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  • I watched the new Palladino show on Netflix this weekend and liked it! It's like GG with 13 Reasons Why probs, but not as dark. At one point, one of the characters makes a Taylor dating joke and it was cringey and unoriginal. Apparently, Swifties went in on the show, Taylor found out about it, and she put out the following response on Twitter.

    "Hey Ginny & Georgia, 2010 called and it wants its lazy, deeply sexist joke back," Swift wrote. "How about we stop degrading hard-working women by defining this horse s---- as FuNnY."

    "Also, @netflix after Miss Americana this outfit doesn't look cute on you," she added, referencing her 2020 documentary, which Netflix has exclusive rights to. "Happy Women's History Month I guess."

    The joke would have made more sense back when GG was originally on, but now seems super dumb given the fact that Taylor's been with the same dude for like 5 years.


    • edited to say: ACK, Issie! I didn't see your post before I uploaded mine, sorry! But agree, the joke was weirdly out of date for a show written recently. Was the second screenshotted line below from the same show or something different? Twitter had me very confused about it.

      So DRAMZ today! A Netflix original show called Ginny and Georgia*, which I have not seen, apparently said about Taylor:

      * basically trying to be the new Gilmore Girls, from what I can glean from the interwebz.

      (the second quote might be from the Degrassi reboot which they also seem to be mad at? Not sure, twitter is confuzzling.)

      And obvs, Swifties are currently pretty bored because they were SERIOUSLY OUTRAGED and got RESPECT TAYLOR SWIFT to trend for a gazillion hours.

      And ooops, they also made the reviews of the show do this:

      and still dropping . . .

      yiiikes. (but LOL at that 13%)

      Which! calls to mind! the immortal words of that modern day prophet Diplo, when he said:

      . . . although it's about to get worse for G&G and Netflix as well, because Taylor finally added her two cents this morning and she is MAD mad:

      *side note, Joe liked her tweet almost immediately, so he's also Not Pleased. (the boy hasn't tweeted since 2018)

      I'm a little surprised she addressed it at all, but okay! I mean, this sort of thing has been going on for at least 10 years for her, but I guess she ain't shaking it off anymore.

      . . . which means that now, there is a backlash calling her a 'fake victim' again. But honestly, it suuuucks having your name used as a byword for boycrazy/can't make them stay even though you've written at least three songs/made a documentary/ done many many many interviews about how pissed off about that exact take you are (and how inaccurate it is anyway? she's been like all settled down and domesticated for almost FIVE YEARS) and she's probably hella tired of it all at this point.

      She's basically putting this quote into action:

      (h/t cages-boxes)

      So yeah, this is all going to trend all day:

      I wouldn't partiklarly want to be Netflix's social media manager this morning.

      (THAT SAID! if she's going to make slut shaming her cause du jour then she REALLY needs to do SOMETHING about Better Than Revenge before releasing the re-record as is.)

      Other stuff . . .

      Lover Fest officially canceled (big surprise):

      Still boggles the mind to imagine what the next tour will look like. Based on this insider's tweets, she might just NOT actually tour Folklovermore at all, the next tour might just be all about TS10.

      I feel like people will be hella bitter if they never get to belt out Cruel Summer in a stadium, though.

      She's . . . greedy, why exactly?

      I mean, the re-recordings might? make her more money long term than partnering with Shamrock on licensing the originals, but duh, she's also PAYING $$ to make them, which she would not have had to do without Koot's poison pill clause, AND there's an opportunity loss because she could have used all of this re-recording time and energy to create something new to release this year which might be more tour-able and thus lead to more $$$$.

      So, greedy? No.

      Petty? Hell yeah. I mean, she's paying for this beauty in Nashville, right on Music Row where Scotty Baloney will see it every day:

      If we are talking 'greed', well Big Machine is still trying to screw her over, no surprise there:

      Not sure what her move is here, unless it's just to trust her fans are savvy enough to know which version to stream.

      Also, based on jet movements, Taylor returned to the States from London a few days ago. She's either in LA or Nash (probs LA) getting ready for the Grammys. Unlikely that Joe came out with her, because he has three projects starting up soon, if not underway already. Very improbable that he attends the Grammys with her.

      Speaking of Joe and his projects, I just read that the Nick character he will play in Conversations With Friends is like, 32? I don't know what twitter was in a flutter about then, that's not out of range for Joe. That's not even old.


      insert I'm The Cryptkeeper' gif here.

      And the Gasoline remix from HAIM and Taylor was pretty dope. I like it better than the original.

      “I think collectively our favorite song for the most part it’s been gasoline. and you know we were kind of like thinking about “okay, who do we want to get on this?” and you know, kind of a light bulb went off in all of our heads collectively at the same time when we’re like “oh, Taylor loves gasoline”, I mean like, you know, let’s ask her! and we texted her and literally like right away she was like “absolutely, 100%, send me the session, like I’m down”. and we were like “amazing!” and then, like clockwork, 24 hours later, vocals were done, it was in our inbox and it was literally perfect. perfect! and obsessed with it. and again, she also brought such an amazing facet, a new facet to the song and new imagery. you know, she killed it. she murdered it.”

      — HAIM

      Fun fact! The above pic was from after the Met Gala in 2016. Instead of dragging THiddles off to her place for an illicit affair, she hung out with Haim at a hotel and ate pizza.

      Haim also posted this unseen pic from Drake's bday party in late 2016:

      This is another pc from Drake's party like lol whut.

      Like who was tipping Taylor Swift and FOR WHAT.

      Not 100% sure, but I think that Drake's party was the last time Taylor was seen anywhere with Karlie until the Nash show? Taylor was already (sekritly) official with Joe by this time, and it was just before she decided to vanish off to London with him.

      Oh! and the Duke of Hastings talking folklore on SNL last week during a skit about Driving License:

      He's not wrong but I think that is somewhat oversimplified!

      oKAY! Let's talk KAY!

      The kween is like, not even trying to not pretend to be the kween over at her new blog. But even the name change didn't prevent the kween's biggest fans - including Taylor Alison Swift. naturally- from finding her and swooning over her greatness:


      The fact that Karlie is having a baby with some dude who is not Taylor is PROOF of kaylor = 4EVAH!

      And! anti-kays BEWARE:

      I’m pretty sure that some people attack us because they’re afraid if we’re right, that Taylor has them on a super exclusive blacklist and that she’d bar them from being able to attend her concerts or buy stuff from her or something in retaliation for being massively shitty and making all sorts of threats towards Karlie and

      I mean, they’re right though, Taylor probably has her social media team trawling through Tumblr and Twitter and is having everyone who said shitty things about KK and put on a special shit list, especially the people who’ve said shitty things about so they don’t ever accidentally get invited to meet her and she ends up mauling them when she realizes they spent several months saying really cruel shit about her kiddo on the daily

      (yep, they are STILL doubling tripling quadrupling down on Josh and Karlie's baby being Taylor's baby . . . )

      Anonymous asked:

      Welp... Karlie is quadrupling down on the Miami narrative. She's saying she's in Miami bc she wants people to believe she's still with Jerk staying together there. Logically, if an announcement happens in like a few months she can't time it before birth, since she's letting people know she's "still with" Jerk. So a Kushner baby in name it is, isn't it? So sad. I want to bail this shitshow so much. Maybe Jerk posting a baby pic will do it for us. Then the baby will have become a prop as well.

      spade-riddles answered:

      If they let Jerk play the father, I think it will do it for a lot of people. You cannot unwind that stain. It would be a forever mistake, and something unbecoming of two powerful women.

