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  • Thanks O!

    My results from the song battle. That choice between exile and illicit affairs was super hard for me.
    nk Song
    1 exile(featuring Bon Iver)
    2 illicit affairs
    3 the last great american dynasty
    4 august
    5 peace
    6 invisible string
    7 epiphany
    8 the lakes
    9 cardigan
    10 betty
    11 the 1
    12 this is me trying
    13 hoax
    14 mad woman
    15 mirrorball
    16 my tears ricochet
    17 seven

    Is Joe that much of a troll?! I mean, maybe . .
    I hope it’s him just because of that. And really, this is them saying it is him, because who else could have been there to “sign” those?

    Karlie posting pictures is probably because they are always loud right before the breakup, right? I know that’s been the case previously. LOL. I am eagerly awaiting whatever nonsense comes on Labor Day, and how the Kween gets out of it when it turns out Taylor is with Joe in London.


    • I'm not going to lie. Every time I see a new post in this thread I am hoping for an engagement announcement.


      • Issie! The band Yam Haus did a fun reaction vid to folklore
        Ha, I watched that a couple of weeks ago! My YT search algorithm is hilarious these days. It's like food vids, baseball highlights, and Taylor reactions. My top 3 on the fave song quiz were no surprise: Exile, MTR, and August. My bottom 3 were kind of obvious too. The Lakes, Epiphany, and Seven always get a skip now.

        I've narrowed my summer playlist and I basically only want to listen to Taylor, The Chicks, Kacey, Maren, Carly, the new Haim, Sia, and Maggie Rogers. It's all girls, all the time. That said, I've rediscovered how much I freaking love Taylor's You Are In Love. Gah, it's such a great song that got no attention.


        • I've rediscovered how much I freaking love Taylor's You Are In Love. Gah, it's such a great song that got no attention.

          Ha! It's funny that you say that, because the kays have long claimed YAIL as the first kaylor anthem. Back in '14, Taylor captioned this Big Sur posts of her and Karlie with 'on the way home':

          so . . . it gets a TON of attention from the kayrrazies, who refuse to believe Taylor when she said that she actually wrote it about Lena and Jack.

          I'm not going to lie. Every time I see a new post in this thread I am hoping for an engagement announcement.

          ME TOO.

          If they don't do it soon, Imma make one up for them.

          I am eagerly awaiting whatever nonsense comes on Labor Day, and how the Kween gets out of it when it turns out Taylor is with Joe in London.

          Gonna get to the kay 'tea' in a sec, but first some general Taylor stuff.

          folklore!!! SIX WEEKS at #1:

          That is apparently a big deal? And those that watch the charts think she is thisclose to securing a 7th week (but others say that's a no go, so I guess we'll see).

          One of those Grammy insider thingys came out that basically said she's not going to win AOTY, though, because Grammy voters think it would be bad optics to give it to a white lady this year instead of to The Weeknd. It'll prob win other stuff. I doubt it'll be snubbed as bad as Rep and Lover.

          Speaking of Rep, Taylor apparently said this to a fan (in Rep room, I assume?):

          lmao ok i was talking abt the snake thing and how my response now whenever anyone says anything regarding “snake” is “hiss hiss bitch snakes are in” and she goes “i know…. its so weird….. they picked snake! they should have picked something else. like snakes are cool, theyre fashionable, like i can do stuff with snakes. they should have picked hog. i couldnt do anything with a hog” and i was laughing so hard

          We coulda had Karyn the Hog!

          I think people forget that it was Kim K. that was the main driver behind the snake emoji and Taylor's right! Shoulda picked something way less cool, Kim.

          This is weird even for Presidential Candidate Kanye:

          But hey, whatever drives votes (for Biden, obvs, because Kanye is uh . . . ).

          In the past week or so, Taylor accepted a couple of awards with videos that have been analyzed to death to see if swifties can determine her location. Just based on jet movements alone, the likelihood is like, 80% that she's in London, of course.

          Taylor's VMAs acceptance video has picture rails in the background . . .
          (all pics yoinked from leftussilent)

          (she won Best Director for The Man)

          which aren't uncommon in older houses in London, but! it could possibly mean that they are back in the house where these pics were taken:


          Miss Americana:

          insta live:

          I don't know though, because those places seem to have crown molding as well, and this new place didn't (in that room anyway).

          the ihearts video gives us much less to work with:

          (she won Pop Album of the Year for Lover)

          But the chair has been identified as the same as in this pic:

          and the floors and push plates on the door also matches to this pic:

          And! Since the wide plank floors match none of her US properties but are known to be from their London house, well . . . (remember this discussion of chairs and planks and push plates and picture rails when we get to the kween's labor day tea! ).

