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  • Aaron Dressner just seems like the nicest person. I am glad Taylor and Joe made a nice friend in this process.

    Oh, her hand to her heart just melted my own cold black heart:
    SAME. She is just really in love.

    genuinely overwhelmed:
    She craves approval from the record industry, which is a shame because they suck, but it worked out this time.

    I didn’t know “head necklace” was a category that existed, so today I learned.

    Re: Haylor - if only she had played the 1 while staring at him! Now that would have been a spectacle.


    • Re: Haylor - if only she had played the 1 while staring at him! Now that would have been a spectacle.

      Some major troll submitted these blinds to CDAN, suggesting that Karlie was the one who arranged for Harry and John Mayer to be at the Grammys, ha.

      Once the award show date was changed, for sure, the alliterate A/A- list model/fake coder was going to make sure she was induced on that day. She actually had the baby a couple hours before the ceremony but made sure the announcement took place during the ceremony.

      . . .

      Speaking of the alliterate model, she thought it would be a wonderful idea to have multiple exes at the show. She still texts the foreign born former boy bander quite frequently and had the close family friend/manager, pressure the award organization to include the former A+ list singer who gets more creepy as he ages. Like a puppet master, this model.

      Karlie as an evil mastermind! I love it.

      She craves approval from the record industry, which is a shame because they suck, but it worked out this time.

      Yeah, they totally did not expect to win. You can see that in the exchange between Taylor and Jack here:

      Honestly, if I were her therapist or even just her get a grip friend, that's what I'd want her to work on. Easing out of the dependence on external validation that she talked about in Miss Americana. Like, maybe put out an album and just DON'T submit it anywhere for awards at all? And like just keep doing that? But I get why that could be hard.

      Oh, and Taylor's jet left LA Monday night for London, so the Grammy trophy winner and the Grammy certificate winner should be reunited by now-ish (like I think it's landing nright now? I get time zones mixed up so wevs.).

      Her other jet, which is back in commission again, also flew Jack and his girlfriend and the Dessner's all home on Monday. Quarantine Sleepover is over!

      Joe The Grammy Certificate Winner is still sporting that quar life hair:

      He starts filming Conversations in a couple of weeks, so this might be character choice? Or it might be he's just waiting until he gets to set for the Hair Dept to decide what they want to do with him.

      But oh, Josepher you should have known better than to basically pose for a meme generator like that.

      And nothing from him about the Grammy's!

      Taylor did a vid from that same room (h/t leftussilent) last August:

      So the daily fail was wrong duh on how long they have been in their current rental (but we could have told them that). It looks like an empty room, like they keep it that way just for zoom calls or whatever. Or! It's the cat's room so all of the furniture is closer to the ground.

      Allrighty, checking in with the kays to see if it's all marinated into a fine stew yet . . .

      A popular one! It's a A Joe bu t not THAT Joe:

      Anonymous asked:

      To be honest I expected her to mention him with how much they’ve been clubbing everyone over the head with Toe lately but did anyone else find it weird how kind of impersonal it was?

      She didn’t say she loved him or anything about them a couple - it was almost no different than the way she thanked Justin Vernon (?)

      Just seemed like maybe not the way you thank your partner of many years for contributing to a career highlight...but maybe that’s just me

      theprologues answered:

      Especially because if they’ve been together for x many years this is the first time she’d be able to thank him at the Grammys. The AMAs shout-out was nicer.


      Also, she did not say “my boyfriend, Joe.” Just “Joe.” The same thing she did in the LPSS. I def think “Joe” is code for someone else. Austin...? Karlie...? Herself...? Or could possibly be Karlie’s dog, Joe?

      Could be ANY Joe! Any Joe at all!

      Probably not you, though, Billie Joe Armstrong.

      And we are back on the whole citizenship dumbassery:

      Anonymous asked:

      Don’t forget WB is listed as an American citizen on the copyright documents. No matter what she says, it can’t be him. Aaron is protecting her. Idk for what. Like really cementing this closet. Maybe she did choose career over coming out. I don’t blame her. Just so exhausting to watch.

      Anonymous asked:

      I hope you enjoyed what will be Taylor's last live performance for the next 10 years, I filled out a copyright infringement report for the Intellectual Property Program of the Financial Institution Fraud Unit of the Federal Bureau of Investigation over her six felony level criminal copyright violations on folklore and evermore and am about to send it. Since she'll never admit Joe isn't William Bowery, US citizen, to the FBI because she'd lose her fanbase, she'll be rotting in prison until 2031.


      The kween and her anons are finally! having The Discussion:

      Anonymous asked:

      I don’t think she can ever retract or erase J*e’s involvement in these albums now that Aaron has tagged him in the post. I don’t foresee a future clarification on this because that would inadvertently taint Aaron and Jack’s reputation as well, as liars or PR artists. He’s been cemented as part of this art for history.

      S-R: Aaron’s post was disappointing. When I saw it, I was like, ‘welp, he lies for the cause, too’.

      Anonymous asked:

      I tried to keep it in but fuck it. Today I understood why you were always so bothered by Toe for being another undeserving man taking credit for things we didn't do. I used to like Toe as a beard, I still do and I wondered why you were always so adamant about how it's wrong/unethical to take false credit. I thought you were overreacting. But today I felt it. Come on, he can be the best beard ever and he probably is, but he didn't deserve Grammy recognition. It was plain wrong.

      Anonymous asked:

      First of all, I’d like to say I’m SO happy for Taylor. Folklore definitely deserved it, though I think Cardigan also deserved an award, but at least she got AOTY. Secondly, why would Taylor set J0e up like that? What happens in the future when an interviewer asks him about the creative process behind writing songs with THE Taylor Swift? Will he talk out of his ass? Will he avoid the question? And what if a director asks him to sing for a movie? Will he refuse? A lie as big as “he’s one of the creative minds behind the album of the year 2020” can be so easily disproved I wonder why she chose to go this route...

      Anonymous said:

      Taylor didn’t have to use Joe’s name, or throw the shippers a bone by giving them fanfic about their lives together. She could have just said “my boyfriend” and winked “William Bowery” and played it off as a joke. Everyone would have been happy. But she chose to hit us again. When she thanked the fans I honestly didn’t even feel included among them after that. It was really sad but it’s how I felt. Taylor cares more for the homophobes and fence-sitters in her fandom than sh does for us.

      SR: I am trying to stay out of the negativity as this was a big moment for her. But, your not wrong. As excited as we all were to watch and root for her, our night was quickly soured, and then our inboxes were lit up. I will never understand why she takes away from her own special moments with stunts. Beyonce got great headlines today (all about her and her music). Taylor gave her headlines away to Mr. Nobody.

      Anonymous asked:

      So this is the end huh? The end of kaylor. Congrats to Tay for the grammy, I'm happy for her, I guess all the WB bs was worth it. It is sad it has to be that way, sad that she could not celebrate yet another huge win with her wife. Thanks to you SR and to all kaylor blogs for everything. It's time to go. Stay save!

      spade-riddles answered:


      Anonymous said:

      I’m happy for Taylor on her win but honestly her name dropping toe during her speech and then Karlie choosing last night of all nights to allow jerk to debut the baby on Insta felt like a very personal F*** you to all the kaylors that have supported them for years. I’m done and the only regret I have is that I stayed believing for so long…

      As for the kaybebe, this is just . . .

      Anonymous asked:

      I am very calm at the moment. After that stunt, it was obvious they wanted to mess with the baby timeline. Today was the perfect day to announce the baby’s birth. It’s a way to separate Taylor from this. I think the real birth happened in february. It could be silly but I am sure Kayda is run directly by Karlie. I messaged with her last weeks (just casual messages) and she replied at strange hours. So i thought that maybe a new mom has a new routine and very sleepless nights . After that stunt, I understood that the daylight is still possible. It could be more easy, but I think the chess game is still open.

      . . . this person thinks Karlie herself is responding to messages on the robot bunny's social media because YES THAT MAKES SENSE.

      Anonymous asked:

      So Joe was code for Karlie and the Reynolds-Lively kids were code for their own baby. Right. Got it. I know I should be finding this cute, but it's just sad. Taylor is a grown woman, a wife and now a mother, and she can't even acknowledge her own family. I hope they have a rock solid plan to get free of the lies, SOON. Because this is no way to live and no way to bring up a baby. Sorry if I sound negative but it's how I feel.


      Meanwhile, we have just received actual footage of Taylor*:

      *side note, there's preggers rumors about Taylor circulating again, as they do on a quarterly basis. I think based on not seeing her with a drink last night, which uh . . . doesn't seem like slam dunk evidence of nuthin', but! I just wanted an opportunity to post this manip anyway.

      I just love love love the name Winifred Chestnut so much. (although we already know the names will be Joelliam Alwyn-Swift if it's a boy and Josepha Alwyn-Swift if it's a girl, duh.)

