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  • ophy

    Taylor is Very Pleased:

    Fearless TayVer debuted at #1 in the UK, breaking The Beatle's record from 1966 for fastest accumulation of three #1 albums. IN YOUR FACE SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY (jk, he loves her.)

    These re-records did NOT have to chart well to achieve what they were meant to achieve, so it's all just extra icing at this point.

    She also discussed the spurious allegations about Meredith's whereabouts (and! showed a tiny bit more of their London house):

    Waiting for the blog that is obsessed with real estate to wake up and start analyzing the screen grabs! I definitely see the London floor in that vid, though.

    If Fearless smashed this hard can u imagine! how well 1989 + vault tracks is going to sell???

    She must be hyped up right now.

    And I'm excited about this . . . Justin Vernon shared this clip of Taylor featuring on a Big Red Machine? Or possibly Bon Iver? song on IG:



    In the clip Justin V says "“that’s the awesome Taylor one, I think this should be the single”.

    As for the Colbert appearance, she didn't perform or anything, it was basically just a chance for her and Stephen Colbert to do a loooong bit about the Hey Stephen song and for her to unload a bunch of clues about the next album (1989, duh).

    I don't know if everything she said in the skit is an intentional easter egg, but! For sure 1989 is next (we been knew) and the release date is probs hidden in there as well.

    By the way, the guy in the green in the pic below is the Stephen (Liles, of the country band Love and Theft) that the song is actually about:

    Cuz I can't help it that you look like an angel . . .

    This blog is helpful for tying the supposed guys to the supposed early songs, dunno how confident they are about the accuracy though*: )

    * they tie Harry Styles to Girl at Home, which seems unlikely? So yeah, truckload of salt there. I doubt she dated Patrick Schwarzenegger right before she dated his cousin Connor, either. It's a good run down of some of the high school guys and randos though.

    But oh hello, opal-maybe-an-engagement ring!

    It's the only jewelry she's wearing, and it mos def don't go with her outfit (although what would??) so I'm still on plausible, here! Damn, I love having a good ROUS to track.

    Taylor and her on-your-drive-home-in-the-neighbors-yard Nashville billboards!

    Why do I like PettyTaylor so much why.

    Interesting discourse on tumblr about producing credit. I didn't realize that in some cases, producers from the original recordings might actually have restrictive contracts/rights that would prevent them from working on the re-recordings. Unless someone says something specific to that, we won't know until 1989 comes out and we see if Jack is able to produce the TayVers of Out Of The Woods. Because! there are certainly other reasons that would have kept Nathan Whatshisname from working on Fearless (so she used Christopher Rowe instead) and there could also be reasons that might keep Max Martin/Shellback away from 1989, but nothing could possibly keep Jack away unless it's contractual. This week, her jet went to New Jersey to pick someone up and bring them to London, which might have been Jack? According to the Fearless TayVer credits nearly all of her re-record vocals were done at her London house, so it make sense she has to bring people to her. It might also have been Laura Sisk, though, who lives in NYC I think (or both!).

    So while I was taking The Not Really Long Nap 2.0, I had this dream? not exactly a dream? I mean I was lucid but loopy - that no one had heard any of the Fearless songs before so there wasn't any nostalgia or anything involved and all 25 Taylor's Version tracks were dumped into my lap and I knew I was supposed to craft a well balanced 17 track list and my not-really-a fever brain no joke came up with this:

    Fearless (ophy's 2nd shot of Pfizer version)

    Love Story
    You Belong With Me
    Don't You
    You're Not Sorry
    Hey Stephen
    White Horse
    We Were Happy
    The Way I Loved You
    That's When*
    Jump Then Fall
    You All Over Me
    Forever and Always piano
    Mr. Perfectly Fine
    The Best Day

    . . . and I got up and typed it out and emailed it to myself and then went back to sleep. So this morning I put them into a Spotify playlist in that exact order and it works? It's a really good album, y'all. Less fire hose-y but still teeanger-y. If my version was the one that had come out in 2008, it would have won TWO AOTYs, I just know it. Like, they would have given it the AOTY and then they would have made up a whole new award and given it that one, too. I WILL TAKE NO QUESTIONS ON THIS I AM A GENIUS THANK YOU. In vaccinatus veritas.

