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  • Archer is the best song she's released from Lover so far

    I KNEW she was going to deliver something poetic and soft for the next song because she said Lover was more of a singer/songwriter album with lots of emotional complexity and we hadn't seen that yet and so hoo boy, that's what we got with The Archer.

    People are comparing it to other songs like Clean and Wildest Dreams, and All Too Well, but I think it belongs in it's own category honestly. It has a very different song structure and it's just about the most vulnerable she's ever been with the lyrics. It's a 2AM anxiety attack with Joe sleeping right next to her, it's a page ripped out of her diary where she wonders if the reason why everyone leaves her IS her, it's basically Taylor saying that yeah, Blank Space WASNT totally satire after all, and she doesn't want to sabotage things again this time but she needs help from him to keep it from happening and whew.

    Love, love, love it.

    What sucks for me as a Capricorn is that if I had to sing a song about MY sign, I'd have to call myself the Goat and it's way harder to find good metaphors for that to work. I've got Sagittarius jealousy!

    The Kaylors, of course, can't IMAGINE anyone finding a heterosexual explanation for this song, because of course they can't.

    Straight people, of course, never have any emotional resonance in their song writing because being heterosexual is basically the same as being entirely soulless, but we all knew that.


    • Sis, I've been listening to it on a damn loop while at my desk today and when she sang "All of my heroes die all alone" my Logan feelings were FRESH and I needed a minute for real. Is the archer Veronica, OMG?

      Also, I SEE RIGHT THROUGH ME has me like

      Because sometimes, SAME.


      • It's a 2AM anxiety attack with Joe sleeping right next to her

        I love it a lot.


        • The press for The Archer has been pretty good so far. And even though it's not an official single, it's propelled Lover pre-sales upwards:

          So this was a very smart surprise drop.

          Taylor liked this post about why The Archer builds and never drops the beat:

          That's my fave thing about the song, that you have that heartbeat right there underneath, kind of like how an archer is supposed to shoot the arrow in between heartbeats, and you keep thinking that beat is going somewhere more pop song like, but it never does. My only quibble is that I would have liked about 20 seconds MORE.

          Always amazing to me when they can put together a song so quickly:

          Ugh so good. I feel like they put this together so fast just because Taylor actually DID rip a page of her diary out and brought it to the studio and was like, HERE IT IS.

          So! she was just in LA to film a music video (presumably for the next actual single, which I assume will either come a week or so before Lover drops on Aug 23, or it will come out concurrent with the album) and is now heading back east-wards in a Nashville/NYC/London direction. The jet anons can't agree on where she will land, but most think the flight plan suggests London (big surprise!).

          Joe liked her The Archer post, and she liked his post for Harriet, so things are presumably good there. There was a sighting of them about a week ago or so ago:

          I am sitting at Starbucks in Muswell Hill and I swear to god Taylor and Joe just walked by!!!

          They were both fucking tall and had coffee in their hands I’m … speechless. I don’t know who else to tell and I know a majority of people will not believe me but I swear I’m a hundred percent sure it was them! He was wearing jeans and a sweater and she wore a Nike leggings and a top and her hair is in a bun and they were holding hands with coffee in the hands… wow I’m overwhelmed. I live in Muzzy since a year and I never expected to see them here ever

          That location makes sense for where people think his folks' house is, I think? so . . . could be!

          Have y'all seen the Harriet trailer? It looks gooood.

          View this post on Instagram

          HARRIET Coming this November #Harriet

          A post shared by Joe Alwyn (@joe.alwyn) on

          (the trailer is on the second page.)

          That explains why Joe's hair got way too long, and why he kept the patchy scruff so long as well. The weirdos who want Taylor to be single are snarking about how he takes on 'bad guy roles' trying to imply he's actually a secret racist/rapist/Nazi as though they don't realize what acting is? I mean, Joe says he wants to work with directors doing meaningful movies and let's face it, he fits the profile of the guy who would be doing the oppressing in pretty much all situations. So . . . if he wants to be part of a project that celebrates Harriet Tubman, who else is he gonna play?

          Joe has made seven movies in three years . . . only three of those were directed by white men. Three of those movies were directed by POC, and two of them were directed by women (and one of those a black woman), which is frankly remarkable. He obviously does that deliberately, because it doesn't just happen. How many female directors has Leo (who can work with ANYONE) filmed movies with since 1995?

          (the answer is none.)

          There's a graphic at this link to drive that home:


          (although I do cut Hemsworth some slack because Marvel locks him in and he doesn't have any choice about directors. Radcliffe gets a pass for a similar HP reason.)

          Keanu, on the other hand, has worked with directors who are women at least nine times, which basically makes him an angel in comparison.

          Okay, sorry! I've just been thinking about what sexist trash men in Hollywood are FOR SOME REASON lately. Anyway, the bottomline is that if a newbie like Joe can make that kind of effort, he shouldn't be knocked down for it (and the guys out there with actual power should DO BETTER.)

          This review in Vulture was sorta interesting (the link keeps breaking btw so I removed it):

          Speaking of “Delicate,” many fans think “The Archer” is actually a sequel to the Reputation song. Sure, sonically they’re a match, and lyrically, both leave Taylor very exposed and vulnerable. But there are inexplicable parallels between the two songs: One Twitter user discovered that The Archer is the name of a dive bar in East London. Remember that “Delicate” lyric? “Dive bar on the East side, where you at?” (It’s easy to forget literally anything about the man, but recall that her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, is British; sneaky-ish references to him were littered throughout the “Delicate video.”)

          The old me would’ve found any excuse imaginable to speculate about Swift’s sexuality, but after her aggressive message of allyship in “You Need to Calm Down,” the old me can’t come to the phone right now — she’s dead.

          There are some implicitly queer phrases laced throughout the song: “pace like a ghost,” “die all alone,” “help me hold onto you.” Pacing, spirits, smoke that isn’t there, dying alone, and holding onto someone that isn’t right for you are all important tenets of the lesbian canon. But I digress. Another interesting lyric: “Cause all of my enemies started out friends.” Who are her current enemies? We know she quashed her beef with Katy Perry (at least pre–Scooter Braun feud). But is there resentment between her and any of her exes or ex-besties? Maybe, er, just off the top of my head … Karlie Kloss?

          Jill has been pushing the Kayspiracy for quite awhile, somewhat tongue in cheek?, and normally blocks out Joe's existence, so it's interesting for her to hop off the kay train in this article. She says it was because Taylor claimed allyship, but I wonder if it's really because Claire Winter ALSO liked Perez's vid about Karlie being a snitch and she realized if she kept pushing kaylor theories she would look more like a klown than a real journalist ahem:

          That got a lot of kays shook up. They could dismiss Ash's like as maybe a mistake, but a second Squaddie corroborating the story? Hmmmm.

          Not the kween, though!

          It’s impossible to believe you .. there is zero reason for Taylor to unleash hate on her ‘gf’ or even a friend. Karlie’s comments are nasty and have been for days

          Ok you do not have to believe me. But I have never been more confident in Kaylor than I am now. Take that for what it is worth to you …

          Many others are holding the line, too:

          When Ashley liked what thrashy Perez said, I must admit I got upset with Karlie but I didn’t thrash her or anything because we don’t really know the full story. But Claire liking it now gives me second thoughts. These likes are obviously planned and was approved by Taylor for whatever reason. And now that you’re sort of confirming that this is planned for whatever fucked up reason, I’m now very intrigued what this game is all about.

          Yeah, I was sort of confused at first, but knew they probably had a good reason for doing it. Now that I know more, I’m really not worried at all. The girls know what they’re doing, even if it means letting Taylor’s fans trash Karlie.

          Did you see that Claire liked the Perez video too? ☹️

          Some friends are willing to help, others aren’t. It makes Scooter look bad and like he manipulated Karlie so expect more friends to chime in.

          Shift . . . the narrative . . . to one . . . where Karlie . . . sucks, apparently?

          Honestly when the day comes and she’s seen with Karlie, I think it will be very clear. Literally everyone, even straight people think they had a fling when they were always together. Imagine them finding out it’s been 6 years! I don’t think it will hurt her any less than the YNTCD video tbh. There will always be that side of her fan base who holds on to this heterosexual fantasy of her riding off into the sunset with Prince Charming and they’ll be bitter that they’ll never be able to see that. But this is not their life or story. Her songs are no one else’s. They mean something completely different to her than they do to us. I think she will definitely do it soon… meaning this year. I think her plans were screwed up by the SB2 idiots. And no I don’t think money will ever be a concern for her when it comes to coming out. She could easily retire right now. And lastly I think her and Karlie’s plans are lockstep with each other. Taylor will come out… it will blow over. Karlie will separate from Jerk etc. they will start to be seen together and then eventually people will put two and two together. But things are always likely to go a different way. No matter what, endgame will always be Taylor and Karlie.

          Y'all have been saying this for YEARS and YEARS now. It took less time to put a man on the moon, for beek's sake!

          Issie! Have you heard The Archer in 8D with head phones on? GAVE ME CHILLS.

          And Taylor said no video for this one, so a fan laid it over the Style visuals and it totally works somehow?

          That vid reminds me that we haven't seen any love interests in Taylor's music videos since she started dating Joe. I kinda hope it stays that way, because I always thought it was a bit cheesy. That said! That Style video was very prettily done.