      And as an additional nom nom, you just know thekween's kays aren't serious about leaving kayland because their new source is . . . *gasp* DAKOTA JOHNSON:

      Anonymous asked:

      i’m so happy teatime anon found you and decided you were legit enough to send you things! i wasn’t sure we would see them again on another blog after ttb got deleted

      spade-riddles answered:

      Anonymous said:

      insane, but i think “tea time” anon might be dakota johnson… she’s a friend of taylor’s, and she owns a production company called “tea time pictures” according to her “open door” tour


      Anonymous said:

      Didn’t Karlie and Dakota hang out together at events a few times back in 2016? And didn’t Dakota FaceTime Karlie for support in that video she did for her January 2017 Vogue photoshoot even though she was dating Cara, also a model, at the time?

      SR: Yes, you are correct.

      The barest promise of Dakota Johnson spilling tea is totally enough to keep many of them hanging on, for sure.

      I mean, she is already out there, being a kay orakle, so she is primed and ready to go:

      Whatever helps them to hang on!
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      • I hope you enjoyed what will be Taylor's last live performance for the next 10 years, I filled out a copyright infringement report for the Intellectual Property Program of the Financial Institution Fraud Unit of the Federal Bureau of Investigation over her six felony level criminal copyright violations on folklore and evermore and am about to send it. Since she'll never admit Joe isn't William Bowery, US citizen, to the FBI because she'd lose her fanbase, she'll be rotting in prison until 2031.
        I love when the super fans start trying to send people to jail! It reminds me of Roswell days when a group of shippers tried to get one of the cast deported because her character was coming between their OTP. Ugh, early 2000s fandom was the best, I miss it.

        Secondly, why would Taylor set J0e up like that? What happens in the future when an interviewer asks him about the creative process behind writing songs with THE Taylor Swift? Will he talk out of his ass? Will he avoid the question? And what if a director asks him to sing for a movie? Will he refuse? A lie as big as “he’s one of the creative minds behind the album of the year 2020” can be so easily disproved I wonder why she chose to go this route...
        Are they forgetting that they are literally accusing these very same people of carrying on a years long scam? Like, duh, he would just lie to reporters the same way you think he's been lying to the world for the past 4.5 years.


        • Joe’s hair looks dirty, but I am here for his beard and those eyes of his. I get Taylor’s thing for him from that picture.

          Thank you for the Kay roundup! It’s all delish, but my personal fav is the one where Karlie runs the Kayda marketing account and chatted with some rando.


          • Taylor, trying to shut down the preggers rumors again:

            That'll probably do it.

            Jack gave us some other Quar Slumber Party pics:

            (according the Swifties, that's Austin in the back of the outdoor watergun (or laser gun?) pic, with a Notre Dame hat on)

            Carlotta (Jack's gf), Laura Sisk, Stine Dessner with Taylor.

            jackantonoff: sunday night!

            thank you to @sharp_stick who has been by my side for every piece of music i have written or produced. the sound coming out of our corner is the sound of laura and i having the time of our lives just messing around with ideas. my new friend @heyjonlow who is a brilliant engineer and mixer. @aarondessner - the best of the best! he’s inspired me long before we became friends. no bleachers without aaron’s work, thats just a fact. thank you to @bleachersmusic baddies @mikeyfreedomhart and @esmith109 for playing on folklore. to @bobbyhawkmusic on the violin making it sound scratchy and magical mystery tour-y. perfect. to @serbangheneamixes and @heyjonlow ‘s beautiful mixes.

            and @taylorswift , from 1989 to here…. goddmann. you are the one who let me produce records first. before you i just “wasn’t a producer” according to the herbs. i just wasnt let in that room. then i met you, we made out of the woods and you said, “that’s the version” and that changed my life right there.

            awards are about the people around you. they’re about the people that raised you, your friends and everyone behind the scenes who work so hard to give you the chance to make your best work. im talking my bleachers band and touring crew, my family at @electricladystudios in NY and conway in LA.

            talking jeff lynne, jimmy jam, sophie, brian eno, sounwave and all the greats who make you want to find THAT sound. thats what these moments are about - how you got where you got.

            ok. back in the studio writing today. no better place to be after sunday night.

            I still think they probably made musiks while locked down together because they simply had to have done so!

            So hey . . . this couldn't have happened to a more deserving Kooter:

            That's just like entirely not unexpected, right?

            Allrighty, I'm really just here for a bit of a kay roundup . . . Got me some num nums!

            Isn't it great that Taylor won AOTY and her son was born the same night? So happy for her!

            Anonymous asked:

            Don't know if it's already been mentioned so apologies if so....willow just came on the radio in my car & I had an epiphany (or perhaps lack of coffee)....

            "begging for you to take my hand, wreck my plans, that's my man" = (assuming it's a boy of course)

            No one wrecks plans better than a baby/child & if it's a boy then it's definitely her "man".


            kween kinda sorta hopes Karlie is hiding the real blonde kaybebe:

            (why the fixation on the kaybebe being blonde? Karlie isn't even a natural blonde, duh. Gotta assume this is all part of their anti-semitic aryan ladiez kink, amirite!)

            I mean for reals, this two bebe theory is astounding and we should have seen it coming:

            It IS a shitshow, that it true.

            Anonymous asked:

            I don't know what is happening. But I'm like 95% sure that the baby Karlie had is hers. It's a combination of Taylor's lyrics and idiotic (imo) DNA tweets and Karlie's effort to not mention him when she was talking about her pregnancy. Not once did she say "we're so excited" or something similar. Now whether the photo he posted is actually her baby or the actual worst scenario is true and there are 2 babies, that I don't know. It's just to messy to follow. Borderline immoral.

            spade-riddles answered:

            I do not understand why people think it is a bad thing if there are two babies? I think that seems like a good answer from our perspective. Maybe I am missing something.

            I see it this way …. Jerk is a private citizen. He only gets in the media because of Karlie. Once they stage their pretend divorce, he can go back to a private life and raise his son (assuming a surrogate here) with Mikey. People around him will assume privately that the child was Karlie’s …. but since they are ‘divorced’, no one will expect to see her or ask about her to Jerk.

            At the same time, Karlie and Taylor are raising their child together. Karlie said she is going to keep her child private. So they get to have their private family life. Yes, it could be complicated later, but maybe they won’t care at that point that the few people paying close attention will see through the b.s.

            Anonymous asked:

            Taylor's is trying to please all her fans simultaneously though, the Primrose Hill thing made us happy because of Tea Time Anon, but it also made the Hets & Homophobes happy because Tom Hiddleston lives only one block away from Primrose Hill.

            Taylor's not going to come out, not when she can make tons of easy money with zero-effort bearding stunts. Taylor can keep her kid secret for at least 18 years if they are homeschooled, there's no reason for Taylor to come out.

            S-R: Living freely with your loved one is a pretty good reason to come out, anon.

            For reals do they think Taylor/Karlie is going to be raising a child 18 yrs in a LITERAL closet, y'all?? Like is this going to be a Klosset Bebe?

            Or! Maybe they think Taylor is going to build a tower in the forest where she will lock the blonde kaybebe away and that's what all the forest talk in folkmore has been hinting at!

            Would be ultra hilars if in 18 yrs, the Kushner brown haired bebe of unknown maternal origin was riding in the blonde kaybebe's enchanted forest and came across that tower and . . .

            Anonymous said:

            The problem with the two kids is that one must remain hidden which is fucked up by itself. From what we’ve seen there’s definitely a boy. So if indeed Karlie had a girl, what is she gonna do when people start asking questions about her son. Cause they defnitely gonna ask. She’s a public figure. Is she gonna pretend she has a son when she’s not? I mean come on you can she why this is fucked up. And in some years the “hidden” kid will go to school. Will it have to start lying at age 6-7?

            SR: As for Karlie answering questions, she can blacklist whatever she wants. All she has to say is my child is off limits. And, she already said she wants to raise her child privately. Many celebrities do. The child would never need to lie. Jerk has nothing to do with Kaylor’s child. I think that is what we are disconnecting on. If the two child theory is right, it is not Taylor’s or Karlie’s issue. They have their own child that has nothing to do with him. The current articles will get buried. He is a nobody, criminal, loser who will only get publicity for his brother’s criminal indictments (and hopefully his too). They can always blame the gossip media for being wrong. Karlie never said he was the father. Remember most of these articles say it is her child, not his. In 5-6 years, nobody will be paying attention to this.

            Anonymous asked:

            “In 5-6 years, nobody will be paying attention to this.” / Another anon but I disagree with this. Taylor is a megastar. If people get a snif of a girl in 6 years time they’re gonna start digging and ask questions. They kid can’t be locked in the house forever. She’s gonna have friends at some point, will she ask them “please don’t tell anyone who my mommies are”? Also this doesn’t make sense with the “exonerated everyone” thing. Continue with the lying isn’t exoneration. Unless spade misled us.

