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  • I totally agree that Karlie can in no way make any impact on Jared and Ivanka whatsoever. I never expected her to. For me, it's just that she still hangs out with them. They are not like our random stupid uncles or in laws. They do have immense power so a person's reaction to them cannot be the same as it would in any random family. That's my take at least.


    • Anyway, at this point her options are basically to leave her husband who she still loves in order to repair her public image or just deal with her garbage in laws and the backlash that comes from being connected to them.

      I totally get what Lainey is saying but but but! You don't HAVE to hang out with sociopaths who are actively engaged in destroying our democracy just because you or your spouse are related to them! And if my spouse insisted I did, that would be a dealbreaker for me, no question.

      She doesn't need to leave her husband, though, all she has to do is put her foot down and say noooope, not going over to their house for dinner, not hanging out with them at weddings, not living in the penthouse they own, not letting them throw me birthday parties, nooooope. Josh honey, you do what you want, but I'm out. Either he loves her enough to respect that, or he doesn't.

      I do think whether or not she can influence them to the good or not is somewhat immaterial, (because I agree with you that she can't!) . . . but no one is holding a gun to her head forcing her to be buddy buddy with them. And you know she knows it's shameful because she does her best to hide that fact in public. When your family are straight up fascists, you shouldn't be normalizing them, you should be shunning them. That's the bare minimum!

      Like I've said before, I would be able to respect Karlie and/or Josh as the Good Kushners if they legitimately broke away from that family and kept their lives and finances separate, but they have not done that . . . so I don't.

      (so basically, I agree with you, dada. It's not the same as what we all deal with in our own embarrassing families, and I am cutting her ZERO slack on this! )

      Okay, some general Tay stuff, and then we'll get to the kween's dissertation of disappointment!

      Oh, hey, Red and 1989 both made it onto Rolling Stone's Best 500 of the Past 100 yrs:

      I realize that Rob is overstating here, but I like his optimism.

      And Taylor wrote the doohickey thingy for Phoebe Waller-Bridge for Time's 100 People:

      Her essay referenced this iconic pic from last year's Emmys as a wholeass mood:

      That seems like eons ago, doesn't it? What a frickin' year.

      Taylor did a vid urging people to register to vote:

      I wonder what her lipstick is because I love it. Although to be fair, I haven't worn actual lipstick since the beforetimes, so it would be a wasted purchase even if I did know.

      leftussilent on tumblr, who is usually the best at figuring out locales from very few clues was stumped by this vid, but! one of her jets went from Nashville back up to Hudson, NY a few days ago so it might be that Taylor has been staying in upstate NY in a house that none of us know about. I guess it would not be at all weird for her to be renting a place near Aaron Dessner or Blake/Ryan if she's been working with Aaron on new music. It's definitely gorgeous and secluded-ish up there. (Or of course, she could be staying WITH Blake/Ryan, that's also possible).

      After jetting up to Hudson, the plane went over to Rhode Island, and then back to Nashville. And then a couple days later back up to Rhode Island and then back to Nashville. Whew. Keeping her pilots busy. A pic went around of her Watch Hill house with the flag at half staff for RBG's death, but I forgot to snag it. Anyway, she could be anywheres now, I guess.

      Speaking of the area around Hudson, NY (which is near where the folklore photoshoot was done also), this is an interview with the photographer:

      When did you learn you’d got the folklore gig?

      I was at my studio in Austin, when my phone rang. I work in an old 1940s house that was converted into artist studios, it sits on about seven acres of land, and I was taking a walk around the property with our neighbour's dog, Jolene, when I got the call. One week later I was in the woods with Taylor.

      This is your first album cover right?

      Yes, this is the first album cover that I’ve worked on. I've photographed musicians before but I've never been part of the album process, and certainly couldn't have imagined the first to be of this magnitude.

      What were your references going into the project?

      From the very beginning Taylor had a clear idea of what she wanted for the album's visuals. We looked at Surrealist work, imagery that toyed with human scale in nature. We also looked at early autochromes, ambrotypes, and photo storybooks from the 1940s.

      Much of your published work is in colour, but you shot black-and-white for folklore_**. Can you speak on this?**

      I was thrilled when Taylor said that she envisioned the series in black-and-white and that she was keen on having everything shot on film. Since moving to Texas I've started shooting more black-and-white than colour. At first this was because I couldn't find a colour darkroom in Texas and I was anxious to print. There's a fantastic black-and-white darkroom in Austin that’s owned by a local artist; all of the _folklore film was hand developed in that little darkroom!

      The record’s been out for several weeks now, only recently leaving the number one spot on the Billboard chart. What have been your personal highlights since the images were released?

      My proud mom emailing me every time she saw folklore pictures online, in the newspaper, etc. But I also love seeing Taylor's fans recreate photos from the series.

      (the fact that the photog lives in Austin clears up some of the mystery flights months back when Taylor's jet went Austin to NY and back.)

      This is the second time in a row that Taylor personally chosen a relatively unknown female photographer for her album photos instead of hiring whatever famous dude her record label would probably send over. I think that's neat.

      Speaking of Lover, here are Taylor's 2020 BBMA Nominations:

      Top Artist
      Top Billboard 200 Album (Lover)
      Top Female Artist
      Billboard Chart Achievement Award
      Top Billboard 200 Artist
      Top Song Sales

      folklore won't be eligible until next year, obvs.

