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  • Ugh, just reading posts mentioning her mom makes me teary.

    It’s the double spaghetti strap situation on the green dress that bothers me, but the Liberace outfit more than makes up for it. Ornate capes all the time 4eva. Side note: I would hate to sit behind Taylor at one of these shows! She stands the whole time!
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    • I loved that whole Liberace vibe with the insane piano! I thought Taylor's performance was good, not great. And I had to fast forward through Selena. I can't figure out how she's famous or has a career even though she seems super adorable!

      I can't stand Bieber but I *get* why he's a famous entertainer.
      Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


      • My hot take is that Selena is as famous as she is 100% because of her friendship with Taylor and her romance with Bieber. Take away those 2 relationships from her life and she is Miranda Cosgrove. Who? Exactly. She deserves props for her hustle since she's achieved this level of fame, but I mean, the same thing can be said about the Kardashians post sex tape. I feel the same way about Gigi Hadid, actually. But hey, questionably talented + attractive people get paid all the time so why not these two girls? Make your paper, you beautiful mediocres.


        • I also think Selena gets super emotional whenever she performs anything that isn’t about shallow sexytimes. There are a few vids out there of her crying on stage, and she’s an actress, but there’s at least one of her having to turn away and take a breather in the middle of a song.


          • My hot take is that Selena is as famous as she is 100% because of her friendship with Taylor and her romance with Bieber. Take away those 2 relationships from her life and she is Miranda Cosgrove.

            I do not disagree with this. I really like some of Selena's stuff (especially Wolves and bad Liar) but I would not be able to pick her voice (or her discography) out of a voice lineup ever. I actually feel the same about Ariana? Like, I know her range is supposed to be impressive, but most of her songs are super forgettable and alike to me, and I am constantly mistaking her voice for other singers.

            Say what you will about Taylor's singing voice/range ("beautiful gowns"!), her sound is always distinctively hers.

            Speaking of!

            Taylor wrote a new Christmas song over Thanksgiving weekend and will drop it tonight! with a video made up of home* videos!

            * I assume by 'home' they she means it will also include footage from the Castle Of Secret Irish Engagements where Joe proposed to her in front of the Christmas tree last year. DUH.

            People are surprised and yet not surprised? Taylor has always been a Christmas nut.

            The turnaround is pretty impressive, though, and a testament to her team's efficiency.

            Okay! She keeps releasing Stuff this month and it's Too Much.

            Like this very vintage British vogue cover/interview/shoot which just dropped:

            Video of her chat with the Brit Vogue editor:



            I’m really excited about it. I’ve heard really good things about your 30s. Feeling more secure. My 20s were really fun, but I also equate my 20s to walking into a costume shop and trying on different costumes then walking out of the costume shop in my regular outfit and being like ‘I’m cool with who I am.’ I’m really really excited about 30. Now I get to choose when I want to work, I choose the things I want to work on, and I don’t take that for granted ever. Because there were times that I played hundreds of shows in a year and I was 17 years old and I’d get exhausted and burned out. Now I can work the amount that I’m capable of handling, which is an extreme luxury. I know that.


            [Wanting to please people] is only a flaw when you make pleasing people your personality so much so that you don't really know what is your opinion and what is the influence of all these other things. One thing going into my 30s that I’m really stoked about is that I now can recognize toxic messages being sent to me by society, by culture, about like, my body. I’m a woman, not a coat hanger. I need to feel healthy in my life and I need to take pleasure in food and I need to not use my body as an exercise of control when I feel out of control in my life.


            From the new album Lover, I like the lyric: with every guitar string scar on my hand, I take this magnetic force of a man to be my lover. I was thinking about how I’ve written all these songs on guitar and I’ve played guitar until my fingers have bled, I’ve written songs about letdown and heartbreak and struggle and so the idea that you can take all the bad things that happen to you and you could use that as appreciation for good things that happen to you and really cherish them because you’ve experienced like, a breakup song or two.

            I would say it’s important to know that you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. There is a negative connotation, or a ridiculous accusation, or a rude stereotype that can be hurled at a woman for doing anything or not doing anything. So focus on your idea of right and wrong, your idea of who you should be, your idea of what’s cool, not everyone else’s, because it’s never all going to match up.

            As somebody whose birthday is roughly a month after hers, I'm feeling this intensely:

            It's a great shoot, I think,

            Yep, we are all looking at the socks she posted on International Socks Day, and nothing else in this pic:

            Also! Taylor was named one of the People Persons of the Year:


            “This is the first time I’ve been able to put out music that I feel is connecting with people, yet look back on everything I’ve made and feel a quiet sense of pride,” Swift tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story, where she and three other stars are celebrated as PEOPLE’s People of the Year. “I’m proud of the things I’ve withstood, and I’ve been able to carve out a life for myself.”

            . . .

            “I’m in a position to speak out, thankfully, so if somebody who’s younger who’s signing a record deal can learn from that, then that’s a good day,” says Swift, who turns 30 on Dec. 13. “When I signed my record deal with Universal Music Group, they agreed to pay their artists a significant portion when they sell their Spotify shares. It’s a hugely important thing to me as an artist because I think that’s our pension plan, and that’s our thing we get to leave to our kids.”

            “When you advocate for something, it has to be completely disconnected from what people say about you advocating for it. It should be removed from hard numbers,” she says.

            Still, the star acknowledges the response has been inspiring. “When numbers do come in that are promising and petitions are signed in the hundreds of thousands, it’s a good feeling. It reinforces your feeling that there is good in the world.”

            “There was so much theatricality in the darkness of reputation. It was secretly a love story, but it was also filled with angst, rebellion and this vengeful taking back of your life,” she says. “Lover ended up being the album [where I was no longer] answering to something. In the past, I’ve definitely used my criticism as a jumping-off point for creativity. With reputation, I’d said everything I needed to say. I’d been tried in every possible way people could throw things at me, and I felt like now I just get to create.”

            While Swift has certainly had more than one breakthrough year — she became the youngest person to win an album of the year Grammy in 2009 and cemented her status as a pop icon with her career-changing album 1989 five years ago — she’s the first to admit 2019 was extraordinary for her both personally and professionally.

            “This year feels more special to me than any year before it. Fifteen years into doing this, being able to look around and acknowledge that it’s special, I’m really stoked this moment can happen when I’m 29,” says Swift. “That’s one of the benefits of starting when you’re 12!”