      Anonymous asked:

      I refuse to believe that Karlie was asked by Jerk to give him a forever het card (fr when she c. o.) by letting him "be" the father and she complied "bc she didn't have any other option". If thats the case she should have hired some human rights lawyers. So, if I see Jerk playing proud father, I'm gonna assume Karlie fully consented to that bc she had something to gain. The only thing you can gain from Jerk is money & connections. Thus, Karlie will have literally sold out the name of her child.

      s-r: I refuse to believe that too. And, I will be shocked beyond words if she allows him to associate himself with the child.

      And! on Karlie being in league with the FBI:

      Anonymous asked:

      I don't have high hopes that Karlie is some sort of star witness in criminal cases against the K*shners, not when it would likely end up outing her as a lesbian and J0shlie as having been fake the entire time since 2011, because those revelations would inevitably be connected to Taylor and ruin the PR set-up for not only the rerecordings, but Taylor's entire career since November 13th, 2013.

      s-r: I don’t have high hopes for that either. But, if Karlie has information, she can easily give the FBI all the information they need. She doesn’t have to be on the witness stand necessarily. The thing with the Kushners is that most of their crimes are financial crimes. Those are pretty cut and dry cases. The documents speaks for themselves. So Karlie could point them in the right direction to find the information, and then the FBI can go to work without her public testimony. There is no reason they need to blow her cover, and Kushners will not want to blow her cover. Also, since the cases against them will be strong, they could plead guilty without a trial to save embarrassment and public revelations.

      So in case you thought there was a teensy chance kayland had seen the light recently, the answer is noooooooope.

      Non-kay Bonus! This poster from wildestdream on tumblr is uhmazing:

      Last edited by ophy; 03-01-2021, 01:28 PM.


      • Well, public opinion went from "GO OFF QUEEN" to "it was just a joke why are you such a bitch" real damn fast.

        That's the thing, Taylor is always going to be thinskinned and drawn to drama. But the fact that she FEELS everything is what makes her such a good lyricist. If you want the depth of 'I made you my temple, my mural, my sky/Now I'm begging for footnotes in the story of your life', you also have to take the Sagittarius whose dial always always goes up to eleven (thirteen, oops!) and who never quite stopped being that girl in middle school whose friends all went to the mall without her.

        Lainey's take, which is mild compared to some of the backlash (it's almost like people were just itching to be allowed to hate Taylor again! oh, the pendulum swings!):

        Taylor Swift is disappointed in Netflix for a joke that ran on Ginny & Georgia. It was the old “Taylor Swift dates too much” trope, which is not a strong joke and not even true as she’s been in a longterm relationship for years. Taylor’s point is valid but, as I’ve said many times, Taylor loves to argue her way out of a good position. This time she did it by indulging her fandom, who are actively going after the scriptwriters (both women), sharing their names, photos, and social media handles. Is this a proportionate response? Or is it her giving her fandom marching orders because part of Taylor’s strategy is embracing the idea that she’s the underdog, even as she has thousands of accounts taking up for her, as well as a direct line to Netflix to share her concerns. There’s also something else to think about in her and her fan’s assertion that Netflix should respect her because of Miss Americana, that this kind of work should shield her. This is her using her power and her privilege to pull up… for herself. And it perpetuates a very white feminist “girl boss” rhetoric that has widely hurt women of colour because it ties in protection and equal rights to opportunity and success. Her having a successful career doesn’t make her more worthy of respect than any other women.

        Seeing a lot of this, and also accusations of 'overreacting'.

        I see both sides of this . . . she shouldn't have to bite her tongue every time something dumb pisses her off! and also she could have worded it/handled it differently!

        I think the biggest problem isn't that Taylor spoke out about it, the biggest problem is that the Swiftie army takes it all WAY TOO FAR. They are now in attack mode and are hitting out at errrrybuddy. I mean, it was stupid joke and yeah, Taylor is allowed to feel whichever way about it, but the fans going after the writers personally? and now they are even going after the actress, who is very young and also mixed race and bears no responsibility as to the words the writers have her say. Taylor was not bullying anyone with what she said, but there are Swifties out there absolutely using this as an excuse to bully people (and to be racist!). So that always goes back to the classic argument of how much responsibility do the celebs have for their most extreme and craziest fans?

        This feels very much like "my words shoot to kill when I'm mad/I have a lot of regrets about that', because I don't think Taylor realized in the moment that she was unleashing the hounds of hell when she tweeted.

        Instead of addressing the show/Netflix, she could have addressed the fans directly and said something like, "yes, it was a dumb and lazy piece of misogynism and yes, I hate it when my name is used as a slutshaming trope, but as much as I appreciate y'all jumping in to defend me, dial it back, guys." Like that would have been a better message at that moment, when the fans had gone feral and were causing real harm.

        I am very conflicted about this kind of thing and I know I've dithered on it in the past, but! even though I don't think celebs should be blamed for the actions of their fans, I do think they need to remember that they have to be the grown-up in these kinds of situations. With great power of fan army comes great responsibility of fan army yada yada. Especially because the younger Swifties can't seem to distinguish between a proper villain like Koots and a total innocent like the teen actress from G&G . . . when their only setting is DESTROY THEM ALL AND GRIND THEIR BONES INTO PASTE AND SALT THE EARTH FROM WHENCE THEY SPRUNG.

        If I were Tree!Paine! I'd be on the horn to either Netflix or the show runners to get them to tweet out a basic apology (or like, a dialogue opener kind of thing?) that Taylor could then respond to with something more measured herself, because it's gotten way out of hand out there.

        In other news! Speaking of something getting out of hand! Holy beekola!


        • Yeah, this is definitely a blemish on an otherwise spectacular professional run.


          • I know, right? thisclose to the most perfect run of her career!


            What a stupid mess! It'll blow over because there's not a lot of there there, but yeah it's all become ever so dumb out there on the interwebz. The cancellation yahoos are even dragging up the whole 'blink and you missed it' Conor Kennedy relationship from a decade ago to prove? something? I guess? about how it's okay? to slut shame Taylor? because she's a ' predatory pedophile' for dating an 18 yr old when she was 22*?

            *then what does that make John Mayer who was 32 when he dated a 19 yr old Taylor, just sayin'.

            And dude!

            Todrick, honey noooooo:

            YOU ARE NOT HELPING.

