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  • I came up with a theory just now, that maybe she didn’t want to release 1989 this summer (which she seemed to be hinting she would), so as to not overshadow the BRM album.


    • The Kay's are crazy, they should get together with the KR fans who are tormenting his girlfriend Alexandra.


      • The Kay's are crazy, they should get together with the KR fans who are tormenting his girlfriend Alexandra

        I don't know who that is!

        I came up with a theory just now, that maybe she didn’t want to release 1989 this summer (which she seemed to be hinting she would), so as to not overshadow the BRM album.

        You could be right! I have mos def seen some people speccing that. She obvs really really loves that her indie musical heroes want to work with her and I don't think she'd want to jeopardize that.

        Worlds collide!

        (fyi I think Pheoebe and Alex whatshisname might have split up? They haven't been posting each other, and she's been back in Australia for awhile now.She did like a post of his back in June though, so I might just be trippin.)

        Okay, quick Renegade info dump:

        She looks so soft in the video:

        Already #1:

        . . . poor Ed.

        Aaaron has been doing a ton of press. I guess he has to, since his partners in this are both hermits:

        “[The period was] a creative blur. I think this was an intense growing period for me, I was learning so much from Taylor and the process. Along the way, I shared all of our unfinished Big Red Machine songs with her and she really found them inspiring and gave me so much positive feedback and encouragement. I think that helped me realize how connected this Big Red Machine music was to everything else I was doing and that I was always supposed to be chasing these ideas. I was finding new sounds and ways of working through these songs. I just hadn’t been able to finish them. So, I did.”

        That sense of shared experience extended to the new album’s title, which was coined by Swift after Dessner told her he wasn’t sure what to call the new album. Intuitively summing up the themes, she suggested titling it “How Long Do You Think It’s Gonna Last?,” a question which she pointed out could refer to multiple subjects addressed therein:

        “The Ghost of Cincinnati’ wasn’t written as a song for Big Red Machine. That’s one that I played for Taylor, and she said, ‘This has to be on the record.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, but it’s just me playing guitar by myself.’ She said, ‘No, it’s perfect. It’s exactly what this record should be.’”

        — Aaron Dessner to Variety on Taylor’s creative input on Big Red Machine

        “After we finished Evermore, she wrote ‘Renegade’ and it was just like, again, getting hit by a bolt of lightning or something. When you get the chance to work with someone like her, she’s just... She’s a savant and just this incredibly hardworking and wonderful person. So it was just special,” he says.

        “Every time we write a song together, we both are a little bit dumbfounded by it. Or sort of like, ‘How is this possible?’ because it feels like the shoe fits so well somehow. And I think something about the way that I think, or the way that I relate to music emotionally, and then her incredible acumen or her way of tracing music and her storytelling and her sense of melody, there’s something that really clicks,” Dessner elaborates.

        “I, emotionally, was really struck by the first time I heard it just the way she talks about how anxiety and fear get in the way of loving someone or create an inability for someone to love. And I think it's incredibly relatable, but it’s expressed in the context of this fairly experimental sound world. The way it came together as a song it just really I think sums up the whole the Big Red Machine record.”

        — Aaron Dessner to Zane Lowe on Renegade

        “While we were making folklore and evermore last year, Taylor and I sometimes talked about experimenting and writing songs together some day for @bigredmachineadjv. Making music with your friends just to make it -- that's how Big Red Machine started and has grown -- and that's how Renegade came about too. This song was something we wrote after we finished evermore and it dawned on us that this was a BRM song. Taylor's words hit me so hard when I heard her first voice memo and still do, every time. Justin lifted the song further into the heavens, and my brother @brycedessner’s strings and drummer @jasontreuting add so much. The feeling and sound of this song feel very much at the heart of ‘How Long Do You Think It's Gonna Last?’ I'm so grateful to Taylor for continuing to share her incredible talent with me and that we are still finding excuses to make music together.”

        —Aaron Dessner on ‘Renegade (feat. Taylor Swift)

        “Whatever wildfire happened last year creatively for Taylor and I, we just didn't want to stop writing songs together. And still don't, really. She's just, somehow I ended up on the team with the best player, so you just want to keep passing the ball to her. And Big Red Machine was a great opportunity, because she really fell in love with a lot of the music that Justin and I were working on, because I would share it with her. A lot of this music, right before Taylor approached me last year, Justin and I had been in Texas to work on these songs. And so they were pretty far along, but I shared a bunch of them with Taylor, and she really was inspired by them, and she knew the first record, so it just kind of was in the air when we were working on folklore and evermore. Some of the instrumental ideas—there were some where she felt like this might be Big Red Machine, so it just happened naturally after we finished evermore. She wrote Renegade and it was, you know, just again getting hit by a bolt of lightning or something. When you get the chance to work with someone like her, she's a savant and just this incredibly hardworking and wonderful person, so it was just special.”

        “There's another song called Birch that's really really stunning that she sings and is a big part of with Justin. Justin sort of leads the charge but she's a huge part of it, and it's a duet then. I think there's no real, there's no real lines being drawn as to when. I kind of hope we never stop writing songs together because it's so fun, and so illuminating.”
        “It's funny because I feel like I'm also searching for the Easter eggs when she drops them, because there are so many. I'm such a fan of what she does, but her mind, she has a sort of mystical, mythical elements in her songwriting that are just kind of there as a constellation in her mind. She sees things, patterns, that she then drops in different ways. And sometimes I know and sometimes I don't know, but it's fun. And her fans are just incredible - the details they're interested in. I love it, it's super fun, I feel like I got invited into the best club or something.”

        Her relationship with Aaron is just the purest thing. She's even got him using the four red heart easter egg now!

        And she loves loves loves him:

        Side note, one of the baby Reynold's took this pic of Taylor for the single cover:

        Critical reception has been good, but a lot of Bon Iver/The National fanboys are butthurt about all of it and think Taylor is draging them down. Wevs!

        Errrybuddy just gonna have to suck it up.

        Non-renegade stuff now:

        Joe and his costars went to Pride Day in Dublin:

        Looks like he is trying to talk to Sasha's baby, and Sasha's baby is ignoring him.