            As she approaches her 30th birthday on Dec. 13, Taylor Swift is bidding adieu to negativity.

            “There are certain parts of my brain that I don’t visit as often, like stressing out about my body, stressing out about being on trend, stressing out about people thinking I’m cool, stressing out about people thinking really anything about me,” the superstar tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story, in which she’s honored as one of four People of the Year. “You have to toss out things that don’t serve you. That’s what I think we all try to do when we’re getting older, and you just hope that you’re getting wiser too!”

            Going into a new decade of life, the 10-time Grammy winner is feeling “really happy,” she says. “I’ve been told by a lot of people [your 30s] are really fun, and I’m having a really good time approaching them.”

            She’s also found inspiration in actress Jameela Jamil, an outspoken advocate of body neutrality.

            “I really love that there are advocates out there in the world being very vocal about the fact that aging is not a slow march to irrelevancy, death and decay,” says Swift. “Whenever I feel stress-y about things, I’ll just read some of Jameela Jamil’s quotes about body image and health and normal body weight.”

            “She talks about how we should just be not so much body-positive, but body-neutral,” says Swift. “We shouldn’t be thinking about them as much as we do, and I really like that. People like that who make solid points like that make me feel more chill about life.”

            “So much was made of my personal life at such a young age, I started to feel like anything that I did that wasn’t successful, like a breakup or anything that people were making such a big deal of, [would leave] such a huge mark on me that would last forever,” she says.

            But now Swift has no qualms about standing up for herself.

            “The more women are able to voice their discomfort in social situations, the more it becomes the social norm that people who ask the questions at parties like ‘When are you going to start a family?’ to someone as soon as they turn 25 are a little bit rude,” she says. “It’s gonna take a bit for people to catch up with that, and I understand that, but it’s good that we’re allowed to say, ‘Hey, just so you know, we’re more than incubators. You don’t have to ask that of someone just because they’re in their mid-20s and they’re a female.”

            And! Her doc was announced, and contrary to what people thought (that it was a Taylor Swift production and would have been put together by her team - thereby sanitized), the doc is actually produced and directed by legit documentarians and not made by her team at all.

            Eventually it will be on Netflix, but it will actually open Sundance on Jan 23rd 2020. The trailer will drop on her birthday next week, though:

            Koots is out there fast with this:

            That's 24 hrs from her PUBLIC plea, not from the private negotiations/blackmail, obvs. But he didn't word it that way, to make it seem like she threw a tantrum over not getting something he'd already given her.

            Anyway, non-career stuff's been going on, too. Taylor's had Friendsgiving early last week in Rhode Island with Martha, Gigi, Antoni, Dr. Jari, and . . . misc?

            . . . . before hightailing it back to London on Thursday. She's been spotted there only once, coming out of Stella McCartney's studio with a metric ton of Stella garment bags yesterday:

            So I guess her friends know what they are all getting for Christmas! Stella for errrybuddy!

            Meanwhile, Joe and Taylor seem fine . . . Tree! has been planting fluffy things in the press to remind people that their relationship exists.


            What Taylor Swift And Joe Alwyn's "Strong" But Private Relationship Is Like After 3 Years

            “Taylor has had a tough year and Joe has been a rock for her,” a source told the outlet. “They are still going very strong.”


            Inside Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn's Simple Life in London

            Taylor Swift has been spending "a lot of down time" overseas with her British beau Joe Alwyn. The celebs, who have been dating for three years now, recently celebrated Thanksgiving together in London alongside their loved ones. And now, a source is giving E! News a glimpse into the "Lover" singer's life in the English city with her longtime love.

            "Taylor has been spending a lot of down time in London. She doesn't go out much other than to take a walk with Joe or go to the local pub," the insider tells E! News. "They spend a lot of time with Joe's family and friends. All weekend they had people come over or they went to family members homes."

            The source adds that Swift and Alwyn are "close with Joe's parents and brothers" and "like to see them" often.

            "There's nothing really exciting or big happening," the insider shares. "They just like the simplicity of life in London and visiting with family and friends."

            "Taylor is back and forth to London frequently. She will leave this week and come back," the source tells E! News. "Sometimes Joe goes with her when he can. He has been filming and stationed in London for several months. Taylor has her own plane so the freedom to pick up at a moment's notice and be wherever she needs to be."

            When you say "There's nothing really exciting or big happening" it definitely makes me think there IS something really exciting or big happening.

            Taylor performs a show in London in a few days, then back to NYC for the Jingle Ball on her birthday on Friday. Kind of expecting her to throw a 30th Bday soiree while there, but dunno if Joe will be done with filming and can come or not.

            He was able to present at the BIFA awards:

            And he's been promoting A Christmas Carol:

            Have y'all seen the trailer for that? I dunno . . . not sure I really needed a version of A Christmas Carol that is quite THAT grim and gloomy, tbh.

            Gonna assume he wouldn't miss Taylor's birthday, filming or not. She gets kinda Not Happy when guys do that!


            • Pop stars are trying to kill us this morning. Harry, Taylor, Niall, Camilla, Halsey . . . too much new music, guys! Save some of it for next week, geez.

              Okay, so no Castle of Secret Irish Engagements in Taylor's Xmas vid (the song is cute!), but so much Baby Taylor!

              . . . and given that was probably written for her mom, and we all kinda know why? she's writing a songs for her mom right now? Makes it also kinda sad.

              Crazy how fast this was put together:

              In other words, her contract with Republic allows her to put at least some of her masters out there on the market immediately, without any label middleman, if the holiday whim strikes her.

              From the description of things, this was very whim-ish. According to her camp, Swift really did write the song just this past Sunday, December 1. It sounds less spontaneous than that, given the strings and gospel singers that appear on the tune, which Swift wrote solo and co-produced with Jimmy Napes (best known as Sam Smith’s collaborator). But if anyone can acquire a choir and orchestration on the spur of the moment, it would be Swift - who apparently was not fictionalizing the part about missing home, since credits show she recorded it far, far from firs at London Lane Studios in the UK (which is at least a home for the transatlantically smitten singer for the holidays).

              Now that we know how quick Taylor can throw something together and then out into the world, I have a brilliant biz idea for her. She should put together a series of 'Diary' songs, either whenever they come to her on a random weekend like this one, or by going back into her diaries and lyric notebooks to dig up workable stuff. She could do very simple piano/guitar arrangements, release them with basic lyric videos, and just send them out here and there throughout the year. Bundling them up into a deluxe album with more diary page journals eventually, obvs (in time for the holidays 2020?). And if any of the diary songs really take off, she could remix it with full production and a real video if she wants. There's really no downside to her to build up a new catalogue now that she owns her all of her future masters. And who is going to complain about new music randomly dropping every month?

