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  • Love what you've pulled from the timeline, v. Good stuff.

    Overall: if Kaylors had 1/10th this much material, we would not mock them so.

    I know, right? I was thinking the same thing. And all of their 'proof' lately are things like Karlie's chairs have stripes and Taylor's shirt has stripes. I mean . . . at least back in the long ago dayz, Taylor and Karlie were actually seen in the same place at the same time in the vicinity of each other, but they don't even have that anymore.

    Speaking of PROOF:

    Here's all the proof you need!

    But never mind that for now, it's betty time!

    Taylor on the 'red carpet' in Stella McCartney:

    Hmmm . . .

    Neck up = folklore
    Waist up = reputation
    Waist down = girl scout (?)

    Tom and Lorenzo also found the ensemble to be disjointed:

    Miss Tay came home to the ACM Awards to give a killer performance and to mark the occasion, she made some CHOICES. Is it an absolute truth that we would have been a lot bitchier about said choices in the Before Times? Yes, kittens. It is. We’d like to think we haven’t gone soft, but we do think weird times call for weird choices. And this definitely qualifies as a weird choice:

    Our take on this ensemble is that we get it, but don’t like it. By that we mean we get the attempt to serve up just a spoonful of glam while keeping things relatable and low-key. But here’s the thing about that: this isn’t so much relatable as it is a collection of mismatched style choices. We don’t care what Stella McCartney may think, those pants don’t go with that top. And that top doesn’t go with the clean face and aggressively understyled hair. We won’t deny she got what she wanted out of this look because it’s so declarative and unexpected that you kind of can’t take your eyes off her. It served her well on stage. So yes, we get it. But we can’t say we like this whole look from a style perspective.

    But ya know, she basically just went into her closet and did this all herself, so it's hard to be very judgey.

    Taylor Swift will never go out of style. For the 2020 Academy of Country Music Awards on Wednesday, the star, 30, did her own hair, makeup and styling, PEOPLE has learned.

    Dressed in head-to-toe Stella McCartney, Swift paired a sparkling, burgundy turtleneck and tan trousers with matching burgundy detailing. She completed the look with black heels and pulled her curly hair back into a low bun.

    At the ACM Awards, Swift is set to perform her song “betty” live for the first time since the surprise release of her eighth studio album folklore on July 24.

    In August, the two-time ACM entertainer of the year winner introduced “betty” on country radio and shared the meaning behind her single, which revealed the name of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ third daughter, Betty, who was born in October 2019.

    “[James] has lost the love of his life basically and doesn’t understand how to get it back. I think we all have these situations in our lives where we learn to really, really give a heartfelt apology for the first time,” Swift explained. “Everybody makes mistakes, everybody really messes up sometimes and this is a song that I wrote from the perspective of a 17-year-old boy. I’ve always loved that in music you can kinda slip into different identities and you can sing from other people’s perspectives. So that’s what I did on this one.”

    As soon as I saw her I knew she'd done her own hair and makeup again (just like for the cardigan vid) but I think she maybe should have gone more folklore-y for the clothes, too?

    But that's a quibble, because the performance was good!:

    HQ vid of the entire thing:

    Some peeps are ragging on her bangs, etc but I love the fact the curls are coming back after she was so worried they wouldn't. Good for her.

    I liked the song much better after hearing it live, although I could have done with less harmonica.

    People seemed to have liked it:

    Some k/gaylors were extremely happy with the betty performance:

    She 'literally' doesn't!

    Have you, or anyone else, ever thought that maybe Karlie’s nickname for Taylor is James? I was just thinking that could be a possibility because of the whole James Taylor connection and could also explain the J necklace

    Taylor has 'explained' the J necklace herself, in song and to fans in private, but wevs. Y'all are just writing fanfic now.

    Only two other random general Taylor things today . . .

    Taylor's good friend Ash A. liked these tweets about Kanye's 'brave' stance about wanting to own his masters:

    Yeah. I saw a fair amount of this on twitter, people calling Kanye a hero and whatnot like he was the first one to ever make a point about how fucked up the music industry is in this way. With zero acknowledgement that he was NOT the first, nor has he handled it the best.

    And Jack Antonoff said some very nice things about her in an interview this week:

    “The easiest answer is that she is a brilliant songwriter, which is the title that is given to a lot of people, but very few of them are. So, it’s not about comparing, but there’s not many people in her position that actually do it like she does. If she wants to tell a story, she sits down and writes it. She’s also a brilliant producer and she is a brilliant singer and has all these ideas, but the core of it - I think the core of what completely separates her from the pack is that she doesn’t need anything or anyone to craft a song.