        But! All those coats! Is it really that cold in Dublin in JUNE? This is why I could nevah live in the UK, yikes.

        Don't think Taylor was in Dublin when that pic was taken, because based on jet movement she went to Nashville from Belfast on June 20, hung out with her mom there for a few days, then zipped up to Holiday House to hang with Blake and Ryan and their kiddos (maybe that's when James took the pic for the cover), and then headed to Dublin on June 30th. So she should be there now. After Dublin, I guess the cast will be heading to coastal France for the smexiest of the scenes, dunno if Taylor will go with them. I imagine they will be there for several weeks, so she probs will.

        Back to Renegade, this kay has kracked the lyrical kode:

        Trying to make sense of why people would think these lyrics are about Joe? In my bones I think this song is sung from her partner/lover’s POV. So let’s ask the questions per Renegade lyric:

        Are you really gonna talk about timin’ in times like these? - timing of what? Timing of coming out as straight? As married? Of having a child? What hetero explanation could there be of timing something regarding her relationship? Or maybe, just possibly (more realistically) it’s about the timing of her coming out? Of them dropping the beards? Times like these referring to current pandemic times? Aren’t some things more important now?

        And let all your damage, damage me - what damage has Taylor done to Joe’s reputation? And if you think it’s sung from Taylor’s perspective, what damage has Joe done to Taylor’s reputation? Could this possibly be Karlie acknowledging that her association with Taylor and the public’s thought that she betrayed Taylor in some way has caused damage to Karlie’s reputation? (Not ignoring the fact that her association with the Kushner family has done even more damage)

        And carry your baggage up my street - Cornelia Street reference… there is no damn city that screams Joe’s name..sorry.

        And make me your future history, it’s time - Telling her to stop putting this off if she wants to build the future together that they both want. Stop stringing him/her along with promises of a future happy time. Could Joe be giving her an ultimatum to get married if she wants to keep him? Or is Karlie saying enough is enough and it’s time to drop the facades so they can finally be free and open to love each other?

        You’ve come a long way, open the blinds, let me see your face - her word play is amazing maybe this means she’s traveled to see the person, or maybe emotionally she’s come a long way and it’s time to start revealing her true self to the world

        You wouldn’t be the first renegade, to need somebody - a renegade is someone who goes against the norm of whatever circumstance they are in…a “cowboy like me” if you will. Maybe even a former country music star who wasn’t straight?

        Is it insensitive for me to say “Get your shit together so I can love you?” - sure straight couples can have relationship issues too, but what shit would Taylor have to get together or battle does she have to overcome to be happy with Joe? Maybe Joe wants to be more public? Maybe he wants to get married and start a family? Isn’t that everything the media says Taylor wants, so what’s the problem? Maybe the problem is she doesn’t want a “he”?

        Is it really your anxiety that stops you from givin’ me everything? - again…anxiety of what? Anxiety of the media/gp ruining her hetero relationship? What is the everything she hasn’t given to him? Being too private and not more public? Not getting married and starting a family for fear that it’ll ruin her career? Or maybe it’s Taylor’s POV and Joe has anxiety of being tied down and doesn’t want to start a family yet for fear it would ruin his career? What guy’s career has by ruined by having a family? Or maybe Taylor has anxiety that if she goes public with her relationship with Karlie that she’ll lose everything she’s worked so hard to build over these years? Referring back to the Evermore lyric “Can’t not think of all the cost and all the things that will be lost”.

        Great job! Kudos to you!

        ETA Forgot to add that the reason why we know the Reynolds-Livelys were in Rhode Island is that Ryan latergrammed this pic:

        Swifties at letussilent not only recognized the landscaping, they even recognized the shadow of the fence/gate:

        Also, we know Taylor was on the flight to Dublin from Rhode Island because she was spotted at the Dublin airport arriving. Her jet has already returned to Nash, so she's probs planning on staying there awhile.

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        • I am sure Aaron sometimes can’t quite believe he is now in this world where his indie dad rock record is #1 with giant displays with his face on them. I totally friendship-ship Aaron and Taylor; their musical magic is the best. As to the indie dudes who want to gate-keep, I spit in their general direction.

          I really love Renegade after a few listenings. Her lyrics are so sharp right now.

          I adore the Swifties who recognize a single fern on someone’s lawn. <3 <3



            Maybe she turned into a mad woman after all.


            • The deuxmoi reddit thread said Scooter was cheating with someone named Erika Jayne.


              • The deuxmoi reddit thread said Scooter was cheating with someone named Erika Jayne.

                Erika Jayne Girardi is the Real Housewife of Beverly Hills going through a very scandalous divorce and bankruptcy right now! Have y'all not seen the Housewife And The Hustler documentary on Hulu yet? They don't mention the Koots rumors, but yeah . . . for the past few months, several outlets have been saying that Kooter and Erika were cheating on their spouses with each other. Supposedly, they met at a sex club in LA. She's in deep doo at the moment, and might have to cough up $25 million to pay off her husband's victims. Not sure if jail time is on the table for her, but she's absolutely about to be financially ruined.

                This is Erika and her lawyer husband, who robbed a bunch of his clients for decades and just now finally got caught:

                She's gonna be tied up in court a loooong time unless she finds a way to settle quick.

                Koots is not having a great summer. First he had to sell a bunch of his holdings, then he got hit with multiple multi-million dollar lawsuits, then actual family members were like, "lol shady dude can't be trusted" in the press, and now this:

                Just a few days ago he was posting about his anniversary and his wife even commented:

                A Team 4lyfe

                . . . so I don't know what's going on! I know things can turn on a dime, but IT'S VERY WEIRD.

                Speaking of gossip . . .

                . . . this would not surprise me. I belieb! I've seen a suggestion that 'whiskey man' might be singer Jake Owen, who has his own whiskey label and who she wrote Sparks Fly about.

                This pic in particular, given that whiskey man calls her a 'devil'!

                Taylor absolutely has a few armored black Toyotas, fyi.

                Okay, so random info dump time, I guess.

                I can't get Renegade out of my damn head.

                I've heard that Birch is even more of a Justin/Taylor duet. I cannot wait, yo.

