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  • It's weird how much Kaylors and QAnon have in common.
    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


    • It was perfect, thank you! I don't understand wrapping paper rooms. Is it not everyone's preference to get on the floor in front of the TV and drink while they wrap presents? The way I wrap requires moving around. I don't want to sit in a chair and do it.


      • Thanks, O! I am glad to get any news of Taylor right now. She is just a little too efficient at lockdown!

        Love Todrick calling her heterosexual, and the very careful ignorance of that.


        • Loved that update! And that chandelier looks like a giant cartoon drill.


          • More from her Bev Hills house:

            Bathrooms! So many! Much wallpaper!

            This is the closet cartoon drill light:

            And she has two of these in her dining room:

            (all from leftussilent on tmblr)

            Kanye 2020 ugh.

            Have we not suffered enough??? This whole year needs to be rebooted for beek's sake.


            • Uh oh, The Kween’s main “source” - Spade - has given up on love. Spade was never much of a source and there was some belief she was the Kween in disguise, which this does not disprove.


              • BOOM! New Taylor Swift album coming from out of the blue.


                • WOOOOOOOOO!!!



                  • I love that she is doing this. I love the greyscale aesthetic. This is making me happier than I have been in weeks.


                    • Y'ALL.


                      16 new songs!

                      New music video!!!!!


                      So! Aaron, in case you didn't know, is one of The National . . . which is not only one of Taylor's most favoritest bands ever, but also her and Joe's 'relationship band'* as per someone from a Rep Meet and Greet (I think! might have been a session!).

                      * the band you listen to together a bunch and whose lyrics you text each other and whose songs you associate with each other, I suppose.

                      Digging the folklore aesthetic:

                      It's very "quarantine's got me me wandering around outside screaming quietly", which I can relate to.

                      I mean, it me inside my head for the past 100 days:

                      Aaron from The National already has the aesthetic down:

                      And of course, the Taylor Swift store already has new merch:


                      I really really like the cardigan, so cozy:

                      So! The track list is like . . . um . . . I have no idea what to make of it ('illicit affairs'??! WYD JOE?).

                      Lyrical hints from the merch are:

                      in the weeds
                      in the trees
                      meet me behind the mall
                      betty's garden
                      stolen lullabies
                      hide and seek
                      running like water
                      clandestine meetings
                      so much for summer love
                      i knew you
                      you put me on

                      We've got some blurry lyrics for cardigan:

                      But I knew you

                      Playing hide-and-seek and

                      Giving me your weekends

                      I knew you

                      Your heartbeat on the High Line

                      Once in twenty lifetimes

                      And when I felt like I was an old cardigan

                      under someone’s bed

                      You put me on and said

                      I was your favorite

                      (kinds sounds like yet another love song about late summer'16 in NYC with Joe, maybe? I ain't mad at that, I'll take a gazillion songs about that).

                      Totes hoping this is the dreamy creamy echo-y acoustic-ish love album I have been hoping for! (I mean . . . BON IVER!!!! and Laura Sisk worked on Norman Fucking Rockwell, so . . .)

                      Fans are obvs FUHREAKING the FUCK OUT.

                      The fun part is that some dude named Steve on a website where people horde unreleased Taylor tracks leaked this like a month ago, even with the definition of 'folklore' and 'cardigan' but not many people believed him.

                      This is OBVIOUSLY the album where taylor finally comes out, duh. The cardigan represents the closet!

                      Speaking of kerrazy theories, y'all know how the kween and her kourt all insisted that Karlie going to Cali was A Sign that the Joshlie 'divorce' was 'imminent'?

                      Noooope. Josh has been in LA with her.

                      Kays responded appropriately to this fresh disappointment.

                      Ttb, with all these pictures of Karlie and Jos* maybe it means Taylor will split up first her pr stunt?

                      The pic is obvious adidas promo, they're both wearing branded masks and his shirt has a logo too. He’s probably desperate for some positive associations after Ivanka's goya tweet and the negative shitstorm that has followed her and Jared so he’s grabbing it while he still can

                      Well, that Instagram post was disappointing to say the least. And at this point it almost feels like gaslighting. We're constantly being whipped around, questioning what we believe. We're being fed with pictures of daisies and then we have to endure seeing this ugly criminal's mug again. All this doubting, questioning our beliefs and sanity... It's honestly exhausting.