    * in retrospect something else OG could go there instead. Maybe Breathe? But otherwise, yes GENIUS.

    Okay bits and pieces!

    DOB, Ultimate Swiftie:

    “T Swift, I mean, it’s amazing - give any of the rest of us like six months in quarantine and we look back on it and we’re like, ‘Shit, I should have done more,’ but give Taylor six months in quarantine and she writes fifty hit songs. It’s incredible. Off Folklore, I think Mirrorball doesn’t get enough credit. I’m a big Mirrorball fan. I love My Tears Ricochet, and Mad Woman, Epiphany, The One… [Basically the whole album?] Yeah, I really liked that one. There’s so many more, but those are my highlights.”

    — Dylan O'Brien on his favorite Taylor Swift songs (Coup De Main Magazine, April 15th 2021)

    Love knowing what other people's top songs are, even though I'm terrible at deciding mine. A lot of celebs chose mirrorball, which makes sense to me. I have decided today's ranking:

    top 5:

    invisible string

    cowboy like me
    tis the damn
    gold rush

    But it'll change tomorrow.

    I love that deuxmoi can find mean things about every celeb but the worst anyone has said about Taylor is that she sometimes leaves dirty dishes in her sink over night and she didn't notice when the lighting in her dressing room wasn't 'perfect':

    Oh, and Issie! How pure is this Fearless TayVer reaction vid!

    How much they love this album OMB. To see itty bittys who know every word of an album - even the deep cuts! NOT IN THEIR OWN LANGUAGE that actually CAME OUT MANY YEARS BEFORE THEY WERE BORN is just hitting me in the feels. The whole family has 13s painted on their hands! I'm an idiot for not knowing what language they are speaking or what country they seem to be in, but like, they are the most adorable international swiftie family.

    And they clearly start talking about 'Joe Alwyn' when Taylor sings "find someone someday who might actually treat me well"!!! I just wanna start a go fund me to fly the whole crew to Taylor's next tour dates, oh my beek so sweet.

    Waiting to see if AjayII decides to do the vault songs, but maybe she won't. My fave reax lately have been musician/producer dudes who were dismissive of Taylor for years until they begrudgingly decided to see what all the folklore hype was about and now they are obsessively working their way through her whole discography and even calling themselves Swifties. There's like four or five of them out there. Also, if it's just therapeutic to watch Taylor songs make people cry (which it is! dunno why!), there's a South African guy ( Jonni Reactzz) still trying to get over a breakup from three years ago and THE DUDE IS GOING THROUGH IT So many tears! He's the straight South African male version of caitlin marie (aka crying girl.) All Too Well basically broke him. I didn't think he was even going to be able to finish exile. I also enjoy Nicholas Light, who is a rapper turned major Swiftie and very emotive. When a song gets too much for him, he rips his shirt off and like, leaves the room.

    Newsflash: Old Dude Is Wrong On The Internet:

    Uh . . . I didn't read the article but . . . does this guy not know that Taylor has NEVER worked with Koots? Maybe he got the two SBs mixed up. Wevs, that headline is monstrous.

    Another day, another Karlie pap walk!

    And a second 'Levi' necklace:

    . . . so that name's confirmed, obvs..

    The kays are mad, and they think everyone else should also be mad and they also think everyone needs to blame Taylor, too!

    Anonymous asked:
    The kind of asks you're getting tonight break my heart. All this "Karlie is ruining their baby's life", "I don't know what Taylor sees in her", "I can't even look at her" stuff. I wish people would wake up. Karlie and Taylor are MARRIED. They make these decisions TOGETHER. If you're mad about it, it's not fair to be mad at Karlie and give Taylor a free pass. We don't even know the full story! We never do! But we're so quick to judge Karlie anyway. Can't we be just a little kinder?