    And I think that’s why through all these different eras of her, and the way that she moves into different genres, the rock is her song. And I think on this latest album that’s becoming more and more evident to people. It’s always been evident to fans… but you know, cause that’s all it is - a person who can sit down and take themselves, put it into a song - it’s so simple, yet there’s so few people who can do it the way she can do it. So I mean, you can go on about her forever because there’s so many fascinating angles of what she does but she is a songwriter in a truest, truest sense. Has a thought, has an experience, writes it as a song, it lives forever in that way. And she’s obsessed with the craft - so she’s honing it, and she’s honing it, and she’s honing it, and as people should - she’s becoming even more and more brilliant songwriter. […] She does not write bad songs because she’s a real songwriter. So if you’re a real songwriter you might write some songs that are here, here or here [gesticulating all over the place], they’re not all gonna be here [gesticulating the center], you might miss the point or miss some people, whatever. But you’re not gonna write a… you know, I don’t think there are bad Joni Mitchell songs, I don’t think there are bad Bob Dylan songs. I think they are playing with all these different concepts, and so I think what Taylor proves is how rare it is to be of that level and to be that kind of songwriter. [About Taylor’s range and vocals] She moves a lot into - like she has a brilliant falsetto, she can go really low and she has a wild range.”

    – Jack Antonoff

    And for dessert, a random sample platter* for kay goodness!

    *unconncted things that I have somehow been saving up and I don't know why, but I'd like to dump them here now.

    haterz love the tea!

    Well, I mean . . . people slow down for car wrecks every day, same principle.

    Matty Healy being bi proves . . . something?:

    You can tell that London Boy really got under their skin, because they are still trying to hand wave it away a year later.

    We've got another fake baby on our hands, folks (in addition to Mikey Hess' kid):

    I think we need to consider they faked Sophie T.’s pregnancy because Taylor is about to come out and it’ll put all her past beards under a microscope. Nobody will question Joe’s sexuality when he’s married and has a kid with his wife. Sadly that’s how Hollywood works.

    taytaysbeard answered:

    Honestly, this is a big part of my side eye to them. They did their Las Vegas wedding the same night Taylor performed her Lover song ME! with Brandon. And, Taylor seemed to be really close to coming out then (at a minimum she was very loud). It was like they rushed to certify his heterosexual card that night. And, then a ‘pregnancy’. It all felt really timed with Taylor’s moves.

    Maybe Joe Jonas wants a baby. He is in his 30′s. There may be a baby that a surrogate carried for him. I just don’t believe Sophie was pregnant. They tried way too hard on this ‘pregnancy’. They could just go with the story that they want to keep their child out of the spotlight. Has there been a photo of the baby yet? Or are they just waiting to monetize that, too?

    Babies and baby pregnancy pap pics are worth a lot of money.

    Idk. The Taylor/Sophie and Joe coincidences are interesting, but Joe dated (whether it was real, PR, or both) Gigi pretty seriously for a while, years after Taylor. I don’t feel like he and Sophie would have to be faking a marriage and baby just to cover up his sexuality or his “relationship” with Taylor 12 years ago.

    taytaysbeard: You cannot be serious … Gigi was a beard for him. She would not even kiss him on Kiss Cam That was as fake as Hiddlestunt!

    Wait, does that make Gigi and Zayn's baby fake, too? ARE ANY BABIEZ REAL ANYMORE I DON'T EVEN KNOW.

    Why Ash and Claire liked the Perez tweet about Karlie The Traitor:

    Perez = the name dropping sleaze is very funny. Especially! Because Taylor sent Perez a folklore cardigan, and didn't send Karlie one. Ooops.

    She also sent one to Spencer Pratt who went on Perez's podcast and was like, "I've never trusted Karlie as a member of Taylor's squad, etc, and I'm so glad you exposed her traitorous ways like that, and PH doubled down on the whole thing about Karlie leaking stuff to Koots.

    So, no! PH is not the name dropping sleaze of the lakes, Koots is and always shall be.

    Karlie did a Kode with Klossy even from the office in the Montecito house, and I include it just so you can see the floor which is kinda cool but I think might not be comfy under bare feet, maybe?

    I look at tile gaps that wide and can only think about crumbs and bugs and stuff living in there.

    Still not sure if Joshlie own the place or not.

    Here's some kween stuff:

    London trips are meaningless, for biz reasons?:

    If Karlie extends her contract just to spite the kween, I swear!

    (she said the below about LAST August, too!)

    kween's sources are TRU bc she SAYS SO:

    How does one 'vet' a rando claiming they see white umbrellas in a reflection? Do you just confirm that they are a person with eyeballs that function?

