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  • The older I get, the bigger this font is going to get, by the time I'm posting about Taylor's grandkids shenanigans on here, it'll be ENORMOUS like an eye chart. Y'all will just have to suck it up.

    Scooter and Karlie realize this doesn’t make Taylor look bad; it makes them look bad, right?

    Oh, Karlie comes out of this looking . . . NOT GREAT. Either she's a bad friend who runs her mouth and treats her BFFs house with disrespect, or she's a REALLY bad friend WHO ALSO helps to plant extremely sexist and unnecessarily mean hit pieces against her former friend while laughing about it on a yacht with shady shady billionaires.

    All of this also makes her earlier denials of 2017 and 2018 "Oh, me and Taylor are still really good friends uh huh" seem super duper pathetic.

    But! The fact that Kooter KBraun is perfectly willing to throw his klient under the bus just to take jabs at Taylor shows how weirdly he is obsessed with her and lends even MORE credence to her story that he's a bully.

    Swifties have a legend about how bad things happen to Those Who Dare Rise Up Against Her (called 'tayvoodoo') 9see re: Kim Kardashian being robbed in Paris, Kanye being revealed as a MAGAt, and many many other examples too numerous to name) but while they wait on that to happen to Karlie and Kooter, they will continue to hand out their own justice on twitter.

    I mean, I am sure it’s all part of some plan to distract the world before the Kaylor wedding is made public, but...

    I know, right?? It's a Master Stroke of planning for the Gaygenda . . . somehow. probably. maybe?

    So when I said errybuddy is TIRED, I guess that didn't include Taylor! She threw a major rager last night for all the cast and crew of YNTCD to celebrate their 10 VMA award nominations.

    And she wore a shiny rainbow dress because ain't nobody gonna tell her she can't.

    It looked like a fabulous time . . . Brendon Urie, Haim, Riley Knoxx, Laverne Cox, Justin Mikita, Hayley Kioyko, Hannah Hart, etc.

    And this person made a special appearance . . .

    Here's a compilation of insta vids, if you want to see #DrunkTaylor dance and hear #DrunkTaylor say she fucking loves Cardi B.

    Acting out the first verse of YNTCD:

    She looks VERY unbothered!

    I do wonder though, if she's going to roll up to the TCAs today like . . .

    She's not 22 anymore! Hangovers hit different in your almost-30s. But still, Taylor letting folks vid her at parties didn't use to be a thing but I suppose it is now, and that's kind of awesome in a way.

    ETA Oh duh, I just realized that Sarah Urie is Brendan Urie's wife. So she and Cazzie David were at the LA sessions and at the party last night, too.

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    • But still, Taylor letting folks vid her at parties didn't use to be a thing but I suppose it is now, and that's kind of awesome in a way
      Living well is the best revenge against the haters.


      • The older I get, the bigger this font is going to get, by the time I'm posting about Taylor's grandkids shenanigans on here, it'll be ENORMOUS like an eye chart. Y'all will just have to suck it up.
        Sounds perfect.

        Thanks for the wonderful updates.


        • JUICY!

          So I was thinking how much I've just grown to HATE Karlie as I was catching up on this thread and that was BEFORE I got to the Page 6 update! HOLY SHIT, what a fucking asshole she is.

          I hate her more than I ever could the dumb conspiracy theorists because they have no real power. They're just sad sacks who overly invested in their fantasy lives. Karlie has money and some fame and opportunities to speak out against shitheads in her orbit -- LIKE DONALD TRUMP -- and she doesn't. So she can DIAF.

          Kid Rock can also die in a fire. He used rap music roots to gain fans along with his Detroit cred and now he's a Trump Republican? Fuck that dumb redneck wannabe.

          One other sour note for me? STOP TRYING TO CLAIM BRIGHT COLORS AND UNICORNS AND SHIT, Internet Gays! I GET the rainbow iconography but my 5th grade self would like to talk to you about Lisa Frank.
          It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


          • Looooover!!!


            I know I keep coming in here after every new release and saying it's gooood, but! IT'S GOOOOOD.

            Of course, now we know why sessioners said this album had a Speak Now vibe, despite the other three songs because YES COUNTRY TAYLOR LIVES. This one hits very different than The Archer, but not in a bad way . . . I'm not big into rankings, but gotta say I think I'd put the songs so far like this: The Archer > Lover > Me! > YNTCD (but I still really liked YNTCD, too).

            The official description of Lover on itunes:

            “The drama surrounding Taylor’s love life has always been at the center of her music, but with ‘Lover,’ the swaying new single from her forthcoming album of the same name, we get something different: She’s….happy, so happy she wants to belt it from the rooftops: ‘Ladies and gentlemen, will you please stand?/With every guitar string scar on my hand/I take this magnetic force of a man/To be my lover.’ The serenade is yet another collaboration with songwriter and Lord of Love Songs Jack Antonoff, and it appears to be a tribute to Swift’s boyfriend of three years, Joe Alwyn.”

            — Apple Music on Lover

            It went #1 on iTunes pretty much immediately, and people seem to really like it. All four songs have gone to #1 there, which probably bodes well for sales.

            Critics seem pleased so far:

            The song is slow, romantic, and acoustic — pretty different from everything we’ve heard from Lover so far, but Swift is the queen of versatility, so nothing’s unexpected from her. With its slow dance tempo and commitment-ready lyrics, “Lover” is destined to be the soundtrack of every prom and wedding for the next decade. Bring it on — this song is fantastic and deserves to score every milestone.

            Chloe Gilke - UPROXX - Taylor Swift’s Dreamy, Romantic ‘Lover’ Title Track Is Finally Here

            Rolling Stone writer:

            Lyrics are gooood:

            Not to be overlooked that she's basically shouting, "And WE LIVE TOGETHER BITCHES" because that's been a huge debate among Swifties for the past three years. For some reason, many fans wanted to believe that Taylor would never live with a guy she wasn't married to, I guess. (by 'some reason' I mean 'purity culture reasons' obvs).


            I mean . . c'mon. NO WAY does someone sing that if they don't know this is REALLY HAPPENING:

            From tumblr, this realization:

            20 seconds, 20 years... 2020 WEDDING

            But I'll go further . . . January is included in the same verse, so! they are getting married January, 2020.