                Taylor and Joe seem to still be in Dublin? No jet has gone to pick her up yet, at least, and there hasn't been any movement in a South of France-erly direction yet.

                Joe has def been on set:

                No but for reals, is Dublin somehow in the Arctic? It's summer time. What the fuck.

                I guess they could be in costume for winter scenes? He's wearing Nick's wedding band. But in the book, Nick has this beautiful expensive winter coat which becomes a plot point which challenges Frances's socialism -- and what he's wearing right now ain't it.

                I am somehow fascinated by the climatic implications here, that somehow Ireland is like Australia and they are having winter while we are having summer.

                And on set again in clearer shots for all you convo with friends fans:

                There's definitely one or two potential car scenes this could be:

                So, kissing! Yeah, there was a brouhaha over the kissing pics.

                Two diff kinds of reactions:

                . . . and those who don't seem to realize he's on set filming a show:

                . . . so even though the crew is around in most pics and he's mos def holding a script.

                . . . there was still quite the JOE IS A DIRTY DIRTY CHEATER chatter on twitter for a couple of days.

                Anyway, all's quiet on the Taylor front at the moment otherwise.

                Would you care for some kay treats? OF COURSE YOU WOULD.

                Something the kween said would nevah happen, an actual family photo of Karlie, Josh, and one of the basement bebes:

                Anonymous asked:

                Serious question (not a troll): what difference does it make, morally speaking, or any other way, if the baby being paraded around isn’t the Kaylor baby? The end result is the same regardless. It sells the narrative that she has a baby with a K*shner, so what does it matter whose baby it is? How does it make it any more palatable who the actual baby is in the stroller? Just curious

                S-R: To me, if it is not Karlie’s actual child she is walking around with (keep in mind that she never touches the stroller when she is with Jerk or his mom), than the only morality issue is Karlie’s. She is letting herself be perceived that way. That is her problem. But, to me, it doesn’t bring her actual child into it. We also do not know how she plans to unwind the narrative if ‘Levi’ is not her child.

                Anonymous asked:

                Sorry but I don't feel the need to “hug” Karlie –not anymore at least–nor do I regret unfollowing her a year back. Despite Tay's admirable efforts to make us feel bad for Karlie and paint her in a good light, she's working for a family that made so fucking many lives a living hell. Who is gonna “hug” these people? Karlie? I sincerely doubt she gives a rat's arse about the misery the family she's doing business with has caused. If she did she wouldn't have allowed her child to be linked to them.

                S-R: We do not know that that is her child…

                Anonymous asked:

                I get the distinction people are making between the baby Karlie is stunting with being hers or not, but tbh it doesn't make that big of a difference for me. She's still using an innocent child (who never asked toe a part of this EVEN of they're Kushner's biological kid) for these disgusting games. The idea of HER (and Taylor's) actual child being hidden away and kept private/protected doesn't earn her that many points in my book. I wonder if others feel this way.

                S-R: If it is Jerk’s and Mikey’s child then it is on them, not her, in my opinion. But, I am completely perplexed as to how she will get out of this perception that she has a son named Levi.

                Also, Karlie and Josh had a date night in Paris:

                Kays of course, focused on the fact that her dress has a chain on it, which means . . . something?

                Anonymous asked:

                I still don't get how Karlie can talk about female empowerment, finding your voice and being true to yourself to young girls. She's the least suitable person to do so. How is someone who wears chains and is forced to do things she allegedly doesn't want "empowered"? How has someone who speaks up only to the extent she doesn't upset her fake in-laws / employers "found her voice"? And finally, how is someone who for nearly a decade has been lying and pretending for a living "true to herself"?

                . . .

                Anonymous asked:

                I took a break from my break as a kaylor to stop by and say fuck Karlie and her chains. It's ridiculous, overdone, pointless and at this point pathetic. It's a sad attempt to garner sympathy. For what? For a lifestyle she has *chosen* for herself and her family? Give me a freaking break. Speaking of breaks, back to mine. Being a kaylor has become such a burden.

                Y'all have been whining about how hard it is to be a kay for like SIX YEARS now.

                Anonymous asked:

                Remember this anon later this year. The months August - December will be important, both T & K want to clear up the marriage and Toe before their daughter turns 1, and they want it resolved by Tay's birthday. Symbolism is important to T as we know. I don't know specifics, but I do know by December 13th we should have news for both parties. I also don't believe T will release Red while in a "relationship" but that's personal speculation only, due to the optics which have been discussed at length.

                Anonymous asked:

                we've all been wondering 'what could jerk be offering karlie to get her to resign other than $' and the only thing I can think is that when they renegotiate, the contract is tipping more and more in her favor long term. this could be short term pain for long term gain. for example, she probably signed a lifetime long NDA with him. Maybe he is now offering an end date on that NDA in exchange for more stunting time. If I were in her place, i would def stunt for another year or two (or however long) in exchange for one day (perhaps as long as 30 years from now) getting to finally speak my truth about my past "marriage" and real relationship, sexuality journey, etc... I know its hard to believe he would agree to this, but if the NDA end date is far enough off so he will be in retirement by then, maybe he won't mind being (indirectly) outed eventually - maybe he even wants to come out some day far enough off so it won't affect his current business dealing. Idk, just some thoughts.

                . . . that's not how NDAs work. Ask Billie Eilish!

                The kays have bebehs on the brain:

                And speaking of renegade, it's about Karlie and not Joe, duh,

                Anonymous asked:

                Who do people (swifties) think she’s writing about? I hope they still aren’t pushing the she’s making this up narrative. Also no one with an eighth of a brain cell knows it isn’t about T0e. And honestly girls are so deep that this could never be about a guy or from a guys pov. Some guys are the exception, but not many. Taylor is as complicated as they come and I love her for it. But I also know it must be incredibly hard to be in love with her and have a relationship with her. I am also having soft feelings for KK again. I had been wondering how Taylor could or KK could remotely make me not mad at KK, but here we are. I’m stuck on this ride for life, until they turn off the lights and close the gates for good.

                Although why you'd want to klaim renegade for your ship, that seems kray to me.