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          • don't get too excited because this isn't going to be a particularly big post, but!!! . . .

            Secret Session Season has started!

            Taylor did a a secret session for 75 people (just outside of)London on Friday night that went until 1AM, flew to Nashville on Saturday and then on Sunday did a 13 hour marathon session at her mama's house until past 5AM for 113 people. The reason the Nashville one was so long and so big was because they had to combine the Rhode Island and Nashville sessions at the last minute. Rumor is that they did it after the schedule had leaked . . . and she has some serious stalker issues/security problems up at the Rhode Island house, so that was probably for the best. So the Nashville one spontaneously turned into a sleepover to make sure everyone got enough time to hang one on one with Taylor.

            And apparently the sessioners clogged up taylor's mom's pool house toilet:

            Anyways, there is going to be one in LA (supposedly- unless that got moved, too) tomorrow, so I'm going to wait until Thursday to do an secret sessions round-up. Bottomline, nothing too surprising has been revealed so far . . . but there was one MAJOR leak from the London session. Somebody posted the tracklist to Lover:

            Now, there have been A LOT of tracklists floating around that were eventually proven false, so who the heck knows if this one is accurate or not. But the GENIUS WAY it got leaked makes me wonder if it might be real:

            I mean . . . pretending to have been at the session to trick sessioners into spilling deets in the private chat you set up? that is stone cold savage.

            I can't believe I didn't think of that, beekdamnit.

            It's causing a whole lotta of dramz, but I'm pretty sure Taylor takes the possibility of that kind of leak into account and doesn't think it's a big deal this close to the release date. We don't have many actual deets about the songs, but Track 10 was so emotional that Taylor couldn't stay in the room when it was played . . .

            Track 10 is stuck in my mind. Everyone in the room sobbed, and I can’t wait to show it to everyone I know. When Taylor explained the backstory and how it was emotional to write, it was like a friend opening up. She didn’t want to be in the room while it played, because it’s still so hard to listen to without getting emotional.

            which means that TAYLOR SWIFT wrote a song so sad that not even TAYLOR SWIFT can listen to it. It's supposedly about Andrea's second bout of cancer and it's a collab with Dixie Chicks because they are Andrea's favorite band and if Taylor honestly is going to put out a song about her mom having cancer, I think I'll have to skip that one too, for obvious reasons.

            Otherwise, things were normal for a session . . . the sessioners LOVED the album (they always do), Taylor gave everyone baked treats that she made herself (she always does), nobody got to meet the cats this time (but they did meet Kitty, Andrea's dog), Taylor hates Trump, Taylor did not come out as gay, she didn't reveal an engagement/marriage, and she and Joe are still together. That's what I've gathered, but who knows about what might come out at the next one. Which is why I want to collect a full set before posting.

            i love when people come back from meeting taylor and are like ‘SHE WAS SO NICE’ jalksdfjasdasd idk why it kills me bc it’s just like imagine if she wasn’t. imagine if she invited 100 strangers to her home and was like ‘ok listen the fuck up u whacked out cunts’

            JUST IMAGINE.


            • She's so fucking good at fan cultivation and management. She should write a manual for celebs.
              It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


              • Right? She's so good at it.


                • I haven't quite finished organizing the secret sessions post yet, but hey! Taylor's on the cover of September's Vogue!

                  The pics are okay? They are fine? They don't seem to be unified around anything?

                  This one is my fave:

                  Taylor Asks Anna Wintour 8 Questions:


                  That was kinda cute, I guess.

                  Article link:


                  After an excessive amount of ad hoc scholarship—a friend joked that I could have learned Mandarin in the time I spent trying to unpack Swift’s oeuvre—I was no closer to a theory. Pop music has become so layered and meta, but the Taylor Swift Universe stands apart. Apprehending it is like grasping quantum physics.

                  About YNTCD:

                  “Maybe a year or two ago, Todrick and I are in the car, and he asked me, What would you do if your son was gay?”

                  We are upstairs in Swift’s secret garden, comfortably ensconced in a human-scale basket that is sort of shaped like a cocoon. Swift has brought up an ornate charcuterie board and is happily slathering triple-cream Brie onto sea-salt crackers. “The fact that he had to ask me . . . shocked me and made me realize that I had not made my position clear enough or loud enough,” she says. “If my son was gay, he’d be gay. I don’t understand the question.”

                  . . .

                  “If he was thinking that, I can’t imagine what my fans in the LGBTQ community might be thinking,” she goes on. “It was kind of devastating to realize that I hadn’t been publicly clear about that.”[

                  I understand why she was surprised; she has been sending pro-LGBTQ signals since at least 2011. Many have been subtle, but none insignificant—especially for a young country star coming out of Nashville.

                  . . .

                  Meanwhile, the “Calm Down” video provoked a Colorado pastor to call Swift “a sinner in desperate need of a savior” and warn that “God will cut her down.” It also revived heated debate within LGBTQ communities about the politics of allyship and corporatization of Pride. Some critics argued Swift’s pro-LGBTQ imagery and lyrics were overdue and out of the blue—a reaction the new Swift scholar in me found bewildering. Had they not been paying attention?

                  I ask her, why get louder about LGBTQ rights now?

                  “Rights are being stripped from basically everyone who isn’t a straight white cisgender male,” she says. “I didn’t realize until recently that I could advocate for a community that I’m not a part of. It’s hard to know how to do that without being so fearful of making a mistake that you just freeze. Because my mistakes are very loud. When I make a mistake, it echoes through the canyons of the world. It’s clickbait, and it’s a part of my life story, and it’s a part of my career arc.”

                  I’d argue that no heterosexual woman can listen to “You Need to Calm Down” and hear only a gay anthem. “Calm down” is what controlling men tell women who are angry, contrary, or “hysterical,” or, let’s say, fearing for their physical safety. It is what Panic! at the Disco singer Brendon Urie says to Swift in the beginning of the “ME!” music video, prompting her to scream, “Je suis calme!”
                  Oh, so the protestors were supposed to be Westboro Baptists, not generic hillbillies. That's better, I guess? I mean, fuck those pricks. They once picketed my former church, too.

                  Meanwhile, the protesters in the video reference a real-life religious group that pickets outside Swift’s concerts, not the white working class in general, as some have assumed. “So many artists have them at their shows, and it’s such a confounding, confusing, infuriating thing to have outside of joyful concerts,” she tells me. “Obviously I don’t want to mention the actual entity, because they would get excited about that. Giving them press is not on my list of priorities.”

                  NOT A PART OF. JUST SAYING. She keeps rubbing it in, geez. I would still argue that Taylor Swift releasing a gay anthem was the WORST thing to happen to the kays. Even worse than Karlie's multiple marriages to a dude!

                  About the Mueller trial:

                  In a Colorado courtroom, Swift described the incident: “He stayed latched onto my bare ass cheek” as photos were being snapped. Asked why photos of the front of her skirt didn’t show this, she said, “Because my ass is located at the back of my body.” Asked if she felt bad about the DJ’s losing his job, she said, “I’m not going to let you or your client make me feel in any way that this is my fault. Here we are years later, and I’m being blamed for the unfortunate events of his life that are the product of his decisions—not mine.”

                  When Time included Swift on the cover of its “Silence Breakers” issue that year, the magazine asked how she felt during the testimony. “I was angry,” she said. “In that moment, I decided to forgo any courtroom formalities and just answer the questions the way it happened...I’m told it was the most amount of times the word ass has ever been said in Colorado Federal Court.”

                  Mueller has since paid Swift the dollar—with a Sacagawea coin. “He was trolling me, implying that I was self-righteous and hell-bent on angry, vengeful feminism. That’s what I’m inferring from him giving me a Sacagawea coin,” Swift says. “Hey, maybe he was trying to do it in honor of a powerful Native American woman. I didn’t ask.”
                  Where is the coin now?

                  “My lawyer has it.”


                  I ask Swift if she had always been aware of sexism. “I think about this a lot,” she says. “When I was a teenager, I would hear people talk about sexism in the music industry, and I’d be like, I don’t see it. I don’t understand. Then I realized that was because I was a kid. Men in the industry saw me as a kid. I was a lanky, scrawny, overexcited young girl who reminded them more of their little niece or their daughter than a successful woman in business or a colleague. The second I became a woman, in people’s perception, was when I started seeing it.

                  “It’s fine to infantilize a girl’s success and say, How cute that she’s having some hit songs,” she goes on. “How cute that she’s writing songs. But the second it becomes formidable? As soon as I started playing stadiums—when I started to look like a woman—that wasn’t as cool anymore. It was when I started to have songs from Red come out and cross over, like ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ and ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.’ ”

                  Those songs are also more assertive than the ones that came before, I say. “Yeah, the angle was different when I started saying, I knew you were trouble when you walked in. Basically, you emotionally manipulated me and I didn’t love it. That wasn’t fun for me.”
                  I have to wonder if having her songwriting overlooked as her hits were picked apart and scrutinized wasn’t the biggest bummer of all.
                  Swift: “I wanted to say to people, You realize writing songs is an art and a craft and not, like, an easy thing to do? Or to do well? People would act like it was a weapon I was using. Like a cheap dirty trick. Be careful, bro, she’ll write a song about you. Don’t stand near her. First of all, that’s not how it works. Second of all, find me a time when they say that about a male artist: Be careful, girl, he’ll use his experience with you to get—God forbid—inspiration to make art.”


