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  • ophy
    started a topic The Study of Swiftology

    The Study of Swiftology

    As requested, a thread for Taylor Swift's luxury planes, lavish Barbie Doll dreamhouses, and sekrit wife/wives, etc.

    Kicking this off with info about her two private planes, as one is wont to do:

    In 2011, she bought a Falcon 900 (rumored $40 million), which she had painted to look like this:

    Taylor is obsessed with certain numbers, which is why there is a 13 near the door, and the tail number includes '89'.

    On the nose of the jet, you can see the number “13.” This is Swift’s favorite number, and oddly enough, before every show, she draws it on her hand. She has profound reasoning for 13 being her favorite, stating, “I was born on the 13th. I turned 13 on Friday the 13th. My first album went gold in 13 weeks. My first number one song had a 13-second intro,” she said. “Every time I’ve won an award I’ve been seated in either the 13th seat, the 13th row, the 13th section or row M, which is the 13th letter.”
    But perhaps she thought it was too flashy and not stealth enough, so it has been repainted in gray:

    She has used this plane to fly boyfs around a fair amount.

    The jet has 12 seats, which means she has plenty of room for her entourage when she tours—or, simply to scoop up her boy toy du jour. Page Six reported that Swift flew Conor Kennedy on the jet from the Hyannis Port Kennedy family compound to her hometown of Nashville, simply because she “missed him” after not seeing him for merely a week. God forbid he have to take a commercial flight! We feel his pain.

    On December 8, her current boyfriend Harry Styles performed with his band One Direction at London’s Jingle Bell Ball, and he arrived in England on Swift’s jet. They had been spending some time together in New York City, hitting up hotspots like the Crosby Hotel and the Dream Downtown, and when it was time for him to head back home, she insisted it be with her—and not with his bandmates. The rest of the boys were spotted at Heathrow after taking a commercial flight (again, the horror).

    Her first time on a private jet may have been a couple years prior to this purchase thanks to Jake Gyllenhaal. He flew her out to London back in 2010, and in her recent single “I Knew You Were Trouble” she references a bad boy “flying her to places she’d never been.” We can only speculate, but our guess is she got a taste of the mile-high life thanks to the dashing actor.

    And of course . . .

    Probs not Calligraphy Haggis that often though, because he has his OWN private plane. Yes, they were a three plane family while together.

    An F-900's interior generally looks something like this:

    But Taylor's is probs customized a lot. I read somewhere that she had the seats covered in 100% cashmere, but I dunno that sounds kinda itchy and hard to clean?

    She also owns a Falcon 50, which is newer but also smaller. They generally look like:

    But I didn't track down a pic of hers, and found no info on how much she paid for it. She parks both of her jets in her own hangar in Nashville, and uses them like a town car.

    No, this isn't one of Tay's planes, but it is a pic of Taylor in front of the Air Asia plane that was painted in her honor, and I include it because my life's dream is that eventually someone will paint me all over a ginormous plane, why not:

    I do have something from last weekend that fits more planes and gayspriacy, kinda . . her little jet (the F-50) went Nashville -- NYC -- Rhode Island, parked there a couple of days and then went NYC-- Nashville, which suggests she flew her parents and herself to High Watch for the weekend, and then everyone back home again. The reason this made the K'lors happy was that the tail number wasn't logged. So they used that as an example that sometimes her jets don't log their tail numbers on flight plans and THEREFORE Taylor could have gone fly fishing in Colorado (Wyoming? Montana?) when Karlie was doing so a few weeks ago . . . but as non-K'lors pointed out, there were NO F-900s orF-50s logged as going from that hangar in Nashville to where Karlie was vaca-ing, and fuck the reflection in the spoon, y'all are reaching.

    But here's something they AREN'T reaching on . . .

    Here's Tay strolling around NYC yesterday (checking on the lavish renovations of her lavish apartment, actually) . . . followed by one of her bodyguards, as per usz.

    And Karlie, also in NYC on Wednesday . . . followed by the same bodyguard, not as per usz.

    This can only! mean! one! thing! . . . . OMB, KARLIE IS CHEATING ON JOSH WITH ONE OF TAYLOR'S BODYGUARDS.

    (Or that Taylor and Karlie went to a gym together earlier in the day but somehow didn't get fully papped).