            People is trying to help, though (jk this was planned as regular Grammy promo):


            Taylor Swift Reveals the Empowering Story Behind the Folklore Lyric That Makes Her 'Really Proud'

            The superstar is nominated for six Grammys, including album of the year for her record-shattering album folklore

            In the latest issue of PEOPLE, the superstar, 31, opens up about the inspiration behind one of her favorite lyrics on her eighth studio album, which was entirely written and recorded remotely in quarantine last year.

            "I'm really proud of 'She had a marvelous time ruining everything' from 'The Last Great American Dynasty' because it's about what happens when women step out of their cages and run," says Swift, who is nominated for six Grammys this month.

            "It can be a real pearl-clutching moment for society when a woman owns her desires and wildness," continues Swift, "and I love the idea that the woman in question would be too joyful in her freedom to even care that she's ruffling feathers, raising eyebrows or becoming the talk of the town. The idea that she decided there were marvelous times to be had, and that was more important."

            . . .

            Over the last several years, the superstar has been increasingly outspoken about sexism she and other female artists have faced in the industry.

            "I'm trying to be as educated as possible on how to respect people, on how to de-program the misogyny in my own brain. Toss it out, reject it, and resist it," said Swift in her critically acclaimed Netflix documentary, Miss Americana. "Like, there is no such thing as a slut. There is no such thing as a bitch. There is no such thing as someone who's bossy, there's just a boss."

            Looking back at the two albums she created during the pandemic (the star shocked fans by dropping folklore's sister record, evermore, in December), Swift says she's learned how much can be accomplished even without fanfare.

            "I think one of the revelations from this time that I'll take with me moving forward is that oftentimes less is more. An album photo shoot can really be as simple as walking out into a field with one photographer at your friends' farm and you can do your own hair and makeup for it," she says.

            "You can write songs without traveling or being in the same space as another collaborator. You can tell your fans about what you made without going on an international promo tour," she adds. "These things are options I didn't explore before and I'm glad that I know they exist now."

            As she considers post-pandemic projects, Swift says she's more determined than ever to take matters into her own hands.

            "I feel proud of the DIY elements of these albums and in the future I will always explore that option before adding any other layers to a project," she says. "If I can do it myself, I will."

            Still think there wasn't THAT much that wrong with Taylor's initial tweet, but kinda wondering if there's an actual plan for damage control -- beyond the above kind of fluff piece. It's hitting the media, of course, because the woman can't breathe without think pieces being written:

            I honestly think this time around 'Taylor Swift Is Over Party' is mostly online only, though and didn't seep out into the general public knowledge, so not really like 2016 all over again or anything.

            If past is prologue, she'll probably just send the G&G actress flowers and a handwritten note, but otherwise hunker down until it all blows over.


            • Speaking of fellow hunker downers, Karlie Thanos'ed herself from her insta 2 months ago after her Biden/Harris post. I'm gonna guess that Tavi snapping on her in public was not well received.


              • I think the biggest problem isn't that Taylor spoke out about it, the biggest problem is that the Swiftie army takes it all WAY TOO FAR. They are now in attack mode and are hitting out at errrrybuddy. I mean, it was stupid joke and yeah, Taylor is allowed to feel whichever way about it, but the fans going after the writers personally? and now they are even going after the actress, who is very young and also mixed race and bears no responsibility as to the words the writers have her say. Taylor was not bullying anyone with what she said, but there are Swifties out there absolutely using this as an excuse to bully people (and to be racist!). So that always goes back to the classic argument of how much responsibility do the celebs have for their most extreme and craziest fans?
                This is the problem. She had every right to saw what she liked about it (but maybe humour would have been better) but her stans have gone after not only the young black actress from the show, but some random writer/producer with no connection to it who happened to tweet something vaguely anti-TS.


                The fact that she deliberately cultivates such a close relationship with her fans and then doesn't do anything to rein them in when they do shit like this leaves a bad taste. Her feminism needs to encompass proactively making her fanbase stop attacking other women.


                • The fact that she deliberately cultivates such a close relationship with her fans and then doesn't do anything to rein them in when they do shit like this leaves a bad taste. Her feminism needs to encompass proactively making her fanbase stop attacking other women.


                  Speaking of fellow hunker downers, Karlie Thanos'ed herself from her insta 2 months ago after her Biden/Harris post.

                  Yep, Karlie has been hunkering at the Miami house, only occasionally surfacing to do an adidas thingy and a zoom call with students at a St. Louis high school. The main Karlie fashion blog says she's due, like any day now which is another excellent hunkering reason.

                  Things aren't going super duper well for the Kloss-Kushners right now anyway. Josh took his main company public this week and well . . .

                  Even Forbes noted that the Kushner name itself is seen as toxic to investors in the post-Trump era.

                  He might want to ditch the 'Kushner' and just become Josh Kloss maybe. Try saying that ten times real fast!

                  Taylor only emerged to like this:

                  But of course, she's hunkering down with Karlie, probably painting the nursery murals for the baby kay!

                  The G&G whirlwind never turned into a hurricane and appears to have blown itself out now. Whew. And I was wrong about the actress being a teenager -- she's in her 20s and playing a teenager but still! No excuse for bullying.

                  Most of the talk now is about the Grammys and whether or not Taylor has been hinting that she's going to sing The Last Great American Dynasty there. I think probably so, but I wish she would do My Tears Ricochet, August, or Cardigan instead.

                  This exchange also hit the news:

                  “She is absolutely the kindest individual in the whole world. Actually, last night, literally like 12 hours ago, I got a package from her with this like handwritten note. And she gave me this ring because she said she wore one just like it when she wrote Red and she wanted me to have one like it and all of this amazing stuff, she's like hand-wrapped these gifts. I truly don't understand where she finds the time, first of all. But, like also, I feel so lucky that I just was born at the right time to be able to look up to somebody like her. I think she's incredible. All of her support and like, genuine, like compassion and excitement for me is just been so, so surreal."

                  — Olivia Rodrigo

                  According to taylorswiftstyle, Taylor gave Olivia the gold version of this $7k ring from Cathy Waterman:

                  The fact that Taylor gave Olivia a seven thousand dollar ring I sorta find funny, considering the ring that Taylor herself is wearing, like constantly now, even in her recent music videos is a seventy dollar ring:

                  (sometimes marked down to $35 dollars in different versions!):

                  It's mos def a ROUS (Ring Of Unknown Significance) but I kinda suspect it's a gift with Some Meaning (like a stand in for an opal engagement ring? Like she wears it in pics and in shoots/videos because she's not comfortable showing off the real thing yet? I KNOW LET ME JUST THINK IT) but who knows. Taylor has talked about how much she loves loves opals, so maybe it's just one she bought herself for kicks.

                  And also!

                  John Mayer decided to go on tiktok, and that was A Mistake because swifties swarmed him. This was lolarious, though:


                  And in kase y'all were wondering, the kween knows WHY Karlie has been so very hunkered:

                  Anonymous asked:

                  Do you think Karlie is gonna do a pregnancy cover like gigi? I really hope not cuz I cannot deal with jk mentions but it is good pr for her, lets get real about it. Its a good reintroduction to public life.

