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  • Thanks, again ophy!

    I loved the ATW movie! Haven't seen the SNL performance yet but I am sure I'll like it very much.

    I was impressed by the turn up at SNL. It seems that all of her friends were there. Good for her.

    I wonder how do the Kays explain that Taylor is such good friends with Cara but still feels she has to bury herself so deep in the closet.
    Remembers when diesel used to post here.
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    • directed by Blake Lively AND wedding themed
      That red gown is amazing and wedding themed makes me very excited where I should not be.

      Holy shit that was really something. So angry! But like, happy and chill and also SO ANGRY.
      That performance was probably the best SNL music performance I have seen. She was on fire through the whole thing. Nathan Hibberd from the Ringer podcast said they had twelve cameras on her and she was looking at all of them at once. But her looks at the camera were scary great. I loved her as the avenging angel of all women who dated idiots like Jake G.

      Re: weight loss - I noticed that she looks smaller, but it doesn’t look unhealthy. But I hope she’s doing okay. She could be one of those people who want to lose weight for their wedding pictures?????

      Re: the birthday cake shot from Lover - there was also a moment in the Miss Americana doc where it shows her with a birthday cake from Joe too. So glad there is a happy ending to that heartbreaking birthday vignette.

      Please give her more credit than believing she would write such a deep song about a three month relationship.
      Why do they believe she can’t do that? She wrote amazing songs about movies she saw. One of her biggest hits ever was because she read Romeo and Juliet. They have no clue who she is.


      • The I Bet You Think About Me vid was so good:

        This woman is unhinged, it was perfect.

        (and also! I love it so so so much that because he treated her LIKE A CHILD, she destroys his wedding LIKE A LITERAL CHILD.)

        It's also the video Speak Now wishes it had gotten. And getting notorious asshole Miles Teller to play notorious asshole Jake Gyllenhall just added that little bit of extra *chef's kiss*.

        (side note: Mile's real life wife Keleigh played the bride, and she's a huge swiftie. Taylor out there making all the celeb Swifties' dreams come true by casting them in stuff! No but for reals, Taylor has known the two of them for many years, so they are legit friends.)

        (Side side note: Yeah, I know there was controversy over whether or not Miles Teller was vaxxed before he got Covid, but his PR team said the reporting on that was a lie (which deuxmoi confirmed) . . . and I think given that Taylor was dancing so close to the dude, he is most definitely either vaxxed at this point or has tested with high antibodies post-Covid. She's not out there being dumb, y'all! )

        Also *chef's kiss* was showing Aaron Dessner of The Fucking National playing guitar for her right at the indie concert line.

        Some behind the scenes from the I Bet You Think About Me vid in this tiktok tribute by Taylor for Blake:

        But yeah, I feel ya, Credit Card Company:

        Okay, moving backwards again . . .

        She was on fire through the whole thing.

        She really was!

        Taylor as Nemesis about to fuck shit up for millions of dudes:

        In a threads collide moment, Glen Powell was at SNL because he's friends with Jonathan Majors, and he got video of Taylor's performance on his phone:

        She looks just as angry from that angle.

        Random Things:

        In reaction vids I was waiting for, my fave boys from Yam Haus are on tour right now and tackled the entire album while driving from New Mexico to Denver:

        Cute Dummer is still Cute and once again makes me wish just a little bit that I was back in my 20s and still able to follow Cute Drummers around on tour. Is that little cougary, duncurr.

        Pitchfork with the 8.5, wowza. Given that they wouldn't even review her albums until many years into her career, that must be extra satisfying.

        ATW10 really out there streaming like crazy even though it's TEN FUCKING MINUTES LONG.

        Would be hilars if this inspires people like Olivia R. and Griff etc to start putting out extra extended versions of songs. Go try it, ladies!

        The film is still out there doing well, too:

        Taylor said NO SLEEP THIS WEEK to herself, beeksus.

        Really hoping she's crashed out in her Nashville place right now getting major zzzzzzs.


        He really DID have freaky special shoes that he bangs on and on about it!

        Now we just need someone to do a tiktok on his million dollar couch!

        But we should get to hear both sides really:

        And we now know exactly when the ATW10 film was shot because she had sent her jet to pick Dylan up from set:

        10/21 family jet went Nash- Shreveport Louisiana - Morristown NJ

        and then took him back three days later: 10/24 family jet NJ - Nash- Shreveport - Nash

        So they shot it really fast, just like Dylan said, and then edited it in two weeks time, which is impressive.

        Don't have a screenshot but Deuxmoi says the scarf person has now been in contact with Taylor's people and they are authenticating The Scarf for it's return. Okay, if you say so.

        (i mean it's not IMPOSSIBLE if the person had been like, a nanny or personal assistant to Maggie G. at some point, I suppose.)

        And Jen Myers has refuted that Jennifer Aniston was Some Actress in the Party Bathroom, and Deuxmoi peeps seem to think the Anne Hathaway story is right, but! Entirely possible it really was just 'some actress', like not somebody with a Big Name, just somebody at an event or afterparty that Taylor didn't even know and still doesn't know.

        This was interesting analysis . . .

        Tess Sharpe tweet thread on ATW vs ATW (10):

        She makes the point that the ATW (10) flips the I remember it lines to make it more significant in light of the emphasis on gaslighting. Like, you told me I was crazy for how I said it was but I REMEMBER IT, don't you??? Just admit that you remember it, too!

        This tweet also launched a long thread of people reminiscing about their own experiences as young girls dating older guys:

        Please give her more credit than believing she would write such a deep song about a three month relationship.

        I've seen a lot of people saying Taylor is insane for letting 'a three month relationship' affect her so deeply but 1) she was at the age where EVERYTHING cuts especially deep and 2) that's not how inspiration works, length of time means nothing as she has said before and 3) 3 months isn't even accurate, though!