    Anonymous said:

    My point wasn’t to weigh who is worse amongst the two, but pointing out that Karlie deciding to have a Kaylor baby while still associating with the Kushners wasn’t her decision only. It was a joint decision. Again, if one is to believe this is a Kaylor baby, if Taylor had a problem with the likelihood of the gp assuming this a Kushner baby, surely the timely could have been altered to a time when KK was no longer with him. Similarly, all the coordinated stunts and ambiguity around the baby suggests that Taylor is just as involved behind the scenes, hence, I don’t agree with all the nastiness directed towards Karlie ONLY.

    Anonymous said:

    If Karlie and taylor are really having a baby together then you have to include taylor in the responsibility of jerk because they both are still allowing him to leech off them. Their situations may have not compared before but when you are with someone forever and have a baby you inherit debt in your marriage you inherit everything it’s now a mutual responsibility.

    spade-riddles answered:

    But what story behind the scenes would even make this ok?

    Sweet baby, we did not want anyone to know we are together so we chose to let an organized crime family claim you instead.

    Taylor could end the Kushners with a single tweet.

    Karlie could end them with a call to the FBI.

    . . . if it was so easy for Karlie to end the Kushners THEN WHY DOESN'T SHE.

    Anonymous asked:

    Maybe the simple answer to all this is that Karlie is actually married to jerk, Toe really did write those songs and Taylor and Karlie are no longer together. We’re trying so hard to understand their actions when the answer is probably the most obvious.

    spade-riddles answered:

    I am going to assume you are joking here … because this is so far from the truth.

    But this!

    Anonymous asked:

    What frustrates me about Taylor is that she seems to feel that she (or Karlie, or both of them) needs to stunt, all the time. This WB producer credit is a stunt, the Jerklie pap walks are a stunt, and I have to wonder why? Sorry, but Fearless TV wasn't some huge gay moment that made people question anything. Those of us in the loop knew it was about Emily, but no-one else batted an eyelid. Who cared? Why does Taylor always feel the need to overcompensate?

    Y'all 'in the loop' might need to rethink your loop for reals*.

    *the Emily nonsense has been debunked pretty thoroughly more than once.

    Okay, so I'm off to contact Taylor's team and see if I can get her to pull her version of Fearless off the shelves and issue ophy's 2nd shot of Pfizer version instead. I think she'll be really open to the idea once she hears it, obvs. And then we can submit it retroactively to the 2009 Grammy committee and they can give me a shiny trophy. Wish me luck!


    This is making me sad about the cancellation of Loverfest all over again. I wanted to see vids of Joe blushing while his mates in the VIP section all point and laugh at him during London Boy so baaaad.

    Last edited by ophy; Today, 02:49 PM.

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  • vanessa
    Yeah, there's nothing organic about that playdate, or about the fact that she was papped three times in two days.
    Seriously, what is that about? Is it that she is trying to make up for being sort-of fired from Project Runway?

    That pod is perfect in every way.

    Weren’t the Kays going to give up if she ever implied that Josh is the father? I feel like walking all cuddled up with your husband pushing a baby stroller kinda implies he’s the father of the baby.

    I saw a preview clip of Taylor with Colbert and it was cute and funny, but that sweater is a little too pandemic chic.

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  • IssieCol
    I just realized that I mixed up Don't You and That's When which is the actual song that Keith Urban is on. I still like Don't You best, though. The more I listen to it, the more I think it has a 1989 sound and now I just want to see Molly Ringwald walking away from a boy while this plays over that scene. The Ringer pod's new episode about the success of the rerelease is SO GOOD. O, if your world is still spinny, these make a great distraction for several hours. Def recommend!

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  • ophy
    Karlie's bizness biker shorts!

    Yeah, there's nothing organic about that playdate, or about the fact that she was papped three times in two days.

    I did notice that Josh Kushner seems to have deactivated his insta altogether

    As tumblr noted, he is entering his Reputation phase.

    it makes sense that the order would be 1989, Red, Speak Now, and debut.

    Yeah, I agree completely with that order of release. Heard a rumor she'd be releasing every two months, which would mean 1989 in June, Red in August*, Speak Now in October, and Debut in December (maybe on her birthday?)