            SR: You missed my entire answer. This is not Taylor’s or Karlie’s problem. They just go live. He did not claim their child. He is just implying he had a child. They just go live their life. It is Jerk’s problem to deal with. Why don’t we stop speculating until we see what Karlie does about announcing her baby.

            Anonymous asked:

            Weird, the photo and pagesix article say its a boy, we were so sure of a bb girl cuz of kayda… the pagesix also mentions taylor’s performance, why?? i hate this all, i feel so strung along. on the other hand, j*sh could literally have posted a photo of any random baby at all…

            SR: I said the same thing to a mutual … he could have posted any child. He doesn’t even claim the child in his post. He just says ‘welcome to the world’.

            Anonymous said:

            I agree with both trains of thought. One thing though. Why didn’t he do it a few a couple of hours before Grammys instead of right before she was about to go onstage. Also page six, which you know who uses it, made it seem like it was some sort of steal your glory on Karlie’s part bc they mentioned the “feud” when they talked about the timing. Don’t forget BOTH page six and NY post are Kushner outlets. I also dont know what the purpose of murking the timeline of birth is. Birth cert arent public

            Anonymous said:

            Robert Murdoch owns the NY Post, has since 1976… What I’m wondering is why the HELL is Rupert Murdoch’s evil literally 90 year old ass so invested in making things difficult for Taylor- and Karlie tbb, considering he owns PageSix as well and ran that hatchet job article about Karlie on Jarvanka’s behalf in early January

            I refuse to think the baby announcement being on grammy night isn’t some kind of PR strategy ️️

            Awesome, now Rupert Murdoch is the mastermind. Well, that's a least marginally* believable.

            * if the margin did not actually exist

            Anonymous asked:

            You think maybe karlie is not leaving jerk is bc he keeps writing pay checks for kwk. And she really needs those pay checks that’s why she is not leaving him.

            S-r: Not at all. I do not understand why people think she needs money from him. He is in debt up to his eyeballs. He lives on a house of cards, just like all of the fake millionaire Trumps and Kushners do.

            Taylor is a true multi-millionaire, many times over. Karlie is also a multi-millionaire. Why would they need his money? Also, Adidas, Carolina Herrera, Este Lauder, etc all contribute to KWK. There is no evidence that the crook has ever given KWK a single dime.

            if not for $$$ . . . then . . . whyyyyyyy. I mean, whyyyyy. Y'all have NEVAH given an adequate reason WHYYYYY for any of this utter CLUSTERFUCK to exist!

            Anonymous asked:

            Not to be a negative Nancy, but I just realized how could it be a Kaylor baby if Taylor was quarantining with her folklorian family for a week?

            S-R: I don’t think there is a single one of us who thinks the baby was born in the past few days. I have a feeling the baby was born as many as 2-3 weeks ago. Everything was calculated, including the pap walks in Miami to stage a timeline. That doesn’t mean the timeline is real.

            I smell the future of faked birth certificate trutherism a'comin . . .

            Anonymous asked:

            This is where people start entering dangerous territory. Karlie didn’t mislead anyone with her baby’s gender, everyone made assumptions about what it would be. Sorry but she doesn’t owe anyone that information. It’s her baby, not the internet’s.

            spade-riddles answered:

            Anon, we just discuss what they show us. There is a lot we do not discuss on these blogs, because it is not our place to do so. I am very protective of their privacy. But, when her fake marriage is put out for the world to see (and to manipulate the GP), we discuss it. When Jerk pretends to be the father of her child by posting a photo of a child publicly, we discuss it. We do not sit here and take their PR games at face value. Why should we? If they wanted to keep this child(ren) private, they easily could have … especially in this current time of quarantine. But, they chose to create a public narrative that Karlie was having a baby that may or may not be Jerk’s too. I have been very selective of which asks I post. There is a line not to be crossed, for sure.

            For the person who once worried about Josh's parents of wanting to abscond with Taylor's bebe to say there is a line . . . not to be krossed . . . is just . . .

            Anonymous asked:

            So how does the two baby theory work though? Did Karlie have twins? I don't get it

            S-R: No. He would have had a surrogate carry his child. Again this is all just speculation. Let’s see what Karlie does.


            Anonymous asked:

            It would've been fantastically hilarious if KK sent Jerk a picture of a random baby, but unfortunately it's much more likely it's the other way around and that Jerk posted a picture of his best friend Dasha's son who was born a day or two before the Grammy's to his IG to f*ck things up badly for Taylor and Karlie.

            S-R: Interesting … Dasha had a boy. And, DVF posted “welcome to the world”.

            Y'all just need to pick ONE narrative and STICK WITH IT, beeksus.

            Also! Moving the goal posts THREE YEARS. Dude, I think you are way overreaching here.

            Anonymous asked:

            Everytime I see someone mentioning 224 I get so mad. Okay, fine Karlie sold her soul to the devil until 2024, and apparently dragged her child with her, but why did we get dragged along for so many years? Spade came in 2018 and since the summer of 2019 up until their last message in 2020 they were so loud about the daylight being near. 2024 is nowhere near. They should have sent more appropriate riddles then. No one wanted to get disappointed and attacked for 3 years bc we believed in spade.

            spade-riddles answered:

            Keep in mind that the 2024 thing is just a theory … one that we all hope is wrong.

            Anonymous said:

            Can I ask you an honest question. Please don’t answer it dismissively. If the article about her moving into Primrose Hill in combination with that teatime message (whom I still doubt after the debacle of the “candle theory”) was also (bc there’s no way she released it on Grammys day just for kaylors) a wink at kaylors, why is she keep doing it? Someone said 2024 as the year Karlie and now child, will be free. Why is she keep signaling to Kaylors. Karlie does it out of desperation. Taylor?

            SR: I believe Taylor signals to Kaylors because she knows they are the fans who see her truth and support her truth. We also are free PR for her … helping to spread her truth organically. The more people hear that she may not be straight, the easier it will be for her to come out some day. It will not be shocking because there have been rumors for years.

            She is wildly overestimating her ability to keep these people hanging on here. The whole point of shifting goal posts is to move them an inch here and an inch there to keep the punters hooked, not to shove them so many miles away that the kult members just give up. They don't need the gratification to be immediate, but they do need to know it's at least IN SIGHT. This is a major misstep! The kween needs to re-read Kulting For Dummiez like, stat.

            I mean, this anon is DUNZO and they probably aren't the only one:

            Anonymous asked:

            I don't know if she had a boy or a girl or whose the baby in the pic is. I'm planning to bail, after 6 long years as Karlie would say , when she posts her own announcement which will most likely and realistically play into Jerk's narrative. There's one thing I know of though. The pic he posted cannot be a kaylor baby. I REFUSE to believe that Taylor, who'm I've been rooting for a decade, allowed a Kushner to show the world the first photo of her firstborn. I REFUSE to believe it. Goodbye.

            . . . others are wavering and kwestioning:

            Anonymous asked:

            I can't believe I was so excited for March, lol. I really thought it would be this big turning point for everything, where suddenly the narrative would start to shift in a positive direction. I absolutely believe Spade had insider knowledge and sent their riddles in good faith. They came true enough times that I have no doubt. But sometimes I want to ask, what the hell happened? It feels like we were left alone at the worst possible time. Lost again with no surprises. I feel so let down.

            Anonymous asked:

            I think I agree with the tapping out anon about Aaron - I considered he may not know Joe isn’t WB , but thanking him for friendship indicates he’s around Taylor , and hence talking to Aaron ... I don’t believe Taylor woukd ask him to lie. Things are getting too difficult to make sense of , I’ll keep an eye on tays music but kaylor is a mess to logically explain at this point

            Anonymous asked:

            Care to explain how joe who spends no time with Taylor according to you is posting igs from the same room Taylor has over and over

            spade-riddles answered:

            Sure. They shoot those videos/pics at a management office in the UK. Or that is a place Taylor rents when she is in the UK. He goes there and is let in by a personal assistant to take a photo. All the while Taylor is in the U.S.

            Actual footage of Taylor's personal assistant to Joe when he shows up at her London place, where he definitely does not live or anything:


            • Is she gonna pretend she has a son when she’s not?
              UGH LOVE THIS. Karlie, are you gonna keep doing what we've been accusing you of doing for the past 9 years, with your ole pretending ass?

              He doesn’t even claim the child in his post. He just says ‘welcome to the world’.
              Well, dudes do frequently welcome random babies to the world on their social media. And then just post a picture of those babies' fists. And then don't bother congratulating the actual parents. And then like all the congrats that their friends leave in the comments. Dudes do that a lot, right?


              • Double babies! I never would have guessed that one; it’s too wackadoodle for me to have come up with, sadly. The whole blond hair/dark hair thing is so creepy and Aryan of them.