              DO IT, TAY.


              The rest of this message is the long ass kay post I have been working on, so feel free to skip it if you are not into kelebrity konspiracies. Or even if you are. I'm not going to tell you how to live your life.

              Okay okay okay! (pun intended).

              I have a looooot of konspiracy related things saved up from the past few months. TOO MUCH. Like, way too much to actually sort through, ack.

              Also, as with any post of this size, there are bound to be broken links that I will not discover until after I post it. Will do my best to clean them up, though.

              First off, throwing it back to Karlie and Josh's Big Sur Adventure this summer which continued melting kay brains after we last left off in this thread . . .

              (Sharp eyed Swifties noticed that they stayed at the same place they also stayed at in 2014 -- just a few days before Kissgate, actually!):

              Part of the Kushner Cali real estate holdings, maybe?

              But! that means Karlie and Josh have ALREADY tainted the holy ground years ago, just like Taylor tainted it with Jake and Joe, which was brand new information.

              They are even tainting the sacredness of the yellow daisy!


              re: Karlie's instagram with the deer, daisy, and sunflower. I just can't believe people don't know what we know and I can't believe that would be a coincidence... they have to know we know those are their Kaylor symbols right?

              It is not a coincidence. Those who have been around know. Some choose to ignore.

              I’m about to be sick. I can’t believe this asshole is doing this. THIS IS THE KAYLOR SAFE PLACE GET TF OUT OF THERE

              Ok, Karlie's Instagram posts and stories make it really hard to believe Kaylor is real... Help me.

              she’s literally in a contract with him until the end of August akskdldk trust me this is 1) an act of desperation because it’s ending soon so they’re squeezing as much out of her as they possibly can, including possibly the lowest they could stoop with that r**dtrip, and 2) payback for taylor being loud and gay and happy and singing karlie’s song live on stage last night and for her success with the album over the past few days

              (karlie's song = lover, apparently.)

              Okay I don’t know a ton about Instagram but what are the odds that Karlie’s current IG posts and stories are just latergrams from her and Taylor’s Big Sur trip from last year?

              (psssst! It was Joe that Taylor took to Big Sur last year. Not Karlie!)

              Idec if they’re still together or not but destroying the sanctity of Big Sur by bringing the Kushner there is a LOW EFFING BLOW from everyone who was complicit in that choice
              Big Sur is their place she can’t just go there with her trump husband man!!!!


              Karlie roadtripping around Big Sur with Josh...she really thinks my life is a joke huh

              karlie went to big sur and put a daisy on one of her IG story post next to the words, "made a friend" sis i- fjdkdjn you know the implications of that
              They trynna cover the Big Sur gap with a new storyline like bitch do you need me to sit on the baby seat since y’all think i was born yesterday

              SIT ON THE BABY SEAT.

              Meanwhile, we were also being delivered Lover album (and late rep) analysis, kay style:

              fact of the day:

              no, it doesn’t make sense for taylor to write, “I don’t want to keep secrets just to keep you” about a cis white straight man but y'all (aka straights) ain’t ready for that conversation yet

              after so many years of this tired narrative, something made me listen to rep. maybe it was the angsty vibe and dark color palette that spoke to me, but whatever it was, once I listened to rep I was disappointed in her again- these songs were all pointing to this Joe person so I looked him up and thought- NO WAY. this album is too passion filled. who is she singing about??? I kept digging and ended up on ttb blog. Kaylor made sense. Kaylor had PASSION. then I kept on digging and found out that Taylor Swift is the Shakespeare of our time. and I never even knew it. Taylor being closeted explains everything. and that’s why I am so confident that it’s true.

              Nobody! could ever! be passionate! about a dude! SO GROSS.

              So after listening and reading everyone’s analysis on ‘I Think He Knows’. Y’all this is really a bearding anthem and how JA/JK affect hers and Karlie’s relationship. The lyrics “I want you, Bless my soul. But I ain’t got to tell him I think he knows”. She’s talking about two different people here, the you and him. The you is Karlie and I think the him is JK. Obviously, JK knows about them and they don’t even have to tell him. Her mind. A lyrical masterpiece. This is a big FU to the criminal.

              Taylor is singing about JKush here! How could I not have seen that right away.

              there is something that ive been trying to understand in these lyrics :

              And I scream, “For whatever it’s worth

              I love you, ain’t that the worst thing you ever heard?”

              He looks up, grinning like a devil

              The ‘He’ for me refers to either jerk or one of the SBs. like after kissgate and 2016 etc, kaylor were forced apart and her saying i love you in these complicated situations where it was evident that they had no other choice but to be kept apart, the HE looks like a self satisfied a**hole grinning like he won the game

              Everytime I see someone talking about how much Joe loves Taylor I want to ****. Just saw someone straight-explaining It’s Nice To Have A Friend and I tried really hard not to unfollow them ajskxjwldj please oh my god the queer undertones of that song are so obvious please LISTEN TO HER, stop seeing right THROUGH HER.

              “i know this a fight that someday we’re gonna win” this is maybe the loudest thing taylor has ever put into this world and some of u still think there’s no way she could be closeted in any way shape or form tell me what’s it like being a homophobic moron

              For those who want @taylorswift to come out, I don’t know how much more obvious she could be. Pink, purple, blue = bisexual flag. She’s being pretty loud. Also, the heart rings she is selling on her site are PINK, BLUE AND PURPLE. She’s
              screaming so loud. Hear her.

              Oh, and hey . . . from April of this year incase you want to see Ultimate Wrongness in action from the kween:

              Literally all of those things have now happened.

              All of them!

              But regardless! It's the anti-shippers who will EAT PROVERBIAL CROW:

              The thing that made the kay narrative so much more clear was Kooter buying Taylor's catalogue:

              He would ONLY do that because the kontract was ending and Karlie was also going to ditch him as manager. That's the only reason! Not b/c of dirtay dirtay profits!

              So! FINALLY August 31 arrived and Karlie was FREE AT LAST:

              YAY. Our long national nightmare was OVAH.