    The 'why they didn't get papped in the same frame' theory is that Tay is not super keen to be seen too publicly with Karlie right after Ivankagate, which is possible.

    Also, they both wore stripey clothes yesterday, which means they are MARRIEDS. I realize that it must be so exhausting to pick out your clothes every day based on what secret message you want to send to the only truly faithful fans WHO SEE THROUGH THE HETERO CHARADE but that is, apparently, the life Tay and Kar have chosen.

    Cheers to the HETERO CHARADE!

  • ophy
    but possibly Selena too (and I don’t know who else)

    I don't think she meant Selena at all! I mean, Selena is one person we KNOW she still sees and hangs out with and still loves dearly.

    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

    Selena Gomez Is Reportedly ‘Really Leaning’ on Taylor Swift Right Now

    Selena Gomez is very gradually stepping fully back out into the spotlight after taking two months off to seek treatment for her mental health at an East Coast facility. And someone who's hugely helping Gomez as she readjusts is her longtime friend Taylor Swift, according to E!. A source told the outlet that the photo of the two girls' happy hour with Cazzie David doesn't begin to capture how much Swift is privately doing to help Gomez.

    "[Selena] really leans on Taylor and considers her one of her best friends," a source told the outlet. "Selena and Taylor have been in touch since Selena left her treatment and are very close," the source continued. "Taylor has reached out several times and has shown her support and love."

    The two are in a "really good place" and remain close despite being based in different cities (Swift spends time in Nashville, London, New York, and Los Angeles, while Gomez is now living in Orange County.)

    Swift also prioritizes her and Gomez's friendship whenever she's in LA. "She tries to make time to see Selena," the source said. "It's always fun for them to catch up and have a girls' night."

    Gomez spoke about her friendship with Swift when she made a guest appearance at Swift's Reputation tour last year.

    "I have to say thank you to my best friend of about 12 years, almost 13, and the reason why she has been one of my best friends is because this person has never ever judged a single decision I’ve made," Gomez told the crowd. "She’s always met me where I’ve been. She’s encouraged me when I’ve had nothing to be encouraged about, and I don’t know if I would be as strong as I am if I didn’t have you and your family because you’ve changed my life. And—she’s going to kill me after—but honestly, thank you for the bottom of my heart for supporting someone who I know is the most beautiful, strong, independent woman I’ve ever met. So thank you as a best friend."

    She easily could have meant other friends maybe (we haven't seen her hanging with Lorde in quite awhile, and her name wasn't on the Junior Jewels shirt either) but I don't think she was referring to Selena.

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  • vanessa
    I love all the photos Taylor has been posting; the colors and aesthetic are wonderful.

    #20 probably includes not only Karlie, but possibly Selena too (and I don’t know who else). I mean, she’s still good with Selena, but are they as close as before? No, and maturing Taylor is saying that’s okay.

    Rethinking the 1989 squad and that tour and the Bad Blood video is interesting. I feel like I want to say something smart about how Taylor realizing that wasn’t reality is a big step for her, but I can’t make it work right to explain here.

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  • ophy
    #20 is obvs Karlie, she even stuck that Kushner shade in there with the "comrade". I'm not nearly the message sleuth that expert level Swifties are and even *I* could decipher that one.

    Hee. 'Comrade' went right by me like whoooosh, but you are totes right. That was a pretty deliberate word choice.

    Kinda makes this:

    ... look even more disingenuous now. I think the fact that Josh has finally unfollowed Taylor, and that Karlie hasn't 'liked' any of Taylor's posts in 2019, means that the message has sunk in that Taylor isn't going to bother playing the 'we are still really good friends' game with Karlie, so she may as well pack it in. Maybe that Nashville pic was Taylor's final concession. Like, okay we'll do THIS, but then we are DONE so don't ask for more.

    Also, I wish Taylor would stop letting Kimye live in her head rent free.


    Speaking of the 'dashians, I missed this aspect of the Jameela Jamil shout out, but Lainey caught it:

    And it’s why I said in my previous post about Taylor’s pre-30 essay, that she’s still playing that gossip game. Because you know who Jameela Jamil has been targeting in her body and age positivity messages?

    Yeah, I don't think Taylor is ever really going to be over any of it, like EVAH.

