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  • Two new unreleased tracks from Lover were released lately, maybe even today? I only saw them today, but I'm not always super fast on Taylor news. Anyway, it's actually criminal that these didn't make the album because they are both good and both better than half the songs that made the cut. They're definitely better than ME, It's Nice to Have a Friend, I Forgot That You Existed, and I Think He Knows.

    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

    Judge for yourselves, but Need is easily top 5 on that album for me. If it was included it would bounce Daylight (which I really love) and would join Cruel Summer, DBATC, Cornelia Street, and The Archer among my favorites. It's so horny, I love it.

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    • This big Taylor week makes me miss you, ophy! She's got so much going on and is really feeding us. Tour starts tonight and I've been considering joining TikTok just to consume tour content. I've held off in the hopes that Twitter and Insta will pull in all the relevant/best TikToks. As if that isn't enough, Taylor got bored during rehearsal breaks and decided to release 4 songs. All the Girls... is one of the ones that leaked a few weeks ago and I really like it, but If This Was a Movie TV is so so so good. Her voice is so much better now and the song is stronger for it. Plus, I'm such a Speak Now super fan since it was the album that made me jump on the bandwagon. Her shenanigans with trying to assign this song to Fearless so that she wouldn't have to reveal the Speak Now TV cover art are so funny and has Swifties SMHing her all over the place. There's also the legit theory that she is giving it to us now because it's the only SN song with a co-writer and she wants to release SNTV as a completely self-written album.


      • I miss Ophy too!

        I am obsessed with some of the tour outfits. I am going to try to find the Tumblr where they break down the outfits.

        Today on Twitter “karlie” is trending, from Kaylors who believe some random woman at one of the Glendale shows was Karlie, even though it is clearly not her.


        • Twitter really came through on Friday night. They were loading clips of songs in set list order within minutes of her doing them which is just excellent work. And yeah the outfits are amazing. I started following an insta account (@tstheerastour) and they've shared some outfit details. So far, Cavalli, Alberta Ferretti, ODLR, and her ballgown designer have all shared info about the outfits they made for her. She changed most of them up for the second night so the clothing budget is *generous*. Also, the production is amazing.

          Ok so, the set list. I can.not. believe that she put Tolerate It in the regular line up! I literally said, OMG NO WAY when the piano started for that song while she was fussing with the dining table on stage. That's a Top 5 for me on evermore so no complaints here, but I am still in shock over it. Also NO WAYed Marjorie even thought it makes more sense since that is a super personal family song for her. One inclusion that I would have not cared about at all before seeing the actual performance is Illicit Affairs. I like that song just fine on the album, but it ended up being one of my favorites live. She sings it deeper, it sounds a little different (much stronger/heavier) and it was great. I'm super excited to see it in person. Alternatively, I lovelovelove Champagne Problems in my car and in my bathroom and in my life, but it seemed just ok live. Kinda whatever.

          Songs I would've bet made it, but did not: Mine, Long Live, Teardrops on my Guitar, Our Song, DBATC, YOYOK. Out of those, I'm really only bummed about DBATC. I also would've loved to see YOYOK (maybe would have replaced Vigilante Shit with this one). She really told Speak Now to wait its turn because she changed into the ballgown for Enchanted and said, yep that's about it.

          I'm hoping I get a Lover or a Speak Now track as the surprise song for Houston because the set list is already VERY folkmore heavy and I'm good on hearing those songs. If I had to guess, I'd bet the shows with Phoebe and Haim will get Nothing New and NBNC respectively. It'd be so easy and the crowd would go nuts. Also, I think people would feel kinda robbed if she didn't do that? Other than that possibility, there's really not much time for surprise guests. The show is packed and runs over 3 hours already. I'd been planning to wear heels, but that plan might get scrapped here soon.

          I am 4 weeks away from our show and am already watching the other 2 nights to see when ticket prices drop in case I wanna go twice.


          • @Taylorswiftstyle on Tumblr is the one I was thinking of. If the board doesn’t misbehave and chew the post up, Ima put together a post with pictures of my favorites.

            The set list is A+++. There are things I wish she could have played, like evermore the song, but I don’t know who would sing it with her. I LOVED her performance of Willow (which I find an under appreciated part of evermore). I agree with you on how good Illicit Affairs sounded live, though I loved it beforehand. I am so happy she is playing The Archer but I will miss DBATC. I have read that LWYMMD is great in concert and so I will wait for that, but the Rep choices are overall my least favorites (with Delicate as the exception). Overall I like the Midnights section, except I am not a Midnight Rain lover, so I would rather she had swapped that for YOYOK.

            I have a ticket to one night in Pittsburgh, but like you I am considering a second.


            • With a million shoutouts to the taylorswiftstyle tumblr, which is awesome and so good at figuring out what clothes she is wearing.

              Lover is perfect.


              evermore cottagecore — I adore this color so much.


              Reputation is so hot


              I love the fuzzy coat era that she is in.


              And finally, this 1989 green is EVERYTHING to me.