      The BBMas are on Oct 14th and she is expected to 'attend' in some way or another, so current Swiftie theory is that Taylor will hang out in the US until after the BBMAs because it doesn't make much sense to go to London just to quar for two weeks and then come back to the US and then have to do the quar all over again. Joe is done in Spain in a couple of days, but he's probs stuck in the UK.

      Doesn't matter anyway, because they broke up! . . . according to CDAN lol.

      Yep, that sounds like something Ol' Closed Mouth Joe would do.

      Since you mentioned Karlie's boots, issie, here y'all go:

      Yeah, some peeps were not assuaged by all this votery:

      She might want to lay a bit low for a bit!

      All righty, if you think I'm negative about Karlie right now, just see how the kween and her kourt feel! They are piiiissed.

      Only gonna post some excerpts because the kween has been hella prolific on the subject, but here's most of her Two Part Dissertation:

      Re: Daily Mail photos. I saw the story & photos. We’re at a crucial point for our country. What we do now will determine history. The actions people take right now is your mark on history. I hope Karlie receives good counsel because the dynamics have changed. You can’t align yourself with that family & still claim to be for the other team.

      People will remember what you did or did not do when our country was at a tipping point. RBG’s death is a tipping point, especially for women. RBG was worried about our country as she died. What we are going through is so much bigger, and it’s unfortunate and disheartening Karlie has been affiliated with people who have severely undermined our country.

      I agree that Karlie treats her LGBTQ fans (and less importantly their allies) poorly. She thinks it is cute to mess with them emotionally … that is something I will never ever understand. They are her biggest supporters if/when she comes out with Taylor. Yet, she finds it funny to sh*t on them. Karlie lost me a long time ago due to her Kushner association. I only blog about her because she is important to Taylor. Ironically my blog pic used to be a pic of Karlie.

      Karlie doing this stunt 24 hours after RGB passed is as low as one can possibly go. Despite ♠️ saying that Taylor is a good influence on Karlie, follow that trail … even Taylor cannot clean Karlie’s reputation from this muck. Karlie is literally associating herself with an accomplice to murder, not to mention the many other crimes against humanity that have been committed by these people. People are dying, Karlie.

      ♠️ also said this:

      . Trust her endless yearning. A reputation elucidated. Fervent revolution exonerates everyone. - 6/21/2020

      The only thing that will exonerate Karlie in my eyes is if she is secretly working for law enforcement to put that entire family in prison. And, unfortunately I do not believe that for a second.

      Back to the stunt … It was clearly a Kushner family stunt as there were pics from the day prior of convicted felon Charles and soon-to-be convicted felon Jared on a walk. Paparazzi are not hanging out in New Jersey. Karlie was obviously a willing participant. But, there are only four pics of Karlie, apparently from Sunday. Jerk and a driver are the only people in those pics. It looks like she showed up at the house for a photo op and left before the family arrived. The photographer could not have gotten those pics of her if the family was there. Their cars (as seen in other pics) would be blocking those shots of her. She did not go to the beach after with the family either. So she left her ‘husband’ on a Sunday morning. Why? She was too busy on a Sunday afternoon? Refused to hang out with the organized crime family?

      Notably, Nicolette posted herself and another Klossy employee driving back into the city yesterday afternoon. Was she implying that she was driving back with Karlie from New Jersey? I side eyed the timing of the otherwise generic IG story. Here is a sampling of my inbox. I cannot argue with any of it:

      No question the Kushners have dragged the Kloss’ through the mud. I always wondered why she stayed in this mess after they have dragged her through the mud with things like, “Kushners banned her from family gatherings”. The fact that Karlie gives them the time of day after all of this makes her ‘appear’ very weak. I personally am a very strong woman, and I cringe at the way this looks on her. She truly comes off as a Stepford wife in this fauxmance.

      More from the kourt (and I think it's INCH RESTING that the kween posted so many anons tearing Karlie apart, I mean I'm only posting less than 10% of what she did):

      For the 1st time in all these years I'm really annoyed not just by this stunt, but by the pic she'd posted sometime before it w/ the middlefinger in Sept. It's the 2nd time she alludes to a contract being over by Sept. After the fantasy football fiasco last year, she should've known better. Don't post things like that if u know you're gonna keep stunting. That's baiting at best. And stunting along Jared who has blood on his hands! How does her conscience allow her to be in the same room?

      Anonymous said:

      I love Karlie I like her personality and especially her political position but it is time for Karlie to decide which side she wants to be on, it really fucked me to see those photos, Karlie it’s time for you to choose a side because you can’t be in both and I don’t mean kaylor, I mean her political position, it is not only talking and appearing on cameras supporting Joe Biden, it is also showing it off camera, I love Karlie but every time I see her doing tricks just couldn’t support her

      Anonymous said:

      TTB, I’ve been following your blog since 2015, and imo this weekend’s stunt is the worst thing Karlie has ever pulled. I don’t understand why she would do this. I genuinely wonder how she is going to untangle herself from this “relationship.” The closer we get to the election, the worse a divorce announcement will look. Like fleeing a sinking ship. I don’t get what she’s waiting for.

