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    Well, Tom went on Jimmy Kimmel in a gorilla suit a few days ago to promote the new Skull Island trailer:

    But he hasn't been spotted around town since then . . . and hasn't been spotted leaving LA either. WHERE YOU AT, TOM.

    Taylor has also been laying low . . . presumably in NYC, but I guess she could be anywhere? Last Saturday (11/10), she was papped at Lena Dunham's:

    And then her hands and feet were spotted on Martha Hunt's insta story last Sunday (11/11), but she's been MIA since then. She didn't even show up with Karlie and Blake at the L'Oreal event in NYC on Wednesday (11/16).

    Her planes have both been parked in Nashville and haven't moved (except once yesterday when the little jet went Nash -- St. Louis -- Nash very quickly . . . Tay has relatives in St.Louis, so the spec is that Andrea was using the plane to pick someone up). Swifties don't believe that she's still in NYC because she's normally seen there once every couple of days, if not more often, but nobody knows where she is if she isn't in NYC, or how she might have got to this mystery location wherever if so. The only times she's chartered a jet and not used her own was when she was dating Tom, but she's not dating Tom now, so . . . It's also possible that she just took a car up to White Plains to hang with Blake. It might also be possible that she's succeeded in keeping people from tracking her big jet. But no, she's probably still in NYC, and just hasn't come out of the carriage house in the past 6 days for some reason.

    The fact that Taylor and Tom have both been MIA for most of this week means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for sure.

    And you know WHY it means NOTHING? Because 2016 is a bastard, that's why.

    She's probably been locked away cuddling with Karlie all week, that's more likely.

    ETA Oh, and I forgot this . . . Tom was spotted 'with' a blonde lady in London before he left for LA:

    That got some Tom fan's hopes up that he was 'moving on'! but alas, it was much ado about nothing. There was a guy with them as well (conveniently left out of the pics), and Gossip Cop has already denied that she's Tom's new ladyfriend. She and the other guy actually work for Unicef and were meeting with Tom to work out deets on a new campaign. That was one of two denials this week . . . GC denied that Tom was dating a new lady, and then also denied that Taylor voted for Trump (because duh, of course she didn't).
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      Nobody knows where Tom is, but! we found Taylor!

      Apparently Taylor went to Puerto Rico on Thursday, possibly with her mom or mom plus aunt and cousins, but that's just a guess Swifties made because the plane went to St.Louis before going to PR (and her cousins live there).

      Looks like her smaller jet really can move around some without being tracked . . . at some point it must have gone from Nashville to NYC to pick her up and bring her back to Nashville, but the plane folks didn't see that happen. And then it went St.Louis -- Nashville -- Puerto Rico. The plane people didn't seem to know for sure it was her plane until last night when Tay posted an insta vid of herself watching Selena win an award at the AMAs . . . and you can tell it was a hotel room with a Puerto Rican festival poster. It sounds like there are at least a couple of other people in the room watching with her and celebrating Selena's win.

      It's still up on her insta stories if any of y'all wanna add to the spec, but I don't know how to embed them here.

      Seems kinda unlikely that Tom joined Taylor *and her family* in Puerto Rico, right? I mean, if it hadn't seemed like some of her fam and/or friends might be there, I'd be all over this as a potential Hiddleswiftian getaway . . . but dunno now.

      Do secret boyfs join family vacas? I don't think they do, generally.

      Tom could, of course, be literally anywhere right now, but Tom fans in Brazil are hoping that he's going to be announced as a surprise guest at a con in Sao Paulo starting Dec 1st. The director of Skull Island is going to be there, but no word yet on any of the cast members. Puerto Rico wouldn't be a terrible place to be hanging out until a Brazilian con, but it still seems unlikely.

      ETA pic of Tom on a flight to London from LA yesterday:

      . . . . and yep, gonna assume this means Hiddleswift is super dead. He was in the States for over a week, but they didn't geographically overlap at all. Dunzo.
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        Taylor turned 27 today!

