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  • Issie! That ATW10 reaction was priceless. I love love love watching people's faces when they get to those pivotal lines, you know which ones I'm talking about. It does get better Cheese Puff Girl! Thank you for linking me to her journey!

    Add me as well to the Bummed-About-Lack-of-Evermore-Love Club. Sadness!

    HELLO MY GENTLEFRIENDS! Hope y'all have been having delightfully covid-free holly days!

    My health has been very meh of late wah wah wah* but I have roused myself into a state of wakefulness and prepared some tidbits for you.

    * no it's not covid, just the dumb boaty headaches**

    ** my doc put me on a med that actually made things much better, but she only had a sample pack and when we tried to fill an actual prescription my insurance denied it and since the meds are nearly $30k a year out of pocket, that's not happening. Oh well! Spending a lot of time arguing with insurance reps and hoo boy . . .

    Based on jet tracking, it looks like the jets have swooped up Taylor and Joe from NYC (and? maybe also Austin and/or Patrick?), someone from Nashville (probably Mama Swift?), and someone from Tampa (Scott, obvs), so that they may spend the holidays by the sea at Holiday House in Rhode Island. Seems like the appropriate place!

    actual footage of their holiday aesthetic:

    But! let's turn the clock back a bit to December 12th, which is when Taylor threw herself (and Alana) a birthday party at her Tribeca penthouse:

    (jack and cara d.)

    Antoni's bf Kevin:

    That would also be me if I came within ten yards of Taylor and/or her belongings.

    Taylor's sparkly wide dress was by Julia Clancey and costs $800:

    So we know Jack, Cara, Gracie Abrams, Di Silvers, Antoni and his bf, Cooper Hoffman (Alana's co-star in Licorice Pizza), Alana Haim (obvs), Martha Hunt, Tommy Dorfman, Sadie Sink were all there . . . and the dude taking this opportunity to pose with one of Taylor's Grammys.

    And word on the street says Kaia Gerber, Sarah Ramos, DOB, and the 3 Sad Virgin guys from SNL were also there. Joe was still filming in Panama, obviously.

    She just barely snuck this party in under the wire, because it was only a few days later that omicron started to blow things up and shut things down in New York.

    Side note: this overthinking by Taylor sparked new konspiracy klues . . .

    You can see on the shelf that Taylor has a cigar box:

    but in her own post, she blacked it out:

    (h/t Nat)

    which is silliness, but I guess she didn't want to spark smoking rumors, even though that's probs just a vintage box for display. The kay speculation was that she was blacking out a pic of her and Karlie, duh. Or the Swift-Kloss Family Krest! But alas no, just an empty box, and not the smoking gun proof of a multi-year konspiracy. Beekdamnit!

    Some BirthTay wishes!

    Christopher Rowe, who is doing her sound mixing on the re-recordings:

    Gigi's pic looks so cozy:

    courtneylove: Happy belated birthday @taylorswift, aspirational huge role model for many young women & occasional hair twin / neighbour

    (Courtney Love lives in London, fyi.)

    This was prescient . . . a ten years ago interview:

    Taylor was in NYC for a couple of months as far as anyone can tell by the jets. She was able to be pretty low key in NYC (she can thank her new garage for that) -- but did get spotted a couple of times while out and about:

    This however, was totes fake:

    (and the actor's team also denied it and said he wasn't even in the States - and neither was Taylor! she was in Panama at the time.)

    And Joe was also spotted out and about in Panama, like at this film panel on Dec 4:

    And on the set of the movie the Stars At Noon:

    From the movie description, I thought they would be changing up his look some? But he looks just like he did for Nick in CWF here.

    He also did some pics with fans, who all said he was super nice:

    (Margaret Qualley looks soooo much like her mama to me.)

    Cute vid of Joe wrapping the movie, hugging his director and co-star:


    Looks like his character has a pretty rough time of it, yikes. This is not a book I am likely to read and not a movie I am likely to watch, but by all accounts it's going to be a high quality everyone-looks-grim-and-terrible-things-happen project.

    In a totally non-surprising move, Taylor's jet picked Joe up from Panama as soon as he finished filming and brought him to NYC where she had been chilling out for weeks. So much for the kay theory that they split in October and are going to annouce the break up in January. Don't even ask why they think this, it's dumb.

    Speaking of NYC based Alwyns, I totally said I wouldn't be tracking Patrick around town as a private citizen etc unless he tangles up with celebrities again and well . . . there he goes, dating a celebrity again. The local rumor is that Patrick has been dating around a lot at NYU (not just dating Sadie, or at least not dating her anymore?) but might now be officially coupled up with fellow student Brynn Cartelli -- the singer/songwriter who won The Voice when she was 15. I remember rooting for her! She was good!