              Karlie and JKush celebrated the ending of the kontract by . . . uh . . . going to the UK together? and having date nights?:

              but no worries! That's just old things being posted because they KNOW WE ARE ON TO THEM:

              The fact that he posted them within close proximity to the Toe jet stunt demonstrated to me that it was coordinated. Karlie and Taylor spent the weekend together, and had pics arranged to make it appear that they were with their beards.

              Things seem to be finally moving forward, with a spit for at least one of them on the near horizon. Like you said, she is done with the contract. So she doesn’t have to post him. He will milk everything he can out of her image. And, he will try to annoy us, while also disguising how right we are about their contract end date.

              Every single morning, JKush wakes up and begins to plot diabolical ways to annoy the kays. All CEOs of multiple companies have time to do this.

              Yep, so now we can be SURE that August 31 was the end of Karlie's Kushner Kontract! So . . . I assume there is NO WAY that a full 20 days later she would be in Rome attending the Misha Nonoo/Mikey Hess wedding with Prince Harry and Meghan and Katy P and Orlando and and and . . . huh:


              The kween found the timing of this wedding SUSPICIOUS.

              Can it be anymore ridiculous that Mikey is getting ‘married’ within two weeks of his husband Joshua Kushner’s contract running out with his beard.

              Rome = Where everyone Is A Beard.

              But ya know, the Royal Sussexes don't mind taking part in an elaborate bearding scheme because:

              All righty!

              A thought on the Italian “wedding”: I don’t know how celebrities do it, but people generally send wedding invitations out three months prior to their wedding. Just normal protocall. Three months ago, Karlie and Jerk were still under a contractual obligation. So, how do you decline the invitation? You can’t. Granted, most of the main players know their relationship isn’t real, but you can’t RSVP “no” when all other celebrities are saying yes. And now that speculation is rampant that the contract is over, how does one of you not attend? You both have to attend if you want to continue to sell the narrative the relationship is/was real - even after it has ended.

              I doubt Mikey and Misha will be legally married the way regular civilians are. they will probably have some kind of business arrangement/contract in place, yes. but that does not mean it’s a legal marriage in the eyes of the law.

              Ignore the criminal. Ignore his husband. Ignore the faux-bride and her fashion brand promo in her wedding dress.

              It is the same shady crew all supporting each other.

              I do not know anything about Ellie Goulding’s and her ‘husband’s’ relationship, but their participation in all of these fake weddings, gives me pause as to the authenticity of theirs.

              Sidenote, because of spousal privilege, Prince Harry probably knows more about What Really Happened Between And Betwixt Taylor and Karlie than 99.9% of the general population -- but that's okay, it His Royal Prerogative to know the best goss and I don't begrudge it to him.

              The Daily Mail has a handy dandy chart for the International Bearding Konspiracy in case you need one:

              The Kushners are quite obviously paying ALL of those people to maintain Josh's credible heterosexuality, okey doke. Good thing they are billionaires, because David Geffen's silence must cost a bundle!

              As for Taylor, yep, I'm sure 'the girls' will be hanging out together any day now, maybe eating lunch at a table* with Kooter and Mrs. Kooter and Ivanka in Rome perhaps . . . ooop:

              Yep I can totally imagine Taylor sitting there, wedged between Karlie and Ivanka.

              Just wanna linger on this for a sec . . .

              Can people not see that Taylor and Karlie don't even FIT into the same sphere anymore?

              * long time readers might have recognized that table in Rome as Holy Ground for Hiddleswift:

              Apparently it's the only table that exists in Rome for celebs to be papped at!

              So, there was a perfectly logical explanation for why Karlie was yukking it up Kush-style a month after the kontract was OVAH (because RSVP reasons, natch!) but it's not like there's ANY CHANCE they will like, post anything about their fake wedding anniversary in October . . .

              Karlie and Josh both posted wedding pics and vids on insta to celebrate their 1 yr anniversary, and OF COURSE the comments are super classy:

              Yeah, loads of that kind of nonsense, but Karlie's team was quick to delete them.

              Karlie's video was a touching tribute to her dress and involved her mom and her sisters and everyone cried. But it was a SHAM.


              (FACT: Karlie is no where near a good enough actor to have faked her way through that video, I mean, have you seen her on Project Runway?)

              That wedding dress video made me feel so sad. I work in fashion and Dior is one of the most iconic couture houses, the team work with such craft and passion. Karlie knows that, it's her industry. To take something so special, a couture gown made especially for her, with the history of Dior for a fake wedding stunt/ promo just adds insult to injury. Karlie, girl, if you;re reading this, I'm so sorry you're in this mess and we love you. Looking forward to when you and Tay can live your truth

              guys who gives a fuck about that wedding? we already know both of them are gay

              LET’S MOVING THE FUCK ON


              Well, the FACT that Karlie and JKush acknowledged their anniversary without also acknowledging a split between them set off one of the fieriest of firestorms in this fandom. In FACT, one of the kween's rivals not only asserted that her 'sources' had told her that the kontract had been renewed but! that kaylor was dunzo:

              Jerklie’s contract was renewed/extended. From various specifics and the real timeline behind the scenes, it appears that it was decided in August, and quickly: Things got messier starting early July, and August was even worse.

              - It was kept extremely private in the beginning. Within 2 weeks starting early sept, i was warned about it by a few very reliable sources on both Kar & Tay’s sides, also warning that Kar would heavily post about jerklie’s fake “wedding” anniversary.

              - Idk for how long it’s been extended, but don’t expect anything less than 6 months bc something was signed. They wouldn’t have if it was a keep pretending clause in the jerklie contract negociated last year.

              Meaning: Yes, when Kar posted a few things in very early Sept (like the 7 long years stuff, etc): it was bs, they (with her team & SBP) lied to lead the Gaydom on.

              . . .

              - Kar chose to renew/extend it, she didn’t have to this time.

              - jerklie is still fake AF, both Kar and him are still Gay AF too, but Kar has no intention to end jerklie for the upcoming 6 months at least, bc she is in no rush to publicly come out for now, and bc he pays her a lot to keep pretending, he also still helps her with networking etc.

              It’s her bet, her choice. Maybe she thinks Trump won’t be empeached anyway and could even be reelected (to be fair it’s possible, not that far fetched despite everything). So maybe she thinks that being still publicly associated to jerk’s family name, and seen & photographed seating next to Ivanka at a wedding, isn’t that bad/risky for her brand image after all.

              The truth is, as we all know it: he needs her more than she needs him, bc he’s still desperate & scared, even if Toe being extended between one and 2 years, logically relaxes him a little for now. But keeping Kar by his side to pretend, is still his priority bc she’s his best card for a cishet image.

