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  • I haven't watched yet, but I love the Tiny Desk version of DBATC, and completely agree about preferring the less produced version. Her piano-only Lover from SNL is the same to me.


    • I watched the concert today. I wasn’t thrilled with it, not because of her, but I felt the production was not great. The crowd screaming and singing drowned Taylor out sometimes.

      She looked really relaxed and happy though.


      • I don't have the time (PRIVACY!!) to do a whole update post, but here's a quick bit about what happened last night in the Taylor vs Koots feud:

        Out of the clear blue, Taylor posted about a new cover of LWYMMD in the Killing Eve credits:

        . . . by a band that doesn't exist? :

        And Swifties dug into detective mode:

        When I saw her insta story on this, I didn't notice the fake band, but I did wonder why she used this gif:

        But! why dolphins??

        And there was a dolphin on the grave of Nils Sjoberg in the LWYMMD vid:

        . . . but this is pretty definitive:

        So Taylor licensed LWYMMD to Killling Eve, but produced a new version with Jack (Jack Leopards) and with Austin (The Dolphin Club) singing so there would be no Koots involvement or permission needed or any $$$ going to him at all.

        Fans think it was recorded last December, when she and Austin were in a studio with Jack near her bday:

        And back in February:

        Swifties had ignored this thinking it was just Daily Fail bullshit. Guess not!

        And! They might have done a full version of reputation:

        Rep was the only one of her albums she couldn't legally re-record this year, so this looks like her new way of saying FUCK YOU SCOOTER FUCK TO YOU TO HELL.

        If she doesn't record it in her own voice, Big Machine can't touch it. And she can license it anywhere. Ha!

        Her mind y'all.

        This all comes after Koots blamed Taylor for why he's not running for elective office lol:

        Koots playing the kid card and! contradicting himself again about whether or not he 'knows' Taylor:

        "Recently I was attacked very publicly by someone I don’t know, someone who refused to have a conversation with me, and I wish that person nothing but the best and hope that one day a dialogue is had, because I think it all could have been avoided with proper dialogue, but what it did teach me was that if my children were teenagers, if they were a little bit older, this could have been very hard for them." - Scooter in GQ

        Yeesh, the nation dodged a bullet there. Thanks, Swifties!

        (In other news, it looks like Taylor and Joe have been mostly quarantining at her LA house but might have jetted up to her Rhode Island place a few days ago, and the kays are still kaying, and errrrything else is basically the same. I do have stuff saved up to post, especially some kay nonsense but I have to find a way to make THESE PEOPLE I AM RELATED TO leave my fucking house for the love of beek just for an hour or so I am begging all of you just leave my fucking house plz plz plz )

        Bonus! Joe, who almost never posts anything, posted a bunch of stuff to his insta in the past month stories totally randomly and here are some of the things he posted:

        . . . definitely in Taylor's Beverly Hills kitchen, as per these pics:

        and then a bunch of primo Benji content:

        The last two are not from the LA house . . . the one of the rug is from a photo shoot, and the bottom one is from one of the old London rentals. Anyhoo, I think we know which cat is Joe's fave.

        Also, Taylor was wearing her J necklace to do promo for the concert on Netflix:

        So you know kays aren't pleased!

        So... Toe is chillin' in the states with Taylor? Well... I'll be! @Spade where ya at? I need to have a word.

        taytaysbeard answered:

        Are you honestly that naive??? Oh my gosh.

        I am sorry if this came off as rude … but, how can anyone who reads this blog think she has been quarantining with him

        Surely they have many staged photos to use at anytime. Taylor’s team just posts them on his social media.

        why anyone pays any attention to him I hate even answering asks on this because you take their bait
        A person incredibly undeserving of our attention. Maybe nice. Maybe a jerk. We have no clue. We know nothing about him other than that he willingly rode on Taylor’s back to get a career.

        The question:

        The answer:

        Do you think that maybe this quarantine is going to be the seed for the split? Like they realized they aren’t as compatible as lovers and are better off as “friends.” Obviously they aren’t quarantined together but it could be the seed that they realized they had great communication when they weren’t spending as much time in close proximity but once they did they realized it did not work as well for either of them. Maybe that’s why he posted the photos?



        • I live for the Taylor that circumvents rules and regs in order to destroy the lives of unworthy menfolk. She's my favorite Taylor.


          • Here is the full version:


            Austin does a nice job with the vocals! I like this version a lot. Kinda sounds weirdly old school cowboy-ish? I could imagine this on the soundtrack of a modern stylized High Noon or something. But it obvs works perfectly for Villanelle as well, duh.

            It's already charting, which is kinda cray for a cover:

            Not sure if this tweet was related or not but oh hey, Koots.

            This could be the album cover for Jack Leopards and The Dolphin Club, Taylor's new indie band:

            Only Taylor could get the world's top producer to help her with a vanity project for REVENGE purposes. Look what you made her do indeed.

            It's too bad they couldn't air any of her older stuff (not sure she even performed it live at the show), but eh, she's got less than a year before she can do whatever she wants, right?

            The actual Paris concert was a lot longer and yes, she played older stuff as well that night. Guess she either couldn't get permission to include any of it, or didn't bother asking about it because she just doesn't want to ask Koots for anything at all right now. And YES, she can start re-recording everything except Rep in November (assuming the pandemic doesn't throw a spanner in those works).

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            • I love her petty brilliant mind so much. Her revenge is going to be so delicious to watch. I am here for that.

              I occasionally check in on the anti-Kay blogs, and I think even the Kays should be having trouble with the fact that Joe was super obviously quarantining with her, but they are in full crazy mode, of course.


              • I love her.


                • Yes, this was amazing.


                  • Tavi Gevinson has had about enough of Karlie and let her know 'bout it.