    * She could reverse Speak Now and Red for aesthetic reasons, though? She might want to keep Red as a Fall album.

    Taylor validated my ranking of vault songs by naming them in the same order I did ... DY, MPF, YAOM . . . and then the rest:

    “I think one of my favorite songs to re-record on Fearless, I think The Way I Loved You and Hey Stephen. Those were always low-key favorites of mine, and favorite songs to sing live and everything, and I think having a bit more of a grown-up voice really lended themselves to songs like, you know, The Way I Loved You and Tell Me Why. And songs that maybe I struggled to kind of really master live back when I was 18. They were so much easier to sing now, and they kind of felt more like they fit, I don’t know. It was also really fun to do the songs that were from the vault, because these are the first impression of these songs and I wasn’t, you know, trying to go back and emulate anything that had been heard before, so those are really fun. I really love the song Don’t You, I love Mr. Perfectly Fine, I love You All Over me - that’s one - basically all the From The Vault songs, is my answer.”

    — Taylor on her favorite Fearless songs to re-record for country radio show Katie & Company
    (h/t cages-boxes)

    I watched the Aussies do their reactions to a couple of the vault songs and Emily is basically prepping her own funeral for when the 1989 vault songs get released and I can't say I disagree. I'm not ready for how dangerously good those could be.
    I KNOW. And I'm not trying to be a haylor on main here, but! can you imagine a Harry Styles feature on a vault song? We know they wrote some songs together during that era so!

    It'll never happen BUT CAN U IMAGINE CAN U.

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  • IssieCol
    The outfits that Irina and KK are wearing to the park are wild and if there was anything about those pics that would make me question the realness of this outing, it would be the clothes. I don't own snake skin boots or a leather trench coat, but the thought of using them for a park play date? Where I'm gonna sit on the ground for the duration? For my boys to bring me random items of questionable cleanliness to inspect? Hilarious. I did notice that Josh Kushner seems to have deactivated his insta altogether so maybe he finally got tired of people saying he was wrongly showing pictures of Taylor Swift's girl baby before she had a chance to.

    I didn't think it would give me such a delicious feeling of schadenfreude, but knowing that Taylor's old music outsold Biebs in a week is yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy. He and his useless wife like to pretend that they're nice now, but they use Taylor for clout all the time and it's Timberlake levels of gross.

    Don't You is also my favorite vault song! I love Keith Urban already anyway and he sounds great with Taylor on that song. I stayed away from listening to Fearless once she revealed the release date for the new versions so it's been nice to hear the songs again. I totally agree that it sounds super chaotic now, especially when compared to the folkmore albums, but yes, this was definitely what was happening in teenage Tay's brain 15 years ago so I listen to it with that in mind. I'll always sing along to White Horse, YBWM, and Change and still love Love Story and Fifteen. The Best Day was always very sweet, but hearing it now and knowing about her mom makes it a super emotional listening experience.

    I watched the Aussies do their reactions to a couple of the vault songs and Emily is basically prepping her own funeral for when the 1989 vault songs get released and I can't say I disagree. I'm not ready for how dangerously good those could be.

    It seems like 1989 is next, right? Based on the clues she seems to be dropping anyway. The Ringer podcast hosts also seem to think it's gonna be the next one based on streaming popularity. If Taylor wants to stop/reduce the streaming income from her old music, it makes sense that the order would be 1989, Red, Speak Now, and debut.

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  • ophy

    Okay, so my normal disclaimer . . . I'm bad at rankings and it changes for me day by day but today:

    Don't You* > Mr Perfectly Fine** > You All Over Me > We Were Happy = That's When > Bye Bye Baby***

    * this could have been an evermore bonus song which is probs why I like it best

    ** absolutely criminal that this was never released with a snarky kick ass video with a Joe Jonas look-alike. It's a perfectly constructed country pop song and would have been a SMASH BOP back in the day.

    *** This song is better if you think of it as directed at Big Machine/Scott B. now

    I don't know what I would have liked of the OG songs if I'd heard this album back in 2008 but my current top five:

    1) White Horse
    2) Forever and Always (piano)
    3) Untouchable
    4) You're Not Sorry
    5) Jump Then Fall

    Not at all surprising that I like the songs that sound the most like folkmore, really.