    And Karlie and Toni were openly girlfriends when they were younger, although Toni has denied this and it seems to have basically sprung forth from kaylor lore with zero evidence:

    Karlie and Taylor ENCOURAGE them to BELIEVE:

    (1/3) Hey ttb, long time Gaylor here. I have been on the fence since the Lover era about whether Taylor and Karlie were still together. When folklore dropped, I was pretty much convinced they were over. After weeks of observation though, I think they either broke up and got back together or Taylor channeled all of her sadness over her mom’s illness and SB and the bearding into something she’s so skilled at- songs of loss, longing, heartbreak....

    (2/3) the reason I think they’re still together is because of all of the loud hints Karlie has been dropping. I don’t think Karlie would do that if they were broken up for a couple of reasons: 1) Karlie and Taylor have a lot of mutual friends and I think she would lose a lot of them if she were leaving so many hints just for attention and to keep her Taylor fan base. It would also be really damaging to her career because of all the high profile people she would piss off in doing that.

    (3/3) 2) Doing that to Taylor when she is heartbroken (if we’re to believe the breakup songs on folklore are about Karlie) would be cruel and pathetic. And I don’t think Karlie is cruel or pathetic. She makes a lot of mistakes about who she chooses to associate with, but is she intentionally cruel? I don’t think so. I’m not saying this because I love Kaylor or because I’m in denial- I’m a Taylor fan above all and I don’t care who she’s with, as long as she’s happy.

    Actually 4 parts, sorry… Also, I’m almost 30 so I don’t have any delusions about relationships. Anyway, I just wanted to leave my thoughts and say thanks for giving us an entertaining place to go during these terrible times. Stay safe ttb and all you beautiful Gaylors.


    I’ve said this as well a few times. You have to believe Karlie is truly a horrible human being if you really think she is trying to troll us AND her “Ex” with the continued gratuitous Folklore references. That would be borderline abuse and 100% in the public eye!

    And I'm not making a direct comment about Karlie's horribleness, but I will note that in a post mad woman world, Karlie is out there still promoting Yael's (Mrs.Koots) 'we are good people, I swear' app:

    Reason #a gazillion to show that she and Taylor are NOT friends, y'all.

    Why were J and J chosen?

    . . . Taylor 'needs' a British bf because why now? and Karlie couldn't find a single other more convenient person to beard for than A KUSHNER with an asshole family? Who she CONVERTED for???

    But, of course! he kween and kourt are still denying that Karlie converted to Judaism:

    Karlie has said she converted many many times in multiple interviews, on video and in print so . . . this isn't something that you can just pretend itsn't true!

    Doesn't matter, errrything is a sign that divorce is coming:

    At least they think they've kracked the kode for Joe:

    . . . do they not realize that Joe is an actual living person who was born Joe Alwyn and not, like, created in a laboratory somewhere just to be Taylor Swift's fake boyfriend or . . . that and when kissgate 'happened' in 2014, Joe was a rando drama student who had never been cast in anything yet and had no 'US Management team', so . . . , do they think Tree! Paine! had already singled him out and was keeping him 'on ice' so to speak in case Taylor needed a British dude a few years later or . . . ? Or are rando drama students not allowed to have created instagram accounts for themselves? WHAT ARE THEY EVEN SAYING.

    Also, 'based in US' apparently doesn't mean made in US, it just means that's where he is when he posts most often:

    . . . which proves the opposite of what they want it to, because it means he is in the US with his American girlfriend a lot.

    Or maybe it proves he is A PUPPET:

    Taylor controls Joe's narrative, which is why he's not out there using her name for fame:

    Oh hai, in late november kaylor will rise!

    (I guess they can just roll these predictions over the following year every year?)

    Why it's okay to flood Karlie's mentions with kaylor nonsense and harassment:

    by that token, does it mean THE OPPOSITE that Taylor HAS turned her comments off? I don't get it.

    The kays are Very Mature and the rest of us are Dumb Babiez:

    Not from the kween, but this here is just . . .

    I was living on the Upper West Side in 2001! This ain't it, dude.

    And! by the way, hets can't be sad, dunno if y'all knew that or not:

    Not even FAMOUS ones.

    Okay, whew! I needed to unload all of that random stuff. Bye!


    • Your posts make my day.


      • So much Kay nonsense! Thanks, Ophy!

        Speaking of PROOF
        Her lyrics and the way they looked at each other five years ago when they still were friends! Yes!

        Tom and Lorenzo also found the ensemble to be disjointed:
        The performance was very well done, but I agree with Tom and Lorenzo.

        canonically gay song
        I support queer readings and fanfic (Jen+Audrey 4Eva!) but that’s not what canon means. Taylor gets to decide what canon is, and she said 17 year-old boy. You are still free to queer it up, but that’s not canon.

