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  • Thanks, O!

    “Karlie is public with her politics, but privately shies away from discussing them,” they said.

    “But they are very close and they really enjoy each other’s company, so Ivanka is hurt. “

    The source added: “Understandably, the moments of the day left everyone feeling fraught and upset, but Ivanka would of course be open to hearing from Karlie about her views.”
    You know, Issie has been saying that Karlie is a go along to get along kind of person, and this feels like a lot like the truth. Karlie wants you to think she is a brave resistance fighter, but really, she is just a girl who wants you to like her. The fact that all of Tay’s BFFs are performatively liking slams at Karlie to me confirms that the song is about her.

    But from the looks of it Taylor doesn't even care to 'save' her own child from the vile Kushner name, I doubt she really cares about saving us from internet hate and abuse no matter how injust they are
    I am as always fascinated by what they think Taylor and Karlie are doing here. But the persecution complex over their shipper preferences is perfection.

    So the mainstream press caught wind of Taylor’s lyrics in ittg and have been writing about Karlie, but there are a couple articles with headlines like this one:

    Taylor Swift Shuts Down Speculation New ‘Evermore’ Song Is About Karlie Kloss

    No drama here! Taylor Swift shut down speculation she’s singing aboutKarlie Kloss in her new Evermore bonus tracks released on Thursday, January 7.
    Taylor Swift's Celebrity BFFs Through the Years

    The Pennsylvania native, 31, explained the meaning behind “Right Where You Left Me” and “It’s Time to Go” in a Friday Instagram post.

    “The evermore deluxe album with 2 bonus tracks ‘right where you left me’ and ‘it’s time to go’ is now available!” Swift wrote. “The first is a song about a girl who stayed forever in the exact spot where her heart was broken, completely frozen in time. ‘it’s time to go’ is about listening to your gut when it tells you to leave. How you always know before you know, you know?”
    It feels like someone from Taylor’s team convinced them to write that headline, but the text inside makes no sense with it. Unless I am missing something, Taylor’s explanation in no way shuts down that speculation.


    • It feels like someone from Taylor’s team convinced them to write that headline

      Nooooooo, pretty sure that's coming from Karlie's team and/or Koots! They are trying to gaslight the sitch as per usual. Taylor has IN NO WAY debunked those lines, and her actual friends are out there liking posts to make that clear. She wanted that song to be a statement, to end Karlie's weasely "we are still good friends" bullshit for good. It was supposed to be a stake in the koffin (probably why it was released as a bonus track in fact). But as for Karlie, there are honest to beek petitions circulating to try and get her fired from her Adidas partnership and from Project Runway right now b/c of her dumb treason-adjacent tweeting, so her peeps DO NOT WANT to add Taylor dramz on top of all of that. So they are out there muddying the waters.

      I mean, even if she does start to lose opportunities (big IF), she'll obvs be fine. Once the Kushbaby is born she can pivot to being a mommy influencer, just as long as she can manage to avoid being papped with Javanka at brunch or whatnot. Like, if their kids are having a playdate in their Miami neighborhood, she just needs to carefully crop Ivanka out of the frame for her instas.

      Although! sounds like Ivanka might not take too kindly to being publicly distanced in the future. The way she went to Page Six to casually toss Karlie* under the bus was SUBLIME.

      * y'all are right, she does sound like the ultimate get along to go along girl but you know what they say, if you stand for nothing you will fall for anything!

      (also, it shows where Ivanka's priorities are THIS WEEK OF ALL WEEKS that she made time to focus on this kind of petty ass socialite family drama shit.)

      But yes, Karlie is not having the most optimal week either!

      Here, have some definitive assertions from 2kween about Joe and Taylor's friendship for lulz:

      Yes, it makes total sense that Taylor would jet around with some rando dude she doesn't even like and can't be arsed to become friends with for FOUR FUCKING YEARS.

      And as for the kween herself, some are saying this answered ask proves that the spade-riddles is her sock, and I'm inclined to believe it:

      That absolutely sounds like her!


      • Nooooooo, pretty sure that's coming from Karlie's team and/or Koots!
        My thinking was that Tay was trying to have her cake and eat it too - insisting it wasn’t about Karlie while having her friends wink-nod tell the world it is. But I see your line of reasoning and it makes sense.

        I am glad the Kween is back, with her barely pseudonymous pseudonym.