        I'll let cages-boxes take it:

        Anonymous asked:

        Ohh I actually think it started in autumn 2010 and then continued through to early 2011. They were spotted in February and March that year iirc. That’s what the ‘three months in the grave’ line refers to imo. That’s why she was sooo sad for all of 2011. Begin Again was written in September or October that year, and she’d been burned for eight months by that point (although there was some rekindling during those months imo)

        c-b: actually you know what i totally agree with you (also kshfjdjfjd that she went back to him more AFTER all too well)

        It was months and months of back and forth, y'all, and took up most of a year for her, and it was LEGIT traumatizing and the effects lingered hella long. (which actually has got me thinking about how much some of the 1989 lyrics could have been inspired by her Jake heartbreak even if she rededicated them in a way to Harry, maybe.)

        So! if you are wondering what Jake has done to prepare for this re-record in the past two months (because he might not have known EXACTLY what was coming, but he had to have know it would have been Bad) . . .

        In October, he let his gf Jeanne join him on the red carpet for the first time (they've dated since 2018):

        and he talked about marriage for the first time:

        "That's all I want is to be a good husband and a father…That really is what I want," Jake replied. "And now that I have fulfilled a lot of things in my career that I feel comfortable with, I can safely say that. I don't know if I could have said that before."

        And then there was this headline in September:


        I guess that's one to handle it!

        He probably wasn't sure what direction the unheard stuff might go and decided to refute the 'fuckboy' and 'jerk to women' angles the best he could just in case.

        Nice try, but . . .

        I wonder if he will buy a keychain to replace his old one?

        If this story is true, maybe he will!

        John Mayer is already approaching this differently than Jake, which I think is interesting:

        We'll see how it works out for him. He's gotta be quaking at least a little bit, because he's much more 'online' than Jake is, and the age gap was . . . well, she was a LITERAL teenager, which is even worse. And not even knowing WHEN the Sword of Damocles (aka the Speak Now TayVer) is going to drop is a real nailbiter for him and his team.

        But not this unproblematic dude! (who by the way just got engaged this weekend to ANOTHER girl named Taylor, which is really funny when you think about it.)

        The kays were OVER THE MOON with the IBYTAB video, I guess because only Karlie Kloss has ever taken part in wedding in the whole history of mankind?:

        So! Finding klues!

        Anonymous said:

        We have seagulls on the 1st, the RED and LOVE rings on the 2nd, and in my opinion the tier that Taylor takes a bite of look like boobs (sorry not sorry) and then 13 and 26/1326 on the upper tier 1989 coming I guess

        The 26 on the cake:

        . . . or maybe because it was Track 26, huh?

        Anonymous asked:

        So why the wedding theme? Was that a talked topic around the OG Red era? I mean the song could've been portrayed in so many different ways. So why a wedding theme now? Unles...? Safe to say we know the answer around here, hope the rest of the fandom asks themselves the same questions

        Anonymous asked:

        YES TAYLOR, THIS HOW YOU CLAIM YOUR WIFE AND DEFEND HER HONOR!!! Red (TV) Taylor is out for blood and she ain’t scared of nobody. Savage

        Anonymous asked:

        I am sorry but miles teller is totally playing jerk, which is great casting lol

        chosetherose answered:

        That was my first thought too! And I think it’s funny how you’re made to believe in the beginning that he’s giving his vows to the bride but he’s in the bathroom. The guys next to him aren’t best men but just a random assortment of people. “Don’t believe everything you see” kinda vibes.

        . . . but it's very clearly a pissed off breakup song? So . . . why do you want to klaim it for Karlie???? And why would Taylor be wedding dress dancing with the guy who is supposedly playing Josh???

        Anonymous asked:

        I have a feeling that with this video Taylor is somehow saying that she won’t take it with bearding as far as faking a wedding. Like it’s her way of saying “I won’t be having a fake wedding with toe, don’t worry.”

        That makes even less sense?

        Anonymous asked:

        Guys, the roses what do they mean??

        chosetherose answered:

        Great question! I’d love to know as well.

        My thought right now is that its simply a symbol of love. But others lean that maybe it’s a reference to their baby. I can see that as well since Taylor posted that cryptic video of Meredith when we were heavily speculating about the baby. In it she was saying Meredith hates having her picture taken.

        A red rose grew up out of ice frozen ground / With no one around to tweet it

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        • Love all the roundups, ophy! Thank you! This weekend was booked and busy for us with kid stuff so I had to sneak in Tay content in between it all. I have all the reaction vids fired up and ready to go! I was able to watch a few shorter ones and my favorite so far has been Two Gay Matts. They're super funny and knowledgeable enough about the goss to catch all the tea which is my favorite. Ajay also did hers on just the bonus tracks and her reactions are always the best. The Aussies are waiting for copyrights to clear and then theirs should be up later today/tomorrow. I'm waiting to cry and clap while rocking back and forth with those girls.

          After several more listens, these are my rando thought:

          1. The big burn line about Jake's lovers staying young as hell was definitely written pretty recently, right? She wouldn't have had that in her arsenal 10 years ago since I don't even think that's something he does habitually. Other than Taylor, his most famous exes are Kirsten and Reese and one is his age and the other is older than him. IIRC, he also maybe dated a not famous person who he'd been friends with since high school (not Jenny Lewis, somebody else who is actually not famous). One thing I found out in all of this is that Maggie's daughter is now...wait for it... 15! You KNOW she knows ATW is about Uncle Jakey and that her TikTok friends are in her face demanding deets like

          I wonder if she texts Matilda Ledger all like, "What are you telling people?"

          2. Message in a Bottle is an absolute banger and 100% will be in heavy club rotation soon, but I keep wishing she'd done it with Carly Rae Jepsen so I could get a music video of them dancing to it.

