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  • I watched it on Friday and loved it so much, I ran to a TSwizzle playlist on Saturday morning. Some things I noticed in the doc:

    * I Forgot That You Existed is also maybe about the ass groper and her Twitter haters with a mix of Calvin Harris, right?

    * Are her parents still separated? I know that they never got divorced, but I swear I read something about a separation like 5 years ago. Her mom calls her dad "Honey" at one point when they're meeting about her support of Bredesen and it didn't seem weird to anyone in the room when she said it, but maybe that's just habit?

    * Her eating disorder might be why she's let a lot of the model squad go. If she's triggered by unflattering pictures, she might also be too competitive and self-critical if she just surrounds herself with other girls who starve themselves to stay skinny, but like have to do that for their job. She does a TON of dancing in her shows so I can't imagine doing the 1989 show every night, sweating and running like crazy for 3 hours, and then not eating my face off after. I'm super surprised she never passed out. Whenever women get hospitalized for exhaustion, it's easy to assume that they've secretly overdosed, but I'd bet sometimes it's that they're starving themselves while trying to maintain crazy work and travel schedules AND working out and it all just catches up with them at some point.

    * I don't know that she's ever publicly said that she thought people were booing her after the Kanye thing. Poor kid, she already felt out of place and had a ton of insecurities. What a nightmare that show must have been for her. Also, she just stood there after Kanye left and clearly looked lost and shaken. Like, why didn't anyone (looking at you, Taylor Lautner) go up and stand next to her and give her some support? She was up there for a good 15-20 seconds which must feel like an ETERNITY when you think you're being booed by a bunch of strangers.

    * For someone who internalizes criticism like Taylor does, it makes sense that her response to not being nominated for Rep would be to release a bloated album that's basically like, "Look at all this WORK I did!!!" It seems like most people agree Lover is probs 3-4 songs too long and weirdly, the ones I skip over are probably the ones she finds the most meaningful? Sometimes, songs I don't like much can grow on me and I end up really loving them, but after dozens of listens, I still skip The Man, the first 2 singles, Miss Americana, Soon You'll Get Better, and It's Nice to Have a Friend.

    * I really enjoy watching Taylor work. It's super obvious that she loves songwriting and that after this many years, it's still her favorite part. When she figures out how something will work, when she gets the lyrics exactly how she wants them, or when her collaborators contribute a piece of the song that clicks with her, her whole face lights up. It's why she'll be around forever, honestly. Even years after the splashy stage performances get old for her, she'll still be able to crank out hits. If she ever gets there, I'm super here for acoustic Taylor.

    And this is a nothingburger but when she asked her producer if he stuck tortilla chips in his burrito for crunch, I've never related to her more.
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    • I am fascinated by the Andrea and Scott thing, because when I was separated, I was NOT calling my ex "honey". There's gotta be a story there. They had allegedly separated and they aren't wearing wedding rings.

      Agree totally on Lover being bloated; I have a skip list as well. There are some songs I love on there, but overall it is just not as tight and cohesive as previous albums. I can see overcompensation in the whole thing now that you mention it.

      Tortilla chips in a burrito is a revelation to me. Life changing.

      For someone who internalizes criticism like Taylor does,
      I internalize differently, but I spent the first ten minutes of therapy on Saturday talking about how I relate to Taylor's need to be a "good girl". We're working on how to break me of that. /shrug


      • I forgot to say that I'm super into Only the Young. It's a great running song, it's mega catchy, and I would've liked it better as a first single than ME! I mean, I'm always gonna shake my fist at Cruel Summer not being the first single because it's one of, if not THE strongest song on the album, but OTY is still better than ME. Man, she coulda done a video with ST. VINCENT. Like, WHYYYY wouldn't you want that?


        • Acoustic everything! Even ME! - my second-to-least favorite TSwift song - sounded cute.

          We’ve seen the clip of the Kanye thing a million times, but seeing it this way was brutal! Had no idea about how she perceived the booing.


          • We’ve seen the clip of the Kanye thing a million times, but seeing it this way was brutal! Had no idea about how she perceived the booing.