                  To this day Swift doesn’t think people grasp the repercussions of that term. “A mass public shaming, with millions of people saying you are quote-unquote canceled, is a very isolating experience,” she says. “I don’t think there are that many people who can actually understand what it’s like to have millions of people hate you very loudly.” She adds: “When you say someone is canceled, it’s not a TV show. It’s a human being. You’re sending mass amounts of messaging to this person to either shut up, disappear, or it could also be perceived as, Kill yourself.”

                  An overhaul was in order. “I realized I needed to restructure my life because it felt completely out of control,” Swift says. “I knew immediately I needed to make music about it because I knew it was the only way I could survive it. It was the only way I could preserve my mental health and also tell the story of what it’s like to go through something so humiliating.”

                  One longtime Nashville critic, Brian Mansfield, had a more plausible take: She was writing sarcastically as the “Taylor Swift” portrayed in the media in a bid for privacy.

                  “Yeah, this is the character you created for me, let me just hide behind it,” she says now of the persona she created. “I always used this metaphor when I was younger. I’d say that with every reinvention, I never wanted to tear down my house. ’Cause I built this house. This house being, metaphorically, my body of work, my songwriting, my music, my catalog, my library. I just wanted to redecorate. I think a lot of people, with Reputation, would have perceived that I had torn down the house. Actually, I just built a bunker around it.”

                  She goes on: “It’s so strange trying to be self-aware when you’ve been cast as this always smiling, always happy ‘America’s sweetheart’ thing, and then having that taken away and realizing that it’s actually a great thing that it was taken away, because that’s extremely limiting.” Swift leans back in the cocoon and smiles: “We’re not going to go straight to gratitude with it. Ever. But we’re going to find positive aspects to it. We’re never going to write a thank-you note.

                  (the cocoon was referring to the kind of chair they were sitting in, not a metaphor, btw.)

                  Katy P.:

                  Though people will take the Perry-Swift burger-and-fries embrace in the “You Need to Calm Down” video as a press release that the two have mended fences, Swift says it’s actually a comment on how the media pits female pop stars against one another. After Perry sent Swift an (actual) olive branch last year, Swift asked her to be in the video: “She wrote back, This makes me so emotional. I’m so up for this. I want us to be that example. But let’s spend some time together. Because I want it to be real. So she came over and we talked for hours.

                  “We decided the metaphor for what happens in the media,” Swift explains, “is they pick two people and it’s like they’re pouring gasoline all over the floor. All that needs to happen is one false move, one false word, one misunderstanding, and a match is lit and dropped. That’s what happened with us. It was: Who’s better? Katy or Taylor? Katy or Taylor? Katy or Taylor? Katy or Taylor? The tension is so high that it becomes impossible for you to not think that the other person has something against you."


                  We are only two songs in, people. Lover, to be released on August 23, will have a total of 18 songs. “I was compiling ideas for a very long time,” Swift says. “When I started writing, I couldn’t stop.” (We can assume the British actor Joe Alwyn, with whom Swift has been in a relationship for nearly three years, provided some of the inspiration.)

                  Swift thinks Lover might be her favorite album yet. “There are so many ways in which this album feels like a new beginning,” she says. “This album is really a love letter to love, in all of its maddening, passionate, exciting, enchanting, horrific, tragic, wonderful glory.”

                  At one point, Swift asks if I would like to hear two other songs off the new album. (Duh.) First she plays “Lover,” the title track, coproduced by Jack Antonoff. “This has one of my favorite bridges,” she says. “I love a bridge, and I was really able to go to Bridge City.” It’s a romantic, haunting, waltzy, singer-songwritery nugget: classic Swift. “My heart’s been borrowed and yours has been blue,” she sings. “All’s well that ends well to end up with you.”

                  Next, Swift cues up a track that “plays with the idea of perception.” She has often wondered how she would be written and spoken about if she were a man, “so I wrote a song called ‘The Man.’ ” It’s a thought experiment of sorts: “If I had made all the same choices, all the same mistakes, all the same accomplishments, how would it read?” Seconds later, Swift’s earpods are pumping a synth-pop earworm into my head: “I’d be a fearless leader. I’d be an alpha type. When everyone believes ya: What’s that like?”

                  Okay, so now I realize why so many sessioners kept mentioning Shakespeare in their cryptic notes, it was that lyric from Lover. I wonder if the briefcases and suits from Me! were the easter egg for The Man?


                  At one point she compared superstardom in the digital age to life in a dollhouse, one where voyeurs “can ‘ship’ you with who they want to ‘ship’ you with, and they can ‘favorite’ friends that you have, and they can know where you are all the time.” The metaphor was precise and vivid and, well, a little too intricately rendered to be off the cuff.

                  JUST @ ME NEXT TIME, SWIFT.

                  I know that's a loooot of excerpts but it was a pretty good profile with lots more in it, as well. Considering that she has done NO print interviews in over three years, there was a lot of ground to be covered.

                  ETA Oh! Forgot to mention that rumors of this cover story has been rumbling for the past several weeks and the kays were SUPER SURE she was going to Come Out in it, so . . .

                  ETA Just Jared says this is a quote from Vogue that got cut:

                  On the public scrutiny due to her lack of involvement in the 2016 presidential election: “Unfortunately in the 2016 election you had a political opponent who was weaponizing the idea of the celebrity endorsement. He was going around saying, I’m a man of the people. I’m for you. I care about you. I just knew. I knew I wasn’t going to help. Also, you know, the summer before that election, all people were saying was: She’s calculated. She’s manipulative. She’s not what she seems. She’s a snake. She’s a liar. These are the same exact insults people were hurling at Hillary. Would I be an endorsement or would I be a liability? Look, snakes of a feather flock together. Look, the two lying women. The two nasty women. Literally millions of people were telling me to disappear. So I disappeared. In many senses.”

                  Well, she's not wrong. I agree that it wouldn't have helped if she'd been campaigning for Hilary actively. She maybe could have done something more subtle, like a Get Out The Vote post with a mention of LGBTQ rights or a pro-choice stance or something? But I can totally understand why she froze, given the timing and circumstances.
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                  • Great info, thanks, ophy! What she says about stardom is fascinating.


                    • SECRET SESSION SEASON!!! (is now over)

                      Taylor entertained over 300 randos in 3 sessions in 3 different time zones over five days.

                      Anyways, a heads up about people talking track numbers in their session info. Taylor purposely played the songs in a different order at each session to stymie leaks, I guess? So she left the room during the Andrea song at each session, but it wasn't track 10 at each session.


                      Was it really the house she and joe live in or a rental specially for ss ?

                      I think she rented it, it didn’t really feel like her there, in terms of decorations but it was pretty cute
                      in the previous ask I said what there is a bit but it’s A HUGE HOUSE with like a field? I wanted to run in it, there was a trampoline, many mirrors, stairs, WINDOWS EVERYWHERE but not that much of her in terms of personal objects, if not none)

                      It only took 2 days for the swifties to locate the house:


                      It's an hour outside of London. So . . . yeah, it's not where she and Joe actually live.

                      It's really gorgeous, though. With a wackadoodle bathroom!

                      And a trampoline!


                      Taylor baked these:

                      View this post on Instagram

                      A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

                      So I was losing my sanity when I tried to walk out the room after I met Taylor, I just went straight to the lamp. Taylor is like ‘NO NO NO NO LYDIA DON’T HIT IT’ and of course I hit that fucking lamp.




                      This session went smoothly from all accounts. One thing to note, there were lots and lots of fans from outside of the UK invited, which made people happy. Hong Kong, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, France, etc. Beek bless the poor wee fan from Hong Kong who only had a couple of weeks to make that trip happen. The freaky thing about sessions is that your invite is so top secret and the NDAs are so tight that you can't even tell your friends or your extended family or your school or your boss why you need time to disappear (you can tell your parents/spouse and that's about it). And your transportation is up to you. So it's a major scramble for a lot of people.


                      aka the Sleepover Session or The One Where The Toilets Got Clogged.


                      i literally asked taylor about benjamin last minute i was like “oh i have a question!” right when we were posing for our picture and i thought she didn’t hear me at first but then she said “you had a question?” and i was like “yeah is benjamin here?” and she was like
                      “noo he’s with his DAD… i’ve seen your posts about him it’s so cute!!!” i combusted

                      Taylor was clearly jet lagged and exhausted but she still took the time to meet EVERY ONE OF US and didn’t rush our time with her. NAME SOMEONE WHO LOVES THEIR FANS MORE YOU LITERALLY CAN’T

                      omfg though like it was Literally 4 in the morning like fsdkldsfjkldsjkldsklldsfk taylor was like “sorry it’s like 100 o’clock” and i was like “yeah i mean im running on adrenaline but props to you” lsfdjdskldsjk like truly idk HOW she was still standing like we were all sitting by the pool waiting and we were like honestly how is taylor going to be awake like man she truly is Dedicated and just like she really stayed up until 5am to meet all of us and just like im so grateful for that and for her and just very impressed too like omg


                      I really met Taylor tonight and she yelled my name as soon as I walked in and when I mentioned my kitten, she was like “Rosa right?”