          3. Organic shoes is my second favorite new lyric after secret/oath.

          4. The Ringer podcast that does deep dives of all her work came out with their Red TV pod and it's interesting! One thing I hadn't considered is how Taylor feels about the rereleases now that she's able to see the streaming numbers for everything pre and post rerelease. Nathan and Nora make a great point that if her main goal was to tank the value of the old versions, it's kind of backfired because the rereleases create new interest and that even now OG Fearless is streaming better than it was before Fearless TV came out by about a 10% jump. There's also some spec about touring and Nathan does confirm he knows that she's reserved dates for next year, but that she could still back out. That tells me she at least knows what she wants to tour next so I'm excited for that announcement.

          Issie, does The Last Time does sound different to you?
          Yes, it sounds like Taylor is singing her part faster which I don't mind and GL's voice sounds different too.

          6. The SNL performance was great, but the image that makes me laugh when I think about it is Ryan and Blake side eyeing each other when Taylor calls out the age difference between herself and Jake since Blake and Ryan have an even bigger age gap between them.

          7. Still can't stop won't stop never stop never stopping listening to Pop Babe. It is suh gud.

          8. It had been awhile since I'd listened to some of the OG tracks that just don't pop up on my playlist that often and I was surprised by how sweet and nostalgic they are for me. Starlight, State of Grace, and The Lucky One especially made me feel my feelings.

          9. I like that we have Nothing New on this to juxtapose to The Lucky One where we get to see her as the older and experienced famous person who didn't leave the scene for a quiet life and now can mentor the up and comers like Phoebe and Olivia.
          Is starting to scare isadora a little bit.
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          • Thanks, O! I don’t even know how you are keeping up with this firehose of content.

            I thought the video was fun, though I think it had too much going on. It was exhausting. Loved that Aaron made a cameo. His friendship with Taylor brings me endless joy.

            I listened to the Every Single Album podcast and that bit about the streaming numbers made me sad. It still fucks over the owners of the original masters with regard to using the music in films, and I am guessing streaming of the old ones will slow down.

            I wonder if she texts Matilda Ledger all like, "What are you telling people?"
            I accept as truth now that this text chain exists. It might be a Snapchat.

            but it's very clearly a pissed off breakup song? So . . . why do you want to klaim it for Karlie????
            They think everything Taylor and Karlie do is a clue for them, or meant to talk about Kaylor. Their version of these two would make them super tedious to be around; all they think about is each other. Couples like that are so annoying.


            • The SNL performance was great, but the image that makes me laugh when I think about it is Ryan and Blake side eyeing each other when Taylor calls out the age difference between herself and Jake since Blake and Ryan have an even bigger age gap between them.

              Hee. That's true! Hopefully, Ryan is far less of an insufferable gaslighter, though!

              Whew, those numbers.

              I think that puts Red TayVer ahead of every release this year except for Drake's. Crazy. Obvs, Adele will probs crush in a few days that but yeah, still impressive.

              The big burn line about Jake's lovers staying young as hell was definitely written pretty recently, right? She wouldn't have had that in her arsenal 10 years ago since I don't even think that's something he does habitually.
              Yes, I assume she added that line this year, because it makes sense narratively to balance that burn with him calling her out for being too young for him earlier in the song. (I have ZERO problems with her adding stuff or moving it around . . . I kinda assume a lot of the stuff that she burbled up during that initial outpouring during the infamous rehearsal was honestly gibberish, so she had to have gone in and cleaned it up and moved things around to you know, actually make it make sense as a structured song. That is not a bad thing.)

              So, as to Jake's dating history, it actually took quite the turn after his love affair with Taylor maimed him all too well. Before Taylor, Jake dated mostly age appropriate girls (Kirsten Dunst, Reese, Natalie Portman and Jenny Lewis etc all came BEFORE Taylor), but after Taylor, ALL of his 'official' girlfriends have been in their early 20s, and he's not on record for beginning to date anyone after they turned 25. Jake's next girlfriend months after Taylor was Jessica Lowndes, who was 23 (making it obvious right away that his reason why he was breaking up with Taylor - the age gap- was nonsense). Then he met Alyssa Miller in 2013, when she would have been 24. Then I guess she got too old, so he started dating his current girlfriend Jeanne Cadieu in 2018 when she was 22 (and he was 38).

              We don't know about the ages of any sekrit random hookups in between, but still! No lies detected in Taylor's phraseology!

              And I'd like to note that he totally stopped dating women as famous as him after Taylor, too.

              That is the tea, as the kids say!

              Taylor was just the absolute cutest in that IBYTAM video:

              So! There's been some uh . . . speculation about how she uh . . . that cherry:

              Well, it was really pointed, pardon the pun! So yeah, okay that adds even more context to that relationship and why it was so deeply significant to her, I think. And I don't think it's even unreasonable to assume it . . . because Taylor was a Good Christian Girl from a Tennessee High School, and as a fellow Good Christian Girl from a Tennessee High School I can safely say we were all known for being particularly 'good' at something specific to keep the Good Christian Boys from wanting anything else, if you know what I mean. Good Christian Girls in the South infamously do everything BUT.*

              That is why we could all still smile at our Sunday School teachers and know we were still virtuous and good (even if we were blowing our boyfriends in their pickup trucks on every back road in the county every Friday and twice on Saturdays.) I AM JUST SAYING.

              * which is probably why it seemed like such a Big Deal to her that Abigail 'gave everything she had' at fifteen that she had to mention it in a song, because in that particular culture it IS a Big Deal.

              (And she dated Joe Jonas while he was wearing a purity ring, and she and Taylor L. didn't seem like a very adult relationship, and the rumors have always been that she and John Mayer didn't quite get that far, so Jake as her First makes sense to me -- and if she didn't want us to speculate about that possibility, she wouldn't have popped that cherry in the video with that exact smirk, ya know?)

              And! Speaking of The South, apparently the whole reason why it's in poor taste to wear red to a wedding is because of this!