            That struck me as well! She was a teenager straight out of country music, and she thought these rock and pop and rap icons were telling her she didn't deserve to be on their stage, basically. Also, that interview clip right after when the interviewer was like, "were you a fan of Kanye's before this?" and she says in this little tiny sad voice "um yeah . . . I mean, he's Kanye West" and was just heartbreaking.

            Such a jackass! #ObamaWasRight

            Speaking of jackasses Taylor has had to deal with, she recently liked screenshots about her assault trial so this must match up to what she remembers as well:

            Man, I remember how important all of that felt at the time.

            I am fascinated by the Andrea and Scott thing, because when I was separated, I was NOT calling my ex "honey"*. There's gotta be a story there.

            * my parents got divorced a couple of years ago, but are still affectionate. They talk on the phone or see each other at least once a week and still hug and say "i love you" and all that. But yeah, I hear ya.

            Taylor's parents split up in 2012, I think? I don't think they are back together, no. Swifties say Scott has a girlfriend in Tampa, and that Andrea has been with Robert Allen for years and years. They are all three part of Taylor's management team and work together daily, so I guess it's not very acrimonious at this point. It's not like the kind of divorce where you can just go off and live your own life and never see your ex again, they are tied forever together by Taylor's biz concerns.

            Robert Allen is the British guy you see in the doc a couple of times, btw.

            He's the white dude who tells her she might lose half of her tour tkt sales if she decides to wade into politics.

            I'm always gonna shake my fist at Cruel Summer not being the first single

            From what people have said who asked her about it during meet and greets, she's thinking about possibly releasing Cruel Summer as a single THIS summer, so a video with St.Vincent might still happen!

            Everyone has an opinion on this, I know . . . assuming the same release schedule for Lover, I think the singles last year should have gone:

            April: Lover
            May: Cruel Summer
            June: YNTCD (had to be pride month, right? and it got her a ton of press and won her a couple of VMAs, so . . . )
            July w/album release: Cornelia Street
            November: Paper Rings or Miss Americana

            I forgot to say that I'm super into Only the Young. It's a great running song, it's mega catchy, and I would've liked it better as a first single than ME!

            You know, Only The Young is growing on me, honestly. And I see this for sure:

            Also saw someone say they should use it as the anthem at the Dem Convention this year, but . .. if Biden is the nom, I'm not sure you want a song saying only the young can run" with him up there doing the shimmy, I mean . . .

            I need Swiftie attention to detail/obsession to help me watch this movie, because there are so many houses and not knowing what state/country we were in at any given point in time was disorienting. I am hoping the Swifties have some sort of guide for this (I am sure they do).

            I looked but couldn't find a guide for you!

            But I'll give it a go myself, with the understanding I may be way off on some of them.

            First off, this is apparently Richmond Park in London, which is famous for having deer:

            And this is most likely Taylor and Joe's first rental in London:

            This one is probably their rental on Bishopswood Rd. They moved in when she was getting ready to do CATS but didn't stay very long because paps found them by following her home from set one day.

            and of course, she's driving in the UK here, but I don't know where:

            As for her current place in London, we have very little to go on. These pics weren't in the doc, but is prob from where they are living/have been living for the past year:

            Back to the doc, Taylor and Abigail are eating in her Nashville apt:

            That kitchen is wild. I kinda love it.

            Swifties say she's had these chairs in Nashville long before she dated any London boys:

            When she first moved into the Nashville place (her first place away from her parents) at age 20 she said this about it:

            You’re about to move into your dream condo in downtown Nashville. It’ll be tricked out, I imagine.

            It’s going to be my fantasy world. There’s a pond in the living room, every cabinet in the kitchen is a different color, and today they’re delivering a human-size bird cage, which I’ll put a brass telescope in. The ceiling of my living room is painted like the night sky.

            There’s a pond inside the apartment?
            The pond is a moat around the fireplace and may possibly have koi fish in it, depending on my commitment. You step on a steppingstone in the pond in order to get on a spiral staircase, which takes you up to the human-size bird cage observatory.

            Was this idea hatched in your brain?
            My imagination is a twisted place.


            It kinda puts this scene in LWYMMD into perspective:

            This is definitely Andrea's house in Nashville:

            I think? this is Taylor's house in LA:

            So this might be LA, too:

            . . . but obvs it's hard to say.

            And pretty sure this is Tribeca in NYC:

            But! the Lover release party in NYC was actually at a hotel, not her apt:

            Is that a marble foot/leg? I don't even know.