        I like the two bonus tracks. I do not love evermore as much as folklore, but there are some individual good songs, and those two are. My therapist and I wasted a bunch of time last week debating evermore vs folklore, with his contention that evermore is more of a cohesive album and me saying that sure it is, but I don’t have as many songs I love on it. Anyway.
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        • It is kind of obvious that Taylor cannot let go of some things. I actually think this is what makes her a great songwriter. I don't think she is stuck,though even if it seems like she is sometimes. The last four years she had her whole life upside down.


          • Page Six amended their original article with Karlie's response:

            Kloss later made it clear that she truly meant her tweet, as a source close to Karlie told Page Six: “Ivanka understands Karlie’s views perfectly. They’ve had many political discussions contrary to what she and her team would have you believe.

            “Karlie was proud to campaign for Hillary in 2016, Biden in 2020, and, in addition to supporting many key issues, has made the maximum financial contribution to Democratic campaigns across the country.”

            The source added: “She hasn’t had a close relationship with them [Jared and Ivanka] for quite some time due to the policies of the Trump administration. I think Karlie feels it’s pretty unfortunate that this is what Ivanka is choosing to spend her time on while our democracy is facing a crisis fueled by this administration.”

            "quite some time" and yet we just saw them all hanging out at the Kushner family beach house in NJ a couple of months ago so . . .

            This reminds me of what Karlie did to Taylor when Taylor was besieged on all sides in 2016 and Karlie blacklisted Taylor's name in her interviews and then said that Kim Kardashian has "always been a lovely person", and that "(her) closest friends had always been her mom and her sisters" which was . . . ouch.

            In 2019, Taylor said this to Zane Lowe:

            “Now, I see resilience as a major quality in friendship. When your stock is down, if you’re still wanting to hang out, that’s like [okay symbol]. And I know who those people are now."

            I guess Ivanka knows who Karlie is now! Things are gonna be hella awkward at the next family brunch!

            (to be fair, Karlie did still hang out with Taylor after the Kardashian brouhaha, but there was much talk in fandom at the time that Karlie was starting to taper off and distance herself until she saw which way the wind was gonna blow. And she did blacklist her name while doing press, when previously she'd been eager to talk about her bunches and bunches! And now we know that at the time she WAS still eager to talk about Taylor, only to Koots, not the press!)
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            • Poor Karlie - she has fallen into the classic problem of having to fight a war on two fronts. I am sure she is not thrilled that Taylor came back on her in the middle of her third trimester when she is probably really tired.

              I appreciate the parallels you made between these two situations, O.


              • This board's continued fascination with Taylor Swift is so perplexing to me
                Bitter Shipper


                • I am sure she is not thrilled that Taylor came back on her in the middle of her third trimester when she is probably really tired.
                  I feel like it would not come as a surprise to Karlie that resurrected Taylor's MO falls somewhere between "don't start none, won't be none" and "fuck around and find out". As far as her go along to get along personality, I think it applies to everything BUT Josh Kushner. She's shown over and over since the beginning of their relationship that she's willing to sacrifice all else to be with him. She hasn't cared about losing friendships, the beating her own rep has taken, or enduring nearly a decade of scorn from his family or at least none of that has been enough to make her leave. And a lot of that was happening way before the election and has only intensified since. I'm actually surprised she bothered to respond to Ivanka's Page Six mess since they'll be neighbors soon and starting a new family drama at this point seems goofy.

                  This board's continued fascination with Taylor Swift is so perplexing to me
                  We basically follow ophy down every trail!

                  I'm still amazed that the Kaylor crowd does not seem to make the connection that their insistence of things being facts that are definitely not factual makes them way more like the Parler crowd than they'd probs like.


                  • We basically follow ophy down every trail!

                    If we all still had a shared tv show to dissect, we'd probably be doing that instead. But since we don't, it's The Taylor Show all the time, I guess!

                    In today's episode of The Taylor Show, Joe and Taylor and Mama Joe were papped in London this weekend:

                    Well, Taylor did say she wasn't ready to leave the woods yet.

                    The fact that they have matching wellies is #chefskiss. The kays will love that.

                    I think folks are surprised she is still in London because the jet went to Nashville a week or so ago, and Andrea's bday was yesterday, so that's where Swifties thought she might be. Also, London is under a pretty strict lockdown. They aren't breaking any rules here, though.

