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  • That Bieber video is something!
    It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


    • Sheeran's manager trying to be like, "He totes supports Taylor IN PRIVATE, duh" is the dumbest. People are calling for public support because that's what makes a difference. Ed texting Taylor about how he totally wishes she had control of her work and how he thinks SB2 are the worst evah does shit all to move the needle.

      All of this really does make me wonder what kind of throw down Kaylor had that has turned this messy. If Taylor can overlook Ed's silence and his continued friendship with Scooter, what must have happened with Karlie that she can't? And Josh and Karlie's sisters unfollowing Taylor makes me wonder if Karlie also feels burned by Taylor in some way. I need deets and it bugs that we'll likely never get any!


      • Oh, I believe Karlie will spill eventually.
        It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


        • Sheeran's manager trying to be like, "He totes supports Taylor IN PRIVATE, duh" is the dumbest.

          Ed sang at Kooter*'s wedding! They are friends, not just work buddies. And Ed is not active on social media. So I don't think Taylor actually expects him to do anything at all, to be honest. Other than maybe a quick "whassup, hope u r okay" text or wevs.

          * as a heads up, he and his team search his name relentlessly so he can reach out to Swift fandom randos**, which is the main reason I nickname him.

          ** and is rumored to be collecting 'evidence' of death threats to take to the press as well. I'm just trying to keep the nono well off the radar.

          Oh, I believe Karlie will spill eventually.

          In a way she kinda did get her side out there . . . Koot's wife, who is BFFS with Karlie, claimed that Taylor 'discarded friends like wilted flowers' or whatever phrasing she used, and there was that article planted by Karlie's team that said Taylor got mad at her for inviting people over to the NYC apartment without permission. I've always wondered if the 'people' were actually Koots and wife and hangers on. If you add that to Taylor's team obvs leaking to Perez that Karlie was spilling deets about Taylor TO Koots, then it looks like the main issue revolved around not respecting Taylor's boundaries in regards to her arch nemesis. Like, if Ed is friends with Kooter and doesn't want to choose sides, that's no big . . . but if Ed was friends with Kooter AND let Kooter invade Taylor's privacy/told Taylor's secrets to Kooter, that would NOT be OKAY.

          Many Swifties think it might all tie back into how desperate Taylor was to keep her relationship with Joe private for as long as possible (as per her diary), and that maybe Karlie outed them to Kooter, and that was the actual deet spilling Taylor couldn't forgive.

          Koots is not coming to the AMAs! TMZ claims he is not coming because he's going to be at Ariana's concert elsewhere, and NOT because Taylor would otherwise be glaring daggers at his head while singing that night:

          Okay, so! I just wanted to touch on some interviews Taylor did while I was on posting hiatus (aka my mad descent into watching every season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey).

          Taylor was the October Rolling Stone cover:

          As a reminder, the kays had SWORN ON THEIR LIVES that Taylor was going to Come Out in Rolling Stone this year as part of the Gaygenda, so how did that work out for them hmm?

          But first! pics!

          I liked this shoot. It's very cheerful and bright and the make up is just:

          As for the interview, it happened the night/next day of the Nashville secret session, you know, the one that turned into a slumber party where the fans broke Andrea's pool house toilet over and over again.

          I'm kinda excerpting a lot because she said a lot? and she answered some really great questions and all of the Swifties except the konspiracy theorists were super happy with this interview.

          It could be any 29-year-old’s weekend visit with her parents, if not for the madness looming a few feet down the hall.

          In an airy terrace, 113 giddy, weepy, shaky, still-in-disbelief fans are waiting for the start of one of Swift’s secret sessions, sacred rituals in Swift-dom. She’s about to play them her seventh album, as-yet unreleased on this Sunday afternoon in early August, and offer copious commentary. Also, she made cookies.

          If you want a few deets on Taylor's Nashville penthouse, where she went to do the interview AFTER staying up til 5AM with the sessioners:

          Five hours later, we continue our talk at length in Swift’s Nashville condo, in almost exactly the same spot where we did one of our interviews for her 2012 Rolling Stone cover story. She’s hardly changed its whimsical decor in the past seven years (one of the few additions is a pool table replacing the couch where we sat last time), so it’s an old-Taylor time capsule. There’s still a huge bunny made of moss in one corner, and a human-size birdcage in the living room, though the view from the latter is now of generic new condo buildings instead of just distant green hills. Swift is barefoot now, in pale-blue jeans and a blue button-down tied at the waist; her hair is pulled back, her makeup minimal.

          She has lots of thoughts about fame! LOTS OF THOUGHTS.

          When we talked seven years ago, everything was going so well for you, and you were very worried that something would go wrong.

          Yeah, I kind of knew it would. I felt like I was walking along the sidewalk, knowing eventually the pavement was going to crumble and I was gonna fall through. You can’t keep winning and have people like it. People love “new” so much — they raise you up the flagpole, and you’re waving at the top of the flagpole for a while. And then they’re like, “Wait, this new flag is what we actually love.” They decide something you’re doing is incorrect, that you’re not standing for what you should stand for. You’re a bad example. Then if you keep making music and you survive, and you keep connecting with people, eventually they raise you a little bit up the flagpole again, and then they take you back down, and back up again. And it happens to women more than it happens to men in music.

          , , ,

          I’ve had several upheavals in my career. When I was 18, they were like, “She doesn’t really write those songs.” So my third album I wrote by myself as a reaction to that. Then they decided I was a serial dater — a boy-crazy man-eater — when I was 22. And so I didn’t date anyone for, like, two years. And then they decided in 2016 that absolutely everything about me was wrong. If I did something good, it was for the wrong reasons. If I did something brave, I didn’t do it correctly. If I stood up for myself, I was throwing a tantrum. And so I found myself in this endless mockery echo chamber.

          In 2016, you wrote in your journal, “This summer is the apocalypse.” How close did you come to quitting altogether?

