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  • Of course they would ignore it. He snuggles up to [email protected]


    • It seems like the new video has renewed the hope of Kaylors across the board because... reasons? Taylor is disguised as a dude and is wearing a beard and that's basically all they needed to see to keep believing. Anyway, I hope no one throws their back out from heaving those goalposts around.


      • My favorite Krazy is that they think one of the orange arms in the hallway is Karlie’s. They believe they have proven that.


        • Oh, the kays are being hilars.

          There's this kind of thing . . . .

          And then also the Hidden Karlie Truthers:

          Not just arms, though! They think there's a whole ass Karlie herself in there!

          HOW DOES THAT EVEN?????

          If anything, I think Taylor purposely had a brunette extra in that bed so the wackadoo kays WOULDN'T be able to claim it was a message about her sekrit wife. She underestimated their reaching ability, I guess!

          Miscellany about The Man video in general:

          The makeup process must have been CRAYZY.

          LOOK AT IT:

          Apparently it took 4-6 hrs PER DAY.

          Taylor looks like a cross between her brother Austin and Jake G. as The Man, it was almost disconcerting

          Austin and Jake:

          The voice at the end was The Rock of course, but also in the vid were a bunch of really popular TikTokers making cameos -- which was smart because that's a way to make things go viral these days. Oh beek, I shouldn't have said viral because now I'm thinking about covid-19 again ugh.

          Oh, and the tennis ref was Scott Swift!

          This is probably why she recently spent a full month in LA, which Swifties couldn't figure out (b/c she almost never does that anymore):

          Scott B is represented!

          Qith the word 'greedy' graffitied next to it! (the cigar is from that gross pic of him and Kooter when they announced their deal!)

          And here's the NO SCOOTERS sign on the album name wall in case anyone was unclear about how she feels about Kooter:

          If found return to! Her albums! KARMA and The Man pissing on them!

          This was my fave though . . . Mandance:

          (MANDANCERS UNTIE!*)

          *for longtime readers only

          Also we're supposed to be egg hunting, but as for what else? not sure:

          Are the numbers on the bills an egg? Swifties are already trying to figure that out:

          And! What is 'GREEN 13EAN'??

          Or 58!

          5 + 8 = 13 of course, but is there some other '58' significance?

          and of course there were plenty of Leo/Wolf of Wall Street references like this one:

          Tumblr Swifties realized that she literally got the DP from Wolf Of Wall Street to be her DP on this video, so that was hella intentional.

          Anyway, so the vid came out and it was very nicely done and people seem to like it and yay for Taylor directing things herself, that's the way it should be.

          In other news, Taylor, Joe, Joe's older brother, a bunch of Joe's London friends plus Ed and Cherry went out to dinner for Joe's birthday a few days ago and got papped coming out.

          Boozy Ed Sheeran snorts as Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn get tangled in umbrella disguise

          Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn tried to go incognito, but their clumsiness had the opposite effect - meanwhile, Ed Sheeran was chuckling and walked into his bodyguard

          Taylor Swift and boyfriend Joe Alwyn's plan to dodge the paps went very wrong... with hilarious results.

          The 30-year-old star was leaving Joe's birthday party in London along with pal Ed Sheeran.

          As she famously hates paparazzi shots, she devised a plan to avoid them as they waited outside to snap her picture.

          Taylor and Joe hid under umbrellas and made their way blindly to their car, meaning Taylor accidentally walked right into the side of the car because she couldn't find the door.

          She needed help from her bodyguard, but he was otherwise engaged as he had his hands full carrying her Louis Vuitton handbag and also her dictionary, for some reason.

          Ed, on the other hand, didn't look too bothered about the paps, but onlookers revealed his cap fell off and fell on his face.

          This led him to walk straight into his bodyguard as he became the latest party-goer to make a blunder.

          He was reportedly joined by his wife, Cherry Seaborn, at the bash, hosted by actor Joe as he turned 29.

          The exclusive bash was held at Bob Rob Ricard, a restaurant favoured by Prince Harry, which features buttons inside that say "press for champagne" to order champagne table service instantly.