                    Under current UK lockdown rules, people can exercise with one other person or with their household or support bubble.

                    Looks like Joe is still growing his hair out (possibly for Emily, which films in a few months, or possibly just for pandemic reasons.)

                    He always looks like he is going to murder somebody when they are caught out.

                    First pap candids in ages! Maybe since last Feb, actually? No reax from kays yet, but know that it's a'comin'.


                    • Linda, I just like gossip?

                      I have gone back and forth on Karlie, but this bitch can eat shit. First of all, OF COURSE Ivanka is ready to clapback in the gossip pages. THAT she understands above all else. And Karlie is also a gossip pages bitch, and it makes sense that the one thing they understand is their gossip persona narratives is where they make and lose money. I'm sure Ivanka sees Karlie as a means to help rehab her image post-presidency! Ivanka was planning on hanging out with the family and getting a bunch of photos taken of them being nice moms together.

                      I'm not clear anyone across the Kushner and Trump families have functional relationships. And Josh has been profiting off this entire operation. I don't care what his politics is.

                      Here's Maggie Haberman noting that Josh has a stake in the credit card processing firm Trump's campaign uses!

                      <blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Company whose investors include Josh Kushner, Jared Kushner&#39;s brother <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Maggie Haberman (@maggieNYT) <a href="">January 11, 2021</a></blockquote> <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>

                      They profit all day while feeling uncomfortable about it publicly. I hate them so much.

                      WTF, How are you guys embedding Tweets?
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                      Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                      • WTF, How are you guys embedding Tweets?

                        Click on the three dots on the top right hand corner and it will give you a drop down menu with 'embed tweet' as an option. That'll take you to a page where you can copy a code that starts with blockquote and ends with script.


                        They profit all day while feeling uncomfortable about it publicly. I hate them so much.

                        According to tumblr, when Ivanka had to divest certain trusts and investments to become the White House Chief Of Nepotism, she divested them to Josh, who has been literally managing her finances since then. Javanka and Joshlie are extremely entangled!

                        But yeah, I guess Karlie is prioritizing saving her own brand right now, unsurprisingly, instead of helping to de-Nazify Ivanka's.

                        Quite a statement!

                        Side note, on Andrea's bday, Taylor quoted her in a response to Olivia Rodrigo (the 17 yr old star of High School Musical who is a huuuuge Swiftie and who just dropped a smash hit single she wrote about the RLTL triangle she is in with her co-star Josh Bassett and his new gf Whatshername):

                        The song Driving License is hella dope (is that how Gen Z says it?) and I lurves it. You can definitely hear both the Taylor influence on the lyrics, and the Lorde influence on the singing. I'd say she's a top candidate for being a guest at folklovermore fest in 2022.

                        Sad that Taylor can't physically be with her mom right now for her birthday week*, but as some Swifties have pointed out, the fact that Taylor has been able to live in the UK since November is probably a good sign as far as Andrea's health goes. And there's a lot of spec over whether or not Joe's family might have moved into Taylor and Joe's house for lockdown (totally possible!) which might make up for Taylor missing her own. Scott has been spotted up at Watch Hill, but I don't think anyone has seen Andrea lately.

                        *unless the jet movement to and from London on New Year's eve was actually dropping Andrea off in London. Not impossible?

                        In kween news, the new tumblr spade-riddles is absolutely the kween's new sock:

                        (Josh and Karlie were spotted walking around in Miami.)

                        That is all klassic kweening there.

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                        • I am glad the Kween is back.
                          make it look like Karlie is not with the Swifts
                          LOL, she is so far from being with them.

                          I'm not clear anyone across the Kushner and Trump families have functional relationships. And Josh has been profiting off this entire operation. I don't care what his politics is.
                          Exactly right. He’s like Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg, who may be liberals but have made a choice for profit.

                          Joe’s angry-at-paps face is classic, but who called the paps? You can’t tell me they just randomly happened to be in the woods where Taylor, Joe, and Mom were walking.


                          • Eh, England has some pretty intense paps! I believe they would hunt down Taylor Swift.

                            ALSO, I am pretty sure I told y'all ages ago that Jarvanka divested... to JOSH. It was in a couple of newspaper articles at the time. Which I take as meaning that they spend their days working on their private businesses from the white house. I hate these people so much. And I'm at the end of my rope. EIGHT DAYS.
                            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                            • Oh that's right, you were the one that reported that. Yeah, it just makes all of Karlie's attempts now to under-the-bus-throw Ivanka even grosser when you think about that. SO ENTANGLED SO KOMPLICIT.