          I definitely thought about that a lot. I thought about how words are my only way of making sense of the world and expressing myself — and now any words I say or write are being twisted against me. People love a hate frenzy. It’s like piranhas. People had so much fun hating me, and they didn’t really need very many reasons to do it. I felt like the situation was pretty hopeless. I wrote a lot of really aggressively bitter poems constantly. I wrote a lot of think pieces that I knew I’d never publish, about what it’s like to feel like you’re in a shame spiral. And I couldn’t figure out how to learn from it. Because I wasn’t sure exactly what I did that was so wrong. That was really hard for me, because I cannot stand it when people can’t take criticism. So I try to self-examine, and even though that’s really hard and hurts a lot sometimes, I really try to understand where people are coming from when they don’t like me. And I completely get why people wouldn’t like me. Because, you know, I’ve had my insecurities say those things — and things 1,000 times worse.

          Since I was 15 years old, if people criticized me for something, I changed it. So you realize you might be this amalgamation of criticisms that were hurled at you, and not an actual person who’s made any of these choices themselves. And so I decided I needed to live a quiet life, because a quiet personal life invites no discussion, dissection, and debate. I didn’t realize I was inviting people to feel they had the right to sort of play my life like a video game.

          I used to be like a golden retriever, just walking up to everybody, like, wagging my tail. “Sure, yeah, of course! What do you want to know? What do you need?” Now, I guess, I have to be a little bit more like a fox.

          It’s almost like I feel more clear about the fact that my job is to be an entertainer. It’s not like this massive thing that sometimes my brain makes it into, and sometimes the media makes it into, where we’re all on this battlefield and everyone’s gonna die except one person, who wins. It’s like, “No, do you know what? Katy is going to be legendary. Gaga is going to be legendary. Beyoncé is going to be legendary. Rihanna is going to be legendary. Because the work that they made completely overshadows the myopia of this 24-hour news cycle of clickbait.” And somehow I realized that on tour, as I was looking at people’s faces. We’re just entertaining people, and it’s supposed to be fun.

          She talks about reputation!

          The one-two punch, bait-and-switch of Reputation is that it was actually a love story. It was a love story in amongst chaos. All the weaponized sort of metallic battle anthems were what was going on outside. That was the battle raging on that I could see from the windows, and then there was what was happening inside my world — my newly quiet, cozy world that was happening on my own terms for the first time. . . . It’s weird, because in some of the worst times of my career, and reputation, dare I say, I had some of the most beautiful times — in my quiet life that I chose to have.

          When did you get to the place that’s described on the opening track of Lover, “I Forgot That You Existed”?

          It was sometime on the Reputation tour, which was the most transformative emotional experience of my career. That tour put me in the healthiest, most balanced place I’ve ever been. After that tour, bad stuff can happen to me, but it doesn’t level me anymore. The stuff that happened a couple of months ago with Scott [Borchetta] would have leveled me three years ago and silenced me. I would have been too afraid to speak up. Something about that tour made me disengage from some part of public perception I used to hang my entire identity on, which I now know is incredibly unhealthy.

          The girl squad!

          Do your regrets on that extend to the way the “girl squad” thing was perceived?

          Yeah, I never would have imagined that people would have thought, “This is a clique that wouldn’t have accepted me if I wanted to be in it.” Holy shit, that hit me like a ton of bricks. I was like, “Oh, this did not go the way that I thought it was going to go.” I thought it was going to be we can still stick together, just like men are allowed to do. The patriarchy allows men to have bro packs. If you’re a male artist, there’s an understanding that you have respect for your counterparts.

          This also puts the "Just like Leo" line from The Man into another perspective. Leo has ALWAYS had a bro pack and that's seen as normal. Remember the Pussy Posse?

          Koots and Scotty!

          After realizing that things were not all smiles with your former label boss, Scott Borchetta, it’s hard not to wonder how much additional conflict there was over things like that.

          A lot of the best things I ever did creatively were things that I had to really fight — and I mean aggressively fight — to have happen. But, you know, I’m not like him, making crazy, petty accusations about the past. . . . When you have a business relationship with someone for 15 years, there are going to be a lot of ups and a lot of downs. But I truly, legitimately thought he looked at me as the daughter he never had. And so even though we had a lot of really bad times and creative differences, I was going to hang my hat on the good stuff. I wanted to be friends with him. I thought I knew what betrayal felt like, but this stuff that happened with him was a redefinition of betrayal for me, just because it felt like it was family. To go from feeling like you’re being looked at as a daughter to this grotesque feeling of “Oh, I was actually his prized calf that he was fattening up to sell to the slaughterhouse that would pay the most.”

          He accused you of declining the Parkland march and Manchester benefit show.

          Unbelievable. Here’s the thing: Everyone in my team knew if Scooter Braun brings us something, do not bring it to me. The fact that those two are in business together after the things he said about Scooter Braun — it’s really hard to shock me. And this was utterly shocking. These are two very rich, very powerful men, using $300 million of other people’s money to purchase, like, the most feminine body of work. And then they’re standing in a wood-panel bar doing a tacky photo shoot, raising a glass of scotch to themselves. Because they pulled one over on me and got this done so sneakily that I didn’t even see it coming. And I couldn’t say anything about it.

          And if they say you’re playing the victim, that completely undermines your ability to ever verbalize how you feel unless it’s positive. So, OK, should I just smile all the time and never say anything hurts me? Because that’s really fake. Or should I be real about how I’m feeling and have valid, legitimate responses to things that happened to me in my life? But wait, would that be playing the victim?


          For Reputation, it was nighttime cityscape. I didn’t really want any — or very minimal — traditional acoustic instruments. I imagined old warehouse buildings that had been deserted and factory spaces and all this industrial kind of imagery. So I wanted the production to have nothing wooden. There’s no wood floors on that album. Lover is, like, completely just a barn wood floor and some ripped curtains flowing in the breeze, and fields of flowers and, you know, velvet.

          Hmmm, did she just vision board her wedding?


          How did you come to use high school metaphors to touch on politics with “Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince”?

          There are so many influences that go into that particular song. I wrote it a couple of months after midterm elections, and I wanted to take the idea of politics and pick a metaphorical place for that to exist. And so I was thinking about a traditional American high school, where there’s all these kinds of social events that could make someone feel completely alienated. And I think a lot of people in our political landscape are just feeling like we need to huddle up under the bleachers and figure out a plan to make things better.