                      WHat did Taylor say before leaving the room for the sad song?
                      She said some things about the story behind the song and then she was told us that she hasn't been able to listen to this song since she first recorded it so she put the song on and then ran off GOD I'M TEARING UP JUST THINKING ABOUT IT

                      I'm guessing she won't be performing the Andrea song live, ever.

                      I literally just keep replaying two moments in my head from when I met Taylor:

                      •Her going on and on about how much she LOVED my senior portrait and me saying “yeah my brain did one thing right” and her throwing her head back and laughing SO HARD at that comment like WHAT THE HECK IM SO BABY

                      •When I thanked her for helping me with my self esteem and the days I look in the mirror and hate my body and she titled her head and frowned a bit and went “why?? You look great, you’re KILLING IT” and I melted on the spot

                      also we were talking politics and like international stuff too and she was like mentioning she was jetlagged bc it was like 4 In The Morning and i was like yeah lowkey same and i mentioned like how i was at the UN and she was like OH YEAH I REMEMBER SEEING THAT ON YOUR PAGE lsdfjksdfjkldsklldsfksdfjkldslsdflkjksdksjsjkldsfj klsdfjkldsfkldsfjkjdsf

                      This gal was very much NOT a shipper before the session, but walked out feeling the opposite:

                      Are you really a toe omg what even is there to stan
                      EVERYTHINGGGG the way taylor talks about him, the way she smiles whenever she mentions him in a song, WHEN SHE CALLED HIM JOE shall i go on

                      So there are already a dozen stories like this one below, it sounds like everybody cries when they meet her? and tells her all their various traumas and struggles? that would be so weird and honestly exhausting by the end of fifteen hours of it:

                      It also sounds like she's got a 90% success rate at remembering a person's name/face/blog/their pet's names/and at least one or two things they have blogged about. That's wild. I wonder if she's actually Mona from PLL, living in a state of hyperreality all the times.

                      Even if that's true, this woman must have an insanely good memory. And to do it jetlagged!


                      Keeping in mind these pics were taken at like 4AM? Everyone looks really good.

                      Los Angeles:

                      aka The One At The Bond Villain Lair.

                      This is the insane place Taylor rented for the LA session:


                      It's listed for sale for $28 million.

                      Once again! what a bathroom!

                      I think she picks these place entirely by bathroom quality.

                      Kays of course, have an EXCELLENT theory for why she rented a place:

                      I've seen posts that said Taylor rented a house for LA Secret Session. I think she does this for security purposes and also there might be A LOT of Kaylor photos (Karlie shrine) hanging all over her home. So there's that.

                      Oookay, but I think the fact that the dates leaked ahead of time might also have something to do with it. Or maybe she just renovated the darn thing and doesn't want folks tramping through it. Or maybe the kays are right, but she just doesn't want nosy fuckers looking at her Joe shrine.


                      LA misc:


                      I don't know who Sarah Uriel is, but Cazzie David was apparently also there, so maybe that's who the fan meant. And Joel Little, who produced Me! and YNTCD was there, but they didn't make quite as a big a fuss over him.

                      Hmmmm. Okay, if she says so, but . . . (maybe Gryffindor sun with Slytherin moon rising).

                      The girl that invented 123 Let's Go Bitch was there:


                      taylor apologised about her burnt cookies as if most of the people there wouldn't have eaten ASHES out of her oven if she asked them to

                      Pics :

                      I love this:

                      Loads of international fans who don't normally get invited to these things were in LA too. . . Japan, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Guam, Australia, etc.

                      The LA sessioners were pretty quiet, but to be honest, there wasn't much left to leak at that point. The craziest thing to come out of it were the peeps invited . . . apparently there was a witch who does hexes?, a flower girl (somebody who sent flowers to Taylor's house, which is seen as a fandom no no), and someone who uh . . . once behaved SUPER inappropriately with a dog. Other than that and the burnt cookies, not a lot of drama.

                      But! if you WANT drama!!

                      Here's some session stuff that was angering the kays even before Vogue dropped:

                      What a difference between rep secret session and this secret session. Everyone left last session saying how happy she was and how great joe was and now everyone's leaving this session saying how sad the album is and no one brought up joe. I just want taylor to be happy in a relationship it's making me sad you guys are making it seem like she's single again and heartbroken over joe!


                      I think you got it ALL wrong, in this album taylor tries to explain the very many types of love, in love there is pain, frustration, arguments, etc, it’s not all perfect okay? so with lover she genuinely wanted to express all these feelings. Relationships are good if you talk to your partner and fix problems, of course there will be small arguments but it’s natural and today taylor showed how conversation is at the base of this, she was the happiest

                      I have to be honest you're making me very worried with the sad song talk and how you guys aren't bringing up joe at all! Are they still together did she talk about her boyfriend at all? I'm so confused put my confusion at ease love

                      I talked to taylor privately about our boyfriends and we’re very happy to have them both, so don’t worry there are so many songs where she shows her love for him

                      In what way did anyone imply that Taylor was single? Lol, what is that anon talking about

                      idk people say crazy stuff, TAYLOR IS NOT SINGLE GUYS

                      Ugh thank you for answering those anons about Joe because I swear all I see on Twitter is people 1. Worrying about the sad songs 2. Wondering why no one is talking about Joe. Happy you were able to talk in private with her about both of your relationships and share that intimate moment with her.

                      sometimes people need to chill out a bit lol she made some references to joe and especially a song so don’t worry about it, she’s happily living her life with the man she loves

                      not talking about any of the songs or spilling any actual details of what she said if you’re not allowed to but did she talk about her relationship at all

                      yes!! And it’ll melt your heart

                      What did you talked about your bfs? You can share your experience woth here I’m pretty sure that’s not forbidden

                      I told her that I met my English boyfriend because of her and then she said that we had to come to england to find the right people for us!! and she high fived me say “go girl” truly the best woman

                      Also not to be dramatic but Taylor briefly mentioned how happy she is in her relationship. And she called him by name rather than just ‘my boyfriend’ which she has said in the past. and it just sounded so nice.

                      Me and Joe.

                      did she talk about joe at the session?

                      sometimes yess

                      Is there any mention of Karlie in the new album? You can plead the fifth if need be

                      NO KARLIE MENTION how can I make it more clear, she didn’t talk about her

                      At Nashville:

                      IS BENJAMIN HERE

                      NO HES WITH HIS DAD DJSNDNDNDN

                      . . . .

                      Anonymous asked: Did she really call joe Benjamin’s dad i’m melting

                      YA DHSJDNDND

                      So the kays are saying Taylor probably said Benji was with HER dad (meaning Scott) but that makes zero sense because Scott actually showed up at that session with no ragdoll baby in tow, and Taylor had already told the London sessioners that the cats were in LA . . . and her jet went to LA a day or so before so it was probably taking the cats and Joe there, for his Christmas Carol panel at the TCAs.

                      Where he wore head to toe Stella McCartney, btw:

                      Swifties were unimpressed by this hint at the Taylor/Stella collab:

                      Once again a session season has ended, and yet no big Kay blogs were invited to meet Taylor. That keeps on not happening, wonder why.

                      From a sessioner's blog:

                      They Kaylors that have attended sessions over the years are "low-key Kaylors" if that makes sense lol like you wouldn't be able to tell they're Kaylors just by taking a quick look at their blogs or something like that because they mostly blog like any normal fan, and you only realize they're Kaylors when you follow them for a while and you start seeing how they react to certain stuff or the other blogs they interact with. She's never invited a full on Kaylor conspiracy blog or such

                      The true kays know why they don't get invited to these things (even though they SWORE this era would be different):

                      shout out to all the kaylors who will never be invited to the secret sessions because we know too much!!!

                      Now that they know she doesn't come out on the album, they have another theory:

                      the thing is now there’s kinda confirmation that she didn’t flat out come out on this album bc there’s no way she’s gonna come out to parts of the fandom at a time ya know

                      kayspiracy answered:

                      yeah of course. I think we kind of always knew that though, right? At least after Me! was released with gendered pronouns. Like it’ll be a while before she’s releasing music with female pronouns (if ever)… if she were to come out this era, it would almost definitely be in some written publication.

                      Like . . . say . . oh I don't know . . . A VOGUE COVER STORY MAYBE.

                      And here they go attacking another sessioner who said Taylor talked about Joe:

                      Taylor is not dating Joe. She is with Karlie. You do not have to believe that but it is incredibly wrong of you to put words into her mouth. She did not speak about Joe Alwyn ever at the Secret Sessions. If you cornered her about your boyfriend she had no choice by to pretend she has one. She is gay. She is trying so damn hard to tell you. Open your eyes. More than anything stop saying she talked about Joe alwyn when she didn't.

                      alisonsmouth answered:

                      sorry I have to laugh

                      #LMAOOOOOOOO#IM CACKLING #they werent even there yet they think they know eveyrhing?? #literally everything they say is invalid i cant w them ajshaja#must suck to be a kaylor tho

                      So yes, there were several other reports along these lines (that she used Joe's name at both sessions and indicated which songs were about him, etc):

                      But nope! FAKE NEWS. I mean, you almost can't blame the kays for making up their own sessioner anon by this point:

                      Hey, TTB. I was not previously a Kaylor...but I am one of the Lover Secret Sessioners and...let's just say that after hearing the new album I'm going down the rabbit hole of everything that has led up to this. (I realize that no one will probably believe me, as I am on anon. But I worry about exposing Taylor before she is ready - which won't be long now ;D - if I post this publicly. #AllEyesOnUs

                      Yep. They are ALLLLL lying, I'm sure. They are lying even though they are not anonymous on their blogs and Taylor knows their name, face and social security number, and they are posting where Taylor can see them (and Taylor actually follows many of them) and yep, they are going to bold face lie under those conditions. They are probably all being paid by Josh Kushner to lie! Or maybe Scooter is behind this!