              . . .

              The Lover album is about the Kaylor relationship, yes. As a result, Kar is showing on social media that it’s about her, technically she has a right to do it, esp bc Tay still does the same.

              However, considering how things have been behind the scenes esp for the past couple of months, it could (and should tbh) be done differently.
              What if she married Joe and has a child with him in the future, will you ever believe they are real? Not hate or anything, I'm just curious at what point will it take you to fully believe she is with a guy and is straight and/or bi?

              She’s as Gay as it gets lmao, so… She’s not with him for real, never was, she wasn’t with any beard for real before him either, it’s all only for show, bc of her career.

              Once again, like i’ve said a few times this summer, i’d bet more than a decade worth of pay checks on it, without a shadow of a doubt nor a worry in the world. That’s how sure i am about it.

              She’s Gay, not Bi, and def not cishet lol.

              This was such a shock! Like for reals, that post went off like BOOM b/c the rival kween had always always been steadfast.

              But then other breakup believers came krawling out of the woodwork!

              [quote]So now FINALLY some g/kays are dealing with the idea that 'the girls' have 'broken up' OH SADNESS and guess who is going to take the blame for it?

              I don’t care if Karlie is posting pictures and giving kaylors a nod.. I think her team is forcing us to believe is everything ok until we know 100% is not.

              and we already know that karlie is gay and josh too.. why keeping the whole day here talking about how fake was that wedding? just stop talking about it.. it’s what they want, also people going to her instagram to talk about kaylor nonstop just makes them play with us..
              Now, Karlie renewing the contract I think is because money talks you know? money talks, dirty cash I want you dirty cash I need you uouuu (love this song), maybe she likes they way her life is right now? maybe she doesn’t want to come out? maybe she likes the power of being a kushner? (even if for some people this is disgusting but power is power, influence is influence) josh got tech connections, karlie have a company that is based on coding.. so what really goes on behind closed doors, right?

              Others were just spiraling . . .

              There’s so much conflicting information in this fandom now that the reality is at LEAST one of the big kaylor blogs claiming to have “sources” feeding them with insider information is definitely lying.

              The question is: which one is it?

              . . .

              Because TTB/HBH are saying one thing and TCG/KN are saying the polar opposite, and all are claiming to be backed by their own “sources”. Kaylor cannot both be together and coming out as soon as they legally/feasibly can AND have been broken up for months with no plans to come out on their own at the same time.

              I’m not saying I know who’s right, I’ve got no clue and it could go either way, but one of those two options has to be wrong - which means someone is definitely lying about where they’re getting their information from.


              This is why I’m so sure someone is lying. Someone is claiming to have some sort of evidence or access they don’t actually have, or they have a source who is either fabricated or is themselves a troll or a liar. And, since we don’t have access to any of their original information, it’s very difficult for us to judge who we should believe for ourselves.
              . . . .

              But something is not right here and probably hasn’t been for a while, and frankly I want whoever it is that’s being dishonest (because, to be clear, I’m really not implying I know who it is or biased as to who it is, I really genuinely don’t know who it is at this point) to have the guts to stand up and say ‘it was me, I lied, I’m sorry’ or ‘I think someone’s been taking me for a ride and I fell for it’ or whatever the truth is, and then we can all figure out what it means for the fandom and hopefully put this whole episode behind us.

              DING DING DING. (never gonna happen).

              I’m of the opinion that the narrative told through half of Rep/most of Lover is true and that Taylor did rebound with someone who was her friend (not “friend” like Karlie) in the hot summer of 2016 and procedeed her relationship with that person, probably until today. Who it was, I don’t know - I have queer theories and straight theories. Taylor did go to a lot of bars and a lot of people visited Cornelia St…


              Others just flounced out of fandom entirely:

              I’m relatively new here but I’ve been a supportive Kaylor ever since I connected the dots. I run dedicated social media accounts. I’ve spread the word in real life.

              But I’m out.

              Karlie’s latest Insta stories (the anniversary gift, the pumpkin patch) just flipped the switch for me. I just don’t care anymore. Karlie can keep throwing us bones before snatching them back.

              Taylor can sit in her conference room and strategically decide how to keep us engaged while marketing her music by letting the public attribute it to a muse undeserving.

              That’s their choice. It’s their journey. I have no right to opine what they should or shouldn’t do based on the little information we have. And I understand the public narrative must be painful for them. I really do wish them the best and hope they can each live their truth soon.

              But I don’t have to sit along for the ride anymore. I have an issue with Kaylors repeatedly being built up only to be stomped on. I wouldn’t stand for it in real life so I’m choosing to leave.

              I think Taylor and Karlie’s teams should know even the small stuff can be the last straw for some of us. I won’t be helping spread the message organically anymore because it hasn’t been a healthy one.

              Is that what our sweet sister Karlie wants to do? Have at it, girl. Go get that big bag of dollars . Don’t hope it’s worth it tho, because honestly she’s having a lot of comprehension on our part. She doesn’t own us shit, and we don’t either. But most of us are OUT. Loneliness will bite you in the a**.

              The former Big Kween (who left to become a larry and then came back to the kays a year or so later) sounds like she's out, too:

              (This one is a big deal because FOR YEARS, she had claimed to have MULTIPLE insider sources assuring her kaylor was fine and dandy up until super recently.)

              Some were just a wee shaky:

              I see so many ppl assure me that karlie is gay and the marriage isn’t real, but Fuck, I’m vulnerable. I’m a lesbian. We don’t see many lesbian 6’2 golden angel models that are ultra fem like Karlie, so when I see her with josh or posting about him I get scared, plain and simple. As much as josh screams gay and their relationship makes no sense, I get scared cause I don’t want to be out here investing so much emotion in a straight girl.

              Others were steadfast:

              My point is, we don’t know under what circumstances Karlie is trapped. Yes, the contract might have a date, but there might be some conditions that HAVE TO happen first to make the date go into effect (!). I’m sure she has the best lawyers around, but if I could advice something, guys, think before you write something very blatant on Karlie’s social media because we might make it worse for her. I know that annoying Jerk like that is very satysfying, but we should stop for awhile, there will be enough time to do it later.

              I love Kaylor with all my heart, I just don't understand what the girls are afraid of? Especially Taylor, look how far she is now. When she's come out IF she will do that, I think a lot of fans will be so upset with her, don't you think? Of course is not that easy, but why Karlie had to get married? Why Taylor has to pretend dating a man? Why? She's brave enough doing so much for the community and coward for herself. I hope you understand my vision.