        Ophy, do you know what is up with the rabbit-like thing in these Karlie posts? Is that a Secret Lesbian Signal? It showed up in both of her pictures from the Fancy House.

        View this post on Instagram

        Even the best weeks start with Monday

        A post shared by Karlie Kloss (@karliekloss) on


        • The outfit...blerg. But the fact that frigging Spencer Pratt got a cardi and Karlie didn’t is SO tasty. Nom nom nom.


          • Your posts make my day.

            Ophy, do you know what is up with the rabbit-like thing in these Karlie posts? Is that a Secret Lesbian Signal? It showed up in both of her pictures from the Fancy House.

            Literally nobody knows! The theory I saw on tumblr was that it's some kind of Kode with Klossy thing (like maybe they learn how to make it do stuff via koding?). Or maybe it's something only billionaires have, like it's a robot rabbit butler Alexa doohickey, I dunno. The glass dome was also in both pics, and the consensus on that it that it's a charging station (possibly also related to the bunny.)

            Rich people. They Ain't Just Like Us.

            I've got some quick bits and pieces . . .

            Aaron Dessner was interviewed by Billboard:


            “Jack and I thought this would be a record we loved but had no expectations commercially,” says Dessner. “So the fact that it’s this weird smash — of course it would be amazing to win or be nominated. But it’s not on my list of things I feel that I need to accomplish in life. I really couldn’t be more proud of folklore. And also just like, ‘What the fuck, how did this happen?’”

            . . .

            Q: You’ve said the best musical experiences you’ve had have come from moments of spontaneity. How does that apply to folklore?

            It’s exactly that. I feel like I would not have been able to go toe-to-toe with Taylor in the way that I did if I hadn’t done everything else that I’d ever done. To me, making songs with your friends in some basement 20 years ago or producing records for totally unknown artists is just as important as when you end up, by some weird stroke of serendipity, in a crazy collaboration with someone who is so gifted. I had really run the gantlet of so many experiences that I was in a spot where when she came, there were fireworks, musically, between us. And we had the work ethic to see it through.

            Q: Once she reached out to you, how did you prepare to work with Swift?

            Well, I’ve definitely listened to all her records — I do that from time to time, just binge-listen to certain things — and I could tell she’s a savant. She’s such a performer, but so gifted as a writer. She told me upfront: “Don’t try to be anyone other than yourself,” because she was really gravitating toward the emotion in the music. She didn’t want me to try and be Max Martin or Jack Antonoff. I didn’t go obsess over “Shake It Off” or something. I had a lot of music that I’d been writing when she approached me, and I just sent a folder because she asked. Hours later, [she sent back] “Cardigan.” It was an unusual vein that we struck.

            Q: Was there any material of your own that you didn’t want to offer up just yet?

            Definitely. It was more that there were some songs that are specifically one thing or another. The Big Red Machine stuff is quite far along — and actually, Taylor has been amazing [at giving feedback]. I’ve shared all of that stuff with her, and she has been really helpful.

            Q: Does that mean we will we hear her on a Big Red Machine track in some form?

            [Laughs] I can’t really say, so I guess I’ll say neither yes nor no.

            . . .

            Q: Music is already moving in that direction with artists like Billie Eilish. Why did that approach appeal to Swift?

            I think for people to hear what she’s capable of. That song “peace” — when she wrote that, it was just a harmonized bass and a pulse. She wrote this incredible love song to it that’s one vocal take. I definitely felt like I was exposed to a truly great artist in that moment, just to see her to carve into this sketch in a substantive way. Billie Eilish is a great point: There are people who are pushing the boundaries of what is and isn’t popular or mainstream music. To have been part of it and see it actually happen, I almost felt like, “Is it really going to come out? Is somebody going to come tell us that we’re ridiculous?”

            . . .

            Q: Was there any anxiety over fan and media reactions eclipsing the work itself?

            I had moments of self doubt, for sure, but I think that’s part of Taylor’s brilliance and kind-heartedness is to make me and others around her feel confident. She repeatedly would say, “There’s no hierarchy. This is as special and great as anything I’ve done before, if not greater, so don’t worry.” She has dealt with so much spotlight in her life, too much probably, so she knows better than anyone the kind of whims of the zeitgeist, so she was leading in that sense. We were on the phone when it came out, and it was a really special experience… We were just on the phone as people around the world were listening and reviews were coming in and the truth is, it went so well, that I have never thought about it again. It could have been the opposite.

