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  • Karlie is a wee young thing, only 28!

    Her voice is so good and she sounds great live.

    Oh yes, I have been enjoying her live performances. I will say that as much as I liked the album, I've not been been streaming it since my initial listen and I haven't looked for reaction vids. That's how I know the fact I like Olivia's music does not = hyperfixation for me. But it's so very cool to see this new crop of confessional songwriters do so well.

    Also, extremely ready for Taylor to announce the 1989 TV date already.

    Her evermore insta post today makes her grid line up, which is generally the next step before announcing something new. So! I've heard various dates tossed around as possibles . . . she's pushing to get evermore back to #1 currently (with the vinyls and signed cds and encouraging streams) so she won't want to mess with that this week, I don't think. And she's been releasing plylist chapters for Fearless, trying to boost those streams as well. Kinda complicated to be promo-ing so many eras all at once. I heard June 4th as a possible 1989 announcement date because 6 + 4 + 2+1 = 13, and that does seem possible, but I guess we will see soonish.

    The Glastonbury thingy was a bust, Taylor-wise, but she did 'show up'* at the iHeart radio awards to accept Pop Album Of The Year!

    * as in send a video acceptance

    I guess her team has been feeling all of the groaning over 'yet another white/gray wall video' as a challenge because they did something a little different this time:

    It was pretty well done, you can barely tell it's a green screen of a London studio.

    (spec is that, based on hair and makeup and her nail color, that she made this video in London weeks ago when her glam team was in town for the Brits, which makes sense!)

    Love the dress and love love these earrings:

    But they are $1100 so . . . *sigh*

    Most importantly for us, it kinda looks like she wore BOTH opal ROUS's at the same time:

    Make of that what you will, y'all.

    She's also wearing the Tiffany infinity bracelet in that vid (BOUS?) and also in this insta/twitter promo for evermore on vinyl:

    I don't think we've seen her without that bracelet in over a year? Also Swifties think Joe might have taken those pics, because she doesn't credit a photographer (and she's generally very good about credit).

    As far as anyone can tell, she's still in Belfast, fyi, but no new sightings.

    We did, however, get a new snippet of the next collab between Taylor and Justin Vernon:

    I can't tell if that's the same song we got a snippet of before, or a different one but either way! THEY ARE ANGELS TOGETHER I AM EXCITE.

    Levi Kloss Kushner aka Just One Of The Kay Basement Bebes has been on more pap walks in his three months on this planet than Taylor Fucking Swift has in the past three years.

    (In Miami yesterday, wearing perfectly acceptable non-beige non-weird clothing. However! it was in the mid-80s in Miami yesterday and I'm sweating just looking at them in those jeans, and her long sleeve shirt. Maybe tall skinny people just don't feel the heat the way chubby short people like me do!)

    Well! We know how the kween and her kourt feel:

    And the photos ... do me a favor ... they are trying to show that Jail was walking with her, but there is no photo that even shows that he was on the same street as her, or that they were passing by. same time, by the same place. This looks a lot more like they took two separate walks and put the photos in the same article to pretend they were walking together.

    but to be fair, they are more focused on the BLATANT KLUES in Taylor's evermore grass pics:

    The cover photo of evermore shows TS in braids, I always wondered about the significance of that. It's very deliberate. I found this in urban dictionary: "Much like a beard for gay men, a braid is a term coined for lesbians that have a fake boyfriend to appear straight".

    . . . this is not a thing.

    Anonymous asked:

    Not the overalls saying “Levi Strauss”... that’s definitely a choice

    ????? but their daughter's name is ISLA, DUHHHHHH. She should have scraped off the 'Levi' and written in 'Isla Strauss' denim with a sharpie! I mean, that's what I would have done. Or! Does Isla Fisher have a clothing line?

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    • Braids for closeted lesbians?

      Sounds legit.
      Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


      • Happy Pride, y'all!

        Taylor might have just left Belfast? I mean, she's been there for like a month visiting the Convo Avec Les Amies set and eating their craft services:

        But her plane just went Nash-Belfast yesterday and Belfast - in a US-erly direction today, but dunno where it's gonna land. So either Taylor is returning to the States, or the plane was bringing someone to her from Nashville. Could be either one! Tumblr peeps pointed out that she flew a producer to London when she was recording vocals for Fearless TayVer so who knows. It might also be the time of year when she needs to be spending time in TN for residency/visiting her mom purposes, too. She's getting a songwriting award this week, but it's a virtual industry thingy and not a glam red carpet event, so she could have done it in front of the Belfast gray wall, probs.

        I finally read Conversations With Friends and was very meh about it. If I remember correctly, I was very meh about Normal People, too. I don't think I honestly mind Rooney's claustrophobic writing style, but I have a hard time actually caring about her characters. CWF was partick gloomy to me and I hated everyone in it. I hated Joe's character slightly less than I hated the women because at least Nick was a bit less self absorbed than the others? but I didn't find it it be very sexy or romantic and I pretty much wanted to smack all the characters up the side of the head and tell them to stop being such stupid uncommunicative morons. Which is how I felt about NP, too so I guess there's consistency there. That said, the NP adaptation was hella addictive and I watched every second of it, so the CWF one will probs be the same for me and I am looking forward to it. Huzzah huzzah that Joe is finally filming something I want to see.

        (I am still very very deep into a Golden Age of Detective novels phase, so all of my literary taste should be understood with that in mind. If it ain't set in 1920-1950 and if ain't involve British people stumbling over British corpses in British gardens, it's hard to get me interested.)


        Taylor has been interacting with fans on twitter to push evermore to #1 again:

        . . . and so forth.

        and it worked, so!

        Not bad for an album released 7 months ago. I mean, things are going WELL in general.

        (suck on THAT, Scott Baloney*!)

        * speaking of, Koots is having a Bad Time lately:

        Folks are noting something about her emojis . . .

        Right before Fearless TayVer was announced, she was using two emojis on everything, and now she's using 4. Which means . . . WHAT DOES IT MEAN.