                              So! an anon on leftussilent id'ed the park as Queen's Wood, which is right by where Joe's family lives.

                              (presumably the same park from the infamous story about Taylor coming over for Sunday roast and Mama Joe trying to send her over to the park across the street to hang out until dinner was ready.)

                              . . . and there have been rumors that paps do stake out the Alwyn's house, so the paps probably just caught them. But! I think it is also possible that they were called and if so I think we know why!


                              How Joe Alwyn Formed a “Very Close” Bond With Taylor Swift’s Family

                              All along there was some invisible string tying Joe Alwyn to Taylor Swift. After they were spotted on a walk in London, a source told E! New how the actor has become “very close” with Taylor's family.

                              As Swifties know all too well, Taylor Swift loves high tea, stories from uni and the West End.

                              The singer and her favorite "London Boy," Joe Alwyn, appear to have grown even closer during the pandemic while enjoying strolls around London—and not to mention, co-writing multiple songs for folklore and evermore.

                              On Monday, Jan. 11, the lovers were spotted taking a chilly walk in North London Public Park, along with Joe's mom Elizabeth Alwyn. Joe and Taylor held hands as they all bundled up in face masks and coats. Naturally, Tay's was by Stella McCartney.

                              Although it was a rare sighting of the private pair, E! News has learned it's far from their first outing in Britain during quarantine.

                              We're told the "exile" co-writers rang in the New Year together with Joe's family in England, where Taylor has been staying for a few weeks.

                              A source close to the superstar exclusively tells E! News, "She is back and forth between Nashville and England spending time with her family and with Joe's family. They take walks in the neighborhood and go on hikes to get fresh air." (No scooter rides to report on, though).

                              Of course, amidst the coronavirus lockdown, they have been "abiding by the rules and not leaving the house much."

                              However, it's also important for the couple to spend time across the pond with Taylor's family, particularly her mom Andrea Swift, who is said to be undergoing treatment for a brain tumor.

                              The insider says, "Her mom's health is always very much on Taylor's mind. She goes back and forth to see her mom and Joe comes along."

                              She told Variety one year ago that Andrea was diagnosed with a brain tumor while having chemotherapy for breast cancer. The Grammy winner said at the time, "It's just been a really hard time for us as a family."

                              Despite the emotional experience, the source notes that Taylor, Joe and their families "all seem very close and very happy," telling E! News, "They both know each other's families well and have spent a lot of time getting to know each other."

                              Part of that intimacy appears to include their songwriting sessions. Speaking with Apple Music's Zane Lowe in December, Tay shared that she and The Favourite actor have "always bonded over music," which led to their collaborations on "coney island," "champagne problems" and "evermore" on her newest album. (He wrote under the pseudonym William Bowery, which has a special secret meaning.)

                              "Joe and I really love sad songs," the 31 year old revealed. "We've always bonded over music... We write the saddest. We just really love sad songs. What can I say?"

                              She continued, "I say it was a surprise that we started writing together, but in a way, it wasn't because we have always bonded over music and had the same musical tastes."

                              The "betty" singer also reflected on their four-year relationship back in November, when chatting with Paul McCartney for Rolling Stone. She told him she admired how he was "carving out a human life within a public life, and how scary that can be when you do fall in love and you meet someone, especially if you've met someone who has a very grounded, normal way of living."

                              Taylor said, "I, oftentimes, in my anxieties, can control how I am as a person and how normal I act and rationalize things, but I cannot control if there are 20 photographers outside in the bushes."

                              While comparing the situation to her lyrics on "peace," Taylor explained how she tries to "find bits of normalcy" in her relationship with Joe, 29.

                              "In knowing him and being in the relationship I am in now, I have definitely made decisions that have made my life feel more like a real life and less like just a storyline to be commented on in tabloids," she said. "Whether that's deciding where to live, who to hang out with."

                              Even though it seems she's found happiness with Joe, that doesn't mean they've taken their love story to the next level. As much as fans theorize they're secretly married, she merely called him her "boyfriend" as recently as December.