    (but for reals it's super shitty for Kim to be hawking appetite suppressant lollies. Jameela is not wrong.)

    On Taylor's headstone it's gonna read 'HAD BIG ENEMIES WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE'.

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  • IssieCol
    So taking everything at face value it would eliminate Karlie as someone she was referencing in that paragraph.
    Then why don't they take Karlie's words at face value when she repeatedly said she and Taylor are fine and still very good friends?
    To face value or not to face value is a Kaylor's greatest dilemma! Believe them when they say they're still besties for the resties! Don't believe them when they get married to not each other!!!

    #20 is obvs Karlie, she even stuck that Kushner shade in there with the "comrade". I'm not nearly the message sleuth that expert level Swifties are and even *I* could decipher that one. She might as well have spelled it with a K and italicized the font. Kaylor bit the dust a long time ago, but maybe they'll be sorta friends again one day. Gigi might be the common bond that reunites them. She's still hanging out with Karlie and also seems very loyal to Taylor so I can see her being the peacemaker. Taylor's always had girl dramz even though she wants to pretend like she's above all that. She's been on the outs with Selena a bunch of times, but they always find their way back to being friends. She used to be besties with Kellie Pickler, but I think that fizzled out a while ago. Same with Carrie Underwood, although they did not ever seem as close as she obvs was with the other three.

    Also, I wish Taylor would stop letting Kimye live in her head rent free. They're the WORST, stop validating them by telling them that they hurt you.

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  • ophy

    This board is your murder board, o. And I say that with love.

    TOTALLY FAIR. But i like to think of it as . . .

    Refinery29 took thing a step further than the murder board, they actually turned the case over to THE CIA (or a simulacrum of such.)

    (this was hella long, so I just excerpted)

    Taylor Swift's Album Release Date, As Deciphered Like A CIA Operative

    . . .

    With that challenge in mind, we spoke to Aliza Bran of the International Spy Museum to decipher Swift's recent behavior through the lens of an actual intelligence agent — and determine whether these posts really indicate whether TS7 is imminent.

    . . .

    Let the close-reading games begin. Fans theorized that each of the palm trees represent an album situated somewhere along the pop to country spectrum. Swift's first four albums (Taylor Swift, Fearless, Speak Now, and Red) were more country; the last two (1989 and Reputation), more pop. TS7 falls right in the middle in a category of its own. Or, the photo might have a clue for a release date. One fan counted the number of stars in the sky (61), and predicted it was a countdown to the album release — bringing TS7 to a May 6 release. Or, the trees could be the date: "Four, then one, then two" palm trees could translate to April 12.

    Palm trees appear to be the motif of her new project. Once fans started looking for palm trees in Swift's past, they found them everywhere: Sewn onto a Reputation-era army jacket, in the music videos for "End Game" and "Delicate." In the Instagram story of her friend, Iris Apatow. In the dress of her once-rival, Katy Perry.

    The theories quickly slide into "reaching" territory. Historically, palm trees have been an emblem of victory and longevity — so given that, should we read into the word "eternal" stitched into her Versace gown for the Billboard Awards? Or will TS7 feature a mermaid theme, instead? Swift was Ariel of The Little Mermaid for her New Year's Eve party and wore a mermaid shirt at the end of the Reputation Netflix movie. Perhaps this indicates the end of one era and the start of another.

    . . .

    When it comes to analyzing a public figure like Swift, Bran recommends taking a "leadership analysis" approach. "Typically, this is used by intelligence folks when determining how a foreign leader will react to an event or situation by knowing their background, patterns, personality, or societal and cultural factors," Bran explained.
    But in this case, leadership analysis would entail making a profile of Swift using her past behavior. "What would she do? I only matters what she would do in this situation, not what anyone else do," Bran emphasizes.

    Step one: Look to the 'gram, her direct conduit for communication. Swift, who can be sporadic on social media, particularly between album cycles, is upping the cadence of her Instagram posts. For Bran, that rang an alarm: Something big was coming.

    "Putting something on social media is like Tuesday for the Kardashians. That’s normal. But for Swift right now, it's going to mean something different," Bran said. "You're seeing a change in behavior. Clearly there’s something she’s leading up to, otherwise there’d be no change in behavior." That "change in behavior" can also include the Elle cover story, which Swift wrote herself.

    . . .