                      The kween never wavers:

                      If I was Karlie, one of the points I'd be super strict on for the "breakup" would be that, since I would be "so heartbroken" after him I would refuse to speak on it or him, ever, in the future (in case those interviewers don't know the truth that I'm just done with that contract) and I would fully purge his presence from social media. Mentions. Pics. Ads. Poof. Gone. See, cause she's so so sad about it... (hell. Some headline can have some fun with making a TS Clean pun about it)

                      taytaysbeard answered:

                      I suspect her team (and Taylor’s) will work hard to bury any mention of his name. A lot of new Karlie articles that do not mention him will push him way down on a google search. And, also clean his name off her wikipedia.

                      Seems legit!

                      According to her, Labor Day is the new goalpost!

                      Hey ttb, I decided to leave Kaylor behind. Karlie talks and supports everything about what's going on right now and at the same time she shares her selfie with her criminal husband which is disgusting... You're good person and all but we have to accept things the way they are!

                      taytaysbeard answered:

                      Anon, no one can argue with your logic. We all have a breaking point, and Karlie has pushed many of us to that edge. I cannot blame you one bit for checking out on her. She definitely talks out of both sides of her mouth right now. I would have dropped her long ago, if not for Taylor. I am hanging in there with her through Labor Day weekend.

                      for some reason i thought the contract with josh might be done but i guess not. you don’t think she re-signed with him do you? i sure hope not.

                      taytaysbeard answered:

                      No. I think we are on the final stretch of it, and he is going to get out of it whatever he is entitled to via the contract. The fact that he makes her do this sh*t, despite his disgusting family’s actions, shows what an absolute as*hole he is. No one with any sense of decency would put Karlie through this in this political climate. Yet, he reveals himself as a true Kushner through and through.

                      They staged that ‘stressed out’ walk the other day for a reason. They are on the home stretch. I know we have said this before, but I would be absolutely shocked if he is still around after Labor Day.
                      Come on ttb spill the tea so many people are questioning Karlie. Unless the tea is not real. By you saying that you're hanging on until Labor Day is like saying there's no tea. I know you won't post this but could let us know if the tea is real or not. Karlie plays the kaylors to much you'll see by tomorrow she'll throw us a bone by and everyone will being fall for it. No disrespect to you.

                      The tea is real. It will come no later than Labor Day weekend. Hopefully sooner. I totally get what you are saying. Karlie does play yo-yo with us. No one can deny that. Let’s see what the next few days entail. Sometimes Karlie’s icky games are to cover for something else.

                      But Labor Day surprise tea or not, All Is Well:

                      Wasn’t gonna say anything because I don’t want to appear stalkerish, but I innocently stumbled upon Taylor’s Watch Hill home while in RI this weekend. I smiled at the giant spread of daisies she has next to the gates. Decided to share as I see many of us are being thrown off by Karlie’s fake instas Kaylor is alive and well friends


                      But fuck the kays, TS8 is coming in HOURS, y'all.

                      ETA took me so long to throw this post together, I should have guessed y'all would have already posted about it, oops!
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                      • Thank you for the complete update, O! I am shaking my head at the lengths the Kays are making their brains go. The thing about Josh forcing Karlie to do whatever is so juvenile and scary. As per usual.


                        • More bits and pieces on this here folklore day . . .

                          Actual pic of Taylor today:

                          I love this bit from her post so much:

                          Before this year I probably would’ve overthought when to release this music at the ‘perfect’ time, but the times we’re living in keep reminding me that nothing is guaranteed. My gut is telling me that if you make something you love, you should just put it out into the world. That’s the side of uncertainty I can get on board with.

                          Not that I don't love the easter eggs and countdowns, but this is also very fun and somewhat less exhausting! I appreciate it!

                          Was wondering why she didn't surprise! drop her quar album on the 13th but then realized tonight at midnight will be 7/24 . . . 7+2+4 = 13.

