I THINK WE KNOW. I mean, it's not not obvious!

                            To be fair, Abigail has also occasionally liked Kendall Jenner posts in the past, so her tossing an occasional like at Karlie is . . . uh . . a lot less meaningful than Ashley A's extremely strategic likes, given the timing. Abigail is also one of the few non-modeling peeps from the squad who still follows Karlie, so it could be that she has a soft spot for Karlie regardless -- it's not like Karlie ran over Taylor's cat, anyway!

                            Yes, let's double down on the 'marriage is fake' narrative, because that makes you seem very un-crazy-like.

                            Also making you seem un-un-crazy-like would be the idea that Karlie Kloss, all 6 ft 2 inches of her, could have been standing on the balcony of the Prime concert near Ash, who had just exposed her ass for being a rat, and yet nobody would have noticed her:

                            Other major kays had this to say:

                            Ashley wouldn’t do something like that behind Tay’s back, or without her approval beforehand. That’s why i’ve been saying to trust Tree and Tay’s reasons behind this narrative and Ash’s like.

                            They know what they’re doing.

                            How hard is it to understand?

                            Very hard, apparently? Like, super hard?

                            The only way Ashley liking that tweet makes sense is if they’re attempting to create another wedge between Taylor and Karlie so when Taylor comes out, people don’t make it about them and they just focus on Taylor. Y’all know Josh would flip if everyone started saying Karlie’s been with Taylor the whole time so… The damage he could do to both of them if he feels threatened or feels like he’s being outed would be really bad.

                            It’s also a really bad strategy though because if they allow people to think Karlie actually did that (seriously, as if), good luck trying to re-introduce Karlie back into Taylor’s public life!

                            Also y’all can act like our information has been wrong all you want, but just know that most of it was right at the time, but things have been changing so much behind the scenes so quickly. Like have you ever stopped to wonder why this era feels a little messy? It’s because one second something is set to happen, and then a week later it changes.

                            I guess your sources have been wrong all along about Karlie & Taylor still being together, why would Ashley like that tweet if it wasn’t true?

                            No they haven’t. You don’t know anything about what some of us know so there’s no way for you to even judge whether they’re “wrong” or not. As someone who DOES have access to that information, one “like” doesn’t negate it all.

                            Their situation is extremely complicated behind the scenes right now and y’all really don’t even know the half of it.

                            I have no idea why Ashley would like that tweet, but I know for a fact that what Perez was spouting off is 100% false. So make with that what you will.

                            FOR A FACT.

                            This one is so convoluted:

                            I mean . . .

                            Okay, bits and pieces . . . first of all a book came out about The Kennedys that included stuff in it about when Taylor dated Connor. What a summer!

                            Her aesthetics were SO GOOD when she was Kennedy co-playing.


                            Then 22, the pop princess (just in time for the July 4 holiday) arrived in Hyannis Port, Mass. — where Jackie long ago relaxed with Jack, and Carolyn Bessette was introduced to the family by JFK Jr. — on a Sunday, and spent much of her few days ingraining herself: having meals with the family, and getting in on activities. She already had seven Grammys and millions of records sold; her romantic resumé already included names such as Jake Gyllenhaal and Joe Jonas.

                            “You know what she really is?” Ethel Kennedy — the widow of Bobby Kennedy, and effectively the battle-axe ruler of the clan by this point — later said of Swift, according to the book. “She’s game. She had never sailed before; she sailed. She had never dragged before (a boat activity). She dragged. She played everything that everyone else was doing and she was good at it, no fuss.”

                            For Ethel, who proudly keeps a needlepoint in her home that reads “If You Obey All The Rules, You Miss All The Fun,” there was probably no higher compliment than “game.”

                            But let us re-rewind a little! Swift, already a Kennedy aficionado — having watched many documentaries, and read many books on the family, including two written by Taraborrelli, he has said in interviews — had let it be known that Ethel was her fave because, she explained, “when you look at the pictures of her and Bobby they always look like they are having the most fun.” She had even wrote a song based on a photo she’d seen of them.

                            Having read that Swift was a fan, Rory Kennedy — Ethel and Bobby’s youngest daughter — reached out to ask for tickets for her two daughters. The request was granted — complete with a backstage meeting. Taking the opportunity to ask if she might have a chance to meet Ethel, Swift had Rory pass along her number. A lunch eventually ensued and, later, a red-carpet appearance by Swift to support the HBO documentary that Rory had done about her mother at the Sundance Film Festival. It was after that incident that Ethel — 83 at the time — invited her to come to her house for July 4 weekend. Swift eagerly accepted.

                            (Note to self: do more cross-generational lunches!)