                  Although the public reaction to her last tweet was so bad like how do you comeback from that if you are still a kushner?

                  s-r: I would like to think that Karlie has gone dark for two reasons. 1) the birth of her baby , and 2) to set the stage for a rebirth of her image. And, with that new image will be an announcement that she is no longer ‘married’. I had not thought of the magazine cover, but that would fit along the lines of my thinking.

                  After you have a baby is the PERFECT time to announce that you are not 'married'! I don't know why more celebs don't do that, to be honest. It just seems so obvious.

                  Last edited by ophy; 03-05-2021, 01:43 PM.


                  • I have been consumed by my house closing and moving so I totally missed this whole “controversy”. Eh, Taylor is thin-skinned, likes being thin-skinned, and was slut-shamed as a teenager, so it’s not unexpected, but this was not her best move. And she really does need to get the Swifties under control here.

                    The only Kay plans seems to hinge on Karlie not making like Josh is the father. They need a backup plan.


                    • This is going to be an extremely mediocre post because I'm hella distracted by trying to hunt down a shot appointment today and just by generally trying not to think about my broken boat brain so! Let's start off with a dumbass article by dumbasses:


                      Just when you thought Primrose Hill couldn't get any more glamorous... Taylor Swift moves into 7m townhouse with actor Joe Alwyn

                      While Primrose Hill is best known for the somewhat louche antics of some of its starry residents, a rather more wholesome celebrity has just moved in.

                      The Mail on Sunday can reveal that Taylor Swift is living in a 7 million six-bedroom townhouse in the North London enclave with actor Joe Alwyn.

                      The couple spent much of lockdown at his flat in nearby Crouch End. Ms Swift, 31, will have no shortage of famous neighbours, although it seems likely that she will be keen to avoid at least some of them.

                      Two of her ex-boyfriends, singer Harry Styles and actor Tom Hiddleston, live little more than a proverbial stone’s throw away.

                      One Direction star Styles is based in adjacent Hampstead, while Hiddleston is thought to be less than a mile away.

                      Miss Swift, who had been looking for a more suitable long-term British base, moved into the four-storey mansion with Alwyn earlier this year. It is understood she rents the house.

                      Sources close to the US singer say that she and Alwyn, the 30-year-old star of Oscar-winning movie The Favourite, wanted a bigger place during her time in the UK. However, they insist that Nashville remains her permanent residence.

                      One source said: ‘Lockdown has changed a lot of things for Taylor and Joe, so they will be spending longer in London than they were initially going to.

                      'Therefore, they thought it was perhaps time to find themselves somewhere a little more spacious.’

                      Miss Swift and Alwyn, who grew up in North London, have been dating for four years.

                      Before lockdown, she was reportedly a regular guest at his parents’ home in Highgate.

                      Primrose Hill became infamous in the late Nineties and early Noughties as a hotbed of wild partying thanks to a coterie of hard-living locals that included Noel Gallagher, Kate Moss, Sadie Frost and Jude Law. More recent homebuyers include Claire Foy and Vanessa Kirby.

                      A spokesman for Miss Swift declined to comment.

                      Well, that's a load of hooey. I mean, we know she's been in and around the Primrose Hill area, but 1) two weeks ago the Daily Fail said she was renting a 5.5 million house from a rock star. 7 million does not equal 5.5 million unless real estate prices have fucking soared recently, and 2) there's never been any indication at all that Joe ever had a flat in Crouch End where Taylor would stay, but there have been LOTS of indications and proof that Taylor has rented at least 3 separate houses in North London in the past 4 years and that Joe lived in those houses with her. So they probably got their current house neighborhood right, but everything else is wevs.

                      leftussilent posted this comment from that article:

                      And she posted these pics of that guy's house:

                      Possible? The floors are very similar, but dunno.

                      Of course, if they got it right, that means Joe and Taylor will just move again, oh well.

                      In funner habitation news, Taylor and Aaron Dessner and Jack Antonoff and sound engineers Laura Sisk and Jon Low are having a week long quarantine sleepover at Taylor's mansion in Beverly Hills, preparing for the Grammys tonight.

                      Aaron and Jack! Cuties.

                      Presumably, she's letting them have actual bedrooms and not doing this 'we can let our friends crash in the living room' stylez.

                      Dunno if Joe is there, but probs not! He did drop the movie Emily from his sched because of Conversations With Friends, but he's still a bizzay guy with British film industry covid restrictions to deal with. Saw a rumor that performers could bring a plus one, but I'd be real surprised if he showed up.

                      Ha, maybe he'll show for his solo album some day:

                      Y'all . . . there's NO WAY ON BEEK'S GREEN EARTH that they aren't also writing and recording music together while stuck in the house for a whole week, right? RIGHT? I mean, with the way this group works it seems like we should at least get an EP out of this past week.

                      Or! an evermore live sessions, maybe????

                      Swifties are trying to figure out which song Taylor/Jack/Aaron will be doing at the Grammys:

                      The above makes me think the people who are theorizing it will be an august/betty/cardigan mashup might be right. That would mos def be ambitious.

                      Aaron had this to same this week:

                      “Taylor Swift was the main one. I think she said that ‘Folklore’ was this life raft for us, emotionally and creatively. I think that’s the beauty of this time — the way that communities of artists have adapted and been able to work remotely, so everyone’s in their bedroom with a microphone, and you can actually get a lot done really quickly.”

                      — Aaron Dessner to the New York Times on the friendship that sustained him artistically during the pandemic

                      So YES.

                      MANIFESTING A BRAND NEW EP. I mean, it's been THREE WHOLE MONTHS without new Taylor music and I NEED THIS.*

                      * as a distraction from all things french boat, obvs

                      As far as what Taylor might wear tonight - oh sorry, to clarify, what overly twee overly sized thing is Stella going to toss onto her tonight - the top prediction seems to be this dress:

                      . . . for obvious reasons.

                      taylorswiftstyle also picked some others:

                      Dunno, though . . . it's been so long since we didn't see her in Stella, I feel like she's more likely to have her do something custom than wear someone else. But would be glad to be wrong!

                      I like the Ozgur Masur dress, but it doesn't seem very folklore-ish at all to me, and not offbeat enough for her current styling.

                      She hasn't been to the Grammy's since 2016, which was the last time she won AOTY. So! you'd think she would want to make a serious visual impact and yet! the whole folklore aesthetic is generally . . . uh . . . more bra-less and comfy and quirky pilgrim and less schmancy starlet. Gonna be interesting to see how she balances that.

                      Oh, hai Taylor . . . already getting that bag for 1989 songs!

                      (lol Jake G. is doing one of the voices)

                      the oboy will be very excited, he loooooves this show. Not about the Taylor song, just about the movie itself.

                      I'm sure she wants all of the licensing deals for her re-records to be as publicly known as possible, thereby sending the clearest fuck y'all to koots and co that she can.

                      So a new/old pic from Abigail's wedding hit the interwebz:

                      I saw a rumor* is that this might be from the same hack that the pink wig bathroom pics came from.