        It could mean Red is next? despite all the 1989 hints? or some think it might mean she is going to simul drop FOUR TayVer albums at once which would be CHAOS but also kinda cool?

        So hard to imagine her dropping four at once, because it seems like she's wanting these to chart and have an individual impact, just like Fearless TayVer did. Also hard to imagine her dropping Red in the summer instead of the fall. But, like! She has surprised us with her decisions be4!


        Personally, I think it's her way of letting fans know she's pregnant with quadruplets! MOAR BASEMENT BEBES HUZZAH.

        (the ogirl has gotten super into watching the Muppets lately and we literally just saw that Loretta Lynn ep of The Muppet Show a few days ago. She didn't do Coalminer's Daughter! I was disappoint.)

        But yeah, I was still processing Fearless TayVer and then she was hinting 1989 and then she started promo-ing evermore again and it's like . . .

        The biggest bit of controversy (instead of 'kontroversy') is that Taylor did a cameo in a David O. Russell film:

        (she only filmed for two days in LA back in Feb so it can't be a substantial part. Probsonly shows up as a chanteuse and does an Oscar bait song as the next move in her EGOTing?)

        Y'all know I'm not a movie person and don't keep up with shit, but I thought for sure this dude was cancelled* for being an all round terrible person and for being accused of assault by his trans niece.

        * ha! he's a white dude, of course he didn't get actually cancelled that's LOLarious.

        So people think it sucks that Taylor is doing a cameo for his big comeback film and I agree, it does suck. But like, it also sucks for Margot Robbie, Chrisitan Bale, etc. Hollywood is so fuhreaking predictable with this stuff, it's just disturbing, things will never change, the patriarchy is literally killing all of us, and if you think about it a little too hard you'll walk into the ocean and never come back.


        Rando bits and pieces!

        Posting this just because I think it's hilars that Ed had Taylor buy him socks and underwear:

        “Taylor Swift was touring, and she brought herself and all of her dancers - backing dancers, singers, and all that - into the Topman and Topshop lounges. She was not shopping for herself, she was just back and forth to Topman and Topshop checking that everyone was okay. Her dancers were so nice. I think I had a picture with them. If I can find it, I’ll put it here. At our job, we are not allowed to ask for pictures with the celebrities, we’re not allowed to take pictures, but they actually asked to have the picture taken with us. They were so nice. Taylor paid for everything, she paid for everyone’s everything, and there was no budget. She was hanging out with the manager who was there at the time - one of the personal shopping managers, they were just chatting. I had to interrupt their conversation because the shoe department was locked and I had to get a key, and Taylor was so nice. So, so nice. So nice, so fucking nice. She actually brought Ed Sheeran with her. He popped in cause she was there, and I think they were really good friends at the time. And of course, he as well had an unlimited budget. He ended up buying a multipack of socks and boxer shorts, and he literally was like, ‘Nah, I don’t want anything else.’ I think he was literally just there to hang out with Taylor Swift, but they were both so, so nice. Taylor Swift is in iconic bracket.”

        – James Welsh, an ex personal shopper/stylist at Topman and Topshop, on having Taylor Swift at the VIP shopping lounge (June 1st 2021)

        Wondering if this 'wee entanglement' happened in Australia in 2016:

        This certainly stacks with the general rumors about what THiddles likes to do in bed so GOOD FOR YOU, ZAWE.

        THiddles in 2017:

        I've only watched that like, ten times and I was crying each time.

        Speaking of entanglements with Aussies, there's been some talk about a rumor that Taylor hooked up with an indie singer songwriter while she was with Caffeinated Hyena*, and many think it might have been Vance Joy she was shtupping on the side and I think! that maybe! it could be right! Of course, it could also be very much Not True on any level, but if anyone is interested, here is the info I found to support the theory:

        *and I mean, it looks very much like CH was cheating on her with Aarika and others so, wevs if she stepped out too.

        Taylor covered Vance Joy's Riptide in Oct '14:

        . . . and then Vance covered I Know Places a few months later.

        Taylor said it was her favorite cover of a 1989 song:

        The 27-year-old "Riptide" singer covered Swift's "I Know Places" to the delight of the artist herself. "There have been so many amazing covers of 1989 songs," she wrote on Tuesday, attaching Joy's cover to her tweet. "I'm going to be bold enough to say this one is my favorite."

        Then Vance toured with Taylor as an opening act during 1989 in the latter half of 2015.:

        Look at who you’re touring with. Few people deal with it as much or as well as Taylor Swift.

        She’s pretty inspiring. I read something she said once about surrounding herself with great artists and not being afraid of the fire they have, it’s like you have a brighter light together. And I think she burns brighter because of the way she interacts with her fans. It’s a great thing for someone like her to be so generous with her time, I am sure she is in demand every second of her day. So to give that slice of time to people is very generous.

        They would have spent months together in hotels and backstage and all throughout the US and Australia, etc.

        Taylor and Vance during 1989 tour:

        Vance getting the crowd to sing happy birthday to Taylor in Dec '15:

        His birthday prezzie to her:

        (and I read elsewhere that this painting he commissioned for her cost $20k, and he's not a super rich dude at her level at all, just sayin')

        And after the tour ended, she just cut him out . . .

        Joy was announced as Taylor Swift’s support act in 2014 for her “The 1989 Tour” and travelled the world with the blonde bombshell, across North America, the UK and Australia.

        “It was very busy and so many doors opened, and I took those opportunities. I was playing my song on every radio station…. I didn’t know where the line was with what I could handle.”

        Continuing on his success, Vance Joy won The Best Adult Contemporary Artist award at this year's ARIAs. The pressing question we all had on our minds however, was he still in contact with Tay-Tay.

        “I don’t hear from Tay-Tay anymore. I just sent an email to ‘[email protected]’ and got nothing back. She takes your number, you don’t get hers. She is lovely, what a great opportunity that was and she’s very generous, and very kind.”