          And speaking of engagement non-announcements:


          Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn ‘Have Discussed’ Having Children in the Future

          Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are seriously thinking about their future together — and a baby is definitely part of it.

          “Taylor and Joe have discussed children,” a source exclusively reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly. “She’s very excited about that chapter of her life when the timing is right and comes.”

          Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn’s Relationship Timeline

          Us previously reported that the pair are looking forward to becoming husband and wife too. “[They] have talked about marriage,” a source said in March. “They don’t have a set deadline in place, but they’re very much in love.”

          While their engagement and baby plans are up in the air, the Folklore singer, 30, is putting all of her concentration on her work in the meantime.

          “She’s focused on her career, her album and getting her political views out there and making a difference,” adds the source. “Taylor feels less pressure than she once did because she is very confident at this point in her life.”

          And thankfully, the English actor, 29, is right there with her. “Her family and Joe have continued to be a huge support system for her,” continues the source. “She’s very excited about her future.”

          This smells very much like Tree getting ahead of any Taylor = sekritly married + sekritly preggers rumors (which have been spreading like wildfire lately).

          Tree could have just sent all media outlets this gif:

          So yeah, my theory is either this can all be taken at face value and they haven't made any plans for anything (and to be fair, this turned into fuhking weird year to do Big Life Stuff!) or this kind of thing is supposed to buy them space and time for SEKRIT WEDDING 20202 after all.

          Oh hai, Mystery WB Doodler:

          That one is my fave, and I'm even more convinced it's Joe now. If he'd wanted to drive kays mad, he could have even added a beard.

          This week, Joe also posted more insta pics of their Utah hiking trip:

          Probs just to say U LIKE ARMS? I'LL GIVE YOU MORE ARMS.


          Remember how the kween was hyping up this super fantabulous insider info and telling anybody whose faith was wavering to just hold on til Labor Day?

          Well, this tea was so PIPING HOT 'n STEAMY that she thought it only fair to delay it as long as possible to give Taylor and Tree!Paine! plenty of time to dissuade her from spilling it.

          But lo, Monday eve finally arrived and . . .



          Before I actually show you the tea (keyword: umbrellas!), I'll reenact how it all went down in gif theater:

          The kween coming in like a KWEEN:

          MMMMM she says:

          But wait . . . is that the kween we see microwaving cold tea???


          Welp, pouring it out for errybuddy anyway:

          The kourt eagerly accepting this incredibly lame tea they've been waiting months and months for:

          and the kween is all like:

          but her kourt is all like:

          And the kourt can't quite believe this is the actual tea:

          But the kween is like, y'all!

          Oh well.

          The anti-kay karliesbuzzcut came through with the bestest gif to sum up how the antis felt after clearing their schedules weeks ago to deal with the kween's tea:

          I mean, really, that's it. The kween has never come through with anything piping hot n' steamy in her entire tumblr life, so what did we expect yo.


          (screenshots swiped from thetaylorfiles)

          So basically, it's a submission by a rando kourt member that Karlie and Taylor must have been (MUST HAVE BEEN!!!!) in Cali together during quarantine because the only white patio umbrellas in all of California (OR IN ALL THE WORLD) are at Taylor's Beverly Hills house.

          Not even her fellow kays are very impressed.


          Twitter peeps were so irritated by the bullshit tea that they are trying to take the kween down.

          (I don't think Tree is gonna protect you just sayin')

          An anti appropriately named debunkingtaytaysbeard promptly debunked THE TEA by looking at the other videos Karlie made from that location in Cali:

          And karliesbuzzcut also debunked it, with delightful drawings and arrows, because nowhere on Taylor's property could you find an angle for the 'proof' reflections:

          Just a sample of her excellent illustrations:

          Irrefutably doing the Lord's work, there.

          Also! an anon on DBTTB noted that in one of Karlie's Cali vids a UPS truck drives right behind her and for the kween's theory to be correct, it would be driving THROUGH Taylor's backyard:

          Ha! I'm sure Taylor would be super surprised to know there was a street cutting through her pool patio.