              There are great things in store and regardless of who she is with or not with right now, Taylor’s gay af and she’s surrounding herself with queers and she’s working up to stepping into the daylight. And we’ll all be there in the sunshine on the street to greet her when she joins us.

              Taylor has made it pretty clear that she never wants to say goodbye to this love( r).

              So regardless of whether or not they are together now, she has already told us that Karlie is her golden love, the end game that she wants… and I want to believe that Taylor knows how to get the girl. I’m still rooting for her.
              The girls are so loud now, building up to the narrative that architect Taylors has created.

              And there are haters who think the girls have some ‘feud’ going on.

              Imagine how loud they will be when they are finally able to be seen together in public once again.

              When they can show themselves as a couple.

              Taylor is going through it, and isn’t likely to add to her plate by coming out right away (I don’t blame her either). It does not appear that Karlie is jumping off her own train anytime soon, so what can we make of that?

              No matter what happens or what the future holds, I will never believe:

              A. That Taylor is straight.

              B. That Toe is real.

              C. That Jerklie is real.

              D. That Taylor and Karlie were just friends.

              Unless I become close personal friends with Taylor and she tells me otherwise, I see nothing that would convince me that any of the above statements are true. And that will *never* happen, so I guess I’ll be a Kaylor til the day I die. Haters can hate on that, but I’ve seen enough to know.

              . . . and I'm not sure how to categorize this person, but I think she's trying to unionize?


              I AM A KAYLOR. Do I know 100% no, but I have two eyes. Do I think it’s more likely than not? Absolutely. Is there room for reasonable doubt. Of course. A dose skepticism is always healthy. So what’s with the stick up my ass, you may ask.

              I am a devoted follower of all the Kaylor blogs. I read every post. It gets me through the semester. But some of these posts…laughable. Let’s be smarter about this, y'all. Look with a critical eye. Talk about the oppressive power structures being leveraged for capital gain, the people who are profiting off of this hoopla (off of OUR attention), and the demographics being targeted for our earnestness, loyalty, and disposable income.

              Yes, I go to Brown.



              The reverberations of the Joshlie wedding anniversary posts AND Taylor not coming out with this album AND Taylor and Joe still being together AND Taylor's friends revealing why they are not even friends anymore are still shaking the fandom, btw.

              The kween has had to do some extra reaching:

              Why Taylor didn't come out:

              She was GOING TO. (even though the album was already well recorded by then and it's chock fulla he's and him's and boys and mans).

              The kween's explanation for why Taylor and her peeps revealed that Karlie was a Kooter lovin' rat:

              IT'S A LOOOOOOOONG GAME. Like the longest, stupidest, most unnecessarily convoluted long game evah.

              Kween also says Taylor will lie by coming out as bi, that's why Joe is still around:

              Y'all are making me a little bifurious, yo.

              So then! Just when the fandom needed her the most, a new! pro-kay blog named HBH appeared, one who decided to cut out the middle man and be her own source!

              She's a reassuring voice in the wilderness:

              . . . and she knows errybuddy (except the kween's source Spade):

              She says she's a Hollywood celesbian who knows everybody who knows 'the girls' and who is 100% on their being rock solid and still together. She established her bona fides with pics of some of the YNTCD props in a prop warehouse, and pics of the Hollywood Bowl show from the nosebleeds (even though she claimed she was backstage). She talks a big game, but that's it. That's all she's got. So basically, just a person who probs lives in LA and who either works in props or has a friend willing to take prop pics for her.

              I don't have a lot of screenshots b/c she seems to delete a lot, but she wasn't around for long before she got into major dramz with the kween and other Big Kay sites, and that occupied fandom for awhile.

              The kween is highly suspicious or this newbie:


              Oh yes! That is why I say be careful what you believe. Not everyone is honest about who they are. No one who works for or around Taylor would behave like this toward one of Taylor’s big fans. This blog has a large following, and is very pro-Taylor. Why would someone who cares about Taylor’s interests try to sabotage an essentially free PR blog of Taylor’s? It is illogical.

              The kween talking about what is or isn't illogical will never not be funny. She also posted this, directed at HBH:

              TTB you are rock solid and I love it. You've been here minding your business for years--and H B H pops up out of the blue actung like you are trying to detroy her. We were supposed to be on the same teams. Oh well... keep grinding!

              Thank you. This goes back to what I posted earlier in response to an anon. Not everyone is who they say they are. Some people have hidden agendas … dividing the fandom by attacking two of the busiest Kaylor ask blogs, while offering nothing else. People need to use their own judgment. If you do not like my blog … it is not required reading. But, you do not need to bully and harass me on your blog.

              Anyway, that's where things stood for a bit . . . the kays and g/kays all split into warring kamps, some still drinking the kool-aid, some believing that (horrors!) a kaylor split really has occurred*.

              *with many of the pro-split people believing that Taylor is dating someone** new

              ** Brie Larson, duh***. BRAYLOR 4EVA.

              *** although some have also theorized Halsey or Nina Nesbitt, because why not? Anybody but Joe, obvs!

              The pro-kay kamp has continued shrinking with the most recent Koots brouhaha and Karlie's like of that very mean anti-Taylor tweet:

              [quote]Before the SB2 issue I thought kaylor was still going strong BTS. However after all this, I stop believing that. If I was going dealing with having my work taken away by two men, I would want my SO to be there for me. To support me publicly and privately, to fight by my side. I'm sorry but right now the fact that karlie is hanging out with these people isn't good enough for me. The real karlie would support taylor and call out the BS yet she is publicly being linked with them 1/2

              2/2 Taylor is going through something big in her life and karlie publicly isn’t there for her. And I emphasise publicly because they are public figures and right now Taylor needs support from the industry. I am ready to put kaylor in rest cause I start to feel like I’m grasping into tiny details in order to keep kaylor alive. They probably broke up or something/quote]

              . . . but the kween has that covered, too:

              What’s your best guess of karlies involvement in all of this between sb and Taylor? Where does she stand in terms of not leaving sb and not speaking up? If she’s protecting Taylor, how so?

              My belief is that Karlie is abiding by the terms of her contracts, while keeping her eyes and ears open. I believe that Karlie and Taylor agreed this is the best course since there is very little Karlie could do to change things for Taylor. SB is purposely trying to mess with the two of them. So Karlie doesn’t bite on his game. She stays cool, and gets out of her contract clean upon its completion.