            The big takeaway is that AD did not! deny that Taylor has been collabing with him on Big Red Machine music recently, so we might have MORE to look forward to (!),

            Joesephus and his quarantine hair are in Spain right now, attending as a juror for a fancy schmancy film festival:

            He'll be there all week, which might be why Taylor's jet is still in Nashville and hasn't gone back to the UK. When the festival announced him as a juror, this is the previously unseen pic they went with as a headshot . . .

            Obvs taken by Taylor at her Rhode Island house.

            It's so nice to get a pic that is straightforward and requires no extra sleuthing (white umbrellaz!) skills.

            The performance was very well done, but I agree with Tom and Lorenzo.

            The kays have Big Thoughts about her outfit . . .

            Hey there not sure if anyone already noticed this or if I’m hallucinating Easter eggs, but this sure looks like a 7 on her arm. It could just be a reflection of the light but I had a good look at it, and also… knowing Taylor and her Easter eggs… I’m pretty sure it’s there for a reason

            Ummmmmm . . . .

            And to finish us off, the kween made this amazing leap:

            Taylor’s sartorial choices for the CMAs sent me to Google straight away. What do we get?

            She wrote a song for Target’s annual meeting in 2011 called “Red Shirt Khaki Pants” to the tune of “Smelly Cat” sung by Phoebe Buffay on Friends in the episode “The One with the Baby on the Bus.” From Wikipedia:

            Musically, “Smelly Cat” is an acoustic pop and folk novelty song about a poor-smelling cat treated badly by society for its odor; the song explores an inspiring message beyond the odor of a cat about remaining unbothered while being bullied and shunned.

            Notably, Kudrow performed “Smelly Cat” with Taylor Swift live during the singer's 1989 World Tour in 2015, with footage of the duet garnering widespread media attention and becoming a viral sensation.

            VH1 writer Stacy Lambe believes “Smelly Cat” once signified “a point in Phoebe’s career when it seemed like her music was going to take off.”

            Do any Friends buffs know more about why Taylor would reference this song, this episode, or the concepts of a cat who society would mistreat just because of who she was and singing a song about a girl you wronged and miss at the Grand Ole Oprey at 17, a point in one’s career when things seemed like they were going to take off?


            = ??????????


            • Joesephus and his quarantine hair are in Spain right now, attending as a juror for a fancy schmancy film festival
              That is some bad covid hair, and I say that as someone who trimmed her own hair.

              I do not understand anything about the smelly cat thing.


              • Taylor's ACM outfit was confusing and her pants are unflattering as hell, but I do love that she has a commitment to the hairstyle of the folklore era. Frizzy buns FTW! I thought her performance was really good. I loved that the spotlight was just on her and that it seemed really intimate. And I always lurve when she plays guitar.

                If we get the election results we're hoping for, it'll be interesting to see how the Kays pivot. If Trump and the Kushners aren't in power anymore, what reason will they have to keep The Girls apart? OTOH, I do not want to think about what will happen if we don't get the election results we're hoping for and that applies to the world at large, not just Kaylor.


                • If Trump wins again (dear beek, no!), we may all turn into Kaylors by the end of his reign.


                  • If Trump wins again, I don't know what I'll do. It's the end of the American experiment, that's for certain.
                    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                    • I keep reminding myself that Germany survived Hitler, so we have to! be able to survive Trump as well. Somehow. We absolutely have to.

                      If we get the election results we're hoping for, it'll be interesting to see how the Kays pivot. If Trump and the Kushners aren't in power anymore, what reason will they have to keep The Girls apart?

                      The kween was literally just discussing this today, it's basically why she's going in so damn hard on an imminent divorce announcement:

                      ok, but we've known when the election was gonna be for the past 4 years... would josh really have agreed to end a contract within the 1-2 months leading up to the election? brothers first, partners second. i'm not trying to be difficult or annoying, just critical.

                      ttb: But he was lucky she went along with it in the first place. And her reputation is trashed thanks to him. So why would she permanently ruin herself by leaving after Trump loses. Do you see the ramifications of that for her? She will look like a gold digging corrupt whore. ‘They lost so I am out of here.’ She could not repair that damage no matter how hard she tried.


                      I know a contract is between two ppl, but I don’t think that means Karlie has equal or more control than Josh. Unfortunately. His family and finances are too powerful, even for someone as successful as Karlie. That’s why I think Karlie and JK wouldn’t split before the election... bc it wouldn’t be in JK’s best interest. We’ve been speculating a split is right around the corner for years. Just trying to be realistic and manage my own expectations.

                      ttb: Karlie is not on a contract with the Kushner family …. just with Jerk. You are insinuating that she signed a contract under duress … which would make it voidable. A legal contract would have an end date they both agreed to.

