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  • Yeah, I looked this morning and it had a 9% positive on rotten tomatoes and the positive one was basically: I mean, it's not THAT bad.
    It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


    • I saw an interview with Joe and I just really like his attitude.
      Then again, Joe says he's not particularly bothered by the press. "I just don't pay attention to what I don't want to pay attention to," the actor explains. "I turn everything else down on a dial. I don't have any interest in tabloids. I know what I want to do, and that's this, and that's what I am doing."
      What the Kaylors have missed here is this really amazing story, where Taylor had all these crappy very public relationships and then she met this guy and together the two of them formed this very secure and emotionally mature thing where they don’t feel the need to play it out in public. That’s crappy for those of us who like our celebrity romance to be messy, but wonderful for Taylor.


      • I am absolutely NOT going to be seeing CATS, but I did enjoy this remix of Memory by Taylor, JHud, James Corden, and Jason Derulo with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots:

        Taylor wore a very pretty Stella:

        And Cat school! at the Late Late Show:

        You can't say Taylor doesn't give 110% every time.

        I think that is all the promo she is going to do, now that she doesn't have to campaign for an Oscar for the song, oh well.

        A few reviews thought Taylor was better than the film, but a lot of them did not.

        You have hit on something that is perplexing and confounding Swifties right now!

        Reviewers haaaaaaate this movie:

        This surprises nobody in fandom, because as soon as the trailer came out months ago, everyone assumed the movie would be a horrifying cat-tastrophe, obvs.



        And Swifties are so accustomed to backlash against Taylor that they were already also assuming she would be the one to bear the brunt of the criticism -- but that has not happened!

        Lots of people actually *gasp!* kinda think Taylor did okay?

        There's a tumblr Swiftie rounding these up, and normally! I would not snow y'all under with a zillion reactions, but! I just want you to experience what the fandom is experiencing, which is FREAKING THEM OUT because how?? is?? Taylor?? emerging?? unscathed???

        "But it’s Taylor Swift as a delightfully catty Bombalurina and clearly taking advantage of the fact that her last few years of “concert” tours have actually been musical revues, replete with stage sets and dancing, who adds an unexpected layer of intrigue." -

        Swift makes the most of her brief screen time, bringing her unabating charisma to the flirtatious feline. Decked head to toe in digital fur, she gamely slinks, shimmies and scampers across the screen with a litter of backup dancers, singing in a light British accent and mostly nailing the song’s brassy second half (made more impressive by the fact that all vocals were recorded live on the set, rather than in a recording studio). If there’s one thing that’s disappointing about Swift’s performance, it’s that there isn’t more of it.

        And this of course, is just a CRAZY thing for actual critics to be saying:

        Swifties are NOT used to people in the general public saying nice things about Taylor and it's got them bewildered. They had been bracing themselves for merciless mockery for months!

        She had to do a fake British accent! HOW IS SHE NOT GETTING DUNKED ON FOR THAT.

        And it's been universal praise from all actually involved in the production, too.

        From a tumblr Swiftie:

        cats cast: taylor swift was there everyday even when she didn't need to be and she helped teach me how to sing

        cats choreographer: taylor swift was at the studio from sun up to sun down even on days we weren't filming and she came into my office on her breaks to do the dances again

        cats director: taylor swift bought me my first camera and taught me the definition of cinematography

        cats craft service manager: taylor swift stayed up all night every night and hand cooked all of the food

        cats custodian: taylor swift got on her hands and knees and scrubbed the floor andrew lloyd webber was walking on

        Well, I guess they just need to accept it as a win and move on with cautious optimism.

        I will say that I couldn't figure out WHO this movie was made for until I saw vids on Twitter of former theater kids at rowdy midnight showings hooting and hollerin' and singing along and was like . . . OH THEM. So at least someone found a way to have fun with it.

        The other thing fuhreaking out fandom right now . . . .

        As soon as Taylor mentions going into a studio, Swifties are all like . . .