          You’re in this weird place of being a blond, blue-eyed pop star in this era — to the point where until you endorsed some Democratic candidates, right-wingers, and worse, assumed you were on their side.

          I don’t think they do anymore. Yeah, that was jarring, and I didn’t hear about that until after it had happened. Because at this point, I, for a very long time, I didn’t have the internet on my phone, and my team and my family were really worried about me because I was not in a good place. And there was a lot of stuff that they just dealt with without telling me about it. Which is the only time that’s ever happened in my career. I’m always in the pilot seat, trying to fly the plane that is my career in exactly the direction I want to take it. But there was a time when I just had to throw my hands up and say, “Guys, I can’t. I can’t do this. I need you to just take over for me and I’m just going to disappear.”

          Are you referring to when a white-supremacist site suggested you were on their team?

          I didn’t even see that, but, like, if that happened, that’s just disgusting. There’s literally nothing worse than white supremacy. It’s repulsive. There should be no place for it. Really, I keep trying to learn as much as I can about politics, and it’s become something I’m now obsessed with, whereas before, I was living in this sort of political ambivalence, because the person I voted for had always won. We were in such an amazing time when Obama was president because foreign nations respected us. We were so excited to have this dignified person in the White House. My first election was voting for him when he made it into office, and then voting to re-elect him. I think a lot of people are like me, where they just didn’t really know that this could happen. But I’m just focused on the 2020 election. I’m really focused on it. I’m really focused on how I can help and not hinder. Because I also don’t want it to backfire again, because I do feel that the celebrity involvement with Hillary’s campaign was used against her in a lot of ways.

          Her family were so worried about the dark hole she was in, they made her turn the internet off on her phone! I mean, wow.

          I do think, as a party, we need to be more of a team. With Republicans, if you’re wearing that red hat, you’re one of them. And if we’re going to do anything to change what’s happening, we need to stick together. We need to stop dissecting why someone’s on our side or if they’re on our side in the right way or if they phrased it correctly. We need to not have the right kind of Democrat and the wrong kind of Democrat. We need to just be like, “You’re a Democrat? Sick. Get in the car. We’re going to the mall.”


          But at the same time, writing songs has never been a strategic element of my career. But I’m not scared anymore to say that other things in my career, like how to market an album, are strictly strategic. And I’m sick of women not being able to say that they have strategic business minds — because male artists are allowed to. And so I’m sick and tired of having to pretend like I don’t mastermind my own business. But, it’s a different part of my brain than I use to write.

          This raised a few eyeballs:


          Fingers crossed that we will FINALLY get a Babygate of own.

          The first time she's really spoken about Kimye and Snakegate! In lots and lots of detail!

          Did you do anything wrong from your perspective in dealing with that phone call? Is there anything you regret?

          The world didn’t understand the context and the events that led up to it. Because nothing ever just happens like that without some lead-up. Some events took place to cause me to be pissed off when he called me a bitch. That was not just a singular event. Basically, I got really sick of the dynamic between he and I. And that wasn’t just based on what happened on that phone call and with that song — it was kind of a chain reaction of things.

          I started to feel like we reconnected, which felt great for me — because all I ever wanted my whole career after that thing happened in 2009 was for him to respect me. When someone doesn’t respect you so loudly and says you literally don’t deserve to be here — I just so badly wanted that respect from him, and I hate that about myself, that I was like, “This guy who’s antagonizing me, I just want his approval.”

          But that’s where I was. And so we’d go to dinner and stuff. And I was so happy, because he would say really nice things about my music. It just felt like I was healing some childhood rejection or something from when I was 19. But the 2015 VMAs come around. He’s getting the Vanguard Award. He called me up beforehand — [i]I didn’t illegally record it, so I can’t play it for you. [i]But he called me up, maybe a week or so before the event, and we had maybe over an hourlong conversation, and he’s like, “I really, really would like for you to present this Vanguard Award to me, this would mean so much to me,” and went into all the reasons why it means so much, because he can be so sweet. He can be the sweetest. And I was so stoked that he asked me that.

          And so I wrote this speech up, and then we get to the VMAs and I make this speech and he screams, “MTV got Taylor Swift up here to present me this award for ratings!” [His exact words: “You know how many times they announced Taylor was going to give me the award ’cause it got them more ratings?”]

          And I’m standing in the audience with my arm around his wife, and this chill ran through my body. I realized he is so two-faced. That he wants to be nice to me behind the scenes, but then he wants to look cool, get up in front of everyone and talk shit. And I was so upset. He wanted me to come talk to him after the event in his dressing room. I wouldn’t go. So then he sent this big, big thing of flowers the next day to apologize. And I was like, “You know what? I really don’t want us to be on bad terms again. So whatever, I’m just going to move past this.” So when he gets on the phone with me, and I was so touched that he would be respectful and, like, tell me about this one line in the song.

          The line being “. . . me and Taylor might still have sex”?

          [Nods] And I was like, “OK, good. We’re back on good terms.” And then when I heard the song, I was like, “I’m done with this. If you want to be on bad terms, let’s be on bad terms, but just be real about it.” And then he literally did the same thing to Drake. He gravely affected the trajectory of Drake’s family and their lives. It’s the same thing. Getting close to you, earning your trust, detonating you. I really don’t want to talk about it anymore because I get worked up, and I don’t want to just talk about negative shit all day, but it’s the same thing. Go watch Drake talk about what happened.

          This is Taylor when the MTV thing happened:

          Before he said it:


          To be fair, his speech that night was a clusterfuck of rambling malarkey and he might not have even meant anything by it . . . but I don't think Taylor's wrong for finally seeing that he's not really someone she needs to go seeking approval from anymore.

          Forbes had this to say after this interview came out::

          Default to Truth: The Tragedy Of Taylor Swift And Kanye West


          In the process of finding her place in the pantheon of music celebrity, becoming more and more comfortable with the idea that her idols were now her peers, it couldn’t have been easy when Swift was so unceremoniously swept aside by West. It would be a serious reminder of her actual youth and her relative youth in the industry when a 32 year old Kanye, one of the most celebrated musicians of the time, took the mic out of her hand and said Beyoncé should have won.

