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  • No surprise that I love You All Over Me.

    You know, I have no trouble believing that Taylor and Joe do everything together. Tru enuff.


    • knew they could be trusted when they brought up the lyrical laziness of Bad Blood and the argument that Taylor's most glaring professional flaw is that she doesn't know how to pick singles
      I am going to be convinced that one of the hosts is secretly Issie now. I just started listening to their podcast episodes about TS.

      HOW HARD DID THEY WORK at Long Pond?
      I think they have one of those amazing working relationships where things go super fast and you are instantly in the groove with each other. It’s a beautiful thing when it happens.

      You know, I have no trouble believing that Taylor and Joe do everything together.
      Yeah, they are totally one of those couples.

      As to the Kays, we knew it was going to get to “it’s a doll faking a baby” we just didn’t know that we would detour into multiple babies first.


      • The Ringer Dash podcast is perfect listening to me as I work today. They have a Hiddleston Show Your Work category for talking about the albums! They are doing this with such depth and such respect for her and the work, while also talking about places where she didn’t do her best. It’s wonderful.


        • Yes! It's so comprehensive and I really enjoy their musical insights into the songs (like in the most recent one, they compare songs from Lover to sonically similar songs from Janelle Monet and Lorde) which I can sometimes pick up on on my own, but they can breakdown songs into how similar the chords are which I am not able to do. As creative of a lyricist as Taylor is, you can definitely tell which artists have influenced and inspired her by the sound of certain songs. They also have like a five minute tribute to Cruel Summer on the newest episode so maybe V is right and I am cohosting this pod while sleep walking. Very proud of my somnambulant productivity!

          I read on insta this morning that Taylor and her mom gave 50k to a family who lost their dad to Covid recently, so she continues to be a generous queen.


          • I can never get the sonic comparisons (I am musically ignorant), so I really appreciate that too. I loved their Lover episode, because they are so right in saying that as good as some of it is, it isn’t sticking with me. I love some of the individual songs (Cruel Summer, DBATC, Cornelia Street, The Archer (which I like way more than them)), but the whole does not hold together over the long term. Their righteous indignation over Me! and YNTCD and the neglect of Cruel Summer was delicious.

            Nathan and I seem to have the same taste on most things, because I am also Team Gorgeous, which Nora is not thrilled with. I absolutely agree with him on how Reputation would have been better if it had been rearranged so that the much better back half could be all together. The track 5 thing has outlived its usefulness.


            • Can't do a real post right now*, but!

              *supposed to cut down on screen time for boatiness** reasons

              ** which has now been re-diagnosed as vestibular migraines (sigh).

              Taylor revealed the vault songs in anagrams and gave us (a backwards?) snippet:


              Fandom has already decoded them (duh):

              you all over me ft. maren morris
              that’s when
              don’t you
              mr. perfectly fine
              bye bye baby
              we were happy

              and one of these is featuring keith urban
              (h/t cages-boxes)

              . . . which means Dark Blue Tennessee will probably be on debut, I guess?

              I'm not familiar with any of these so yay.

              Other fans are, of course:


              Taylor: I love that these songs have never been heard

              Also Taylor: here’s an expert level puzzle you’ll only be able to figure out because you know my unreleased songs like the back of your hand

              The snippet is this, only backwards:

              And here, have this:

              Taylor and Joe at the Bowery Hotel in 2016:

              Just more proof that Joelliam Bowery was staying there during those Cruel Summer/Cornelia Street/So It Goes/Delicate days of Sept/Oct '16.

              Okay, back to lying down in a dark room for a wee bit.

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              • Fearless has 26 songs. Seriously. Just thinking about what Taylor has done in the past 18 months makes me tired.


                • Scooter's latest:

                  Bet he would have made more if he hadn't screwed over TS.


                  • Yeah . . . Koots can spin this how he wants, but it's not generally good to have to keep selling off all your ventures to others.

                    This is funny:

                    Crime Junkie turned No Body No Crime into a true crime podcast episode as an April Fools prank:


                    Just some bits . . .

                    We have a little more Fearless info . . . Jack produced 4 vault tracks, and Aaron did two of them:

                    Keith and Aaron:

                    So we will get to directly compare Jack's yeehaw to Aaron's yee haw.