                And again I ask - why would you ever be the fan of someone who would do what they think Taylor and Karlie are doing? Their versions of these two are just not good people.


                • Taylor Swift, beloved of living Beatles:

                  “There’s a lot of good bands out there, but nobody’s doing anything. A lot of people are on that stepping stone to a bigger career, it’s got to be a downer for them. It’s really tough. Taylor Swift is the only one who’s doing well. She likes to play by herself. I love her.”

                  — Ringo Starr on who he admires from the younger generation of artists (Esquire, March 16th 2021)

                  The new Taylor sign in Nashville, right where Scott B has to see it when he drives to work, is adorable:

                  Taylor and Her Two Artsy Weirdos.

                  Love how it took the Grammys for peeps to be like, oh yeah, Taylor Swift. Forgot about her, I should go buy something.



                  Oh the contrast five years later! That hand on heart still kills me!

                  Beyonce sent Taylor the absolute gorgeous-est flowers:

                  This, by the way, was Taylor reacting to Beyonce's win(s):

                  (I think she was one of the first to stand up, too.)

                  . . . which means Beyonce knows Taylor's address in London. (or their teams, wevs!)

                  My fave Bey/Tay fact is that Beyonce and Jay Z skipped Kimye's wedding to go to Taylor's 25th Bday party:

                  If you are interested, this is a thread of known Bey and Tay interactions:


                  Not like, the closest of friends but friendly enough acquaintances to go to concerts together and whatnot.

                  Also! Please to note in the flowers pic Taylor is still wearing the Cathy Waterman opal ring, instead of the $80- sometimes $35 - opal ring she was wearing all during the folkmore era. New era new ring?

                  CW's rings generally run well into the thousands, maybe it was a to-celebrate-the-Grammys prezzie to herself. (But! since it was custom*, and there's no other ring exactly like it available to buy maybe it's something MORE. Like something ENGAGEMENTY. Swifties have long been knew that Taylor's favorite stone is an opal so MAYBE.)

                  *the CW standard triplet ring has the same sized opals lined up vertically, Taylor's ring has one vertical and two smaller ones on their sides.)

                  The changes to the design DOES make it seem more engagementy just sayin'.

                  Laura Sisk gave us this delightful pic of the smol prince recording his first solo album:

                  I'm excited to hear what Benjamin has to add to the music industry!

                  Speaking of the the kitties, Swifties been ready to put up MISSING posters for Meredith, whose pic hasn't been shared online in about a year.



                  There's been some discourse about the Taylor and Joe timeline lately, and I wanna just copy over this theory an anon wrote on swiftiesleuth's blog because holy beekola, they might have cracked it:

                  Anonymous asked:

                  I wanted to pin down the exact date of the dive bar night, because I’m nosy like that, and I think I might have found it (I searched for it in an ethical way, I just looked at her lyrics and her shows, I didn’t track her jets or followed her around or anything haha).

                  So, the “dive bar” night is the one mentioned in Delicate and in the first verse of Cornelia Street: it’s the night he literally booty called her (king), she crawled out of bed, she went to the bar, and afterwards she invited him back to her apartment in Cornelia Street. It’s the first time they hooked up, basically.

                  For the purpose of this investigation I’m going to assume that her lyrics are mostly literal and autobiographical (this is NOT necessarily true, of course, but we’re just having fun, I’m not writing an academic paper).

                  So... what do we know about that night?

                  1. It happened between when they first met and the 28th of September, which is the day they got together officially.

                  2. It was probably raining. We know this because in the Delicate MV it’s raining when she reaches the dive bar. This alonewouldn’t be proof of anything, obviously: we know that Taylor loves the rain, plus the rain is a common love trope. It would make sense to feature the rain in that scene even if it didn’t have any autobiographical meaning, merely as a way to make the scene more dramatic. BUT, at the end of Cornelia Street, a song that recalls them going back to her place (the missing piece between the first and the second verses of Delicate), we can hear the clear sound of windshield wipers (from 4.06 to 4.23). This alone, again, wouldn’t mean much: Jack is very fond of inserting quirky noises in his music. But, while the rain in the Delicate MV and the windshield wipers alone do not mean much, when you put them together it’s not irrational or far-fetched to assume that, during the dive bar night, it might’ve been raining.

                  So I went and checked which nights it was raining in New York between August and September of 2016.

                  Since at the beginning of Delicate she’s in bed and it’s dark, we can assume that it was probably quite late when he wrote her, probably past midnight, but, just to be sure, I included also the nights when it was raining before midnight. Thankfully they were not a lot: only four. On the 28th of September it was not raining, which is only further proof of the fact that that’s the date when they finally made things official, it’s not the date when they first hooked up. We have the night of the 23rd/24th of September and the one of the 26th/27th of September, both of which I obviously excluded, because they’re too close to the 28th, and her music suggests that they fooled around a bit before they started dating.

                  We’re then left with two possibilities: it rained on the night between the 31st of August and the 1st of September, and it also rained on the night between the 21st and the 22nd of August. Now, this is not necessarily that precise. It’s possible that it rained lightly in other moments for a few minutes and they just so happened to meet during those minutes (the reports on the weather from five years ago are obviously not that accurate). But, according to the Internet, the dive bar night must be one of those two nights. We also have pics of Taylor from the 21st and from the 31st of August confirming that she was in NYC. I personally think it’s the 31st of August/1st of September because that night it rained until the morning, but it could be either.

                  Now a bit of clowning, because, as a lesbian who’s only ever been interested in one hetty relationship (Joe and Taylor’s) I think I deserve it. I went and checked which surprise song she sang on the 31st of August 2018 during the rep tour. You wanna know which one it is? I was ready to accept ANY song, I was ready to make any song fit my theory. I was ready to say “she really sang Mean/Change/OOTW/The Lucky One/Teardrops On My Guitar/White Horse/Wonderland/Red/The Best Day/Invisible/Breathe/Never Grow Up/A Place In This World/Speak Now (all songs she sang)? I can make them about Joe somehow! Or maybe she sang I Know Places/IOMWIWY/Enchanted/This Love/Ours/Sparks Fly (which, again, she sang)? I could make those about him more easily. Or maybe she sang Treacherous/Welcome To New York (which she sang)? Those would work really well, let’s hope it’s one of those, I’d have to work very little to make them fit my theory!”. Instead I didn’t have to work AT ALL, because she sang the most perfect song and the only one that fits my theory 100% without any changes: Begin Again. Yep, out of 53 shows during the rep tour, she sang a song about watching love begin again in a cafe on the exact same night of the (supposed) second anniversary of her watching love begin again in a bar. But wait, because it gets even better... On Begin Again she sings “on a Wednesday, in a cafe, I watched it begin again”. And do you know which day of the week was the 31st of August of 2016? Yep, it was a fucking Wednesday.

                  About the 31st of August/1st of September:

                  1. The date makes sense with what we know about their relationship

                  2. That night it was raining, like it rains in the MV of Delicate and on Cornelia Street

                  3. On the two-year anniversary of the (supposed) dive bar date she sang a song about beginning a love story in a cafe, a song that mentions the specific day of the week when the dive bar night supposedly took place

                  I love that whole investigative process. And it's beliebable also because it would have been just a couple of weeks after she was probably dunzo with THiddles, I mean he was mos def out of the picture by the end of August. He'd already even been out to Rhode Island to pickup his stuff. Joe was in NYC, staying at the Bowery Hotel, according to tumblr. Taylor was definitely living in Cornelia St. (I think Cara D was also staying with her at the time? This would have been after Cara and St.Vincent had split up). It would have been hot enough for reals in NYC to still qualify as summer (aka Cruel Summer). That gives them a whole 27 days to fuck around casual-stylez before locking things down on September 28 (I think 9/28 might be the day she packed up and left Cornelia St and he called her and got her to come back, and they sat on the roof deck of the bedroom and Defined The Relationship that night). And if they basically woke up together Sept 1 and had their entire sacred new beginnings in that month, that might be why she wanted to do that cover of Earth, Wind, and Fire's September.

                  Also on that blog, they shared a pic from the Met Gala that I don't remember seeing before:

                  (to note! Douglas Booth and Garrett have their own 'casual' history with Taylor, like she legit at least went on dates with both of them NOT AT THE SAME TIME so she might have smooched three of the boys in this pic.)

                  This was in reference to a headcanon we've discussed here before as well, that Joe was probs bummed that Taylor ignored him at the Met Gala to dance with THiddles instead. ("the wine was cold/like the shoulder I gave you in the street/cat and mouse for a month or two or three" and of course "I can see you standing honey, with his arms around your body" and even better "I was nowhere to be found I hate the crowds you know that plus I saw you dance with him") and I know we've specced before that Joe might have only scrounged that plus one from Garrett because he was hoping to see her there.