        (TS8 ??? ALREADY*???)

        * probably not. Probably just another Lover remix Taylor is putting out to woo back her sekrit wife.

        Anyway, the day after that pic was taken, Taylor and Joe jetted back home to London. He may or may not still have Christmas Carol duties (it's aired, so prob not?) but Taylor told someone on the Cats carpet that she was done for the year. So it's all rest and relaxation until the Golden Globes in a couple weeks, presumably.

        Real life footage of Taylor relaxing during Christmas:

        What the Kaylors have missed here is this really amazing story


        And speaking of Joe, here are some things we learned about him during Christmas Carol press:

        1) his family's holiday tradition is to jump into the pond on Hampstead Heath (the 'Heath' that Taylor mentions in London Boy), which puts into perspective the lines "In the winter, in the icy outdoor pool/When you jumped in first, I went in too" from Paper Rings.

        2) He was once given a stripey fish for Christmas, named it Rainbow Starr, went away on a trip while a neighbor was supposed to look after the fish . . . then the fish died but the neighbor stuck it into the freezer and forgot to tell them.

        3) He said he would be spending Christmas in London with family, so I guess that means no Irish castles this year!

        His family must be insane. Taylor is marrying into a family of insane people.

        Here is more from that Times interview with Joe for The Christmas Carol that you quoted, v:

        Joe Alwyn, who plays Scrooge’s clerk Bob Cratchit in the BBC three-parter, has meanwhile posted a trailer on Instagram with the caption: “Hard to fill the shoes once worn by Kermit. But I tried.” The self-deprecation was quickly “hearted” by the singer Taylor Swift, who is the actor’s girlfriend and who will be watching the mini-series with Alwyn and his family in London in the final days before Christmas.

        . . .

        Alwyn’s performance is part of the iconoclasm. “Joe’s instinct as an actor is always to push away from the obvious and into ambiguity,” Murphy says. “He’s very quietly spoken. He’s not brash at all. He’s a gentle, intelligent guy, but he just simply wasn’t interested in fitting a Dickensian cliché.”

        “I’ll take that,” Alwyn says when I pass on the compliment, having not considered his technique in such terms. He is 28 and would probably accept that he is best known for two facts: the first is that he is Taylor Swift’s boyfriend; the second that, aged 25 and with no professional acting experience, he won the title role in an Ang Lee movie.

        He is from north London, the middle of three sons. Their father is the television documentary-maker Richard Alwyn, renowned for making The Shrine about the public reaction to Princess Diana’s death.

        “He was away a bit,” Alwyn says. “He made quite a lot of films in Africa when I was growing up. He was often in Uganda, Rwanda at one point, South Sudan. So he’d come back with stories and artefacts from all over the place. He made a great documentary in Liverpool during the World Cup about two kids on an estate growing up there.”

        His mother, Elizabeth, is a psychotherapist.

        So, I say, although his family were comfortably off and he was sent to the fee-paying City of London School, he knew something of other people’s lives?

        “All different kinds of people, all different kinds of stories,” he says. “Obviously, she couldn’t share them with me in the same way that Dad could, but both their jobs take an interest in other people and are about how to empathise, understand, and listen to stories and tell stories. I suppose it’s not a million miles away from an actor’s job; listening to other people, understanding them, trying to tell stories.”

        I ask about the contemporary political resonances of A Christmas Carol. I cite the wealth of certain members of his profession and of Swift’s. Only the other day I have read that she has a private jet so she can visit Alwyn on a whim. He promises me that 99.9 per cent of what the press write about them is false, and this is an example.

        I ask if he finds it embarrassing.

        “Find what embarrassing?”

        The disparity between the amount some people earn and the wages of workers in, say, Amazon fulfilment centres.

        “I saw something in The Guardian the other day, I think, saying that the top six richest people in the UK accumulate the same amount of wealth as the poorest 13 million. I think that was the figure,” he says.

        And politics today?