                              On Jan. 10, evermore was back at No. 1 on the Billboard charts. She's nominated for six Grammys at the 2021 ceremony for her July album folklore, but the ceremony has been postponed.

                              So . . . I know I see sekrit engagement/wedding announcements 'round every corner*, but! It's interesting to have a Happy Families exclusive right now. Also, adding in that Joe has been going with her when she goes back to the States to see her mom (which has been up for a lot of debate with jet trackers b/c visa issues) is interesting. But yeah, Happy Families might just be the most benign way of letting the tabs have a little harmless something to get them to back off something else. Like, if there is jet movement upcoming they already have a cover story for it ("Oh that's just Taylor jetting over to see Andrea/jetting back to hang with the Alwyns") and not ERRRYBUDDY** IS COMING IN TO LONDON FOR A SEKRIT WEDDINGZ.

                              * AND ONE DAY I'LL BE RIGHT so really I'm just playing the odds here

                              ** just meaning the rest of the Swifts, not like the extended squad during a pandemic obvs, I mean if they do decide to have a quar wedding it'll most likely just be the fams.

                              Also, the fact that they mentioned Andrea's brain tumor here . . . I know that back in 2019 when the docs told us my mom only had four months to live*** I fuhreaked out like time was running out and I had to cram in every milestone and whatnot and there was this terrible sense of urgency, so even if a quar wedding is NOT ideal, if I were Taylor I would be very tempted to do one for Andrea's sake just in case. Not saying that it IS influencing her thinking, but just sayin' it would greatly influence mine in the same sitch. (I know Gossip Cop already called this kind of speculation gross when In Touch printed it, but they didn't cite a source for saying that! and it's just human nature to wonder!)

                              *** lol she's fine**** now

                              **** the immunotherapy worked so ridiculously well on her cancer that the docs now say her hypertension will kill her long before the tumors have a chance to!

                              My second theory******(I have lost track of the number of asterisks help) is that they really were caught out at the park by paps unawares, and Tree put out the article afterwards because ONTD and other places are currently dragging Taylor for 'international travel' during a pandemic after the pics came out. Which is funny considering loads of other celebs (LIKE KARLIE FOR INSTANCE WHO JUST RECENTLY GOT BACK FROM TURKS AND CAICOS) are jetting hither and thither for party timez as though there was no pandemic at all, so perhaps Taylor is trying to make it clear that she has less frivolous reasons for going back and forth between (only) Nash and London. On a private plane, where she has contact with nobuddy but her security team and her lovah. She lives in London, and her other family is there. But her mom is sick. So Tree is reminding people of that, to make it hard to criticize her for wanting to be in both places when she can be, if she does it safely. The article stresses that they are complying with covid rules and what not. So I think this article was meant as damage control because Taylor has been very very very careful all down the line during lockdown to show that she takes this very seriously and she wouldn't want that message to be undermined just because they got busted during one walk in the park (which they are allowed to do! so shut up ONTD).

                              ******* this is my real theory to be honest, I just like making everything about a sekrit wedding if possible


                              ooops that's the wrong one, too. Oh well, leave it.

                              I have some bits and pieces from the kays! Huzzah!

                              The kween and her sock about the London pics:

                              Anonymous asked:

                              I think Taylor probably signed up to promote Hunter boots when she was down to play Glastonbury in 2020, and these pap pics are a way of fulfilling that obligation, since the event was cancelled. Hunter wellies and raincoats are festival wear staples, it's basically what they're known for in the UK. That and horse shows with the royals. They lost multiple huge promotional opportunities with covid, and we know these things are planned months in advance. I bet it was promo.

                              Anonymous asked:

                              i think the latest stunt was possibly set up in advance for grammy month promo. however now that's it being delayed it was kinda useless but how long can they wait to release pics like that? what if the weather changes? and multiple kaylor articles... so they just put the pics out now hoping for the best

                              s-r:Could be … I hope it is because Jerk is headed out soon. It could also have been music/boots promo in the UK.


                              (pretty hilars that InStyles used a Karlie and Taylor pic from six years ago for this!)

                              And again, the kween isn't even trying the least little bit to pretend to be someone else in this answer:

                              Anonymous asked:

                              Why is Taylor trying so hard to be a London gal? She wants to move to the Lakes District. She planned to move there before the 1989 era and KK told her not to. She “dates” British guys. She supports British designers (Stella McCartney). She has made so many songs with references to London.