              The idea of … keeping your friends close, and your enemies closer … seems possible here.

              Seeing as how brilliant Taylor is and how potentially INCREDIBLE AND LOYAL Karlie is, how crazy is it to wonder if they planned all of this out? For Karlie to infiltrate scooter and act like she’s friends with him and Yael on purpose? What if it’s been a way to keep the enemy close so taylor knows what he’s up to not just in regards to Taylor but in terms of his own business dealings? So they can crush him at some point like the cockroach he is?

              We gotta stop dragging Karlie. We honesty don't know how much she is suffering. Being Sunshine and happy all the time is not normal. She could be having a breakdown about all this shit outside of what we see. What can she do at this moment? Maybe she is willing to take the heat to protect her love. I mean, at this point can you blame her? It absolutely sucks--but if this was Taylor's last cry to get help. THE, Taylor Swift! Can you imagine what else is holding over her head. Focus on Taylor!

              Yep. totally looked like she was suffering at the Dior event the same day Taylor released her impassioned plea, or while she was posting selfies, or while she was liking Kooter's latest insta post.

              THE FACE OF SUFFERING.

              In FACT, Taylor's REAL motive over calling out the SBs is her wife's suffering!

              Such! suffering these past few weeks!

              I'm so sad for Karlie!

              There is always light at the end of the ever moving goalposts . . . and Spade is always there to be vague and florid:

              (The FACT that Taylor was going to be anointed Artist of The Decade was announced way before Spade's 'prediction' means nothing to them, I guess. I think I'm going to send in a riddle to a kay blog predicting that Taylor will release a Christmas song!)

              Spade's latest (12/4) is a work of staggering beauty:

              Sound and fury, signifying nothing.

              This one did NOT come true, however, where they thought Karlie was easter egging what song would be in the medley based on the emojis she used on a post:

              Other bits and pieces . . . Taylor posted this this on insta after she returned home to London from Asia promo:

              . . . and most Swifties thought it was kinda cute that she was using celsius like the proper Brit she is becoming, but the kays! totes ignore that she ran straight to where Joe is filming a movie instead of to NYC where her wife was, and found something else to focus on:

              Is "jet lag" code for something between Karlie and Taylor? A way of saying they're sick of the bullsh*t maybe? Taylor especially seems to post about being jet lagged right before bad news breaks. She did it before the recent drama and right after the "wedding" when she was in Oz. It's curious.

              This is konspiracy kanon being built in real time.

              So now any reference to 'jet' 'flying' 'clouds' or 'sky' belongs exclusively to k'lor and means 'the girls' are talking to each other and to their Tru Fans and can be used as proof that they are still together and hunky dory.

              Just like they've now claimed donuts, not kidding!

              . . . and oranges!

              We will also always have clothing:


              So! That's where things were up until Thanksgiving, where Karlie took a knife and gutted them all. Again. As she is wont to do.

              (that's JKush having Thanksgiving with the Klosses in St.Louis).

              The kween was displeased!

              ORANGES AND BALLERINAS.(I think the 'ballerinas' thing is because Misty Copeland danced to Lover, and Karlie, like a gazillion other white princessy gals, took ballet as a kid? I guess?)

              Errrybuddy mad!

              IT'S REAL LIFE FOR US TOO.

              Taylor put a leash on your dog! I mean, sekrit wife!

              Klosses! Sweep your home for bugs!

              Yikes, homophobia!

              But no matter, the kween is still 'confident' the 'kontract' 'ended' in 'August':

              . . . even after the Thanksgiving Where Karlie Trussed The Kays All Up Like Turkeys. In FACT, the goalposts are now moved to, yep, you guessed it . . . 2020.

              Hi TTB! I'm curious if we're speculating on a timeline being done with JK?I'm so sick of his stupid face he makes, like he's surprised when he calls the paps... I personally don't believe KK re-signed, but is trying to play nice, so she doesn't get tied up by any legalese in the future, a la Taylor. But I know there's intense opinions that differ from this out there, and I'm really not sure of anything at this point. But KK's brand strategy has been so muddled lately, and I think that is telling

              I am keeping an eye on the new year for this. I fully believe the contract ended on August 31st … with stipulations of how they would play it out through the split announcement. Has she shown with his childish mug more than I expected since? Yes. But, I am still optimistic that the official end is near. A split around the holidays would allow it to happen more quietly.

              Speaking with a mutual a few weeks ago, they made a good point. The Kushners will not want loud, negative noise. So a quieter split announcement may be in the cards.

              The thing we will never know is if he offered her something in return for a few more outings.

              Keep on keeping on, kween!


              Kaylorfails posted a lovely round-up of the kween's 'debunking' of Karlie and Josh's Big Sur Adventure, so Imma post it here in it's entirety:


              Bonus bonus! To celebrate the 5 yr anniversary of Kissgate, here is a debunking of Kissgate, why not:


              As a Swiftie noted:
              That’s not a new revelation about Josh being at the “1975” concert. “1975” fans standing in same area said Josh/Karlie were making out on the back wall during the concert. That’s why the K’s fanfic was always BS. And a “1975” roadie GF said Taylor/Matty made out backstage and their after party.

              All I could think about is those candids of Taylor the next day heading to the LA Jingle Ball. She had a blessed evening w/ Matty Healy.

              (Taylor wearing his shirt, Matty wearing hers. Just sayin'.)

              Like, the Did They or Didn't They of Matty/Taylor is way more interesting than any dumb Kaylor Kissgate theory.

              Bonus bonus bonus!

              The TayOnion comes through as per usual:

              Okay, that was a lot a lot a lot and I have to be done now.

              Last edited by ophy; 12-06-2019, 11:25 AM.


              • I really like the new Christmas song! In her interview, she talks about how streaming is the artist's pension plan, but you know what's better than a pension? A Brinks truck backing into your driveway every year like clockwork because you have a Christmas song that gets played a bajillion times in every mall everywhere for two straight months. Taylor shooting her shot at Mariah Carey territory is extremely my shit. And the new Vogue shoot is maybe my favorite ever. I love the Brigitte Bardot style anyway, but it really suits her.


                • I love the Christmas Tree Farm song!

                  long time readers might have recognized that table in Rome as Holy Ground for Hiddleswift
                  I am starting a Tumblr called HiddleswiftNation with my insider info on how Joe and Karlie are pretending to be in love with Taylor to mask the TRU LUV story of Hiddleswift.