      Anonymous said:

      Karlie puts in so much work for this man-baby. It’s honestly unbelievable. The last 4 years has been on overdrive and Karlie has kept his ass “relevant” by doing 95% of the labor-while her in-laws ruins the country, drags her dad in the covid mess, and she becomes the butt of a joke on her own damn tv show! While b*tch baby st*ff ass has only posted creeper stalker photos of her since 2012. Insanity at its finest. Couldn’t be me…

      Anonymous said:

      I don’t care if this stunt is to “cover up” kaylor when T drops J in the near future. This is disgusting and just awful. I don’t even care about the bearding or any of that. KK, LEAVE THAT AWFUL FAMILY! I’m sorry but every single “good” thing you do is COMPLETELY erased by one of your mentions of these criminals. I understand that T and K are people and if they are still together, this is likely more complex than we understand, but she is literally associating herself with these loathsome people

      Anonymous said:

      I don’t get people who say that “she doesn’t want to be there”. Again. We can’t just overlook anything, just because we like and empathize w/ someone. That man let people die, by declining any support! She knows it and she’s still helping clean (as if) the Kushner image. There are issues of morality here. There’s no contract that would make a decent human ignore all that. She’s not being held at gunpoint. She’s just choosing not lose (a lot of) money by breaking the contract.

      Anonymous said:

      Anon, listen, Karlie made the bed and dug the grave. No more excuses her for these poor decisions. Karlie is a grown ass woman, in control her her image, but like TTB said, she signed her name on whatever is requiring her presence. We don’t need to calm down. I’m attacking the decision making—not her personally. His parents house is far across the line though. Come on–all the other stunts I didn’t care about, but this one I can’t stay quiet about. Rubs me the wrong way.. I will continue to stress we don’t know the bts of what is going on, but her walking through the Kushner’s gate–ugh. I can’t unsee it. I don’t co-sign to that bullshit, especially with a very important election in less than two months! Where the Kushner name is a legit a disease in itself. I love Karlie, but HATE her associations.

      Anonymous said:

      The swifties who hate Karlie just keep getting amo and honestly at this point they arent completely wrong about it either. Sure, she probs is still with TS. But, every day that goes by just keeps proving them right and all kaylors have to accept, that they arent that wrong. This new stunt should put it in perspective for us, even if those swifties are overreacting, one has to admit her being with TS, doesnt excuse this baiting and blatant manipulation followed by fraternizing with the jerks

      Anonymous said:

      The only thing keeping me hopeful is the idea that these photos will be used in a divorce announcement a couple weeks from now… i.e. “Karlie really tried to make it work, but the relationship wasn’t strong enough for her to keep associating with criminals. Their last attempt to put up a front with the family was when they celebrated Rosh Hashanah.” This stunt is the ultimate way to legitimize the relationship before separating. (which isn’t to say I think it was okay for Karlie to do this…)

      Anonymous said:

      I’m wondering if this was a last meeting, potentially to discuss the final exit plan one last time and one last effort to see if she would reconsider. She doesn’t look happy to see paparazzi there so maybe they were called by his brother to just remind people again she married into their family.

      i'm beginning to think josh is not out to his parents, even though that seems absurd, and is really trying to sell karlie as his wife to them as well. i come from a very similar religious background and people like that wouldn't ever consider the idea that someone was anything but straight. it simply doesn't exist. obviously the kushners are worldly people and are aware that gay people exist, but the idea that someone in their own family might be gay would probably not be a consideration.

      ttb: The immediate family knows. Plus according to the book, Kushner, Inc, Charles (dad) sleeps with men. According the Trump insider, Ivanka is Jared’s beard. One of their male cousins married a man. I do believe he is trying to sell other family members on it being real though.

      And yet the journalist who did such a thorough job in writing Kushner Inc somehow completely overlooked that Josh was gay and his wife was Taylor Swift's sekrit girlfriend wonder why that it is.

      This anon DEMANDS an APOLOGY:

      I think at this point, I’m giving Karlie until the end of September to announce a divorce. I’m wondering if it’s planned for the 28th. First, because of that whole “28th night of September” change in Taylor’s September cover. Second, because of the Spade riddle on 9/27/19: “The candle flickered, your eyes darted, my heart pounded.” Candles flicker right before they burn out; if the candles in the Cardigan music video are representative of the beards, that left one is about to burn out. Eyes darting and hearts pounding sounds like they’re nervous about the candle burning out… or a break up announcement? Lastly, is a total guess, but I assume the contract specifies when a divorce announcement can be made. IF the contract expired August 31st… September 28th is exactly 4 weeks later. Seems reasonable to wait 4 weeks before announcing, but who knows.

      If it’s not announced by then, I think I’m done with her, too. At this point, there aren’t a lot of explanations I would accept for why this has gone on for so long. We’re all standing on the cliffside like, “give me a reason!” In my opinion, Karlie’s PR team (and Taylor’s, possibly) are banking on the fact that the general public has a short term memory. People will eventually forget that Karlie and J*sh were “married” and forget the stunts and forget the timeline. Her PR team will erase him from her social media. Her reputation will improve as people forget about this marriage.

      But… even though the Kaylor community is small, we’re not going to forget this. It causes real harm and stress to the only people who have supported Kaylor through the last four years. It feels like a slap in the face for Karlie to STILL be stunting– what is she getting out of it? Is the dirty money worth it? And why does Taylor seem ready to drag herself down, too? “I would fall from grace”, “for you I would ruin myself”, “sit with you in the trenches”. I was hoping for a friendship candid in late November, like many of us. Now it’s feeling unlikely that Karlie could possibly be “exonerated” by then.