              I’m a wedding connoisseur and I would like to share the fact that it was SUPER common back in the day for a woman to wear red to a wedding to signify that that woman had slept with the groom first, sometimes to show the bride he had cheated, sometimes just to say “i got to him first”. some people still do it and I love that Taylor got to use the color obviously in honor of the album but also in the pettiest revenge way it’s incredible

              I can hear my Cajun mom now: “You’re wearing what? Red? Don’t you know what that means?! You bettah change.” In case you’re wondering, wearing red is a silent, scandalous message Southerners hear loud and clear. Apparently, it means you’ve slept with the groom.

              I knew it was a faux pas but I didn't know the specific reason why!


              The video would have been filmed in LA when she and Joe were there at the end of August, most likely. So that explains that trip. That would also have been BEFORE Miles Teller got covid, I believe.

              I noted this, too:

              I don't know why this makes me happy, but Taylor sent Nina a Red package:

              Good for Neens!

              This also made me happy:

              ha. Young Man!

              And this is loooong but I appreciated someone calling it out:


              Seeing a lot of gross misogynistic stuff out there right now, and it's hella annoying.

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              • OMB I’m still, like, 1/3 done processing everything that Taylor (and you, o) gifted us, but Heidi is a queen.

                My sweet little cousin’s IG stories for a full week have included the caption “Jake G can choke.”


                • The new new 10 minute ATW is so beautiful! It's perfect for people who just want to be sad and not have to feel the beat of a sad bop. And she's just trolling us all now by calling it the Sad Girl Autumn version.

                  I wonder if they recorded any more live versions of anything while she was at Long Pond this last time. Some evermore tracks, maybe?


                  • My co-worker is a big Swiftie and she feels VERY STRONGLY that there must be an Evermore Long Pond session!

                    I'm late to the party and y'all covered so much of what I wanted to note already! Mostly that I think it's clear her relationship with Jake G. was longer than the media reported and that she clearly lost her virginity to him. The signs (and the cherry popping) make it rather explicit.

                    Also, people who think that Taylor actually wants that scarf back are bonkers? It's a SYMBOL, people!

                    Also, these songs and the revisions maybe pointing to a shift in thinking has also been running through my mind. What Taylor didn't get about Jake is that to him it wasn't rare? it was just a high he got from being with a younger woman and now he's chasing that high over and over? A lot of the songs are like "BUt OBVIOUSLY YOU WERE SUPER IN LOVE WITH ME TOO, WTF!" but I think he was just caught up in how it made him feel but he's too narcissistic to see her as a real live person, maybe? IDK. It's just a thought that I keep having as I've listened to this new version. Like I want to correct her. LOL. "Sis, I don't think it meant as much to him..."
                    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                    • "Sis, I don't think it meant as much to him..."
                      This was always the most cringe part of even the original ATW is that everybody kind of knew that. And I'd bet Taylor knows that now or at least, I want to give her the credit that she does. ATW was Taylor being that friend who just can not stop crying over the one dude even though all her girlfriends are just like, "I mean, he wasn't even that into her tho?" The line that always used to give me second hand embarrassment is "back before you lost the one real thing you've ever known" because she really believed that their relationship was equally meaningful to them both and meanwhile, he told Howard Stern in an interview from 2015 that he'd only been in love twice and everybody was like 1. Kiki 2. Reese and none for Taylor Alison.


                      • OMB I’m still, like, 1/3 done processing everything that Taylor (and you, o) gifted us

                        I know it's been a firehose, but that's more Taylor's fault than mine! This wasn't even a full release week of promo, but it's still been nuts.

                        And it's come at a good time for me because I've got (brand new! wheee!) health* issues** I am dealing with that I really really needed to be distracted from.

                        *some kind of something in the ultrasound scans of my breast that I have to go back and do more imaging for
                        ** a shiny new glaucoma diagnosis which I do NOT know what to do with and might need surgery for


                        I listened to the whole Adele album and wrote up what I thought about it -- and then scrapped the whole thing because it just doesn't matter. It's not hitting for me, dunno why. So now this year I've been disappointed by Lorde, Ed, and Adele and just cannot vibe to their new stuff, but who cares! The common denominator here is me . . . I think my expectations are unfair or something. It's fine.

                        Looks like people really love it for the most part and it's probably going to smash records and get AOTY etc because that's what Adele does, and good for her.


                        Taylor's jet went zippy zappy from NYC to Panama (so she must not have been on the flight to Nashville from earlier -- might have been Tree and/or her band that time.)

                        The part of Panama that Joe is filming in in looks like this:

                        Some of the hotels look quite nice:

                        Her latest tiktok (Drunk Taylor) is already being analyzed for clues to where she might be, but this is all she gives to work with:

                        And an anon on leftussilent found this uhmazing villa that is 10 mins from the airport where she landed and 30 mins from where Joe has been filming in the Old Town:


                        Not a bad place to chill out if so!

                        It's booked til the end of the month, so maybe? Not seeing anything to match it to those walls from the tiktok, but she could have filmed that elsewhere earlier.

                        But yeah, lovuhs reunited, very sweet.

                        The below is a big win for Taylor, but yikes, definitely not what Shamrock wants to hear:

                        Oh well, sucks to get played by a guy named 'Scooter', I guess.

                        Like I want to correct her. LOL. "Sis, I don't think it meant as much to him..."

                        Oh, for sure. I assume he did a damn good job of making her feel that he was feeling it too, though. That's what I was getting from the short film, as well, that in the moment it just felt super super special and like he was all in (when clearly he wasn't). I've always heard the line 'the one real thing you've ever known' as though it was an actual quote from him she was throwing back at him, but maybe that was also all just in her head. Which is sad either way!

                        The new new 10 minute ATW is so beautiful! It's perfect for people who just want to be sad and not have to feel the beat of a sad bop. And she's just trolling us all now by calling it the Sad Girl Autumn version.

                        Yep, we got another version of All Too Well (10), and it's lovely:

                        You can watch her record the vocals here:


                        Very different version to Jack's -- sadder, gentler, and less angry. The vocals on this one are so nice, and it's great to have both.