            This would have been the farm in Pennsylvania, of course:

            I assume this one is her biggest plane:

            Oh! didja all notice the '13' on her plane seat?


            And this must be her smaller plane:

            All the other locales were like, offices, studios, and backstage areas, I assume.

            Also: the logistics of how she manages her houses is fascinating to me - the clothing closets being organized for this, the food in the fridge, the cat management, etc.

            The only thing I know about the cats is that Taylor says she scoops their litter box herself, because she thinks the cats would look down at her if she didn't. But I assume she assistants or house managers for all the other stuff.


            So misc documentary reactions:

            This really is hella relatable:

            I've seen some criticisms about how, other than Abigail and Todrick, we don't see Taylor hanging out with friends and so she seems really lonely, but I don't think that's entirely the case? We know she did see many friends during that time period, but this doc was a super duper secret secret so it makes sure that she didn't hang out with lots of people when Lana Wilson was filming her. Lana didn't even tell her own family that she was working on a Taylor documentary, so obviously filming would have happened mostly when she was alone, or with people already under an NDA. And since she and Joe had decided not to have Lana film them as a couple in private it kinda makes sense she would come off as a bit isolated.

            In The Wrap, Lana says:

            In fact, Wilson explained, there wasn’t really anything that Swift considered off-limits. All Swift really wanted was to make an organic, genuine documentary, unlike the “conventional pop star documentary” we usually see.

            “She was really very open — anything that compromised her security was off limits and that was understandably very important,” Wilson explained. “Her relationship [with actor Joe Alwyn] is private but we found a way to indicate the significance and the importance of her relationship in her life while respecting the privacy that she wanted to maintain with it.”

            I think showing her current London home would probably fall under 'compromising her security' and of course, if you can't film her being domestic at her actual home WITH her actual live in boyf, it's going to feel like she lives alone/is lonely.

            Given those constraints, I think Lana made good choices.

            I'm also super super glad Taylor decided to let her film her in the studio. So is The New Yorker!

            Still, it is a consistent pleasure to watch Swift work, and to behold the joy that spreads across her face as she puzzles through a verse or melody. Each time she completes a song, she appears to regard it with genuine wonder. Swift has never allowed outside cameras in the studio with her before, and her choice to let Wilson film her as she works feels like the right way to reveal something true about who she is and what she does. In the end, it is far more interesting than any acceptance speech, red-carpet interview, or paparazzi photo. It’s beautiful.

            All of the studio stuff was so great.

            I think I would have preferred more Jack and less Joel, but that's a minor quibble!

            Side note! That Gucci t-shirt cost $590.

            NYT critics discussion:

            The inadequacy of men!

            The review continues . . .

            You see flickers of the contributions of Max Martin and Jack Antonoff, her two most accomplished collaborators, but Joel Little, who wrote and produced on four songs on “Lover,” is mostly shown, well, agreeing. The singer Brendon Urie, in the studio to contribute vocals to “Me!,” basically just giggles and follows orders, thrilled to be there.
            The other notable moment of male obstruction/lack of verve comes when Swift is going public with her political views, supporting Phil Bredesen, who was running for one of Tennessee’s seats in the U.S. Senate in 2018. (He lost to Marsha Blackburn.) The men in the room — her manager and her father among them — try to stop her. One of them invokes Bob Hope as an example of cross-aisle comity. It’s clear they’re failing, in many senses.

            One of the goals of “Miss Americana” is to render Swift as human-scaled, which makes the imbalance of these encounters even more disorienting. And the editing in these scenes is brutal — when the shot switches from Swift to one of these men, it’s like the sun disappearing behind a cloud.

            . . .

            The fact that her team, outside of her mother and publicist, remain just a smattering of mostly middle-age faces — even her father is hardly shown and barely identified, while her boyfriend, the actor Joe Alwyn, is obscured behind the camera or a black cap — leaves the onus for her decisions pretty firmly on her. But the antagonist of the film is a formidable opponent, even for someone as world-beating as Swift: the patriarchy.

            Brendon Urie isn't just part of the patriarchy, tho! He's an ally and an adorable cupcake!