                      But it's OKAY because once the album comes out everyone will KNOW she's gay!:

                      Even though now about 300 people have heard the album and yet they all seem to have walked away from that saying Taylor is very happy and in love and never came out as anything BUT a woman with a long term boyfriend who happens to be named Joe, by the way.

                      An LGBTQ fan who went to the Nashville session even told her friend that Lover was 'straight' apparently:

                      Some were NOT pleased:

                      I’m losing faith.

                      I can’t believe sessioners have listened to the whole album but no one suspected the gayness of it. That’s mean it’s not gay, right?


                      We are being bombed with “straight” leaked info for Lover, it’s annoying as hell but remember.

                      It might all be fake:

                      1)Straight people can't recognize gay content even if it is right under their nose.

                      2) homophobic people going crazy making up stuff because it’s actually very gay

                      3) Taylor keeps sending gay/bi messages on Instagram and other media, the 3 songs released by now have heavy gay content. Trust Gaylor.

                      3) The leaks are just promo. Heterosexuality sells.

                      The kween sounds pretty dispirited and says she's DONE with Taylor if she doesn't cut this Joe nonsense OUT:

                      I am just tired … and, because she hasn’t publicly severed ties with him … despite my very strong belief that the contract ended this past January … we have to deal with Mr. Nobody in our inbox, and as a false muse. I refuse to use his name because he is utterly underserving of our free publicity.

                      We all understand the motive behind her previous bearding. The frustration we have with Mr. Nobody is that she seems ready to come out this era. Why allow her art to be attributed to Mr. Nobody? He doesn’t deserve it.

                      I agree that it is too late. BUT, had she done it months ago, when she allegedly planned to, she could have left the mystery out there for people to guess who it was about. Doesn’t she want people to speculate about her sexuality this era? I thought that was the goal here ‍♀️. Now it just feels like the past two eras … where she wants an album to be focused on a fake male muse.

                      Why bother creating speculation on her sexuality like she has, if she wants the album to be falsely attributed to him?

                      Other kays agree:

                      I don't think she's coming out anytime soon. She lost her chance with YNTCD, things did not go as planned. I believe if she ever is to come out explicitly will be December or after new year. But yeah. I just hate being in the dark and waiting for something that will never come.
                      I am far removed from her reality, to be sure, but this feels way more painful and drawn out than it should have to be
                      I’m really frustrated too TTB. What’s the point of drawing the coming out process this long when she’s gonna keep with the lies and stay bearding? I understand that she’s scared but I thought this was supposed to be the era of honesty and bravery, even when it’s hard?

                      Sometimes I feel like Taylor is trapped in this vicious heterosexual image that she has created all these years. I just wish I could give her a hug and tell her it’s going to be okay and that she needs tohave faith.

                      “Now it just feels like the past two eras ... where she wants an album to be focused on a fake male muse.” I agree and it makes the whole era up until now look like one giant queer-baiting tactic. People honestly have a right to be upset

                      Toddlers have the right to throw a tantrum, sure. And grown ups have the right to gently tell them to get up off the floor and stop being silly.

                      What I don’t get is... why can’t she stay single for awhile?! Why does she have to have a ‘boyfriend’ all the time?

                      Honestly a huge majority of Gaylors/Kaylors were frustrated, but 100% supportive of her keeping her foot-themed saftey blanket for as long as she needs to, but what we didn't think she was going to do was invite people who blatantly make shit up. That's honestly a really painful bruising kick she's given to us. It's FRUSTRATING... We love her for her & they don't and never will, but WE get shafted & shat upon over & over for YEARS, and it doesn't feel like it'll change soon. It's SO hurtful tbh.

                      Taylor is not dating Joe. it’s a PR stunt, he’s a hired beard- just like every other guy she’s ever dated. she does not glow around Joe bc he means basically nothing to her- I mean, I’m sure she does not wish him any ill will, but he is not important to her. they are not close. I will never believe that they are a real couple. I personally believe that Taylor is a lesbian and not bisexual. Joe is for show. I also don’t think Taylor is coming out any time soon- I just don’t. I don’t have any sources, this is simply how I feel. I don’t think she will come out before Cats is released and I don’t think she will come out before a Lover tour. I could be wrong tho

                      YOU COULD BE WRONG. That was literally the only accurate thing you said.

                      But oh, what a relief! Taylor posted a pic that was OBVIOUSLY intended as a secret message for the kays :

                      . . . because there are rainbow colors in the bracelets and PROUD spelled out. PROOF OF GAYNESS, Y'ALL.

                      Yall, that is a coming out for me. For me she has come out as a proud bisexual woman with that bi pride bracelet picture and rainbow filter. Congrats Taylor!

                      But of course, they neglect to acknowledge those are the bracelets given to her by the Nashville secret sessioners. None of them were bracelets she chose herself. In the Nashville session pics, you can tell approx when each pic was taken because the stack of bracelets gets bigger and bigger as the dawn approached. Like this one was super early in the night . . .

                      . . . and this one was really really late:

                      Didn’t fans give Taylor those bracelets?

                      yes isn’t that the sweetest thing
                      . . .

                      Oh okay.. that’s what I thought.. I just see people making like conspiracy theories and stuff about them

                      no they were all fan gifts

                      This is the fan that gave her the PROUD bracelet (she's wearing the matching one):

                      And now people are harassing her, which sucks, so she's had to respond:

                      taylor has been in hetero relationships as far as im concerned her entire life. she has chosen to be vulnerable and share those relationships w us for thirteen yrs, never once suggesting that shes anything but. if taylor is bi or soemwhete on the lgbtq+ spectrum theres a really strong reason she hasnt said anything. forcing a sexuality onto someone or forcing someone out of the closet is always grotesque. i didnt mean to fuel the fire. but i regret nothing, taylor knows im bi and shes helped me and thats all that matters to me.

                      . . .

                      i literally never said it was an easter egg. i said others think its an easter egg. i literally know the entire story behind that bracelet so why would i lie and say otherwise. she’s so happy with joe and i would never want to put that on the line. kaylor shippers need to calm the fuck down.

                      . . .

                      hi, i love your blog and i’m soo glad you got to meet her!! but i wanted to ask because with all the gaylors losing their shit about the bi bracelet and the bi hair and the bi rice crispies hahaha ye so i was wondering if you could share what she said when she saw it? like did she know these were the bi colors? i think it would maybe help clarify some things for some people to know if she knew those are intact the official bi colors. cause i didn’t know it until a few weeks ago..

                      hi! so i dont feel comfortable sharing what she said word from word because thats my memory. i will say she didnt say “oh my god bi colors” i literally gave it to her said im bi so like she probably got it but idk if she knew before i said it. she didnt come out to me, relax. also our rise krispy treats were not just blue, pink, and purple. she probably used those colors for london cause they go w the aesthetic of the era and then when she saw all the theories abt her sexuality she changed the colors. again, this was a gift from me abt me, not abt her.

                      . . . .

                      Lol people are taking this as some sort of confirmation that she’s bi:

                      its literally just a confirmation that im bi

                      . . .

                      theres so many posts abt taylor being bi and i know she gets it a lot probably but im sure it makes her so uncomfortable and i just dont want her to feel uncomfortable ever im so scared shes gonna see them and like throw it out or hate me or something what the fuck i hate this fandom so much.

                      So, that bracelet is not really GREAT 'proof' to hang your hat on. But then neither was the rice krispie heart colors, but that didn't stop the kaylors from claiming they were bi colors (they were not! there were four colors!) and posted as a secret happy bday to Karlie. It's sad that the hets are getting a whole ass album, but the gaylors only get bracelets and baked goods!

                      And meanwhile, Karlie didn't spend her birthday with her wife . . . but on a yacht with her husband and a bunch of other shady billionaire types (David Geffen, Barry Diller, etc.).

                      The kays can see RIGHT through this stunt! You can't fool them!

                      I think Karlie and Josh were friends, for a while… but people change, especially as they get older and more rich/powerful/make powerful friends. I think Josh used to be more harmless, less of a prick- but that time has come and gone my friends. he’s evolved into just what he was always going to be- a souless human who is out for all that he can steal. Karlie is too nice, generous to a fault IMO- or at least she was… I think Taylor probably tried to like Josh and be civil in the beginning, but he made it virtually impossible. now Taylor must endure him on Karlie’s behalf. if Karlie had a soft spot for her gay beard Josh, I think that ship has sailed. the blinders have been ripped off. GOOD. I can’t imagine being trapped in this bs, all while being forced to have a front row seat as Josh backslides into the pits of hell and has lost any human quality he maybe once possessed. I bet that is hard for Karlie to witness. but at this point, I’m sure she is counting down the days until she never has to see his face again. I have a feeling Taylor refuses to speak to him, or about him unless absolutely necessary.