        She's been MIA for a couple of weeks, no sign of her anywhere. Her jet did go to Colorado briefly and then right back to Nashville last week as though it dropped someone off, so the assumption was that she's on a ski vacation. Last year, she and Calvin spent part of the holidays in Colorado, making snowmen.

        Coincidentally, Tom hadn't been seen since Dec 5th in London. Not overlapping geography, just overlapping MIAness!

        All of her close friends were elsewhere and accounted for (including Karlie and Tay's brother Austin) so it doesn't look like she threw a party or spent her 27th birthday with a crowd of the usuals. I mean, she could have been in Colorado or Nashville with her mom for her birthday and the week and a half leading up to it, but that's pretty much the only person left. Her mom and the cats.

        Then Martha Hunt posted this 4th of July throwback on insta for Tay's bday, and it's not only got Taylor with her 'T' for Tom heart, but Tom can be seen right behind her wearing a hat. That got tongues a'wagging.

        Basically along the lines of 'Martha wouldn't post a pic of Tay with her EX, right??? so maybe he's not an ex hmmmm?'

        Which meant that the last of the Hiddleswifters still hanging on jumped to the TOM AND TAYLOR ARE LOVED UP IN THE SNOOOOOW conclusion, until! . . . a charity in London posted this pic of Tom a couple of hours ago:

        Just in case you were wondering .. it really is Christmas now!! A gorgeous T for Tom from the very handsome Tom Hiddleston in London tonight, happpppppy Christmas


        I totally get why people are still hanging on (PRETTY PRETTY GIRAFFES), but it's sunk, yo. Of course, Taylor might be in loved up in the snow with somebody new . . . that would not be surprising.

        Oh, and she and Zayne put out a new song and it's #1 on the Itunes chart worldwide yada yada. But that's incidental.


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          The Swifties don't think Taylor has left Colorado (assuming she was the one who was dropped off there). She's been liking her friends' happy birthday posts on insta, but she hasn't commented or posted anything herself yet. So still nobody knows who spent her bday with.

          The k'lors got super excited over Karlie's bday post (Karlie is in Oz, btw) for Taylor:

          They've decided that the pic is super gay and a way to 'glass closet' (although I guess you have to ignore the fact that Karlie just called Taylor 'sister', which doesn't seem very gay at all?) and I even saw some folks wondering 'what the media will say'. Well, given that many of the other bday pics show Taylor snuggling other female friends with similar captions, I don't know that the media will say anything.

          The k'lors always overlook all the instances where Taylor is equally as 'gay' with her other friends, but that's okay. You have to have a certain amount of tunnel vision to maintain tinhattery.

          Anyway, here are some of the very similar cuddly insta posts they are ignoring:

          I don't think Taylor is dating ALL of these people, although I could be wrong.

          ETA Oh, but if it's specifically only cheek kissing involving Karlie that equals dating, then . . .

          And I guess Tay and Karlie are both dating Lorde:

          And Karlie and Cara must be dating:

          Ran into this burner in the desert @caradelevingne

          A photo posted by Karlie Kloss (@karliekloss) on

          And Karlie and her actual sister:

          Love u Kim-bae

          A photo posted by Karlie Kloss (@karliekloss) on

          And Karlie must be dating Josh as well . . .

          four years ago today I met my best friend ⭐️ I love you more everyday.

          A photo posted by Karlie Kloss (@karliekloss) on

          A photo posted by Karlie Kloss (@karliekloss) on

          Oh wait.
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            Taylor has been mostly MIA since Thanksgiving!

            One of her jets was in Colorado for awhile, and one of them made one quick trip to Missouri, but otherwise they have been parked in Nashville. She was most likely in Nashville right before Christmas (Lily posted a pic):

            . . . and she was definitely in Missouri surprising a 96 yr old WWII vet (who is a big fan of hers) on Christmas Day with her dad:

            (Taylor liked the above post, btw).

            But it looks like Tay and Scott just flew in and then back to Nashville the same day.