                      * I also saw the rumor** that the hack was NOT of Selena's phone but of Joe's old iCloud from 2016/17.

                      ** where I saw the rumor was swiftiesleuth's*** tumblr and I wanna give her a shoutout because I do visit her page verrry often and I belieb she is quite amusing.

                      *** I also saw the following tea on her page (she's an entertainment journalist and a bilor who ALMOST has me convinced about her theories (almost!) and an all around very reasonable human and occasionally gets tea through her entertainment journalist contacts):

                      1) the rest of the hack included pics**** that were very risque, surprisingly so for Taylor, and were the sort of thing a 20 something might send a long distance boyf if you catch my drift, but would definitely have been worth Tree paying quite a lot of money to suppress. Which is supposedly what happened, but not before a few peeps did see them.

                      ****swiftiesleuth saw these pics herself

                      2) Tree once told a journalist who was about to interview Taylor and who was curious about gaylor rumors that Taylor was NOT a lesbian, but feel free to ask about it.

                      3) Joe is a real good time to party with (no surprise there).

                      4) and the this one I saved for vanessa! Tom Hiddles likes to go downtown on his lady friends and that is ALL that he likes to do, and he is VERRRRY SKILLZED which might explain why his current girlfriend always looks sort of glowy and happy and why Taylor insisted on going all the way to Australia with him just to hang out in the hotel waiting for him***** to be done filming every day even though she wasn't really all that into him. It also puts the lyric 'clung to the nearest lips' into a new perspective.

                      I BELIEB (especially #4).

                      ***** my headcanon is that she passed her time stuck in the hotel suite by playing many hours of online Scrabble with Joe, her platonic Scrabble buddy.

                      (and as a side note to any tumblr peeps who read my silly little nonsense posts, please don't link to this thread anywhere public! I like to stay suuuuuper low key. That is what has worked for me for twenty years of online fandom. Holy shit, twenty years. Save yourselves now, youngins. I am a cautionary tale!)

                      All righty let's check in with the kays!

                      . . . who are real mad because a preggers Karlie went for a stroll 'round Miami:

                      with Josh:

                      And with her sister Kimby:

                      HOW DARE SHE.

                      I'm assuming birth is imminent if her fam is down in Miami with her. Saw that Charles and Seryl and Javanka are down there, too. So nice of them to gather around when Taylor's kid is born . . . but Taylor is SUCH A JERK for choosing to be in LA and not being with her wife for the birth of the blessed kayby/kaby/kaybebe (I've seen tumblr do it a bunch of ways).

                      I mean, it's like Taylor doesn't CARE about this child AT ALL.

                      (it is exactly like that, actually.)

                      Anonymous asked:

                      Have we considered the possibility that the baby is Jerk and Mike's? Maybe K is just a surrogate (and a cover) or having a fake bump while another woman is carrying for them.. I know it's not very likely, but I'm having a hard time believing it's a kaylor baby

                      s-r: Remember all of the times Taylor has referenced a baby recently though in her lyrics, music videos, and commercials. (Do we have a full post done on this?)

                      Why would she do that if it was not her child and Karlie’s?

                      Also, Karlie being the famous one in that fauxmance, how would she go about the next decades not spending time around her own child?

                      Anonymous asked:

                      Karlie was papped with Josh in Miami. And Taylor is in LA for Grammy's. Are we still thinking they are still together and having a baby? Cause I'm not sure...

                      spade-riddles answered:

                      Yes … I was just speaking to some mutuals. We don’t see how those pics are in real time. Jerk was just in NYC one week ago, surrounded by lots of people at his Oscar IPO event. I cannot believe Karlie would put her child at risk of Covid. Even if he was her real husband ( … he is not), he would need to quarantine away from her and the baby. Let’s see if an obvious reason appears for this staged walk (besides his struggling Oscar stock).

                      Time For Time Truthing!

                      Anonymous said:

                      We need to give up. This is not healthy. I can’t understand why she keeps doing this. It’s such a shame for the unborn baby. Obviously once more no break-up narrative is in place. She made sure she looked oh so happy with him in these photos. All this time she was just laying low bc of the Capitol riots and backlash. Nothing more. Nothing.

                      SR: I think many Kaylors have given up. ‍♀️

                      Anonymous said:

                      Does it matter if those pap pics are new or like a couple of weeks ago? So what, what difference does it make? Also the anon TOTALLY called it. Karlie used to do it herself but now she’s having Kayda “placate” the kaylors before a stunt. She needs to stop that, she’s literally underestimating our intelligence and making us vulnerable to attacks from haters bc we’re taking the bait. And it is a bait. She’s like here have some hope and let me take it back in a sec. Oopsie.

                      SR: The anon definitely called it.

                      Anonymous said:

                      I agree that the pap walk probably didn’t actually happen today. Someone who has actually been pregnant should chime in here, but in the new pics, Karlie’s bump looks about the same size as the pic she posted on NYE. Maybe slightly bigger, but she’s also wearing more clothes. I would be surprised if she STILL hasn’t given birth. Idk, I still want to believe that SOMEHOW there’s an exit strategy. Gonna stick around until we see how K does the birth announcement.

                      Anonymous said:

                      We knew that pap shit was coming. Grammy week. But… shit. It’s clearly making it seem like it’s his child. That’s unfortunate. I guess she will be back online soon… Damn.

                      Anonymous said:

                      Pap released photos on International Women’s Day with a Kushner.

                      Wow… good one. Very empowering.

                      If Jerk post a picture of KK on his IG. I beyond done.If you are still with them devils Karlie. You can burn with them. I’m sorry.When is enough. Enough…

                      Anonymous said:

                      Kinda funny we all knew this was gonna happen lol I guess we have our answer: karlie is definitely having a magazine cover after giving birth. If she tries to whitewash the kushners now that they are not in politics anymore I am so out.

                      Anonymous said:

                      Since today’s pap walk was obviously to establish him as the father of the baby that has probably already been born. I do wonder how much money did she get for letting her child be *publicly* named a Kushner? I’m being half sarcastic half serious here. How much do y'all think a supermodel priced the surname of her child? Everything has a price apparently. Dignity too.

                      Anonymous said:

                      Yeah.. I really don’t care if those pictures were taken today, two weeks ago or three months. The intentions are obvious. Showing him as the baby daddy. So it’s a goodbye from me.

                      Anonymous said:

                      Well I’ll tell you the obvious reason, but you’re not gonna like it. I don’t even like it. It’s because she’s about to give birth/announce the birth and she wants to cement that their relationship is still going strong and that he’s indeed the “father”. Literally the only good reason, much more solid than to distract from some marginally bad publicity from a couple of financial outlets about the Oscar stock.

                      Anonymous said:

                      I know Taylor watches so please can you post this? It’s not your opinion or view of the matter, only mine. Taylor sorry but this thing with letting Jerk be the father of your child is the ultimate total cuck move. He has literally taken everything from you, you said it yourself, and now you’re gonna let him claim your child. But you do you girl. Go humiliate Sc00ter on insta again or call out unknown irrelevant Netflix show. You know… important things unlike the last name of your child.