                  Anyway! You know how much I love love love timeline speculation, so I'mma add that 8/31 - 9/1 data to my headcanon. What I really really really want, though, is Joe's POV on what made him have the steel balls to send a "dive bar on the east side/where you at?/come here you can meet me in the back" text to Taylor Fucking Swift in the middle of a random night. I mean, we have theorized that they had become online Scrabble buddies by this point, but still! Our gazillionaire homegirl was just coming off a whirlwind that basically RUINED** another British actor's career prospects AND she has a team of ex-Mossad security peeps who have to pre-screen all locations she goes to/folks she hangs out with, and he's like, "oh hey, random normal girl I have a perfectly ordinary crush on, ya wanna spontaneously go somewhere sleazy in the middle of the night in New York Fucking City, whynnot?"

                  AND SHE JUST DID IT.

                  **debateable but yeah . . . I mean, ain't nobody speccing about Tom's Bond chances now, so . . .

                  I would like just a tenth of 25 yr old Joe Alwyn's confidence plz and thnk u.

                  And ugh, total side note errryone was so sure there was going to be a Fearless (TayVer) released on Friday, but nada. I guess folkmore's rapid fire rollouts got us spoiled and going back to a regular kind of release sched seems hella slow.

                  Raise your hand if you are ready for something new* to come out this week.

                  *or even sorta new

                  I'm not even much of a yeehaw era fan but I still want content.

                  Speaking of kontent, it's Kaytime!

                  And again I ask - why would you ever be the fan of someone who would do what they think Taylor and Karlie are doing? Their versions of these two are just not good people.

                  Iknorite???? They would be absolute utter assholes if any of this was true, which it is NOT. Can you imagine two people so terrified of admitting that they were gay (*gasp*) that they would go through all of this torturous rigamarole just to avoid that? The kween's kays in partik seem to think being found out as lesbians is a fate much worse than death. It's so insanely ridiculous. If either Taylor or Karlie are something other than totally straight* (which they obvs might be! we don't know! ) to go to these 'double babiez' lengths just to hide it would make them pretty despicable.

                  * I think we can safely rule out them both being gold star lesbians at this point, obvs, but that's about all that can be totally ruled out because we don't actually know these people. As I have said about eighty billion times on this thread over the years BISEXUALITY IS AN OPTION THAT EXISTS and I will never understand why so many kays refuse to see that.**

                  ** this is not to say I'm sure that either Taylor or Karlie are bisexual because again I don't know, I lean towards them both identifying as straight most likely? BUT I DON'T KNOW and lots of people identify as straight but have still had encounters and crushes and even hooked up with same sex folks because all of it is Very Complicated and can even be Majorly Confusing to the person*** in question.

                  *** like me, for instance lol and probably everyone reading this as well, I dunno.

                  I REPEAT, I DUNNO.

                  They also see Karlie as Sad Panda Karlie now:

                  . . . krying her eyes out in her $20M+ mansion with her billionaire hubby and brand new baby boy.

                  oh, and her billionaire Nazi Barbie in law!


                  Because HELLO! Javanka were papped leaving Karlie and Josh's Miami house:

                  Love is in the air! Ivanka looks Hollywood glam in $4,500 Valentino silk dress as she shares kiss with Jared after visiting his brother Josh's newborn with model Karlie Kloss

                  Ivanka, Jared, and their daughter Arabella were seen leaving Josh and Karlie's waterfront mansion in Miami, Florida, on Thursday
                  They likely stopped by to visit Josh and Karlie's newborn baby, though Jared and Ivanka's sons Joseph and Theodore were not with them
                  Ivanka was dressed up for the occasion, donning a $4,590 Valentino snowdrop silk dress that she first wore back in July 2019 and pairing it with white stilettos
                  The former White House senior adviser gave her husband a kiss before getting inside their Secret Service SUV
                  Josh, 35, and Karlie, 28, welcomed their first child just days ago, with the proud new dad sharing the happy news on social media on Sunday

                  Neither Jared nor Ivanka had their face masks on outside the home, and Arabella was seen removing hers before they hopped into the back seat of their Secret Service vehicle.

                  The couple's sons Joseph, seven, and Theodore, four, were not with them. It's unclear if they were still in school or were with their nanny during the outing.

                  Jared, Ivanka, and Arabella likely stopped by to see the Kushner family's newest addition, who is rumored to be a baby boy.

                  Karlie, who is no doubt busy caring for her newborn, has not commented on the latest addition to their family yet.

                  She and Josh only just bought their new eight-bedroom, two-story Miami property for $23.5 million, just as Ivanka and Jared have joined the rest of the Trump family in Florida.

                  Their 24,860-square-foot home is reportedly just minutes away from Ivanka and Jared's and also has 10.5 bathrooms, a pool, wine cellar, private gym, and a 'summer kitchen.'

                  Meanwhile, Ivanka and Jared live nearby in a luxury apartment in Arte Surfside, which has an average rental price of nearly $47,000 per month. Its penthouse sold for $33 million to an unnamed private equity executive from New York earlier this year.

                  It has been reported that the couple has leased the apartment for a year while they build a more permanent property on a plot of a two-acre plot of land they purchased on Indian Creek Island — also known as the 'Billionaire Bunker' — for $31.8 million last year.

                  Ivanka and Jared's temporary apartment is located just over an hour away from Trump's Palm Beach resort Mar-a-Lago, which is where he and his wife Melania are now living with their son Barron.

                  Most of the Trumps have relocated to Florida following the inauguration. Ivanka's younger half-sister Tiffany Trump moved to Miami with her fiancé Michael Boulos, and her mother Marla Maples recently joined her in the Sunshine State.

                  Donald Trump Jr. is also understood to be living in Florida with his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle, leaving only Eric Trump and his wife Lara in New York.

                  Love how Karlie is lumped in with all of the other Trumps who relocated to Florida.

                  Also love that Ivanka clearly called the paps as a power move against Karlie trying to klaim they were that klose back in January. I mean, you don't wear a $5k silk dress and torture heels like that just to go hold a baby. Unless you called a photographic team to meet you there!

                  Kays were Not Happy*:

                  *they are never happy? But partikularly Not Happy now!


                  Even Bey knows Taylor just became a (deadbeat) mommy:

                  Anonymous asked:

                  Hmm Taylor posted a card from Beyonce today... A card that wrote "sending love to your family". Now I don't think B was alluding to what many of us suspect. I doubt she even knows the truth truth. BUT, all I'm gonna say is Taylor posting this TODAY makes me think that Karlie is gonna post a baby photo later today too. So it's either a cute hint from Tay OR a counter if Karlie tags/mentions Jerk's mug in the photo. Knowing Karlie, it's probably the 2nd.

                  Anonymous asked:

                  1. Lmao if CH can post a fake congratulatory for Taylor back in 1989 AOTY, I’m sure Toe can do better? Private my foot! Your gf just keeps breaking every record possible and you are being so silent! Unless......lmao! These blind Swifties/Swiffers need to all wake up, oh well. 2. I also side eyed Beyoncé’s card message with the method of family it could be anything but the timing of it makes me wonder

                  Beyonce knows it's only good manners to kongratulate a new mommy. Even the deadbeat ones, I guess?

                  Taylor and her tricksy codes!

                  Okay, so back to the main event . . . DOUBLE BABIEZ.

                  Double babiez is just . .. I mean! >>>>> white umbrellaz. Certainly way more disturbing than white umbrellaz!

                  If there are two then which kid to root for???

                  If you are looking for basic clarity, you have come to the wrong place, my friend.

                  Anonymous asked:

                  I really don't think Jerk/Sc**ter posted the baby pic without Kaylor's knowledge. I saw it 40 minutes after it was posted. Kristine, Kimby, Mikey, and Mikey's mom had already commented by then. Kurt Kloss shared it to his story too, although I don't remember the timing. Soo my thinking is that's the real baby OR the Kloss family is pretending that's Karlie's baby (for reasons unknown).

                  s-r: I don’t think they did either. But I also don’t think that is Karlie’s baby either. Hence why the comments are all so vague under the pic and why none of her friends have said a word.

                  But it's all easy peasy if it's Dasha and a random Russian oligarch's kid! I'm sure they won't mind doing this for 18 years!

                  Anonymous asked:

                  I don't see how Karlie can back out of this now, unless she's finally ready to fire at Jerk. If she makes a fool of him by revealing she had a girl and he knew nothing about it, that would be sweet. He could scramble and pretend he was actually welcoming his pal Dasha's baby to the world. His post was vague enough that he might get away with it. But if Karlie had a boy, everyone will assume it's that same boy. People aren't going to go comparing the pictures and checking dates.

                  Anonymous asked:

                  It's wouldn't be hard for Dasha to send Jerk pictures of her son that was just born this March 12th every few months for him to post on IG, people, Dasha doesn't let people take pictures of her kids so Jerk could pretend pictures of Dasha's youngest boy is his kid indefinitely, and he could launder money through pay Dasha for pictures of her kid, it's a gigantic win-win situation for him.