            That means that since Thanksgiving, only a few hours of Taylor's life has been documented. Other than that, nada. Nobody knows where she is or who she's with. She didn't pop up for her birthday on 12/13 or for New Year's Eve. There have been random sightings that aren't backed up with anything solid hither and thither (some You Tube commenter said she was at a party in LA on NYE, on twitter somebody said they saw in Norwich, England, etc) but zero confirmation about those sightings. She hasn't been spotted in the normal places, like out and about in NYC or Nashville. Her song with Zayn is blowing up alls over, but she hasn't done any promo at all.

            That's well over a month without being papped or being discovered anywhere which seems hella deliberate and is super unusual-- and this vacuum of knowledge is freaking out the fandom.

            There are FOUR main theories as to What Is Up . . . five if you count my own theory (just chillin' at home in Nashville trying to catch up on her to-be-read pile of books and/or binge watching all the past seasons of America's Next Top Model on Hulu):

            1) Tom and Taylor never broke up, and they are spending time together
            2) Harry and Taylor are having secret rendezvous #HaylorRise
            3) Karlie and Taylor are still wives so all of the other options are bullshit
            4) Taylor is with someone new that nobody even suspects
            5) Taylor spent the past month at home, on the couch, dressing up the cats in funny outfits

            When there's a lack of info, everyone is free to spec and reach and entertain themselves with fairy tales of what if, so I'm not faulting any of those theories, but here goes . . .

            Option 1: Hiddleswift Is Back, Baby! (or never actually went away):

            As for Tom, there's no big mystery about his whereabouts, Tom has been seen and papped in London a handful of times in December. Mostly doing ordinary things like getting coffee or attending a fancy party or sitting in a restaurant alone. He hasn't been seen every day, but there have been many scattered sightings.

            (He and Gemma Arterton went to RADA together and have been friends for years, fyi)

            And spotted again in London a couple of days ago:

            Anyway, you get the idea . . . he's not laying low or anything like that, although it's true that he's mostly been spotted alone.

            Other than Taylor's plane mysteriously going to London right as Tom as heading home from Oz, the fave bit of evidence for this theory is this pic that Martha posted for Tay's birthday:

            Tom in the background!

            And the one Abi posted:

            < style=" margin:8px 0 0 0; padding:0 4px;"> Wishing the happiest of birthdays to this girl!Thank you for all the light you shine, @taylorswift ✨ Here's to taking your arm paint just as serious for the next 27 years!

            A photo posted by Abigail Anderson (@abigail_lauren) on

            Abigail is painting the 'T' heart, which HSwifters are hoping is significant.

            From tumblr:

            There are three reasons why I think they are together. First one is photos posted by Martha ( with Tom in background) and Abigail ( getting "tatoo" with "T"). Second is sighting of Tom in poorly lit fancy restaurant on the date of her birthday (without photos of his date or him arriving/leaving place). Third is that flight to London in November when Tom was supposed to leave Australia, but wasn't spotted in airports.


            I think them hiding makes perfect sense tbh. If they had faked a breakup, maybe its because they came to a point where they got irritated with the paps and the hate so they did it to solve their problem. Or maybe they really did breakup then when they got back together, they decided to keep it private (especially if theyre still trying to work out any issues) and keep their relationship to themselves.


            I hope TnT are together for several reasons. I think they did have a love connection and I hate that the media did their best to tear it down. I think Tom fits Taylor's personality very well and is one of the few people who could handle her lifestyle. But a part of me really wants TnT together just to be able to see the toxics eat their words calling us all crazy and gloating that they are not together any longer.

            Lovely theory! Shame there isn't actual proof, because this one would make me twirl, twirl, twirl.

            Option 2: Haylor! Is! Rising!

            Fave bit of evidence for this theory . . .

            Well, it's somewhat convoluted and I'm not sure I have it straight, but apparently it has to do with the autographed album that Tay arranged for her brother for Christmas:

            The band and/or someone who commented 'LOL' on this post has a connection to Harry, so the Haylors believe it was Harry who got the album signed for Taylor to give to Austin, and that somehow means they are back together(?).