                Speaking of the TOE NARRATIVE:

                Anonymous asked:

                That 2014 Kaylor who was wondering if Tay's jets being in the UK often means something... Nope! Tay used a green-screen of all things to obscure her location in one of her recent video appearances from home, so her flying her empty jet to the UK and parking it there for a month or so to obscure her actual location is on par with plenty of other things she does to protect herself and her family.

                People were convinced earlier this month that she was in the UK because her jet was parked there until people spotted her with her Dad in Rhode Island the other week. It's pretty clear from regular observation that Taylor sometimes uses private charter flights to go places while using her jet as a decoy for privacy and safety reasons.

                S-R: I don’t like jet stunting it’s horrendous for the environment. I feel ya though.

                (the 'sighting' of Taylor in RI at that time was debunked, fyi.) But holy hell, can't believe they are going with an empty jet flying around head canon.

                Anonymous asked:
                Ugh, Anons who claim that Taylor is at least friendly with her greedy beard have ZERO song analysis skills!
                Cold War by Catious Clay is NOT what you could call a nice song when you look into what Clay himself has said about the meaning of the song, and Taylor still interpolated it to create London Boy.
                Being around her insignificant Greedy Beard is terriblefor her mental health, Taylor herself put that subtext into London Boy when she interpolated Cold War by Catious Clay to create it, since Clay himself confimed that some of the lyrics to this song are about the insignificant relationships in life that chip away at your mental health.

                Some of the subtext that Taylor herself has put in songs from TS7 to TS9 about her greedy beard is literally borderline malicious/cruel, she does NOT like the man, not when she’s literally used the subtext of her music to insinuate extremely rude/humiliating things about the man for 4 out 5 years of their bearding relationship

                . . .

                Anonymous asked:

                Do you think Taylor will ever dump Joe and get a beard she likes? One that doesn't make such heavy demands? It seems like she should just replace him until she feels comfortable to come out. She could literally have any beard she gets along with, honestly. There's no need to stay with him until the time comes : (

                S-R: My hunch is that Toe is her last beard. I think he goes after she is done with her re-recordings.

                My hunch is that Joe is her 'last' guy, too! But for very very different reasons than the kween's, I guess.

                As a side note, getting my MRI was 50% successful and 50% a disaster this week, but! the technicians were super sweet and they piped folklore into my ear phones while I was inside the tube coffin and I 10/10 I recommend folklore as a medical procedure soundtrack. Although to be fair, I asked for Taylor Swift's 'latest' album, so the fact that they played folklore instead was some highly offensive evermore disrespect.

                ETA I don't know why tweets aren't embedding for me anymore! I haz a sad.
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                • Koots’s life imploding must be so pleasing to Taylor. I hope she is enjoying drinking the tears.

                  justin vernon and taylor swift singing over each other signifying an argument is my favorite genre of music
                  HARD SAME. I can’t get Renegade out of my mind.

                  You know I have grown to think evermore is her best album, so I am not down with this disrespect.

                  Why do the Kays want Renegade to be about Karlie, exactly? First off, it does not fit their narrative of these two having a perfect love, and second, nothing about the neurotic mess described in that song fits Karlie.


                  • Word search Red TayVer stylez!

                    The fact that she's going to put errrybuddy through literal torture just to announce vault tracks EVERY SINGLE TIME weirdly delights me.

                    If you want to play along, mustlikeme4me posted this word search she made of it:

                    So! This is a list of best guesses from mustlikeme4me, cages-boxes and other tumblr peeps

                    1) ronan

                    2) better man
                    3) babe
                    4) nothing new *
                    5) forever winter *
                    6) message in a bottle *
                    7) all too well (ten minute version)
                    8) think of me *
                    9) dial tones *

                    And other words people found are: 'run', 'very', 'nights' and 'first' which could be slotted in somewhere. There's also a lot of debate on whether or not ronan should be considered a vault track or something extra, which would mean there should be 10 titles, not 9.

                    But they are just possible guesses for now, we know nothing!

                    (I asterisked the titles we've never heard before and know nothing about.)

                    And Chris Stapelton, Phoebe Bridgers, Ed Sheeran are the vault features.

                    Red feels like the right TayVer to have a Phoebe Bridgers feature on, so I'm pleased with that.

                    Anyhoodles, I'm planning on doing a Taylor update tomorrow, with some tasty bits of kay nonsense as well, so I bet the Swifties will have the whole thing totally cracked for all nine vault tracks and features and whatnot by then.


                    • As soon as I saw it I came here to see if your sources had decoded it. Thank heavens for the Swifties and their mad skills. I do wish she would just release it already. Fall is coming and we could use this record in fall. She should have timed it for September 21st.


                      • Oh, I agree. I would have loved to have gotten Red in September. There might be other scheduling stuff involved, though.

                        I guess Taylor got impatient with fandom:

                        which leads to REDTAYLORSVERSION.TAYLORSWIFT.COM:

                        And cages-boxes thinks she's got it!

                        21. ronan

                        22. better man

                        23. nothing new ft phoebe bridgers *

                        24. babe

                        25. message in a bottle *

                        26. i bet you think about me ft. chris stapleton *

                        27. forever winter *

                        28. the very first night *

                        29. run ft. ed sheeran *

                        30. all too well ten minute version

                        Six songs we've nevah evah heard anything from, yay.

                        Don't know where dial tones went, though! I was actually excited about that title.

                        The Fearless TayVer scramble took Swifties about 15 mins, this one took around 2 hrs. So they are getting trickier.

                        Taylor fandom ain't for the weak, though.

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                        • The update that I promised you lovely people!*

                          *all four of you who are still either slightly interested and/or polite enough to read my drivel even if you aren't.

                          (Imma be pissed if tweets and insta posts don't embed here anymore! I don't know what more I can do, honestly. this is me trying!)

                          So errrybuddy missed 'Mark Foster' in the vault puzzle.