                      Anonymous said:

                      If has arrived, Taylor may just say “F*ck it” and walk the red carpet at the Grammy’s with Toe just to drive home what she really wants the world to think, has nothing to do with her 'straight’ ass and that Toe is the god-king love of her life and she’s absolutely useless without him.

                      Anonymous said:

                      If this is what we’re gonna have to sit through instead of him posting a picture of a baby hand, I’ll take it. But let’s be honest. That’s not the case. He had this bump pap-walk, he will have his baby pic and then the baby pap-walk. When has Karlie ever won against his will? Never. Taylor apparently has no problem or even opinion on the matter, so don’t be hopeful.

                      Anonymous said:

                      If the baby is already here and moreover if it’s a girl… happy international women’s day Karlie! Way to set an example for your kid. Such an empowering statement from a totally independent strong woman. Everyone is so proud of you today of all days!

                      Anonymous said:

                      And remember, they decided to keep their relationship private. // Good for them. But I sincerely doubt their child, if asked, would want to have a Kushner as its public dad. That’s the problem here. They’ve messed their lives. It’s their prerogative. It’s a whole different story when a child is involved.

                      Anonymous asked:

                      I have a question why are we still here karlie doesn’t need us at this point we are fools if we still support her and Taylor she is making everyone suffer karlie us swifties lying for years manipulating the shit out of everyone we should all just leave both girls are doing just fine without us

                      Anonymous said:

                      I hope after today noone still believes that a “fervent revolution exonerates everyone”. The first one who should be sort of “exonerated” is the child which will have the Kushner name. He/she will need the Kushner stigma off him/her. But Taylor is never gonna admit it’s hers. She will only play the step-mom role publicly. So forget about everyone being exonerated.

                      S-R: Some of these are harsh (I did not post some of the harsher ones), but the Kushners and Trumps are involved in organized crime and murder. This is really an awful, awful look. I will never understand why they associate with these people. I will never understand why Karlie dragged he family (sisters and parents) into this mess either.

                      (just as a reminder, spade-riddles is just the original kween under a new name.)

                      These kays remains hopeful!

                      I think a later gram pap walk is a great idea to throw off the GP with regard to the baby’s arrival! She could be home safely right now w/ a newborn but to the GP who think she’s still pregnant, it buys her that much needed time alone (w/Taylor, family) that a mother (esp 1st time mom!) needs w/ a newborn! That special time to bond, heal, & feel so much love. I’m certain they made precautions so they could reserve that time just for them.

                      Anonymous asked:

                      I have no doubt this is a Kaylor baby. It's really pretty simple. If the baby was nothing to do with Taylor, she would have let go a long time ago and shifted to a heartbreak narrative. She wouldn't be baby-obsessed and hinting this bun has her DNA. And if Jerklie were real and procreating, they would have spent her whole pregnancy in MUTUAL stunting. Not one video and what, one pap walk? They would have no reason to keep it so quiet. If anything, cutesy baby stuff would be good PR.

                      And the kween beliebs!

                      OH SHIT . . . How . . . how do I even know that I am married????

                      Also, the kween has her own hot take on the daily fail article about Taylor's rental:

                      hee. That's literally all I've got for that. hee.


                      Chatting with a mutual right now. We think that the Primrose tip from Tea Time, and the timing of this DM announcement of Taylor moving into Primrose, is code for:

                      IT’S A GIRL , and quite likely the baby has arrived! ❤️

                      I think she's also sorta hoping for some kind of Grammy's reveal:

                      Anonymous asked:

                      Everything about Taylors PR is weird lately! If I was a Het toe I’d be so confused by her music with Betty, august releasing folklore in Karlies season all the women she’s been singing about but then she’s like Toe wrote all my songs it just doesn’t make any sense from a Gaylor, a Kaylor or a Het standpoint. I don’t know what she’s trying to convey??? She feels more distant and out of touch with her fans than ever. It’s disappointing because after folklore I felt close to her even though we were in a pandemic connected but not anymore.

                      s-r: The William Bowery narrative has me the most confused. It is so out of character with everything she stands for. I keep waiting for her to say, ‘aha gotcha. He isn’t WB. This is why I did that’. But, I don’t really see how that will happen, if I am being realistic.

                      Yeah . . . not sure how that would work.

                      . . . or a post Grammy's reveal:

                      Anonymous asked:

                      Do you think after Grammys they will stop stunting or maybe after Grammys one of them can atleast drop one beard

                      s-r: Interesting question. I could see one beard going after the Grammys. There is some logic in the idea that they wanted to appear uber straight through the Grammys, so that the old white men would vote honestly.

                      But, I think I am out of optimism right now. I have tried so hard to be a glass is half full person. But, how many times we thought we were close to shaving a beard and then ‍♀️

                      She does sound tired, poor kween. You know having her blog (and all of it's subsequent inkarnations until this one) taken down was a great opportunity for her to reevaluate and move forward with her life and . . . she did not do that.

                      Anonymous asked:

                      the way this is alloying i can’t help but think if we interpreted things wrong... at this point i can’t even think if this is a kaylor baby. i guess it’s just hard to believe the people you look up to have very low morals... involving a child into stunting is sick, and if they’re both together: congrats y’all managed to drag us to the ground with you. idek we we’re still here, we know things are gonna get worse. but i guess i’m still a believer and i literally don’t know why. this is exhausting

                      s-r: It would selfishly be much easier to believe they are not together and that Karlie has decided to go live her life in the Kushner closet. Then we could just support Taylor and her music.

                      YES YOU COULD. You could still do that!

                      Anonymous asked:

                      It's kaylor anniversary week and nobody gives a shit anymore. I guess the antis with the "help" of Taylor and Karlie, or more specifically of their public decisions, have finally done it. They've broken our morale. I will myself confess that I'm more worried about associating the Kushner with the poor child (though let's be honest it's already happened by not 'divorcing' him before giving birth) than seeing them cryptically celebrating their 7th year.

                      s-r: I held onto this ask for a few days to see if there would be much talk of it on here. Sadly you are right. The week went by with little discussion of it.

                      (I think it was the 7 yr since Big Sur? I guess? considering how often both Taylor and Karlie have been to Big Sur with other people, I doubt they think of that partik trip like ever, but wevs!)

                      Awww, bonne anniversaire, you bunch of nutkases! Gonna manifest that Taylor wears a dress covered in daisies tonight just for you!


                      Grammy results are already starting:

                      Last edited by ophy; 03-14-2021, 04:50 PM.


                      • Grammys Night! (I didn't watch because I never watch these things, but I have to stay up til midnight anyway to try and book my C19 shot so may as well post what I have gleaned from twitter and tumblr.)

                        Taylor was nominated for six! . . . she won one. But! If you are only gonna win one, then I suppose Album Of The Fucking Pandemic Year is the one to win.

                        But first . . .