                        Counting collabs, I think technically this might bring her total number of songs recorded in two years up to 92? and if she does do a collab with Ed on his remix, 93? Or like, 108 maybe if we include the folklore long pond sessions, and 109 if we count Wildest Dreams TayVer. I'm not great at mathing but that seems like a lot of a lot. She's a crazy woman, but we knew that. I mean, that's more than many artists put out in their whole career. This whole year alone has been ridiculously successful for her.

                        My co-worker is a big Swiftie and she feels VERY STRONGLY that there must be an Evermore Long Pond session!

                        I know, me too! and at first I was excited that she did some recording this year at Long Pond for obvious reasons! We didn't know that until just now, and it gave me hope that an evermore: long pond sessions might still be coming in time for Grammy campaigning. There's no way she expects that evermore will win a second AOTY in a row (although it should!) but she might be hoping that willow will get something.

                        . . . but this suggests it really was a quick and recent thing that she did right before leaving for Panama:

                        Which implies no evermore long pond yet, beekdamnit. (but! we still don't know what the project was that she was supposedly filming in London a few months back so . . . #evermoreLondonSessions)

                        ATW10 (SGAV) is already doing well:

                        I'm a dummy with the charts stuff, but apparently all versions = the song's position, so whether you stream ATW or ATW10 or ATW10 (SGAV) they all count as the same song as far as chart positions go? It's possible that Taylor saw how close they were to the #1 and hightailed it up to Aaron's studio to clinch it. According to Swifties, it was already pretty much secured before that version was released, though, and they generally know this stuff.

                        I know Taylor's team intimated that they were not submitting the re-recordings to awards, but to me it feels like she'll have to at least consider submitting ATW10 to the Grammys, right?

                        And maybe Nothing New as well?

                        And I'd think that IBYTAM is a shoe in to do the country awards circuit, but I know nothing about that.

                        We did get some behind the scenes deets on the IBYTAM vid . . .

                        Taylor and Keleigh Teller:

                        As soon as I saw the earphones I just knew knew knew it had to be ATW10 she was letting her hear. I mean, that's exactly what favor I would ask for in exchange for letting my husband wedding dress dance with another lady.

                        This tiktok!


                        Ryan liked this post, ha:

                        . . . and TRUE.

                        And okay, so Miles cleared that up:

                        I mean . . . we knew it, but there was enough of a dumb furor about it online that I guess Tree was like CLEAR THIS UP FUCKER and so he finally did.

                        I like this theory that Miles Teller = Scott Baloney:


                        Watching the video with this in mind really does make a lot of sense. In this theory, I guess that means Keleigh is Koots, ha.

                        Dress details:


                        TWELVE HUNDRED HOURS for a dress that isn't even the dress she is actually going to wear to her own wedding.


                        I still can't believe we got to see Taylor in a wedding dress this year and yet it wasn't even for the reason we might have thought we would see Taylor in a wedding dress this year.

                        Okay, lots of random things to cover . . .

                        More DOB fanboying over Taylor:

                        DOB watching Taylor perform at the premiere:

                        Stiles from Teen Wolf working with Taylor Swift still feels like a fever dream to me. Like isadora manifested it herself just as a little treat for errrrybudddy here.

                        These dudes!

                        Nice job. Taylor commented how much she loved this on their tiktok.

                        The Atlantic about the SNL performance:


                        On SNL, Swift turned this improbably riveting song into improbably riveting TV. She likely didn’t even need to project the track’s music video—a literal dramatization of the lyrics, played by very good-looking people—behind her to make it work. Maybe she didn’t need the autumn leaves falling from the rafters, but they were a nice touch. And though it helped that she graciously performed her celebrity-guest duties elsewhere during the episode (appearing in a musical sketch about “three sad virgins”), that wasn’t really what made her turn on SNL memorable.

                        The real appeal was Swift standing at a mic. As she moved through different phases of action—still at the start, light headbanging in the middle, dreamy swaying at the end—she created a sense of progression. Meanwhile, she used her eyes as an instrument by flicking her gaze into the camera to deliver the most damning lines, as if directly to her ex. Though her band was far away from her for most of the performance, two backup singers pulled up beside her for the chilling final refrain, cementing the feeling that an exorcism had been completed and Swift was ready to reenter the world.

                        I really like this piece about Red TayVer and why it's so successful:


                        Points were made!:

                        She was just a BABY.

                        I love that it's considered notable that Thanos is a Swiftie:

                        LMM's rap on Fallon was very funny:

                        Ha, suck it Kim K.

                        Taylor for Prez:

                        Poor Silk Sonic:

                        They thought they were going to have that week all to themselves, whoops. Blame Adele, I guess!

                        Kaydom is still grappling with What Does It All Mean . . .

                        Five klues!

                        Anonymous asked:

                        OMG i just realized something!! Interpreting the little girl who catches Taylor destroying the cake as the kaylor fandom and the other little girls at the table as the hetlors makes so much sense: because the single little girl who catches Taylor doing something authentic, which causes them to have a moment of connection, is is literally missing later on in the video from the kids table!! There is no other logical place for that little girl to be at, and yet she is nowhere to be found… it’s almost like someone in charge didn’t give the little girl her rightful place and recognition, which is sort of a pervading feeling among this side of the fandom. What do you think?

                        Anonymous asked:

                        I want to share another interpretation of taylor at the little kids table:

                        Context: Taylor did a lot of alice in wonderland refers prior to this video release. Even Blake Lively looked like Alice in red just before we got the mv. Also I believe Taylor is not only taking the piss out of the little kushner but also all the men who have wrong her just like in “the man” mv. Miles Teller representa a lot of rich a-hole men in her life.

                        So now the scene with the little girls starts w Taylor playfully having tusks. In Alice in Wonderland book/movie there is a lazy conman walrus who tricks people to his benefit. I believe this in meant to diss Scooter/Scott B as the two greedy walruses themselves. Taylor is meant to symbolize the mad hatter during a tea(apple juice) party and the little four girls are four albums she still needs (Debut, 1989, Speak Now, Reputation).