                              Does she hate the US that much? Is the UK really that much better for famous people?

                              spade-riddles answered:

                              I have always felt that she ‘dates’ UK guys because of the mutual promotion. She gets extra promotion in the UK, and the UK guys get extra promotion in the US. It makes sense from a business perspective. Karlie was close with Stella, so that is likely part of the reason she hooked up with Stella. As for her looking into moving there before the 1989 era … I would guess part of that was for promotional reasons too. Taylor invests her money in real estate. She is in London a lot for business reasons. Why not buy a property there and ingratiate yourself with potential UK fans?

                              Most transparent sock EVAH. That is like word for word a standard ttb answer for that question.

                              2kween about the park 'stunt':

                              Anonymous asked:

                              You know when you’re out and you walk past people that you can tell had just been in an argument or fight?

                              The tension just ripples off of them?

                              That’s what those photos look like.

                              tp: You’re right. Thats a good way of putting it.

                              Anonymous asked:

                              there is no way she is in UK right now because of lock down, she wouldn’t risk losing days of re-recording....

                              tp: Interesting point. I would assume she was with her own mom yesterday too.

                              Anonymous asked:

                              The thing that really bothers me about *oes stunt pap photos is that him is always in front of her

                              tpragging her? This body language is very telling each and every time.

                              Anonymous asked:

                              Who the fuck waits on a random street on a random freezing and gloomy London winter day to pap some completely bundled up “celebrities” that nobody would have even recognized??? Since when did Taylor give up on fashion and wear those UGLY AF boots?? To jump in a puddle or what? Make it make sense, Taylor.

                              tp: They are rain boots anon haha.

                              Anonymous asked:

                              Why did we get a Toe stunt? Is she dropping some stuff? And why is she in London the day after Andrea’s birthday??? And like, unless she called the paps, who the fuck would even recognize them with nothing but eyes exposed?? Taylor once again looks like she is zooming thru space, shgfhdhdhdhjsjsh

                              tp: We will know soon enough. Maybe because bonus tracks?? We don’t know that they were taken “today” or “yesterday” just because the article was posted today.

                              Oh, and they think a source told them the kay baby's name will be Primrose:

                              Anonymous asked:

                              Someone here called the baby, baby Kloss and I get why. Karlie's the one who's pregnant so we know for sure it's hers at least. But can you imagine being Taylor and this child being actually yours too, and NOONE calling it by your last name like you don't even exist in its life or even worse, calling your baby a Kushner when the poor kid has nothing to do with the slumlord and his despicable family? I don't know I just felt sad...

                              s-r: I am optimistic that they have a solid plan for all of this. To me, a possible scenario is for Karlie and Jerk to announce a ‘split’ before the baby is born (preferably this month), and then when the baby is born all articles just talk about Karlie’s baby … no mention of him at all. Baby Kloss. Then Penni and Tree go to work deleting Jerk from the internet (so to speak). Blackball any mention of him again in any articles or interviews with her. Get rid of him on wikipedia, etc. And, let people forget he was ever in her life. Over time those who believed they were real (can you imagine!) will figure out that he is not the father. Just the simplest way I can figure out of this …

                              CAN YOU IMAGINE.

                              Oh and Taylor's friends liking posts against Karlie is part of the Feud Narrative yada yada we've seen this before:

                              I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO TELL YOU.

                              2kween sounds real tired!

                              And yes, 2kween admits that it is exhausting to be a kay:

                              Then go rest gurl! No one is forcing you to do this beeksus*******************.

                              ***************** except I would totally force you to do this because it's never not fun for me, which says something about my mental state, particularly in this grim moment in time, why should this be fun? it really shouldn't, and you SHOULD go rest, I suppose. I mean, we would all like to rest. We would all like to. I would like to. Let's all rest now.
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                              • I can’t wait for the day when the sekrit engagement/wedding is real. For a number or reasons: it will make you happy, there will be some kind of amazing album that comes out of it, and they will be pretty. I know a few couples who moved up their wedding plans because of a family illness; it’s a thing that happens, but I am considering it a good sign for Andrea’s treatments that they haven’t felt the need to push it forward.

                                2kween is just not as good as The Kween.

                                *** the immunotherapy worked so ridiculously well on her cancer that the docs now say her hypertension will kill her long before the tumors have a chance to!
                                Thank Beek!