    So, Swift's probably planning something — but what? Bran suggests trying out the "starbursting" method to organize all the overflowing TS7 evidence, from subtle countdowns to palm trees. Starbursting is an organized way of deciphering patterns. "You look at the all of the major questions you could ask within the who/what/when/where windows and determine which facts you have, what has been done in the past, what patterns are there," Bran said. "If you had all answers to the questions you outline, you'd know the answer."


    But before declaring a theory true, any good intelligence agent would complete the final step: "Red teaming," or a way of using an outsider's perspective to hack biases.
    "The earlier you come up with your own impression of something, that impression will continue. You need someone far from the info and doesn’t have your ingrained mental traps," Bran said. Essentially, Swifties want a new album, so they're letting cognitive bias guide them to develop theories.

    . . .

    So, what does stand-in for the intelligence community think?

    "After looking at the information I have high confidence of an announcement," Bran said, predicting it would come soon.

    'Soon' doesn't help much, but thanks, fake CIA person!

    Anyhoo, whatever clues Tay is dropping is less important than how purty the new aesthetic is looking. I lurves it.

    Looks like she's been feeling these colors for awhile, you can see that she painted her nails to match back during the Rep tour months ago . . . and even further back for the Delicate spotify vid:

    Speaking of laying groundwork for a new era, Elle US is out, ya'll, and people got EXCITED about it. It trended for quite awhile yesterday.

    Hmmm. I liked the Elle UK cover better. This shoot is less sunshine-y.

    I assume if y'all are actually interested in Tayphemera, you'll already have read this, and if you aren't then I'll just pull some relevant quotes:

    2 + 8+ 3 = 13 AND it's 283 days until her 30th birthday! But people are also interpreting this to maybe mean WHEN TS7 is coming . . . 3/10? 10/3?

    Anyway, obvs there are 30 topics -- some are long and significant, and others are like this:

    The cocktail thing made me think of is!

    Here's a sampling of more:

    She's been getting a lot fo shit from people like Perez Hilton for turning off notifs on her insta, so this is a response to that:

    I've always thought it was dumb to be mad at anybody who chooses not to read the comments.


    Oh, okay she's shook, that's understandable:

    This was news . . . Taylor is going to get MORE political in 2020:

    Curious to see if she endorses in the primary, or just waits for the general. If I were her, I'd save my political heft for the general.

    Tom! vs. Joe!:

    You don't need to eat your feelings, Tom, at least she implied you were charming.

    The 1989 squad was a mistake, yeah I can see that:

    And! This is kinda super obviously about Karlie:

    More seriously, she addresses her sexual assault:

    Definitely good to slide a I Believe Victims statement in there.

    And this explains why there are clips of her being super jumpy on stage thinking someone was coming up behind her:

    . . . now I want to stock up on QuikClot just for reasons.

    The QuikClot might be why we've been seeing her with this Gucci fanny pack lately:

    (coming out of an LA recording studio last weekend)

    (hiking with Joe a few days ago).

    And beekdamnit, Andrea's cancer has come back:

    That really sucks. Everyone loves Andrea.

    As far as future TS7 hints . . . Is the new album called DAYLIGHT maybe?

    WELL MAYBE SO! Taylor posted this yesterday:

    with the caption:

    Step into the daylight and let it go.

    Fans seem to think so, they are already making gifs:

    And because I HAVE TO do this, here's some obligatory kay nonsense about the Elle 30 list:

    This seemingly innocuous bit about her hair being now STRAIGHT is ACTUALLY a hint to coming out:

    It's interesting that taylor talk bout her straight and curls hair at facts no #29 well she's 29yo now, she should start embrace the curls and ditch the straight (u know what i mean)

    You know, b/c it is #29! so it's the last year that people will call her straight!

    AND #20 ABOUT SITUATIONSHIPS IS NOT ABOUT KARLIE DUH (even though it clearly is).


    Ive been reading lots of comments that #20 is for karlie. We know it really isnt but do you think it is a way to explain to the gp their public situation. And that maybe in the future they would get close again? Like the CO plan all along?