            I still think that whole sequence of Taylor standing up against her dad and (basically) step-dad and then cutting to Tree and Andrea with her for the political post launch is the best in the movie.

            Oh, and! Yep, the media are doing an apology tour:

            These revelations -- along with the film’s depiction of the fallout between Swift and West over his song 'Famous' -- helped me truly understand just how these controversies have affected her. I felt like I ended up knowing who the real Taylor is, flaws and all -- and she became a relatable person. I finally understood what made Taylor tick.

            Again, I am sure that the Netflix doco is calculated and curated to a probably very large extent, but what does it matter? It shows Swift in more depth than we have ever seen before. She becomes a new type of celebrity -- one who is open, honest, vulnerable and striving to be her true self under very challenging circumstances.

            So, with that in mind, I say, Taylor, you have my respect. And my sincere apology.

            Jenny Johnson apologizes (sort of?) for what she said in the doc, but not for the below tweets:

            And from a Vice writer:

            He explains that he had suggested headlines, but Vice ran with the mean one that he never wanted.

            That WAS a particularly awful headline.

            Randos also wanna say ooops my bad:

            And Taylor hasn't been saying much about this, but she did respond to Nikki Glaser:

            Alrighty, back over the pond we go . . . Joe presented at the Baftas in Dior this week:

            I would have liked this better with a black tie than a black bowtie, I think?

            Taylor didn't go, in fact the jetties think she might have stayed behind in LA but!

            Taylor went home and stalked him on the internet! (i.e. she viewed two instagram stories on a Joe Alwyn update account with pics of him at the Baftas):


            And then! She decided to view the insta story from that same account where they were freaking out and screenshotting the fact that Taylor had watched their other two stories:

            If she also watches the insta story of her watching the insta story of the original two insta stories she watched then we know she's trolling them inception-style. ha!

            Actual pic of Taylor typing "Joe Alwyn BAFTAS" into instagram to see what her mans was wearing:

            Side note: I relate so much to this, whatever it is:

            Like, that's just me, inside, all the time.

            O-kay! I rounded up some kay reactions to the doc for y'all's edification:

            TAYLOR LIED!

            Yay! they won!!!

            They must be so happy with all the winning!

            (There is no T necklace.)

            Taylor is OUT now!!! HUZZAH.

            Darn good thing the bearding is OVAH, too, because the kween said she was giving up on Taylor's lying ass if she didn't get rid of Joe by end of Feb. Whew.

            Don't look at actual evidence, just DECIDE for yourself (because that's what sane logical people do):

            Oh, and as for that video Joe made of Taylor singing CIWYW?

            Taylor mouths ‘I love you’ in the CIWYW video and if it was filmed in 2017, it was probably too soon for Toe to being saying ‘I love you’

            (but wasn't that the whole point of both Cruel Summer AND Delicate?)

            And FOR SURE the camera work was TOO FEMININE:

            DARE I SAY.


            More than that, you can HEAR Karlie!


            In regards to the 'I have no partner to call' comment, even though she was supposed to be with Karlie at the time:

            Phone lines don't reach all the way across the country, duh!

            As for the scene where she says she is unpacking boxes in a London house:

            So . . . in the kay world people never change what house they live in while staying in the same city. YOU ARE STUCK WHERE YOU ARE FOREVER.

            And finally! The only reason why she didn't Come Out in this documentary is because . . . there's gonna be ANOTHER documentary!

            This doc was political, made us cry, made us feel, etc etc. But this really isn't the end of her story. I feel like title of the doc is a hint to a second one. "Miss America" was about Taylor paving her way to where she is now. I feel like there will be a doc or film called "Heartbreak Prince" where she brings up the other side of the story: the relationships, the heartache, the lgbtq side of it all. She already set down the foundation with Miss America and its praise. Now can come the rest!
            I felt the same way in relation to this theory. Playing The Archer as the doc concludes was telling to me. That song has always portrayed the anxiety and guilt she feels for not being 100 percent transparent. She knows that some of us see right through it but the general population has no clue. So to use that song to close it all out made me feel like there is more to her story she has to tell.

            . . .

            Now, coming out to the world, who is under the impression she is straight, is a whole different ball game. That’s why I have a feeling this doc was just the precursor. She basically said, “here is how it really went down in my world” in hopes of building an understanding.