          Taylor Swift and boyfriend Joe Alwyn come over shy as they scuttle under umbrellas after his London birthday bash... while giddy Ed Sheeran appears VERY tickled by their stunt

          Taylor Swift put on an extraordinarily shy display as she scuttled under umbrellas with her boyfriend Joe Alwyn after celebrating his 29th birthday on Saturday evening.

          The singer, 30, and the British actor, who have been dating for two years, attempted to maintain a low-key profile following their fun-filled outing at Soho's Bob Bob Ricard as they completely shielded themselves with a series of black brollies.

          Proving to be in good company, the couple were joined by Ed Sheeran, who appeared very tickled by his pals' stunt as he was pictured giggling on his way home.
          During the A-list party, a source claimed Joe's friends enjoyed using a button on the table that read 'press for champagne', getting constant top ups on their glasses.

          After spending several hours at the table, the belter and her boyfriend decided to use large patio umbrellas to go incognito on their way to their waiting car.

          The attendees appeared to have treated the actor to a copy of the dictionary, with Taylor's bodyguard carrying a stack of books and birthday cards to the car, including the Mini Oxford English Dictionary and A Month in the Country.

          Joe and Taylor wear their bumbershoots burka-style.

          Pretty sure the dictionary and books and birthday card? are probably from Joe's prezzies.

          Ed's pic is the funniest:

          But! The tabloids make it sound like these things (Joe and Taylor came out wearing umbrellas and Ed laughed at them and ran into his bodyguard) were happening at the same time but nope? Ed and Cherry left at a different time than Joe and Taylor. In fact, there was a whole other happening when Joe's friends came out with two of them DECOYING as Joe and Taylor under umbrellas:

          I have no clue if this is going to embed or not, but there was a vid of the fake Joe and Taylor here:

          The 'Joe' is too short to be Joe, though. And it's a dead giveaway that there's only one bodyguard with them.

          So what really happened was that Joe's friends decoyed into one car, Taylor, Joe, her bodyguards and Joe's older brother went into a different car, and Ed and Cherry and their bodyguards went into a third car. These were separate events, not all at once.

          I have no idea why I care about this but I think I just HATE irresponsible journalism!

          Kays, naturally, don't believe Taylor was even there:

          Funny how they show pictures of Ed to try and cement that Taylor was there. Another clown act if you ask me.

          So they think Joe's older brother, ridiculously famous and rich as hell Ed Sheeran and his wife, Taylor's known and recognizable bodyguards, and all those other folks were just what? paid to pretend to attend a birthday dinner for someone who was not even there?

          Oh, and if y'all are wondering anything about Joe's fam, he's got an older brother and a younger brother, and his mom once wrote a whole ass article about how much it sucked that Joe and the older one came back home after college:

          (how many Sunday roast dinners has Taylor helped out with in that kitchen??!)

          Article about the stress of having boomerang kids:

          As I watch one of my sons set off to drama school, his bag packed with the apparently prerequisite jock strap and black tights and the other to a journalism course with headphones and fluffy mike, I can't help feeling anxious about how long it might take them to make their own way financially. Given the bleakness of the current recession and the huge debt that their studies will leave them with, how long will it be before they can afford to live independently?

          Well, I think all UK mums with the same worry should rest assured that if their actor boys are handsome enough they are super likely to land an extravagantly wealthy American pop idol of their own and everything will be just fine!

          I think UK mums underestimate the power of that beekdamn accent, right?

          Throwing it back to Miss Americana again, Swifties noticed in the doc that Taylor's phone wallpaper might be Joe and Benjamin?

          but! the Kays say noope, don't be STUPID:

          I mean, they can't sell the dude as being Karlie so . . . random unknown black guy it is! Anyone but Joe!

          Just finishing this off with a bit more kay nonsense:

          From the kween:

          I think we need to dial our expectations back. After observing the beginning of this era, I was sure she would be fully out by now. But ever since her masters sale to Scooby, everything appears to have hit the breaks. It is impossible to know what will happen. Hypothetically … even if Tree called me up and said, ‘Taylor is coming out in May’, I would not take it too seriously, knowing that Taylor could change her mind at anytime.

          I just think it will be healthier around here, if we do not have expectations … and, we also do not want to put pressure on her.

          We have seen several soft coming outs from her this era. And, it is possible that this is all we will ever see.

          WAIT BY THE PHONE KWEENIE! I'm sure Tree will be calling you up any day now.