        (!!!!! there's like a genuine hint of bitterness there!)

        The reason why I think Vance and Taylor might have been sus is because in sharp! contrast between him and Ed (who toured with her for Red and who it's only ever been platonic with), Vance says himself that Taylor basically lost his number once the tour was over. She's a friend collector, generally. So she either dropped him from her life because he sucks in some way and she didn't want to bother with him once no longer contractually obligated to, or something messy might have happened and he's an ex-fling she no longer wants to see. Either is plausible.

        Dunno if Vance was supposedly single at the time (didn't find any hint of a gf during the relevant time period tbh) but then again I think most guys would suddenly be 'single' if Taylor Swift was interested at all in them.

        And if you need lyrical evidence, well, Vance Joy's song Like Gold, from the album he released the year after touring with Taylor is right here:

        Time to let it go
        It won't let go of me
        Hanging by a thread
        Cutting the cord and then falling back into the
        Black 'cause if I don't
        If I wait 'til it feels right
        I'll be waiting my whole life
        Closing my eyes, remember how we were like

        Gold, when you see me
        Hi, if you need me
        Babe, that's the way it was
        That's the history
        Blue, how we used to roar
        Like an open fire
        That's the way it was
        But that's history

        [Verse 2]
        I have a memory
        You're visiting me at night
        Climbing in my bed
        You were so quiet that you never woke me
        I love the way you could
        See the good in everything
        But, do we fuel the fire?
        Closing my eyes, remember how we were like

        Gold, when you see me
        Hi, if you need me
        Babe, that's the way it was
        That's the history
        Blue, how we used to roar
        Like an open fire
        That's the way it was
        But that's history

        [Verse 3]
        Started with a word
        Now, look at where we are
        Everything we've done
        It's there on our faces for anyone willing to
        Read between the lines
        Now, look at where we are
        Everything we've done
        It's there on our faces for anyone willing to

        I MEAN, RIGHT??? So totally possible!

        Anyhoodles, true or not it was kinda fun putting that together. I haven't gotten to piece together celeb dating clues in a looong time. (h/t to swiftieslueth/bisluthq and her anons for mentioning VJ in the first place.)

        This person knows what I'm talking about:

        'I’m A Successful 33-Year-Old Who Runs A Secret Taylor Swift Fan Account'



        Any celeb who is not quailing at the new era of deep fakes is not paying attention. I would be fucking terrified!

        Also, just as a wee bonus, a reminder that Taylor did this:

        . . . in the Endgame video . . . and that's City of London School (where Joe went) behind her. The school sign and crest is right behind her in that screen grab.

        . . . you can see where Joe used to hang out on the roof

        I mean, you can actually see the bridge she is standing on in this pic of Joe:

        She is so INSANE for that. I do not how I would have responded to someone putting my old high school in their movie vid as an easter egg of their obsessive love for me.

        Speaking of the Young London Boy:

        I am not surprised by this account of Joe at all.

        Finishing up with some kay stuff why not.

        Karlie and Mama Kushner with Bebe Levi in NYC:

        I am not understanding Karlie's street style lately:


        I assume this is for an event but still!


        Kays are ON IT:

        Anonymous asked:

        Did you see Karlie with Josh's mom and baby in NY?

        spade-riddles answered:

        I saw Karlie pap’d alone heading to a ‘business meeting’. Then a video of her later walking with Jerk’s mom. Jerk’s mom was pushing a stroller, not Karlie. And, notably it was a different stroller than we have previously seen. So take note, that this is not Karlie’s child.


        And they must be empty strollers 99% of the time!

        Then we get into . . . uh . . . whatever this is:

        Anonymous asked:

        Another clue that Karlie’s contract might end before she’s 29: there will be a crescent moon on her birthday this year

        . . .

        Anonymous asked:

        While we're on the subject, I have another reason to think Karlie's contract may end this year. Her IG post right before her 2nd anniversary video had 8 moon emojis. The emojis are moon phases, but I think she was using them to represent a solar/lunar eclipse. Anyway, she didn't post the final emoji, a full moon/un-eclipsed sun/moon. At the time I wondered if each emoji represented 1 year of bearding with Jerk. She started in 2012. 9 years, 9 emojis in the full sequence. Takes us to 2021.

        The moon's all like, why the hell are you dragging me into this, you looney* motherfuckers.


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        • Oooh, so much in this update on so many fronts.

          I can’t process at the rate that Taylor is releasing things. Truly, she can never give us peace.

          Scooter’s troubles are delicious to read about, and I am guessing Taylor loves reading as well. Heh.

          I accept as Tru Enuf the Vance Joy theory; he even looks like her type. That song he wrote is pretty explicitly “I slept with Taylor Swift.”

          I've only watched that like, ten times and I was crying each time.
          It’s hilarious! TH being an infamous cat eater is the best thing to come out of Hiddleswift. I am sure CH was just too assay to be any good at that, so I am glad Taylor had her fling with someone who could give her proper attention.

          Another clue that Karlie’s contract might end before she’s 29: there will be a crescent moon on her birthday this year
          LOL, never change, Kays! I sometimes can’t quite believe that people actually believe there is a secret second baby and that Karlie and Taylor are sending secret messages with oranges, and then something like this pops up.

          Random statement: evermore is Taylor Swift’s best album start to finish, though folklore has some individual songs I love more, and 1989 is still a masterpiece itself, but with more skip songs.


          • I love that they can't fathom a wealthy person having multiple baby carriages.
            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


            • Random statement: evermore is Taylor Swift’s best album start to finish, though folklore has some individual songs I love more,

              I would almost say the opposite! But to be honest, I have recently realized that my fave Taylor album is generally whatever she has just released. So right now, evermore has edged out folklore for me, even though most days I treat them as one big double album. But on an objective level, I think folklore is so well crafted as an album that it's a better overall platonic ideal of an album, but evermore has more individual songs that I want tatooed on my soul. cowboy like me is still up there as one of my most fave songs by any artist evah.