          It’s easy to imagine why Taylor would so badly want that man to respect her. Even if it wouldn’t change anything about her career or her day to day life, West’s respect would be a telling sign of just how far she’s come. And, maybe more importantly, a victimless and empowering kind of revenge.

          What an achievement, for any of us, to win over our most vocal detractor.

          I think 'tragedy' is the right word, really.

          Reactions have been very mixed (a lot of people roll their eyes whenever Taylor wants to talk about 2016 again) but also some people seemed to have gained a new understanding of Taylor through it:

          People did try to drag her for talking about Kanye at all, but the interviewers made it clear that he was the one that pushed her on this topic:

          The kicker for the kays, though, was this quote:

          Haley Kiyoko was doing an interview and she made an example about how I get away with singing about straight relationships and people don’t give me shit the way they give her shit for singing about girls — and it’s totally valid.

          Not what the kays had in mind, I'm guessing, when they pinned so many hopes on Rolling Stone.

          Other interviews miscellaneous!

          Taylor talked to Ryan Seacrest and said this:

          On How She’ll Re-Record Earlier Songs and Embrace Her Newfound Freedom:

          “I have almost a year to plan and get all my ducks in a row and I’m really going to be listening to the fans because there are some amazing ideas that they’ve had. I’m always looking on Instagram and Tumblr and Twitter and seeing what they would want. Like, some of the things that they’ve said that are really interesting to me are like I wrote the song ‘Better Man’ for Little Big Town, and … they took that song all the way [CMA Song of the Year etc.], but that I wrote during the Red — it was originally going to be on the Red album — so the fans are like, 'Maybe she'll put 'Better Man,' her version, on the Red album?' And I was like, 'That's an amazing idea!' So I’m going to be listening to what they are saying. I think they want me to kind of stick to the original production a bit like make them pretty close. I don’t think they’d want to hear like 'Tear Drops on My Guitar' as a pop version. … The best part is, contractually, I can make them nearly identical to what they were originally which is great."
          2 things! Better Man was apparently written about Jake G. originally! She obviously sent it out to be released in response to Cuisinart Hollywood's jerkitude, but originally about Jake, hoo boy. And of course, 'Babe' was also originally written about Jake G. for the Red album. Things to think about, mmm.

          And the other thing is that I think she's wrong! Fans would loooove pop versions or rock versions or whatever else of the early stuff. Mix it up. That would be hella fun.

          On the pressures of touring for Lover (this is before she announced Lover Fest):

          “For example, with this time, I’ve learned to have more healthy ways of communicating how I’m feeling when I’m feeling like really, really kind of overwhelmed with like obligations and planning and blah blah blah. like maybe six months ago my management team came to me and we’re like, ‘Hey, we’ve got to book the stadiums for the next tour.’ And I was like, ‘Guys, I just got off tour — I literally just got off tour. I literally just took my tights off and my thigh-high boots off from the last tour. I literally cannot do this right now. You need to give me space even if that means we have to do things a little bit differently.’ I really can’t feel like my life is just album tour, album tour, album tour, album tour.”

          She doesn't talk about Andrea being sick in this interview, but yeah. It's in the undercurrent there about why she can't stay on the treadmill.

          Interview with Zane Lowe for Beats 1:

          About CATS and Beautiful Ghosts:

          Swift said she learned a new song was needed for “Cats” when she started attending filming every day — even on the days she didn’t have to work — and “the person that I was watching the most was the lead in the film,” Francesca Hayward, a prima ballerina who plays “the little white kitten” that was primarily a ballet role in the stage version of “Cats.” “She doesn’t sing in the original,” but now that the role had been elevated to lead, “I had heard these rumblings and rumors like, ‘They want a song. Andrew’s going to write an original song for Victoria, the lead cat.’ And I was just like, ‘Aw man, I so badly want to get in on that.’ But I (also thought), ‘I I can’t crash this. … I really wish that I could write that with him, but whatever.'”

          But after what she describes as weeks of observing Victoria’s storyline play out on set, Swift got called to Lloyd Webber’s house for a rehearsal of her “Macavity” song for the movie.

          “We sing it through once and he’s like, ‘That’s very good. Well done.’ And then he just sits at the piano and he starts playing this melody that I’ve never heard before,” Swift told Lowe. “He’s playing this, and I’m running through all the score of ‘Cats,’ like, ‘This is not in the original musical.’ …. There’s no top line. So, a top line on a song is the words and the melody that somebody sings. So if you have a song stuck in your head, chances are you’re singing the top line. What he has got is this beautiful instrumental piece. As soon as he starts playing it, I start singing the top line.

          “I knew where in the movie they were going to put her song,” Swift continued. “I had been kind of gathering data, but I had no idea what the song was like. I didn’t have sheet music … I knew that it would be right after Jennifer Hudson sings ‘Memory.’ I thought, wouldn’t it be interesting if you had this little young kitten reflect off of what she just heard and give sort of her counter point of view? Because ‘Memory’ is Grizabella singing about how she had all these beautiful, incredible moments in her past. She had these glittering occasions and she felt beautiful and she felt wanted and now she doesn’t feel that way anymore. And I was just thinking, okay, so what if you’ve got this little kitten that’s been deserted and kind of tossed out by her owners, and she’s had to wander around the streets of London wondering where she’s going to find a home. Wouldn’t she be thinking, ‘At least you had those amazing memories’? Basically, the first line that came to me was like, ‘And the memories were lost long ago, but at least you have beautiful ghosts.’ … I learned later that they had this beautiful piece of music, but they didn’t know what they wanted the cat to say. So I was like, ‘Got you.’ Like, ‘I know what that cat would say.'”

          Taylor always knows what a cat would say!


          In her latest interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music’s Beats 1, Taylor Swift spoke openly about her experience with being slut-shamed early in her career, and praised movements like Me Too for helping to turn the tide.

