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  • Also, I need an ophy TSwizzle update. I mean, I kinda know what's what in Taylorville, but just in case, you know what I mean?

    I totally will do a post, I swear! I'm still staying on top of stuff and it's been on my to do list for weeks, but I dunno why I keep getting distracted by other stuff instead.

    I mean, bottomline nothing too crazy or krayzy has happened? Taylor hasn't announced an engagement or come out, or done anything shocking in the past couple of months. She's in Tokyo right now doing Lover promo and appearances.

    She and Joe seem fine, too. They've been spotted hither and thither, etc.

    The kays are still chugging along as per usual. For example!


    Dayum, never seen a dude look so uncomfy.

    Actual footage of the kays these past couple of months:

    Honestly, that's where the dramz* has been lately (with the kays, not with Tay), so I'll definitely do a round-up.

    * they were soooo sure Karlie's kontract was over! But that was proved false super fast, so there was infighting! a source battle between BNFs! flouncers! It's been fun times.


    • The logic of alllll of it is flawed at best.

      What if it's possible that Karlie and Taylor had a hot and fast friendship where they maybe kissed a few times to show off as some girls in their early 20s and ... it fizzled out because they don't share the same values to be lifelong friends?

      Taylor is clearly pretty progressive and increasingly political and finding her voice and Karlie is in love with a dude whose family is literally evil. I don't know, maybe they ran out of things to say to each other.
      It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


      • I do wonder what happened to really end their friendship, though. Taylor is still super great friends with Gigi who is besties with Kendall Jenner, she still loves Ed Sheeran despite him working with Bieber very recently, she managed to make up with Katy Perry, and has always seemed to forgive and forget with Selena Gomez even though they've had their fall outs over the years too. I don't really feel like it's Karlie's Kushner ties that did it. Josh Kushner was in Karlie's life before she met Taylor, right? Like, KK was already super serious with him before Taylor came along, IIRC. I don't know, I feel like something else happened that pissed Taylor off enough to ice Karlie before Reputation came out. The theory that Taylor thinks Karlie was sharing info about her to people like Scooter Braun and stopped trusting her makes more sense to me. And legit, if JLaw isn't gonna work for a year while she enjoys being a newlywed, I propose that she picks up sleuthing as her new hobby so she can get to the bottom of this and then share her findings with the world during her next press tour.


        • One of those Scooter planted stories says it was about the party Karlie had at Taylor’s apartment without asking first. Considering how close KK is to Scooter, I am thinking she told him the real story. But /shrug, JLaw will get to the real truth for us.


          • She has unleashed the Swifties against them all now. This should go well.



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            • This should go well.

              Hoping to do a round up tomorrow! Just depends on some homeschooling scheduling.

              So yeah . . . Taylor is calling out the Sons O Bitches for blocking her AMA performance and! and a Netflix!! documentary:

              (posting it a bit bigger):

              Did . . . did they not realize she was going to react to these tactics the same way she's been reacting to their bullshit all along? Of course she was going to go public with this, duh. How could they not have learned this by now? Just shows how her non-compliance has driven them to desperate tactics. But! blocking her performance when she's being given the Artist of the Decade Award is some real petty rat ass bullshit.


              • Real life footage of Swifties right now:

                Swifties looooove being given a mission.

                Reaction round-up!:

                Hilary Duff with her own Kooter tea:

                (above is Selena.)


                . . . Camilla, Halsey and Selena are the only big pop names to speak up so far. Several smaller artists have, though, including a few who say the same things have happened to them and thank Taylor for speaking up about it and raising awareness.

                Spencer Pratt, always a die hard Swiftie:

                As Spencer noted, peeps are especially hella tired of waiting for Ed or Shawn to publicly speak up for Taylor, which they've not done since all of this began months ago:

                stop demanding male artists publicly support taylor smh you don’t know their lives! maybe the wifi in ed sheeran’s hobbit hole is out! maybe shawn mendes isn’t available for comment because he’s grounded for getting his light up velcro shoes muddy! maybe drake is DJing at his girlfriend’s quinceñera! maybe charlie puth is suffering from extremely low blood sugar because his driver is ignoring his cries about how hungies he is! you don’t know!!

                Shawn and Taylor JUST dropped their Lover remix two days ago, so you'd think he might say something, but nah. Nothing yet.