          Yes, that's why people hate on you. Because of your superior critical thinking skills. That's totally it, my dude.

          'awhile'. They are already backtracking from the March 1 deadline.

          As for the Heretik Kween, she has THOUGHTS:

          A reminder about Kar, her team and SBP still baiting Kaylors:

          I won’t repeat myself, i’ve explained the whole Kar/her team/scoot-SBP baiting Kaylors with references, several times already since last May, again in september & october.

          To the ones who sent Asks and DMs asking about it since the daisy coat thing, please find my older Updates and replies to Anons, in which i explained it. By using the search bar and typing these words (for example) update, Kar, team, bait etc, you should find them.

          The more obvious these Kaylor references are becoming coming from Kar’s side, the more it should show more among you and more clearly how obvious and over the top the baiting has become recently.

          If Kaylor was still an item like some of you still claim (smh), the references wouldn’t be THAT obvious.

          The big daisies coat last week, directly connected to her walking a show during NY Fashion Week (i can’t believe how more among you don’t see how blatant the baiting is at this point).

          And now the pastel rainbow dress thing? It’d be hilarious if it wasn’t just pathetic coming from Kar, her team & scoot at this point.

          Many of you aren’t stupid and can also see that it’s not the normal level of Kaylor references compared to even when Kaylor clues/references were at their peak, during the Rep era, bc it’s way too obvious.

          This is another one of Kar, her team & scoot’s last desperate attempts to get Kaylors’ attention, before they can’t do it anymore.

          I wish more among could just open your eyes and see.

          + Expect another Toe stunt these next few days, one way or another. Prada Boy’s birthday is coming up (on friday, from memory) and with the mess about the potential leaks still far from being handled, the stunting is def not planned to calm down for now.

          does Tay know Karlie started seeing other woman?


          Karlie's damn daisy coat cracks me up every time I think about it. Every fandom I poke my snout into thinks daisies are important! I can't get away from them! I don't know why!


          • soft coming outs
            What does that even mean? That’s not a thing.


            • MANDANCERS!

              That's it. That's my whole post.
              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


              • Kaylors are setting themselves up for disappointment again because they think this is the perfect opportunity for Karlie to get out because the split would get minimal coverage. I can't wait for the spiralling when it doesn't happen.


                • Just gonna dump some stuff quick because sitting up straight for too long makes me short of breath

                  . . . or something nastier? who knows, not me. CERTAINLY NOT THE CDC.

                  but here goes . . .

                  Karma 4 years in the making . . .

                  The full 2016 phone call between Kanye and Taylor leaked:



                  A leaked video appears to have proven Taylor Swift told the truth about her phone call with Kanye West over his controversial song Famous.

                  The pop star, 30, was previously branded a 'snake' by Kanye's wife Kim Kardashian West after she claimed she had 'no idea' Kanye would call her a 'b***h' in the song.

                  Kim shared a clip at the time which showed Kanye consulting Taylor about whether he could use the line 'I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex', suggesting Taylor had lied about being forewarned about the song.

                  However a new clip that surfaced on social media appears to show Kanye didn't consult Taylor about the lyric, and only asked her about the other line in the song, which was previously mentioned by Kim.

                  In the footage which has been shared on Twitter, Kanye can be seen informing Taylor he is writing a song about her and asked her if she could add hype to the song by tweeting it out.

                  Kanye tells her: 'It has a very controversial line at the beginning of the song about you.'

                  Kanye then told Taylor she 'sounded sad', and the singer questioned if the lyrics were 'mean', to which he reassured her he didn't think they were.

                  Explaining the context to the lyrics he explains: 'It says, uh... and the funny thing, when I first played it and my wife heard it, she was like, "Huh? What, that's too crazy,"

                  'And then when Ninja from Die Atwoord hear it, he was like "Oh my god, this is the craziest s**t, this is why I love Kanye..." and now, it's like my wife's favourite f***ing line... I just wanted to give you some premise of that.'

                  He then says the lyric: 'To all my Southside n***as that know me best / I feel like Taylor Swift might owe me sex.'

                  Taylor laughs and says: 'That's not mean.'

                  'OK, well this is the thing why I'm calling you, because you got an army, you own a country of motherf***ing 2bn people, basically,' Kanye says.