    She's also a big Taylor fan, obvs.

    (h/t Nat's anons)

    As far as Sadie goes, possible of course that Patrick and Sadie were always just friends, though, and never dating . . . also possible that Patrick doesn't do 'girlfriends' he just hangs out and hooks up in general (kinda like his big bro did in college, also according to many rumors), because even though he is supposedly coupled with Brynn now, this sighting happened two days ago:

    (I'm assuming they are just friends!)

    Crazy how he was just a wee babyboy just yesterday, or so it seems:

    All right, so pivoting from the personal to the bizness side . . .

    We got some press stuff!

    Pic from this past summer of Taylor and the president of her record label:

    I love this whole look, especially the shoes. I think those might be her long pond shoes? Yet another knife in the heart now that it is clear we won't be getting an evermore long pond!

    From the Billboard article:

    “It’s very simple. If she wants to build the highest building in town, my job is to say ‘How high?’ and that’s it.”

    — Republic Records head Monte Lipman to Billboard on working with Taylor (x)

    “Monte has a very sharpened gut instinct about projects, and I feel very fortunate to have benefited from that gift of his. He was the one who championed my move from country to pop, and I’ll never forget him telling me that ‘Shake It Off’ was the one he thought should be the first single. Or calling him to tell him and my Republic team that I’d made a secret album in quarantine called folklore and that I wanted to put it out the following week. I had prepared a speech to persuade my label to let me do it. I should’ve known I wouldn’t need to use it, because Monte reacted as if I’d given him the best news of his life. He gets fired up about music in a way that’s very contagious. Hard work doesn’t scare him. Challenges don’t fatigue him. I’m very lucky to be on his team."

    — Taylor to Billboard on Republic Records head Monte Lipman

    Nothing at all like Scott Baloney!

    . . . and when you can't sleep at night/you hear my stolen lullabies . . .

    No wonder she's so much happier where she is now.

    People just making up kerrrazy stuff these days:

    This would have been willlld.

    (Haim already debunked it):

    I'm still obsessed with how ATW10 became a cultural touchstone for a few hot minutes, giving so much energy to so many during this ridiculous year.

    Gwyneth (who introduced Jake and Taylor):

    Rolling Stone moved it to #1 all time of Taylor songs:

    (rightfully so)

    Jack is happy to have just been involved:

    There are moments like ‘All Too Well,’ and a few others in my career, where I’ve gotten to be like, ‘Man, this whole thing is just bullshit made up by some people at labels who are trying to put an answer to an unanswered question.’ And that unanswered question is, ‘What are people going to like?’ There are people whose entire jobs are just that question, and they come at it from a good angle, but the question is corrosive. And you start to look back historically and you’re like, nobody asking that question ever arrives anywhere good. The only question to ask yourself is, ‘What do I like?’ There are these moments where I get to produce the 10-minute version of ‘All Too Well’ with Taylor, and when I was working on that song, I was thinking to myself, ‘This is a great honor. Love this song. I was not involved in the original. I know how important this song is to her and her people. I am going to go about this with the most integrity and care humanly possible,’ right? It was really special, and it meant a lot to me. To see that go No. 1 is just a further confirmation of what needs to be dismantled in your head, which is, don’t ever fucking think about what some herb is telling you is the thing that’s going to work right now, because if someone’s telling you that, they’re already too late.”

    . . .

    “There’s a difference between ‘massive’ and ‘literal No. 1 song,’ and I don’t think in those terms because it’s such a pie-in-the-sky — like, you could have a wild, amazing career and not have No. 1 songs, because so many crazy things have to come together for a song to be No. 1 on the Hot 100. It’s a bit of a goofy thing to even hope for, so, it’s wild. Nobody does it like her. And at the core of all of this, all of these things are only interesting because of the brilliance of the songs. I think it just it restores my faith in that, more than anything.”

    — Jack Antonoff to Billboard on the 10 minute All Too Well

    And so was DOB:

    Taylor sent flowers to Don McLean when she beat his record:

    She's doing a great job at controlling the narrative on the re-recordings. Her insistence on doing them, and doing them well, is really coming off as something brave and good instead of how Koots and Scott Baloney tried to spin it as empty threats and a silly tantrum.