          “I was 23 and people were… making slideshows of my dating life and putting people in there that I’d sat next to at a party once and deciding that my songwriting was a trick rather than a skill and a craft,” she said. “It’s a way to take a woman who’s doing her job and succeeding at doing her job… [and] completely minimize that skill by [slut-shaming her]. And that happened to me at a very young age, so that was a bit hard. That was one of the first times I was like, ‘Wow, this is not fair.'”

          She went on to say that watching other young women in the industry go through what she went through puts her “in a real sad place.”

          “When I was the youngest, it was hard because I didn’t understand why nobody was saying that this was wrong,” she said. “Thank God we’ve had Me Too movements and moments where we’re looking at ourselves as a society and we’re looking at internalized misogyny. We’re looking at the way we treat critiquing women’s bodies. We have amazing women out there like Jameela Jamil saying, ‘I’m not trying to spread body positivity. I’m trying to spread body neutrality where I can sit here and not think about what my body is looking like.'”

          It's really funny how everybody wanted to Taylor to speak up on topics of importance, and now she's saying ALL THE THINGS and it's pretty much all the right things? BIG SURPRISE.

          Anyway, I have also been putting together a kay nonsense post, hopefully to go up tomorrow. But you know, I suck at deadlines and commitments so . . .

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          • On How She’ll Re-Record Earlier Songs and Embrace Her Newfound Freedom:

            “I have almost a year to plan and get all my ducks in a row and I’m really going to be listening to the fans because there are some amazing ideas that they’ve had. I’m always looking on Instagram and Tumblr and Twitter and seeing what they would want. Like, some of the things that they’ve said that are really interesting to me are like I wrote the song ‘Better Man’ for Little Big Town, and … they took that song all the way [CMA Song of the Year etc.], but that I wrote during the Red — it was originally going to be on the Red album — so the fans are like, 'Maybe she'll put 'Better Man,' her version, on the Red album?' And I was like, 'That's an amazing idea!' So I’m going to be listening to what they are saying. I think they want me to kind of stick to the original production a bit like make them pretty close. I don’t think they’d want to hear like 'Tear Drops on My Guitar' as a pop version. … The best part is, contractually, I can make them nearly identical to what they were originally which is great."
            Legit, if she wanted to create a real life money river that turned into a money waterfall that cascades into a money lake, she'd do a double album of each of her albums. One side would be faithful re-recordings of the entire thing and the other side would be new interpretations of the songs. She's already done some of this anyway. Her mash ups during her concerts are really good (there was one on the rep tour of NYD and Long Live that I LOVED) and she's done new versions of ...Trouble and ...Never Ever in concert too. She'd stay creatively challenged by reworking her old songs and give fans both oldies and new goodies. And she'd have 7 special edition collectible album versions like Harry Potter!


            • I was listening to Red today, and I am down for a new interpretation of those songs. At this point, they seem very over-produced and twangy, and I am not as big a fan as I could be of that sound at the moment. Her piano-only All Too Well showed me the way.

              And so I’m sick and tired of having to pretend like I don’t mastermind my own business

              Damned straight. She’s an amazing lyricist, and also a fucking brilliant business person.


              • Also, UGH, I just love that she's telling little girls that they can be dreamy and pink and love cats and also be just the best at what you do and strategize and kill it at the business end.
                It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                • By the by, hearing rumors that Taylor's AMA performance really might involve other peeps doing tributes. Hearing that Selena, Halsey, Kesha, and Green Day (!) might be involved in it. Guess we'll see on Sunday!

                  Legit, if she wanted to create a real life money river that turned into a money waterfall that cascades into a money lake, she'd do a double album of each of her albums.

                  I LOVE THIS IDEA.

                  Also, UGH, I just love that she's telling little girls that they can be dreamy and pink and love cats and also be just the best at what you do and strategize and kill it at the business end.

                  In this house, whenever the ogirl starts to get self critical or says mean things about herself, I invoke Taylor Swift.

                  "What would Taylor Swift say if she knew you were judging yourself for XYZ?" and the ogirl is like, "Taylor would say that I should be kinder and gentler with myself and that I should treat myself like a friend and that I am not being graded on how my days go or what I look like and then she would hug me and give me cookies" and that takes care of the issue.

                  Oh, she's really got him shook!


                  Scooter Braun breaks six-month silence on Taylor Swift dispute

                  Music manager Scooter Braun has finally broken his silence on Taylor Swift's public statements of displeasure with him, his company and her former record label.

                  On Thursday, Braun, in his first public remarks about the situation since it began six months ago, called for "communication" with Swift, who has been wrapped up in an increasingly bitter back-and-forth with Big Machine Record Label, which, as of this summer, is owned by Braun's company.

                  "I haven't talked about this in six months, not once...and that's hard," Braun said on stage at The Hollywood Chamber's 2019 State of the Entertainment Industry Conference. "It's hard because when there's a lot of things being said, and a lot of different opinions, yet the principals haven't had a chance to speak to each other, there's a lot of confusion."

                  Indeed, Braun and Swift would seemingly have a lot to talk about.

                  . . .

                  Swift called the agreement a "worst case scenario" upon its announcement. Her discontent split members of the music community, with each party finding their defenders.

                  "The only good thing for me is that when you get knocked down on some stuff, you get to find out who your real friends are real quick," Braun, who never mentioned Swift by name, said. "And watching some people in the industry who, you know, might smile in your face and then suddenly you've got a little dent in the armor and they come try to kick it in even more. It doesn't bother me, but it just lets me know where I stand."

                  . . .

                  On Thursday, Braun declined to go into further detail "because it's just not my style" but called for an end to the public airing of grievances.

                  "I just think we live in a time of toxic division and people thinking that social media is the appropriate place to air out each other and not have conversations. I don't like politicians doing it; I don't like anybody doing it. And if that means that I've got to be the bad guy longer, I'll be the bad guy longer, but I'm not going to participate," he said. What I'll say is I think people need to communicate and when people are able to communicate, I think they work things out."

                  Braun's interview, conducted by Variety's Shirley Halperin, was the headline event of the conference.

                  "I think that these problems that are being discussed can be discussed behind closed doors and figured out pretty easily. It's something I've wanted to do for six months," he said. "I just think it's gotten out of hand."