                    This person claims that Taylor and Joe rent a place in London (duh) but also a house at The Lakes in Windermere.

                    This sounds plausible? If it's a place they love to go and hideaway, then why not?

                    But I will say that they are not in NYC right now, Joe is presumably filming Catherine called Birdy* in Wales this month, and Taylor's jet flew London to Nashville for Easter weekend, then right back to London.

                    Just visiting the fam, I guess? She may have managed to get her Covid shot, too, though. Might be easier for her to get in Nashville instead of London (although she's a rich lady so rules might not apply dunno.)

                    * Lena Dunham's film adapting a middle grade novel about a girl in the Middle Ages. Joe plays the girl's uncle, a knight returning from the Crusades.

                    Taylor, using her powers for good:

                    “We had a whole bunch of label meetings and, you know, Taylor Swift was like a huge so-sign and help towards that [signing for Republic Records]. A lot of people don’t know - she actually contacted the head of Republic herself on my behalf, which was kinda crazy. So I get to the meeting and they were like, ‘Why is Taylor Swift so adamant about us signing you?’ And they were like we wanna see you perform. Yeah, we ended up doing a showcase, and it was crazy from then.”

                    – Christian Owens on Taylor directly contacting head of Republic Records to help him get signed (April 3rd 2021, source: @swifferupdates). You can check out Owen’s first single “Baby Girl” HERE.

                    (Christian is one of her dancers, and was her co-star in the Lover video).

                    Tay Swift, breaker of Go Fund Me:

                    Kays are being reeled back in, thank you Taylor:

                    Anonymous asked:

                    Last remaining Kaylors telling TS she has to work for it in order to make us stay after all that stunting and bearding galore. Tay releases a gold vault with a K shaped handle, the family crest that only Kaylors have been analyzing that much, 13th word being baby, easy word anagrams but claims its lvl expert meaning the words weren't the hardest part to decode, hmm wonder what was . Tay honey u doing great sweetie. Keep it up and u will see Kaylors rushing back in from their hiding spots.

                    I honestly didn’t even believe there was even a shred of possibility that the baby could be tied to Taylor until the 13th word was baby.

                    Even now it still feels so wild that they could have *such* an elaborate alternate reality (and sad) but that really got my attention.

                    . . ..

                    Anonymous asked:

                    13TH word = BABY

                    This is what most of us thinking, like if T and K will have a family while they’re in a SECRET relationship how they will be able to handle the situation. And I realized this will be the way... and it will be the only way FOR NOW...

                    I feel sad and proud at the same time. SAD because she won’t be able to post about her child. But she’s TAYLOR and she will find ways to announce it in a subtle way. So if ever there will be songs about family in her upcoming songs I’ll definitely understand ❤️

                    Anonymous said:

                    Just to follow up on baby being the 13th scrambled clue.

                    The clues for the song title bye bye baby are worth noting.

                    Bye is the 1st scrambled word and the. 23rd or last scrambled word.

                    12 clues between “bye” and “baby” then 10 clues between “baby” and the second “bye”.

                    That is 22 or the number 11 doubled KK

                    I’m saying this because we are focusing on baby but not the full song title which is a song about saying goodbye. I just wanted to note this to bring everyone back down from excitement.

                    The crest is covered like blinds or boards blocking it. And there are two songs that Taylor changed the name of. She had a song called you do and I believe she changed it to you don’t. And bye bye baby was originally called something else.

                    So keeping this in mind just be prepared


                    • Looks like Taylor woke up and chose violence! . . . (against Joe Jonas.)

                      Link to lyric video:

                      She straight up muuuuurrrrrderrred him in this song, ouch.

                      This is Jack's version of yeehaw and it sounds . . . poppy? Unsurprisingly. It's clean and bright and super cutting and I lurves it. This one was a rare one, even the peeps who collect unreleased songs and hoard them like gold didn't have this one.

                      So that means we four more vault songs to hear, and the album comes out in two days. She probably won't drop anymore? But then again . . . she might.

                      ETA Ha, Sophie T:

                      Having so many brand new diss tracks to torment her husband with is probs a dream come true for her. 'Joe Jonas' has been trending on twitter for hours. She must be loving this. I wonder if Taylor gave them a heads up and exactly how did that convo go?