                          I know some of you thought that would be like trying to solve a crossword and realizing there’s no right answer BUT…you played it good & right. Congrats pals, you guessed the correct titles and feature artists on Red (my version). The vault tracks will feature Chris Stapleton, Phoebe Bridgers, Mark Foster and the first song Ed Sheeran and I ever wrote together the first time we met in 2012❗️I can’t express my gratitude enough to these artists for helping me bring these songs to life. I can’t wait til we can dust off our highest hopes and relive these memories together. We’ll also be making a bunch of new ones too, since Red (Taylor’s Version) includes so many songs you haven’t heard yet. Til then, I’ll be counting down and picturing it all in my head. In burning red.

                          Red (Taylor’s Version) out November 19. Pre-order now:

                          So! we don't know where Mark Foster The People* fits in here because the tracklist doesn't say, so he must have been a co-writer on a vault song, I guess?

                          * longtime readers might remember from the Plecverse thread circa 2014/5 that Nina ditched Mark Foster The People for Chris Wood (before ditching Chris Wood for Austin Stowell), and that's pretty much all I know about Mark Foster The People.

                          Olivia looks like the rest of us, dealing with this word search nonsense:

                          I'm really just kidding though. I know people complain a lot about Taylor's puzzles and easter eggs, but this last one was fun. And! Maybe she's really just training her fan army for more important tasks:

                          Rolling Stone:


                          There are a few other words here and there in the puzzle (“forever,” “winter,” “message”) that form up the names of new song titles; you can find the full list of bonus tracks below, as cracked by @TSwiftNZ on Twitter. At this rate, if Swift continues to release secret codes for all of her re-recorded LPs, she’ll be having her fans translate the Voynich manuscript by album #6.

                          She's certainly got one dude really well trained:

                          oops, wrong dude, sorry. I was talking about this one:

                          We also got a wee snippet of the TayVers of 22 and IKYWT:

                          I'm a dunce about this stuff, but those sure sound the same as the OGs to me.

                          Another thing people noted is that Taylor is being consistent with including her coat of arms in these latest releases, which is so Anglophile of her, I can't stand it:

                          As for the tracks themselves, hoping more info starts to leak out about them. I know Ronan's mom is really happy:

                          Taylor emailed her to let her know ahead of time:

                          Maya wrote about it here:


                          Let’s back up for a bit. In 2019 when it became public knowledge that Taylor was being screwed over in the worst way possible by Scott Borchetta of Big Machine Records and the disgusting Scooter Braun who must be from the pits of hell. I watched from afar as her life’s work, her blood, sweat, and tears, were stolen from her by vile men because, at the end of the day, when you have an unscrupulous soul, greed is the ultimate decision-maker. You can read Taylor’s public letter below as the cliff notes to the unraveling of the painful betrayal.

                          . . .

                          I remember reading Taylor’s words and how nauseous I felt after. I had so many sleepless nights during the next few months. I worried about Taylor’s heart. I wondered what would happen to you. You are my life’s work. You are my blood, sweat, and tears, and now somebody other than Taylor “owned” you. I vented on my social media accounts about the unfairness of it all, not knowing if anyone was listening to what I was saying. There started to be chatter on the internet of Taylor re-recording all her old albums so she could own her OWN music again, which was such a bloody smart move. Taylor soon confirmed she was going to do so. I felt so proud of her upon hearing this news, and I let the happiness of that carry me through my grief of letting our song belong to people who didn’t deserve it. ‘Ronan’ was always going to be a charity single, never attached to an album of hers. In my mind, there was no way she was going to re-record it, and I understood why. Knowing that Taylor had taken the most horrific situation and had found a way to get her art back made my wounds hurt less. I was just thankful she had done the most incredible thing for us in the first place. That was more than enough. It was always going to be more than enough, and I had let go of wishing it could be any other way.

                          (email from Taylor):
                          “I’ve recently completed the re-recording of my 4th album, Red. It’s really exceeded my expectations in so many ways, and one of those ways is that I thought it would be appropriate to add ‘Ronan’ to this album. Red was an album of heartbreak and healing, of rage and rawness, of tragedy and trauma, and of the loss of an imagined future alongside someone. I wrote Ronan while I was making Red and discovered your story as you so honestly and devastatingly told it. My genuine hope is that you’ll agree with me that this song should be included on this album. As my co-writer and the rightful owner of this story in its entirety, your opinion and approval of this idea really matters to me, and I’ll honor your wishes here.”


                          I love you.
                          My words of thank you will never be enough. Thank you for keeping Ronan safe. Thank you for never forgetting him. Thank you for breaking rules and breaking free. Thank you for that heart of yours that is made of pure gold. You are a constant source of inspiration to me in so many areas of my life, and there is nobody in the world I would rather have Ronan with than you. I’m going to write to you separate of this but for now, thank you.

                          So yeah! That one is going to be my crying song, obvs.

                          The Lover diary entries about writing Nothing New:

                          I’ve been thinking a lot about getting older and relevancy and how all my heroes have ended up alone. I wrote a song on the plane ride from Sydney to Perth on the appalachian dulcimer I bought the day of my flight. I bought it because Joni played on most of her blue record. I taught myself to play ‘A Case of You.’ Anyway, I wrote a song on it called “Nothin New” and it’s about being scared of aging and things changing and losing what you have. It says “I’m getting older and less sure of what you like about me anyway.” And in the chorus it says “How can a person know everything at 18, and nothing at 22? And will you still want me … when I’m nothing new.” It’s a really vulnerable song, but I think it’s important to say.

                          Sounds like it's a fame song disguised as a love song maybe? Like, she's asking her audience if they will still care about her when she's not the shiny new toy. Like a companion to The Lucky One.

                          And notes on I bet you think about me:

                          (h/t to cages-boxes on both)

                          Much speculation about whether or not Taylor is going to bring back Max Martin for any producing on Red. Many think no . . . and this blind hints at it:

                          She was quite successful at doing Fearless without Nathan Chapman so!

                          There's also theory that we'll be getting a single next week:


                          Impressive that you can take a tweet this basic and make something of it:

                          Uhmazing mathing there, I belieb!

                          And as a side note on the Phoebe Bridgers feature, she's been dating Paul Mescal, who starred in the adaptation of Sally Rooney's Normal People - so there's a Convo W/Friends connex straight back to Taylor as well.