    So Taylor apparently filmed Colbert when she was in LA for the Grammys because in the teaser she's wearing the same shirt from this interview:

    (That's mos def LA wallpaper.)

    . . . but she's wearing it under This SWEATER:

    Now see, this is how preggers rumors get started, Taylor. Obvs we saw her at that same time at the Grammys and know she ain't, but really! No excuse for that J. Crew sweater. It's literally got MADE YOU WONDER written all over it.

    I agree, but the fact that she wears it on the middle finger makes me think it’s more a promise ring or something just sentimental. Maybe if it was on the fourth finger I would believe. I do really like it though.

    Yeah, there's been a lot of debate about this on tumblr and I can see all sides. Their are two arguments for why she might choose to wear an engagement ring on her middle finger:

    1) Because swifties and the media get hella crazy and hectic when she wears anything on her ring finger and she would naturally want to keep an engagement sekrit until after the wedding (which could be a long time away given pandemic reasons). Remember all the brouhaha when she was seen wearing a ring on her ring finger in Miss Americana and a journalist even contacted the director about it? And that turned out to be a ring of Olivia's face, if I recall. If I were Taylor, I'd be leaving that finger bare on camera regardless (which she has done for a long time now.)

    2) She actually chooses to wear it on that finger because it's the Saturn finger (love you to the moon and Saturn):

    (yoinked from swiftieslueth who originated the opal engagement ring theory)

    Taylor's an astrology nut, so maybe?

    I do think it's sus that she was wearing the $80 opal ring on her middle finger for a whole year, even in music videos, and then it all of the sudden got upgraded to a much nicer way pricier* version on the same finger. Kinda like the cheap one was a placeholder or promise version until they got the real dealio made by Cathy W.. We know she loves loves opals and she put both 'saturn' and 'opal' in the lyrics on folkmore so it's possible!

    * someone on tumblr said this is a $25k ring, which based on Cathy W's other prices might be true.

    mr.o and I actually did something similar. He proposed without a ring because it was a spontaneous at-night-cuddling-in-bed thing and because he was smart enough to know I'd want to pick out my own, and as a joke I bought a $10 fake diamond ring to wear as a placeholder for many months until our custom sapphire and diamond ring* was made. My real ring was delivered to his work almost a year after we got engaged and he met me at Grand Central Station for the train home that night and gave it to me there so I think of Grand Central during rush hour as a super romantic place now.

    *long story short the jeweler who made my real ring fucked it up and I low key hated it until I took it to a new jeweler many years later and had the stones reset into my original design so we sorta had to buy my ring twice!

    Speaking of mysterious possibly meaningful jewelry . . .

    Karlie has been papped a few times in NYC this past weekend and her new necklace seems to spell out 'Lev' or 'Levi' either of which would make a lot of sense as a name for one of the three babiez she's handling these days.

    She also did a pap walk with Irina Shayk:

    Kays have multiple theories! because of course they do:

    SR: How much you want to bet that stroller is empty?!

    Anonymous asked:

    Baby’s name is Levi. However, it’s not a boy, it’s a girl Levi Kloss-Swift to be exact.

    Anonymous asked:

    Hey someone pointed out that LEV is LEO in Russian—it also is Hebrew/Russian in root.

    Irina Valeryevna Shaykhlislamova, known as Irina Shayk is a RUSSIAN model too. Think ahw wants us to figure out what it mean—not an accident she was walking with Irina today.

    Could be a coincidence—but don't think so.

    Lev Origin and Meaning

    The name Lev is a boy's name of Hebrew, Russian origin meaning "heart; lion".

    This concise one-syllable name, Hebrew for heart or the Russian form of Leo, has definite potential, being more unusual than the increasingly popular Levi.

    The leonine Lev is the Russian birth name of the great novelist Tolstoy, and the mother of Liev Schreiber has stated that she named him in honor of the writer. In the Chaim Potok novel My Name is Asher Lev, about a Hasidic Jewish boy in New York, Lev is the character's surname.