          But of course the kween cherrypicked the bit of Karlie's vids she thought proved something and ignored the rest, which all proved the opposite. (I would also argue that the 'open white umbrella' looks more like the corner of a structure to me and not that much like an open umbrella, but that's being nitpicky!) (also chairs and planks and push plates and picture rails >>>>>>>> lameass umbrellas)

          Must defend THE TEA from the know nothing cynical haterz:

          Rock solid, eh?

          If I could mix metaphors for a second, if this tea and all of it's build up was a balloon, it would have been the Hindenburg.

          I 100% don't there was ever any tea. I think that other person was right, and that the kween had guessed Joe was going to have to go back to the UK by September for visa reasons and she was assuming he would be spotted there and Taylor would be spotted in the US and she could use that as a TOE BROKE UP!!!111 tea announcement but those things didn't happen the way she wanted (the jet movements and Taylor's award vids make it fairly obvious that she's in London with him). OR she was honestly assuming there would be a JKush/Karlie divorce announcement by now maybe, that she could claim she knew about beforehand? Regardless, that's probs why she put it all off until last minute and then dug through whatever nonsense randos had submitted to her and then just claimed one of them as the long awaited tea.

          It very much reminds me of when Michael Scott promised the Scranton branch some kind of surprise and built it up all day as something great and then came in last minute with ice cream sandwiches.

          Stanley is all of us:

          karliesbuzzcut, coming though with the memes again:

          I got more kay nonsense stored up, but nothing right now is going to top THE TEA (umbrellas!) so Imma leave it there, I think.


          • Lol, lol, lol! Umbrellas!


            • Thanks, O! I am dying laughing at the umbrellas. It's just too deliciously stupid to be believed.

              I feel that a sekrit wedding is coming soon, and I am hoping we get a full after the fact spread of pictures in People but I bet we won't.


              • What if Karlie covered up the envelope because it was addressed to The Kushners and she knows her new last name gets her yelled at and she didn't feel like dealing with the nonsense? That's MY tea.


                • What if Karlie covered up the envelope because it was addressed to The Kushners and she knows her new last name gets her yelled at and she didn't feel like dealing with the nonsense? That's MY tea.

                  She didn't even cover it up!

                  It was only addressed to her alone by first name, and if the original tea submitter had included this part of the vid the kays would have known that:

                  I guess Chrissy hates Taylor and that's why she didn't include Karlie's lovuhh/sekrit fiancee on the card!

                  I'm still reeling over the absurdity of this 'proof', like . . . I mean . . . umbrellas, man.

                  This anon on the kween's blog is right, though, nothing is evah enuff!

                  And yet still!


                  • I would also argue that the 'open white umbrella' looks more like the corner of a structure to me and not that much like an open umbrella, but that's being nitpicky!
                    I don’t think it looks at all like an umbrella.

                    Karliesbuzzcut’s drawings are everything. Just excellent work.

                    OR she was honestly assuming there would be a JKush/Karlie divorce announcement by now maybe, that she could claim she knew about beforehand?
                    She seems very invested in believing that is coming any minute now. I go back and forth on how much I think she believes vs how much she is just playing with her kourt, but I do think she is all in on believing Josh/Karlie will break up soon.


                    • “Taylor believes social media harassment is UNACCEPTABLE!” (proceeds to harass internet person for Karlie’s address)


                      • I know you're not a Betty fan, ophy, but WHEE to a new live Taylor performance anyway! What I would give to have her wear a ByeDon 2020 cardigan for that show, OMG, I don't even know.



                        • Betty is not my favorite either, but I am excited none the less.


                          • Yeppers, Taylor is going to perform at American Country Music Awards on Wednesday:

                            betty might not be my fave, but I'm still hella excited for a new live performance. She hasn't done a song at the ACMs since 2013, I think?

                            I guess Taylor Swift has not yee'd her last haw!

                            Not going to embed the whole thread, but this 'analysis' of how Taylor performing betty is basically her coming out to inspire other gay people is just . . .


                            . . . she LITERALLY said IN HER OWN WORDS that she wrote the song from the perspective of a dude, but okay.

                            The jet already left the US and landed in London to pick her up, so I think she's going to record it on site at the Opry, which is pretty cool. I doubt Joe can come with her, though.