            What do I think is next? Well, it’s a perfect way to piggy back into another documentary explaining her life as a closeted celebrity of her magnitude. At the age she started there’s no question her career would’ve crumbled if she came out back then. It’s heartbreaking to think of but it’s the harsh reality and Taylor could go into detail how difficult it was to hide her true identity. And maybe (fingers crossed) could reveal those personal videos caught on a phone like we saw in MA as actually being Karlie.

            Taylor had better get cracking on Miss Americana 2: Electric Gay Bugaloo tout suite!

            Bonus! Just wanted to share some fan art that I think is real purty:

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            • Oh, thank you for the house rundown! That helps a lot just to organize all the places. I LOVE the Nashville condo. Also I love the idea of having my own planes. Sadly I have no songwriting skill.

              proof Marriage Story could have been 12 seconds long
              Quoted for truth.

              I still think that whole sequence of Taylor standing up against her dad and (basically) step-dad and then cutting to Tree and Andrea with her for the political post launch is the best in the movie
              It was so frustrating how they talked over her, and so realistic, and then to have just the women for the big moment was perfect. Also: Taylor and Tree are adorable.

              I love the apologies, and that she was gracious with at least one of them.

              The Kays are losing it I am sure. That collection of cray theories can only be the result of panic. Thinking Karlie is singing is my personal favorite.

              (but wasn't that the whole point of both Cruel Summer AND Delicate?)
              Good point! If you actually listen to what the song is saying and not the imaginary sekrit messages she is sending to Karlie and the Kaylors.

              Great post, O! Thank you!


              • Man. Taylor’s children’s children’s children will be rolling their eyes at Kaylors’ children’s children’s children.


                • I already liked Taylor a lot but the documentary made me really appreciate her even more. Apart from all the amazing anti-Trump scenes my favourites were the music making. She seems not to be able to stop making music. A true artist.

                  Mr. dada loved it. I think he was taken by surprise by how interesting Taylor is.
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                  • Still, it is a consistent pleasure to watch Swift work, and to behold the joy that spreads across her face as she puzzles through a verse or melody. Each time she completes a song, she appears to regard it with genuine wonder.
                    I really enjoy watching Taylor work. It's super obvious that she loves songwriting and that after this many years, it's still her favorite part. When she figures out how something will work, when she gets the lyrics exactly how she wants them, or when her collaborators contribute a piece of the song that clicks with her, her whole face lights up.
                    My other job is moonlighting as a reviewer at The New Yorker, nbd.

                    The camera would like to go by they/them, TYVM.

                    And I forgot to mention this, but Taylor's ability to wear comfies to work is legitimately her greatest privilege. And if she wasn't gifted that Gucci tee, I'll go outside right now and eat dirt. I hate swag culture so much. It's always like, "Hey pleb, pay 800 bucks for this shirt that cost us $10 to make and that we give away to millionaires just because we feel like it."


                    • I have fallen down into the Kaylor rabbit hole which I am totally counting as a reaction to the darkness and depression of February in the cloudiest city in the US. Sigh.

                      But disregard my personal issues! The Kaylors do believe that Taylor and Tree! Paine! Are seeding a breakup narrative for Taylor and Joe, but sadly for them, Joe and Taylor went to some kind of award thing in London and gave us this Bigfoot-esque video to disprove the breakup narrative.


                      • They staged that, don't you know. Taylor"s entire life consists of staged moments to convince people she's not gay!


                        • I have fallen down into the Kaylor rabbit hole

                          You probably already know the best places on tumblr to go, but just in case! I yoink my screenshots from kaylorfails, thetaylorfiles, and karliesbuzzcut mostly. Those are my fave anti-kay sites.

                          So! Taylor and Joe (with their London friends including Joe's baby brother Patrick!) showed up at the NME's in London last night totes outta the blue. Swifties were completely surprised. She's never been to them before. She won for Best Solo Act, and also presented an award as well.

                          It was boozy and rowdy!

                          So rowdy in fact that a British rapper got drunk and started a fight with the entire audience:

                          You can see the aforementioned hair petting, plus a hug and kiss from Joe when Taylor won on this page here:


                          Dunno why I can't embed that. And nobody giffed the cute moments from that vid yet like they did the first kiss:

                          And you can see Joe behind Taylor in this pic:

                          Also, Patrick!