        “It’s bigger than Scrooge, but it’s the same thing amplified; not being able to see beyond yourself, building walls, cutting yourself off from other countries. If there was ever a story to counter that, featuring someone who epitomises that and then who remembers who he is as a human being, it is A Christmas Carol.”

        . . .

        I tell him my daughters have insisted I ask if he minds Swift writing songs about him (whole albums, actually, but check out London Boy if you are in search of a little cringe). “No, not at all. No. It’s flattering.”

        Does it matter to him that the press — it’s a bit metatextual this, I admit, for I’m probably doing the same thing — make it obvious that they are as interested in his girlfriend as they are in him? “I just don’t pay attention to what I don’t want to pay attention to,” he explains tolerantly. “I turn everything else down on a dial. I don’t have any interest in tabloids. I know what I want to do, and that’s this, and that’s what I am doing.”

        The boyf, described only the other day as “mysterious” in one of those tabloids, is no mystery at all. He knows what he wants for Christmas, and it is the career he is already forging.

        Like the way the journo threw his daughters under the bus to ask a nosy question!

        Nice dodging by Joe, though, on the 'are you EMBARRASSED that your girlfriend is RICH' question.

        The kays latched on to the only thing they could:

        Speaking of the kays, here's some more misc nonsense!

        This Cat door stuff . . . whew. So I tracked that because it keeps coming up, and basically Taylor posted a pic of a big green door on the CATS set when she was doing promo, and on the CATS themed Project Runway episode (which would have filmed months ago, of course) that same green door is shown in some of the footage. So . . . I guess they think that Taylor got in touch with the media packager for Project Runway and/or CATS and analyzed the footage beforehand so that she could post one small element many months later in order to send a SEKRIT MESSAGE to the kays that she and Karlie are still sekrit marrieds? And she does that instead of, you know, actually being seen in the same room as Karlie or inviting her to her birthtay partay or liking any of her social media posts etc? That's what they actually think?


        Stay gross, kays.

        Break up denials!

        I know, right? WHYY.

        u know what simply makes me believe kaylor didn’t break up and probably won’t in the near future? songs like Cornelia Street, False God, Paper Rings especially Daylight cause it’s the closer of the album.taylor simply won’t end the album like this if there were any possibility they aren’t doing well. she talks a lot about having obstacles bUT never in the album about breaking up completely. Especially talking about “marriage” A LOT she won’t mention marriage if she wasn’t sure about the relation

        Right, so the songs Taylor wrote about her boyfriend Joe are what convinced you that kaylor is still together.

        The fact that one time in three years taylor said "my boyfriend" doesn't make the relationship any more real. She called Calvin Harris her boyfriend too. She's really doing the bare minimum to sell it and people are buying, she doesn't have to try very hard.

        But . . . CH WAS her boyfriend, too? I mean, he LITERALLY was?

        Still obsessed with teal:

        So let's revisit the 'beards wear blue for bye bye' theory:

        (except that Taylor and Harry got back together after this and went back and forth for months more but okay.)

        honestly people who don’t believe in taylor’s acting abilities based on her previous miniscule film roles are valid i guess but any gay person who has ever had to be closeted and/or had a beard and has been paying any sort of attention to her throughout her career just Knows………… she’s the greatest actor of a generation

        IS SHE THO.

        The kay numbers are dwindling, no one can dispute that . . .

        I don't like it, but I suppose the stunting makes sense for now. That being said, I do think she's losing some strong Kaylors/Gaylors in the process - some of the strongest I've known are now choosing to believe her about Toe. Honestly, I'm just tired of having to defend unnecessary shit. I hope Taylor feels she can live her truth when she's ready.

        No offense but if they were THAT strong Gaylors (in general), they def wouldn’t buy that Toe bs AT ALL, even less than any previous beardings combined, bc of how easy and obvious it is to see how fake it is..I mean.. If they switched back it means they had lots of doubts to begin with, so can we really consider it a loss for the Gaydom? hum…probably not.