            Also, a psychic said so*.

            *for realz, although I haven't been able to locate the post where that happened.

            Harry wasn't not laying low in December at all. Just like Tom, he's been spotted out and about in London quite a bit.

            Tons more sightings than this, but I'm sure you get the idea.

            Was harry the one who got the Spector CD autographed for Taylor? She gave it to her brother for Xmas and the guy from Spector said "when someone asks you to sign for 'a friends little brother' and the friend turns out to be Taylor swift" and then Sam Campbell commented "lol". Haylors think this is more proof that harry and Taylor are back together. That and they've both been secretive and MIA (and a bunch of other "proofs")


            Gurrlll that jet person says she's in the UK and she's probably not with Tom cause they've been so public, I don't think they would just go private suddenly. Haylor has a reason to be MIA cause the fans and media were the reason they couldn't be together. I don't think she was ready to go to that NYE party with Harry. I had my doubts before but now I think unless she has someone new in the UK, she's with Harry.


            do you realize haylor is gonna rise this year for real?

            taylor has new surprises for us and so is harry

            and who knows what could happen..


            Haylor Moments in 2016


            -Wildest Dreams Grammy museum acoustic performance released

            -Harry posts a black and white photo of rain on a day rumoured to be the anniversary Haylor broke up

            -Harry’s very extra e-mail address gets leaked and it is confirmed to be Stylesh989 (So embarrassing lol)


            -Harry turns 22 and tweets lyrics to Taylor’s hit song. Haylor becomes a trending topic on the same day

            -Taylor opens up the Grammys with a performance of ‘Out of the Woods’

            -1989 (the official Haylor soundtrack) wins album of the year at the Grammys

            -Taylor says a beautiful maid of honour speech at her best friend Brit’s wedding which has parallels to songs lyrics and words she has spoken about Harry in interviews


            -Harry tweets lyrics to ‘Come Away With Me’ by Norah Jones

            -Harry and Taylor both have dinner in West Hollywood in separate restaurants not far from each other on Easter Monday


            -Taylor is seen in Brentwood two days after Harry is

            -Taylor has dinner at Nobu with Lily Alderidge two nights after Harry has dinner there with his friends

            -Niall sings OOTW on his Snapchat

            -Harry tweets lyrics to ‘Just What I Needed’ by The Cars


            -Harry’s sister Gemma likes a photo of Taylor on IG

            -Taylor retweets a photo of herself holding a diet coke bottle with lyrics to ‘Style’ on it after many people were saying that ‘Style’ is no longer relevant to Haylor because Harry had recently cut his hair and Taylor was frequently wearing purple lipstick

            -Gemma mentions 1989 World Tour Live in her blog


            -Haylor becomes a trending topic on Twitter for the second time of the year

            -Anne posts a photo on IG of Dusty and Dotty and includes the tags #wonderland and #cheshirecats

            -Taylor attends the Taylor Swift Education Centre where there is a note on the wall that says “Haylor will rise”


            -Anne posts a photo on the morning of the Kimye incident of a Minion with the words “Good morning just sending out a small smile to whoever may need one today!” as a possible indirect to Taylor or anyone else upset by the situation


            -Taylor is seen wearing sneakers from a Gucci collection inspired by Harry’s tattoos

            -Never before seen photos of from the NYE 2012 are leaked

            -Niall follows Taylor on Twitter

            - #haylorwillriseparty trends on Twitter


            -The Swift fandom starts a theory that TIWYCF was written about Harry which starts out as a joke but then comes to actually make sense

            -People magazine pitches articles that confirm both Harry and Taylor are single on the same day (Hiddleswift break up with Tom; Harry denying Hendall rekindling rumours )

            -Taylor has diner at Greenwich Hotel where she went on a date with Harry back in 2012

            -Taylor third wheels with Zigi

            -Harry posts three blank white images on IG which articles believe are a reference to the song ‘Blank Space’


            -An article about Harry’s friendship with Nathan Followil comes out the day after Taylor goes to a private Kings of Leon concert

            -Taylor posts a screenshot of an mp3 of ‘Over’ by Kings of Leon on IG

            -’Someday’ is (finally!) released on Michael Buble’s album ‘Nobody But Me’ as a duet with Meghan Trainor

            -Songs about Harry are performed at the FM1 concert in Texas


            -Elle King reveals Taylor loves her song ‘See You Again’


            -How You Get the Girl Grammy museum acoustic version is released

            -In a fan photo Harry is seen in Holmes Chapel outside a place he took Taylor on a date wearing the Haylor shirt

            Just had to include the entire 2016 Haylor Timeline, because it's glorious.