                            Speaking of betty, the kays are quite proud of themselves for noting this on the new merch:

                            James + Betty = T+ K because of course it does:

                            I saw someone point out that the letters on this shirt make out a T and K in the B and J so I decided to highlight them in case other people don’t see it. Also it lines up with the theory that James = Taylor (James Taylor) and Betty = Karlie (Karlie Elizabeth “Betty”)

                            They are not wrong and they are also not right, but so it goes.

                            I want to see this, as the music video if nothing else:

                            She's such good friends with all three of the peeps involved and probs also the dog so they should be able to make this happen maybe?

                            Taylor sent Katy's baby a silk whatnot:

                            That's how we know the feud is ovah but! they aren't like actual super close friends or anything, or Taylor would have known to embroider a daisy on it instead, I guess? Looks like it was sent months before the kiddo was born, though.

                            Taylor spending her quar time trying to learn how to embroider is exactly in character for the prairie vibe of folklore!

                            Actual footage of Reputation and folklore in a field together:

                            In honor of Taylor's Best Director win, here's an actress talking about working with Taylor on The Man:


                            This is especially for v . . . a very comprehensive timeline of all things Joe and Taylor:


                            (note: there's sources for most of the events on the timeline, but none for where Taylor and Joe met. It's a pretty good guess, though, and tru enuff for me. )


                            (2017 has all the great Rep secret session stuff)


                            (2018 has great Rep tour moments)

                            2019: youreinlovees hasn't finished the 2019 post yet, beekdamnit.


                            (2020 is updated through Joe's pics of Utah.)

                            Not all of the sightings of Wig!Taylor in London in 2017 are included, but holy hell, this is super impressive work!

                            As for the 2016 timeline, I'm making the idea that The Bowery in LA really is the bar Taylor and Joe met in my new headcanon, because it just makes sense. Then he stayed at The Bowery Hotel in NYC when they started dating, and they went to the Kings of Leon afterparty at The Bowery in Oct'16.

                            Which would mean the place where she "heard him laughing, saw the dimples first and then I heard the accent" looks like this:

                            "touching my hand in a darkened room" would certainly work for that place, amirite? #TRUENUFF

                            But also in regards to the 2016 timeline, I think they make a good case for both Gorgeous and KOMH to have been written a couple of weeks *before* Taylor and Joe became an official couple on 9/28, but I don't agree that the original lyrics ("I've got a boyfriend, he's older than us/I haven't seen him in a couple of months") referred to Tom and then was changed to refer to CH. I think they were always meant to refer to CH. But that's just a quibble.

                            Collecting all of the sourced links and organizing everything by date must have taken so much freaking time, wow. Looking forward to 2019 being posted.

                            Speaking of Caliper Hoover, this is sad!

                            Speaking of good fandom work! I know that nobuddy here cares about the whole 'where did Karli live while on the West Coast all summer and was it at Taylor's house' debate but here's where Swiftie detective work is lightyears ahead of the kays and their white umbrellas:

                            So firstly, Karlie posted this on insta that day after the White Umbrella Tea was spilled:

                            kays immediately were like WOO HOO:

                            . . . I mean, the actual takeaway from this post is that her sister commented about it being her (Karlie's) new kitchen ("new kitchen, new kookie recipes"), and OF COURSE it's not one of Taylor's kitchens at all. It definitely does not match Joshlie's NYC place or their upstate NY house or the Kushner family house in Jersey . . . And they were on the West Coast for months this summer, which is not really usual for them. All of which suggests that the people who have been theorising all summer that Karlie and Josh bought a new house in Cali are probs correct.

                            So leftussilent on tumblr, figured out that an LA based design firm posted a pic of Karlie's new kitchen on their website as part of their portfolio:

                            They don't seem to work anywhere but Cali, either.

                            Then leftussilent found the house just based off the kitchen (actually based off the LIGHT FIXTURE in the kitchen ) which is uhmazeballs work, and it appears to be beachfront in . . . ding ding ding . . . Montecito, exactly as that person said in the kween's comments. Montecito is basically part of Santa Barbara, I guess, and Karlie and Josh were papped at the beach there with KP and Orlando, so that makes sense. Not posting all the pics but as you can see on the link below, the house is crazy luxe and gorgeous:


                            And then debunkingtaytaysbeard found and old listing for the house AND figured out where on the property Karlie must have been filming some of her vids for the UPS truck to have driven behind her.

                            Those pics are actually of the property's greenhouses(?) not sure what they are, like glass studios or something). And so it was probably in the studios that Karlie was doing her vids, not up at the main house.