                  He added: "I think people need to come together and have a conversation because that's not what this is about. It's not what we got in this industry for."

                  The headline about 'breaking his silence' is bullshit. Okay, so the multiple statements from his record label don't count? His wife's insta post doesn't count? The insta post he wrote for Justin to post doesn't count? All the times he has planted things in TMZ and Page Six to paint Taylor as a delusional brat don't count? DMing with randos doesn't count?

                  It's so super phony how he's all 'but I'm the NICE one! I'm JUST A FAN!' on the surface, and but in reality is sending things off to the press about how Taylor 'is throwing a tantrum' and that she 'summons her boyfriend to her on a private jet' and 'owns too many houses' and 'was cruel to her BFF Karlie over nothing'.

                  You've broken 'your' 'silence' aplenty, bruh.

                  Also! This weird insistence on sitting down in person 'behind closed doors' (presumably with NDAs so she can't ever go public with what happens there) is very gross to me! She views him as her bully, so trying to pressure her into a face to face just reminds me of what abusive exes say when you try to leave them and they "just wanna talk why won't you just talk if something bad happens it's because you won't just TALK TO ME".

                  They have lawyers! They NEVAH have to meet face to face. That's what lawyers are actually for!

                  And! After yesterday saying it's 'not his style' to play things out in social media (because he just too fucking noble, I guess), today he posted this on instagram (which! is! a! form! of! social! media!):

                  View this post on Instagram


                  A post shared by Scooter Braun (@scooterbraun) on

                  Absolutely no idea if that screenshot is legit or just something Koots mocked up, but saying that 'if you speak up about how BMG treats you, you are responsible for anything bad that happens to my children" is a pretty good silencing technique, gotta say. Now if she speaks up about ANYTHING they do, she's the asshole.

                  But! despite their gaslighting and calling it a 'misunderstanding' or a 'false narrartive', Taylor did not make all of this up. She literally has the emails where she was told she couldn't use her back catalogue songs at the Chinese event, AMA or in the Netflix doc, and those emails have been handed over to journalists who verified them. BMG DID try to blackmail her into a) agreeing not to re-record and b) no longer talking about them publicly. She has every right to blow the whistle on foul play like that. All she did was shine a light on their underhanded business tactics yet again. They keep backing her into a corner and then being flabbergasted that she uses her biggest leverage to get out of that corner.

                  I mean . . . if you are so worried about your kids being threatened because of YOUR bad behavior then don't run your business empire like a couple of thugs!

                  ETA Oh and the other thing he neglects to mention is that he gets death threats all the time anyway, every time Ariana cancels a concert or Justin does something stupid, because that's just the nature of stan culture. This ain't new. Koots is NOT popular in any corner of pop fandom and never has been.
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                  • Koot is something... "Just stop using your biggest asset Taylor because...I don't want you to? And I'm going to lose!"


                    • It's because he can't win the war of public opinion on facts! Manipulating emotion is all he's got. Textbook gaslighting behavior, obvs.

                      I mean, SHE SAID that all of her attempts to resolve this privately had already failed.

                      But! Swifties aint having it, Mr.Koots:

                      I mean...if a private conversation with one of your clients was recorded without consent and edited to turn everyone against me I'd be hesitant to contact you privately too but let's just forget that happened huh

                      how come when taylor posts an open letter it’s seen as an accusatory attack but when scooter does it it’s a plea for peace

                      Was Scooter concerned about Taylor's safety after the Kanye call leaked? It was far more known to the public than this. An actual mural was made of her implying she was dead. What did he do? Laugh with Kanye and Bieber about it. Fuck him for pulling that card on a woman whose homes are regularly broken into by dangerous stalkers.

                      Every fanbase has a few who take it too far Taylor never said send hate or death threats so why is he calling her out? I’ve seen Ariana ‘fans’ say truly awful things about Taylor’s moms cancer but I don’t think Ariana should have to respond because she isn’t responsible, he’s trying to get sympathy because most people sided with Taylor the guys an egomaniac

                      All fandoms have situations like this. Did Beyoncé tell her fans to back off that woman do was talking to Jay-Z at basketball game? No. Or that whole going after that woman who was allegedly “Becky with the good hair”? I have yet to see a celeb stop their fandom from attacking someone. So why is Taylor held to a higher standard?

                      He also acts like Taylor herself has never/never gets death threats herself for just existing

                      Taylor has a handful of crazies after her yearly. Literally breaking into her homes and shit but yeah go off on some random hedgehog comment

                      "No artist should ever feel cornered or bullied.”
                      how did Taylor feel when your client sexualized her in a music video without consent? Or when you rejoiced in cancelled culture when your client tried to end her career? You’ve been a bully in the industry for years

                      Your money literally comes from a company that FUNDS GENOCIDE IN YEMEN. Pretty sure your FAKE/made-up “threats” from 12-year-old ”fans” won’t affect you — with all that blood money and protection you receive from your mass murd*rer associates.

                      I wonder what Scooter Braun thoughts are on the ongoing death threats Taylor herself and Selena have been receiving for years due to his client's words and behaviours. The nerve.

                      And this . . .

                      If Scooter cared at all about wanting the headlines to stop and deal with things privately, why did he resurrect the drama all over again with all these comments of his today? Like he's talking out of both sides of his mouth here because now there's dozens of new headlines about this when the story had lulled.

                      This is all about stirring up shit right before Taylor receives Artist of The Decade. The timing alone should tell us that he's not operating in good faith here. This is him saying that if she doesn't comply with the blackmail, he'll make sure to tarnish any further accolade and honor as well.

                      This about Selena, though . . .

                      Justin stans have put Selena through HELL over the years, death threats are just the tip of the iceberg for her. But did Koots hold Justin responsible for that?

                      And of course, just by making a public post about death threats, Koots has now increased the amount of death threats thatTaylor will receive today by a thousandfold, but I'm pretty sure he don't care about that.

                      Oh, uh . . . that kay post is not coming today, btw. I totes forgot I have a doc appt in an hour, and wasted my morning posting time on Kooter instead.