        I legit feel bad for g/k/ays because they've done this to themselves:

        the worst thing about Knowing when it comes to taylor is like how she has those songs that are about homophobia (dwoht, ikp) or about really intimate and painful bits of the gay experience (cruel summer, paper rings, the second verse of inthaf, the entire they see right through me bit of the archer) and just. seeing people attribute them to a m*n can be genuinely hurtful? like this isn’t coming from an Everyone Should Be Gaylors place cause tay has worked very hard to build her image as an icon of wholesome heterosexual love and it’s hard both for her and her audience and especially for the people who dislike her for that reason exactly to break away from that image etc etc etc i’m not blaming anyone of course but. it still hurts! it’s so invalidating!

        Anyway, I just want to acknowledge the end of an era here . . .

        Goodbye to glorious moments like this:

        Hello to this:

        . . . that's Taylor returning home to her [email protected]#$ing garage after her birth-tay partay. No more pics! I'll always be bittah.

        HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone! Hope it's cozy wonderful time!

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        • Happy Winter Holiday, O! Thank you for the round-up of Taylor and her very wacko fans.


          • Taylor and Joe together at the Globes! I love Taylor's dress.


            • Taylor and Joe together at the Globes! I love Taylor's dress.

              I liked it but the cut out was perplexing!

              Imma be back with an actual post in a little bit. I'm waiting for LA to wake up and share GG after party pics.

              But yes! Joe was Taylor's actual date last night:

              They were super cute!


              • I love the dress without reservation.

                I am thrilled thinking of how the Kays must be dealing with this development.


                • I am thrilled thinking of how the Kays must be dealing with this development.

                  Boy howdy, the kays did NOT have a good night.

                  First off, y'all should probably know that Taylor stayed in London all through Christmas, and that her folks (and probably Austin) joined her and Joe and Joe's fam for the holidays. We only got one pic, from Joe this time, during that time period:

                  Which Taylor liked in under 6 mins, because of course she did.

                  The day after Christmas, the jet her fam uses took off back to the States to drop them off, and the day after that the jet Taylor and Joe use left London and flew to the Maldives. They were there for over a week. We got ZERO pics, but presumably they were staying in a place that looks something like this:

                  . . . if they were alone, or maybe this:

                  . . . or this?

                  . . . if they brought some friends from London with them. Wheeee! the slide!

                  Some swifties had given up hope of seeing Taylor actually come to the Golden Globes because they left it to the last minute before firing up the jet again. They didn't leave until Saturday, and then spent 24 hrs in the air. (Maldives --> Dubai --> London --> Minnesota --> Burbank). They were parked in London for an hour, which is why some people think they might have brought some of their London friends to the Maldives with them, and then had to drop them off. Possible! Or they might have been picking up the cats, or changing pilots, or who knows what.

                  Anyway, they did make it to the red carpet barely, but wowza the jet lag had to have been brutal. You wouldn't know it by looking at them, though.

                  As for Taylor's Etro dress . . .

                  Tree! has one job:

                  I like the colors and the volume! I loooove the pattern! The cut out placement is not flattering! The kays think the flowers are daisies (they are not daisies)!

                  I am in deep deep love with her earrings:

                  I would love to know what she is looking at here:

                  Her makeup is nice, and I do like that we are seeing her forehead for the first time in forever.

                  Also, Joe's tux is a pretty good tux:

                  Karlie's very best bestie Derek Blasberg apparently liked it:

                  So in one evening, the Swifties got more Taylor and Joe content than in the entire awards season last year, and folks are wondering if this bodes well for the Grammys and the Baftas. They are unlikely to show up to the Oscars this time, although an after party or two is not out of the question.

                  At first it was thought that this red circle pic would be all that we got:

                  But no!

                  (They sat next to Warren Beatty and Annette Benning, fyi).


                  Weirdly in sync, like perfect blonde robots.