                        The mad hatter is force to be stuck in time and taylor is stuck in her past due to rerecordings, hence she is dress as a kid (right were you left me & “he has my past stuck in a glass”) However, we see her slowly working to the countdown were she can give the middle finger to both scott and scooter.

                        There is also something about taylor as the Red Queen and the White Queen. But I need more time to get my thoughts

                        Anonymous asked:

                        Re the Kaylor kid interpretation, so does Taylor teaching the kids on the table (symbolic of the swifties) the middle finger signify that she plans to turn the fandom against him in the future? Like she will unleash their fury and rage on him, and let’s be honest, it doesn’t take much to do so. An ambiguous statement here or there against him, even planting a story that JK somehow stole her best friend from her. It reminds me one of the last messages sent by Spade -

                        Trust her endless yearning. A reputation elucidated. Fervent revolution exonerates everyone.

                        The IBYTAM kinda conveys her yearning for the bride (gave her the scarf) and it portrays KK in a positive light. So, will there be a Revolution as she releases the re-recordings that clears up KK’s reputation as well?

                        The one thing they all agree on is that Miles Teller = Josh Kushner:

                        Anonymous asked:

                        I can't get over the dance scene in IBYTAM. It's just so obviously mocking the Jerklie dance at their first "wedding." I think Karlie posted the video on IG for their second "anniversary" last year. Same bright backlight. Same awkward swaying, even though Karlie is literally a trained dancer. Speaking of which, have we talked about the split second scenes where Taylor is doing ballet with a little girl? She looks so much happier in those moments than she was with the groom.

                        Whatever it all means, at least we KNOW Karlie could never do anything bad to Taylor:

                        Anonymous asked:

                        Okay so I’m rly into astrology & so my view is different, but anti kaylors who think kk would backstab taylor make me laugh. Karlie is a TRIPLE Leo (sun, Venus and Mercury) so I bet she is loyal AF. Plus she has a libra moon so “picking sides” would be out of character for Libra placements - they want to maintain balance. I know this is random, but maybe you and others would find this interesting..

                        Anonymous asked:

                        “Karlie is a TRIPLE Leo” - Exactly!! Leos ate extremely loyal!! And bear in mind that Karlie is also big on Astrology, so safe to say that she relates to her sign very well. Leos will do everything in their power to protect their loved ones, saw a tiktok the other day about how when a Leo loves you, they make you feel like a Leo as well. So if the theory that Karlie willingly sacrificed her reputation to protect Taylor, then it wouldn’t be surprising at all, based on her chart anyway

                        . . . well, except for that whole 'forcing a rando baby to be a dekoy' sitch and the whole 'keeping her real baby in the basement' thing . . .

                        Anonymous asked:
                        What if Taylor and Karlie decides to be closeted forever? Their child will forever live in the shadows then? Because there’s no assurance that they will come out which is completely fine because that’s their life but I’m curious with the child factor. So that child can never introduce her parents to her friends without signing NDAs?

                        Anonymous asked:

                        I just don’t think people will forget about Levi. They will have to do some sort of explanation or it will hurt Karlie’s image for abandoning him

                        S-R: I have no idea how they will manage this. But, I have no doubt they have a plan.

                        Anonymous asked:

                        I'm with you SR. Even though I too don't believe anyone is gonna forget Levi, especially the sw*fties who are obsessed with Taylor and her partners' private lives, it's not OUR job to figure out how they're gonna clean up this mess. They've created it it's their problem. Hell, Karlie may pretend to be his mother for the rest of her life. It's her choice. As is our choice of course to stop supporting her if she chooses this path for her and the poor boy.

                        . . . but otherwise, yes!

                        Anyhoodles, going to assume we won't hear anything more from Taylor (except for random tiktoks which she seems to be getting a kick out of) until Grammy campaigning really heats up later this year. She totes deserves a long break. Most Swifties think 2021 has set the blueprint for re-records and that she'll drop Speak Now TayVer next spring with minimal promo (like she did with Fearless) and then 1989 TayVer with maximal promo in late summer/or mid-Fall, and then debut and Rep in 2023 with the same promo pattern. Maybe? Dunno if she can't wait that long before putting out actual new music . . . and there have been tour rumors as well, so who knows.

                        I'll just take anything she wants to throw at us, any time she wants to throw it.


                        • Thanks, O! I am also just here for whatever she and you want to throw at me.

                          I do love that the re-records are making people write big think pieces about her work. It has been here waiting for people to realize how brilliant a songwriter she is.


                          • evermore for AOTY is the only nom Taylor got for the Grammys this year, but it's kinda funny?

                            Weird sidenote, some apparently believe that Olivia R's nom for Sour also counts for Taylor, because Taylor is cited on a couple of Olivia's songs. If so, then Taylor is nommed twice sort of:

                            But really, to be nommed for AOTY but not actually nommed for any of the actual category awards is just . . . *sigh*. And for AOTY she is up against her besties Justin Bieber and Kanye, of course, as well as Billie, Olivia Rodrigo, Lil Nas X etc . . . and evermore is not going to win, unfortunately, because they would nevah give her two AOTYs in a row.

                            Nice that evermore wasn't totes snubbed, I guess BUT WILLOW SHOULD HAVE GOT SOTY Y'ALL. The fact that someone ANYONE would nom Justin Bieber's 'Peaches' over ANYTHING written by Taylor FOR A SONGWRITING AWARD is insane. Why has she never won that one? makes no sense.
                            But yes, of course, this masterpiece:

                            I got my peaches out in Georgia (oh, yeah, shit)
                            I get my weed from California (that's that shit)
                            I took my chick up to the North, yeah (badass bitch)

                            . . . is clearly superior to:

                            I'm like the water when your ship rolled in that night
                            Rough on the surface but you cut through like a knife
                            And if it was an open-shut case
                            I never would've known from that look on your face
                            Lost in your current like a priceless wine


                            Okay, wevs.