              People are so convinced that she is going to announce today that they got it to trend on twitter even without a single word from Taylor:

              Essentially trying to begin the era by themselves using only their own intense desire to manifest it, which I can respect.

              Unlike spelling, Math is NOT fun, kids!

              I do think they might be right though, because she's already doing new 1989-ish merch on the store site:

              But we will see.

              Speaking of 1989!

              When you see Jack Antonoff producing for Lana, Lorde, etc it's easy to forget that he wasn't a producer at all until Taylor let him produce Out Of The Woods:

              “Literally, we made ‘Out of the Woods.’ I fucking put my heart and soul into that thing. Right at the moment when I was expecting some heavy was going to come in and do the production, she was like, ‘Can’t wait for this to come out!’ And I was like, ‘That’s it?’ She was like, ‘Yes, perfect.’ Overnight, you’re allowed to produce records, and it filled me with joy and fucking resentment because it’s a reminder of why I keep myself extremely separate from the business. It’s a reminder that all these herbs are ambulance chasers. Where are the ears, man? It’s happened over and over and over, every record I’ve made that has become a really important, big record. I mean, the stories I can tell you of what the herbs said about those when they heard them for the first time . . . cut to everyone high-fiving.”

              — Jack Antonoff to Rolling Stone on how his work with Taylor and Out of the Woods opened doors for his career

              (and 'herbs' is what he calls the men in suits side of the industry, probs also referring indirectly to how Scott Baloney didn't want 1989 to be a pop album, which we now know. Scott fought hard to get Taylor to tone down the pop and add more country. He prob hated OOTW. And then of course, Scott took credit for 1989 being AOTY so . . . )

              Also, Taylor might be in the States right now? So she could be prepping and doing bizness for a rollout. Her plane went Bekfast to Nash a week or so ago, spent a few days there, and then to Tampa (where her dad has a condo) and then to Rhode Island. So assuming Taylor was ever on it, it kinda looks like she spent a few days with her mom in Nash, then picked up her dad and went up to Holiday House for Father's Day week. There are rumors of a sighting of her and her dad at a restaurant in Watch Hill, but I haven't seen the sighting with my own eyeballz.

              Assuming she left Northern Ireland, whether or not she will rejoin Joe again soon, dunno? Convos With Friends will eventually need to move filming to France and Dublin and tumblr peeps say Taylor might not be allowed to go to either locale because of Covid restrictions anyway, so that could be another reason why she might choose to be Stateside for a bit, who knows. A huge chunk of the book (and the bulk f the sex scenes) happen in coastal France so I imagine they'll film there for awhile at some point soonish.

              I tend to think she really has left Belfast for a bit, because! we got pics from what looks like a dinner party* that she and Joe hosted for his castmates and I feel like we wouldn't have gotten those pics unless she had already left the location.

              Firstly, a couple of weeks ago Sasha (who plays Bobbi in CWF) posted this pics of her and Alison (who plays Frances):

              Sasha is in Belfast with her mom, baby, and boyfriend. Her boyfriend pretty obviously took that pic (he's a photog and musician and all the pics on his social media are in this style). No one really paid much attention to this pic, it wasn't until she posted this throwback one of Joe with a cat a week later that people realized that window must belong to Joe and Taylor's rental house:

              The cat is indubitably Olivia, as can be seen here:

              Tail stripe evidence does not lie.

              Which means Benjamin is probs at Joe's feet all like, "DADA Y U NO PICK UP MEEEEEE"

              And then Joe got all of a sudden active in his insta stories, posting this pic from that same night:

              (please to note! the hair has been cut!)

              He also posted some random pics of the Northern Ireland coastside and and this one from who knows where/when:

              * this is so meta! All the events in the book really kickoff from the night Melissa and Nick host Frances and Bobbi at their house for a dinner party, and Melissa (a photographer/writer who is more famous than her actor husband, Nick) takes moody black and white pics of everyone, although in this case I guess Taylor and Sasha's boyfriend combined = Melissa, and also I think Nick cuddles their dog because he and Melissa don't have a cat, but still! Almost creepy!

              Speaking of dinner parties, saw this story on tumblr that I hadn't seen before. It's a UK gossip mag, so grain of salt but!

              the source says, ‘Joe has a really solid group of friends from school, all living in London. A few years back, when he’d just started dating Taylor, one of his friends held a dinner party and Joe asked if he could bring the girl he was seeing. The guests were all shocked when he arrived with Taylor Swift - it was like a scene from Notting Hill. They had a great night and Taylor fit in with all his friends so well.’

              ‘Taylor and Joe are the real thing,’ says the source. ‘He is her rock and she feels happier than ever now in her career and personal life. She definitely wants a family one day, and she can see that happening with Joe.’

              So cute. There's no way Taylor didn't also think of Notting Hill as well when/if that happened.

              I feel like their love story was weirdly scripted to happen to prove that love actually CAN happen to famous people despite famous-people obstacles, like one of the gods of the Greek pantheon cooked it up to amuse themselves and to also teach humankind a lesson.

              I accept as Tru Enuf the Vance Joy theory; he even looks like her type. That song he wrote is pretty explicitly “I slept with Taylor Swift.”

              I just love this theory and want to BELIEB. 'Like Gold' is actually a great song, too. If I was to put together a playlist of songs thought to be about Taylor, it would go to the top of it. Definitely edging out Paper Doll. (F U 4EVA JOHN MAYER).

              And I saw on swiftiesllueth/bisluthq's tumblr that Vance Joy did an AMA on reddit where he says Wildest Dreams is his fave Tay song, and The 1 is his fave off of folklore which is just . . . also eyebrow raising, methinks.

              This answers a question I had . . . TayVer song won an country music award:

              So people are looking at these in a fresh way. I don't think that means Grammys are forthcoming, though.