                      I don’t know how people so willingly believe that Taylor and Karlie are actually with their beards. You don’t gotta be a Kaylor or Gaylor to realize how odd it is for 2 beautiful charismatic women to end up with such mediocre looking men with the personality of a shovel that both girls have nothing in common with!

                      They way they just heap praise on Taylor and Karlie's actual committed partners is so beautiful. I can't believe Taylor refuses to invite them to her house!

                      Okay, enough with them . . . Y'all don't actually care about not being spoiled for albums, I'm assuming? General impressions about Lover the album from sessioners:

                      this album is like, a vocalised presentation of moments. it’s this collection of memories and lessons and realisations and discoveries and statements that she’s collected poetically formed into this one beautiful, glowing piece of work. and it’s not always happy, because life isn’t always happy. it’ll break your heart, but it’ll make it soar, too. it’s a winding path, where you listen to and live through it all. and it’s so, so real, in a magical way.

                      Lover is like ‘Clean’ but as a whole album. With a little touch of ‘Speak Now’ vibes.

                      And tthe redditor who has so far been right about all of the releases and who leaked the session dates posted this:

                      If I were one of the Rhode Island sessioners I would be PISSED at that guy, since his leak got their session canceled and they had to haul ass OVER ONE THOUSAND MILES to Tennessee instead.

                      A different insider leaked this:

                      . . . everything I've heard about Lover is making me REALLY FUCKING impatient to just have it already.

                      Putting up the next post (about post-Vogue reactions) soon-ish because some of this kay stuff is just . . .

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                      • Okay, just in case this post pushes the thread to the next page, I posted the secret session round-up earlier today. And I fucked up a bunch of the tags but I think they are fixed now? The mega posts are hard to organize, many apologies!

                        More Vogue pics!:

                        Here's some wholesome content:

                        Bu you know, she's done it before!

                        Taylor was up late last night blogging and reblogging/liking Paddington memes, so apparently she's unbothered by all the brouhaha going on in other areas of fandom.

                        We also got this other wholesome content from her on insta:

                        And confirmation that ERRRYBUDDY missed this Easter egg from Me!:

                        Okay, so Taylor might be unbothered by response to the Vogue article:

                        . . . but it's making huge 'sposions in the g/k/ay communities (of which Taylor is not a part, just so you know):

                        This one is from a Gaylor podcast (yes, two grown ass women who publicly insist that Taylor is a closeted gay person. Like, as their job. They literally go on air to discuss this on a weekly or whatever basis because that is what professional 'this celebrity is gay and we can PROVE it' people do apparently):


                        But Nylon's resident Kaylor (there are a weird number of Kaylors lurking in journalism! It's so strange to me.) interpreted it the opposite way:


                        Taylor Swift Confirms She's Just An LGBTQ Ally

                        RIP Kaylor

                        Taylor Swift has confirmed that she's definitely not secretly gay, and, as a formerly dedicated Kaylor believer, I am very disappointed. In a new interview for the cover of Vogue, Swift defined herself as "not a part of" the queer community.

                        When writer Abby Aguirre asked her why right now was the time to "get louder" about the rights of the queer community, Swift answered, "Rights are being stripped from basically everyone who isn't a straight white cisgender male," adding, "I didn't realize until recently that I could advocate for a community that I'm not a part of." I would like to request a quick moment of silence for Kaylor.

                        Swift went on to describe her fear of saying the wrong thing when speaking out, "It's hard to know how to do that without being so fearful of making a mistake that you just freeze. Because my mistakes are very loud. When I make a mistake, it echoes through the canyons of the world. It's clickbait, and it's a part of my life story, and it's a part of my career arc." And, well, she's not totally wrong.

                        Recently, Swift's nods to the queer community have been less than subtle, which had many people thinking she would use this album cycle as a time to come out; others saw her actions as exploitative. There was the pride pin on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, the walking-rainbow outfit at Wango Tango (see: above), and her single "You Need To Calm Down," which shut down homophobes and imagined the gayest trailer park ever with its music video. But, with this new interview, she's made it clear that she's just a really, really loud supporter of LGBTQ rights.

                        Not VERY many!

                        But yeah . . . when you look at their actual list of 'evidence' you just gotta wonder who is queerbaiting, and who is queerfishing here.

                        I hope Taylor has learned a lesson about . . . not wearing anything that could even vaguely be interpreted as a rainbow, or a bi flag, or a lesbian flag, or a pan flag, or any other flag EVER again. She should stick with black turtlenecks, that's the only safe wardrobe choice for her, I guess.

                        Okay, onto the g/k/aylor fandom response!

                        I think part of what she’s doing probably has a lot to do with Scooter Braun, possibly the Kushners as well, and protecting Karlie from the massive amount of shit that has hit the fan.


                        She was ramping up to coming out to the point where it would be almost superfluous, and this quote happened. Everything went wrong in the worst possible way, and now… if she came out tomorrow, a lot of people wouldn’t take it seriously.

                        Taylor is good at PR, but not that good. She’s going to have to restart from square one as far as coming out goes, and I don’t know how that’s going to work.

                        She . . said the quote? It didn't just 'happen'?

                        I strongly believe the framing of that intentionaly vague quote is misleading. It’s a statement most of us would agree with that gets her out of (dumb) queerbaiting or performative-allyship critiques.

                        This isn’t Taylor saying she is straight.

                        But, anyway, she’s still in the closet and Toe is still around like a dead corpse someone forgot to bury.

                        Occam didn’t create his razor for us to be weak Kaylors.

                        I’m open to discuss anything Taylor related but I won’t engage anybody with assumptions she might be straight or Toe or Karlie wedding is real. She’s gay toe is gay karlie is gay and the gay from the fascist family is gay too. That’s it.

                        Make no mistake, homophobes. I will still die a kaylor

                        i will listen to lover but maybe get it from the library instead of buying it because yes i am that petty bitch

                        you guys are really fixated on that one quote. have you not read the fully interview and realized just how gay it is?!!!??!!!?!

                        WELL. pack it up, gaylors. this is the end. never in her career had taylor ever stated that she’s straight- until now.

                        she’s not a part of the gay community. how else am i supposed to read that?

                        She’s spoken

                        I’ve been a Kaylor for three years. Part of me died today.

                        Okay I’m officially out. Stopped believing in Kaylor awhile ago, but was still clinging to Gaylor. This quote is as clear as can be.

                        If she wants to live her life in the closet with boy blandness then that’s her choice. My choice is that I don’t have to be around to see it or support it.

                        this feels like one step forward, seven steps back.

                        Taylor stated in Vouge that she's not part of the LGBTQ Community. I guess she's back to square one now. This is getting really old.. I'm happy to whatever journey she takes. I just hope she'll be free soon.

                        y’all need to keep the faith and try not to be discouraged by everything she says during promo. that was veryyyy carefully worded in a way that she never actually said she was straight, but even so one small phrase in an article doesn’t undo years and years of behavior and lyrics etc etc it’s all good ladies

                        Yeah, it's awesome when they accuse her of lying for $$. She's got more money than God, y'all. She doesn't have to lie to get more.

                        Imagine me falling down the Gaylor swift rabbit hole a couple years ago and thinking it was a cute harmless ship type thing that wouldn’t be damaging to my mental health.

                        And here we are with the worst stuff in the world in my dash and twitter timeline.

                        I think it’s time for a break kids

                        This is just a move to create a narrative in the public eye.

                        Taylor didn’t give us Reputation for the entire Kaylor/ Gaylor community to be weak right now.

                        I don't how I will be able to live she should have said it sooner I wasted 5 years of my life. Why not just say it fuck her I hate her

                        well, was nice riding this ride with y’all but I’m out. this was truly me reading the last page but not in the way I intended to!

                        the phrase ‘community that i’m not a part of’ could be interpreted, within the parameters of the quoted speech (where taylor’s advocacy is allied to any community that is not ‘straight’ or ‘white’ or ‘cisgender’ or ‘male’) as inclusive only of the trans community and communities of colour. that is, the syntax does not necessarily preclude taylor’s identification with women loving women, in the same way that it does not preclude her from identifying as a woman, although her advocacy is also implicitly associated with women (insofar as they meet the definitional criteria for ‘basically everyone who isn’t a straight white cisgender male.’)

                        what did i just read.

                        The kween is 100 PERCENT, because of course she is:

                        Taylor LIES with her LYING MOUTH but her music sends secret messages only the kays can read:

                        And the kween konvienently whipped up a new Spade riddle to keep the minions happy:

                        She does want to make it clear that these kays are kanceling their $$, how do you like that, Straight!Taylor?

                        So y'all get the idea! Just like EVERY TIME Taylor or Karlie do anything straight, some g/kays are flouncing and some are doubling down and some are twisting themselves into pretzels to make what doesn't make sense make sense (and even more are just fading away to dust like, "kaylor who? I don't know her.".

                        . . . But if Taylor is actually straight!!! than she's a Big Old Queerbaiter (for not being queer when y'all had convinced yourselves she was based on no actual evidence):

                        Oh right. So we are disgusting shippers and she is a queerbaiter. fight me.

                        well tay, as someone who is NOT part of OUR community, you really do use a lot of our:




                        etc, as part of your “ART” these days.