            And! Since she highlighted their 3 years together, she must be getting married on the 3rd, because 1/3 is a thirteen.



            I doubt it's a coincidence that the first line is about Christmas lights when this is what the place in Ireland looked like when they were there with their families, and this song just solidified all of that Castle Of Secret Engagement speculation:


            I knew she did a real video for Lover, but the lyric video was so good I kinda feel like she didn't need to do another one? So far, the lyric videos have all been excellent this era. It's too bad there won't be one for every song (there should be one for every song).

            Not only are those her and Joe's home videos, that's basically the blanket fort they made in Call It What You What. (I'm laughing with my lover, making forts under covers).

            Other specific Joe references people have noted so far from the blurrrrry home vids: a British flag heart painting, Taylor with a falcon from when they did falconry lessons in Big Sur on Joe's birthday, and Taylor wearing Joe's NY hat at the end.

            This is cute:

            during the session when they lyric “we could let our friends crash in the living room” taylor like pointed at all of us and it made me so fucking soft im gonna have a breakdown

            Taylor's friend Alex:

            The Swiftie spaces have turned into a Joe/Taylor Love celebration of incoherent babbling and key smashing because yep, most are assuming this means engagement/weddings/babies to follow and that's broken the collective fandom brain.

            Joe's name was even trending last night just because of this song, which is funny.

            (this person below met Taylor during rep room):

            I'll be back later today with other updates from this past week, but I want to wait for kay reactions to this song to mature a bit first . . . I assume they will say that Karlie is a MUCH more magnetic force of a MAN than Joe, obvs. I mean, DUH.


            • This song makes me cry so much, because my personal life reasons. Lover and Archer together are an amazing pair. I am already way over investing in this album.

              Also: that song really really should be the final bullet in Kaylor, but I am guessing it won’t be.
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              • It is definitely not the end of Kaylor! I did a Tumblr #kaylor skim after hearing the song and y'all, IT IS 100% ABOUT KARLIE. Something something about Big Sur and three summers? I don't know. I mean, Taylor flat out says "man" in it but, that's code for Karlie's height? Maybe? Sure.

                Anyway the song is really good and gets better with repeated listens. The first time I listened to it, it made me think of Mazzy Star's Fade Into You, a song I was obsessed with in high school. Archer is still my favorite off the album so far, but I REALLY LOVE Archer so it was always gonna be hard to top.


                • but I REALLY LOVE Archer so it was always gonna be hard to top.

                  Same! The Archer wasn't any of the sessioners' favorite song, though, which makes me wonder what else we have in store for us. They all generally agree that Cruel Summer will top everything else, We will see! In a week we will get a livestream with a performance, Q/A about the album, new Lover video, and discussion with Stella McCartney. So much left to be revealed!

                  Vanessa! I just realized that Taylor must have seen your post about being a shipper now, so she must have released this song as a birthday present for YOU.

                  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, V!


                  I love Nicole Cliffe and she is not wrong about either of these things:

                  She's right! That's only six days! I don't think I have ever taken down my tree before the second week of January, oh well. I must be extra wacky.

                  This is why! I think Taylor specifically put January in there for another reason!


                  Speaking of numerology, Taylor liked this post about the run time on Lover and it's connection to Mister Rogers:

                  Crazy, if true.

                  A sessioner said about the song Lover (which was written by only Taylor, btw):

                  The sound is completely intentional, though. She wanted it to sound like a band playing at a wedding reception. No modern instruments were used at all!
                  and another one said she used no instruments invented after the 70s. Jack must have felt a bit lost without his synths!

                  So I was looking for the leaked track list (which has now been verified bc iTunes ALSO accidentally posted the track list) but it has vanished from that post. So I'm re creating it here with my annotations in parenthesis:

                  I Forgot You Existed (sessioners said it was a great opener but no specifics)

                  * Cruel Summer (this was everyone's fave)

                  * Lover (the wedding vow song)

                  The Man (if Taylor had been a man)

                  * The Archer (2am anxiety attack)

                  * I Think He Knows (that I love him)

                  Miss Americana And The Heartbreak Prince (Fuck Trump and what he has done to our country song)

                  * Paper Rings (despite my love of shiny things I would marry you with paper rings)

                  * Cornelia Street (if I lost you I'll never be able to walk Cornelia St again-- this is the street in NYC where Taylor was renting a place when she and Joe first started dating)

                  Soon You’ll Get Better feat. The Dixie Chicks (the song for Andrea)

                  Death By A Thousand Cuts (break up song inspired by movie Someone Great)

                  * London Boy (has an intro from Idris Elba, presumably about Joe)

                  * False God (successor to Don't Blame Me)

                  You Need To Calm Down

                  * Afterglow (song about the aftermath of a fight)

                  * ME! feat. Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco

                  It’s Nice To Have A Friend (children's choir/instruments. This was everyone's least fave)

                  Daylight (step into the daylight and let it go)

                  The asterisked ones are the ones that that might shed light on what's up with her and Joe, not sure of the others. We know The Man, YNTCD, SYGB, MATHP probably don't have anything to do with her relationship.

                  I really only care about the actual lovey dovey songs right this second so . . . (not true, but kinda true).

                  Okay, so moving back in time to last Sunday . . .

                  TCAs roundup!

                  Taylor wore a 60's Versace party outfit:

                  The outfit is a lot, but both the eye makeup and lip color are excellent.

                  Side view of the shoes:

                  Taylor and the itty bitty pretty kitty committee:

                  The acceptance vid:


                  The ogirl has become a massive Swiftie in the past couple of years (not my influence, I swear!) and she watched that acceptance speech four times because she liked Taylor's advice to teens so much.

                  Taylor hopped on her jet and went to Nashville for a couple of days to sign cd inserts, then left for . . . guess where . . . c'mon, guess . . .

                  Joe is in the middle of filming a movie with Tilda Swinton (directed by Joanna Hogg - chalk up another lady film maker for his list) so I don't know that we will see them out and about doing pub dates or anything before the album drops.

                  Anyways, onto kay nonsense . . .

                  I suppose that Page Six article was a bigger misstep than Kooter and Karlie counted on because she lost half a million followers after it came out . . . but Taylor didn't lose any.