                      Do not believe all you read about Kushner wealth. They are in debt up to their eyeballs. Which is why they had to dump the property on 5th Ave as it headed to foreclosure. And Taylor and Karlie have plenty of their own money. Taylor could put Jerk on blast in two seconds and finish him.

                      . . .

                      “Taylor could put Jerk on blast in two seconds and finish him.” - so why doesn’t she do you think? I want her to end jerk SO BAD!!

                      ttb: Because she knows when the contract ends. Obviously everyone getting out clean should be the desired goal for everyone.

                      . . . .

                      Hi TTB. I'm relatively new here (Folklore release) and am trying to gauge the Karlie/Josh situation. Do you believe Karlie is "trapped" with Josh, or do you believe they're friendly and they've mutually agreed upon their bearding arrangement all the years?

                      ttb: No, I do not think she is trapped … other than under a contract she voluntarily signed. She made her bed, now she has to sleep in it until she is free. Do I believe she has done a lot of it to protect Taylor? Yes, absolutely. Which is incredibly . But Karlie is to blame for ever bringing Jerk into Taylor’s orbit.

                      . . .

                      ttb: I do not mean she would out him as in his sexuality. I mean she could put him on blast if he played dirty (re Karlie’s contract situation). The Kushners public relations are a nightmare. The last thing they need is Taylor Swift exposing them for playing dirty with Karlie. Just expose him like she did to Scooter and Scott. Jerk is a corrupt businessman with no good PR. Taylor could bury him if he violated terms of that contract.

                      The kween's understanding of contract law is just . . .

                      I don't think anyone bothered to tell Karlie she's supposed to be plotting her Kexit from the Kushners right this second, because here she is quite calmly having dinner with her husband last night in NYC:

                      Gonna pair this gif of Joe in Spain with the kay's attempt to understand why he's there:

                      I live in Spain and Joe is here now. He is a judge in San SebastiŠn festival and believe me, nobody knows him. He is not an amazing actor, doesn't have a long career and, obviously, is not the type of attractive actor (and I'm not talking about beauty). The big question which a lot of people are arguing about is why somebody with this curriculum is a JUDGE in this incredible festival.

                      Do you think Taylor give him contracts?

                      taytaysbeard answered:

                      Good question … anyone have insight into this?

                      Anonymous said:

                      The only connection I can make between Toe and the Festival de San SebastiŠn is Taylor’s DP, Rodrigo Prieto. Maybe she asked him a favor to recommend Toe to be a judge for the festival. Still this festival is a huuuuge deal in Spain and it’s organized by some pretty high profile people in the film industry that I’m sure Rodrigo Prieto knows well (yes, I know he’s Mexican but almost all the organizers of the event are spanish speaking people like him). Not sure tho only a guess

                      So . . . because Taylor knows somebody who is Mexican, she must have gotten Joe the juror gig in Spain . . . which is a completely different country?


                      It's very possible that Taylor is negotiating to buy her masters back right now! but if it succeeds it wouldn't have anything to do with Kanye, obvs.
                      Last edited by ophy; 09-18-2020, 04:38 PM.


                      • I know we are all fashion deprived because so few celebs are out and about so here! Joesepher in Spain, wearing Prada:

                        At least it's not boring? Both of the Alwyn-Swifts are throwing me for a loop with their quar fashion this past week. Just off kilter enough to be ??? but not enough to be like, ultra cool at the same time.

                        Jacket open is better, though, although I'm split on white tie vs black tie:

                        I think he should have gone white tie?

                        Taylor appears to be in Nashville, still using her downtime to sign cds to help record stores:

                        On 9/19, one of the jets went from Nashville to Hudson, NY, then back to Nashville.

                        Hudson is near where Blake and Ryan live, and also where Aaron Dessner lives. The jet did something similar the week before. One current theory is that Taylor and Aaron are working on something new (!) which would fit with the hints he dropped/evaded in the Billboard interview.

                        This is clearly PROOF that exile is the next single:

                        An actual video might be too much to hope for, but MAYBE NOT.

                        The kween wrote a full on dissertation about Karlie's dinner with her husband (this is only part of it):

                        Karlie and Josh were apparently spotted tonight out for dinner. I say apparently because I can't tell if it's actually them. The picture that was posted is kinda blurry and you only see Karlie's back.

                        ttb: Yes, so it seems. I have waited to post this because I was waiting to see if pap pics would surface today. It seems all quiet on that so far.

                        So here is my take … I agree the pic is blurry and you can only see the back of her head, and you can only make him out by the assumption that she is with him, and the ‘spotter’ identifies him.