                        As an old member of this community, i politely ask/advice for you to PLEASE STOP

                        IGNORE WHAT ASDFGHJKL.

                        YOU NEED HER TO DO WHAT. Y'ALL.

                        Okay! So people, especially dudes on twitter, are being gross and homophobic towards the g/k/ays while they mourn the loss of their conspiracy and that is wrong! Don't do that!

                        That said, holy hell, as a gang they have been AWFUL to Taylor and especially toward Joe (and JKush, but I don't care about him), and they have been smug bastards for years and years calling the non-believers stupid and obtuse and that past behavior makes it REALLY HARD for the other Swifties to feel super bad for them, to be honest?

                        Also, while I respect that a person in the LGBTQ+ community has the right to feel like a celebrity is queerbaiting them . . . this just ain't that. I mean, more than half of the 'evidence' on your average kay blog is just reblogging pics of where Taylor and Karlie wore the same color dress in photoshoots years apart (when the models in photoshoots have no choice over what they wear anyway) and the insistence that 'the girls' are sending hints to kays via their instagram captions/emojis . . . . As for the twitter gaylors, their 'evidence' appears to be song/lyric based (giant sigh) and aesthetics based, because beek forbid Taylor wear rainbowish anything ever, or support a fan by wearing a bracelet they gave her. Oh! and they are mad that Taylor said 'our' in a GLAAD speech years ago when talking about support for LGBTQ rights.. They point at the YNTCD wig (which was four colors, not three) and those damn rice krispies (again! four colors!) and the fact that Taylor was walking inside the gay trailer park with her gay friends in the video (WAS SHE SUPPOSED TO STAND OUTSIDE THE PARK IN HER OWN VIDEO I MEAN WHAT) bt those are tiny nothings.

                        Other than the fictions they made up in their brains, that is LITERALLY all they are pinning this on.

                        A far as this era's aesthetic goes, two things . . . she TOLD US the Lover aesthetic was 'the sky after a storm' and she's stuck to that. That was clearly stated. That means pinks, blues, purples and yes . . . rainbows, too. She wanted soft and happy. as a counterpoint to the Rep era. As for the costuming for WangoTango and much of Pride month, I think Taylor is/was just being a wildly (over)enthusiastic ally. She says she was devastated thinking her LGBTQ fans wouldn't know she supported them, so she went a bit over the top. THAT IS WHAT TAYLOR DOES. She throws her whole ass into everything. She had to be the greatest ally who ever allied. But otherwise, she did not honestly do that much more than other pop divas who have shown support. They've all worn the rainbow a time or two. (or in the case of Katy P., about a gazillion times.)

                        Now if you think her lyrical content has been queerbaiting your for years, that's on you. Her songs and videos are pretty damn straight, let's be honest. He's and hims and dudes all over the place. It's a testament to the universality of her song writing that all kinds of people can see themselves represented there. And that's basically it? If people say she was edging up to coming out all this time, they have been seeing only what they wanted to see, and that is not Taylor's fault in any way.

                        The ones melting down are angry and defensive because nobody likes being called out for being wrong so that's natural! It's obviously made worse because Taylor didn't turn out to be the cherished fantasy version of her they had in their head, but THAT IS NOT ON HER. She's not your doll and doesn't live in your doll house! Don't rip her head off and sharpie all over her eyes!

                        Clayd, who as I will remind you, is friends with some of the models in Tay's squad - (and who is gay)- has this to say to the people accusing Taylor of queerbaiting:

                        He also predicted all of this way back in July:

                        (most people were hoping for a September cover, but didn't think she'd do an interview, so Clayd had the tea all along.)

                        The outrage feels very performative to me. Strip away the identity politics of it all and it would be as though I'd thrown a tantrum after Taylor and Joe were busted June '17 and gotten mad at Taylor for Hiddleswift2.0-baiting me. I saw what I wanted to see! And I was wrong so I accepted my Clown College diploma and then moved on to a reality based worldview, and that's the actual message here.

                        That said! There are some now-ex-kays who are taking this like champs, especially after the dollhouse/shipping quote. Which she probably wasn't aiming just at ME and MY THREAD HERE, but also very much the kays who have asserted (wrongly) that they know where she is (with Karlie) at nearly all times and who have written about 80 billion pages of fic where they literally treat Taylor and Karlie as their overly sexualized barbie dolls.

                        As a reminder the quote was:

                        At one point she compared superstardom in the digital age to life in a dollhouse, one where voyeurs “can ‘ship’ you with who they want to ‘ship’ you with, and they can ‘favorite’ friends that you have, and they can know where you are all the time.”

                        So to see mature responses from ex-g/kays is heartening:

                        I’m so sorry Taylor

                        As a gaylor like a really long-term gaylor/ kaylor I would just like to apologize for assuming your sexuality. Yeah there were signs and theories but that’s just what it was, theories and I participated in it too.

                        But I’m glad you stated that you’re not part of the community and it cleared up a lot of things

                        I am genuinely sorry for participating in “ships” with you. I now understand that was wrong to do, and I feel so bad after hearing you hate shipping culture. I’m officially done with the ships. I am so excited for you & Joe! I wish you nothing but happiness

                        With this Vogue article, I'm totally ready to just let go of the conspiracies and be a regular fan again. Can't say there isn't any sadness here that I was so blind for so long, but mostly I'm feeling good about this. Very excited for Lover and whatever it will bring.

                        I feel really bad for being a major Kaylor shipper at one point. I really wish Taylor would have voiced this opinion sooner. At least we know now. I’m totally done with the shipping and I fully believe she’s with Joe. I am so happy for her because she seems incredibly happy in her relationship with him

                        Anyway, venture outside of the g/k/ay discourse arena and the regular Swifties aren't even noticing this Major Crisis. Over in Swifty-land it's all just excitement over new lyrics and hoping for a promo single to drop. Probably not today? because Katy P. dropped a new song and I don't think Taylor would step on her gown like that right now. I can't believe I just typed that sentence, 2019 is truly a New Age. But it's possible that some other kind of announcement will come today . . . maybe she'll go ahead and share the tracklist since everybody has seen it anyway, or announce a song/video coming on Monday.

                        . . . oh, and setting the Alwynswift shippers afire, Taylor liked this post on tumblr, which got folks thinking in secret engagement terms:

                        Even People got in on it:


                        'Borrowed' and 'Blue': Is Taylor Swift Hinting at an Engagement to Joe Alwyn with New Lover Lyric?

                        The superstar gave Vogue a preview of her title track — and fans are speculating she's engaged to Joe Alwyn after nearly three years together

                        In the cover story, the fashion magazine shares lyrics from “Lover,” a song off Swift’s upcoming album that the writer describes as “romantic” and “haunting.”

                        “My heart’s been borrowed and yours has been blue / All’s well that ends well to end up with you,” Swift — who’s been dating British actor Joe Alwynfor nearly three years — sings on the track, according to Vogue.

                        As is wedding tradition, brides often wear something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue on their big day.

                        Swift’s fans have been buzzing about the lyrics all day, and the star further fueled the flames when she hit “like” on a fan post speculating at an upcoming wedding.

                        “wait … my hearts been borrowed and yours has been blue … something borrowed and something blue … ma’am,” wrote the fan on Tumblr.

                        Swift, 29, and Alwyn, 28, have kept their romance strictly under wraps since they began dating, and the superstar didn’t speak about the actor or their relationship to Vogue.

                        However, it certainly appears the couple — who often jet around the world to support each other — are stronger than ever.

                        Earlier this year, a source told PEOPLE Swift, whose new album drops Aug. 23, felt she had found “the one” in Alwyn, who “is such a gentleman and is very attentive.”

                        They’ve rarely been photographed together, but after a packed awards season — during which Swift supported Alwyn as he promoted his film The Favourite — the pair were snapped holding hands in Paris as she promoted her new music in Europe.

                        “Keeping it private from the beginning really helped their relationship,” said the source. “They were able to get to know each other in peace. They have a very special relationship. Joe adores Taylor.”

                        Like . . . we might get a wedding this year? Maybe?

                        This is mostly notable b/c Melody Chiu is Tree's go-to People writer, so no way did this speculation get published without an okay from her and Taylor. Lots of people are running with this spec, especially after the leaks about Taylor reciting wedding vows/wedding toast to Joe in that song. Hard to imagine (but not impossible?) that she'd do that if they WEREN'T engaged but who knows. If they are NOT already engaged, it'd be pretty intense to lay all that out there because whoah, that's some pressure on Joe if he hasn't already proposed/has no intention to, obvs. It would just be weird.

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                        • “AND THAT TIME SHE PUBLICLY USED A PAIR OF SCISSORS?” is my favoritest ever.


                          • Ophy, thank you for so much delicious content. I have been reading in bits and pieces but finally got to drink it all in this morning.

                            I love the picture with the long blue dress and her giraffe leg in the air.

                            I am a full-on Toe shipper at this point, but his Stella McCartney outfit was just sad and not really a designer outfit. Do better, Joe.

                            I cannot wait for Lover. I feel like the world needs some songs about the complexity and joy of love. I am here for it. I am also here for all pictures of Taylor Swift cosplaying as Padddington Bear.