              So! Taylor did accept that Songwriting award against the Belfast gray wall:


              “Thank you, David for that beautiful introduction. I'm really, really honored to be receiving this award because it honors the part of my job that is so magical and mystifying to me still. I love songwriting so much because there's an element to it that's still really mysterious, like I think any songwriter will tell you, when you get an idea, you're not quite sure where it floated down from, but if you can grab onto that idea and turn it into a piece of music, that's where craftsmanship comes in, and that's where you have the opportunity to learn and to nurture that craft. And I want to take a moment to thank the people who were my professors, my teachers of the craft of songwriting. First of all, anyone who wrote with me in Nashville when I was in like eighth or ninth grade. That is insane that you did that, and I am so lucky that I got to learn from some of the best writers on Music Row. Liz Rose is someone who spent hours and hours and hours with me when there was absolutely no sign that anything would happen in my career. My dance card was not full, I was 14, and she wrote with me so many times and taught me how to edit my ideas down to something more concise that packed an emotional punch. Then I got to work later on in my career with Max Martin and Johan Shellback, who I learned so much from, just about from a melodic sense, and I will carry those lessons with me for the rest of my life. I will learn more lessons from them next time we work together, and I just feel really lucky that they've been a part of my life. Jack Antonoff is such a wonderful creator and such a nurturing presence with any artist: with his own art, with other artists, he's just so versatile. And such a wonderful friend. Aaron Dessner came into my life recently and he's such a prolific creator. All of these people changed my writing and helped shape it.

              There are so many others, though, and so if you've ever sat in a room and co-written with me, thank you so much. Anybody who has ever wanted to produce one of my songs, any collaborator I've ever had I've learned from all of you. I want to say thank you to Troy Tomlinson for always being excited to hear new songs of mine, and Jodi Gerson for being such a champion of female songwriters throughout the industry. This is something that I am so proud to receive, and the fans who are out there, who care about my lyrics, you have no idea how much that means to me, that you dissect them and copy them into your journals and care about the things that I write and the words that I write. There are amazing songwriters that came before me, who deserve this, there are incredible songwriters coming up now who are just so impressive and amazing. I have such an affinity and respect for all of you, and I am honored to receive this. Thank you so much.”

              — Taylor accepting the NMPA Songwriters’ Icon Award at the 2021 Annual Meeting
              (h/t cages-boxes)

              We got another 1989 hint!

              {quote]“First of all, to anyone who wrote with me in Nashville when I was in eighth or ninth grade: That is insane that you did that, and I am so lucky that I got to learn from some of the best writers on Music Row.”[/quote]

              She obvs didn't have to say the grade numbers, since they also co-wrote with her at other ages/grades as well.

              Honestly, though . . .

              The gray wall doesn't disprove that she left Belfast, because this one was pretty clearly recorded the same day as the iHeart acceptance speech (based on hair, makeup, and nails):

              . . . she just changed her dress and earrings and didn't use the green screen this time.

              If you have been throwing your hands up in the air and saying, BUT OPHY, WHAT ARE THE KAYS UP TO NOW* well, wonder no more! I gotchu, babes.

              * long story short, they been fuhreaking out and having a Very Bad No Good couple of weeks. But if you want the long story long, keep reading!

              About the Joe-holding-the-cat-who-is-obviously-Olivia-Benson pics, well!

              Anonymous asked:

              always pics to promote something for Taylor///

              Yes, he did the same thing with folklmore. Also, you can't even tell what cat he's holding. The pictures could literally be from anyone/ anywhere.

              Swiffers are like, "he's at th lakes with Taylor and holding her cat. What a beautiful couple."

              Can't see through the bullshit at all. Oh well. It will be what it will be.
              . . . if y'all can't tell that's Olivia, then y'all are the ones who can't see at all. THAT TAIL AIN'T LYING.

              t only sent one of her cat to do pr stunt. next week gonna be such a mess. this is just beginning and we got jerklie all over the places. what's next .


              Anonymous asked:

              So what do you think of the pictures of joe and dibbles? Would love to hear your theory?

              spade-riddles answered:

              Tree probably sent an intern to Ireland with the cat for a stunt. Taylor was also just in London so she could have brought the cat, too. Toe needs promo for his movie. It is transparent as heck. He only shows when he needs publicity. Taylor gets to pretend to be there by letting him post her cat.

              . . .

              Anonymous asked:

              I didn't understand why they used Olivia, since Benjamin it's "their cat", it would make more sense and toe fans would be happier because their dream is a picture of him with Benjamin as their baby, inserting Olivia into this narrative was really weird, I don't know what to think about it

              S-R: Well Olivia is considered Karlie’s cat, so she likely did it to sh*t on us. ‍


              Anonymous asked:

              And sorry I'm a little lost, but I was really disappointed with Olivia in Belfast along with the toe, Taylor involving her cats with him sucks for me, it's the same thing as Karlie involving Jerk with their baby , I don't know how Taylor allows it

              spade-riddles answered:

              It could have been a photoshopped pic for all we know. Or her plane stopped there, an intern took the cat to him, they took a pic, and left. Can cats from other countries just show up in Belfast? I thought there were some rules about animals traveling into foreign countries. I would ignore Toe. He is nobody. Yes, annoying, but at least we rarely see Taylor with him.

              . . .

              Anonymous asked:

              Um do we have definitive proof it was even Olivia? All I saw was a paw and tail. It could be any cat no? Or am I thinking of another pic?

              spade-riddles answered:

              There was a distinct marking on the cat’s leg that matched Olivia. But that would be easy to photoshop I would think.

              Anonymous asked:

              It’s definitely Olivia anon, because Taylor’s jet went to Belfast, they weren’t going to send an empty jet there, everyone thought it was Taylor leaving or arriving in Belfast, but now we know it was just the cat who went there to take a picture with toe

              Okay, so the idea of Taylor flying just ONE of her cats to Belfast alone on a private jet so Joe's coworker Sasha who does not even have a high follower count could post that pic is very very hilars.