                Karlie, however, is tackling this issue from uh . . let's just say a different directon:

                To be fair, she unliked the tweet, but not until folks screenshotted it. Kays are claiming this is 'shopped, though -- and it might be, dunno! She's certainly not tossing likes at any Taylor defenders or speaking up herself, obvs.

                To really rub salt in the wound, this is taking away from the release of the Cats' song Beautiful Ghosts, which is really lovely and probably has a decent shot at an Oscar nom. But Taylor hasn't posted about it, she's being silent. Swifties are doing their best by streaming the song while shooting off angry emails and tweets to the SBs, but it's really hung a cloud over what should have been a celebratory day. And a Netflix doc! People are really bitter that they might lose out on a Netflix doc.

                Lots of speculation about what Taylor's going to do at the AMAs during the time slot when she was supposed to perform a medley of her hits . . . a ten minute rant about the industry where she just spills tea on errrybody? a blisteringly angry version of The Man over and over? Maybe they'll just bring Lizzo out and have her play the Imperial March from Star Wars on the flute while Taylor stands on stage and glares at Kooter in the audience why not! Nobody knows!

                My fave suggestion was to have people like Halsey and Selena come out and do covers of her older songs, but I don't know if that's allowed either. It's all so messy.

                Kooter and co, of course, used their normal go-to defense of 'bitches be crazy' combined with 'won't somebody think of our CHILDREN':


                As Taylor Swift’s partner for over a decade, we were shocked to see her Tumblr statements yesterday based on false information. At no point did we say Taylor could not perform on the AMAs or block her Netflix special. In fact, we do not have the right to keep her from performing live anywhere.
                We have worked diligently to have a conversation about these matters with Taylor and her team to productively move forward. We started to see progress over the past two weeks and were optimistic as recently as yesterday that this may get resolved. However, despite our persistent efforts to find a private and mutually satisfactory solution, Taylor made a unilateral decision last night to enlist her fanbase in a calculated manner that greatly affects the safety of our employees and their families.Taylor, the narrative you have created does not exist. All we ask is to have a direct and honest conversation. When that happens, you will see there is nothing but respect, kindness and support waiting for you on the other side. To date, not one of the invitations to speak with us and work through this has been accepted. Rumors fester in the absence of communication. Let’s not have that continue here. We share the collective goal of giving your fans the entertainment they both want and deserve.

                From Variety:

                Parsing Big Machine’s statement, those specific claims are actually not completely denied: They say “At no point did we say Taylor could not perform on the AMAs or block her Netflix special,” but do not address permission to use Big Machine-era songs in those shows; they also say they “have continued to honor all of her requests to license her catalog to third parties,” but do not address the two proposed uses in question. (A rep for Braun and Big Machine did not immediately respond to Variety‘s request for further clarification.)


                They are also claiming that she owes them $7mil and some 'assets' related to her old masters that she is refusing to give them. Which could be true! She doesn't seem like she's in the 'handing anything over to them at all' sort of mood. She's more in the "You didn't make shit so I ain't giving you shit" kind of mood.

                It's in her best interest to make everything super difficult and headache-y for them as much as possible so . . . I think they should be prepared for this kind of thing to keep on happening again and again until they decide it'll be easier to just cut their losses and sell her back the albums. It's all upside for her. She either makes owning her catalogue such a nightmare for them that they surrender, or she runs out the clock until she can re-record (thereby making the old masters worthless anyway).

                They can win little battles here and there, but they can't win the actual war, so! Just suck it up, admit that a girl defeated you at big boy bizness, and give her what she should have owned in the first place.

                Oh, and right after I typed this up, Tree!Paine shut them the fuck down with this statement:

                (The Double Eleven event was in China a few days ago, and at the time fans were really confused at why the set list was pared down so much and the even cut short. Now it makes sense.)

                It's just staggering how badly they miscalculated who they were dicking over, right? They actually thought TAYLOR FUCKING SWIFT was just gonna roll over and play dead, wow.

                Okay, I am working on a more general 'What Taylor Swift Has Been Doing' round-up RIGHT NOW, but thought I'd throw up the latest in the meanwhile since it was so timely and whatever.

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                • In case you are wondering which side TMZ is on . . .

                  (they are always on Kooter's side.)

                  Not everyone is buying what the SBs and TMZ are selling:

                  But I digress!


                  In the time period between now and my last update post here, Taylor went to things and said things and wore stuff!