                            As to the borrowed and blue lyrics, nothing she does is by accident, her lyrics are obsessively curated to mean something. I take it as confirmed that she and Joe are engaged. Because if they are not, that is way way too much pressure for her to be putting on the relationship. It would be the opposite of “Delicate”.

                            Those were fun days, and I believed, but alas, reality.

                            I am sure the Kaylors will be over this soon and have some new all-consuming theory for why she had to pretend to be in love with a man for an entire album.


                            • I am a full-on Toe shipper at this point

                              I am also here for all pictures of Taylor Swift cosplaying as Padddington Bear.

                              Okay! Here ya go:

                              So Taylor's been all over tumblr having a blast with bear themed humor, on a high from all the fan love, enjoying her downtime before she performs at the TCAs tomorrow and picks up an award:

                              . . . and then . . . BLAMMO.

                              Actual footage of Taylor when someone told her that Kid Rock was randomly taking shots at her:

                              It blew up so bad that Kid Rock trended for a whole day (which is probably what he wanted!)

                              And then! Kacey Musgraves said HOLD MY BEER.

                              (speaking of straight girls using rainbows as an aesthetic, btw . . .)

                              She unliked it pretty quick, but the damage was done.

                              Twitter Swifties ain't having it. They had already been side eyeing her because she also liked Scooter Braun's post during Mastersgate.

                              (Her husband is a big fan of Taylor's and has covered All Too Well)

                              Maren even chimed in (Kacey notoriously doesn't like Maren for some reason):

                              Plot twist #1! Kacey claims she was hacked!

                              Nobody believes her!

                              I mean once Swifties say you are done, you are DONE. And once they give you a nickname . . . hoo boy.

                              "Cakey Muskmelon"

                              After seeing that the 'I was hacked!' was not enough to get herself uncanceled, Kacey tried a different approach. Plot twist#2, y'all are LYING cuz I never DONE IT:

                              Um . . . I mean several people saw the like on her page before she deleted it, and there was more than one screenshot floating around that were taken AT DIFFERENT TIMES, but wevs!

                              Taylor came on and liked Kacey's tweet, because she does NOT want to play into any additional feud nonsense right now.

                              Do what you gotta do, Muskmelon, because the Swifties now have even bigger fish to fry . . . we'll get to that in a second.

                              Ahhhh, so the kays made a big deal about the fact that Karlie didn't like Scooter Braun's gushy birthday post for her, but now we know! it's because she was actually WITH him and his wife ON her birthday:

                              Wow, poor Karlie. She clearly needs to be rescued from those monsters holding her captive on a *checks note* ridiculously luxurious yacht in the ridiculously beautiful Mediterranean.

                              You can probably imagine what the kay response is to Karlie cavorting with Taylor's Enemy #1 on her special day.

                              But what Karlie and Scooter were ACTUALLY doing on the Evil Yacht of Evilness was planning this! A hit piece to drop the day before Taylor performs at the TCAs and gets an Icon Award!


                              Inside The Downfall of Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift's Friendship.

                              The fallout between Taylor Swift and her onetime best friend Karlie Kloss reportedly started when the model took advantage of the singer’s generous hospitality.

                              Swift has previously said that Kloss had her very own room, complete with her favorite snack foods at the ready, at the singer’s $47.7 million Tribeca compound. But an insider told The Post that Swift was “furious” when Kloss invited friends over to the home without first getting approval.

                              Although both camps deny this was the exact reason for their split, a person close to Kloss admits that the two had a tiff that turned into “something crazy.”

                              “Taylor got upset over something crazy and then she just alienated Karlie,” she told The Post.

                              Sources say this is just another example of Swift, whose new album, “Lover,” is out Aug. 23, overreacting to a situation.

                              In fact, Swift turned down invites to both of Kloss’ wedding ceremonies when she married her long-term boyfriend last year, according to a source close to both camps.

                              “She always does the same thing: She trips up when she goes further than she needed to,” said a source close to music manager Scooter Braun, who’s the latest to be deemed one of Swift’s enemies, after he purchased Big Machine Records, the singer’s former label, for a reported $500 million in June.

                              SOMETHING CRAZY. WOW. They said 'crazy' twice so it must be true!

                              This is the best quote:

                              “She became famous very young,” said a music executive in the know. “And the behavior that we might accept from a young girl — stamping your feet, acting petulant — no longer stands when you’re a grown woman.”

                              'A music executive in the know' = Scott B, obvs. What a tool. Taylor paid for your fucking house, you tool.

                              Her latest reinvention, for “Lover,” finds the singer — who has been dating British actor Joe Alwyn for three years — seemingly in love with love, amid a wash of rainbows.

                              “It’s difficult to tell who she really is — does she even know who she is?” asked one top music insider.

                              “She can act like poor little rich girl, when she has no need to,” said one source of the singer who owns $84 million in real estate and three planes.

                              One person who has worked closely with Swift described her to The Post as “a pill,” while another who was part of the recent Vogue cover shoot called her “heavenly to work with.”

                              One thing insiders seem to agree on is that, with Swift, everything is personal — and, in her anger, she sometimes has tunnel vision.

                              A source who has worked extensively with Braun said of the Big Machine deal, “This is business, what doesn’t Taylor get about this? He was not doing this just to spite her — and she’s acting like it was a personal vendetta.”

                              According to insiders, Swift doesn’t just overreact out of anger or frustration. Even her relationships tend to be outsize on purpose.

                              I assume every 'insider' or 'music executive' or 'source close to Scooter' is actually just Scooter and Scott B. wearing different wigs.

                              When Kloss married Josh Kushner in front of 80 guests in October 2018, Taylor was not there. Nor was she at the larger celebration the couple held in Wyoming this June. When asked about Swift not going to the weddings, a source familiar with the situation pointed out that Braun had attended both events, adding, “Make of that what you will.”

                              Braun’s company happens to manage Kloss’ career, and Braun and Kloss have become firm friends. Just yesterday Braun posted a vacation photo of the model, her husband and other pals, all smiling radiantly in front of a Mediterranean backdrop.

                              Swift, meanwhile, does seem to have learned one hard lesson about overdoing things.

                              In the past, she has flaunted her high-profile romances — with the likes of Joe Jonas, John Mayer, Harry Styles, Jake Gyllenhaal, DJ Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston — on Instagram and for paparazzi photos. Most of the relationships then publicly crashed and burned, fueling rage-filled songs from Swift.

                              “Taylor was happy to show off her relationships,” said the insider. “But she’s ended up with egg on her face.”

                              She and Alwyn have been seen in public together only a few times, and are reportedly shopping for a London home in the range of $30 million. “It’s the most private she’s been in any relationship,” said the insider. As a result, “it seems to be the happiest she’s been.”

                              Sources are happy that Swift seems to have learned something from her past mistakes. But they say not to count out her old ways just yet.

                              “Taylor is calculating and shrewd. Not that that’s a bad thing, but anyone who doesn’t think she feels like she has something to prove with ‘Lover’ is totally wrong,” said the music executive. “She wants to win.”

                              SHE WANTS TO WIN. Well, who the hell wants to LOSE.

                              I'm sure Taylor was expecting something like this, because Scooter is well known to use Page Six as his mouthpiece, but wowza, that whole thing is just way more vile than it needed to be.

                              And extra extra hurtful since she knows Karlie must have had a hand in it.

                              When Taylor leaked to Perez about Karlie's motor mouth it was not done in this spiteful nasty way. It was even soft pedaled like, Oh maybe Karlie didn't quite realize what she had done, it probably wasn't malicious, etc. But this? This is hardcore maliciousness and makes Karlie look nearly as bad as it tries to make Taylor look.

                              I assume there is SOME underlying truth that Karlie had people over at Taylor's place when Taylor wasn't home . . . I mean:

                              I don’t like your (K)ingdom (K)eys

                              They once belonged to me

                              You ask me for a place to sleep

                              Locked me out and threw a feast

                              Oh! Maybe it was Scooter and Yael that Karlie invited over??? And they went poking into Taylor's stuff at her loft while listening to Karlie spilling Taylor tea everywhere???? Especially if that happened post-Kimye, then hell yeah, I can see Taylor being pissed off enough about it to distance herself from Karlie.

                              Not a peep from the kween on this yet, but other kays are bleating 'kontract! don't forget the kontract! karlie is a victim toooooo!'

                              It's almost like Kid Rock, Kacey Musgraves, Karlie Kloss and Scooter were all on a Skype call this weekend to make sure Taylor gets no rest after her marathon sessions. (what is it with all the K names turning out to be rats? Gonna start calling him Kooter Kbraun maybe).

                              Swifties haven't had a chance to lay down their arms in days, geez.

                              This has been trending today, so that probably dulls the sting a bit:


                              Taylor should go ahead and drop The Man like, tonight, because YES:

                              Leading up to the TCAs tomorrow had better be low to NO dramz, because errrybuddy is TIRED.

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                              • Oh Em Bee. Scooter and Karlie realize this doesn’t make Taylor look bad; it makes them look bad, right? Cause nothing said in that article makes me think less of Taylor. If I gave someone keys to my apartment and they had people over without asking me, that would be a serious problem for our friendship. And we already know that the offer to get her masters was tying her to years of a contract with those asses.

                                I mean, I am sure it’s all part of some plan to distract the world before the Kaylor wedding is made public, but...