                          Taylor is the coolest older brother's girlfriend EVAH.

                          Okay, so other bits and pieces . . .

                          Joe at Tom Ford in LA on 2/7:

                          Personally, I'd be TERRIFIED of sitting next to Anna Wintour and her daughter at any fashion show eep.

                          The break-up anons (peeps that periodically go 'round to all the Swiftie blogs trying to prove Taylor and Joe have broken up) were thrilled to see Joe wearing a Tom Ford watch to the Tom Ford event instead of the patek philippe that Taylor gave him but . . . it was a Tom Ford watch at a Tom Ford event that Tom Ford was paying him to be at, so most blogs ignored them. Which was obviously wise as it turns out.

                          And Joe also posted a polaroid from Taylor's NYC rooftop as a latergram:

                          You can tell it's from there by looking at the fence spikes:

                          an anon on tumblr said this:

                          I would’ve loved to been Ash or Claire or Martha in the beginning months of Taylor and Joe’s relationship. Imagine the updates to that group chat. “He broke eye contact first, he’s playing me, I’m moving out of my own apartment” “I got drunk and started crying in the car and then yelled at him that I loved him” “We’re running away to England and I have a wig collection now”

                          I think about this CONSTANTLY. Being in in Taylor's inner circle in 2016 would have been WILD.

                          And some documentary miscellany:

                          Taylor's flawless "Bing Crosby . . . Bob Hope" face:

                          A rough documentary timeline:

                          the footage of her and joe backstage is from opening night (may 8 2018)
                          the eating disorder conversation was before metlife night 3 (july 22 2018)
                          grammy nomination day was december 7 2018
                          the fight about politics was the day of arlington night 1 (october 5 2018)
                          the day she posted the political post (oct 7 2018)
                          the rep room footage and the scene of taylor in the car was tokyo night 1 (november 20 2018)
                          the scene of her and brendon in the studio (jan 17 2019)
                          the interview where she says she wants to deprogram the misogyny in her brain and where there’s no such thing as a bitch slut etc was the day she did the livestream about the album name (june 14 2019)
                          (This is from cages-boxes-hunters-foxes on tumblr.)

                          Also from c-b-h-foxes, some more quotes from Lana Wilson about the doc:

                          “I don't know. People have asked me about it, so it's giving me hope that maybe we could just release the 40-minute version of Taylor writing "Only the Young" as a standalone film or something.”

                          — Lana Wilson on if the cut footage will have another life

                          “My sense was that we had to film through the Lover album release. I think you feel at that point in the film that Taylor isn't as concerned with what people will think of the album. It's more like, it was a joy for her to make and to put out into the world. She went through this period where she went away from the public eye, but she wants to keep entertaining people and making music, and nothing is going to stop her from that. I loved the idea of ending the movie with her walking onstage, and that idea of this bravery she's had since she was 12 years old, of walking out to perform. I wanted to end it with her going back out into the world again to face the public, but you have the sense that something's a little bit different about her now. That's the sense I hope the audience has.”

                          — Lana Wilson on how she knew the movie was done

                          “It really was a balance. Taylor's had so many relationships go through the public ringer, so it was important to respect her desire to keep her relationship private, while still acknowledging the important role that relationship plays in her life. I remember we had done the first rough cut and we had this whole section of her writing Reputation. She was like, ‘I do have a few videos on my phone that I think could capture the fact that while I was out of the public eye, it was one of the happiest times of my life.’ When I saw those videos, I was so moved by them. Especially by her singing ‘Call It What You Want’ when she's in the slippers. I was like, ‘This is everything. This is all we need to know.’ It's really special. You don't even have to see her boyfriend's face; you could feel it.”

                          Ugh, just think about ALL OF THAT STUDIO FOOTAGE we might never see!

                          Lana Wilson could make a BILLION DOLLARS from Swifties if she set up a GoFundMe and released more footage at every $$ milestone.

                          O-kay! Time for KAY-zy.

                          The kween about the NME 'stunt':

                          kween doesn't need daisies but LET HER GO:

                          She's basically Moses, begging Pharoh Kaylor to let her people go at this point.