                            The old listing:


                            It sold for 19.8 million in 2018, which makes sense if they were still constructing it etc that it would be livable now.

                            (the pics on that link are pre/during construction of the second bigger and better house, so they are from the smaller older one).

                            Then Justkarliekloss picked up the baton and also noted other matched interiors from other Karlie vids:

                            They all concluded based on real estate info that it's possible* that Karlie and Josh were actually just renting it for the summer and didn't buy it, but! regardless, why would Karlie be living in a rando house in Cali when her sekrit wife owns an entire estate out there, hmmm?

                            * tons of debate about renting vs buying, but her sister's comment kinda implied they owned it.

                            So! Isn't that wayyyyyy better detective work than blurry crumpled white umbrellas??

                            The kween spent awhile vainly trying to prove the kitchen was Taylor's (when ERRRYBUDDY in the whole entire Swift world knows what all of Taylor's kitchens look like) eventually gave up and then got a bit defensive:

                            Why are you invested in proving it’s Taylor’s kitchen? And before you deny it, people have commented and reblogged to add compelling information that it’s not the same kitchen, but you only share the “proof” that it’s the same. It’s your blog. Write whatever you want, but you shouldn’t let people think you’re just trying to spread the truth.

                            taytaysbeard answered:

                            I am not invested at all. I said within a couple hours after she posted it that we are chasing our tails and we will never know until possibly later. I am just posting what people send in. Posting a submission is not an endorsement by me. I am just letting people make their cases. Candidly, I hope we never discuss the kitchen again, unless Taylor shows us it is their kitchen. No one is sending me asks saying they don’t think it is. The posts and the comments do make both arguments … that it is and is not a Taylor kitchen. Read carefully. It is all there. The kitchen drives me nuts. I am not going to reblog every argument that someone makes in the comments. Candidly, I DON’T PERSONALLY CARE WHOSE KITCHEN IT IS. I don’t think Karlie would show us at this stage if it is Taylor’s. I even said in one post that I did not think a photographer could get that angle if it was at Taylor’s NYC apartment. Are you actually reading my posts? Apology accepted.

                            APOLOGY ACCEPTED.

                            it doesn''t matter though, because it's a staged house! For stunts!

                            They are also ignoring the fact that she is still wearing her wedding ring in that post. She was also papped earlier this week in NYC also with her wedding band on, so I don't think a divorce is being 'seeded':

                            . . . despite the fact that to the kween, that divorce announcement is always imminent.

                            (there have been a whole lotta Karlie preggers rumors just fyi . . . which if true, will make the kay world go 'splodey. Not sure what that will do to their divorce timeline!).

                            Speaking of forest for the trees . . . stripes!

                            That one is my fave reach of all.

                            More random kay stuff . . .

                            Big Sur is kaylor rights!

                            . . . or it's Jake G. rights or Joe A. rights, since Taylor went there with them, too.

                            That's easily explained away:

                            THAT'S EXACTLY IT. You were so close to getting it! Actual real life couples are a gazillion more times likely to keep things like that private than someone on a harmless platonic girls trip.

                            do . . . do they think spade is William Bowery??

                            With all I am = WI(th) (a)LL I AM = WILLIAM

                            No wait, or is Taylor William?

                            F*ck it! Taylor is William Bowery. ‍

                            This is why show won't do interviews. She would her damn self away. I don't buy it one bit! She is the MAN. She is William who was having an illicit fair with Babe. She is William, who was having an illicit with James, and William who was having an illicit with Betty. It's pretty much the love triangle entanglement going on within Taylor herself--while trying to sort out her sexuality.

                            Am I straight? TS1-Babe/RED?

                            Am I BI=Exile(1989/REP/Lover?

                            AM I gay=Betty(Lover/folklore?

                            "When you are young they ASSUME you know nothing"

                            Taylor sent her GAYEST song to country radio. Why? Because when she was young she KNEW she was different but suppressed it and turned herself into someone she couldn't recognize in the mirror(MIRRORBALL) and she still kept masquerading and putting putting on a circus(Bearding) for the people=fans.

                            Taylor came back to that little girl- but she's all grown up, and she found her true love after the long journey of trying and trying, and falling behind her classmates, but just like an old cardigan fits her--so does her love she has had in her since she was seven and it keeps her warm.

                            The 1->Excile->Betty

                            2006-2020... a 14 year full circle worth of Taylor's career and journey.