    Anyone who thinks that has an anti bias. There is nothing in that paragraph that says ‘Karlie’. Taylor has a lot of people that we have seen come and go from her life. Why does that paragraph imply Karlie? Karlie said herself, on her 73 questions, that she is still close with Taylor. Karlie went to reputation tour. So taking everything at face value it would eliminate Karlie as someone she was referencing in that paragraph.
    #20 sounds to me much more like it could be about lena dunham. not necessarily exclusively, just that that friendship in particular seems to have run its course. there's a line in #16 that's like "will they still love you after walking in on you having a full conversation with your cats as if they were humans" that screams karlie to me.

    (or it 'screams' the guy she actually lives with right now maybe.)

    It's funny how so many people say Karlie and Taylor obviously had a falling out, they take Taylor's own words regarding her relationship with Joe or Joshlie at face value and trust her / believe in those relationships. Then why don't they take Karlie's words at face value when she repeatedly said she and Taylor are fine and still very good friends?

    UH . . . KARLIE'S BEEN LYING TO YOUR DUMB ASSES. It's always been way more in Karlie's best interests to pretend there is no 'feud' or falling out with Taylor than otherwise. That's kind of obvious given how large of a percentage of her followers are actually only following her because of Kaylor. And . . . nobody but the Kaylors were actually convinced by Karlie's denials anyway? because Taylor has not acknowledged her in any way at all in over two years except to stand next to her for a backstage photo? But y'all fall for it because you are just that stupid?

    And OF COURSE . . .


    She’s really coming out of hiding. Slowly but surely. Let me sob !

    Taylor is gonna show up at the iHeart Radio Awards in a week, we'll see if she drops more hints* then.

    * about the GAYGENDA obvs.
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  • isadora
    I've always wanted to make a murder board.

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  • vanessa
    This board is your murder board, o. And I say that with love.

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  • ophy
    I am here to say that Taylor’s cat trolling her fans is giving me life.

    The shoot itself was fine, although I wasn't blown away or anything. I do like this set of pics where she looks basically nineteen instead of twenty nine, though:

    People still think she might release new music tomorrow! Latest fan theories are that the theme will be either 'hearts' or 'paradise'.

    ET is even doing a murder board!

    Although, for the record, I think ALL of their connections are incorrect. Maybe I should do my OWN murder board . . .

    This just made me remember that Trial and Error was cancelled and I'M SAD NOW.

    Last edited by ophy; 02-28-2019, 05:10 PM.

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  • vanessa
    I am all in on JLaw’s thesis, but mostly I am here to say that Taylor’s cat trolling her fans is giving me life.

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  • IssieCol
    I need JLaw to set aside all of her work projects, wedding planning, and familial obligations so she can write us a thesis on the Rise and Fall of Kaylor.

    Thanks, Jen!

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  • isadora
    Oh, JLaw will spill that as soon as someone asks. LOL

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  • ophy
    I was putting together a bits and pieces post but then! Everyone FUHREAKED THE FUCK OUT that Taylor might be? doing a countdown? on her instagram? because she might? drop a new single/video? from TS7? on Friday?! *

    * I'm mostly doing this post for the memes let's be real. So many memes!

    Taylor has been posting A LOT on instagram** in the past week, SO IT MUST MEAN SOMETHING.

    ** her actual posts didn't have these numbers drawn on them, obvs.

    . . . . and I guess it is true that March 1st/2nd? is marked with a flower on the Official Taylor calendar merch:

    . . . and it is also true that she has done something similar on insta for the past three releases (for Red there were lots of red objects randomly on her instagram before it was announced, 1989 had mysterious elevator button pics, reputation had the snake countdown) so . . .

    Theories swirled for three days!

    TS7 = palm trees
    TS7= mermaids AND palm trees
    TS7 = something vaguely California-y?
    TS7 = a collab with Katy Perry because KP wore PALM TREES on a dress once!
    TS7 = actually the REAL TS6, which got shelved b/c of the 2016 dramz, and is OBVIOUSLY going to be about how she first fell in love with Karlie (three guesses as to which group believes this one!)
    Or! It's not even ABOUT TS7, it's about an announcement for headlining Coachella!

    Collectively, the whole world held it's breath to see if she was going to post a coded '4' yesterday . . .

    The March 1 prediction was in several online mags and even hit the teevee stations:

    Fans stayed up ALL NIGHT! Waiting for post #4!!! They changed their twitter bios to have palm trees in them! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW SERIOUSLY THESE PEOPLE TAKE THE IDEA OF NEW TAYLOR MUSIC OMB.