                          Taylor’s probs gonna do something extra and totally Kaylor in the coming days and needed the collateral damage w Toe... hence the NME stunt. I kinda get it but doesn’t mean I’m not kinda over it.

                          I would be very surprised, and candidly at this point, I do not even care anymore. As a Kaylor, we can never just get something. We always have to be kicked in the teeth.

                          Karlie wearing her daisy outfit today is likely to counter the Toe stunt. Do us long time Kaylors care anymore? Sorry but I am so tired or their actions contradicting their words.

                          "Sorry but I am so tired of their REALITY contradicting OUR FANTASY." (fixed it for ya, kweenie.)

                          If she is going to stay closeted, stop leading us on. If you have been here a long time you know we always get kicked … always. We have never once just gotten a positive message without a counter punch.


                          Their plan is very hurtful to an already attacked and marginalized community. The one community they should be the most delicate with. That is the issue.

                          Just let us go … don’t dangle us. That is not asking for much.

                          well, at least they got the flower right this time! Karlie really did wear a daisy coat yesterday or the day before wevs.

                          The daisy coat makes the Joe and Taylor smoochery not real:

                          That's one powerful coat, to bend the laws of physics and reality so easily!

                          More post-NME reactions:

                          Once again Taylor showed up for an event alone, only to have Toe come in later just in time for her to win her award. The only reason she attended is because she knew she won. There’s a very awkward video on her when her name was announced. She was talking to a woman who worked the show about where she should walk towards the stage. Then she stands and awkwardly hugs Toe. they were better off keeping this “private” the sham becomes more obvious the more public they become. Maybe that’s the goal?

                          Showed the video to my husband and said "Do not tell me what I want to hear I just need you tell me if this is an awkward way for a gf to kiss her bf... Like if I did this to you would that be a weird way to kiss you on the cheek?" Husband confirmed its awkward AF and asked "why wouldn't she kiss the other cheek that is closer and more natural or his lips?" So exhausted with these stunts but it was exactly that.. A stupid stunt.... Sigh.. Taking on the March 1 pledge myself.

                          Yes! It's what she is going for! she's trying to make it OBVIOUS . . . in ridiculously fuzzy bigfootesque phone vids that she didn't even know anyone was taking, in a dark room with no actual professional cameras in the audience. WAKE UP SHEEPLE.

                          Oh, and Taylor looks MISERABLE. It's on her FACE:

                          . . . you can see that, how??

                          PLANNING HER HOUSEWIFE APRON.

                          It was authentic! So authentic that her authentic boyfriend was also in there!

                          And randos are fast jumping to join the kween's deadline:

                          The kween is such a leader of lemmings, guess we have two more weeks to see if she and they actually do go over the kliff together on March 1.

                          All of this caused the rival kween (who isn't really a rival kween anymore because she's known as the main heretic pushing the kaylor break-up narrative! so I think I'll call her the heretik kween now!) to pop her head out of her gaypher hole and gaysplain a bunch of stuff cryptically:

                          I have a big Update post, actually ready for almost 2 weeks now. I was waiting before posting it, for different reasons also bc of how complex and messy the situation has become, so i was conflicted on whether to post about this most recent mess, or not.

                          But after the NME awards stunt yesterday evening, it sadly confirmed that it’s time to post it, to explain the increasing mess since the Golden Globes, using more Toe stunting as very easy to see preemptive damage control.

                          As usual, i hope it’ll help some of you understand the current situation better, with a better and different perspective, bc what’s been happening will be easy to see, easy to put two and two together for the ones among you who pay real attention to what i explain.

                          Also bc the mess isn’t calming down, it might get a lot worse, meaning pushing Toe stunts for preemptive damage control are def in order, more than before.

                          I just wanted to give you a headsup about the update post coming, bc i got several DMs and Submits during the night (Europe timezone) from Gaylors saying they’re so exhausted and annoyed by this Toe mess that they’re now seriously thinking of leaving etc. So i simply believe they should read what’s really going on, before deciding if they want to leave or take a long break.

                          As usual, anyone will be free to trust & believe what i’ll explain in the Update. There’s others who know about that too, more with time now, and they didn’t get any intel about it from me, no matter what a few blogs keep claiming to whomever will listen.