                  (yanking all of these fashion pics from who are seriously awesome at sourcing every teensy detail.)

                  Going waaaay back to August, when the nights were still warm, and Lover was still new . . .

                  Taylor wore this to the VMAS, where she won a bunch of awards, including Video of the Year and Video for Good for YNTCD.

                  She called out the White House in her speech because of course she did:

                  Folks were bitching and moaning about the repeat of a blazer look, and then Taylor liked this post about it on tumblr:

                  i don’t want to see you guys dragging taylor for wearing a similar outfit. it’s the metaphor. a man can go to multiple award shows and wear something similar like a plain black suit five times, while when a woman wears something A BIT similar to something she’s worn before she gets dragged. and that’s what happened tonight, proving what she thinks. so all in all, stream the man

                  As you will see, she leans hard into blazers again and again this era. Definitely making a point (and now that we know what has been going on behind the scenes it makes sense that this is the point she is making!

                  Taygi rose at the VMAs!

                  Ten years ago at the VMAs, Kanye took the microphone away from her when she won, but this time she handed it to Todrick.

                  And all the queens and other video cast were up there, too AND they each got two awards with their names on it . . . in fact, Trinity K Bone't said that Taylor told the VMAS she would not perform unless, if she won, they gave an award to each and every person in the video.

                  Her VMAs after party look:

                  Arriving with Gigi and Bella:

                  Bella Hadid hanging on Taylor is a new thing (she was never a squaddie!), and inspired this tshirt:

                  Taylor was business bitch again while shooting The Voice as a mega mentor in mid September:

                  And at SNL promo beginning of October:

                  (the J necklace sighting!)

                  And at Jimmy Fallon:

                  Which is where we got the UHMAZING post-Lasik banana vid from Andrea:

                  Hey, another blazer during False God performance during SNL:

                  This was an interesting performance! I didn't hate it! She did Lover on the piano, and that was good too. She glanced over to where (according to audience folks) Joe was standing when she sang the "I loved you three summers now, honey" line and it was cute.

                  And at her NPR Tiny Desk on Oct 10:

                  If you haven't watched her Tiny Desk, you should! It was good. The acoustic version DBATC was a revelation.

                  In reference to All Too Well:


                  Yet another blazer! Apple 1 interview:

                  (I think that is my fave blazer)

                  Doing promo In Tokyo last week:

                  (or no, it's this one in green velvet ahhhh)

                  Anyway, you get the idea. She's being heavy handed with it, but I appreciate the symbolism anyway. Given all the mansuiting this era, the other stuff she wore in Asia last week was actually refreshing:

                  I love love love both of these:

                  This! jumpsuit! in Tokyo:

                  The peeps in Tokyo tried their darndest to make a Benji sitch happen again with these kittens:

                  Actual footage of Joe seeing Taylor being handed more kittens:

                  This dress in Guangzhou was great:

                  And so was her dressing room there:

                  I liked this outfit with the boots, too:

                  View this post on Instagram

                  If it don’t fits, I still sits.

                  A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

                  Her next appearance should be the AMAs on Nov 24th in LA. Looks like she will be chilling in London maybe, until she needs to be at rehearsals. Or if she needs to come out for a special ritual disembowling of her enemies or wevs.

                  Actual footage of Taylor Swift showing up to the ritual disembowling of her enemies:

                  Okay, so what else? You can see from the style round-up that she's been errrywhere doing stuff. She also announced a 2020 tour! (sort of!)

                  Only four dates in the US, for a festival she's putting together. Only four! People fuhreaked. Trying to score tkts was like the Hunger Games on steroids, so much whining and crying etc.

                  She also announced some dates at European festivals and some in Asia too, I think? I don't stay on top of that stuff because I don't go to shows and don't care.

                  Such a limited tour did take people by surprise and made many people angry until she said this:

                  . . . and then people were like oh shit, this is about Andrea being sick, fuck fuck no, and they more or less stopped being jerks about it.

                  Let's see other highlights . . .

                  In a quick exes update, Tom's been in NYC doing Betrayal on Broadway, and this is how he was greeted when he got there:

                  Pretty brutal.

                  Quite accidentally, I'm sure, he covered up Taylor's name in his NYT profile when he posted about his show:

                  . . . even though you wouldn't be able to read it in the pic anyway, so . . .