                  Clearly it was time for damage control, so her team put this out in Elle:


                  Kloss' second wedding was the weekend of June 20 to June 23. Swift was silent on social media around that time (she had just released her "You Need to Calm Down" music video). But Swift has been working behind the scenes to prepare for the launch of her next album Lover on August 23. For example, she revealed in her last Instagram Live on July 23 that she was shooting a music video then, so much of her work has been done in secret.

                  Kloss' rep's clarification helps debunk rumors that Swift did not attend because she and Kloss had a fallout or because Kloss' manager Scooter Braun—who bought Swift's masters and provoked her to write an open letter about how upset she was about the purchase because of his "incessant, manipulative bullying" of her—was at both occasions. (A source close to the situation pointed out to Page Six that Braun was there and “make of that what you will.")

                  Kloss' rep confirmed that Swift and Kloss were still friends, a fact that Kloss herself acknowledged in March. When asked about Swift's ELLE essay and what she wrote about her early twenties friendships, Kloss complimented Swift. “Taylor is incredible, and I feel really lucky to call her a friend, and she’s one of the hardest working women, and I loved her essay," she said.

                  Example 17384950 of Karlie saying she and Taylor are still friends while Taylor says . . . NOTHING.

                  None of this means anything at all if it's all coming from just one side! And the 'real reason' Taylor didn't come to the second wedding was . . that she was probably busy but we don't actually know with what but yeah it was something I guess. They don't even address why Taylor would have organized her tour travel to miss Karlie's wedding, or why Karlie would schedule a wedding that Taylor couldn't be at. Such good friends, yeppers.

                  LET IT GOOOOOO KARLIEEEE.

                  So everyone KNOWS the Page Six hit piece came from HER peeps (with direct quotes from her manager!) and now this Elle soft lies piece ALSO comes from HER peeps . . . she's playing a double game here, which Taylor is refusing to play at all.

                  Karlie's mentions look like this right now:

                  I'll bet we get some more damage control as when the album drops, with Karlie liking posts about it or promoting it on her insta vids or something like that.

                  Issie is so so so right, the kays are not going anywhere at all. Ever.

                  The kween weighs in:

                  Karlie is leaving SBP. The actual end date of their business relationship is unknown to me. But, it seemed likely to align with the end of her contract with Jerk … and, that is very soon. Also, no way the bastard does that BMR sale to Taylor if Karlie was going to be working with him in the future. He did that because he knows Karlie dumped him, and he is trying to protect Jerk’s fake heterosexual card.

                  She's a broken record. That is almost identical to what she has said every time people fail to come out of the closet when she has predicted they will.

                  Can I ask your opinion on this? Just if you had to take a guess. What order do you think these events will come in: A) Taylor dropping Toe B) Taylor coming out C) Karlie's split being announced. I think it'll be C first, and then B happening a few months later, and A last

                  This is my speculation only … C happens first, B second, and A last. If you had asked me this months ago, I would have said, A, then B, then C. But, there have been some pivots along the way.


                  i’ve seen u say that karlies contract is ending very soon and i’m just gonna guess that means the end of august, i could be wrong but end of august seems very soon to me so yeah...hope u have a nice day ttb

                  I lean toward end of August, too. I do not have a definitive date, but I am confident it is August/September timeframe.

                  At this point, I assume Josh just rents Karlie month-to-month.

                  I’m confused, wouldn’t a contract as ridiculously binding as the one to Jerk be illegal across the board? I mean, she’s essentially a slave?

                  The bearding contracts, from what I understand, are essentially written as marketing contracts. You do x number of social media posts, vacation appearances, etc., in exchange for x dollars (or some other value). So she would be obligated via her contract to post so many pics of him, pretend to be on vacation with him, etc.

                  Her 'understanding' of the kontract is limited by the fact that it only exists in her imagination.

                  The kays are not fooled. Kooter Kbraun is behind it all!:

                  I have a theory regarding the vogue statement and i.e. that Taylor deliberately said those words to throw people off. I think she pivoted and came up with a plan to tackle S.B. by doing exactly what he wanted to do and i.e. remain in the closet. We know Taylor is a clever person and she is leading S.B. on, by thinking he and jerk are safe. Taylor was loud about pride month and there is a fair possibility that she was going to come out on the last day of pride month, but couldn’t. It obviously angered both Taylor and Karlie, having them to pivot their plans. Long story short, I think maybe now, Karlie will officially come out first and then taylor. Knowing how karlie might be angry about Taylor’s masters situation, I think this might have helped her make up her mind to come out first.

                  S.B. will never see that coming. Karlie coming out first will be a Big Fuck you to their face and honestly will giveaway everything, once her and Taylor reunite publicaly. I think at this point of time, niether of them care about jerk or his narrative or even their own bff narrative. After everything is tackled, who knows someday they might just pop out at a random NY cafe just like the old days.

                  And as far as Taylor is concerned, I think she will not explicitly come out yet or at least in the album, knowing that tour is coming up next year. I don’t think,Taylor would want to risk losing her homophobic side of fandom. Therefore, I think we will see lots of gay reference, rumors, kaylor nods in lover.

                  I DOUBT YOU WILL.

                  Okay! Koincidence? Lover track is 3:41 minutes long---3+4+1=(8) and it's track (3), which together makes... 8/3! Karlie's birthday!! What the fuck Taylor Swift!!? What the fuck!? And antis call us delusional, umm... are you fucking not paying attention??

                  I just really don't like one thing. Unless the album has SERIOUS GAY VIBES as a whole that has people questioning, this carrying on with Toe until now will make another album "about him". Unless he plans to CO just after the big first week(s) sales, it'll take a good while to erase the stunt and make people re-evaluate who old albums are about. This is what I dislike the most. He gets to be the Muse for another round. What's he done to earn it?

                  About the order of events concerning when Joe leaves: don't you think itd be better for Tay to drop toe asap and then come out? I feel like if it were to happen the other way around toe would forever be known as the man who "turned Taylor gay" as gross as that is. Now Taylor doesn't owe him anything, but they seem civil enough that she would want to leave him on good terms at least

                  All right, now to the kay reaction to the song Lover, which bounces all over the place:


                  IT HAS KARLIE ALL OVER IT. I keep having to pause it because it’s just so… romantic and everything it should be. Please help me.