                          She's mos def a fan, though:

                          Okay, now I've got to go backwards because I've got bits and pieces to string together . . . firstly, Taylor is either in London, Northern Ireland, Ireland, or Nashville. (or possibly Rhode Island). Which does not narrow things down!

                          Her main jet went to London and parked there for a week, and then went back up to Belfast, and then to Nashville. Then the jet her parents use a lot went to Rhode Island from Nashville today. But there have been several rumors that she and Joe are (were?) staying at Farnham Estate in Cavan, Ireland, and that he's been using this hiatus from Convo W/Friends filming to film a small bit in a thriller up near Dublin with Florence Pugh.


                          Very little corroboration for any of that, so who knows. Jet movements are often involving things/people other than Taylor herself (several Swifties have pointed out that she uses the jets routinely to swap shifts for her security team) so it's hard to puzzle out when they are moving a bunch.

                          The other spec is around when/if CWF filming is going to move to coastal France. It's totes possible they will film those scenes elsewhere of course. Or maybe they already did. They just need someplace with a large stone cottage-y house and an ocean.

                          Like, hey, maybe coastal Ireland? Speaking of!

                          Firstly, Joe's latest instagram enigmas:

                          Which Irish swifties were quick to claim as their own beaches.

                          And then, Taylor celebrated the 1 yr anniversary of folklore thusly, by releasing the orchestral version of the lakes and some pics of . . . coastal Ireland:

                          It’s been one year since we escaped the real world together and imagined ourselves someplace simpler. With tall tall trees and salt air. Where you’re allowed to wear lace nightgowns that make you look like a Victorian ghost every day & no one will side eye you cause no one is around. It’s just you and your imaginary cabin and the stories you make up to pass the time. To say thank you for all you have done to make this album what it was, I wanted to give you the original version of The Lakes. Happy 1 year anniversary to Rebekah, Betty, Inez, James, Augustine, and the lives we all created around them. Happy Anniversary, folklore.


                          Her hair is getting so long!

                          Location identified as:

                          (h/t leftussilent)

                          Suuuuper obviously the same beach in both sets of pics based on the bridge and the knobby bits of hill. Probably just a getaway during a filming break. Joe's character Nick wouldn't be in every scene at all, not like Alison as Frances.

                          Taylor Nation with the jokes:


                          In other Joe and Taylor (old) news, we have yet another source for the Sunday roast story:

                          That will never not be funny to me. I mean, just what did he tell his fam before she popped over????

                          I assume that by the time Joe's mom was here, in Glendale on night 1 of the rep tour:

                          . . . she understood the realities of Taylor's whole dealio, though.

                          Also, in Joe news, he's been doing minimal press for Last Letter To Your Lover (it's on Netflix now and it's truly boring, although he's fine in it and the costuming was nice!), but we did get some stuff:

                          . . . where he's in a hotel room looking entirely like Nick from CWF and entirely unlike his LLTYL character, who actually looks like this:

                          . . and where he does NOT get to smex up a secretary on his desk, even though that was apparently in the book. They really made his character about as bland as possible, although he did get to have some cold asshole moments, which he does well.

                          And then the cast was asked where their favourite spot is, and Joe said:

                          “This beautiful little place in Cornwall where I used to go to with my family every year and still get to go to sometimes. It’s right down at the tip and it’s just really beautiful.”

                          -Joe Alwyn Daily

                          Which immediately reminded the Joe and Taylor corner of fandom about this story:

                          Alright, now onto the Olympics promos Taylor has been doing. I really hope these embed! I didn't find links on YouTube for some reason.

                          this is me trying as the PERFECT song choice for the Simone Biles vid, which made me cry

                          The Olympics response:

                          At least I'm not the only one shedding tears over here:

                          Apparently they have met, which makes it better:

                          I've been conflicted over these Olympics . . . normally Imma big Olympics hoe and I watch a gazillion hours of it, but it seems crazy to me that they are even having it this year, with delta ravaging through the land and Japan so under vaxxed. So I haven't watched much. But I did watch the gymnastics, obvs.

                          Here's the backstory on how the promos happened:

                          That was a great pivot, pardon the pun.

                          Now for some very random things!

                          A clip of Ryan Reynolds talking about Taylor using his kids' names in betty:


                          If a magic genie offered me the chance to be a fly on the wall somewheres, I'd be really tempted to make that somewheres a place where Blake/Ryan and Taylor/Joe are hanging out together on a double date. I just think it'd be neat.

                          This comment from deux reddit about Tiffany Haddish:

                          That sounds made up to me, I do not belieb*. but maybe!

                          *I beleib the part about Karlie, though, just to be klear.

                          Lorde and Taylor haven't talked about each other in awhile, but Lorde did say this during her recent 73 Questions:

                          Here's a closer look at that insane top:

                          (who doesn't, you're not special.)

                          But this!

                          Question: "What's the best advice Jack Antonoff gave you?"

                          Lorde: "Don't let me ruin your life more than I already have."


                          *in the context of all the rumors she and Jack may have cheated on Lena.

                          Speaking of Jack, his new bleachers album is out, so he's been doing press.

                          “[Taylor Swift rerecording her first six albums] is monumental. People approached it with so much cynicism, and then, just like everything she does, there was no fucking bit. And people love to be like ‘This changes the game!’ about so much shit. This actually changes the game. And good! Let people who want to put artists in antiquated deals feel some fear about the power of artists. It’s a classic tale that is representative of the assumption that people suck, and they don’t.”

                          — Jack Antonoff to Billboard on Taylor re-recording her back catalog

                          But seriously, y'all want to see something crazy?

                          Jack and Scarlet at PROOOOOM:

                          I am just not handling those prom pics well. Oh, I guess that links right back to Ryan Reynolds, ha.

                          And in the world of tayvoodoo klaiming victims, lots of chatter about Koots these days. He announced his divorce, threw his wife under the bus like a wilted flower, and then deactivated his accounts.