                  This just makes me sad. Like, I am legit sad for this person.

                  Anonymous asked:

                  The irony personally is how the whole situation did an 180 on me. A few years back when I was feeling down I used to go on tumblr to talk about this once in a lifetime love story, so I could regain my smile and my hopes that love will always prevail in the end. Now I might be having a pretty nice day but then I'll go online and see Karlie's newest shenanigans with the Kushners and all the attacks these have led to against my kaylor friends and I'm like why did I even bother with Kaylor today?

                  I am also legit sad for this person, but in a totally different way.

                  Anonymous asked:

                  To those who say we're the ones who lack critical thinking let me remind them that Karlie waited until 11.55 p.m. to post about her 2nd phonniversary. Very normal. Not that it makes any difference in the bigger picture. Same as not tagging him in her pregnancy pics but letting him post the first baby pic and tag her. Same as not mentioning him AT ALL in regards to her pregnancy/baby but parading with him while 9 months pregnant. Pointless little 'wins' that give her a sad illusion of freedom.

                  Um . . . :

                  Anonymous asked:

                  I've been a hardcore kaylor for six years, but for some reason I am getting so stressed right now that I might jump ship. If there is any more proof about toe being wb, jerklie having a baby, or anything else, I feel like I'll be done. If the truth doesn't come out this year, I'm definitely done. It's such a toll honestly. Does this make me a bad person?

                  spade-riddles answered:

                  You are absolutely not a bad person, anon. I think a lot of us feel the same way. Why are we still here? You have a moral conscience and that is why this bothers you.

                  The kween talking morality, I mean . . .

                  I really badly want these sad kays to come out from under the kween's klutches and realize there are better ways to 1) be a fan of someone's work and 2) to support artists who are truly good LGBTQ role models. Because this ain't it. Thinking that these two people you admire are being persecuted and abused to this level rather than just coming out and living their truth is is some twisted up shit that isn't good for anybody's mental health.

                  Oh, and we have someone new to me making their mark . .. tales-of-kaylor:

                  Anonymous asked:

                  Aaron gave Joe his own paragraph on his long, heartfelt Grammy post. I believe Toe is fake, and even tho I have plenty of doubts about Kaylor, I’ve tried to be optimistic about their current status... but this is just too much at this point. Not to mention Josh posting about the baby, presumably a boy, minutes before Taylor’s performance. Like... how can we ignore all these things and keep believing?

                  tok: Believe me anon, I‘ve been there. But somehow, when I think about yesterday, all I see is Taylor making history. Everything else is just outside noise.

                  I firmly believe Kaylor is alive and well, but they‘re choosing to hide. So the only thing I‘m focusing on right now is Taylor and her music. Not her public persona and all the drama that comes with it.

                  PS: Don’t you think it‘s weird that nobody even knew who William Bowery was when they talked about him (?) during the LPSS and now suddenly Aaron Dessner claims to have some sort of friendship with Toe? Taylor herself said she‘s only been in the same room with Aaron once (during the LPSS). So when would Toe have had the time to form an „unforgettable friendship“ with Aaron when he wasn‘t even there?

                  Anonymous asked:

                  Fair but J*sh posted the picture. Like, they clearly want people to believe he had a son with Karlie and that is how the child will be perceived and it just seems so unnecessary and counterproductive. So I have a really hard time believing the child isn't his and/or related to Taylor in any way.

                  tok: I get it. They‘re working really hard to make us doubt everything (and them). What I‘m curious about is why Taylor and Karlie are both hinting that it‘s a girl, but in the picture J**sh posted it seems like they want people to think it‘s a boy

                  Anonymous asked:

                  If everything is fake, do you think Karlie will ever tell her son/daughter (idek at this point) the full truth? Or will they grow up believing J is their father?

                  tok: A beard is usually just a business partner. So J*sh is Karlie‘s business partner (). They don‘t live together, they see each other in meetings and during stunts. Other than that they probably live separate lives. In my opinion, if Karlie and Taylor don’t tell their kid about J*sh, then the kid won‘t even know about him. (Unless of course they keep this fake narrative up until the kid is old enough to understand what‘s happening.)

                  (side note: we have pics of Aaron and his fam at Holiday House, when Joe was there as well. So . . . )

                  All of this wackadoo codswallop about raising one kid in sekrit is breaking my brain y'all.

                  But you know, eventually, even we the haterz will be able to konnect the dots!:


                  Sometimes I think about how the clues we are pretty certain Taylor leaves for us outside of her discography (like “cancel the DNA test” etc.) are not only meant for us in real time but likely also meant for swifties down the road after she (presumably) comes out one day. Because she may not ever be able to share th full truth but she can leave breadcrumbs to document it throughout her journey.

                  So sometimes when I get frustrated like “Why is she dropping all these hints to us right now when she’s been so committed to the closet lately?” I try to step back and realize this may be one of her only ways to ever even allude to the whole truth. If she doesn’t layer it in now she may never be able to comment on it later. We just don’t know. And she might not either.

                  So remember, our eyes are open now but others’ will open later and look back.

                  Kayland wants the 'real' Spade to come back, because of course they do.

                  Anonymous asked:

                  Hi, hope you don't mind me asking, but how do you verify Tea Time Anon? Because from the outside it feels like anyone could pretend to be them. Since Spade left it's like all these wannabes have sprung up instead and we keep buying it, even when they're proved wrong. They just seem to be guessing. Even this Willow song people are getting so excited about isn't necessarily "insider tea". Anyone could find that and note the coincidence. Spade gave us REAL tip-offs ahead of time. TTA seems fake.

                  s-r: I have said that I cannot verify their legitimacy. They shared with me privately their alleged relationship with the situation. But I cannot say for sure they are legit. I do find things like Primrose suddenly showing up in that article- shortly after we assume she gave birth - an incredible coincidence … if not TEA spilled.

                  Anonymous asked:

                  Can you please make a public plea for Spade to come back. I am so confused. I believe in Kaylor and I believe in Spade but we need help understanding why JERK KUSHNER is posting a picture of a potential Kayor Child.

                  I imagine spade's original departure like this:

                  Yeah, I think if they want 'spade' to come back. the kween is just gonna have to kos-play spade herself. I'm a little surprised she hasn't done so already, tbh.


                  • Thanks, O!

                    That hand on heart still kills me!
                    I love that.

                    The timeline investigation is brilliant! That is just the kind of deep scholarly stalking I expect out of Swifties.
                    What I really really really want, though, is Joe's POV on what made him have the steel balls to send a "dive bar on the east side/where you at?/come here you can meet me in the back" text to Taylor Fucking Swift in the middle of a random night.
                    The best thing about him now writing songs is maybe he’ll write it some day. (Well except he won’t because the dancing thing you could explain away as being high school dance cliche and this he’ll never open up his vault for) They must have been flirting like mad before that night, though.

                    Ivanka in that dress is ridiculous, but it is kind of delicious to think that she made the kween sad with it. I do feel bad for the other Kays that are sad. They need to be saved somehow.

                    Don’t you think it‘s weird that nobody even knew who William Bowery was when they talked about him (?) during the LPS
                    Do they not understand that those three friends were joking around, and that everyone there absolutely knew who WB was? Is comprehension that hard?


                    • Ivanka's pap walk to see her new niece/nephew/evil baby plotting against Taylor Swift is SOMETHING. What a show! Karlie can't play on her level.
                      It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                      • Kaylors cause me a headache.


                        • The first VAULT SONG! WHEEEEE!

                          (Scooter Carusoe is a real person! not a pseudonym, btw!)

                          This song is pretty obscure. People were assuming it would be Dark Blue Tennessee because that one is super popular among stans. I like that she's going in a different direction, although DBT is very very very nice and I was looking forward to it. But hey, since these have never been released, she can do whatever the hell she wants with all of the vault songs, which might be super cool. I assume the production on this one is going to match the flavor of the rest of Fearless, though.

                          The lyrics have been floating around for a decade, here ya go:


                          It's like the prototype for Clean, actually.

                          This confirms our suspicion that either Aaron or Jack would be producing the vault songs, which I am excited about. Sounds like she's not going back to those Nashville producers* unless she has to.

                          *Swifties are still undecided on who from the previous albums would be willing to stand up against Koots and co to take part in this, but nobody is worried about Taylor not pulling it off flawlessly regardless, even if she has to produce them all herself.

                          You know that account that was leaking stuff about releases for Taylor and many other artists?

                          OOOOPS. #busted

                          Taylor's not the one who shut him down, though:

                          He was out there leaking stuff about Justin and Ariana too, so it actually might have been Koots.

                          Let's dip our toes into some kay nonsense shall we . . .