                        Red carpet Taylor (in Oscar de la Renta):


                        I mean, there are definitely some in there huzzah. #KAYLORRISE

                        With da bois:

                        (minus WB, obvs. Joe must still be back in the UK.)

                        I love this:

                        Matching masks to outfit was a theme for sure. DYSTOPIAN FUTURE ALERT.

                        Also love these:

                        I thought they were opals, but TaylorSwiftStyle says they are labradorites with diamonds.

                        Performance Taylor (in custom Etro):

                        Her legs look so gooood on that hobbit house:

                        No Stella tonight! So yeah, she seems to have found the right glam flower fairy/forest witch balance here. I like both looks.

                        Surprising basically everyone, she did cardigan, august, and willow, which was not a combo on anyone's bingo card.

                        The whole thing was so pretty!

                        Taylor nodding when Harry won Best Pop Vocal over her so the media couldn't turn it into A Thing :

                        It's his first ever Grammy, that's sweet.


                        Taylor's AOTY acceptance speech (h/t cages-boxes as per usual):

                        Oh god, I want to thank all of my collaborators who are on stage. I want to thank Serban Ghanea, I want to thank Justin Vernon. I'm so excited to meet you some day. Joe, who is the first person I play every single song that I write, I had the best time writing songs with you in quarantine. I want to thank James, Inez, and Betty, and their parents, who are the second and third people that I play every song that I wrote. But mostly we just want to thank the fans. You guys met us in this imaginary world we created, and we can't tell you how honored we are forever by this. Thank you so much, and thank you to the Recording Academy. We will never forget that you did this for us! Thank you!

                        Taylor accepting Album of the Year for folklore at the 2021 Grammys

                        Awww, hugging poor Jon Low, the man she terrorized for months with song after song after song after song . . .

                        But basically her speech was all like . . .

                        and everyone she hugged she pretended it was him!*

                        *shush let me have this

                        Taylor and Jack:

                        Ha, this is actually not a bad photoshop job:

                        You'd think that after 11 Grammys and three AOTYs, she wouldn't get so shook and nervous up there, but she genuinely didn't seem to think she was winning. Which I can understand after she'd had to sit there and clap enthusiastically all night long (OVER THREE HOURS) for the people beating her in the other five categories.

                        So sweet that that she shouted out Blake and Ryan's little family. But! I just think it's pretty funny that she should IGNORE her OWN CHILD who was SIMULTANEOUSLY being born all the way ACROSS THE COUNTRY IN FLORIDA!


                        Aaron also did a speech, and it was also sweet:

                        Wow, it's hard to believe that we're standing up here, I'm standing up here with one of the greatest living songwriters who somehow put trust in me to collaborate in this crazy time we all lived through. I just want to say thank you to my family, to my beautiful wife Stine, who always lifts me up, my children Ingrid, Robin, and Mimi, who inspire me endlessly. I want to thank Jon Low, who is behind me, who recorded and mixed everything that I've worked on. It's an honor to work with Jack Antonoff, who is an incredible producer and songwriter, to Justin Vernon, who's not here tonight but was a huge part of this record, and my brother Bryce Dessner, who orchestrated much of this record and is part of everything I do. Thank you.

                        Aaron Dessner accepting Album of the Year for folklore at the 2021 Grammy Awards

                        . . . and his wife is named Stine? I kinda love that. Stine. Stine Dessner. Hmmmm. Do we think it's Stine long i or 'Stine' like 'Steen' as in 'Christine'? Hoo boy I think I'm fading but NOOOO must stay up.

                        Okay, so here's some afterwards stuff.


                        hee. Taylor's little what the fuuuuuck . . . and as always, I find Aaron and Jack to be unbearably cute together. If nothing else, Taylor can take credit for that mutual admiration friendship.

                        HAIM doesn't seemed too bummed about losing to Taylor but obvs they had to be a little bummed:


                        All righty, time to refresh Walgreens a thousand times and elbow out all of the other chhubby assholes with asthma who also want a shot that will make them not die.

                        ETA Well, no midnight drop of shot appointments tonight I guess. I'll have to try again every night.

                        But hey, Taylor looks so happy here, I wonder if she's already had her first shot yet?

                        She and Jack really need to work on this before AOTY #4:

                        Last edited by ophy; 03-14-2021, 11:14 PM.


                        • I am obvs super happy for TSwizzle's AOTY win and thought she looked and sounded amazing last night. Her performance dress is the loungey, mimosa drinking dress of my dreams and I love her commitment to cinnamon roll hair.

                          BUT! I need the ophy round up to the news that the Kaylor baby was born and was NOT a girl and that one of its moms decided to quarantine for 2 weeks away from its other mom and then showed up to an award show to thank some other people's kids! The DISRESPECT! I would be hella pissed if I was that baby.

                          ALSO! Ophy, I'm not sure if you keep track of Ajay apart from her Taylor reactions, but she has been away from YT for almost 3 months which is very unusual and some people are asking if she's just taking an unannounced break or if something bad has actually happened to her! It's very concerning!

                          AND! I appreciated the Grammys showing us the Haylor friendly interaction and also allowing us to see the sequel to Dear John wherein the villain plays backup guitar to Maren Morris and Gen Z has no idea who he is.


                          • I have had no time to watch Taylor’s performance from last night with this ridiculous house move idea that I had. (It was a good idea, but moving is exhausting and also I am bad at asking for help, even from the people who basically begged me to let them help me) (Also I am basically unpacked through heroic effort). Thank beek for O and these posts, because otherwise I wouldn’t know about Taylor’s AOTY. I am so happy for her and Aaron and Jack.

                            4) and the this one I saved for vanessa! Tom Hiddles likes to go downtown on his lady friends and that is ALL that he likes to do, and he is VERRRRY SKILLZED which might explain why his current girlfriend always looks sort of glowy and happy and why Taylor insisted on going all the way to Australia with him just to hang out in the hotel waiting for him***** to be done filming every day even though she wasn't really all that into him. It also puts the lyric 'clung to the nearest lips' into a new perspective.
                            Hiddleswift was the best 2 months, though of course she was likely thinking of Joe with every orgasm.

                            I love the Oscar de la Renta and wish I had the legs to wear it. It reminds me of Diane Kruger; it feels like something she’d wear. I am not a fan of the performance dress. Maybe it will be better when I watch the video, but it looks way too big

                            Issie is right that we are going to need to keep close tabs on the Kays, between Taylor thanking Joe in her speech and the “Kaylor baby” turning out to be a boy (Impossible!), and Josh posting about it (how dare he!). Times are rough for the Kays, which is always when their craziest cray comes out.


                            • Ajay's back, Issie! She uploaded a Grammys reax about an hour ago. I was starting to wonder, too.

                              Man, Swifties are really out there riding the high today.

                              More Grammy's stuff in a second, but you guys we need to talk 'floating' . . .

                              . . . and add that to the fact that recently Taylor Nation was running this errrrywhere:

                              ??? these are not things people actually say. The last time this happened was when the merch team used 'wreck my plans' as a discount code, and a couple of weeks later evermore dropped as a surprise.