                        So let’s ask ourselves … who takes a blurry photo of the back of Karlie’s head and submits it to a celebrity sighting Instagram account? Wouldn’t a ‘fan’ get a better pic or not bother sending that useless photo in? Also, why not just post it on their own twitter or IG? That pic is not from a fan. It is a staged/planted pic.

                        The restaurant is right around the corner from her Klossy office and his Thrive Capital office. She is dressed in the same jacket as she worked in earlier that day. So safe bet is they went to grab a quick bite to eat after work.

                        Note … I have never doubted that they would continue to talk after they officially ‘divorce’. Just that they would need to keep it out of the public eye. They have been doing business together since 2012, so that would hardly be surprising. Assuming the ‘split’ goes down amicably, of course. Keep in mind - in this case - that each would have known there was a small chance of being spotted, but since there is no split announcement yet, it would be harmless if they were seen.

                        So why is this pic planted?

                        Did Jerk have someone snap that picture and submit it without Karlie knowing? If so, she is really naive.

                        Did Karlie’s team do it? Note that Klossy employees, Nicolette and Annalora, both follow this celebrity sighting IG account.

                        So this - to me and several others I have chatted with - is clearly a low-key leak by one of the above parties. Did they do it simply to counter the August speculation that the contract is up? That would explain a low-key leak to the tumblr/twitter crowd who speculate about the contract, rather than a loud pap walk with accompanying articles (for the GP).

                        Did they do it because Jared is being blasted yet again in the media this week? I think this is possible but less likely, because I think they would have been much louder with a pap walk in this case.

                        Or as a mutual said: “for all we know the news about an Oscar Health IPO broke yesterday and K agreed to schmooze some business contacts ahead of a split.”

                        . . . I think they just wanted to go out to eat dinner? Because they were hungry?

                        KRAZYTALK I KNOW.

                        Speaking of a Joshlie dinner out . . .

                        The occasional dinner aside, there's NO WAY Karlie would be stooopit enuff to stick with the KUSHNER CRIME FAMILY through the election:

                        Well, about that . . . thinking another kween dissertation will be needed after this weekend's revelation:

                        Karlie and Josh celebrated Rosh Hashana . . . with Jared and Ivanka and Charles and Seryl:


                        EXCLUSIVE: Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump celebrate Rosh Hashanah with an outdoor service attended by his brother Joshua and Karlie Kloss while staying at the family home in New Jersey

                        The Kushner family attended an outdoor service celebrating Rosh Hashanah on Sunday
                        Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump and two of their children were spotted returning to the Kushner family home in Long Branch, New Jersey

                        Joshua Kushner and his wife, Karlie Kloss, were also seen at the Long Branch home
                        Rosh Hashanah is a Jewish New Year festival that began Friday and celebrations will continue through Sunday

                        Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump attended an outdoor service celebrating Rosh Hashanah with their family, including Joshua Kushner and Karlie Kloss, on Sunday.

                        The Kushners continued their brief getaway from Capitol Hill, where warring over the Supreme Court Justice vacancy raged on, and observed the Jewish New Year surrounded by family.

                        Photos taken by showed the Kushner sons and their families returning to their parent's opulent home in Long Branch, New Jersey, after the religious service.

                        Also photographed at Charles and Seryl Kushner's home was their youngest son, Joshua Kushner, and his wife Karlie Kloss.

                        Karlie and Josh look Unpleased by being photographed walking into the house after Javanka:

                        Josh and Ivanka on the beach during a family football game with Jared:

                        And justkarliekloss on tumblr thinks this is Karlie's head, in a picture with Charles Kushner (the dude that went to prison for corruption stuff and witness tampering, including hiring a sex worker to frame his own brother-in-law and then blackmail him):

                        They've all been staying at the family beach house together all weekend apparently.

                        Considering it was JUST three days ago that Vanity Fair revealed that Jared was AN UTTER SOCIOPATH, I find it so gross that these two supposed 'good' liberals are cavorting in a luxury beach mansion with Fascist Slenderman and Nazi Barbie playing Happy Families.

                        Kushner, seated at the head of the conference table, in a chair taller than all the others, was quick to strike a confrontational tone. "The federal government is not going to lead this response," he announced. "It's up to the states to figure out what they want to do."

                        One attendee explained to Kushner that due to the finite supply of PPE, Americans were bidding against each other and driving prices up. To solve that, businesses eager to help were looking to the federal government for leadership and direction.

                        "Free markets will solve this," Kushner said dismissively. "That is not the role of government."

                        The same attendee explained that although he believed in open markets, he feared that the system was breaking. As evidence, he pointed to a CNN report about New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his desperate call for supplies.

                        "That's the CNN bullshit," Kushner snapped. "They lie."