      I’m sure there’s a plan in place. I’m sure they will try to explain without giving away the game. I even think most people will forgive and forget. I just wonder if this grand plan is going to alienate the only community that has believed in them through thick and thin. I kind of feel like we’re owed an explanation, or at least an apology… and I don’t think we’re going to get either. Will it be enough?


      Karlie did a tribute post to RBG, but the kween ain't buying it:

      karliekloss: Ruth Bader Ginsberg was a champion for each of us. An American Hero. A devoted wife and mother. A warrior who used the language of the law to fight for equality and justice. In her pursuit for a better world for us all, she worked alongside those she disagreed with elegance and compassion. Let us keep her fighting spirit close, let it inspire us, let us pass it on to our children. May she rest and we rise.

      TTB: I truly hope Karlie did not use RBG to send us a message. And, I really hope that she is not equating what she is doing to ‘working along side people we disagree with’. Murder, negligent homicide, and treason are not ‘disagreements’.

      (It's so rare that I agree completely with the kween on something!)

      So! The kween is still insisting on the kontract is done:

      Her contract was up in August. She is choosing to hang out with an organized crime family over the welfare of our country.

      But others are beginning to kwestion that:

      After everything, do you still think Karlie's contract is over? It's one thing to protect Jerk's closet and image and a whole other ballgame to be used to protect the image of an entire criminal family weeks before election. How can she be so stuck?!

      ttb: Yes, I do believe it is over. But, she has known him for so long that she may just feel like doing him a favor here and there before it is announced that they ‘split’. She may have underestimated the blowback in this case. The comments on her IG feed are as bad as I have ever seen them. People either think she supports Trump, or they are mad at her for being seen with that trash family this past weekend.

      Hi TTB. Is it at all possible that we were off in predicting timing of contract termination of KK and JK? Is it also possible that Kushners are deliberately utilizing KK & JK as a backup plan in case Trump falls this Nov? Therefore even if Jared gets sidelined Josh can be the Kushners’ democratic trophy boy to push their own agenda? Explains a lot why this powerful evil family allows JK & KK to continuously associate themselves to the democratic agenda when they could easily force them to stop.

      ttb: What you say makes sense … except that would still mean Karlie is a willing participant in all of this. They don’t own her. Karlie is on a contract with Jerk. If the Kushners are threatening her, get some lawyers and expose them. Taylor and Karlie have more money that they need in ten lifetimes. They can afford to expose these people.

      The Kushners are going to prison … Ivanka and Jared for certain when Trump loses. Or these two cowards will likely flee the country during the transition period.

      The kays need to make up their minds . . . Karlie has free will or she doesn't. She's either a Kushner puppet because she chooses to be, or she's a damsel in distress, trapped by Teh Evil Kontract (which her tru love won't save her from, because reasons?).

      Regardless, the kween has HAD IT:

      Honestly, the song Lover came on the radio here yesterday when I was driving. First time I have ever changed the channel on Taylor Swift. I did not want to listen to a song about Karlie Kloss. So selfishly thankful that Taylor is not associating with her publicly right now.

      That's funny on so many levels.

      If this all sounds familiar, it's basically because the kays on the kween's kourt go through the same rigamarole every time Karlie 'stunts'. They hate on her for a few days, and then they move on to dissecting what the color orange means when put next to lavender and so on and so on because they appear to have about the same attention span as the average goldfish.

      See? Right back on the bullshit with some truly breathtaking reaches:

      Maybe Hoax is about how it really pains Taylor that Karlie still chooses to beard with a Kushner. Maybe they got married in the rep era (before anyone knew just how bad the White House shit would get) and Jerklie was supposed to be long over by now. Tay is singing about deep disappointment and getting through it instead of throwing away the relationship. But it’s bleak and hard to see a way forward. She feels like Karlie is doing this TO her. That’s how I read the song.

      I’ve been thinking a lot about the line “dwindling mercurial high”, trying to understand what she might’ve meant, so I did some digging and noticed some ~interesting things.

      Mercury is the closest planet to the SUN
      And who is the sun? That’s right Karlie “Sunshine” Kloss. Also Mercury was also an ancient God ŗ la not without my Muse

      A year on Mercury is 88 Days. (August vibes??)
      88 Days after July 24th (folklore release) is October 20th. Which would be Two days after the supposed two year anniversary (October 18th) of Karlie and Jerk.

      So I think maybe on October 20th Karlie’s high profile (association with the Kushners) will dwindle



      And just one last Karlie thing, she posted another pic from Montecito with that weird bunny thing! And I still don't know what it is!

      There are several programmable robot bunnies out there, but none that look exactly like that one. It's driving me nuts . . . I just need to know if this is the start of a robot bunny army that billionaires are going to send out to march against us when the revolution comes, and if so, what is the best way to get in good with a robot bunny.

      I don't wanna end up on the wrong side of that Monty Python sketch just sayin'.