                      • Okay, last night at the AMAs was a good night for Taylor, so Imma recap!

                        Taylor went full snake queen for the red carpet, and I respect that:

                        Not sure about this loopy thing on the back, but overall I like it:

                        The dollar sign ring!

                        She did look like money. Very clever.

                        The dress was custom Julien MacDonald:

                        Tay (and Tree!) and Halsey dancing to Selena's opening performance:

                        Taylor and Halsey were besties through much of the show, which is interesting. Halsey's been a big time #IStandWithTaylor supporter recently, too.

                        Billy Porter's hat!

                        I love that Taylor never stops being Taylor at these things. She's up there goofy dancing, no worries, and look at how she and Halsey were the only people standing and smiling for Billie Eilish when she won an award:

                        And hugging on Halsey when she won:

                        And nobody does overdramatic audience reaction face like her (during Shawn/Camilla's performance):

                        Anyway, I hope she's still this excited to be doing award shows and cheerleading so hard for other artists when it's the 26th year of her career instead of the 13th.

                        As for her own wins . . .

                        She did alright last night? Must have felt good after the Grammy nom snubs two years in a row.

                        She took home everything she was nommed for: Artist of the Decade, Artist of the Year, Video of the Year (YNTCD), Fave Female Artist -Pop, Fave Artist - Adult Contemp, Fave Album- Pop.

                        The only time she seemed to call out Koots and Scotty using her words was during her first speech, for Fave Pop Album:


                        “You guys! This is okay this is amazing, like, that was a tough category! wow! Thank you to the fans! I would love to have an opportunity to thank the people I made this album with, cause they’re amazing and we had so much fun doing it. Jack Antonoff, our engineer Laura Sisk, St. Vincent, the Dixie Chicks, Brendon Urie, Joel Little, Louis Bell, Frank Dukes….I just, okay, wow. This album…I did not think I was going to win this one. This album really felt like a new beginning. And I also really love my record label, Universal, and Republic. Monte Lipman, Lucian Grainge, thank you for being so generous to let me make whatever music I want to make. As a songwriter, it’s so thrilling to get to do that. For the fans, I’m so excited to perform for you later!”

                        — Taylor after winning Best Pop/Rock Album at the 2019 American Music Awards

                        . . . and of course, calling out her new record label was intentional shade, as shown by this post she liked on tumblr:

                        Bu this was the main event . . . the Artist of The Decade tribute:

                        Taylor Swift singing The Man while wearing a prison-y shirt covered in the names of the albums she wants back:

                        Tumblr Swifties made this connection, too:

                        Under the shirt! So sparkly!

                        Some were Not Happy because errybody had opinions about what she should have included in the tribute medley, but it was a decent line up?

                        I don't know how many more songs they thought she could shove in there, and! we got the first show performance of The Man.

                        Her Lover cape! I do love a good cape:

                        Her AOTD speech:

                        “You guys, first of all, I want to say that getting to share the stage with Misty Copeland and Craig Hall and Camila Cabello and Halsey and all those amazing dancers tonight was absolutely in some ways a dream come true. And so I just, that performance was, even more than I hoped it would be, oh my god. I cannot believe that it’s Carole King, it’s you, who gave me this award. So - my parents are here tonight- and they would listen to Tapestry, and all your other records in high school. And then they packed them up, and took them to college with them. Then, when they met and got their own house, they took those records with them, and then they had my brother and I and played those records for us. When I fell in love with music is right around the time I realized how marvelous it was that an artist could transcend so many different phases and changes in people’s lives. So you taught me that was a possibility. And I guess what I’m trying to say is that all any of the artists, or really anyone in this room wants, is to create something that will last, whatever it is in life. And the fact that this is an award that celebrates a decade of hard work, of art, and of fun and memories, all that matters to me is the memories that I had with you, the fans, over the years. We’ve had fun, incredible, exhilarating, extraordinary times together, and may it continue! Thank you for being the reason why I am on this stage, from the first day of my career until tonight. Thank you for everything; thank you AMAs; thank you everyone, just thank you. I’m so lucky to get to do this.”

                        — Taylor accepting her Artist of the Decade award at the 2019 American Music Awards

                        Perfectly tame! Which I get, b/c she wants this to be celebratory and all that, and probably doesn't want to look back at anything bitter.

                        This was her Artist of the Year speech:

                        “I really don’t have anything articulate to say. I just, the fact that the last year of my life has had some of the most amazing times and also some of the hardest things I’ve gone through in my life, and not a lot of them are things that have been public, and I wanted to thank you so much for being the thing that has been a constant in my life. Like, this industry is really where where sometimes people who do what we do feel like - and I’m sure some of you feel like this too in your lives - you feel like either your stock is up, or your stock is down, or people like you, or don’t, or you’re feeling bad about yourself, but the people who hang in there for you are the ones you’ll never forget. And the fans who have hung in there for 15 years of me doing this - okay, I don’t even know what Im saying because the speech of the whole night goes to Halsey, who is the winner of the whole evening for that speech - and I don’t even know what I’m talking about, except that this year, for me, has been a lot. It’s been a lot of good, it’s been a lot of really complicated, so on behalf of my family, and me, thank you so much for being there, and for caring. I’m nominated against some absolutely iconic artists, this is crazy, tonight was an amazing night full of the most unforgettable performances. It’s a great year in music, the new artist are insane, I’m so lucky to be here, and I know that every step of the way. Thank you so much.”

                        She tipped the hat to Halsey, whose earlier speech was basically a big fuck you to the Grammys, so . . .

                        They probably bonded over both being snubbed this year.

                        (I still think this Halsey/Tay thing is interesting! Halsey was a huge Harry fan back in the day, and haaaaated Taylor for dating him, and even wrote an anti-Haylor song when she was a teen, and now that she's all grown up and famous she is besties with John Mayer, but! turning enemies into friends and vice versa is kinda what Taylor does, so . . .)

                        And I really love that Taylor kept the cape on like some kind of Artist's Rights superhero the rest of the night.