                          Pics of Karlie, Josh, a handsome bearded dude, and a bebe in Miami have surfaced:

                          (handsome bearded dude has not been identified but could be a pal, could be staff, could be their nanny, dunno.)

                          More importantly . . .

                          WHICH OF THE DOUBLE BABIEZ IS IT.

                          Anonymous asked:

                          There are new pap pics of Karlie, jerk, a baby, and another person hanging outside in Florida.

                          I’ve already been feeling some combination of disgusted, frustrated, and confused. This pushes it over the top for whatever reason. I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to see what Karlie’s next move is because I’m holding out for a narrative change but it looks more and more each day like the Kushners will be tied to a Kaylor baby forever.

                          S-R: Both Jerk’s baby post (welcome to this world) and these Miami pics are intentionally vague. Whose child was jerk welcoming into the world, and whose baby is this random guy holding that Karlie and Jerk seem uninterested in?

                          Well it's obviously a THIRD BABIEZ duh.

                          Anonymous asked:

                          perhaps the baby isn't even theirs and belongs to that random dude that is holding it.

                          S-R: Yes, that is a very possible scenario.

                          Holy beekola, they keep multiplying.

                          We are all ignoring the most important krime that it is being kommitted here . . . masklessness outside with members of one's own household in one's own yard! *GASP*

                          Anonymous asked:

                          You know what *I* can't wrap my head around? Karlie being 9 months pregnant and pap-walking maskless with a Kushner and now getting pap'd with him again barely a month after giving birth. Barely. Stuff like this make me believe that she really did married someone. Not Jerk not Taylor, but her closet. And the millions the Kushner are probably paying her. Why else would she even go near them right before and right after giving birth?

                          S-R: The mask thing bothers me too. She is a proponent of masks yet stages photos that contradict that. And, we know she is not ‘living’ with Jerk, so trusting him to be safe before you show up for pap walks is dangerous. Kushners are fraudsters. Why would she believe anything he says? Also, who is this random guy in the photos? How does she know he is Covid free?

                          . . . and that other Terrible Krime! Accepting presents from people who care about you when you are celebrating a major life event! *GASP*

                          Anonymous asked:

                          The thing is the pics and the post are intentionally vague, but then again the narrative that is being painted publicly is not. Jerk and Karlie had a baby, Jerk posted the birth announcement, Karlie's dad!!! reposted the photo Jerk posted (unfortunately this isn't vague), auntie Ivanka and uncle Jared visited Karlie's baby and now here they all are with the baby. These pics are vague for us who now the truth. For everyone else the public narrative is clear and is what I described above. So...

                          S-R: What I mean is that everything is still vague enough that she could have a way out. She never said he was the father, nor did he say it was his baby. Blame the media. They never had a child together.

                          By the way, anyone want to bet that this fraudster is letting his employees send him gifts for his likely non-existent child. I always wondered how they handled gifts from their non-existent wedding.

                          Actual footage of Josh every time he manages to con someone into giving him a present for a fake life event:

                          So sometimes kontracts are All Powerful and sometimes they aren't:

                          Anonymous asked:

                          I know you don't like to hear this but if we take a look back at the timeline of Karlie's stunting since 2017 you'll realize that a child is what Jerk probably wanted in order to solidify his straight image. She got 'married' 2 years after Trump got elected and had a baby in another 2 years. Like clockwork. I don't doubt she and Taylor wanted this child. But no one will ever convince me that Jerk didn't put a clause in the contract about becoming a father in the eyes of the public. No one.

                          spade-riddles answered:

                          What I don’t like to hear is your last sentence. Jerk cannot just put a clause in a contract. The way that asks like this are written make me cringe. A contract is an agreement between two parties. He doesn’t have the power to just write that in, or tell Karlie what to do.

                          This is not his child. He cannot tell a woman what to do with her body. He cannot tell her to have a child.

                          This next part you do not have to believe, but rest assured this is not his child. Why they are letting him imply that he is at this point is beyond me.

                          Uh . . . what about all the times back in 2017 when y'all SWORE that Josh forced Karlie to fake marry him because of a clause he put in the kontract?

                          I thought y'all were kontract experts!

                          The kween doubling down on Double Babiez:

                          Anonymous asked:

                          I feel like your two baby theory just makes no sense whatsoever though. How long are Taylor and Karlie going to keep this hypothetical secret baby completely hidden? There's a difference between "private" (which is what a lot of celebs do with their children) and "completely secret" which will be very difficult.

                          It would be extremely unfair on the child, and frankly, if the two baby theory is true (which I don't believe it is), it would make Karlie and Taylor truly awful, selfish people. Imagine choosing to have a baby knowin that they'll have to keep them a complete secret while presenting a different baby as Karlie's baby. It would be irresponsible and so unkind of them

                          Also, when the public eventually finds out about this hypothetical secret baby, they'd be disgusted and outraged. It's literally completely unethical.

                          The theory makes no sense whatsoever. Please stop pushing it. It makes us look bad. There's only one baby, not two

                          S-R: Anon, you and I are not having the same conversation. When I say there ‘may’ be two babies, I am referring to Jerk’s post. That is no way Kaylor’s baby. As someone else said, do you honestly believe Taylor is letting that jackass post her child’s first public photo? No chance in hell. Karlie has also said she will keep her child out of the public eye. So clearly there are two babies. Whether Jerk had a child via surrogate, or that is Dasha’s son in his post, I have no idea.

                          I never said Taylor and Karlie would have to keep their child secret. Jerk is the private citizen whose life no one would pay attention to. He is not a celebrity. He has been riding on Karlie’s name for years. I have no idea how they are going to remove the Kushner stain from their innocent child. But, if they are halfway decent people they have a plan to do so.

                          (this was, obvs, BEFORE the THIRD babiez made his debut and DOUBLE BABIEZ became the even more beliebable TRIPLE BABIEZ!)

                          Eventually there will have to be a kage match, because only ONE kaybabiez can reign supreme.

                          New goal posts for this anon!

                          Anonymous asked:

                          There's only 20 days until April 9th, Karlie's not going to fight Jerk because fighting against him will be an ongoing thing, most likely for years, and Taylor will inevitably be dragged into any public fight between Karlie and Jerk. Taylor's going to tell KK to roll over and concede to Jerk's creepy baby/family stunting demands so April 9th and all the other rerecording release dates go smoothly for her.

                          KK will only start fighting Jerk after both the Rep rerecording & TS10 is released, imo; making sure Taylor's career goes smoothly has been proven to take precedence over everything, including family, a million times over with Taylor and Karlie's PR actions over the last 7 years.

                          That . . . would make Taylor quite the asshole.

                          And yes, that seems to be the new running theme:


                          Karlie bears the brunt of everything, even among Kaylors, while we all make excuses for Taylor. But Tay is the one who benefits from it all. It’s got to the stage where I’m not even surprised to see Karlie stunt, because it’s literally all she does now. But Taylor’s unnecessary stunts sour everything for next even moments where I want to be happy for her, like winning the Grammys or the birth of her baby.

                          An anon lays it all out and oh hey yep IT'S ALL TAYLOR'S FAULT:

                          But now I’m looking at the current situation with Karlie, and all I see is Taylor playing the victim. I don’t know what their master plan is, but if it’s some form of Taylor “saving” Karlie from her bad decisions, I don’t want to hear it. From the outside, it looks like Karlie has fallen on her sword for Taylor again and again. She trashed her whole reputation for her, in a way Taylor never did. Even at her worst, Taylor still had stans. Who does Karlie have? A bunch of bots Scooter pays for on Twitter? It doesn’t even compare.

                          If this is what happened, then we deserve a reconciliation story that is at least more equal. I want to hear how TAYLOR hurt Karlie. How TAYLOR messed up. How TAYLOR needs Karlie’s forgiveness and is trying to make amends. Because these narratives we have right now? They aren’t it.

                          Narrative #1: Taylor and Karlie were friends but they’ve been low key feuding for years now. Why? Because Karlie has no integrity. She talks smack about Taylor behind her back, she hangs out with her enemies. She sold out her soul for money and clout, basically.

                          In this narrative, what did Taylor do to ruin the friendship? Seriously, what? Nothing. She was the victim of Karlie’s shitty fake personality.

                          Narrative #2: Taylor and Karlie had a thing, but Karlie dumped Taylor when she was at her lowest. She left her crying in a restaurant and years later she’s parading around her two weddings and her baby while Taylor still isn’t over it.

                          Again, Taylor’s the heartbroken victim and Karlie is the callous ex who never deserved her, because she couldn’t stick around when times were tough and never gave Taylor another chance.

                          Narrative #3: Karlie and Taylor are still together, but Karlie refuses to stop hanging out with the Kushners and bearding for Jerk. For some reason. Taylor hates Jerk but she’s powerless to stop him stunting with her own wife and child, and she just tolerates Karlie doing it. Because of all the stunting she put her through? Who knows.