              Actual footage of Olivia chillaxing on a PJ all alone, just her and the (pilot who is either thinking this is the stupidest job in the world or the GREATEST JOB in the world depending on his or her stance on this whole cat issue):


              * please to note I only post Karlie stuff because otherwise y'all won't know what the kays are tinhatting about.

              Well, not exactly . . . unless you call numerous pap walks with a stroller bebe in cities that Taylor is definitely NOT in making the kays happy.

              Not posting them, but there were loooooots. Karlie's been getting papped four or five times a week. I do want to post this one, though, because WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT OUTFIT:


              Oh, and there was this-

              Karlie brought one of the kaybabys to visit the Project Runway set to promote her new Adidas line:

              BUT WE DON'T KNOW WHICH ONE.

              Even the kays don't know!

              Anonymous asked:
              What the hell is there really two babies, the baby Karlie post on her ig with mirror to the baby that Karlie was with yesterday Are two different ppl. The head are different

              . . .

              Anonymous asked:

              I'm not even sure it's the same baby her mom was holding. Also if you zoom this baby has faint black hair at the bottom of his head and the baby her mom was holding and the one she had brown hair. It's a fucking mess I'm telling you. I don't like this at all.

              . . .

              Anonymous asked:

              Idk but the baby in the stroller pap walk where apparently the picture of his face got leaked, looked kinda bigger and had more hair than the baby KK was carrying in the IG story recently

              . . .

              Anonymous asked:

              I don't know about the two babies thing. The baby in the mirror could be the same baby but based on perspective, it's hard to tell. It is definitely the same baby Karlie's mom was holding. Now, the baby jerk posted. He'll no. Totally different baby. 100%.


              Anonymous asked:

              How many babies are there? Karlie brought her collection to the PR set and her coworkers posted photos of baby Levi who looks quite different from what we've seen until now. And there were other people in the background too. Weren't the girls supposed to keep their child out of the cameras? So why is Karlie parading her baby while she's doing promo for her Adidas line in a set full of cameras?? Can the insiders do something useful for fucking once and help us understand???

              LEVI DOESN'T EVEN EXIST Y'ALL, so that bebe must not be him. And nor was he the bebe she took to Disneyworld to promote her new Minnie Mouse ears design :

              She's just a kerrazy lady pushing an empty stroller around NY and Florida, I guess.

              Anonymous asked:

              My brain actually hurts a little. So Levi really is Karlies baby then. With Taylor? Was Taylor there today in Disneyland with them you think? So Karlie really is saying Levi is a Kushner then?

              S-R: I personally do not believe that Karlie has a son named Levi. I believe that is a public face, and she is protecting her real child. She vowed she was going to keep her child private, yet we cannot seem to get enough of Levi on pap walks and gossip rags. I have no idea how she will get out of it. I have no idea if there really is a baby named Levi (it’s possible that Jerk had a child through surrogacy). I do not know if Karlie had a boy or girl. My hunch is she had a girl with Taylor. But I say that mainly based on the seeding I felt I saw while she was pregnant.

              Karlie was in Disney to promote her Disney ears, so she was working. I doubt Taylor was there only because she would have needed a good wig to pull it off. It is always possible that she was there incognito, but they also know that this is a price they pay for Taylor’s celebrity.

              . . .

              Anonymous asked:

              Can we call her a S E L L O U T now? Is it finally time? She's technically made her child a Kushner employee like herself so I think now is fair to call her that. At least she doesn't have anything else to sacrifice for this family. Oh wait there's Taylor. Should we be worried that she'll have Taylor stunting for the Kushners too? I mean should we expect to see Taylor promoting Kushner enterprises?

              spade-riddles answered:

              Again, I do not believe she is using her child around him at all. Have you ever noticed that she has never once pushed the stroller when she is with him or his mom? She just walks alongside. She only pushes a stroller when she is alone or with friends.

              Is she allowing her real pregnancy and birth timing to be used by the Kushners? Yes, she is.

              Oh, but IT GOT WORSE for the kays when Karlie and Josh were papped together a couple of times outside the Puck building, so they could no longer klaim Karlie's been there alone:

              And then! The ultimate blow of betrayal!

              Karlie gave an interview where she talked about giving birth and did NOT mention her sekrit wife Taylor at all!

              Anonymous asked:

              What the fuck?!?! Please please tell me I read that wrong. Please tell me I didn't just read that Karlie said asshole grifting Jerk was in the delivery room while she was giving birth! What the actual fuck!

              . . .

              Anonymous asked:

              “I assumed she was trying to say that Taylor was in the delivery room” ‍♀️ If that's the case then Karlie is the dumbest b*tch ever. No one took it like that. And those who did were so appalled he was inserted by her in such an intimate moment that they didn't focus on Taylor at. She tried to hit two birds with a stone and ended up hitting herself with that “stone”. Karlie a friendly advice. Leave the magical moment of childbirth out of your stunts. Show some respect to yourself.


              Karlie and Josh and Levi went to St.Louis for a friend's wedding and to celebrate Josh's birthday weekend with her family. They were papped at a Cardinal's game with her dad and so on, and then!

              HOW DARE SHE.

              Kinda hard to be a Happy Kay these days, although this person seems to be holding in there:

              Counterpoint! TAYLOR IS A DEADBEAT MOM.

              Anonymous asked:

              I disagree with you on this point SR, I could be wrong but I feel Taylor is not being as responsible as a mother should be, a newborn baby needs 24-hour care, it's okay Taylor loves to work and loves the money too, but I think a lack of sensitivity on her part, she could have more time with her family... I would like your real opinion on this, pleae

              . . .

              Anonymous asked:

              Taylor is in RI and she was seen with Scott at a restaurant... This is so tiring because when she is not promoting toe she is elsewhere with other people but she is never with karlie, is that right? They just had a baby, but Taylor is never present in their lives, that's sad and I'm afraid their relationship will be damaged by it, if they had the courage to have a baby in the middle of this chaos, they also need to face the front responsibility

              And these people are konsidering giving up on the konspiracy altogether . . .