                  “I take this magnetic force of a MAN”

                  What kinda hetero bs?


                  Welp, guess it’s back to the closet

                  It’s official. Taylor has completely fucked herself over with any coming out plans. The closet won when “Lover” dropped.

                  Do I think she’s gay? Hell yeah I do.

                  Do I think her relationship with Joe Alwyn is real? Fuck no I don’t.

                  Do I think behind the scenes happenings probably made any attempt at coming out impossible for the time being? Yeah, pretty much.

                  But the “Lover” era is turning into a massive letdown for her queer fans. I know she wasn’t queerbaiting, you know that if you read this, but this is just a PR disaster that keeps building. I hope Todrick and Hayley are around to slap some sense into her, because this is pretty close to unsalvageable for her.

                  Three strikes, Tay. Now it’s back to the bottom of the order.

                  Y'all are literally the only ones to think anything has been disastrous? It's been a fairly smooth roll out, really.

                  You know what I love? All the YEARS of documentation we have of Taylor and Karlie. It’s imperative to their story. Maybe she will never be able to talk about some things, but we will always have literal proof. I hope it warms her heart to know that so many people have been rooting for her and Karlie for so long. It’s a love story. It’s the only way I can describe it.

                  I'm questioning the use of both 'literal' and 'proof' in that statement.

                  the antis only get mad and spew hate when taylor is being loud and when they’re nervous because they KNOW the narrative doesn’t make any sense at all so let them carry on it just shows they’re doubting the public narrative whilst kaylors/gaylors stay unbothered

                  They will never admit its not about him. I feel pretty good about the song. It’s pretty clear its Karlie through and through.

                  Even if we go with a COMPLETELY straight, no bearding narrative - I don't understand why toe shippers would be /overjoyed/ because without bearding, "my heart has been borrowed" implies cheating. Of course, if you take bearding into context, that line makes complete sense with a kaylor narrative

                  Complete sense!

                  It’s unbelievable that straight people think Lover is about Toe when the literal first definition of lover from the dictionary is: lover /ˈlʌvə/ Learn to pronounce noun plural noun: lovers a partner in a sexual or romantic relationship outside marriage. Plus. The lyrics “my heart’s been borrowed and yours has been blue” means that the person she’s singing to got married as her “borrowed” thing is Taylor’s heart, doesn’t it?

                  Something is certainly UNBELIEVABLE! all right.

                  Here's how they are dealing with that pesky pesky 'man' line from the bridge:

                  she doesn’t say she takes a man, she said she takes a magnetic force OF a man, she’s describing how women in power often have masculine traits, this song is about her wife

                  She really did say “magnetic force OF a man”. The way she words it - ‘of a man’ sounds like you’re not even talking about a man. Or you would get straight to the point and say I take this man or whatever poetic way she would word it but it would be crystal clear that she is talking about a man. But it literally sounds like she’s talking about a woman with the magnetic force OF a man.

                  Karlie has the magnetic force OF a man. Okay, wow!

                  However, I don’t see how song Lover is a step back in the closest. If anything, we see videos in the background that are with Karlie (sparklers near the end). Also “of a man” means any human, it’s genderless. 3 summers… she met Joe 3 summers ago but she hasn’t LOVED him right away. The 20 years is a nod to Karlie being 20 when they met.. I am EXCITED for the music video. Also Loveher?

                  Man is GENDERLESS. Who knew?

                  As a note, the kays think the sparklers are from this Taymerica clip:

                  TH and JKush were there and many others were there too, I think? But you know OBVIOUSLY this was a romantic kaylors only event, and Taylor would NEVER dare to have used sparklers on any other occasion, just like she would NEVER go to Big Sur with anyone other than Karlie ( . . . and Jake G. in 2010, and Joe in 2017). Pretty hilars that they have no choice but to now decide to claim 'sparklers' as a kaylor thing, because there's literally nothing else in the vid to suggest Karlie at all. They are even claiming that the falconry clip was from the kaylor trip to Big Sur when it was actually from the trip Joe and Taylor took there three years later.

                  Watching them force the 3 summers line into the kay narrative even though Taylor and Karlie met 6 years ago is the best part, though:

                  maybe it's a reach but when she sings that she's loved her lover for 3 summers.... of course Toes are going to point to Toe but Karlie's favorite number is 3! maybe she incorporated her favorite number because 5 summers would have been a dead giveaway...

                  it being simultaneously a reference to the album being released on their 3rd engagement anniversary, as well as potentially, if she actually wrote this as a proposal song 3 years ago that she sang to karlie at the end of the summer in 2016, a reference to the literal 3 summers they’d been together at that point.

                  Listen, I don’t even care to even going anonymous now. Lover is so Karlie Kloss, like 5 seconds into the songs she’s the first that came to mind. 3 fucking summers? Imagine the hets thinking it’s about that brit dude...? I’m- That’s a huge loophole... like thanks for confirming it Tay. Love you. She must have wrote the song in late 2016 or somewhere earlier 2017. Correct me if I’m wrong on the song timeline. But I don’t think I’m WRONG about Lover being KK’s appreciation song.

                  Those anti kaylors are using the kaylor tag now apparently. They mention that she wrote this song in february knowing well that she will still have three summers with toe and never break up... I have to laugh. Now they feel the need to invade our tag too Oh, It feels a bit... weird to see Toe is trending on Twitter for apparently being a “muse” for lover. I’m- ✊ My heart goes for you, Miss Karlie Kloss. Maybe we should trend “Thank you, Miss Karlie” instead. It’s so unfair.

                  Other than the fact that Lover has officially replaced You Are In Love as my favorite love song, I’m genuinely enjoying the fact that Taylor literally pointed out the holes on the Toe timeline by stating that she’s been with her lover the past three summers which would make it 2015 and not 2016.

                  3 summers ago she was on a world tour with Tom...

                  Exactly lmao. That’s why it can’t be about Toe.

                  Why are y'all so bad at math???