    Some of the most revered and successful artists in rock-and-roll history have had bitter battles with their record labels: Prince changed his name to a damn symbol just to try to fight their power over his work. But not Taylor Swift. She is going back through her old work and painstakingly rerecording it. She’s singing all of those lyrics she wrote during different highs and lows of her life, honoring the old work that fans hold dear while even improving on the old work. She's then using her enormous influence to go out and promote what she’s doing so that her fan base gets the message, and then with open arms, supports these new recordings. She isn’t doing it for the money – she doesn’t need it. It’s about the principle. She’s doing it so that she can own her intellectual property, so that she can say who gets to use it and how, so that she doesn’t get exploited any more by people who only see it as “content” that they can make a mint off of. How fierce is that? How punk rock? More than I am, that’s for sure. So thanks, Taylor, for all of the incredible songs. And thanks for advocating for yourself and, by extension, all of us who create – by doing the most punk rock thing I’ve ever seen someone do in the music industry.

    Dave Hause - USA Today - Taylor Swift, rerecording albums to own her masters, is infinitely more punk rock than I am (

    And Rolling Stone put Red TayVer at #2 for albums of 2021:

    Throwing back to the I'll Bet You Think About Me vid shoot, Taylor celebrated evermore's AOTY nod with this beeutiful vid:

    Looks like her LA house, which makes sense.

    And Blake is the one filming the vid, based on the rings on the hand etc.

    (hand identification h/t Nat)

    Hand identification is very important with kays on the loose klaiming every stray hand.

    But anyway, that's literally all we got for showing evermore some love, oh well.

    Total side note!

    Prince William was recently waxing nostalgic for the night he followed Taylor like a puppy:

    Just imagine if that had taken a different direction . . . Taylor could have been Joe's future Queen in a totally different way!

    And another total side note!

    Abigail, who got divorced earlier this year (see re: happiness), just got engaged to one of her employees ( and they did it at Big Sur, Kaylor's Holy Ground!):

    Not judging other people's life choices or whether or not this was SUPER FAST, just happy that we might get another shot at Taylor in a bridesmaid dress again next year.

    Taylor seeing these pics:

    OKAY!!! kaytimeplaytime my friends . . .

    Anonymous asked:

    Lolololol swiffers wondering why Taylornation is so excited lately about 2022 and why Taylor has been referencing 22 (and hinting at 2022) so much especially now that Red is out and it doesn't serve as a tease for the album track. What should we tell them? That there's a rumor that Taylor and Toe 'broke up' and they'll announce it January 2022? Or that Karlie's decade long contract finally potentially ends in 2022? Nah, let them see themselves.

    Yes! Let us see for ourselves!

    Anonymous asked:

    i saw some people SERIOUSLY discussing how the lover lyrics video has tay's and joe's secret moments together and how romantic it is.... even one of them said they watched it so many times... but how come these people cannot see that some videos there is from 1989 era and she have that side bangs and SHORT KARLIE CUT HAIR. am i tripping? isn't there?? im so sickkk

    spade-riddles answered:

    When I first joined tumblr I used to be curious what the beard believers thought. I would check up on those blogs, and it would just leave me so annoyed. So I learned to just ignore them completely. It is so much more peaceful here.

    Anonymous said:

    There’s literally a snippet of a video from the tail-end of the RED Era from before Taylor got her Karlie Cut in early 2014 in the Lover lyric MV. Just don’t bother lurking beard-lover blogs because cognative dissonance as bad as that means that there’s no rhyme, reason or logic to their beliefs and it’s not worth the headache.

    Karlie keeps forgetting to play by the kay rules. She insists on posting cute pics of her fake husband and fake child, even when they don't want her to.

    Anonymous asked:

    Why does karlie keep posting J and the baby? I literally don’t understand, it’s understood publicly they have a child . Actually why does she constantly post the baby? It makes little sense to me

    S-R: She does it for him, his part of the deal. He is desperate to keep his closet, and he knows that will be difficult after the ‘split.’

    No other reason, except that it's part of the kontract! Even Karlie's dad must be under kontract, otherwise how do you explain THIS:

    'grandson'. Yeah right. The kays can see through your lies, Daddy Kloss! That vaguely obscene looking turkey pic can't kover up the DECEPTION!

    Anonymous asked:

    Why do you keep quotation marks around Levi’s name? He is a real baby…just because he’s not Taylor and Karlie’s baby, it doesn’t mean you should invalidate him. He’s innocent and didn’t ask to be part of all these. You can be so dismissive and cruel

    spade-riddles answered:

    I do not believe there is a child named Levi. I believe that is someone else’s child who most likely goes by a different name. That is why.

    Levi Joseph seems like a troll name because Scooter’s kids have those name.