            I am no Haylor expert, and I haven't a clue who 'Anne', "Dusty' or 'Dottie' are, but I do love this iconic Haylor moment:

            Harry and Taylor both have dinner in West Hollywood in separate restaurants not far from each other on Easter Monday

            Eating in separate restaurants is the latest trend in dating, yo!

            Of course, the main peeps to drag down Option 2 are the Larries, who swear that Harry has been with Louis all this time, duh.

            As for the reference to the 'jet person' saying Tay's jet went back to the UK again, I don't know about that. Most people are saying the jets are parked in Nashville, so I'm not sure that's reliable.

            For the hardcore lovers of conspiracy theories, though, the Haylors believe Harry has a secret Twitter account ( hescox94) where he gives them Haylor encouragement via DMs:

            The account posts song lyrics and cryptic pics and DMs people who ask him(?) Haylor questions. It's pretty LOLarious. Anyway, that's helping to keep the Haylor flame alive.

            Option 3: Kaylor wives!

            Karlie was in Australia and then Hawaii in mid-December, and she was in St.Louis with her fam for Christmas, and she was in St. Barths with Derek Blasberg for New Year's, and she landed in Vegas yesterday. All of that was documented. Taylor however, wasn't spotted in any of those places . . . but the K'lors decided that since that WWII vet's house was a couple of hours away from St.Louis, Taylor used that visit as a cover for actually visiting Karlie. Her plane wasn't there very long, but okay.

            The only evidence keeping the k'lors going this past month was Derek liking a couple of tweets from Kaylor accounts. (But the tweets weren't about Taylor and Karlie being gay for each other, so . . . )

            Option 4: Taylor is shacking up with a random new guy!

            Post Hiddleswift break-up, Perez tweeted something about 'knowing' Taylor was dating someone new, but that's really all that underpins this theory. It's just as plausible as anything else . . . after Hurricane Hiddleswift was torn apart by the media wolves, nobody would be surprised if Taylor went waaaay underground to protect a new relationship. But there's literally not a peep anywhere of who the guy might be, if he exists.

            Oh, I guess there actually is one other thing for this theory . . . the few times Taylor has been spotted since the beginning of November, she's been wearing a new ROUS:

            So there is spec that a new guy gave it to her. (Or that it came from Tom, Karlie, or Harry . . . )

            Okay that last aside totally reminded of a Kiss Me, Kate song.

            But that makes Karlie 'Dick' which is super funny.

            Option 5:

            My fave!

            I assume there is also an Option 6, that Taylor has been locked away in a studio working on TS6, but hardly anyone is saying that. THAT WOULD BE CRAZYTALK.

            It would be nice to think we'll find out the truth of Taylor's Lost December someday, but honestly . . .


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              I bet it's cats or albums. I am all for Hiddleswift, but there's not one shred of evidence to support.


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                Unfortunately I think Hiddleswift is done. I keep hoping but nothing is pointing in that direction.


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                  We did get some interesting jet movement, which the Swiftie blogs I check regularly didn't post about (unfortunately for me, they are keeping quiet about her jets nowadays) . . .

                  Apparently, one of her planes left the US on Wednesday, arrived in the UK on Thursday, then went to Rotterdamn and back to the UK and is still parked there, I think? Hiddleswifters were happy because they thought it meant Tay's plane was picking up Taylor and Tom to take them to LA for the Golden Globes . . . but then these pics of Tom at Heathrow today came out:

                  (new jacket! Gucci! $1600! I don't really like it!)