                  2017+ 2018+ 2019 = 3 fucking summers. Holy shit, this ain't calculus. They've been dating for three years next month. Taylor wrote a song to be released at the end of Summer '19. Why would she not include that summer into the math oh gawd almighty my head hurts with this foolishness.

                  But no! It's about this kaylor engagement that the kaylors totally made up:

                  Taylor proposed to Karlie around August 23rd, 2016. (Give or take a few days). Then 2017/2018…. That’s 3 summers. Since then Karlie has posted a picture around the same date, one of them being the one where she went to reputation in Nashville… Also shes releasing the fucking album on the 23rd. LOUD.

                  This all came about because Karlie and Josh took a trip to Wyoming on that date, and the kays decided that Taylor was there based on a reflection in a spoon in an insta vid, I kid you not. That's it, that's all the proof they have that Taylor and Karlie got engaged that August, even though in real life Taylor was nowhere near Wyoming and was currently extricating herself from TH so she could start hooking up with Joe.

                  Looks like they have collectively decided to ignore the British flag heart painting, oh well. Can't wait to see what kind of spin they come up with to make 'London Boy' all about Karlie!

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                  • This is all so nuts.

                    -- I don't understand why you'd even *like* let alone Stan a celeb that was being bought and paid for like they think Karlie is?
                    -- I don't understand how things have "GAY VIBES" b/c the straights somehow don't have any real feeling or passion for each other? LOL
                    -- I don't understand why people need to force celebrities to match their fantasies.
                    -- I don't understand.

                    My key takeaway is that Kloss lost FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND FOLLOWERS bc she's so bad at social media. Why can't she keep her fucking mouth shut about Taylor? It's nuts. It's all so nuts.
                    It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                    • Right? They like someone who lets themselves be used for money in this horrifying way - it MAKES NO SENSE!

                      Vanessa! I just realized that Taylor must have seen your post about being a shipper now, so she must have released this song as a birthday present for YOU.
                      Thanks to you and Taylor for thinking of me! Hee!

                      Morgan Fairchild is honored by this homage.



                      • Ugh, too much is happening SLOW IT DOWN.

                        Taylor's got a GMA performance in Central Park tomorrow morning, a live stream with Stella McCartney tomorrow evening, the full album drops at midnight tomorrow night, and then she performs at the VMAs on Monday.

                        . . . also the music video for Lover is coming tomorrow:

                        It looks so soft, OMB. People were speccing it was going to be home movies based, like the lyric vid, and maybe! might! include footage of an engagement or a wedding(!?) but that was always the longest of long shots.

                        Because there isn't enough going on with Lover release week, Taylor is going to announce in an interview on Sunday that YES SHE IS GOING TO RE-RECORD HER OLD MASTERS.

                        In an in-depth interview that features Swift at home, in the studio and much more, the chart-topping singer-songwriter tells Smith she found out about the deal “when it was online” and that nobody in her inner circle knew of the pending deal.

                        Nobody knew if she could do that, but I guess she can!

                        Let's be honest, Taylor Swift began Big Machine, so I guess it's only right that she should be the one to end it.

                        Tree! Paine!'s fave People writer Melody Chiu has confirmed it:


                        Taylor Swift Reveals Plans to Re-Record First 6 Albums After Scooter Braun's Big Machine Purchase

                        Taylor Swift is doubling down on her assertion she found out about Scooter Braun’s purchase of her former label along with the rest of the world — and revealing her plans for the future.

                        In a new interview with CBS Sunday Morning, the Grammy winner, 29, says she “absolutely” will re-record her first six albums, which fell into the hands of Braun following his $300 million deal with Big Machine.

                        Airing Aug. 25 at 9 a.m. EST, the wide-ranging interview features Swift — who says she learned of Braun, 38, and Big Machine co-owner Scott Borchetta’s new partnership “when it was online” — at home and in the studio, according to a press release.

                        It's a major flex . . . not many artists could afford to do this, but obvs Taylor can.

                        She liked these posts on tumblr, ha.


                        Taylor stating she is planning to go back into the studio to re-record her past records is the biggest “No man will over power me and take control of the things I’ve worked so hard for and try to put me down” woman powerment move.

                        She also liked this one:

                        Kooter immediately went to Page Six to say she CAN'T do it:


                        Taylor Swift says she plans to re-record her early songs, but here’s why she can’t

                        But Page Six has exclusively learned that it would be “impossible” for Swift to do so because her contract prevents the bold move.

                        “She can’t re-record because she’s not contractually allowed to do so,” a music industry expert with knowledge of the deal told us on Wednesday. “The only thing she could be allowed to do is…re-do the lyrics, but contractually she can’t. Even if she could, no one would want old songs with new lyrics.”

                        A separate source also told us that Swift still “refuses to engage” with Braun and his team after his group acquired Big Machine Records.

                        (Um . . . have they never met a Swiftie??? Yes, OF COURSE THEY WANT THAT. They will take anything Taylor wants to feed them.)

                        Forbes contradicted Page Six:


                        Taylor Swift Says She Plans To Re-Record Her Old Albums

                        Just weeks after news broke that Taylor Swift’s back catalog had been purchased by a manager she does not care for, the superstar has revealed she plans to take back control of her music through what some may call a loophole.

                        In an as-yet-unaired interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Swift reportedly shared that she has plans to create new masters of all her old songs. That involves her going back into the studio and re-recording every song featured on all six of her previous albums, and while that may be a lot of work, it’s perhaps the best way she can fight back at the moment.

                        Ithaca Holdings, which is run by manager Scooter Braun (who works with musicians like Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Kanye West, Demi Lovato and many others), purchased the master rights to Swift’s back catalog earlier this summer for a reported $300 million. That gives the company the right to do what it wants with all the hits the former country star recorded for her first six albums, but, and this is important, it only gives them the power to work with those original master recordings, not the lyrics and melodies themselves.

                        Swift can re-record all that music and re-share new takes on the songs, even if they sound remarkably similar to the originals. Depending on what deal she has now (Swift left the label she started on, Big Machine, and joined Republic Records in anticipation of her upcoming seventh full-length), she will likely have more control over those updated cuts, as they are new master recordings.

                        People may still opt to listen to the originals, or, depending on what she does with the songs, perhaps the new versions will be popular in their own right.