                          Anonymous asked:

                          There was an atrl post that said one of the women is pregnant like right before he deactivated, which is And a few months before their separation was announced, there was another post that said that during the pandemic, Yael wanted to be cautious and didn’t want Scooter going out, but he didn’t want to stop seeing his side pieces and he became a monster to her (according to someone who claimed to know someone who knew Yael) and Yael told her friends she had never see that side of Scooter. Scooter went to some party and hooked up with some girl and when Yael called him on it, he basically left her. This was last year, and recently the NY post I think said they had separated last year which stacks with what that post said. There is more, I can send it to you, but I need to run out for a few minutes and will send when I get back. It’s very interesting lol.

                          Anonymous asked:

                          Hi again, I’m the anon that sent the Scooter tea. So I told you Scooter actually left her last year and that checks out because not only was it reported in I think the NYP, but Yael also stopped posting early last fall. She made a post about voting, and then left IG for good. And all of her posts before that were about her perfect family life with Scooter and their celeb friends and Hollywood lifestyle. There was another post but I’m not sure which forum that said Scooters mom I think, but can’t remember, and Yael and a few friends staged an intervention for Scooter and wanted him to go to rehab for sex addiction and who knows what else because apparently Scooter has gone off the deep end this past year. He would only agree to that “wellness retreat” or whatever. And he did a podcast and said he was hearing rumors that he had gone crazy—well that was true, but it was Yael’s friends telling everyone he had gone crazy and thought he was having a mid life crisis. Apparently when Scooter sold to Shamrock, he had to sell for less than he borrowed from Carlyle group, so he was on the hook for millions and Yael was worried about Scooters financial situation because of owing CG $ and some people in that investment group were her friends and acquaintances and she was embarrassed and she is worried there might be more lawsuits filed against Scooter for business fraud. And he has been spending a ton of money flying on private jets to private islands to party with his friends and his cash cow Bieber isn’t bringing in as much money as the past, and neither is Ariana. I wondered why he was the one who filed for divorce when it goes against his family man image he tries to claim, but I think, and this part is just my personal opinion only, he may have a “cheating clause” in their prenup and he is trying to get a quickie divorce settled before it come out he got another woman pregnant. Yael may go along with it just to secure her part of Scooters money before his lawsuits go to court. Of course take all this with a grain of salt, but the little tidbits that have come out sine they separated have kind of backed all this up, so I personally believe it ‍♀️ And I don’t feel a bit sorry for Yael because she knew he was a cheating scum and shady business manager before she married him, she only cared once she could no longer keep up IG appearances.

                          Super wild that they were posting happy anniversary posts just days before this all became public.

                          Speaking of Koots, I think this has a lot to do with why Taylor hates him and calls him a bully:

                          Anonymous asked:

                          Selena fans have said for years that scooter was behind the social media hate Selena got. Scooter follows, or followed, and has DMed with Exposing Selena Marie Gomez account that accused Selena of being on drugs and faking lupus. When Selena defended Taylor and said in her IG post and commented that she would “deal with retaliation or whatever ” for defending Taylor, she meant Scooter would plant stories about her again. And almost immediately, ESMG did another YouTube video accusing Selena of being a liar and drug addict and claiming she physically and emotionally abused Justin and showed where Scooter liked her tweets and she admitted sometimes Scooter would DM her and thank her for telling “the truth” about Selena and defending Justin. Justin liked her tweets too that trashed Selena. There is a YouTube woman, icr her name, but she used to work for the tabloid, Star magazine or Us weekly, icr; but she has also said she is “friends” with Scooter and he told her all about Selena. And in a separate video, she said the same crap about Selena being awful and lying about her lupus and why she really needed a kidney transplant. It’s just known among Selena fans that Scooter plants lies about her in the tabloids and DMs Justin’s fans to get them to make hate tweets about her.

                          OKAY, moving on to kayland.

                          Someone over at reddit decided to do a write up about the kween:


                          A few inaccuracies in there (like thinking Taylor and Karlie stayed friends until 2018 which is uh . . . nooope*) and she miscatergorizes some blogs as 'kaylor' when they are not kay blogs (or at least aren't anymore) and it's also coming from the perspective of someone who later in comments admits they think Kaylor hooked up and doesn't seem to know kissgate has been thoroughly debunked, but still! I think the stuff about the kween's anti-semitism and how she doxxed people is largely accurate.

                          * their friendship has to have broken down somewhere between Drake's birthday party in October and sometime in Spring '17 when Taylor filmed LWYMMD and left Karlie off the Junior Jewels shirt. So says I!

                          Anonymous asked:

                          *sigh* those new pics of Taylor were taken at a beach in Ireland. You think she used another green screen? I wouldn’t put it past her tbh

                          S-R: No idea. But she could have staged those anytime as she travels to Europe often.

                          But why is she in Europe 'often'. hmmmm?

                          Anonymous asked:

                          How are you so sure that Taylor and Joe aren't really together and in love? I mean they've been together almost 5 years and even in some photos she looks so in love and don't forget about the performance where she is singing to him. Is she such a good actress then?

                          It's just a question, believe me I'm really sure she is at least bi. Thanks

                          S-R: Anon, what performance did she sing to him? Sounds like Toe fan fiction.

                          I am not sure what pics you have seen that make you think they genuinely care about each other. I have seen nothing but head down gloomy pics, or cheesy fake grins.

                          I promise you she has never dated him. They are not each other’s type. She is 100% with Karlie. ‍♀️

                          Anonymous asked:

                          Imagine interpreting Taylor’s music incorrectly for years, ignoring blatant flags that this woman is singing about a secret queer love, and coming to our blogs to laugh at us for being delusional.

                          Yeah we discuss emojis sometimes but that’s not why any of us are here. Listen to her music.

                          Her music? you mean this music?

                          "trust him like a brother"

                          "I take this magnetic force of a man"

                          "Wreck my plans, that's my man"

                          "You know I love a London Boy"

                          etc etc

                          Karlie's latest pic of Josh and Levi sparked! debate!:

                          Anonymous asked:

                          Karlie just posted another pic of that baby with Jerk. I don’t get why she needs to include a baby in her stunting. If the girls are going to be free in 2020 and she’s going to stunt like crazy until then, why include Jerks baby? Everybody already thinks that Karlie and Jerk have a baby together. It’s going to be so hard for her to distance herself from that baby once the contract is over. She should just stop posting his baby all together!