                  Thanks for doing the Kaylor roundup - they are always entertaining in their crazy. The thing about Kaylor is how sad it would be if true - that this amazingly rich pair of young women in 2019 are ensnared in these “contracts” - who in the world would want to spend their fandom energy on such a sad story. Anyway.

                  and given that was probably written for her mom, and we all kinda know why? she's writing a songs for her mom right now?
                  Because of Andrea’s miraculous recovery from recurrent cancer that they discovered Thanksgiving weekend? I am just going to live in that bubble for a minute because reasons.


                  • OMG, I can't with the crazy anymore.

                    The song is very good and it will play in my house every Christmas from now on.


                    • Can people not see that Taylor and Karlie don't even FIT into the same sphere anymore?
                      The fact that Karlie is so complacent looking while sitting next to Ivanka tells me that she and Taylor are unlikely to be friends again anytime soon. To me, their friendship was a happenstance of time and place, and there is nothing on which to build a lifelong BFF-dom.


                      • To me, their friendship was a happenstance of time and place, and there is nothing on which to build a lifelong BFF-dom.
                        Yup and it's not the only close friendship of Taylor's that has lessened in intensity or ended altogether. I think Kaylor most likely had more conflict at the end than Taylor had with other good friends, but I haven't seen her with the Haim sisters, Lily Aldridge (Taylor is her daughter's godmother), or Jaime King in forever either. But those friendships weren't on the cover of Vogue so no one pays them any attention. Scooter's wife wasn't exactly wrong when she said that Taylor drops friends when she's just kind of... over them. But most charismatic people are like that. They're all about a new friend in a super obsessive way and then they get bored and have to seek that intensity elsewhere.


                        • I always ask this but: WHY do these fans need these two women to be gay so badly when, if the konspiraces are true, everyone involved would be a terrible person (and a terrible person to stan). Relatedly: Why do they believe either of the HBIC Konspiracy theorists when THEY HAVE BOTH BEEN WRONG FOR LITERAL YEARS ON END NOW?

                          Finally, regardless of if she’s a beard or a bi or in love with JKush? Karlie is a HORRIBLE PERSON. She married into a klan of stone-cold criminals and is married to someone who DIRECTLY PROFITS off the corruption of this fucked-up, racist, sexist administration. Literally, she GETS HOUSEHOLD INCOME FROM THESE CRIMINALS.

                          If Karlie was even a SLIGHTLY decent person, she’d use her platform to speak out against the imprisonment of immigrant children! It’s the actual LEAST FUCKING THING SHE COULD DO. But then her in-laws would be mad at her or something. So we know what kind of person she is. She’s the kind of person who voted for HRC but keeps her mouth shut and sits next to Ivanka and yaps it up as rich ladies and later pretends they’re not friends.

                          She’s THE WORST. She knows her own in-laws are toxic but makes excuses for their corruption privately and then publicly distances herself from them. And her husband helps them in their corruption LITERALLY ON THE DAILY.

                          I truly hate her.
                          Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                          • Scooter's wife wasn't exactly wrong when she said that Taylor drops friends when she's just kind of... over them.
                            Could also be that she has evolved to where she now sees they are - to Is’s point about Karlie - horrible people. And there were likely a fair number of people who were just using her for something or another and she’s just not letting that happen now.

                            Why do they believe either of the HBIC Konspiracy theorists when THEY HAVE BOTH BEEN WRONG FOR LITERAL YEARS ON END NOW?
                            They seem to do a really weak job of working around their wrongness too. I have a lot of trouble with this same thing.

                            One of the HBICs seems to be ovah Karlie but still ships Kaylor, in the same way that the Daisy kids hated Joey near the end but still wanted Dawson to win her.

                            Karlie is horrible and complicit as hell.


                            • Could also be that she has evolved to where she now sees they are - to Is’s point about Karlie - horrible people. And there were likely a fair number of people who were just using her for something or another and she’s just not letting that happen now.
                              I could maybe buy into this, but I really do think that the two people who have hung on tightest to Taylor's coattails and benefited the most from their association with her are Selena and Gigi and they're both still firmly in the circle of trust. And Lily and Jaime seem entirely harmless so I don't know that they're any more horrible than Selena or Gigi. A couple of weeks ago Selena tagged Kim K's brand in one of her insta posts and then realized she didn't want that TSwift army smoke and deleted it with quickness. And Gigi's dad is shady as hell, has a history of bad business deals, and faced fraud charges not that long ago. Anyway, that's a long way of saying that I don't think it's any sort of clarity about the awfulness of her old squad that's caused Taylor to friend dump over the past few years. I think it's more likely that she just got bored and moved on. And that they likely weren't all that close to begin with and the "OMG besties" front they presented was short-lived if not largely exaggerated.

                              I love that I'm this board's lone Karlie defender because I legit don't really give a shit about her beyond talking about her here. I feel like I know a lot of Karlie personalities in my life so I'm more sympathetic toward her. She's a go along to get along kind of girl, super mid-Western, and just decided early on that JKush was her literal ride or die and she would accept everything else that came with him. She's been with him since she was 20 or 21 which probs means he's been her only serious relationship ever. When they got together, she couldn't have known that their relationship would get pulled into any of this Trump mess and by the time she was confronted with that reality, she was in love with her dude. So then what? If it's true that his parents hate her and think she's not good enough for their family, then that girl is never gonna win no matter what she does. Her husband's family thinks that she's a sucky corn fed gentile, people like Is think she's the worst, and Trump MAGAts think she's a traitor to her family. Meanwhile, Karlie was like, "I'mma pick JKush over errybody else so, hate me, I guess, whatever." She's never gonna be the person who screams from the rafters about injustice and she's not gonna move the needle within the Kushner/Trump circle anyway so I totally get why she just kind of lives with it. She's not awesome like Sophia Bush, but I also don't think she's the worst evah.


                              • I don't think the way Taylor has cut off with her other friends is the same way she cut off with Karlie. Sometimes you drift apart from people but when you see them again you retain fond memories and sometimes even rekindle the friendship. Sometimes people do something and then you look at pictures of a favourite trip with them in it and curse that they tainted the trip. I think Karlie is in the second category for Taylor

                                Recenly, I was thinking about Hiddleswift and wondered why the excess publicity. We know that Taylor can have (and prefers?) a more private relationship. Why did they pap it so much?