                        The idea of re-recording songs in order to gain control over new masters is not new, but it's a gargantuan task not often attempted by musicians as popular as Swift. Fellow pop singer Kelly Clarkson suggested she go this route earlier this summer when she voiced her support for Swift.

                        There’s no word yet on when Swift may begin this re-recording process, and it might not happen for a while. She’s currently busy promoting her new album Lover, which drops this Friday (August 23), and later this year she’ll be pushing the movie Cats, which she co-stars in.

                        Not surprisingly, the media is taking the Forbes angle on this and not Page Six's.

                        The rumor mill among Swifties says she CAN re-record all of her older albums now except for reputation, which she will have to wait until 2022 to do. Really don't think Taylor would EVER announce something like this unless she'd already vetted it with all of her legal team. It might result in a court case, but wevs. She's probably prepared for that, too. She might even welcome that, to be honest. Win or lose, it would be a great way to highlight contract inequities and artist rights.

                        Okay! the collab with Stella McCartney launched:

                        The rumors are true: Taylor Swift and Stella McCartney are releasing a collaborative collection of ready-to-wear and accessories to mark the debut of Swift’s Lover album this week. Discussed in Vogue’s September issue, the partnership came about after Swift and McCartney met at one of Swift’s concerts in London. “When I started spending more time in London, Stella and I would go on walks, have cocktails, and talk about life. So when it came time to write this album, I name checked her in one of my songs, and when I played her the album, I said, ‘Should we do something?’” Swift says.

                        For McCartney, the opportunity to collaborate with Swift was a no brainer. “I couldn’t believe that my name is in a Taylor Swift song (what?!?) and after Taylor played me the entire album it gave me such incredible inspiration for the collaboration and it really revolved around the music. When Taylor asked me, or even thought to come and do this with me, what I love is how we really complement each other in what we generate creatively together.”

                        The entire collaboration will be presented this Thursday, August 22, during Swift’s YouTube Live. What to expect? If Swift’s style of late is any indication, these jackets, tops, and bags are set to be pastel-hued and filled with whimsy. Even better: The entire range is produced up to McCartney’s standards of sustainability—meaning no fur or leather products, in addition to eco-aware manufacturing processes. “At Stella McCartney we are so serious in how we manufacture and how responsible we are,” the designer days. “We are always looking at sustainability and not killing animals, it means we have such a serious undertone in the everyday runnings morally of how we conduct ourselves as a brand. So I always have to counter that with having a lightness of heart and have a sense of humor and not make people feel terrible.”
                        (Stella got to hear the album already?? That makes her the new Karlie, and I guess we should call them Staylor.)

                        It's more merch than fashion? Which is fine, wevs, because I wouldn't have bought any of it either way. Mostly Ts,with a tote and a bomber jacket, I think. But they did revela two more lyrics: 'Summer is a knife' and 'Like a Tennessee Stella McCartney" which is intriguing.

                        I am tempted by the Benji shirt and hoodie, though:

                        Gigi was papped wearing a t shirt from the new Stella X Taylor line in NYC:

                        Clearly telling the world that Taygi is TRUE.

                        Anyway, lots of other things keep happening. Taylor has a Spotify channel called Love, Taylor where she posted a list of fave love songs and is adding lyric audio files to each day.

                        Also, she's got lyrics popping up in random places. This is Brooklyn:

                        "Devils roll the dice/Angels roll their eyes"

                        and London:

                        The lyrics could show up anywhere! COULD BE YOUR HOUSE NEXT.

                        But in the midst of all the release week shenanigans and rocking the music industry boat again, she also took the time to DM this fan:

                        She also paid off a fan's tuition and rent for the year last week.

                        . . . and that's why nobody has the relationship to fans that Taylor has. She literally never stops building that bond.

                        How weird would it be to be Joe?? You're walking around a city and see this, knowing you are the 'you'??? You're the 'Lover'??

                        Nice to see Frosty Crew photography is still lending his skills to Taylor's marketing campaigns:

                        But no worries, the kays aren't fooled!

                        They are back on their nonsense again, fully reinvigorated by this krumb Karlie tossed them . . . she listened to Lover three times in a row on Spotify.

                        The kays are all like, "SEE IT'S LOOOOVE THEY ARE TOOOOGETHER" BUT! it kinda looks like the opposite to me?

                        The fact that she had to listen to it on Spotify tells me she didn't receive an advance copy of the album Lover from Taylor this time (she did get to hear 1989 early), and the fact that she left her listens on 'public' tells me she's poking the bear on purpose . . . either to be all sad sack-ish like, "Taylor doesn't let me hear the music in person any more because I'm a just a wilted flower to her" or to get attention from the kaylors and swifties that have started to fade away from engaging on her socials.

                        Either way, it's really embarrassing.

                        As a side note, is this what passes for actual journalism these days? One of the Vulture writers speculated about the album and made every song about kaylor for some reason:

                        Reminds me of how constantly writing sly things about Larry rebounded against Richard Lawson eventually. He was like, "I was joking? I thought that was obvious? I thought we were all in on the joke?" and the Larries basically crucified him across all platforms. The backlash hasn't hit some of these 'kaylor' journos yet, but it will.

                        Okay, more kay nonsense!

                        From the kween:

                        Did Karlie really convert to judaism? She said she did, but this really confuses me. Converting in the religious way is VERY hard, and I don't think she has the time/reason to do it. There's also the possibility that she converted in the easier, reform way but that would mean that she's not eligible to marry Jerk, who was born jewish. Do you know anything avout this? Thanks

                        I do not believe she has. I am fully expecting a Taylor/Karlie Christmas celebration that will debunk that in the future.

                        Is it anti-semitic to insist that a person who converted to Judaism is lying about it, because I think it is.

                        Do you think Tay would take this so far as to “marry” toe? If she backs out that is

                        No. Never. I think she is very grounded, and believes in the sanctity of marriage. She would not go that far.
                        Neither did Karlie, by the way. And, what Karlie did … she absolutely did not want to do.

                        Taylor is not marrying Toe. Have you been paying attention to this era? She is halfway out the door. Why would she be doing all of this LGBTQ coding if she was going to go deep into the closet with a lavender marriage?