      • I actually think this is one area where stars are just like us. To a lot of people, maybe even most people, family is family regardless of how much power any particular family member holds and the weird dynamics that can surface are often similar or relatable across the board. I get not liking Karlie's choices, but her choices all suck. She can basically

        (1)get a divorce from the love of her life even though she still wants to be married to him just to make strangers hate her less
        (2)give her husband's whole family double middle fingers and refuse to attend any events with them which will only make them hate her more and cause tension in her marriage or
        (3)she can hang with them a handful of times a year, try to have some sort of influence on their views knowing her attempts are futile and dismissed, and then read about her complicity all over her comments the next day when the pictures come out

        I mean, these are all still 1 percenter style probs because the upside is that she enjoys extreme privilege and a lifestyle that few have access to so I totally understand why people think she's awful, but for the people in her comments, I actually don't know what moves they think KK can make that will convince her in laws to be nicer monsters. If there's anything off about Karlie, to me, it's that she seems...shady? Like, I think she manipulates fans into thinking that she's still friends with Taylor and that she does it on purpose to either get back at Taylor for ending their friendship/refusing to rekindle it or as like a weird attempt at a friendship thirst trap to keep herself in Taylor's periphery in the hopes that she'll be friends with her again one day.

        You know who navigates all of this quietly and expertly? The Bushes. That family is much larger and has a longer history of power than the Trumps by MILES and W in particular had a horrible reputation/legacy coming out of office. To be fair, the damage done during his terms have now largely been swept under the rug because of how horrible Trump has been. But anyway, young Barbara and Lauren are straight up Democrats these days, the now dead gparents likely voted for Hillary, and I'd put money down that half that family is voting for Biden. But the Jeb branch remains staunchly conservative and George P is fully under the Trump umbrella. Lauren's brother Pierce just ran for a Congressional seat for a Houston suburb and lost, but IIRC, he ran as a Republican. All that said, they show up for each other and hang out at reunions in Maine, and if there's any family tension, they keep it internal.

        Also, I'll add that her options are only sucky if Karlie's public stance on issues actually align with her beliefs, which I'm not that sure about. She is friends with a LOT of sketch folks like Scooter and David Geffen and Wendi Deng and publicly associates with them in ways that she won't even do with Ivanka so Karlie might actually be like them in the sense that she thinks money and power > whatever else plebs are concerned about. The only thing that makes me question whether she might actually be legit is that people like Elaine Welteroth stand by her and continue to be very good friends with her. Maybe they can't sniff out her fakeness or maybe she's just good at saying the right things to the right people? I do firmly believe that Karlie is ALL about conflict avoidance which is relatable, but not great when you're in her position.
        Last edited by IssieCol; 09-24-2020, 04:03 PM.


        • All of her choices DO suck! But I still say that to me #2 is the obvious right sucky choice here. I mean, I would get a divorce IN A HEARTBEAT if my husband insisted I sit across from Ivanka Trump even ONCE a year and play happy family times.

          I mean, these are all still 1 percenter style probs

          Yeah, I am wasting no sympathy on Bad Choice!Billionaire!Karlie.

          If there's anything off about Karlie, to me, it's that she seems...shady?

          SO SHADY. How grossed out must Taylor have been by Karlie being so coy and so LIAR LIAR about their non-friendship?? For like a whole YEAR?


          • . If there's anything off about Karlie, to me, it's that she seems...shady? Like, I think she manipulates fans into thinking that she's still friends with Taylor and that she does it on purpose to either get back at Taylor for ending their friendship/refusing to rekindle it or as like a weird attempt at a friendship thirst trap to keep herself in Taylor's periphery in the hopes that she'll be friends with her again one day.
            Shady is the right word for how I think of her. She may just be naive, but she could also be playing both sides of everything. She has to know that her friendship with Taylor is the thing most random people know about her, so why not try to hang onto that perception that they might still be friends? But meanwhile, she is also on the yacht with Scooter. I guess for me the bottom line is I don’t trust her to actually believe anything she is saying.

            And I get that her situation is fraught, but I also do believe that she and Josh together if they believe what they claim to, should not be pals with the evil people. Maybe I am just hard-ass, but that’s okay. The Bush family situation feels different, because as bad as I thought W was, he’s not Jared level evil.

            Re: Taylor - I love that she hand-picked a photographer, and I love the photos that came out of it.

            The Kays will be back on Karlie’s side as soon as there is a SIGN from either K or T on their secret lesbian love.


            • Yeah, I think this is about shades of shady. LOL. I think Karlie is shady *across the board* and I think she's probably a person who thinks of herself as really sweet (and also probably acts sweet) but I have this thing about "sweet" people: I don't trust them. They're a mirrorball, to quote Taylor. They are rarely sweet past the surface. They're usually full of shit in my experience.

              The Kushners were a pit of vipers before Karlie ever showed up. And Josh and Jared are *fiercely* loyal to their sociopath dad. And the Trump, from all appearances, are a pit of a different pit of vipers, endlessly competing to show their Daddy they're the most loyal viper of them all. So I get why Jared and Ivanka are a thing. They're a match made in hell. Good luck to their kids.

              Karlie was a well-off, pretty girl who chose to marry into a family that is clearly insane (imagine being fiercely loyal to your dad after he went to jail for blackmailing your aunt's husband? WHO DOES THAT? And imagine letting them act chilly to your (seemingly) perfectly nice gf and treat her like she's not good enough *for them*? To me there are red flags everywhere. But you have to ask yourself: Maybe she *likes* them? Because she sure seems to like a lot of sketchy, privileged assholes across the entertainment business.