                  A much earlier ex, Joe Jonas gave Taylor a standing ovation when she won VOTY and then unfollowed Kooter on twitter later that night. Then he slipped off and got married to Sophie Turner, mazel.

                  And! Not only is Harry dropping his new album Fine Line on Taylor's 30th birthday, this is his tour announcement:

                  I mean . . . . Harry, baby, WYD? Love on tour? With those colors?


                  Don't mind me, I'm just sitting here on my couch remembering that Taylor said she always thought Harry would be the one to interrupt her wedding someday.

                  And in current bf news, Joe's been busy. He's been doing Harriet promo . . .

                  . . . and shooting a new movie with Shailene Woodley in Spain and London.

                  He and Taylor went to Ed's wedding party, even though Kooter and one of her exes was there:

                  Niall and Joe seemed to have met there, because directly afterwards:

                  I so badly want Taylor and Niall to do a collab ugh. Would have liked him to do Lover with her instead of Shawn, just sayin'.

                  And Joe and Taylor spent several days in Rhode Island:

                  They were papped leaving RI to go back to London September 15:

                  Going to slip some kay nonsense in here, although the full scope of nonsense will need it's own post, methinks.

                  The kween of kays was displeased by this Rhode Island sighting (because she had said YET AGAIN that Taylor and Joe's contract was 'over'):

                  SHE HAS DONE IT BEFORE (she has not done it before).

                  Do you know when Taylor went to Rhode Island?

                  I do not. Based on today’s activity though and the fact that Taylor and Karlie were both MIA all weekend… I would venture a guess that they spent time in RI together.

                  Sure, Jan.


                  I was afraid something like this was going to happen, though I hoped it wouldn’t.

                  Let’s hope this means something positive for us. Maybe a Jerk/Karlie split announcement? Or at least heavy rumors?

                  And, of course, laying waste to those theories, Joe and Taylor were also papped leaving the SNL after party weeks later:


                  Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn Were ‘Warm and Intimate’ With One Another on Sushi Date Gigi Hadid After ’SNL’ Performance

                  Following Swift’s performance (she belted out her hits “Lover” and False God” during the show), she and Alwyn headed to Zuma restaurant on Madison Avenue in NYC for the afterparty. The trendy Japanese eatery, which is part of an upscale worldwide chain, is known for its sushi and robata grilled fare.

                  According to an insider, the pair stayed close to one another once inside and spent time with pals Gigi Hadid – who was spotted out for the first time since her split from Tyler Cameron – and model Martha Hunt.

                  “They were definitely very cozy with each other. Taylor was on Joe’s arm the whole night and were definitely holding hands a bunch,” the source told Us Weekly, noting that it was rare for the duo to be “more than a few feet away from one another” even if they were chatting with other people.

                  “They were surprisingly warm and intimate towards one another the whole evening,” the source added. Swift was even sporting “a huge sparkling ring” on one finger, but the rock, which fans speculated might be an engagement ring, wasn’t on the musician’s ring finger. The Grammy winner wore an oversized black blazer (much like Alwyn’s) which she paired with sparkly, embellished pants and silver Christian Louboutin shoes.

                  Other famous faces in attendance at the post-SNL shindig included the show’s guest host, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Kate McKinnon, who was seen wearing her signature North Face backpack, Keenan Thompson, Chris Rock and director Steven Spielberg.

                  Partygoers from Swift’s inner circle included Panic at the Disco’s Brendon Urie, Booksmart star Kaitlyn Dever, Glee alum Dianna Agron and Teen Wolf actor Dylan O’Brien.

                  Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski, who is a friend of Hadid’s, was also in attendance and was spotted eating at Swift’s table with Alwyn and his pal.

                  While Hadid and Hunt left after a few hours, the happy couple ended up staying “almost all night,” according to the insider, and were spotted making their rounds and talking to people after they ate.

                  Speaking of food, the source tells Us Swift and Alwyn enjoyed grilled shishito peppers with yuzu sesame dip, chicken yakitori skewers and various sushi entrees, including a spicy tuna roll with green chili, spicy mayo and tobiko and yellowtail rolls topped with wasabi mayonnaise.

                  SURPRISINGLY WARM. (surprisingly?? why surprisingly???)

                  (Yes! Dianna was there, which no doubt thrilled the last remaining Swiftgron shipper. No pics of her in Taylor's vicinity, though.)