                        Hello! About the contract...which details will show us it is ended? Thank you!

                        We will just have to observe. Obviously, a public announcement of a split will be the absolute sign it is over. But, in Karlie’s case especially, I expect a delayed announcement. Let’s see if we see him again. My gut had end of August as end date. But, I am surprised there has been no damage control since Lover was released … so maybe they are done???

                        Why do you think Taylor & Karlie are letting people believe they’re enemies? Is it just because their chemistry is so loud that in this era it would be more than obvious? There’s the article explaining why she wasn’t at Karlie’s “weddings,” so there’s nothing in any contract saying they can’t act friendly, right? So wouldn’t a simple group pic with friends or an IG story clear up the rumors while still being discrete? Because I’m sure it’s not fun for Taylor to see her fans hate on Karlie.

                        It is the narrative they chose … it has kept their names linked in the media, while they went under the radar with their relationship. As you mentioned, their chemistry is off the charts. So they chose to lay low while they finished these bearding contracts. Yes, I am sure that it is hard to watch Karlie get beat up by fans … but, as ♠️ guided us many months ago, regarding a future narrative …

                        “Taylor is a good influence on Karlie” - follow that trail

                        Karlie’s reputation will be cleansed when she is free, and able to be her sunshine self again around Taylor.

                        One thing I really appreciate about this side of the fandom (and your blog specifically, TTB) is that everyone, for the most part, seems well educated and stays fact-based. Like, there are so many Swifties I see on the “J*e Alwyn” tag with typos and ridiculous posts that don’t make any sense. Like, I know people call us delusional but we all seem pretty normal, IMO - Kaylor for life! Can’t wait for the Lover mv and the rest of the album.

                        I try to remind myself that the Toe fandom is a bit younger than ours. I have also noticed a higher level of maturity in LGBTQ teenagers, during my time on tumblr. We definitely have some younger bloggers here … but they are mature beyond their years.

                        Other kays struggle to make sense of the song Lover and other leaks about the album:

                        Karlie and Taylor are so lucky to have found each other. Lots of mutual friends, both successful in their respective careers, both with lovely families. Only a love like that can inspire a song like Lover.

                        I know we won't see it but I would love to see the 4 hour Kaylor wedding video. It's totally going to be at least that as 1 hour is reception, 1 hour is the start and Karlie's vows then the other 2 hours are Taylor's power point presentation about why she loves literally every part of Karlie.

                        I'm really worried about London Boy... Is it possible that she's actually dating Joe?

                        no lmao.,,if anything i’m expecting it to be about the effect on her love life that fame has had.,,,a PR exposé if u will

                        'i'm suspicious that everyone who sees you wants you' HAS TO BE ABOUT KARLIE I MEAN COME ON TOE IS A DIRTY QTIP AND KARLIE IS A SUPERMODEL

                        “Magnetic force of a man”

                        This is genius, it keeps the song vague enough to not decipher who it’s about.

                        “Magnetic force” isn’t necessarily a good thing or an attraction to another person, it could be the unrelenting force or demand from the industry PATRIARCHY to adhere to a narrative, i.e. bearding, for the sake of her career. Her art is also her lover.

                        No, I think it means this:

                        . . . but that's just my opinion.

                        Swear to be overdramatic” is talking about PR stunts, and “At every table I’ll save you a seat” sounds like a weird vow to make to your partner because is it. It’s not talking about her saving a seat for her real partner, it’s talking about bringing him as her public plus one. She’d say something far more personal that that if it wasn’t about bearding.

                        This isn’t het vs homo perspective. It’s illogical vs logical perspective. Anyone who takes the time to read through the many, well laid out Kaylor/Gaylor posts and still claims she is with Joe is just illogical.

                        Don’t be afraid that homophobes are going to call us delusionals because we got carried away on some theory here and there. They are homophobes, they’ll always find things to criticize, they’ll ignore everything blatantly on their faces and pick on the little details. Most of the time we are right. They are wrong all the time.

                        I'm collecting easter egg reveals as they happen, btw, for those of you that are into them. Things like this:

                        The collab with the Dixie Chicks is Track 12, and Me! is Track 16. I hate her for this.

                        . . . and will do an easter egg master post at some point after the album drops. It's the kind of thing that makes you go crazy, though, and it should be illegal for anyone to do this to so many people, just saying.

                        ETA Track list updated with co-writers/producer info:

                        Last edited by ophy; 08-21-2019, 04:47 PM.


                        • In case this post pushes on to a new page, I posted a bigger update earlier. This is just a bit of extra stuff.

                          Variety weighs in:


                          When Could Taylor Swift Re-Record Her Big Machine Songs? It’s Complicated

                          Her few words echoed around the world within minutes: Asked in a preview of her forthcoming “CBS This Morning” interview whether she might re-record her master recordings from her Big Machine, which are now owned and controlled by her nemesis, Justin Bieber manager Scooter Braun, Taylor Swift said, “Oh yeah.”

                          Asked whether she plans to: “Oh, absolutely.”

                          . . .

                          Without direct knowledge of Swift’s contract, unnamed sources are batting around both sides of the coin. On one side, the assertion that Swift would be unable to re-record songs from her catalog until five years from 2018, when her deal with Big Machine officially expired, and even then the process would be prohibitively complicated. For example, she may not have access to the album’s original artwork or even the names of the songs.

                          On the flip side, an insider tells Variety that Swift believes she can re-record her classics and that a smart lawyer — Swift’s is Donald Passman, one of the top attorneys in the industry and the man who literally wrote the book on the music industry — would not allow a severe re-record restriction in their artist’s contract. This source suggests that any album more than five years old is fair game.

                          Laurie Soriano, a top music industry attorney and partner in the firm King, Holmes, Paterno & Soriano, who has no involvement in the Swift contract, says she doesn’t see any reason why Swift couldn’t move ahead with new versions of her songs and points to the practice by legacy artists to do the same. Once an artist’s deal with their label expires, that artist has “a contractural right to record for a new label and for [both entities] to make money off those recordings,” she tells Variety. “Standard language is two years after the end of the term or five years after the release of the recording in question.”