                            A weekend to remember, then, in 2012: on the first night, the pop star spent her time hanging out with some of the younger Kennedys, and doing Cape Cod-y things: drinking, swimming, and playing flashlight tag (a favourite Kennedy pastime, basically tag in the dark).

                            The next day started with a huge breakfast, prepared by a chef, in the nook of Ethel’s enormous kitchen. The menu included Palm Beach crab stack with poached eggs — basically crab cake on English muffins with eggs, tomatoes, cheese, and hollandaise sauce. There, Kennedy youngsters mixed with some of the grown-ups as Ethel told them “Elbows off the table” — “something that had long been a pet peeve of hers and remains so,” says the book.

                            The conversation turned to who was taking which yacht out, where and when was the volleyball game, etc.

                            Lunch? It ensued on Ethel’s patio where Swift — in red shorts, black tee, and a polka-dotted scarp folder around her head — gave a private performance. An acoustic guitar rendition, actually, of the ditty she had written in honour of Ethel and Bobby. It was called “Starlight” — with lyrics such as “I met Bobby on the boardwalk, summer of ‘45/ Picked me up late one night at the window/ We were 17 and crazy, running wild.” Ethel was beyond moved.

                            Dinner, formal as ever, followed, starting with a first course of baked brie wrapped in phyllo with walnut, followed by barbecued Cajun shrimp as well as halibut.

                            After the holiday was done, everyone was taken with Swift, it was made clear. She was now pretty much an honorary Kennedy — completely with a budding romance with Ethel’s grandkid Conor Kennedy, son of Bobby Kennedy Jr.! Four years her junior and shaggy-haired, he was still grieving his mother, Mary Richardson, who, after a battle with mental illness, had killed herself some weeks prior (her ex-husband had discovered her hanging from a rope in a barn — just one of many tragedies touched on in The Kennedy Heirs). Swift saw something in his vulnerability.

                            When she asked him about some of the dark history of tragedy in his family, Conor simply came back with a single sentence: “Life’s messy.” Clearly, the observation of a kid who had already seen a lot, and had stopped trying to make sense of it.

                            It was the definition of a summer fling: one night, the burgeoning couple had dinner at a nearby pizza place; on another day, they went church together in Hyannis Port. By mid-August, she was so swept away that she actually decided to buy property on Cape Cod to be close to him. Swift spent $4.9 million (U.S.) on a seven-bedroom summer home overlooking Nantucket Sound, complete with own private beach.

                            Uh-oh. This, naturally, made Conor a little nervous — he liked her, but wasn’t this a bit much?

                            Then, more D-R-A-M-A: on Aug. 23, Taylor was forced to deny that she crashed the wedding of Conor’s cousin, Kyle Kennedy, after the mother-of-the-bride told the media that Swift and Conor were asked to leave not once but twice, only to refuse (the worry being that they were taking too much attention away from her daughter).

                            Naturally, Swift called to apologize directly to Ethel. The latter was a good sport about it, telling her not to worry. Things were patched over — but not so much with her and Conor. By September, the romance was dunzo. In a few months, she had also sold the house that she had purchased on a lark — minting a million-dollar profit, while at it. Shabby: not.

                            As for Swift, she was all too equipped to — wait for it — shake it off. For a Kennedy aficionado such as herself, it had been a surreal summer entrée to a rarefied world, one which she confirmed later when she said: “It was one of the best times of my life.”

                            I had to include all of that because of course I did.

                            This is the link to BuzzFeeds analysis of all the easter eggs they think were secretly about Scott B. from the rep era:


                            Some of those might be accurate. Just waiting for them to do one about Karlie next. I mean, ET TU BRUTE is right there.

                            I would watch this movie a billion times:

                            A thread about Justin Bieb's douchebaggery toward Selena, which might explain why he and Taylor will always be on opposite sides.:


                            I've never paid much attention to Jelena but oh holy hell what a disaster. I had no idea it was that bad.

                            And now that everyone is re-evaluating all of Karlie's "we're still friends I SWEAR" protestations, this pic of Joe and Karlie at Fashion Week has resurfaced:

                            Hee. I guess now we know why he never followed her back.

                            If y'all are wondering about Joe, he was still wrapping up Christmas Carol during the 4th (ain't a holiday over there, I suppose!), but he liked her concert post, and Taylor hung out 'til 2AM at Gigi's place then headed home to London after the concert ended.

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                            • Archer is the best song she's released from Lover so far and I say that as someone who really likes both Me and YNTCD. I love that's it got a kind of EDMish background, but the lyrics are pure Love Story Tay.


                              • I really like Archer too.