                          S-R: Agree. It is tacky. No matter whose child this is, he doesn’t deserve to be used as a stunt prop in a game of deceit. Shame on his parents (whoever they are).

                          Anonymous said:

                          Tacky. Tacky. Tacky. Perfectly said SR. Regardless of who the parents are, these pictures only serve to keep a circus going. The kid hasn’t lived for a half a year and he’s already a Kushner employee! We all love and try to give her benefit of the doubt but it’s impossible to be of sound mind and keep supporting her. Such a sad sight to see. All of them.

                          WHOEVER THEY ARE.

                          W.H.O.E.V.E.R.R.R.R.R T.H.E.Y. A.R.E.

                          but ya! Freedom is just around the korner, basement babies!

                          Anonymous asked:

                          Is there something specific that makes you think things will be turning around in a few months?

                          S-R: Primarily the 22 that Karlie and Taylor seem to have been referring to quite a bit the past year or two. Thinking freedom in 2022. We have 4 months left before we hit 2022.

                          I also think all of the extra stunting with Jerk means finish line.

                          This anon person does NOT belieb that, and this anon person has NEVAH been wrong:

                          Anonymous asked:

                          It’s going to be so hard for her to distance herself from that baby once the contract is over. // Alright. Imma tell you something you won't like. But I've never been wrong with my KK predictions despite being called a pessimist all the time. She won't distance herself. She will play this role likely for years to come, albeit from afar, posting occasionally a pic of the back of the kid that he will send to her. Taylor will eventually say she had a baby with a surrogate which (1-2)

                          she kept hidden in order to protect but only after she dumps Toe and she will keep the donor a mystery. That’s definitely (imo) the way they’re gonna go. Karlie will never ever dare to displease the Kushners, she’s shown time and time again she’s completely subservient to them. Taylor will go along because she’s a fool in love. Don’t believe me? Wait another year and see. It’s so obvious by the way she’s inserting both this baby and him in her life. Karlie will never do the brave thing. (2-2)

                          So obvious!

                          Anonymous asked:

                          Okay, those two IG pictures of KK with tea being posted hours before both the article about the Braun's seperating and then the article about them divorcing is really making me think that Taylor meant that Karlie told her that Sc00ter was cheating on Yael when she said "Good wives always know", like okay Ms. And you poke that bear, Taylor Kloss come out, Karlie IS a really good wife for spilling the beans on Scooter's extramarital affairs to you so you could use it for revenge

                          TAYLOR KLOSS.

                          Anonymous asked:

                          I don't get her. I seriously don't. Does she feel good about herself? Like I saw the pic of her being genuinely happy playing w the baby, which I guess is alright no matter whose he is. But then I saw the pic of the baby grasping his hand. And I'm seriously starting to doubt she's feeling any sort of remorse for the shit she does. She only showcases sadness – chains and all – but never remorse. Like she wants our sympathy but not an ounce of accountability. Is she *that* delusional?

                          Anonymous asked:

                          ☘️ I'm not yet convinced that the baby she's parading around is not hers. That being said, in the extreme scenario they actually had a girl they keep hidden I have a feeling her name would be Alison or more likely Alice. Just saying. PS: we should look into the possibility the baby she's seen with is neither hers nor Jerk's. I don't know why but my gut is telling me that this isn't his baby either.

                          whose fucking baby is it, I mean seriously whose.

                          The chainz thing is such a head scratcher:

                          Anonymous asked:

                          Eh... I don't like that she associates a child with {prison} chains. She displaying the chain bracelet on purpose here. Is she trying to say that her child is a prisoner too or maybe that she's chained to that specific child she's holding? Both scenarios make me wanna . Her whole deal at this point is so repulsive I wish she had nothing to do with Taylor anymore. Her ""clues"" are neither smart nor cute or funny. They're disturbing.

                          S-R: I said to some mutuals that she was clearly showing the chain while holding the baby. Is she saying this is all a stunt too?

                          She said she was going to keep her child private, yet nearly every time we see her she is either with a child or a stroller. That is why I am skeptical that she is showing her actual child.

                          Anonymous asked:

                          omg this again... it's obvious she doesn't want to beard. hence the chain and the prison imagery. but the road to hell is paved with good intentions. and she's immersed herself so much in the depraved world of the kushners that you can barely recognize her anymore. she had years to switch beards, but she never did. instead she decided to have a baby while bearding and to pass this baby as a member of a crime family. no befenit of the doubt for karlie anymore. she doesn't deserve it.

                          But chainz ain't got NOTHING on the 13 in the avocado toast!

                          Anonymous asked:

                          Sc00ter deleted all his social media accounts today on the 25th. The 13 avocado toast KK posted really was a countdown.

                          This? is apparently? the avocado toast? in kwestion?


                          it's been so many years, y'all. So many! We've had daisies, oranges, white umbrellaz, basement babiez, chainz, and avocado toast. And Imma still just staring at the kween and her kourt like:

                          ETA Okay, so Mark Foster the People is on Forever Winter and has posted his support:

                          If I had to guess, I'd say he co-wrote it with her back in the day (she wrote with a loooot of people back then) and maybe does some background vocals, Marcus Mumford-style, but guess we will see.

                          To be honest, it really only takes one vault song on each new re-record of the same quality as Don't You for me to be a very very very happy camper.

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                          • I just want to see how kaylors will cope with Joe and Taylor's engagement, when it happens

                            Thanks for the post, ophy!


                            • *all four of you who are still either slightly interested and/or polite enough to read my drivel even if you aren
                              For the record: I eat up these updates!

                              Thanks, O! I am traveling and can’t properly dig into all of this yet, which is a shame.


                              • Ok, don't yell at me, but I actually do see the 13 in the avo toast even though I'm not wanting to!

                                I'm obviously super excited about the bonus tracks and agree that as long as a couple of them are as A++ as Don't You, I'll be thrilled, but I hope she doesn't do this vault puzzle for every rerelease. I'm sure it's great fun for the die hard Swifties, but it's tedious and comes off as kind of self-obsessed to the less intense fans.

                                And o, I read every single word of every single one of your updates! Nevah stop nevah stopping!