                            We need the book Taylor!

                            TAYLOR IS WILLIAM.

                            ????? PICK A LANE Y'ALL. (Unless! Taylor = spade, I think I cracked it!)

                            Also, some more invisible string truthing, which I adore:

                            That's beautiful. *sniff* kay denial is like an art form at this point.

                            Bonus! in the kay world ERRRYBUDDY IS GAY at least for a little while?

                            This is probably news to everyone, including RDJ's wife!


                            • Ooh, those timelines will need some time to sit and savor. Thank you for finding them, O! I so appreciate this sort of scholarly fan work. I will likely have many thoughts about the timeline once I get into it.

                              Swifties’ ability to find real estate with very few clues is amazing. I LOVE Karlie’s new house, or rental house, or Staged Fake Lesbian Hideout House.

                              But also in regards to the 2016 timeline, I think they make a good case for both Gorgeous and KOMH to have been written a couple of weeks *before* Taylor and Joe became an official couple on 9/28, but I don't agree that the original lyrics ("I've got a boyfriend, he's older than us/I haven't seen him in a couple of months") referred to Tom and then was changed to refer to CH. I think they were always meant to refer to CH. But that's just a quibble
                              That lyric could never apply to Tom, because he was not a boyfriend, just a fling. :sob:

                              I tried hard to understand the William Bowery is Taylor theory, but that makes no fucking sense.


                              • Timeline comments. I am in an interminable meeting that I have no real part in, so I am wading in. Overall: if Kaylors had 1/10th this much material, we would not mock them so.


                                June 15th – Taylor starts dating Tom Hiddleston (x)

                                July 22nd – Taylor and Tom are seen together for the last time (x)
                                Wow. I had no memory of it being such a short thing. A whirlwind!

                                October 22nd– Taylor performs with a cold at the United States Grand Prix in Austin, Texas (x)

                                Joe had a cold the week after when he was doing interviews in Taiwan.
                                That's when I knew this timeline was amazing. <3 to youareinlovees for this.

                                And then she wrote Call It What You Want. Can you imagine how heady that must have been for him? And also scary because she has written a fair amount of shade aimed at her exes.

                                November 23rd– Taylor is spotted walking around in NYC with Kelsea Ballerini, the last time Taylor is seen for nearly 8 weeks (x)
                                Fascinating in retrospect, how she was able to hide so completely from Swifties and the media (Swifties being much harder to fool).

                                October 13th– Taylor talks about the inspiration behind reputation at the London Secret Session.
                                Dancing With Our Hands Tied was written when Taylor was spotted by the paparazzi for the first time in months. She put on some healthy weight after recovering from an eating disorder and was seen at the gym and the paps were shouting horrible things at her at her about her body. (x)
                                I am still angry about this because she looks great at the higher weight.

                                October 13th – Taylor tells a fan that Joe took the pictures of the cats in the reputation magazines, and says that Meredith hates her but loves Joe
                                Yet he takes pictures of Benjamin for his instagram!

                                I don't care if she cheated or not, but I didn't recall that she had laid out the timeline that clearly.

                                November 13th– Scott Swift talks to several fans about how DWOHT is his favorite song on reputation because Taylor and Joe dated for months before the media found out (x)
                                I am never sure what to think about Scott Swift, and this quote doesn't help. You could think "oh sweet" but it is also just a weird thing to be favoriting.


                                February 9th – The BTS of the End Game video is released, and Taylor talks about how she’s playing online scrabble against Joe (x) (via tayorswift)
                                “Oooh he played me in Scrabble. I’m about to– It’s a tight game, no I can wait, I can wait. I’ll make him wait. It’ll make him sweat, his game will get, you know, he’ll get stressed, he’ll be like ‘what’s she gonna play next? Is she gonna get that triple word?’”
                                Scrabble is super important to their family.

                                I didn't realize how many times he had gone to Rep shows and she had sang straight to him.

                                December 4th – In an interview with Esquire, Joe is asked whether he sought out guidance on his relationship with Taylor (x)
                                I didn’t seek out advice on that. Because I know what I feel about it. I think there’s a very clear line as to what somebody should share, or feel like they have to share, and what they don’t want to, and shouldn’t have to.”
                                The moment when Joe stopped being Boring Bland Guy to me and became much more interesting.

                                Is it no wonder they spend so much time in the UK.