                              Soooooo . . . 'floating on a balcony' must be lyrics to either 1) brand new music or 2) the vault song she will be releasing for the Fearless re-record rollout. I assume it's #2 but I hope it's #1!

                              Okay back to last night:

                              I noticed that my links to Taylor's performance and speech got broken, so here they are again:


                              Saw someone say this dress is the personification of 'deep blue but you painted me golden' and that is lovely!

                              The fabric was just gorgeous. There's a lot more detail to it than you could see in the performance.:

                              And her speech:


                              Oh, her hand to her heart just melted my own cold black heart:

                              Aaron also thanking Joe:

                              (Joe Jonas, obvs, I mean he wouldn't be thanking Taylor's random beard.)
                              (side note, his wife's name is pronounced 'Steena", I don't know what I was on last night.)

                              And he thanked a bunch of peeps, including Taylor again:

                              And most of all thank you to Taylor. I am constantly humbled by and grateful for our friendship and collaboration. It’s such a strange thought that this time last year, we hadn’t even begun our journey together, since you are now such a big part of my life. You have restored my faith in music and the ways in which it can help me and others. In a year of such uncertainty and fear, I’m eternally grateful for the music we made. You generously shared your songwriting genius with me and others on these records — and made everyone involved feel appreciated and confident in their work. I can’t say enough positive things about you as an artist and a person.

                              I mean . . .

                              But the kays kan't be fooled!

                              (tm karliesbuzzcut)

                              Okay, anyway, it was an emotional night! This is genuine surprise, y'all:

                              genuinely overwhelmed:

                              Even Jack's glasses were surprised:

                              But ooops, Happy Taylor ripped her pretty dress, which is no surprise actually because she's a bit of a hugger even during a pandemic:

                              It did look pretty fragile! I would have worried all night.

                              As for her jewelry, it was all Cathy Waterman, even the necklace she wore in her hair:

                              The head necklace cost over $25k, according to taylorswiftstyle. (!!!) And is actually just a necklace and not a head necklace.

                              Love love these earrings, which I would wear every day:

                              Cathy Waterman is Claire's mom, which I think I knew but I forgot?

                              She also made the $7k LOVE ring Taylor gave Olivia R.

                              And this is on her instagram and I gotta wonder who she made it for . . .

                              So there was more #HaylorRise! There is vid of Harry coming over to chat with Aaron and Taylor here:


                              NICE TO SEE YOU.

                              Looked like a very polite little chat, and very much NOT like he was offering to chuck Olivia Wilde if she would chuck Joe and they could run off together not that I was expecting anything like that of course. OF COURSE.

                              Oh, but what a power couple they would have been! Missed opportunities errrywhere*.

                              (probably a very sloppy soppy infuriating sort of mess as an actual relationship, though.)

                              * in an AU world where Joe didn't exist, obvs, because she has clearly found her actual person and it's all good.

                              BUT! I need the ophy round up to the news that the Kaylor baby was born and was NOT a girl and that one of its moms decided to quarantine for 2 weeks away from its other mom and then showed up to an award show to thank some other people's kids! The DISRESPECT! I would be hella pissed if I was that baby.

                              Well, oKAY. But! teensy weensy problem . . . the kween is uh . . . not acknowledging the birth of the kaybebe at all yet. Nor has she addressed Taylor remembering to say Joe's name at the podium. So there is no truly unhinged reaction to kapture until she and her inner kirkle of minions decide what their desired spin will be. Do they go with androids? Like, Kooter and Josh have replaced both Karlie and Taylor with androids and the kaybebe is also an android bebe???? WILL IT BE ANDROIDS.

                              I think we know what is coming for sure eventually . . . breakdowns, denial, and all kinds of focusing on The Wrong Things.

                              I mean like this!

                              Anonymous asked:

                              The Kaylor Album won Taylor her 3rd AOTY!!!

                              Her gayest album too.


                              . . . is just super ignoring the actual implosions that kayland suffered yesterday.

                              Here are some thought pieces from a different kay site:

                              Anonymous asked:

                              I’m really happy for Taylor. But I’m increasingly feeling like she’s chosen the closet life for the near future, or even long term. Same for Karlie. Whether or not they are together (which has honestly become irrelevant lately). Her giving Joe a shoutout at this career defining history making moment is really a bit much. (Just objectively speaking. It doesn’t bother me personally). And Aaron’s IG post giving him this much credit is agenda-y. Because I think there is no way Toe is a real couple or he somehow is a genius songwriter, Aaron must have done it to protect/help Taylor. But why is he trying so hard to help her secure her closet? Maybe she realized coming out isn’t worth it, because she loves making music in her current state (massive fans, focus on the music and not her personal life) so much and doesn’t want to risk it being taken away? At this point, I don’t think lying about her rs even bothers her that much. Because that’s a way for her to protect her real life with loved ones. What’s a 5 sec shoutout compared to living in peace? Just very disturbing to us fans. Tho.

                              kittythrill answered:

                              I was shocked by the Joe mention at such an important moment, but she also backed herself into a corner by insisting on the WB thing. She’s also shared her an award win speech with CH before - another bearding travesty. It’s not unprecedented, just weird.

                              The aggressive bearding gives her more privacy, less salacious headlines, and maybe most importantly, obscures her work/life for everyone.

                              It used to be that we could listen to her album and have an idea of what was going on, knowing she’d written it relatively recently and given her history of aligning her work with her life. Starting with folklore, she’s given lyrics that conflict with her public persona big-time. She’s setting fans up for the idea that you can never tell the real story because she can write from any perspective at any time. Plausible deniability. It’s honestly brilliant and it’s why I really struggle to interpret her folklore-evermore.

                              I get it. I’m just sad because I’m tired of the asterisks on all her accomplishments.

                              Look at how the damn headline for HER MAJOR, MAJOR, MAJOR WIN and the highlighted portion of her speech are about her fake boyfriend.

                              They made it about a man that is not even involved. It’s really fucking lame.


                              But she is feeding this narrative to the media by the entire WB charade/bearding. So we have to assume she’s ok with giving this random man credit for her genius. Which is the most disappointing part of all of this gaylor/kaylor stuff to me. Miss Americana Taylor seems like a false flag operation in retrospect. If the long game is her making a point that she only wins if there are men attached to her work, it seems sort sighted to assume that many people will be around long enough to care if the truth or her “Gotcha” moment is ever revealed.

                              This 'gotcha' thing you are waiting for is just . . . it's just not.

                              And this!

                              Anonymous asked:

                              Now we know who trully an attention whore is

                              whaler13: He chose an incredible timing, didn’t he? Planned to the minute.

                              a real asshole JERK a Kushner just like the others

                              . . . are they . . . are they talking about a BABY. Like, they think the BABY is evil and planned all of this?

                              I'm sure the best stuff is yet to come, though!


                              • I love both Taylor dresses and I thought the performance was excellent. Good for Taylor!

                                I think kays will say the baby was born earlier and Joss just posted the pic now.