                            At least, evermore won the AMA for pop album (and Taylor won for pop female artist).

                            Whenever evermore wins anything, I'm bringing this out . . .

                            I suppose Taylor can console herself for the SOTY snub with the fact that Red TayVer is just smashing it out there:

                            She sold well above estimates, so she should be proud.


                            ('herbs' is what Jack calls the guys in suits at record labels.)

                            . . . who is gonna invent a time tell 2012 Taylor that she's very WRONG . . .

                            And side note, Don McLean was pissy about Taylor's master's sitch (said she should have had a better lawyer, and also that 'modern songwriters don't have brains'), but now!

                            Lesson learned for Ol'Don, I guess.

                            McLean was gracious about handing over the long-held record, telling Billboard in a statement that it was well-earned. “There is something to be said for a great song that has staying power,” says McLean. “‘American Pie’ remained on top for 50 years and now Taylor Swift has unseated such a historic piece of artistry. Let’s face it, nobody ever wants to lose that #1 spot, but if I had to lose it to somebody, I sure am glad it was another great singer/songwriter such as Taylor.”

                            Nothing New also doing well, which makes Phoebe wonder:

                            Not really!

                            New recording of Christmas Tree Farm from Abbey Road with a full orchestra just for funsies is now on Amazon music:

                            video here:

                            . . . this is probably the project deux moi said she was filming in London that we were all hoping was the evermore sessions. But I refuse to give up hope!

                            I mean, can u imagine a 70 piece orchestra version of champagne problems!!?!

                            Anyway, looks like Taylor has left Panama after hanging out with Joe for a few days. Her jet went Panama > NY > Nashville yesterday. Most likely stopped in NYC to pick up some combination of clothes, cats, Austin, and/or even Patrick? for Thanksgiving in Nashville. But possible that the jet just dropped her in NYC and then parked in Nash. Possible that she's staying in NYC a little longer (Martha just had her baby!), possible that she's going to take her new boat to Rhode Island, or drive upstate to Blake and Ryan's, or wherever. But I think most Swifties assume she's home with Mama Swift for the holiday. Joe is still filming for a little while, nobody knows exactly how long.

                            leftussilent anons figured out that they were staying at the American Trade Hotel in Panama City.


                            That is the couch she was sitting on:

                            And we got one headline out of it:

                            Taylor Swift Supports Joe Alwyn With a Visit to His Film Set

                            Following the release of her highly-anticipated Red (Taylor's Version), Taylor Swift took some time to visit her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, on the set of his upcoming movie.
                            A source tells E! News that the 31-year-old singer took a trip to spend time with actor Joe Alwyn at his work following the release of Red (Taylor's Version) on Nov. 12. According to the source, "Taylor visited her boyfriend on the set of his movie."

                            Joe, 30, is currently shooting the film adaptation of Denis Johnson's novel, The Stars at Noon, per his IMDb page.

                            His co-star, Margaret Qualley, recently teased that the cast was shooting in South America by sharing pictures of what appeared to be tropical birds. The Maid star wrote on her Instagram, "'Bird pride' for my dad. And then this little guy was sweet too. Panama. Stars at Noon."

                            The movie's director, Claire Denis, also hinted that she, too, was in Panama and shared a photo of the country's flag hanging alongside a city sidewalk.

                            But no pics at all yet. Could be that, just like in Belfast and Croatia, she did take selfies with people but they are going to wait a few days after she leaves to post them.

                            Nice that she got some rest with her boyf, though!

                            For the record, this sighting was Not True:

                            So . . . they were both in Panama at the time. But this happens on deux moi kind of a lot.

                            And for some perspective on what it's like when Taylor stays at a hotel, we've got this from one of Nat's anons (this is about a different stay in a different hotel, not this most recent one but it probably holds true regardless):

                            my BFF works at one of the biggest hotels in my city that is the place for stars to stay at when in town. She has an NDA with the hotel about all their guests and anything that might happen in the hotel (obviously she’s told me the goss lol, like sports stars who bring back multiple women to their suite a night, the strange requests for what they want stocked in the fridge and the temperature of the room when entering), but when they have a super big guest coming that requires planning of how to get them checked in discreetly so no one knows where they’re staying, she had to sign a new NDA cause it was a new ‘operation’ and the hotel arranged it so the same people did the same duties, eg only one maid serves the room, one person does their room service, one person is the elevator driver, etc. so if anything got leaked, the hotel would know exactly who leaked it because they were the only one with access.

                            When taylor stayed there her security team sent a brief of what they required, the hotel sent them back a plan of how they can essentially smuggle celebrities in and out, where the cameras are, their ’one person per duty protocol’, and her security team signed off on it. The day she checked in, all staff who were assigned to her had to put their phones in their locker and the team had a meeting on what was expected of them. My BFF wasn’t one of her direct handlers, but was one of the people in charge of making sure the right people were the only people engaging with her. Part of the reason celebs like this hotel is they have a seperate elevator for exclusive guests and only the people looking after them have the key card that lets them get off on the floor celebs stay at. It was a full on operation and one of the tightest they’ve done, but by all accounts people were so impressed by taylor and surprised by her because the operation was so strict, but she said hello to the elevator driver and said how she loved the view, her people intercepted room service but at the end of her stay she thanked room service girl for how good everything was and sent compliments to the chef etc. also left huge tips and bought the office flowers as a thank you for keeping her safe and not leaking her info anywhere and how she didn’t want people to stress, but appreciates all the extra things they did for her. After she left there were a few tweets and comments in local gossip pages about how nice she was and is even prettier in person lol but it was like she had an agreement like a secret session ‘you can talk about your experiences but please don’t talk about music/ in this case - don’t tell people I’m here so the crazies don’t come looking for me’. She had no wild antics or weird requests, so this is hardly ‘tea’ but I finally had something to contribute lol.