              These are all largely wealthy Democratic donors and voters, too. They're the worst of us, because they care about gays and abortion and don't freak out if they have to pay some taxes (but, let's be real, they don't ever have to truly worry about that) but they don't care about much else of consequence (they don't have to). It's all just slogans to them because they live in ivory towers. And I think Karlie is sketchy for alllll of the reasons Issie and ophy have listed (and more). I think she loves the ivory tower.
              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


              • Happy AlwyniversiTay! Week! (tm tumblr)

                How obnoxious do we think Taylor was this week when they got to four years, wow.

                Throwback to pics of Taylor on 9/28/2016 in NYC, the day she and Joe made it official:

                We know very little about what happened on That Special Day* but note the henna on her hand!

                * My theory is that it was the day from Cornelia Street when she tried to leave and he called her back and 'showed his hand' and they 'sat on the roof, you and I' but others think it's the day from Delicate when he texted her to come to the dive bar on the East Side, and others think it was the day from Cruel Summer when she said "I love you ain't that the worst thing you ever heard" but then again all of those might be correct somehow.

                I don't know how the henna fits in:

                The kays think it means she and Karlie got sekrit marrieds that week, because of course they do:

                Wevs, here's a smallish picspam to celebrate:

                (artist: minjikimart)

                (can't find the artist's name for this but I love it!)

                CDAN has been pushing hard the idea that Joe and Taylor broke up so it's become prevalent across fandom to be all like, "If Taylor's jet doesn't head to London by 9/28, they are DUNZO" . . . I guess based on the well known fact that if two grown ass adults aren't physically occupying the same space on their Most Sacred Anniversary Day, they both turn into pumpkins?

                But whew, no worries! Joestopher of The Long Hair wrapped up his juror duties in Spain in plenty of time:

                . . . And surprise, surprise, Taylor's jet left Nashville to fly back to London on 9/27. It returned to Nashville a day later.

                It actually looks like the jet might have gone to pick Joe up, not drop Taylor off *. . . but either way**! Hello, break up anons! y'all mad?

                *reasoning for this: Two days after the jet went back to Nashville, it then went to upstate NY (where Aaron Desner lives) for an hour and then! to the very small town in Wisconsin where Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) lives (!!) and then it returned to Nashville.

                (h/t as also to leftussilent)

                Guess that means there is some foklorin' biz going on! Like, an exile video maaaaybe?? Or more likely, I guess, pre-taping an exile performance or the BBMAs?

                ** or she just flew into London for 24 hrs to see him for their anniversary and then flew back to the US the next day for whatever this biz seems to be. possible! but very very extra.

                (The What Kind Of Visa Does Joe Have Speculators are going a little nutso thinking he might have come back to the US when most peeps thought he couldn't but! I'd just like to point out that IF IF IF Joe and Taytlor got sekrit marrieds in London last Christmas (with the Maldives NYE trip as their honeymoon!) then the whoooole discussion over his visa is moot! It would also explain why right after the new year, they were suddenly okay being each other's public date to awards shows, just sayin'!)

                Okay, anniversary celebration ovah, now on to Other Stuff.


                That's cute.

                Speaking of Swiftian poetry, folklore was #1 for a seventh week!

                And there's Taylor at #9 on Time's Most Admired:

                Oh, Spotify dude.

                You were hella wrong.

                Y'all remember how Aaron D. sent his folder of tracks to Taylor, just messing around and then he went for a run and when he came back 2 hrs later, Taylor had sent him a voice memo with nearly all of cardigan already done.

                So! this is the cardigan voice memo: :

                (also found here: )

                "just a rough idea" when it's basically the whole of a song that might very well win a Grammy next year, that woman is WILD.

                You can see that some of the original lyrics definitely changed over time:

                But I knew you living in a gold age, sneaking to my bird cage
                I knew you laughing like a damn fool, breaking every damn rule

                But I knew you stepping on the last train marked me like a bloodstain
                I knew you tried to change the ending, Peter leaving Wendy

                But I knew you’d linger like a stolen kiss, I knew you’d haunt all of my what-ifs,

                I knew I’d curse you for the longest time, I knew I’d wish you would’ve changed your mind I knew you’d miss me once the moment died, I knew to love would be to lose my mind

                Can't believe she cut 'i knew to love would be to lose my mind'.

                the kays have their own idea on this:

                (maple was the name Aaron had called the track originally. It has fuck all to do with Karlie, obvs.)

                Alll riiighty then.

                Azealia Banks is coming for Kanye on the behalf of womankind:

                This is only tangentially related to this thread, but Hiddles and his first serious post-Hiddlesswift gf are living together now.


                Tom and Zawe were said to have struck up a romance as early as February 2019, however due to the attention his past relationship Taylor Swift drew, he has kept their relationship out of the spotlight.

                A source told The Sun: 'Tom really has fallen for Zawe in a big way. They've actually been together for more than six months.

                'But he is so paranoid about his private life since his relationship with Taylor that he has gone to great lengths to keep this under wraps.'

                I don't blame him!

                Speaking of exes immortalized in songs, poor Jakey G. can't win!

                Marginally better than being spammed over and over with GIVE TAYLOR SWIFT HER SCARF BACK but only by a little bit.

                Presented without comment . . . Taylor and Harry's kids:


                w/Calcium Hoover:



                Taylor made another blankie for Gigi and Zayn's bebe:

                (but of course! Only morons think that baby is entirely REAL!)