                  'If you felt that it's funny and cool and hip hop, and felt like it's the College Dropout and Ye that you love, people would be way into it, and that's why I think it's super genius to have you be the one that says, 'Oh I like this song a lot... this is cool.'

                  Taylor then tells Kanye she needs some time to think about it, adding: 'When you hear something for the first time you need to think about it, because it is absolutely crazy.'

                  There is no mention Kanye would call her a 'b***h' or suggest he 'made her famous' during the phone call.

                  In a separate clip which is circulating on Twitter which appears to be from the same call, Taylor tells Kanye:'I [sold] a full 7m of that album before you did that, which is what happened.'

                  It is believed she is referencing her album Fearless and Kanye's stage-invasion when she was honoured for Video of the Year at the AMAs.

                  as a reminder:

                  kw is over:

                  Anyway, karma karma karma.

                  In other Tay news, she posted this:

                  (the flooboards are from their latest London place, but based on jets, Swifties think Taylor is quarentining in either LA or Nashville. She made it out of the UK right when then Euro travel ban went into place, dunno if Joe came with her. He might not have wanted to take the chance of being stuck away from his family don't know)

                  She'd been staying at home in London for over a month before that, where we got a couple of sightings pre-pandemic:

                  At a London pub twice on one week:

                  w/Joe's family on 2/27:

                  Again on 2/29:

                  Short hair! But because of this @#$%& pandemic we can't see it!

                  And we got a fluff piece as well:


                  How the queen of pop is courting in Crouch End! Taylor Swift is worth £282m, has 128m Instagram fans and a £7m jet - but is now living a low-key life in north London after falling for British actor Joe Alwyn

                  Since starting her romance with Alwyn three years ago, the couple have been living on and off in North London — as under-the-radar as possible.

                  As she told a crowd at Wembley last year, the capital is becoming her second home.

                  Ed Sheeran said of the romance: ‘He’s nice. Really, really friendly, really good dude. She’s been in London quite a bit.’

                  So how do they stay so private? And who is the young actor who has captured Taylor’s heart? ALISON BOSHOFF reports . . .

                  A diva in disguise

                  In the early days of the romance she apparently went out a few times in a dark bobbed wig with Joe, to Pizza Express in Hampstead and to the nearby Spaniards Inn — and passed unrecognised.

                  Her security would sit in plain clothes on the next table.

                  The couple were also said to have rented a Peugeot car and driven down to Brighton together.

                  Model Cara Delevingne apparently loaned Taylor and Joe her house in Chiswick during the early days of the romance in 2017.

                  On a trip to meet Joe’s family and friends, Taylor is said to have stayed there and walked Cara’s dog around the local park.

                  The loved-up pair spent Christmas 2018 at Glin Castle in Limerick, Ireland, owned by the actor Dominic West.

                  The couple hired the entire place, which has 15 bedrooms, and Joe Instagrammed a picture of himself walking locally.

                  It’s said that they popped into their local, O’Shaughnessy’s, for a few drinks. The trip cost them £48,000.

                  Who can forget those internet pictures of Taylor and her ‘squad’ comprising models Karlie Kloss and Cara Delevingne spending successive Independence Days at Taylor’s beach house on Rhode Island?

                  Well, since meeting Joe the parties have been cancelled. In 2017, Taylor spent the day quietly with Joe and his mum and dad at a rented house in North London, having a traditional English roast.

                  The following year, the young couple were on holiday in the Turks and Caicos.

                  In 2019, she was preparing for the release of the album Lover.

                  A source said: ‘Taylor was looking forward to spending this year’s Fourth of July with Joe as a couple and just be in love and hang out together.

                  She didn’t exactly want to have one of her epic parties because she enjoys keeping this relationship close to her chest and close to her heart.’

                  Because of the scale of her fame, going out has been relatively limited but she has been able to go to people’s houses for visits.

                  A source said: ‘It has been intoxicating for her to have anonymity again as she has been famous since she was 16.’

                  Visitors report that the rented London property has Le Labo Santal 26 Classic Candles, £52 each, in every room, Jo Malone’s Pomegranate Noir hand soap and a pile of board games in the living room.

                  She apparently has a budget of £30 million to buy a London home, but has yet to find anywhere she really loves.