                  Maybe the Maldives offers a service where they will replicate you as robots that can be sent forth to attend award shows etc in your place while you stay behind and wheeee! down the slide a thousand times!

                  Swifties were quick to note that this is the FIRST TIME that Taylor has ever brought a guy as a plus one to an one of her industry events. She did once sit with Calcified Hooterman at a music awards show, but that's because theywere both nominees. Joe didn't have any reason this year to be at the GGs himself, so he's there just as a date.

                  It's something the kween, of course, swore that Taylor would NEVAH do.

                  So yeah the kays . . .

                  Every single picture I see with Taylor and another woman exudes so much more warmth than any appearance she has ever had with Toe!

                  . . . are spiraling today.

                  According to the kween, sitting with him was not even Taylor's choice! IT WAS AN ACCIDENT.

                  Did it ever cross your mind that the Globes put them together … perhaps even inadvertently?


                  Which doesn't explain why a dozen people saw them arrive together but oh well. They are definitely right about one thing, she totally looked uncomfy and unhappy all night!

                  Poor tragically miserable Taylor.

                  Taylor presented with Amy P:

                  And clapped heartily when she lost her category to Eton John:

                  Ouch! She didn't seem bothered, though.

                  Afterwards! Party time!

                  Not a lot of pics from inside the party yet but we did get this one!

                  Hot Priest alert!

                  *fans self*

                  Taylor's after party dress was Alexandre Vauthier:

                  According to E!, they went to the CAA party:

                  Guests including Taron Egerton, Olivia Colman, Ansel Elgort, Hailey Bieber, Margaret Qualley, Jaden Smith, Ben Platt, Jessica Alba Shay Mitchell, Glen Powell,Sophia Bush and Malin Ackerman gathered at Sunset Tower to celebrate.

                  After changing into a black dress, Taylor Swift arrived with love Joe Alwyn. The duo mingled around the party, looking “inseparable and really in love,” noted an insider. “Taylor had her arm on Joe and leaned in to kiss him.”

                  I'm sure she and Mrs. Biebs had much to discuss.

                  How are earth were they even still standing upright after 24 hrs on a plane and then three - four hours at a red carpet event. How.*

                  * youth and loads and loads of money, presumably.

                  These pics PROVE that the kays are RIGHT. Taylor hates being with Joe so much she tried to strangle him! In front of hundreds of witnesses!

                  They are already off again, maybe? The jet left LA this morning in an easterly direction, but the jet trackers don't know where it's heading yet.

                  She's really not taking Joaquin's Globe lecture about throwing your private jets in the trash to heart, amirite.


                  For the new year, Selena posted a throwback pic of herself with a grumpy smol prince in March'19 at Taylor's LA house:

                  I embrace any and all Benjamin content.

                  Hoping to do another decent sized kay post this week, maybe? Karlie got tea spilled on her (metaphorical, not literal!) on Project Runway, and the fall out from that has been loads of fun (for me, not for her, I assume).

                  ETA I think Taylor has already put CATS behind her, but ha!

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                  • I don't find Joe hot but I do believe Taylor is INTO IT.

                    And I like that Taylor looks tipsy and like she gained 10 pounds. NOT meant as an insult. She looks like she ate all the food at xmas and is still kinda drunk from champagne and THAT is a holiday I can get behind!

                    Also, she has a private jet with a bed and everything. So her air travel is not like our air travel, even for people who have insane first-class perks.
                    It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                    • Originally posted by isadora View Post
                      I don't find Joe hot but I do believe Taylor is INTO IT.
                      He must be insanely good in bed.

                      Seriously, I didn't get it either but lately their lifestyle and interviews and his movie choices kind of made me see it. He seems to really like that she is so successful and offers the most ordinary life they can have (as rich people, obviously, who can go off to Maldives and own private jets. )


                      • Did it ever cross your mind that the Globes put them together … perhaps even inadvertently?
                        LOL forever at that. I mean, that’s so bad the Kween should have to hand back her Krown. Embarrassingly bad theory, even by Kay standards.