                        Ah, even just seeing Andrea (with Scott) there makes me start to hear Dixie Chicks in my head:

                        Anyway, a very big triumphant night for Taylor, where she won everything and Kooter's clients won NOTHING, oh well.

                        Speaking of!

                        Big surprise, Koots posted that WHAT ABOUT MY CHILDREN post because bigwigs at the Carlyle Group freaked out when Taylor called them out by name:


                        How Taylor Swift Dragged Private Equity Into Her Fight Over Music Rights

                        The Carlyle Group, an investor in her catalog, has stepped in to encourage talks between Ms. Swift and Scooter Braun, who now controls her old label.

                        . . .

                        Carlyle’s intervention — which people in both camps say has brought the bitter fight closer to a resolution — says as much about the zeitgeist as it does about private equity. At a time of public outrage over corporate greed and a heightened awareness of gender-based power dynamics, the 29-year-old Ms. Swift was able to turn a commercial dispute into a cause célèbre.

                        According to the four people close to the discussions, a deal could take various forms, including a partnership or joint-venture arrangement. But the artist’s ideal outcome — and probably the only one she will accept, according to her team — appears to be a sale that would give Ms. Swift possession of her master recordings from Big Machine. Such an agreement could well cost her hundreds of millions of dollars.

                        . . .

                        And then, there were the obsessive, protective fans known as Swifties. While social media heat can be directed at anyone, anytime, Carlyle was unhappy to be dragged into the dispute in such a public way, three of the people said.

                        . . .

                        Ms. Swift’s note sent Swifties on a passionate mission to familiarize themselves with the Carlyle portfolio. Some shared clips from the socially conscious comedian Hasan Minhaj in which he discussed the company’s investments and its connection — through its ownership of the aerospace component manufacturer Wesco Aircraft Holdings, which supplies parts used to make a combat aircraft — to Saudi Arabia’s war against Yemen.

                        “When you think about it, you either support Taylor Swift or the war in Yemen,” one fan wrote on Twitter, earning more than 3,700 retweets.

                        Mr. Sammons soon saw Ms. Swift’s post on his phone. Concerned by the turn things had taken, he rolled into action, according to two people familiar with his role, contacting Mr. Braun and others to see what could be done to assuage Ms. Swift — potentially even by selling her masters back to her. Shortly thereafter, both public and private overtures were made to Ms. Swift, inviting her to explore an outcome that would satisfy all parties.

                        But Koots might just be posturing to make his Big Bosses happy!

                        Despite Mr. Braun’s open-minded public stance, he may be reluctant to sell. Big Machine is a crucial part of a larger strategy to expand the reach of Ithaca, which has investments in music publishing, artist management and even a film studio, Mythos. Big Machine would also help establish Mr. Braun, 38, as a mogul in the style of his hero, David Geffen, who controlled his own major record label and became a top Hollywood producer.

                        . . .

                        Mr. Pincus, the music publisher who now advises a financial firm, put it this way: “The question of whether the power of a global superstar can wildly swing the asset value of music is hard to quantify in a spreadsheet.”

                        She is making so much trouble for them all! I LOVE IT.


                        I don't think it should/will cost her 'hundreds of millions' of dollars . . . . if they offer to sell them to her, she should only pay the equivalent of what it would cost her to re-record, right?

                        And maybe a bit more . . . worth it to cut all ties with them . . . and save herself the re-recording trouble. But she should NOT have to pay them what Koots originally paid in the first place when she has the power to render all of it worthless in a year with just a little effort on her part.

                        And this one is behind a paywall, but a tumblr swiftie posted a summary:


                        Financial Times has an article too - they say 3 sources told them BM refused to grant future licenses until they got 3 things: "that Ms Swift stop “slandering” them in the press; pay them $7m they claim she owed; and clarify her rumoured plans to re-record her catalogue" They also say Scott was "hurt" she signed with Universal. So this is what it's all about - exactly what she said!

                        So they were able to confirm it was Koots and co lying about it all, (color me shocked!) and that at the core of the whole mess was Scotty B's hurt ego b/c Taylor wouldn't sign up with him again.

                        Interestingly, Taylor liked (and then later unliked) this post:

                        Swifties are theorizing that she went back and unliked it because maybe she actually is in negotiations to buy back her masters now.

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                        • I want to believe that she can win this!


                          • I want her to have ownership of her masters and I also want re-recordings. Can I haz both of them?

                            Her performance was really fun and I'm glad she didn't actually talk about Big Machine or either of those dudes and just made it all about her work. She deserved to have that moment all to herself. Also, are her parents divorced now? They seem to be with Taylor as a pair often enough so I wasn't sure what their actual situation was. I got teary watching her mom watch her because sick parents getting to see you live out your wildest, biggest dreams while knowing that whatever happens to them, you'll be ok in this world as a grownup orphan is *SOB*

                            I liked her performance outfit and the cape she wore after, but wasn't into her green dress. I did a quick scan of the tumblr kays and of course they pointed out that Taylor's pink and gold outfit very closely resembled a ballet tutu outfit that Karlie once wore when she was like 14. IT'S A MESSAGE TO HER LOVER! And the last time Taylor wore a green dress to an awards ceremony, she was there with Karlie (and like 12 other people), so that is ALSO MEANINGFUL IN A GAY WAY. They also point out that Joe wasn't front and center to support her on one of the biggest nights of her career, but like if he'd been there, they straight up would have called it an obvious PR move so that guy will never do the right thing, the poor bastard.

                            Not Taylor, but Taylor Adjacent: Selena sounded like ASS during her opening performance. Like so bad, that I muted it and I actually really like that song. But ugh, tough showing on her part, you hate to see it.


                            • I believe she can and eventually will win this, it will just be harder and probably cost her more financially. It could cost her millions to buy back her masters, but it would be worth it for her to own all her own music.


                              • I loved the cape, but I am not a fan of the green dress.

                                If the real money behind this is telling Kooter to make a deal, he will have to do so. She’ll win.

                                . I got teary watching her mom watch her because sick parents getting to see you live out your wildest, biggest dreams while knowing that whatever happens to them, you'll be ok in this world as a grownup orphan is *SOB*
                                Yeah, I can’t stay stoic on this one.