                          I’ve explained the basics last month, privately to a few blogs. For one of them, the goal was to have it reach a couple of specific blogs (bc it’s widely known among the Gaydom that the blog reports everything to them anyway), hoping it’d trigger them and would make them dig on their own, to see that what i have explained is true, to hopefully make them question more things etc.

                          I honestly don’t know if the explanations about this recent mess ended up reaching them, a while after the basics were discussed. I was told anything coming from me has been rejected by them anyway, meaning no interest nor even curiosity to be told what i explain a few others.

                          Another blog, on the other hand, shared what i had explained to her completely behind my back, which not only is a betrayal in my book but also made some things worse at some level, which was the last thing i wanted.

                          I’m explaining this beforehand bc of what has been floating around for a few weeks now, not just here but also on other plateforms bc of where and from whom it comes from, and bc even if some elements have been twisted falsy by the few ones who have spread it to others since, the big picture is still true, same for the obvious Toe preemptive damage control.

                          I know many others now know about this new mess and have discussed it privately for the past 2-3 weeks with others, on other plateforms and chat rooms. They got information from their own networks of sources, and share a lot more specifics than i did with the couple of blogs i talked to about it last month, or even would. Which is concerning bc it only means that more tea is spreading whereas it should be under complete lockdown.

                          This is a hot mess of wtf-ery! If I'm reading her right, she's got some kind of insider-y 'knowledge' that she shared with a select few WANTING them to run to the kween and other big blogs with, but then when somebody else DID go forth with the info it was GASP a betrayal! The intel NEEDS to go to the big blogs that have the heretic kween blocked and YET should also be ON COMPLETE LOCKDOWN. Even though she's one of the ones who has been sharing the intel and she also knows others have this intel and that others are sharing the intel! She's basically like HOW DARE PEOPLE TALK ABOUT THE INTEL THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN PASSED AROUND THE FANDOM BY MULTIPLE PEOPLE INCLUDING ME.

                          I also don't know what a 'plateform' is.

                          My guess is that the 'intel' = Joe and Taylor are going to stage a fake engagement in 2020 to cover up Taylor's latest gaylationship, but dunno if the heretik kween will go so far as to name the someone she thinks Taylor is real dating. The gaylors have been grasping at all kinds of straws* to explain away all of Taylor's talk in the documentary about falling in love with someone new in 2016, so it'll be interesting to see if she hints at belonging to one of the existing factions or has a totally new theory on it.

                          *most popular theories I have seen on tumblr are: Brie Larson, Nina Nesbitt, or a return to Dianna Agron.

                          And since! I just mentioned Dianna, here's some lovely Wildest Dream song analysis to make it about Karlie AND Dianna at the same time:


                          If that doesn't embed the whole page, you can go to it here:


                          Bottomline, Scott Eastwood = Dianna and the wild African animals = Karlie!

                          When in actuality Wildest Dreams is about a fantasy fling with Alexander Skarsgaard that never actually happened ("it was all pretend"), but some people are not ready for that conversation!

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                          • I yoink my screenshots from kaylorfails, thetaylorfiles, and karliesbuzzcut
                            Those three are my gotos.

                            The kween is such a leader of lemmings, guess we have two more weeks to see if she and they actually do go over the kliff together on March 1.
                            She’ll find some way to keep it going after that - there’ll be some SIGN that tells her “the girls” are still just going along with it for their careers or whatever.

                            The rival keen non-theory theory is intriguing. I await word on what it is, cause it’s gonna be batshit cray.

                            Them calling this emotional abuse or homophobia is pretty disordered. I don’t even know how to mock something so inappropriate.


                            • They’re always going to connect Taylor with a woman, but I guess I don’t want them bothering someone like Brie Larson with this kind of wild-ass bullshit, so I guess I’m rooting for them to keep photoshopping Karlie in prison jumpsuits? Again, do these people LIKE Karlie Kloss? Is this like the peeps wanting Jen + Brad 4eva?


                              • They have a lot of anger toward Karlie sometimes, but they also get angry at Taylor for not being true to herself. It seems to fluctuate. But they definitely have more anger for Karlie and especially her husband. The Jen + Brad analogy seems fit to me; they have a perception of two people and how they would look together, and it doesn’t matter what the reality is.

                                One more video from that award show she took Joe to. The Kaylors seem to be very very carefully ignoring the existence of this one.