                And I‘m still not 100% convinced Zayn and Gigi are legit. The day after she announced the birth on instagram she also promoted his song. I’m my personal opinion Gigi had a baby with someone else and they‘re using Zayn as a cover.

                ttb: Completely agree @tales-of-kaylor !!! It couldn’t be more obvious. Not only has Zayn had gay rumors since X Factor, and Gigi lesbian rumors, when it was announced that Zigi were back together Zayn immediately began promoting her brother’s new jewellery line. He modelled for it. Then his “baby” was born pretty much the same time as his new song release. He also has a new album coming out. During lockdown Gigi kept posting IG stories with a man in the background. The media and fans would report that it was Zayn. (Obvious PR tactic). When you look at the man it could be literally anyone. It would often be a silhouette. I want to see a video of Gigi and Zayn together. Even though I still wouldn’t believe they’re in a relationship, it would be more convincing then the cringy stuff they are doing now. The worst thing is that people buy it without question. Zigi are a PR stunt and still are, always have been.

                I think Gigi and Zane are a couple, but I also think perhaps she had the baby earlier and saved it for his song release - anyway it’s all abt promo real or not, along with the Taylor tag Ig along with Versace . It’s the world we live in

                There are also a lot of PR relationships that started off PR and still are PR, like John and Chrissy, Blake and Ryan, The Beckhams etc. Just because a couple have been together a long time doesn’t mean they’re real. Beckham is always with his real life male partner and gets away with it because he is “married with kids (gay kids)”. Same for many others. LTR = people never question. You’re good for life. Now people think Zigi is real because of baby despite them both having gay rumors forever.


                Speaking of fake gay babiez!

                This is the belly they think Sophie photoshopped, btw:

                Remember, the kween also stated that Joe and Sophie only got 'fake married' because Taylor was ON THE VERGE of coming out THAT WEEK and he had to shore up his hetero credibility before that happened.

                Since I've already moved into kay territory here, how about we do a big old dump of kray prompted by these new pics of Karlie and her actual legit husband?

                So much for TEH PRE-ELECTION DIVORCE!

                Funny how Karlie is wearing sunglasses with her dressed in the white. She knew her eyes looked a mess when she was in the black. Where is the sunshine?? What has happened to her...?

                Karlie was pap'd with Jerk yesterday. I told you she was gonna stunt again. When she posts that damn lavender keyboard and orange notepad, a stunt soon follows. I don't see this sh*t show ending anytime soon. I just dont understand why she threw around all these stupid clues about September. What kind of sick game is this... Does she get enjoyment out of messing w/us?

                Anonymous said:

                Interesting i couldn’t find any site where the narrative says jerk and karlie arrive at new york together..

                Anonymous said:

                Karlie looks unhappy/pissed in literally EVERY photo with Jerk (I’m talking about the recent candids) . I don’t get what she’s trying to tell us. She’s sending so many mixed signals. I just want her to choose a side and leave us alone. She’s basically leading Kaylors on at this point.

                Mixed signals for example: Encourages people to Vote against Trump but has dinner with his family.

                Stalks Kaylor accounts on Instagram but gets spotted with Jerk (looking angry and unhappy) the next day.


                tb: I cannot say you were wrong, anon #1. So far the pics have not shown up anywhere on any media sites, just a couple of kiss up Karlie twitter accounts. So I am curious if we see who shot these pics, and if they push them into the public domain.

                Are you going to talk about the new pictures of karlie and jerk? I hope your answer Sorry for my english

                ttb: I just posted an ask with three anons on it. There is not much to say. For now the pics are not seen anywhere in the media. I suspect it is a part of the march to the finishing line. I guess we are supposed to assume they just got back from vacation together. They are in front of the Puck Building (right by the Klossy Office), where that empty looking apartment is. We will see if they use the pics today or save them for the ‘divorce’ announcement.

                (they live in the Puck building, duh. that 'empty looking apartment' is literally where they live.)

                You are RIGHT. Nobody beards for 7 years! Nobody! How are you missing this point when it's RIGHT THERE??

                (the kween herself is the ONLY 'source' that Taylor proposed to Karlie in Wyoming in August of 2016. Taylor wasn't even there, but kays swear they saw her reflected in a SPOON which obvs = sekrit proposal).

                But no worries, Big Things are gonna happen in October! (or later!)

                There's some wavering . . .

                And the klaws are coming out about kween being dishonest:

                So hey! the kween's gonna say fuck it:

                I hate to say it, but the latest pap pics of Karlie w the Kushners did it for me. I’ll always be a Kaylor, and I’ll probs continue to lurk from time to time, but I just can’t be a current believer anymore. At least not right now. In my opinion, it’s clear Karlie made her choice... and that choice doesn’t appear to have been Taylor. Thanks to everyone in the Kaylor community... this has been a wild ride and I’m proud to have found this side of the fandom! ️ Taylor Swift

                ttb: Anon, as you know, I have struggled with this quite a bit myself this week. I hope you check back in when you feel better. If Karlie is still with Jerk come the election, I think I will just say ‘f*ck it’, too. It’s not worth the headaches of following her. But, keep one eye hear up until the election.

                I’m a huge fan of Kaylor, for real, I still want to believe they’re together, but there’s one thing that really annoys me: people keep going back to things / events / moments (evidence) that happened four / five years ago, and it’s kind of … ridiculous? Don’t want to be rude, anyone can believe what they want, but, it’s exhausting… It’s cool if you’re new or anything, but God! You know how anything could changed in a glimpse? while you’re blinking?… Hahahah probably I’m too old now for this…like, I don’t have the same energy as I had before? This has ever happened before to you TTB? Like, this feeling?


                ttb: They have not given us any new pics since 2016, other than the reputation show in Nashville, so it is all we have in photos.