                          Again, Taylor’s the victim. She hurt Karlie with hardcore stunts before but it’s all in the past and she’s sorry now, so it’s just cruel of Karlie to want payback now. Barely anyone talks about how Taylor planned this baby for right now, not for a later time when Karlie would be free. Or how it’s her baby too and she would have approved the stunts. Or how she’s doing nothing to help her own wife when she gets bullied online.

                          . . .

                          I don’t buy that. It’s been years of this, watching Taylor get more respect while Karlie sinks lower and lower. I honestly don’t know how Taylor isn’t begging for her forgiveness in every song. I honestly worry about Karlie’s mental health. Imagine marrying someone and bearing their child, and they still hide you away like their dirty little secret. I know they’re used to living like this, and I’m sure they spin it to themselves all kinds of ways. But Karlie is only human. There have to be days when she’s pregnant and hormonal and she just feels like she doesn’t matter. And no-one likes her or even knows the real her anymore. It breaks my heart to think about. I still remember when she was sunshine.

                          Taylor better have a damn good plan, is all I’m saying.

                          . . . or WHAT, anon? She'd better have a damn good plan or what? WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO TO TAYLOR GAZILLIONAIRE SWIFT HUH.


                          • It’s nice that there are three babies. They can be friends growing up. OMB.


                            • I absolutely love the new song!. I was never super into country Tay and did not jump on the fan wagon until Speak Now when her sound was already becoming much more pop. It was actually Long Live that turned me into a fan and that song isn't country at all. But this song is PERRRRF. She and Maren sound great together and now I'm super excited to hear the rest of the vault songs. Also, between the folksy sound of the Folkmore albums and the way her voice sounds on the rereleases, I'm super ready for Taylor's Alison Krauss era 'cause that seems like the logical next step.

                              I've been listening to the Every Single Album podcast on The Ringer where they're deep diving into her entire body of work and it's good! The hosts know her like ophy does, one of them has actually met/worked with her before, and their shows are a good balance of stanning and breaking down what works and what falls short on each album. I knew they could be trusted when they brought up the lyrical laziness of Bad Blood and the argument that Taylor's most glaring professional flaw is that she doesn't know how to pick singles. I absolutely agree with them that LWYMMD hurt the potential success of Reputation because it was a bad cringey song that was basically saved by the music video. I still think if she'd released IDSB instead, people would have responded better to the Rep era. Also, pour a couple out for Style and Cruel Summer! I mean, Lover came out in THE SUMMER! THERE WAS NO EXCUSE!


                              • I'm super ready for Taylor's Alison Krauss era 'cause that seems like the logical next step.


                                and the argument that Taylor's most glaring professional flaw is that she doesn't know how to pick singles.

                                She is almost hilariously bad at choosing lead singles*! For any other artist, that would have already sabotaged their career, for realz.

                                *although I lurve LWYMMD! and yet I agree it wasn't the best single choice.

                                So! You All Over Me:


                                Yeah, it's BEAUTIFUL.

                                If all the vault songs are going to be produced at this level of quality/vocals, then hoo boy, that's goooood. Who knew a little country boy lurked inside Aaron Dessner?

                                Aaron with a Taylor recording candid, makes it sound like yes he did do many (all?) of the vault songs for this go round, and also HOW HARD DID THEY WORK at Long Pond? They did a bunch of evermore and I guess some of these vault songs there, during the week they filmed the long pond session.:

                                So basically she was like, up all night writing masterpieces like tis the damn season while recording these Fearless era vocals and I love that. Kind of explains the vibe of some of the songs, too. I can definitely see how recording these nostalgia pieces could inspire songs like ttds, dorothea, cowboy like me, etc.

                                I just really love Aaron and Taylor working together like a lot a lot and I hope they keep doing it forever. His friends agree!

                                Peeps seem to like YAOM a lot:

                                Maggie Rogers:

                                Anita Baker:

                                Olivia R and Conan Gray:

                                I love Taylor's Gen Z kidz.

                                I think some people (not actual Swifties obvs) are genuinely surprised that Taylor would have legitimately excellent songs just chilling out and unreleased.

                                Poor Joe Jonas, though!

                                KPerry is just itching for a collab:

                                . . . not sure who would want this. I do not want this. Seeing rumors that all of the vault songs are going to be collabs, so I guess it's possible Katy pops up on a 1989 vault track.

                                Hey have a totally random Taylor and Joe tidbit:

                                This kinda seems too mundane not to be true! I mean, I don't know why anyone would bother making up tandem bike facts.

                                Unlike the below kay stuff which is somehow all made up . . .

                                Anonymous asked:

                                How do you know Jerk is not on the birth certificate?

                                S-R: Because he is not the father. Karlie would not even legally marry him, do you really think she is going to have a child with him (and his awful family)?

                                Wait, what?

                                has . . . has this person not met any moms before? Like ever?


                                Anonymous said:

                                So we know for a fact that Karlie is still in Miami and that Taylor was in LA for the week before the Grammys. Does that sound like the actions of two new parents? I think we might just have to accept that this is not Taylor’s kid…

                                Anonymous said:

                                Do you think Taylor is in Miami? I’m a bit confused…I hope she’s with her baby. It wouldn’t be right for her to leave her baby alone for so long especially with the Kushners. Any idea on where Taylor is right now?

                                SR: I do not know where either one of them are right now. But I was talking with some mutuals about these topics. Her hair in the random guy/baby pic in Miami the other day appears to be the same (color/roots) as it is in the solo pap walk yesterday. So likely taken around the same time (possibly even the same day).

                                Taking the baby announcement timing as accurate (Grammy night), it would pretty surprising to see her wearing white pants a week later and then skinny jeans 10 days later. Of course, most of us do not believe that was the day the baby was born. I tend to believe that the baby was born weeks ago.

                                Back to the two pap photos in my first paragraph, based on the baby being born possibly 4-6 weeks ago, Karlie in white pants, and skinny jeans is more realistic, and those photos could have been recent. She doesn’t look pregnant in either photo so if they are later grams they would be from 5-6 months ago. So most likely they are recent.

                                Keep in mind that Kimby lives in Miami. And, also that they travel by private jet. So they could easily fly in for a day, take some pics and leave. Taylor and the baby could be with them for all we know. And, as much as people think Taylor is always on her personal jet(s), I am pretty sure Karlie and Taylor use other jet(s) to travel incognito.

                                Anon #2, a few pics of Karlie in Miami doesn’t mean that Karlie is staying in Miami all this time. They do want you to think that though.

                                . . .

                                Anonymous said:

                                Why they would flight just to take pictures and leave having a newborn. It’s not an easy job already and adding unnecessary stress by traveling just so Karlie can take some pictures makes no sense at all. It doesn’t matter if they have private Jets or nanny’s it’s just a stupid idea. I choose to believe they are living there.

                                SR: They could be living there, but I think it is less likely since they are trying to be private, and, they want to disguise their location. Why is it stupid for Karlie to take a quick trip to Miami from say Nashville to visit her sister with her baby? Are they trying to convince everyone that the baby was born in Florida because birth records are confidential? Or did they have the baby there for that reason? No idea. But, we do know that Jerk is not on the birth certificate. By the way, some other states birth records are also confidential, so Florida is not the only place.

                                Florida birth records become public information exactly 100 years after the birthoccurred. As such, records of birth less than 100 years old are deemed confidential by state law, and may only be issued to: The person named on the record (if they are 18 or older).

                                Karlie’s and Jerk’s fauxmance is a business relationship. Karlie is a working mom. So her flying to Miami would be a business trip.

                                “Why would T or either of them be in Florida????” Uhhh… Doesn’t T’s dad live in Florida? Doesn’t K have family in Florida? Stack your life…

                                SR: Yes, the Swift’s have a place in Florida, too.

                                If by 'place in Florida' y'all mean Scott Swift's bachelor pad condo which is 300 hundred miles away in Tampa, then sure.

                                HOLD UP . . . WE'VE GONE FULL BLOWN BBGATE YO.

                                Anonymous asked:

                                The two baby theory doesn't necessarily have to mean two babies. There are very realistic looking baby dolls. In a photo no one would know the difference. It would only mean no photos once its grown up a little more, but that could be explained as wanting to keep the kids identity private.

                                spade-riddles answered:

                                A doll in that staged pap shot in Miami also makes more sense than putting a newborn near three adults, none of whom live together, during a deadly pandemic.

                                Anonymous asked:

                                wait so the baby j posted was actually a doll? im lost rn

                                spade-riddles answered:

                                No, I don’t think that post is a doll. If I am betting, that is Dasha’s son.

                                I am thinking possibly the one in the Miami pics is a doll, simply due to safety reasons.

                                'Fake' 'baby' 'doll' is a hallmark of only the tippiest toppiest babygate conspiracies, I never thought we'd live to see the day, wow.