                      Actual footage of Sophie and Joe J. at home right now, listening to MPF on repeat:

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                      • The song is cute, like it’s even cute-mean in the way suburban 16 year olds are mean to each other after they break up. Besides, nothing could be actually more savage than Sophie telling the world that Joe’s penis is average and then cackling about it with Maisie Williams in an interview. And he still married her after that so he’s conditioned to abuse at this point.

                        I’m so ready to hear the Fearless hits!


                        • It’s fun! I like it! She is right that it’s not NOT a bop. Hee.


                          • Total side note, but Issie! did you see Karlie dropped out of Project Runway?


                            She's going to be an occasional guest or whatever, but she's not hosting anymore.

                            Project Runway is set to return for season 19, with a slight change to the judging panel.

                            On Wednesday, Bravo announced in a press release that mentor Christian Siriano and judges Nina Garcia, Brandon Maxwell and Elaine Welteroth will returning to the Emmy-winning competition series, while host Karlie Kloss is set to make guest appearances this year.

                            Production for the upcoming season will begin this spring in New York City, according to the release.

                            A source close to Kloss tells PEOPLE the entrepreneur — who welcomed her first child with husband Joshua Kushner last month — has "a lot on her plate" between scaling Kode with Klossy's virtual offering, launching another collection with Adidas and leading the purchase of W Magazine.

                            Dunno if this had anything to do with it . . .

                            So! Fearless drops at midnight!

                            Taylor's literal children apparently got an advanced drop of YBWM and White Horse:

                            Adorable! . . . and really good marketing strategy, obvs. They posted snippets on both tiktok and insta.

                            Having Sophie T interact on Mr.Perfectly Fine was also primo marketing.

                            And Taylor and her white-wall-of-mystery* was on GMA this morning with a snippet of Fearless as well:

                            *which generally indicates she's in London.


                            I just picture Scott Baloney sitting on his throne in his palace of bones gnashing his teeth at how well this rollout is going.

                            Speaking of Mr.Perfectly Fine:

                            The infamous 27 second phone call!

                            I mean, it's all fun and games to slyly poke at Joe J, who is actually a friend of hers now and well over the teenage dramz, but!

                            I mean, she is unlikely to drag Harry on any of those vault tracks (and he's pretty chill anyway) but Jake and John? They are not known for chillness, so it'll be interesting.

                            The kays in the kween's kourt are Unamused:

                            Anonymous asked:

                            I know Swifties are shallow when it comes to relating Taylor’s songs to the men she’s publicly dated, but no way ppl can actually think Mr. Perfectly Fine is about Joe Jonas?! Like, what?! Maybe that’s part of her plan... to let ppl know she dated ppl that the public and fans had no idea about. Well I can dream anyway lol it’s better than the Joe Jonas Publicity Tour

                            Anonymous asked:

                            Sophie Turner sharing the song on her IG story.

                            This is gonna be a wild ride. Revisting all these damn beards again with these re-recordings.

                            Free publicity...

                            Anonymous asked:

                            Welp, that was a great extremely heterosexual bop!

                            Anonymous asked:

                            Taylor, needing a hetero stunt on the eve of Fearless: "I could put Karlie in the firing line again . . . or I could do one of my old beards a solid."

                            Anonymous asked:

                            the way she is rolling out joe jonas articles for the fearless album prom has me a little is she gonna use these re-records to double down on every single beard she’s had...?

                            Anonymous asked:

                            The way a man is still being promoted to sell her 13 year old song
                            Perfect PR Queen!

                            Listen. I'm just glad secret sessions are dead.

                            . . . . I don't think these re-record rollouts are going to be much fun for them. 2021 is gonna be a bumpy ride for these grumpy klowns!



                            • Total side note, but Issie! did you see Karlie dropped out of Project Runway?
                              I mean, she has to manage one real baby and two fake babies. Who has time????

                              The Kays have some hard times coming.


                              • I am not the biggest fan of the yeehaw days, but I am listening on Spotify this morning so as to make sure she gets good numbers to damn the men, and it’s good. Her voice is so much better than it was back then, and it’s winning me over to the yeehaw times.