                        According to another attendee, Kushner then began to rail against the governor: "Cuomo didn't pound the phones hard enough to get PPE for his state . . . His people are going to suffer and that's their problem."

                        "That's when I was like, 'We're screwed,'" the shocked attendee told Vanity Fair.

                        KARLIE WYD.

                        Knowing her, she'll just kick the virtue signaling into overdrive and attend an RBG vigil or something this week to change the headlines.

                        I JUST THINK IT'S GROSS.

                        Twitter thinks so too!

                        But at least the kays must be impressed by her commitment to this whole false conversion thing! I mean, she really goes above and beyond to fulfill that entirely unenforceable and definitely illegal contract that no one in their right mind would ever sign anyway.

                        Hey TTB! I’m glad you always wait how things pan out before commenting on a stunt. Sometimes it’s easy to blow up in the heat of the moment... I guess we just have to be patient and hope that this “marriage” is reaching its end soon

                        ttb: I will post tomorrow. When you sit back and observe you see obvious holes

                        Great, dissertation delayed but still coming! Can't wait to count the obvious holes!

                        Ttb, now i know why we keep call him jerk. cause he's so selfish and keep dragging karlie into his toxic family. doesn't care at all about karlie's brand during this tough time. i hope her work colleague and her bussines circle keep trust her for who really she is

                        ttb: Someday she will figure out that he doesn’t care one bit about her, too. It is obvious to everyone else.

                        Poor, poor kween. Must be rough! Karlie in particular is so determined to burst her bubble on the reg.


                        • Jacket open is better, though, although I'm split on white tie vs black tie:
                          I am team closed jacket, white tie.

                          Karlie hanging with Jared and Ivanka makes her gross, good word for it. And I know that she and Josh want us to know about their Democratic ways, and I know that family is complicated, but still. Jared is actively killing people all over this country, so grow a fucking backbone. Seriously, why do the Kaylors want Taylor to waste her time with this person?


                          • The entire family is VILE and I've been saying all along that Karlie is, too! She makes my skin crawl at this point.
                            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                            • Me too! I never liked her.


                              • From Lainey:

                                Karlie Kloss appeared at a Joe Biden event (or that’s what reports have said – I couldn’t find the actual event online but didn’t dig too deep), which is of course complicated by her proximity to the Kushners. They spent Rosh Hashanah together in New Jersey (see photos here) and yesterday she posted this photo (I know voting is incredibly important but let’s be real – these boots are corny). My point is that Karlie has to navigate touchy political subjects in her family, as many people do, and I wonder if it’s fraught (big fights around the dinner table) or suppressed (polite chit-chat about the kids and the weather). As many people point out, she calls for voting but has the ear of the current president’s closest advisers – so why doesn’t she appeal to them? I understand the frustration, but I think that’s an overestimation of their relationship and her influence on them. To be as reviled as Jared and Ivanka are (by people on both sides) you have to operate on an island. I highly doubt they value her beyond what she can offer them (celebrity) and they have no use for that right now. So many people have these divides in their family; think of every frustrating conversation you’ve had with an uncle who believes everything he reads on Facebook or an aunt who thinks COVID is a hoax – those people are impossible to get through to. Now imagine they had immense power and money no one is changing the hearts and minds of Jared and Ivanka. (Except maybe Wendi Deng and she doesn’t give one single solitary f-ck about any of this.) I think Karlie’s strategy is to try to be effective in other ways.
                                This pretty much matches up with my take on KK. I don't think she has any influence on what Jared and Ivanka talk to Trump about and if she directs any actual hostility towards them, they're so used to hate and criticism from the public already, that it doesn't have any impact. The GOP is already positioning Ivanka to run for president in the future, she's not worrying about whether Karlie Kloss and her little friends want to invite her to GNO. And Karlie already knows the Kushner 'rents don't like her and likely understands that to them, she's just a giraffe sized underwear model who wants their son's money and whose dad doesn't even have a Fortune 500 company they can profit from. I imagine that any attempts she might make to sway their opinions make her seem like the disruptor at the otherwise peaceful family gathering and it's not like she's gonna change anyone's mind at that dinner table anyway. But! A while back, one of Karlie's famous friends responded to a comment on her insta that asked why she didn't use her position to challenge/hold the Kushners responsible for their part in the political mess we're all in. I wish I could remember who it was, but I want to say it was Elaine Welteroth or maybe Laura Brown who commented back that Karlie does do that. No other explanation was given and obvs no details were offered about how Karlie did any of this. Anyway, at this point her options are basically to leave her husband who she still loves in order to repair her public image or just deal with her garbage in laws and the backlash that comes from being connected to them.