                  No word on what Taylor and Joe did for their three year anniversary this year, but here's a throw back pap shot to the day they became official:


                  Kinda wonder if that's the day she sings about in Cornelia Street? The one where she left and then he called her before she even hit the Tunnel?

                  We also got a mention of 'my boyfriend' from Taylor - on camera! - when she came to surprise an actor singing a cover of her song for a BBC charity recording. Olivia Colman was there and set up the surprise by contacting Joe:

                  The way she plays with her hair after saying 'boyfriend' is adorbs.

                  After her Asia promo tour she jetted back to London, and and as of two days ago, she appears to be hanging there with Joe while all of this brouhaha goes down:

                  (This person is a journalist with the BBC and The Guardian, and a trustee of the Booker Foundation, so I'm assuming they ain't trolling.)

                  So! That catches things up, more or less? Obvs I skipped A LOT but that top lines the basic comings and goings etc. I think I'll need to do three more posts, one for kay nonsense, one for interview stuff/the Rolling Stone cover and then maybe finally! take a look at the CH/Tom/Taylor/Joe Apocalypse Summer timeline a little more closely given lyrical analysis, etc. But those will have to wait 'til next week-ish.

                  Forgot how much these posts wear me out!

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                  • She was at an event that Lil’ Scoot-Scoot was at? And Styles? I know celeb weddings are gigantic, but that had to be somewhat uncomfortable and I want to hear all about it.

                    That post roundly roasting all them dude recording artists is art.


                    • Ι love the sparkling black jumpsuit!

                      I'm kind of side eyeing Ed Sheeran right now. Why was scooter in his wedding? Blegh. I don't mind the lack of public support that much although I understand and appreciate its meaning but the wedding thing... He should have cut ties by now.


                      • Thank you, Ophy! This is a lot to take in, and I am here for it. I love a Swift roundup so much.

                        That post roundly roasting all them dude recording artists is art.
                        What Laa said.

                        I do not believe the Karlie like was photoshopped; I believe they are full-on enemies now. That is based on just feelings, but is Tru Enuf for me. Since your homeschooling nightmare, I have started going on the tumblr to read the Kween, and I am waiting for the new levels of crazy.

                        I LOVE the green velvet blazer, hate the jumpsuit a lot, but adore the dress from Guangzhou (it is very much making me have DK nostalgia).

                        I hope Andrea is doing okay.

                        maybe finally! take a look at the CH/Tom/Taylor/Joe Apocalypse
                        The thought of this is giving me life.


                        • I've been thinking Andrea is in bad shape ever since the fan preview parties when Taylor had to leave the room for her mom's song because she couldn't keep it together during them. So, yeah, I'm guessing it's pretty bad! That's very sad.

                          It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                          • If you haven't watched her Tiny Desk, you should! It was good. The acoustic version DBATC was a revelation.
                            I just watched it - it was great. She was endearingly nervous for it, I think, or was play-acting a person who was endearingly nervous. Either way worked for me. I really love the piano-only versions of Lover from Tiny Desk and SNL, though it does tend to highlight her vocal range issues. Heh. I loved all the songs she did on TD though. DBATC was great, though I love the album version of it so much that it wasn’t revelatory for me. All Too Well made me cry because that was the day I was having. She seems so gleeful when performing The Man. <3


                            • I love that floral jumpsuit! On the whole, I haven't really liked much of Taylor's style choices for this era, but I can totally appreciate theme dressing and a prolonged commitment to blazers is amazing. Blake Lively did a whole season of pantsuits leading up to the opening of A Simple Favor so maybe she got the idea from that?

                              And I just read on Jared that now Scooter is mad at Scott for how he's handled the latest mess. Making your enemies turn on each other while knowing that you're the cause of their conflict is such a power move and I'm extremely into it. I hope those two broskis end up suing each other over all of this and that the money fountain they thought they had in Taylor's music turns into a money pit of a legal battle that bankrupts them both.


                              • This is NOT one of the posts I was going to make, it's just that STUFF KEEPS HAPPENING.

                                I do not believe the Karlie like was photoshopped; I believe they are full-on enemies now.

                                Looks like you are right. Several folks saw it before she deleted, and there are at least two versions of screenshots floating around out. I'm honestly flabbergasted, because the tweet she liked was one of the meaner ones and a deliberate misunderstanding of the sitch. Kerrazy that Karlie liked it, wow.