                          Jack has faves:

                          Selena is already wearing the merch!

                          I saw Chrissie Teigen using the new folklore filter already, too:

                          Cottagecore is the word for it!

                          And I love love this pic:

                          Fans are IMPATIENT obvs.

                          And even though Koots won't own anything on this one, he's still benefiting:

                          A rising tide lifts all boats, I guess. Just think, if she could have legally spent all of quar re-recording her masters, we wouldn't be getting a whole ass TS8 right now.

                          A new Spotify vid has been added:


                          Swifties are trying to figure out where she's been during quar based on the spotify vid:

                          The fields (and maybe woods?) look like TN around Nashville to me, and the beach is obvs Rhode Island. But we knew that from her jet trackers anyway. I doubt she went anywhere any different than close to home(s) for the pics.

                          Joe liked Tay's posts as well as Aaron's post about it super fast.

                          Speaking of! This 'William Bowery' person that Taylor listed as a co-writer on two songs doesn't seem to exist? Swifties cannot locate him as a real person, and Taylor did not include his @. Current theory is that it's a pseudonym for Joe (Like 'Frosty Crew Photography' was) because 'William' = his first role as Billy Lyn and is his dad's middle name and his great-grandpa's name (William Alwyn was a composer) and then 'Bowery' = their first public-ish date was at the Kings of Leon concert in Oct '16 at the Bowery Hotel. Also, some Swifties say the Bowery is actually where Joe was staying during the Cruel Cornelia Street Summer of '16.

                          (let's be real, he's probs just a rando writer dude who isn't on social media at all for some reason.)

                          To the kays of course, the mystery is NO mystery at all:

                          And there's no also mystery about Taylor's choice of dates to a certain other fandom:

                          Yep, she's MOS DEF circled all important 1D and Harry related dates on her Revenge Calendar somewhere and is totes doing this on purpose.

                          Speaking of possibly doing something on purpose, I'm not saying that Karlie posted two pics of herself in the woods on folklore day just to keep the kays on a string, but I'm not not saying it either.

                          IT'S ALL CONNECTING!

                          Holyyyyyy shit!! Did you see karlie’s most recent post of her in a forest and hugging trees??? Are you kidding me?!?!?! Spade was right... she felt she wasn’t necessary anymore because kaylor are being so loud rn!!! The draught might just be over
                          do you think karlie stunted in anticipation of the album release?

                          A mutual and I were just discussing this in DMs. We agreed that those pap walks/bike rides served two purposes. Remind people Karlie is with the Jerk before the album drop, and to seed the pending ‘split.

                          It’s really interesting how Taylor is using words such as “illicit affairs” and “clandestine”. Maybe she will be more straightforward in her songs about a secretive relationship and give us more details. Everything between spade’s departure and the continuous stream of coincidences between Taylor and Karlie are finally connecting all together.

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                          • (let's be real, he's probs just a rando writer dude who isn't on social media at all for some reason.)
                            That has all the feel of a TS/Joe pseudonym though. There are 13 letters in William Bowery after all.


                            • A few weeks ago when I posted about missing Taylor, I was hoping she was using this time to write, but I never hoped we'd get so much new music the year after Lover! And Bon Iver and The National are what I play when I wanna put on a face mask and cry so this is a perfect quar collab.

                              Also, I love anything that gets the Kays ramped up to create new konspiracy theories, ugh bless TSwizzle for this honestly. Betty being connected to Karlie because her middle name is Elizabeth is *chef's kiss*. That song could've been called Mallory and they would have been like "Mallory has 7 letters and Karlie has 6 and 6+1=7 because Karlie is Taylor's 1 tru luv!!!OMG" That could be our new quarantine game where you pick a random ass name and the person below you has to create a Kaylor narrative for it.

                              Bonus of being on MT time is that I only have to wait until 10 to hear the new songs, whee!


                              • Swifties believe that Betty is Joe's mom and so that's one of the songs he co-wrote.

                                I have stupid work tomorrow so I can't stay up all night listening. Stupid career.