                    Samesies with Derek Blasberg.


                    I missed this earlier this week and when I went to the post, Karlie had already deleted Tavi's response.


                    • This is exactly what I needed to salvage something from this week.


                      • Yeah, in a perfect world, all of the Kushners, including Karlie and all of their hangers ons, wouldn't be able to escape the past 4 years of complicity unscathed. Karlie and Josh's little 'but we're the GOOD Kushners' routine is absolute bullshit when they have only done their 'distancing' in public and continue to be a happy family in private.

                        There should be a'reckoning a'coming.

                        There was a lot of folks calling out Karlie and then she hightailed it out to a LA BLM protest.

                        That seems to have shut folks up but . . . doesn't change any fundamental facts. No amount of activism t would do half as much as Josh and Karlie ACTUALLY cutting ties with Javanka AND Charles and Seryl (who are truly terrible as well) and saying adios to the family companies and the family billions (built on horrific slum lording!), but that ain't gonna happen.

                        Derek B., on the other hand, unfollowed Ivanka, but has otherwise remained quiet after his Tavi dragging as far as I have seen.

                        So I've got like 10 mins to myself, gonna dump stuff here fast if I can.

                        The big controversy right now is that Swifties think Taylor should be doing more in regards to supporting Black Lives Matters, but that 'more' seems to be ill defined. She and Joe both posted on instagram a few times (and obvs she tweeted the prez) and Taylor made it clear she's been donating, but I'm not entirely sure what else they want from her. It's a no win sitch . . . it's highly unlikely she can attend a protest in person because a) her security team would have a conniption, b) it would take focus away from actual organizers, which other celebs are being accused of (including Cara D.) and c) her mom's in such a high risk category, I can't imagine she would do anything that would keep her from being able to see her mom for weeks. If she did a bunch of vids, she would probably also be accused of talking over black voices and being performative and making it all about her self. But at the same time I hope she finds something? some way? to do something more with her platform if possible because a very vocal segment are agitating for her* to do so and seem extremely disappointed right now.

                        * it's interesting that fandom often demands more from their fave celeb than they do from the actual politicians who have power to make change.

                        Throwing it back a bit, Taylor's tweet last week set twitter and the memeworld on fire for hours.

                        And in a worlds collide moment, this from TVD's Michael:


                        It's funny how every so often people rediscover that Taylor Swift is a liberal.

                        Karlie actually included Taylor's tweet in her insta story round-up, and you know kays thought that MEANT SOMETHING.

                        If Karlie is officially truly free now, isn’t it the right time to disassociate herself from k*shners? When do you think that’ll happen?

                        I suspect they are trying to make a split look organic. She just pretended to spend months with him in quarantine in upstate NY and NYC. She just left there less than two weeks ago to ‘spend time out west with her loved ones’. So hopefully all we are waiting for is an announcement.

                        So YES Karlie is free! . . . even though she literally also just posted a vid about how sweet it was that her husband wakes her up with a kiss every morning, and she's still also still liking Kooter's posts. And she was hardly 'pretending' to be quarantining in NY, there have been a zillion vids and pics of her her doing so, including these:

                        That's their penthouse in the Puck Building, owned by the Kushners.

                        oKAY! bits and pieces:

                        So . . . the kween's 'proof' of 'no marriage' is based on some kind of internet aggregator that isn't fact checked and apparently lists Josh's mother Seryl twice . . . once as 'Sheryl'. That makes sense.

                        But no worries! That 'spit' is coming!

                        So thankful Karlie is free (most likely right?) during this crucial time in history and with the elections coming up too. Do you think they might base the split on "we had different views on things"? Meaning all that Karlie supports? Showing her true self now will definitely make celeb news outlets question her stance on certain political things in a good way. It seems that she is trying everything that she can atm

                        I would be surprised if Jerk goes for that narrative since he has used the Kloss family to try to be perceived as a good guy who shares their values. But, I hope Karlie is able to imply this, even if she cannot say it outright.

                        I could see them saying family tension was an issue. But, let’s be honest, their original ‘split’ narrative may or may not be adjusted. They had no idea that society would be in this place when they agreed to a ‘split’ narrative.

                        Another thing that can be a good point to reaffirm that she is free from the Jail, is the total absence of him with her in the protest. She was accompanied only by friends/colleagues and her security guard. When we all know that every chance the bastard has to show his face with her, he doesn't waste it. Even more to promote your image of "good boy"

                        I know Karlie is genuine but her attendance to the protest, in my opinion, is another confirmation of her freedom. A (fake) wife wouldn’t push this so much even if she doesn’t agree with hubby’s family.

                        Thoughts on the Medium article that calls out Derek Blasberg and mentions Karlie a lot?

                        When you hang around dirty dogs you are bound to get fleas.

                        I suspect that Reese Witherspoon comment Karlie liked recently is the path Karlie planned to follow … although she never anticipated it would get quite this loud before the split.

                        “Remember Mia had said: Sometimes you need to scorch everthing to the ground and start over. After the burning the soil is richer, and new things can grow. People are like that, too. They start over. They find a way.”

                        This definitely reminds me of the billion and one other times that the kays prematurely celebrated Karlie's FREEDOM, so . . . good luck with all that! We're all rooting for you!


                        • The Kays really believe this is it for Josh? Well, we’ll see how they backpedal when it’s not.


                          • No amount of activism t would do half as much as Josh and Karlie ACTUALLY cutting ties with Javanka AND Charles and Seryl (who are truly terrible as well) and saying adios to the family companies and the family billions (built on horrific slum lording!), but that ain't gonna happen.

                            HERE FOR THIS! Fuck Karlie Kloss and her Kushner penthouse in the sky built on the backs of poor and working people. I HATE THAT BITCH.
                            It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.