                                Oh, and it looks like Karlie's sister Kariann unfollowed Taylor that day, but still follows Kooter. (The other Kloss sister unfollowed Taylor in January, the same time that Josh did.)

                                (kays are ignoring ALL of that, duh.)

                                This is not a reparable friendship. Sad!

                                Making your enemies turn on each other while knowing that you're the cause of their conflict is such a power move and I'm extremely into it. I hope those two broskis end up suing each other over all of this and that the money fountain they thought they had in Taylor's music turns into a money pit of a legal battle that bankrupts them both.

                                Yep. toot toot Scott B., you just got run over by a Kooter bus.

                                “Scooter is frustrated because his name is being dragged in the mud,” a source shared with E! News. “He doesn’t run Big Machine or have operational control of company. He hasn’t taken part in these negotiations…This fight with Taylor is not something Scooter agrees with.”

                                I'm like 90% convinced that endless litigation that grinds her enemies bones into a fine paste and turns them against each other is exactly her plan! She knew damn well this would happen!

                                But let's back up to the shenanigans that happened BEFORE SB1 decided to run the bus over SB2.

                                Kooter did that weirdo thing where he DMs with Swifties to come across as A Nice Guy:

                                But this one is the kicker!

                                He's literally telling rando Swifties that he's ready to sell her back her catalogue. (!!) Whether that's in good faith, or whether the conditions/strings would be INSANE and a non-starter for her, is impossible to know. Like, if the condition is that she has to sign on to his management team, or she has to put out a collab album with Justin and Kanye, well . . .

                                After calling Taylor a Crazy Little Lady Who Lies didn't work, BMG tried the good ol' "she's threatening our children!' tactic again:


                                Big Machine Records' Office Shuts Down Due to Threats (Report)

                                Taylor Swift‘s feud with her former label, Big Machine Records, is brewing once again and the company’s offices had to close early on Friday (November 15) due to threats being made to employees, according to Entertainment Tonight.

                                The Nashville-based company shut down its headquarters at 12:30pm local time on Friday. A source told the outlet that Taylor‘s fans “are going to extremes to leak personal contact information and addresses of company employees.”

                                The label’s founder Scott Borchetta and new owner Scooter Braun aren’t the only ones receiving threats, the source said. Despite the alleged threats, authorities have not been notified.

                                Alexa, find me a gif of 'the biggest eyeroll in the world.

                                Nashvillians are calling foul on this. No threats were reported to the local police, no talk or gossip about threats have been circulating Nashville. This is just bullshit to make Taylor and her fans look like extreme bullies and to tun the sympathy of the public their way.

                                Nobody bit on that, so they then had TMZ put it out again yesterday:


                                TAYLOR SWIFT

                                SWIFTIES SENDING DEATH THREATS ...To Scooter & Big Machine

                                Taylor Swift's loyal fans have been on the attack ever since their idol pointed the finger at Scooter Braun and co. ... but now, they've ramped things up by sending death threats.

                                Sources tell TMZ that Swifties of all ages have been threatening to kill Scooter and other Big Machine staffers -- including big wig Scott Borchetta -- since T-Swift claimed they were holding her back from performing old hits at the upcoming AMAs.

                                We're told death threats have been sent across multiple mediums -- over social media, over text and through emails.

                                Our sources say Scooter's wife and young children have been mentioned as targets. Even Scooter's Ithaca Holdings office in Nashville had to be shut down last week because of some of the more intense threats ... and cops have been notified.

                                BTW, our sources tell us these aren't just loud-mouthed kids coming at the Big Machine crew -- adults are also chiming in and making threats on their lives ... clearly it's serious.

                                As we reported ... Big Machine announced Monday that they were giving TS the green light to perform all her old tracks -- which are now in their control --- on the AMAs broadcast, as well as any re-broadcast of that performance. Taylor hasn't commented on the news yet.

                                Not just kids! Oh noez!

                                Yeah, again, the Nashville police denied they were contacted or shown any death threats, so this is just the kind of gaslighting that undermines any of Kooter's "but I'm the Nice One! I LOVE Taylor! I'm just a fan!" crapola.

                                I mean, this is what fans in Nashville actually did:

                                So threatening! So mean!

                                Actual footage of BMG seeing those billboards:

                                And it keeps getting messier!