                  Huge relief for the Tom blogs who don't like Taylor, because they got a bit anxious when her jet was heading to London. Hiddleswifters who are still holding on to Taylor's Lost December Option 1 now think that the plane was picking up Taylor, who has been in the UK with Tom for awhile . . . and that Tom flew out commercial from Heathrow very publicly on purpose to throw everyone off the scent. They also spec that he's hiding his left hand because of a SEKRIT WEDDING RING OMB.

                  Equally plausible of course, is that Taylor's jet was doing something unrelated to Tom entirely, but who knows? It does remind me that her plane went to LA inexplicably when he was there for the Emmys, and then went to London inexplicably when he was returning from Oz. We never found out what those flights were about either. Coincidences!


                  Lainey, after posting the Heathrow pics:

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                    Okay, just looked around fandom tumblr and now I have a headache.

                    For what it's worth, the Hiddleswifters Who Are Still Hanging On (HSWASHO) are acting mighty confident about Option 1 right now . . . and the Anti-Taylor Tom fans (let's call them Stoners) are being very aggressive in attacking them, which makes me wonder if they are worried about something.

                    I think most of the 'evidence' sharing has been happening in DMs that I'm not privy to, but it looks like the HSWASHO have been holding on to the movements of one? or two? private jets who were chartered anonymously from Nashville to London a couple of times in December as part of their proof that HS is back together/never split up. But they had nothing solid until Taylor's plane went to the UK Wednesday, which links Taylor to London a bit more definitively. I can see their argument . . . the plane went just when Tom was about to be on the move again, and it makes some sense for the jet to eventually take Taylor back to Not-LA (NYC, Nashville, wherever) while Tom goes to LA on his own. Ideally for them, the plane will be tracked to New York, maybe, and then Taylor will pop up in NYC and be seen/papped right afterwards, because that will show she was probably on the jet, and was actually in London, perhaps for awhile, and didn't just go to London on Wednesday to hang with Ed or something. (Ed, by the way, says Taylor emailed him about his new singles, and he hasn't seen her lately). Hopefully I don't have all my facts twisted here, because I was scrounging for bits and pieces to add together. The HSWAHOs have gotten really cagey ever since Lainey picked up on their jet speculation back when Taylor's jet went to London whenever ago and nobody knew why.

                    Unless there is something they are not sharing on tumblr, it looks like the HSWASHO are basing their current giddiness on the past geographical coincidences, the anonymous charters in December, the jet's current movement, and this:

                    Tom finished his Marvel/UNICEF traveling duties of the year on November 25. COINCIDENTALLY the day after Thanksgiving is when Taylor Swift changed completely her lifestyle and got into deep MIA except for Christmas. Did you understand that our fanfiction is very much fun but not so much fiction?

                    The Stoners think Taylor either arrived on Thursday, or was never on the plane, or never in the UK at all. They are not buying the theory that she chartered an anonymous jet to London earlier, and that this new movement is her ride home. As their counterpoint:

                    That's obviously where us reasonable people have strayed. We thought a break up and two subsequent confirmations would serve as an end . Seriously we are going with a fake break up and hidden rs theory which has Taylor taking secret charter flights back and forth to London, not going outdoors while tom randomly goes about his business to throw us all off? Are her bodyguards staying with Tom too or is she unguarded while he's having coffee?

                    Of course, wherever she has been since Thanksgiving, she's not been going outdoors much, but I suppose that's not the point.

                    The Haylors think she arrived Thursday in London to be with Harry. OBVIOUSLY.

                    The Kaylors think everyone else is being stupid, because why would she go to so much effort to hide a relationship with a dude? Only gay relationships have to be hidden. ONLY THE GAYS MUST HIDE.

                    I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON but it's been kinda fun wondering.
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                      Seriously we are going with a fake break up and hidden rs theory which has Taylor taking secret charter flights back and forth to London, not going outdoors while tom randomly goes about his business to throw us all off?
                      I am willing to go with that, yes. It seems infinitely like her to do something so stupid and full of drama.