    But! . . . . NOTHING HAPPENED. All the livelong day, nothing happened.

    Tay's little friend Iris Apatow was having fun with it, though:


    . . . Accurate.

    View this post on Instagram

    She just read all the theories

    A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

    Such a troll!

    The fans felt a wee bit stupid?

    Then after all of that torture, the Elle UK April cover dropped this evening and the fans felt a little less stupid:

    So the posts might not have been an actual countdown, and they might not have had anything to do with palm trees, but! the fans were right that she was hyping something upcoming, and they were right that she was establishing an aesthetic (all that soft pink and yellow!) that carried over to the Elle UK shoot. And even though the Elle cover is not going to be a TS7 announcement, and it's not going to be an engagement announcement, and it's not going to be the Grand Gaygenda announcement (or even an interview at all! ) she still did write an essay for Elle about songwriting:

    “I love writing songs because I love preserving memories, like putting a picture frame around a feeling you once had. I like to use nostalgia as inspiration when I’m writing songs for the same reason I like to take photographs. I like to be able to remember the extremely good and extremely bad times,” she writes. “I want to remember the color of the sweater, the temperature of the air, the creak of the floorboards, the time on the clock when your heart was stolen or shattered or healed or claimed forever.”

    (rumor is that the Elle US cover/pics were done by a different photog, and haven't been released yet.)

    So there is some new content to keep the thirsty Swifties happy for awhile. (jk, nothing makes Swifties happy for more than like, a day).

    For what it's worth, I still think there's a really good chance a new TS7 single will be dropping in the next few weeks and that it will be a Spring aesthetic, too. Red was a Fall album, 1989 was summer-y, Rep was mos def winter, so Spring seems likely. And she's definitely be seen going into and out of studios, so . . .

    (andI'll also think she might be engaged, but my guess is that they are just not going to announce it at all . . . or not until right before a wedding happens, or not until their eldest kid is ready to go off to college, or not until they've booked themselves into a nursing home together, and only perhaps then.)

    Since I'm here anyway, I'll leave you with this Joe and Karlie stare down from when they were both front row at Tom Ford a couple of weeks ago:

    (Karlie hasn't liked one of Taylor's posts since last year . .. and she unfollowed Joe and then Josh unfollowed Taylor, y'all! kaylor nonsense aside, just what HAPPENED.)

    . . . I'll bet JLaw finally knows (this is from yesterday):

    Last edited by ophy; 03-04-2019, 06:34 AM. Reason: because my JLaw gif broke and I don't know why.

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  • ophy
    Just a quickity quick post to let y'all know it doesn't look like anything super exciting happened last night? Nothing ENAGAGETY at least, unless somebody let something slip in a convo at the party and it gets reported later, I suppose.

    Joe walked the carpet with Nichols Hoult and NH's tuxedo sash (?):

    CUMBERBUNDS . . . but Joe's Tom Ford has a droopy early 70s thing about it that I don't love.

    Tuxedo sash aside, they actually really look good together.

    But no, NH was NOT flashing a SECRETS ENGAGEMENTS ring.

    Presumably, neither was Taylor? We did get a pre-party pic from inside her place in Beverly Hills:

    But it sounds like she just slipped into the party all caszh-like for some reason.

    “Taylor Swift made a surprise appearance with her boyfriend, The Favourite star Joe Alwyn. As the party wound down, Swift and Alwyn were overheard contemplating late-night karaoke with Alwyn’s co-star Nicholas Hoult”

    — Vanity Fair - Lady Gaga, Glenn Close, and Taylor Swift Celebrate at Vanity Fair’s Oscar Party (February 25th 2019)

    We did get some fuzzy pics and video, with mild PDA (shoulder touching! SCANDALOUS):

    More will probs leak out as LA folks wake up today and upload their camera rolls.

    I don't think Swifties are surprised that she didn't walk the carpet or go to the show, but there's a feeling of 'waaaaah' out there that she didn't even do the step and repeat for the VF party for HQ pics.

    So anti-climatic!

    I still have a miscellany post to do, so I'll put any other later Oscar bits in there, probs.
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  • isadora
    It's totally staged! Super grainy stalker photos at semi-private parties are always fake. Everyone knows this.

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