                                Big Machine issued this statement:


                                The show will go on for Taylor Swift on the “American Music Awards” this Sunday. Following a public dustup concerning permission to perform her older material, whose master rights are owned by Big Machine Label Group, the company (newly owned by Scooter Braun who purchased it from Scott Borchetta) along with AMAs producers Dick Clark Productions today announced that they have reached an agreement.

                                A statement provided to Variety reads:

                                “The Big Machine Label Group and Dick Clark Productions announce that they have come to terms on a licensing agreement that approves their artists’ performances to stream post show and for re-broadcast on mutually approved platforms. This includes the upcoming American Music Awards performances. It should be noted that recording artists do not need label approval for live performances on television or any other live media. Record label approval is only needed for contracted artists’ audio and visual recordings and in determining how those works are distributed.”

                                Okay, so dragging DCP (they produce the AMAs) into this just shows that Big Machine really was being a dick about the whole thing, contrary to what they asserted, so this looked like a weird misstep from the get-go.

                                I guess they wanted it to seem like they did Big Boy Negotiations with a Big Tough Corporation With A Dude's name instead of caving to a dumb little girl?

                                But DCP says not so fast!

                                Actual footage of Dick Clark Productions reading BMG's original statement:

                                Which meant that BMG had it issue ANOTHER statement to fix that lie:

                                A tumblr Swiftie summarized it thusly:

                                dick clark productions is the producer of the AMAs. so here’s what happened

                                - taylor raised hell and brought a TON of scrutiny onto the label last week and exposed their lies and borderline illegal activity

                                - today, BMLG caved by issuing a statement saying they came to an agreement with dick clark productions that would allow her to play the songs via licensing

                                - dick clark productions sent NPR and some other media outlets a statement saying they didn’t come to any agreement with BMLG or authorize any statement and that any agreement would have to go through taylor and her team. this essentially exposes BMLG for what they really did: go back on their original threat to taylor but made it look like “business” with the network in order to offload blame

                                - BMLG then had to issue a brand new statement saying they INFORMED dick clark productions that their artists could perform catalog songs without restriction, essentially green lighting the medley

                                Their PR team is like, really bad at it's job? And it seems like everything about BMG has gone downhill since Taylor left?

                                Taylor's team have said NOTHING* this week, but she's on her way to LA from London now for rehearsals, and I'm guessing the AMAs are gonna be LIT on Sunday.

                                * which is smart because BMG seems to be doing a great job of self destructing on their own.

                                Okay, another round up of support for (or not) Taylor's quest to own her music:

                                Azalia Bank's defense of Taylor is . . uh something:

                                AOC again:

                                Halsey has also been standing up extensively:

                                Eliz Warren has a plan for that!

                                BUT WHERE ARE THE MENFOLKS AT.

                                Ed's manager is fed up.

                                Swifties already hate him because they say he liked shady things about Taylor during the Snake Days, so wevs. He and Ed have been pals with Kooter for a long time. Man, Ed's wedding reception party must have been WILD. I am forevs bittah we got ZERO pics or anything out of it.

                                Meanwhile, Shawn went on John Mayer's podcast and they laughed at how dumb Taylor's lyric "We can leave the Christmas lights up 'til January" is.

                                Which prompted Swifties to cancel Shawn and to remind John to keep Taylor's name out of his mouth.

                                I get it . . . Swifties all had a chuckle about that line, too, but they will take ANY excuse to pile on JMayer for obvious reasons.

                                In other Men Are Trash news, I don't think JKahn will be directing any JBiebs videos any time soon.

                                Whenever I think of Justin, I remember the vid of him ditching his wife to the mercy of the paps to fall in the street while he skateboarded merrily away:

                                And a side note! This tweet introduces a new concern that I hadn't even thought of:

                                To Scott B., Taylor is so obviously worth more dead than alive! If she crossed over to the Great Beyond before re-recording her masters, hoo boy. And it's not like Big Machine's investors, The Carlyle Group, are all that scrupulous in regards life and death*, and probs didn't appreciate that she called them out by name, just sayin'.

                                *they fund the war in Yemen and are known for shady global shit!

                                Somebody encase Taylor in a protective bubble for the next twelve months, plz!

                                And as a side side note, Joe is on the People's Sexiest list:

                                Actually THREE guys Taylor has banged are on there.

                                (And Pdubs! that was a surprise tbh, but good for him, too.)
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