                        And I like that Taylor looks tipsy and like she gained 10 pounds. NOT meant as an insult. She looks like she ate all the food at xmas and is still kinda drunk from champagne and THAT is a holiday I can get behind!
                        I feel like I spent my holiday sitting on my couch eating cheese and drinking wine, and Taylor looks like she did the same. I approve.

                        Seriously, I didn't get it either but lately their lifestyle and interviews and his movie choices kind of made me see i
                        I think the fact that he is not using her as a means to get into those Marvel movies is a big part of it. He seems pretty happy doing arty serious movies and also seems comfortable with his girlfriend being 90000 x more famous than him. He is not physically my type, but I completely get the appeal of him and his calm after her trip through the 2010s.


                        • Yay! I guess she doesn’t think Amy Poehler’s going to hell anymore!

                          Joe looks like a cute teen boy and he’s gonna look like that until he looks like a cute teen boy with gray hair. I think he’s her inner teen girl’s dream come true.

                          Agree that she looks super happy and like she had a normal person break with family. I favor the slinky afterparty dress. It’s black like my eyes when I think about Kaylor entitlement.


                          • Btw I saw the clip with the Runway contestant frying Karlie and it was hilarious. She didn't like that AT ALL.


                            • I was talking with a girlfriend about the fact that women artists aren't played much on country radio anymore and how the one person who could probably change that is Taylor. If she decided to put out an all country album again, but allow radio play only under the condition that they dedicate X% of playtime to women, who would tell her no? And the best part is that even if they all told her no, the resulting PR disaster from that would most likely force the industry's hand and create the change Taylor wants anyway. Others like Miranda and Carrie have been speaking out about not having their songs played at the same rate as the guys even though they are way more successful than some of these dudes that get a ton of airtime, but if Taylor backed them up, their legitimate complaints/criticisms would go from being heard and ignored in the country music world to being seen/heard/analyzed microscopically throughout the music industry.


                              • You are right in every way; she is the only one that could make a change in this.

                                In other news, Ophy is busy and I have taken to going out into the world for Kaylor news myself. Please send help. I am going to try to recreate some of it for you all because I cannot get over how batshit it is.

                                First of all, Taylor and Joe spent New Years in the Maldives and some rando hotel singer shouted out to them on Instagram. Meanwhile Karlie posted repeatedly from New Zealand where she was with her husband. The Kays flat out deny that is reality and insist they were together.

                                Anonymous asked:

                                Anon, where is your proof Abigail spent NYE in the states with her friends? There are zero posts proving that theory. Also, why did Abi follow all of Joe's childhood friends and their gfs (she followed a few last NYE) immediately after NYE 2020? Is this another "plant" in your mind? Why? Please explain because it makes zero sense to me why Abi, Taylor's oldest and closest friend, would follow Joe's oldest and closest friends when they're all private for PR.

                                taytaysbeard answered:

                                Oh boy, anon. You are naive. Assuming you are stating the truth that Abigail followed those people - although I have to question how you know who Toe’s private friends are - she did it to sell the narrative. The same reason Austin always follows the beards. The same reason Kimby Kloss followed Ivanka Trump the night before the fake wedding stunt.

                                As for Abigail spending NYE in the US, I have had at least three people say that she was posting IGs then. Unfortunately, no one archives her IGs. But enough people are claiming it that there is some credence to it.

                                Candidly, if you honestly believe Toe is in a romantic relationship with Taylor, you are on the wrong blog. He is not. Nor were they in Maldives together. Just look at his pasty white skin at the Golden Globes for a hint. But, I am not here to convince you.
                                This past weekend Taylor went to her friend Abigail’s wedding and the Kays are convinced Karlie was her date based on this shoe:

                                Also, some number of them are convinced that Taylor is going to come out in her documentary even though there is no evidence for that at all.


                                Taylor also gave a big interview to Variety and among other things said that Andrea’s cancer now includes a brain tumor. It’s not good.