                            The staff loved her and have been so pissed at other exclusive guests - some have the ‘no eye contact’ policy and a couple have had detailed security requests, but then have gone to the facilities the hotel offers in a spur of a moment decision and been annoyed that other guests were allowed to use the pool, gym, casino, etc while they were staying there and then tried to get them to clear these spaces for them, but they weren’t the only exclusive guests there, so got more pissed that some other guest was getting ‘better treatment’ and posted a selfie from their balcony which clearly showed where they were staying, hoards of fans camped outside and lurked in the lobby… then they complained their location was leaked!!

                            Nothing leaked about her being at the American Trade Hotel . . . we wouldn't have known at all if she hadn't decided to post a tiktok from there. So it's her fault!

                            Okay, some miscellany:

                            Ha, Halsey calling Taylor 'Blondie':

                            Taylor and DOB fistbumping at the ATW10 premiere:

                            Sitting with a Haim or two, I think? I can't tell any of the sisters apart.

                            I will gobble up any and all DOB + Taylor content.

                            Great long thread from a rabbi about ATW10:


                            Lawyer's tiktok about what the music industry said when Taylor announced her re-recording project:

                            Nicki Swift on What went Wrong with Jake and Taylor, pieced together from interviews at the time:


                            . . . . this is actually a good idea to just revisit what was said at the time. Might not be super super accurate, obvs, but very interesting.

                            kaaaaaaaytiiiiime . . .

                            Just a handful of gems today . . .

                            Anonymous asked:

                            Taylor’s TikTok in the blue collared sweater was recorded in a hotel room in Panama. I saw pics. Why

                            spade-riddles answered:

                            Because it is business. Maybe she made a deal to help get Toe on that project, and that deal includes her presence there in some capacity (promotion maybe). She is always working.
                            Anonymous said: If Jack’s girlfriend is filming something there and since Jack is (allegedly) there, maybe Taylor traveled to Jack so they can work on new music or some of the vault tracks from her next re-release?
                            It feels like Toes always make it seem like every facet of her career revolves around or is for Toe now and it’s annoying.

                            Anonymous said:
                            I know a lot of people may be disappointed that Taylor’s in Panama, but remember the end goal guys! Even if there are rumors of a break-up for January, it’s much more of a safe bet that T would probably keep him until at the end of re-recording (or at least personally i tend to think this so i won’t get my hopes up too much). All’s well that ends well

                            SR: She also pretended to go on a tropical vacation with CH right before their ‘split’. So this Panama trip could just as easily be their last hurrah. I have no insight. Just saying that it can be spun either way (they are doing great and she is visiting him, or they tried to work it out there and split after).

                            Anonymous asked:

                            The difference between Taylor being in Panama rn vs. when she went w CH on that tropical vacation is that there aren’t headlines about it… just some stalker Swifties who were able to find exactly where she was and tweeted about it. That being said, there r breakup rumors I’ve seen floating around, so maybe she took a quick jaunt to Panama to gain more control of that narrative. Or maybe she met Jack there for work. Point is that we don’t know and could speculate all day and again, being in the same place doesn’t mean they’re there together as a couple.
                            (Jack had already left Panama before Taylor arrived because he was performing a bleachers show in Mexico. Just wanted to point that out!)

                            Anonymous asked:

                            It's been a week since IBYTAM mv, and it still really boggles me that Taylor is already this loud about Kaylor/Karlie during the re-recording of Red era (an era where she haven't officially met Karlie yet), like... how much more for 1989? And especially Reputation??? Like I don't know if I should be scared or what lol!

                            Well maybe you should be scared, but not for the reasons you think you should be scared?

                            Anonymous asked:

                            If they do have a child, biologically speaking, the child belongs to one of them, not both of them. Has technology that two women don't need man to have children been achieved?i don't know.i just feel confused about this matter. What do you think?

                            spade-riddles answered:

                            There are exciting newer options for two women (but they do also need a male donor).

                            Anonymous said:

                            Anon, some of us suspect is that it’s Karlie’s egg and Taylor’s brother Austin was the donor. Taylor was really emphasizing her bond with Austin during the pregnancy and that seemed like a hint. Regardless, that doesn’t mean Austin would be “the father” or that the baby wouldn’t be Taylor’s. Two women chose to have a baby together. That’s their baby, no matter who carried it or what the configuration of gametes was. Although I bet that baby is going to look like such a Swift down the road

                            BUT THEY DO ALSO NEED A MALE DONOR. Oh, poor confuzzled anon.

                            Anonymous asked:

                            Everyone is sooo confused as to why Taylor would rerecord Christmas Tree Farm, a song about her childhood Christmases. And I'm sitting here thinking "Of course she would. It's baby's first festive season!" Swifties are so asleep, it's funny

                            It's actually a lot more fun to be 'asleep' than for your brain to be konstantly searching for konnections and klues, I'm just telling you this for your own good.

                            Bonus! Nobuddy is doing kayke analysis quite like the kays . . .



                            (why is this gif so small, I don't get it.)


                            • I'm part of the bummed Swifties who thought she'd announce some sort of live evermore event on the 1 year anniversary. Alas, only Aaron even acknowledged this little red headed stepchild of an album. But! While I looked around the various Tay content to see if she'd announced anything, I came across this gem of a reaction to the 10 minute ATW.

                              It's a bunch of college girls from NC State and it's INCREDIBLE. First of all, baby Ellie Goulding in the front is adorable. However. The gold star member of this group is way in the back, sitting above everyone while hugging a huge container of cheese puffs. She starts off looking kind of amused by her friends, maybe a little judgey about how excited they are. But then as the song plays, she fucking goes on the emotional trip of her life and just clutches the cheese puffs to her chest while she tries to keep it together. It's honestly beautiful and is a must watch even if you don't care about Taylor Swift at all. Wherever she is, I hope Cheese Puff Girl is now thriving and getting over the dude she is clearly in her feelings about. It gets better, CPG!


                              • I am bummed by lack of evermore love too. And nothing really about the birthday aside from a picture with a Haim. I would like more hints on sekrit weddings.