                  Two obvious mistakes: they say her jet can't be tracked, and that Joe and Taylor met via Emma Stone at party in Feb '17.

                  In worlds colliding news:

                  “I remember at the very beginning we heart that Taylor Swift was a fan of the show. And then the producers tried to write a role for her. It didn’t work out schedule-wise obviously, she wasn’t on the show, but that was a surprising one.”

                  – Nina Dobrev on almost having Taylor make a guest appearance on Vampire Diaries (E! News, March 5th 2020)

                  Taylor as Lexi. Hoo boy, that's crazy.

                  I feel like Taylor was a Stelena shipper? Dunno why.

                  In the Year of Our Beek, 2020, here's Harry still not letting Haylor die on Howard Stern:

                  “I think it’s like flattering, even if the song isn’t that flattering, you still spent time on it and ultimately, using Taylor [Swift] as an example, she’s a great songwriter. So they’re good songs.”

                  Harry Styles when asked what he thinks about songs written about him. (3/2/20)

                  I mean, he is consistent.



                  This is a Haylor timeline for anyone who wants to revisit that:


                  All of the above was just an excuse so I could post how much I love Harry's friendship with Stevie Nicks and her literal coven:

                  “I played her the new album when it was finished. It kinda happened a little more random, I’d never really played her my stuff before and she was in London and she wakes up pretty late and she wanted to go to dinner so I took her to this Indian restaurant near my house and then she was with all her ladies, her witches coven, and they came back to my house. I played them the album and they all wake up really late and they live through the night, cause they re all witches, and it was getting like 3am and I was like I’m getting kinda tired and they were like it’s daytime for us. They left at like 6am and it was day out I was like I’m exhausted”

                  — Harry on playing Stevie Nicks his album on SiriusXM (via stylesupdated)

                  And also leftover from pre-pandemic days, Katy being shady:

                  “Well, we don’t have a very close relationship because we are very busy, but we text a lot. I was impressed by her documentary “Miss Americana” because I saw some self-awareness starting to happen and I saw a lot of vulnerability. I was really excited for her to be able to show that to the world: that things aren’t perfect, they don’t have to be and it’s more beautiful when they aren’t. Even though it was difficult, it was important to make that appearance in the music video because people want people to look up to. We wanted it to be an example of unity. Forgiveness is important. It’s so powerful. If you can forgive your enemy, that’s amazing. As difficult as it is!”

                  — Katy Perry on her current relationship with Taylor (Queensland Times, February 28th 2020)

                  And from Jameela:

                  “I find it wild when anyone has heard my words. I met Taylor Swift 10 years ago when she was trying to break into England, and she’s been nothing but incredibly supportive. The worst thing Taylor Swift ever did was not fuck up, and people hate her for that. There’s something so unrelatable about a child star who doesn’t end up on heroin or piss into a mop bucket. It’s like, ‘Who the fuck are you to come up with manners and grace?’ When I was standing there listening to her speak and watching the way she was to me and everyone else, I was perplexed by her reputation. I couldn’t marry it to the woman in front of me at all.”

                  — Jameela Jamil on meeting Taylor and knowing Taylor was inspired by her words (Playboy, March 10th 2020)

                  Oh, and even before Covid-19 canceled the world, JBiebs tour was already majorly flopping:

                  The moral of the story?

                  Next time I decide to become half vertical again, I'll throw some kay stuff at ya.

                  Hope everyone is safe! Hope those of you on the frontlines of health care are especially especially safe!

                  Everyone else!


                  • That phone call was creepy! Apart from the Taylor stuff, I can't believe how obvious ot is that Kanye sees himself as better than other people. He trully is a megalomaniac narcissist.


                    • As a Kanye apologist, I think he's actually mentally ill? That doesn't mean it's right. He's an HUGE asshole.

                      Kim Kardashian is a sociopath IMO.
                      Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                      • Tree drops the mic.


                        • Taylor donating directly to her fans is the good news I need to read about today.


                          • Right? I love her in a completely non-ironic way.


                            • Video of Joe in Taylor's tennis court directed by JLaw? What?




                              • This was apparently in some private Fb group a while ago. My theory is JLaw knew we needed a lift and so got it to leak this week. (Embedding for the lazy).