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  • Also, I need an ophy TSwizzle update. I mean, I kinda know what's what in Taylorville, but just in case, you know what I mean?

    I totally will do a post, I swear! I'm still staying on top of stuff and it's been on my to do list for weeks, but I dunno why I keep getting distracted by other stuff instead.

    I mean, bottomline nothing too crazy or krayzy has happened? Taylor hasn't announced an engagement or come out, or done anything shocking in the past couple of months. She's in Tokyo right now doing Lover promo and appearances.

    She and Joe seem fine, too. They've been spotted hither and thither, etc.

    The kays are still chugging along as per usual. For example!


    Dayum, never seen a dude look so uncomfy.

    Actual footage of the kays these past couple of months:

    Honestly, that's where the dramz* has been lately (with the kays, not with Tay), so I'll definitely do a round-up.

    * they were soooo sure Karlie's kontract was over! But that was proved false super fast, so there was infighting! a source battle between BNFs! flouncers! It's been fun times.


    • The logic of alllll of it is flawed at best.

      What if it's possible that Karlie and Taylor had a hot and fast friendship where they maybe kissed a few times to show off as some girls in their early 20s and ... it fizzled out because they don't share the same values to be lifelong friends?

      Taylor is clearly pretty progressive and increasingly political and finding her voice and Karlie is in love with a dude whose family is literally evil. I don't know, maybe they ran out of things to say to each other.
      Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


      • I do wonder what happened to really end their friendship, though. Taylor is still super great friends with Gigi who is besties with Kendall Jenner, she still loves Ed Sheeran despite him working with Bieber very recently, she managed to make up with Katy Perry, and has always seemed to forgive and forget with Selena Gomez even though they've had their fall outs over the years too. I don't really feel like it's Karlie's Kushner ties that did it. Josh Kushner was in Karlie's life before she met Taylor, right? Like, KK was already super serious with him before Taylor came along, IIRC. I don't know, I feel like something else happened that pissed Taylor off enough to ice Karlie before Reputation came out. The theory that Taylor thinks Karlie was sharing info about her to people like Scooter Braun and stopped trusting her makes more sense to me. And legit, if JLaw isn't gonna work for a year while she enjoys being a newlywed, I propose that she picks up sleuthing as her new hobby so she can get to the bottom of this and then share her findings with the world during her next press tour.


        • One of those Scooter planted stories says it was about the party Karlie had at Taylor’s apartment without asking first. Considering how close KK is to Scooter, I am thinking she told him the real story. But /shrug, JLaw will get to the real truth for us.


          • She has unleashed the Swifties against them all now. This should go well.



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            • This should go well.

              Hoping to do a round up tomorrow! Just depends on some homeschooling scheduling.

              So yeah . . . Taylor is calling out the Sons O Bitches for blocking her AMA performance and! and a Netflix!! documentary:

              (posting it a bit bigger):

              Did . . . did they not realize she was going to react to these tactics the same way she's been reacting to their bullshit all along? Of course she was going to go public with this, duh. How could they not have learned this by now? Just shows how her non-compliance has driven them to desperate tactics. But! blocking her performance when she's being given the Artist of the Decade Award is some real petty rat ass bullshit.