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                        Oh, I agree. Especially after the hellishness of the summer. I would do everything in a melodramatic way, too.

                        But! We do know now that Taylor will be staying in London to do a video with Zayn:

                        So there, that is a plausible explanation for the flight this week, and will make the Stoners happy. The HSWASHO now think the plane was bringing Tree or other people needed for the video to meet Taylor where she already was in London, but I kinda think this weakens their case.


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                          It completely weakens the case. Which was crazy to begin with.


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                            And yet, the HSWASHO are unshaken . . . they claim to have info in their DMs that is so good it is withstanding the video news.

                            I don't know, though . . . it looks like she timed this video shoot to happen during Golden Globes weekend very deliberately. There was such a Hiddleswiftian furor over that last unexplained flight to the UK (it hit Lainey, it had to be debunked by GC) that I'm thinking she decided to do this when there was no way Tom would be in town (he's nominated!) just to avoid this kind of spec.

                            But I will note that she's mos def been in London for at least a couple of days, and hasn't been spotted anywhere yet, so that part of laying low in the UK is possible.

                            The Haylors, of course, are fine with all of this . . . Harry is in London, Taylor is in London, and she's there to work with someone Harry is obviously connected to. Maybe they will even eat in separate restaurants on the same night! #HaylorRise!

                            ETA The Haylors come through with more info on plane movements (they have less reason to be cagey than the HSWASHOs):

                            Take me with a grain of salt like usual, but yes… Whenever those hiddleswift shippers thought she was in London by charter jet, most of the time she wasn’t there.

                            26 Nov charter jet to London – it wasn’t her in that flight, that plane had a pitstop in the UK but it then flew to Dubai. I think Taylor only went to the UK a week or two after that (around 1st Dec).

                            13 Dec - I think she was in the UK on her birthday, her IG likes corresponded to London time (10am, 11am, meanwhile it was 4am - 6am in LA, Nashville, NY) for around two days straight. Idk how long she has been staying in London, but I think she left the UK a few days after her birthday, and I feel like that sighting of Taylor at Virginia airport is legit. That was when she got the Spector autograph too I’m guessing.

                            Then she went back to Nashville for Christmas. The sightings of Taylor in London were fake. She stayed in the US for NYE (I think she was in LA), and according to jet trackers Taylor left Burbank airport on Jan 1, dropped by Houston for a day (for concert rehearsals?? Or family?? Idk), then flew to Nashville, and then yesterday flew to UK and arrived around noon (when she posted Ed’s song on IG, it was noon in UK).

                            Right now she’s in the UK for work, but I believe she has been in the UK recently too so it’s not a big deal to me they’re in the same place together right now. She’s gonna be busy now with the concert preparation and promoting IDWTLF, I don’t expect we’ll see much for a while longer.

                            I didn't realize the plane originated in Burbank and not Nashville, so that makes the you tube commenter sighting of Taylor at a NYE party at a private house in LA more possible. (Although it still seems weird that only ONE person saw her there.)
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                              This is mostly for vanessa . . .

                              I think we are experiencing a moment of Hiddleswift Geographical Overlap?

                              Tom has been in LA, of course, for the Golden Globes:

                              . . . and I don't think he has left town yet? He was papped out to dinner with Hugh Laurie last night:

                              And I don't see any pics or sightings of him at LAX yet, so presumably he's still there.

                              And so is Taylor! She was papped at the gym:

                              She went to Nashville after finishing filming the music video, but then she slipped super stealth into LA (but I don't know when exactly). This is the first time she has been papped in like two months.

                              I'm not actually implying anything Hiddleswiftish, just wanted to note the occurrence.

                              ETA Just checked and it looks like she flew to LA on the 9th. So she's been there a couple of days so far.
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                                I'm not actually implying anything Hiddleswiftish, just wanted to note the occurrence.
                                I am not inferring anything .. oh wait, yes I am. In my head canon, they are together right now, making an impossibly long legged baby.