              Anonymous asked:
              Look at this! I mean come on! These new Karlie pictures on instagram are the end for me. I've been a Kaylor for many years but I'm leaving the fandom in exactly this moment. This is not worth ANY of my time. I'm so DONE. I feel so used.

              . . .

              Anonymous asked:

              SR don't take this the wrong way pls, but there needs to be a serious talk about all the insiders who in hindsight did only harm to us. I'm not even gonna bother with tta and their bullshit, but Spade should be held accountable. I do believe they knew stuff and were legit, but I also believe they mislead us on purpose. We didn't deserve that. If the girls had decided to spend their life in hiding, fear and lies, we should have been told. Not led to believe the exact opposite.

              Anonymous asked:

              Hi SR, I always talk to one of my friends about celeb gossip. Love it!! When I talked to him about the recent Kaylor happenings, he said I sounded like a Larry. Double babies and complicated stories. I don't think I am!!! What should I say back????

              S-R: I wish I could help you, anon. Kaylor leaves us looking like clowns far too often despite our loyal support. Just act confident and tell him the truth will play out in the long run, and to remember this conversation years from now.

              Anonymous asked:

              I mean no offense to you but I need to point out how tragically ironic this is. This time a year ago ♠️ was finishing spelling out “they are free”. Today, a year later, Karlie informed us all how happy she was to have Jerk in the room while giving birth to “their” baby. Had ♠️ warned us about what was about to come instead of promising a brighter future, everyone would have checked out back then. So why did they mislead us? So we would sit through a year full of the worst & shadiest stunts ever?

              . . . .

              Anonymous asked:

              Today was a disaster, wasn't it? ~~ I wish I hadn't gone down the rabbit hole all these years ago. If someone had told me back then that KK would be trying to pass her and Taylor's child as a Kushner and singing Jerk's praises as a husband, I would have noped years ago and spared myself years of emotional investment and ultimately heartbreak.

              Anonymous asked:

              The way we had no josh—now he's everywhere with her and I want to throw up .

              It must mean something right? Tay, what gay shit are you about to pull?

              . . .

              Anonymous asked:
              There's yet another jerklie stunt on daily mail today and indeed jerk is pushing two different strollers. But I think the second one is detachable and becomes a car seat or something? Anyway, little difference does it make how many strollers there are as there's little chance Karlie's baby is in either of them.

              . . ..

              I don't care if Taylor is releasing something next week. The jerklie is depressing as hell. How can someone be excited when Karlie has draped herself in chains.

              Anonymous asked:

              Well anon apparently the 2nd week of pride month she used her child she has with her (lesbian) partner to prove to the world what a happy heterosexual absolutely not gay family she has. God forbid if a family consists of anything else other than a man a woman and a child/ren. The perfect heteronormative little family! Happy pride Karls!

              . . .

              So I'm preparing myself for their nauseating birthday weekend/Father's Day week stunts.

              No way in hell am I excited about this. It's infuriating, but we have no power to change it right?

              If y'all did have the power to change it, that would be terrifying! I don't even want to know what that kind of power would look like!

              Anonymous asked:

              I pray to god the baby he's holding isn't Taylor's. I pray to literal god. And if there's only one baby and this is it, I pray that he's in no way connected to Taylor and never will be. Ever.

              Prayer answered, I guess? YOU'RE WELKOME, SAYS GOD.

              At first, when it was just the pap pics of them together, the kween simply moved the goalposts, as she is wont to do:

              Anonymous asked:

              This week has been exhausting. I'm not gonna ask you for sources ext because I know alot of this is a lot of faith. And I applaud you and the other blogs who look for clues. But at this point I'm tired of being a joke to my friends and family who everytime they stunt mock me. There is so much they don't need to do that they do that makes it harder on us. I'm tired of being the butt of the joke. Maybe one day if they ever live their truth I will be happy but right now I just need a break. I hate to say it but what they do just feels cruel now. Thanks for everything and for how much you tried to keep morale up.

              S-R: I totally get you, anon. I have taken breaks before too. I said to a few mutuals the other day that I will never understand why they troll their most loyal supporters … most especially the LGBTQ community that supports them. It is not funny or fun.

              I do believe we are seeing heavy jerk right now because we are headed for the home stretch with him. The biggest clue for me is the deletion of his creepy Karlie IG account. He does not want to delete that after they split as we will make him the butt of the joke that he is. I agree that he also removed it so Karlie doesn’t have to tag him in baby pics. I also think that very smart anon pointed out something else important. Her post that she will not let Kayda play with her phone anymore means that she will not be posting the creep anymore. Sorry but he literally makes my skin crawl. So creep it is.

              I am not saying days or weeks, but I do think he is gone by the end of the year for sure.

              But now that Karlie has posted Josh with one of the basement bebs ojn her very own insta, which is something the kween SWORE she would nevah do, well!

              GASP . . . . IS IT ALL OVER FOR THE KWEEN?????


              (nah, not likely. The kween is a kockroach like most tinhat babygaters, she will nevah die, nevah surrender. But I posted this extra long batch of kay nonsense just in case she really does deactivate, you nevah really know! )

              Non-kay bonus! an anon on tumblr dug this short student mockumentory up from beek knows where of Young!Joe playing a character named Phil from his early drama dept days at Uni in Bristol.

              A Higher Education:


              The script is mildly funny but mostly really dumb and is most notable for Joe's uhmazing hair. I can see why the girls at uni would drop their panties, to be fair. I would have let that gawky blond brat absolutely fuck over my life at nineteen, no regrets! But I don't wanna think too hard about that or it gets weird.

              Okay, back to twiddling thumbs waiting on a 1989 TayVer announcement that ain't evah coming . . .

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              • It's not 1989, it's Red!




                  THAT SCARF EMOJI.