                          If that’s the case, Swift could re-record the entirety of her first four albums — her eponymous debut, “Fearless,” “Speak Now” and “Red” — any time she desires, with her fifth, “1989,” hitting the fifth anniversary of its release this coming Oct. 27. She would have to wait longer to re-record songs from her final album with the label, “Reputation,” which was released on Nov. 10, 2017.”

                          . . .

                          To be sure, Swift has made her fans more than aware of her feelings about Braun’s acquisition of her masters, and it’s likely that a large percentage of them will follow her to whichever versions of her songs she asks them to. Then again, others may prefer the original. Any such confusion may ultimately have an adverse effect on perception of the worth of the Big Machine catalog, potentially devaluing the assets.

                          I honestly don't think Kooter and Kcott thought this through very well. Based on how they flailed around after Taylor wrote her "I HATE THEM AND THEY ARE RATS" tumblr post making her true feelings public, it seems like they thought she'd swallow any dislike she had of the deal and would play nice with the licensing so they would all three make money together as partners. In a previous article, Kooter made it sound like Taylor would eventually come around on licensing deals for money reasons. It was all, "Oh, she's throwing a tantrum now, but she'll start to play nice when the deals actually come in". No. She is not going to play nice. She is sick to death of playing nice with rats in suits. She would rather set the game on fire than play with them at all.

                          They probably couldn't imagine that anyone would bother to spend the time and money to actually re-record SIX WHOLE ALBUMS. They also didn't take into account 1) Taylor's righteous feminist rage 2) Taylor's immense power in the industry 3) Taylor's desire to set an example and be a trail blazer for young artists 3) the sheer depth of Taylor's dislike for Kooter 4) how little licensing money means to her at this point compared to how much her songs do 5) HOW FAR TAYLOR 'THERE'S NOTHING I DO BETTER THAN REVENGE' SWIFT WOULD GO FUELED BY SPITE ALONE and 5) how fucking good her legal counsel is. The fact that she can turn Kooter and Kcott's whole new $300 million business venture upside down with just a simple "Oh, absolutely" should make them tremble (and apparently is doing so -- they sure ran to Page Six and TMZ awfully quick). This is definitely a sign of things to come, and I hope her new music label is paying close attention. You can not mess with this Taylor Swift.

                          The media is loving this. It allows them to bust out all the Swiftian puns.

                          You know, even if this really only means she ends up re-recording some kind of multi-disc greatest hits album in a couple of years, this was still a GENIUS way to get into the headlines two days before her album drops.

                          Fans are already lining up for tomorrow morning's Good Morning America performance! That is NUTS.

                          Scott Swift:

                          The show is HOURS AND HOURS away and y'all are going to be sleeping on NEW YORK CITY SIDEWALKS.

                          I don't understand why you'd even *like* let alone Stan a celeb that was being bought and paid for like they think Karlie is?

                          RIGHT??? I don't get it either!! Like, why even CARE about someone who you think sold themselves out to a shady billionaire and his shady billionaire family because why?? because they and the shady billionaire would rather live a GIANT LIE than be thought to be gay?? So they seem to think Karlie is suuuuuper mercenary AND riddled with internal homophobia and yet they STILL treat her like an angel that can do no wrong ever. I mean, they think she is LYING about converting to another religion for $$$ and so no one suspects she's a lesbian. THAT IS HORRIFYING. Why would you stan ANYONE who does that???


                          • I’m excited for the new album, yes, but am I more excited for the Fuck Your Fuck You, Scooter album(s)? Mayyyybe.


                            • Lover the album has already leaked. I haven't listened to it because I'm heading out to an appt, but thought y'all should know if you are hella impatient. I saw somewhere that people are posting snippets on instagram.

                              (leaks at this point don't affect sales -- she's already sold a million globally just in pre-orders).

                              Taylor told Robin Roberts before the GMA performance this morning that she is legally allowed to re-record albums 1-5 in November 2020, and so she will do so. The audience went WILD at that.

                              Sounds VERY MUCH like she's planning a full discography re-record, and not just a greatest hits compilation.

                              Christmas 2020 is gonna be LIT for Swifties.

                              She’s one of those women who is just relentless, endless fire. [She’s] not biting to draw blood, but biting when you need to bite. You need to stand up for yourself.. you’re defending yourself and being who you are and that’s what I love about her.‬ That’s what I’ll always respect about her, that innate strength and wisdom. If you’re an artist and you make things, it’s yours at the end of the day, so own it.

                              ‪Cara Delevingne on Taylor re-recording her albums

                              RELENTLESS ENDLESS FIRE.

                              Kooter done FUCKED UPPPPPP.

                              We're getting today's era Taylor's vocals doing her old country stuff again wow.

                              It's entirely possible that this is her real endgame:

                              Either way!

                              (y'all realize now that the mountain of former Taylors in LWYMMD was an easter egg for THIS moment, right?)

                              GMA! Sparkly shorts! better than wango tango!

                              Those poor folks lined up fifteen hours in advance and slept on sidewalks to hear Taylor only do Me!, YNTCD, and Shake It Off. Y'all . . .

                              Anyway, here's her sched that I yoinked from tumblr:

                              Aug 22 @ 7 am ET: Live performance on GMA

                              Aug 22 @ 5 pm ET: Lover’s Lounge live event, including live performance, Q&A, info on Stella X Taylor Swift, + Lover music video premiere

                              Aug 23 @ 12 am ET: ♡ ♡ ♡ LOVER IS RELEASED! ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ (Spotify link)

                              Aug 23 @ 5 pm ET : Live performance + Q&A on SiriusXM Hits 1 show (ch 2) (listening link) (get free trial subscription) Will rebroadcast “throughout the weekend”

                              Aug 23 @ 8 pm ET: iHeartRadio secret session (get the free app) Will rebroadcast “every 30 minutes, all weekend long”

                              Aug 25 @ 9 am ET: Interview on CBS Sunday Morning

                              Aug 26 @ 8 pm ET: Live performance on VMAs

                              She opens the VMAs, so folks won't have to sit through the whole freakin' thing.


                              • How weird would it be to be Joe?? You're walking around a city and see this, knowing you are the 'you'??? You're the 'Lover'??
                                This is why Joe is interesting, because he just seems unfazed.

                                The Lover video is pretty.