    BirthTay klues:

    Anonymous asked:

    I haven't made up my mind about whether the Kaylor baby is a boy or a girl... But the sides of Alana and Taylor's birthday cakes are light pink and gold. And obviously their baby pictures are on the top. Maybe a baby girl hint? Side note, her and Alana blowing out the candles reminded me so much of that quick scene in the Lover mv, where Taylor blows out candles in the Speak Now room at 3:16.

    One again, the masters of kayke analysis.

    Oh hey, time for my favorite game show . . . Family Friends Fake Baby Swap!

    Anonymous asked:

    Didn’t Misha (Mikey’s beard) have a baby in the spring, too? I wonder if it’s her baby we usually see. No idea how that arrangement would work (who are the bio parents vs who is raising the kid) but it makes as much sense as most of our baby theories.

    S-R: They allegedly have two kids. The pics they show of them do not look like the child(ren) we usually see with Karlie though. But I admit that this thought crossed my mind too.

    The fact that Mikey and Misha have only bothered to rent TWO fake alleged kids makes them slackers in komparison to Karlie, who apparently has SIX DIFFERENT RENT-A-BABIEZ:

    Lemme repeat . . . SIX DIFFERENT RENT-A-BABIEZ. I mean, if renting out babiez to closeted celebrities ain't an actual biz model already for realz, maybe we should start it here at the nono? We can already lay our hands on a couple of babiez to begin with.

    Laa and issie and Breezy! start cranking out new babiez, stat! This is the kind of million dollar idea that could cover the cost of my vestibular migraine meds maybe!

    Anyway, love you guys and stay safe and try to have at least a little merriment out there!

    (actual footage of me having merriment while also having a fucked up vestibular break down, wheeee!)

    Stalking FanForum Since 2001
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    • Thanks, ophy! Great recap of everyting going on. Still disappointed that there's not engagement announcement.


      • Six different rent-a-babies is fantastic - I couldn’t come up with this stuff if I tried.

        Not judging other people's life choices or whether or not this was SUPER FAST, just happy that we might get another shot at Taylor in a bridesmaid dress again next year.
        Rebound engagements don’t have a good history of working out, but maybe Abigail will get lucky.

        Thanks for the Taylor post, O!


        • I know most of y'all have already seen all the Taylor drams this week, but my favorite thing is that this has basically turned into Justice4Tay all over the place. Basically everyone she's worked with jumped to her defense and weren't shy about @ing Damon Albarn in their responses so you know right away how the power balance works. No one's skerred of the Gorillaz guy even though everyone partied to Feel Good Inc in the 00s. It was also super fun to see Twitter bros try and do some weird version of Vs. with Taylor's and Damon's lyrics because Swifties are not new at fighting haters and Blur stans have no idea how deep and vast her discography actually is. Literally, most of them have heard the radio bops (like her actual worst work for the most part and I say that as someone who could be jolted out of a coma and still go straight into a word perfect karaoke performance of Blank Space) and have no clue that she has Tolerate It in her crush-your-feelings arsenal.

          The blog post by Domenica Feraud is actually the story that interested me more even though it got less attention. She basically says that ATW 10 minute version is also her gospel truth. JG used almost all the same tricks on her that Taylor mentions in the song, including him reaching out 3 months after she thought he had ghosted her. There's also the gas lighting, the love bombing, the bringing her around all his friends who judged her, the pretending that he was conflicted about their age difference even though he knew about it from the start. And ugh, Maggie and Jake's mom sound like some A+ enablers while also being super bitchy to a powerless 23 year old assistant so that's gross.

          In summation: Why are men?
          Is starting to scare isadora a little bit.
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          • I've sort of felt sorry for Maggie G during the ATW stuff. I mean, I haven't watched much of what she is in (or really Jake for that matter) so I'm not coming in as a "fan" or anything. But other than the line in the song - - how much did TS interact with MG? Was she aware of what he was doing or was she just "dude, she's a kid"?


            • The Domenica Feraud story makes me not feel sorry for Maggie at all! What a family of assholes.

              So! I've got a bunch of stuff to post in a post but I'm not sure when I'll get it up because I've got Stuff going on today, but hopefully tomorrow?

              But yeah, I've collected a round up of reactions to Blur Guy (Swifties were just primed and waiting to pounce on somebody at some time, didn't matter who! ) and also the Domenica story, which broke my heart, and also some interesting jet tracking info, and some other bits . . . I just need like a good empty hour or two to clean it all up and I don't think I'll get any time today.


              • Just saw this on TikTok (the Domenica story).
                jesus f’ing Christ.
                A proud member of Isadora's army.
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                • The blog post by Domenica Feraud is actually the story that interested me more even though it got less attention.
                  I started reading last night and I couldn’t get very far before having a rage blackout. I have to piecemeal read it because it is so awful.