                  Y'all that's ELEVEN Vault tracks holy beekola we are getting fed.

                  And y'all she's a cussing in the new version!

                  I'm surprised she's doing Red next, but not surprised that she would want to do it in the fall. But that suggests she's only doing 2 re-records a year, maybe? Dunno I'm confuzzled. She has been hinting so heavily at 1989 (and we know Wildest Dreams* is already done) so that it makes me think she had a different plan, but that the plan got altered for some reason.

                  * unless she just did Wildest Dreams on it's own on purpose because she was approached for it to be included in the teaser for that animated Spirit film that Jake G. is doing voiceover work in. Pretty hilars that when he was doing promo for it, he showed only the one bit of a teaser that did NOT have WD as the background music.

                  In the new pic, I thought she was wearing the LOVE ring she wore while writing Red (the same kind that she gifted Olivia R.), but nooooo! She had a new RED ring designed in the same style:

                  She's sp fuhreaking extra I lurve it.

                  But loling forever that she decided to announce it on Kooter Brown's birthday.

                  Of course, it's also 22 weeks until the release date:

                  If the cover pic looks familiar, it's because she took the pics during an evermore shoot last year:

                  Which means she already had the RED ring made at that point. I like the cover better than the Fearless TayVer one, for sure.

                  Ha, at these twitter trends:

                  Poor Jake, though! THE TEN MINUTE ALL TOO WELL, I mean!


                  • Joe with the cat is the best thing on the internet this week. He’s all casual sophisticated dinner party while holding a cat like a baby. Love it.

                    cowboy like me is still up there as one of my most fave songs by any artist evah
                    I feel that way about ivy. For me evermore is the more complete album because I don’t skip any of it. I skip a few songs on folklore, even though peace and august and illicit affairs and exile and this is me trying are just so very perfect.

                    I do believe we are seeing heavy jerk right now because we are headed for the home stretch with him.
                    Always the same story - Karlie is parading around this man and their baby because she wants to divorce him. That’s like no divorce I have ever seen or heard of in my life, because in my experience people go dark and then announce they split 6 months ago. But okay.

                    As to Red TV, I am pleasantly surprised by this news since everyone was guessing 1989. I adore the RED ring and the new photo with red hat. And I am so glad she is giving us the 10 minute ATW. Hopefully that means both the 10 minute and the usual length will be on the album.

                    Thanks for all the posts, O! It’s a lot to take in.


                    • Hopefully that means both the 10 minute and the usual length will be on the album.

                      Oh, for sure it does. She has no other choice but to do the OG ATW as well. My guess is that the eleven vault tracks will include the 10 min ATW, her own version of Better Man, and maybe even her own version of Babe? And then 8 more of which we have no clue to guide us . . . but which are apparently nothing but Taylor calling Jake a motherfucker on repeat, based on that explicit rating.

                      I am not at all upset over waiting five months for the next album, I mean . . . the insane output of this woman in the past 12 months, like!

                      It's not a bad thing to force the fans to chillax a bit, either. She spoiled them with those surprise drops and they've been getting super hectic and impatient.


                      • I am not good with the five months and part of me wonders if she has some other surprise between now and then.


                        • I am not good with the five months and part of me wonders if she has some other surprise between now and then.

                          Well, Ed says she does!

                          “I’ve already done it*, I’ve already recorded it. Taylor’s got a few surprises in store for you, I’ll say that.”

                          * re-recorded Everything Has Changed for Red (TayVer).

                          And another surprise coming this week for reals!

                          No time to put together a real post, but just wanted to drop this . . . as we knew, Taylor is mos def on the new Big Red Machine* album, and we are finally getting the deets:

                          *Aaron and Justin Vernon's side project

                          Looks like Renegade might be coming out Friday as the first single, maybe? Color me totally unsurprised that Aaron and Taylor were making music while quar-ing for the Grammys at her house. They are a beekdamn menace when they get together.

                          You can see Taylor's wackadoodle pen holding style while writing lyrics in the teaser for the album:

                          So funny to me that if there had never been a pandemic, Taylor would never have joined a smallish indie side project with two of her musical heroes that just happened to be named BIG red MACHINE so confusingly like her old label, I mean what are the chances.

                          But it does seem like she and Aaron are some kind of magical musical soulmates so there's a silver lining to a horrible year.

                          Small side note, filming of CWF moved to Dublin:

                          Joe as Nick in the scene where Frances spots him walking with his sister and niece:

                          And another scene:

                          I assume that's the ridiculously expensive coat he's wearing that Frances becomes obsessed with.

                          Not sure where Taylor is. There was some jet movement that might indicate she's still in the UK, or possibly Nashville, but nobody knows nuthin'.

                          quick bonus!

                          Taylor has also been hyping Ed's latest:

                          I know she's ride or die for him, but . . . this song is a discount Shape Of You to me. Not bad! But not really very memorable. I miss Give Me Love Era Ed, actually. He's going all out on promo, there must be dozens upon dozens of interviews etc that he's already done, so I'm not surprised he asked her to sprinkle some Taylor sparkle on it.

                          But! this incredibly insightful person knows the REAL REASON why Taylor is promoing Ed right now:

                          . .. or maybe it's because they are friends?

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                          • wow, that fanfic would make a good Dan Brown-style novel.
                            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                            • No time to put together a real post, but just wanted to drop this . . . as we knew, Taylor is mos def on the new Big Red Machine* album, and we are finally getting the deets:
                              On the Ringer Dish Every Single Album podcast, Nathan Hubbard said she has now joined the Avengers, which is kinda what happened here. I am listening to Renegade now and I like it so far.

                              The Kay fanfic is classic.


                              • Renegade is basically an evermore song so of course I love it!


                                Sounds kinda like a letter she might have written to Joe when his cascade ocean blues came a bit too rough once, perhaps? Or maybe about herself in a way? Doesn't sound fictional to me, tbh.

                                Off to the eye doc might? get dilated? ugh.
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