                We are all tired. I am very tired.

                . . . . or maybe not.

                Ttb, if T & K are still together, they should set you up for life when they come out. You are the main and probably only reason left we still believe in them, despite Karlie's constant efforts to destroy all surviving hope. I can't imagine the toll it has taken on you the last few years, scrolling through and replying to asks full anger and disappointment, and constantly trying to calm people down, while being yourself frustrated, everytime Karlie fucks up.

                ttb: Thank you, anon! This blog has definitely taken on a life of its own. I remember watching other people have open ask blogs. I did not open mine for the longest time, and I swore I never would. Then one day I tepidly opened mine and now we are here. I do feel a responsibility to get on here daily as I know a lot of people enjoy it. It is very frustrating at times, but I also get to enjoy the tea spilled in my inbox, that people trust me enough with. So there is a trade off. I have also learned a lot from this community.

                As for T & K, I suspect that I am not Karlie’s favorite person. But, I like to imagine that Taylor enjoys how much I help expose the dirty Kushners, and the fakery of that ‘wedding’. I do hope they appreciate all of us who have stayed in their Kaylor corner through a lot of ups and downs.

                I think think she should mos df stick with it. I mean, if she leaves the fandom, who is going to play Pretend Kontract Lawyer on tumblr?

                I am not that familiar with how bearding contracts work... if Karlie just decided to break the contract, would that be illegal? What would happen to her if she did that? Why didn't she just do that at the beginning of the Trump administration? Would she be in legal trouble, or just have to pay Jerk? In seems like she has enough money to take that hit. Or was she just worried that Jerk would out her or try to ruin her image in other ways? Or come for Taylor? I'm just trying to make sense of this.

                ttb: I have never seen one … I think they are called marketing agreements (or something similar) according to one of the blind item sites. Any contract can be broken, but there are consequences to that … usually financial. Obviously money is not an issue for them. So she could take the financial hit. I would also think that these types of contracts almost certainly have out clauses if one party does something egregious that would be harmful to the other party’s reputation, the offended party could sever the contract. I would think that Jerk’s family’s actions would be enough for her to get out of it. But, obviously I do not know the specifics of her contract. That said, she has chosen to stay for 7 years. Only she knows why. But, I stand by what I have said previously. Her contract with him is done. Why she doesn’t sever ties immediately, I do not know.

                Maybe Josh had it in his end of the deal that they don’t split before the election bc it’ll reflect negatively on the Kushners.

                ttb: Then Karlie would have agree to that. Two parties agree to terms, then they sign the contract. Karlie had the leverage. He needs her, not the other way around.

                Even if it’s millions holding Karlie in this contract, no offense, but can’t Taylor sell a home if that’s what it takes to free her and just be done with it? For the mental health, K’s reputation, and a more convenient public reunion. Karlie has a chunk of change herself. We’ll never know the whole story, but this is embarrassing ladies! Dinner with Ivana? No!! I used to think do what you gotta do, but there’s no “gotta” involved. Hey Karlie, the kaylor winks on IG don’t make up for this choice.

                ttb: Yeah, I think that is what we all struggle with. But I would doubt it would even be millions to sever it just a few months early (had she done this a few months ago).

                She doesn't know the 'specifics' but she 'knows' it's over!

                And to revisit why errrybuddy piles on the kween, here she is being the worst person in kaydom again:

                Those are all great, but I can't decide which of these are my fave of the week:

                This one:

                I can't find the right gif for CAPITALIST SHILLING! So this will have to do:

                Or this one!

                (but she's literally NOT in her life now, I mean . . . )

                . . . maybe this one!

                The BIGGEST proof!

                Think I'm going with the last one for sure.


                Ha! At least two of those streams were mine, I've had the song on a loop in my head ever since I saw Jake's pic.

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                • Thanks, O! Nice picspam!

                  My theory is that it was the day from Cornelia Street when she tried to leave and he called her back and 'showed his hand' and they 'sat on the roof, you and I' but others think it's the day from Delicate when he texted her to come to the dive bar on the East Side, and others think it was the day from Cruel Summer when she said "I love you ain't that the worst thing you ever heard" but then again all of those might be correct somehow.
                  Cornelia Street seems way more plausible to me. Delicate was earlier in the relationship and we're not in summer, so not Cruel Summer.

                  just a rough idea" when it's basically the whole of a song that might very well win a Grammy next year, that woman is WILD.
                  Her brain is amazing. I couldn't even.

                  This is only tangentially related to this thread, but Hiddles and his first serious post-Hiddlesswift gf are living together now.
                  I consider this very central to this thread! I am happy and hope that he is still FIGHTING FOR LOVE.

                  Photoshopped fake pregnancy bellies is a new low, even for Kaylors. But then it got lower and they went to fake Jewish conversions again.

                  Ha! At least two of those streams were mine, I've had the song on a loop in my head ever since I saw Jake's pic.
                  I just streamed as I read this!


                  • I hope she re-records her songs and takes the dated pop-country twang out of songs like All Too Well. The lyrics are great... the music is an "ehhhh" for me.
                    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.