    It might not be Levi at all on the chain and just LEV. I'm intrigued for when she actually reveals the name now.

    She has me interested now. Good job KK.

    We do love LEO'S in these parts too.

    Anonymous asked:

    Irina sharing tips of the trade with Karlie on how to transition out of the bearding-verse, moving on pretending there was never a “husband” in the first place haha going back to those days in 2013-2017 when Karlie would conveniently forget she was “dating” Josh, haha. I still love you KK haha

    Anonymous asked:

    Love how KK’s first walk (public) out with the baby s with a divorced mom, who is also known to be her ex’s beard (in some circles) until her daughter was born.. the pieces are slowly but surely falling into place or maybe too soon to say..

    Anonymous asked:

    If the baby’s name is Levi, I’ll have to give an eye roll. Bc of course there are lyrics to a Taylor song that mention Levi’s... I’m fully aware that’s obviously a brand but of course

    S-R: But I knew you
    Dancin’ in your Levi’s
    Drunk under a streetlight, I
    I knew you
    Hand under my sweatshirt
    Baby, kiss it better, I

    Anonymous asked:

    Lmao Karlie, at least look down at the stroller once in awhile to make it more convincing how is it that the newborn baby was never looked/checked/carried the entire pap walk and picnic some more! Even Irina never looked as well I think? That is one very well behaved newborn if it were true lmao!! I don’t like sending asks calling them out on the obvious for people like us that looked into the details because it’s proven before that they correct them on the next stunt but I can’t help it

    Stunting aside I wish the real baby well and I’m sure he/she is very well loved by his/her moms and family I actually can’t believe I’m saying this now because I was very skeptical at first about this kaylor baby and I almost tapped out. But it was the same skepticism when I first discovered this rabbit hole, I couldn’t believe it back in 2017 but here I am now

    They are ignoring these sightings, though:

    Guess that stroller ain't empty! Must be a tight squeeze with THREE WHOLE BABIEZ in there, though.

    Oh and then there was this . . .

    I'm getting my second shot tomorrow! If it hits me anything like the first one, I'll be out like a light by tomorrow evening and probs not awake/aware til Thursday. Hoping that Taylor doesn't do anything too surprising during My Long Nap 2.0.

    ETA Oh, wow Josh and Karlie are doing a shit job at seeding their imminent breakup/divorce!

    I assume that's a normal sized stroller but they are both such giants that it looks very wee.

    The kween's kays finally woke up and decided to dish out nonsense:

    Anonymous asked:

    so we got jerklie pic, candid not backgrid and no article, pushing stroller around nyc showing off how miserable they are. toe will be next, especially with sc interview. can i say, let's go get ready, head first fearless

    . ..

    Anonymous asked:

    Funny how Jerk keeps leaking these family pap pics, but Karlie's "me time" and single mom hangouts are what gets pushed in the press. Funny how he keeps implying a boy but Karlie is playing it deliberately vague. It's almost like there was a pivot and he's in a tug of war with Kaylor. He's playing the cards he has left, but Karlie has poisoned the well and now he's afraid to go too all in on a baby boy in case he looks like a fool for it later. Smells like revenge for the wedding stunt

    Yeah, I guess it makes sense that the best way to punish someone for fake marrying you is to fake procreate with them!

    Last edited by ophy; 04-12-2021, 04:08 PM.

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  • vanessa
    Holy beekola. I think she's already outsold Justin Bieber's newest album? In one day? Yikes for Koots
    This gives me a lot of joy.

    I feel like it would be very her-and-Joe to have an engagement ring like that instead of an ice skating rink diamond
    I agree, but the fact that she wears it on the middle finger makes me think it’s more a promise ring or something just sentimental. Maybe if it was on the fourth finger I would believe. I do really like it though.

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  • Res
    The other day I was reading this thread. My sister saw one of the pics of TS and asked, “What is she up to?” When I told her that Tay would be releasing an album, with vault song, my sister just said,”That girl is so exhausting! I haven’t decided on my favourite track on her last album! TAKE A REST TAYLOR!”

    I’m liking “Mr. perfectly fine” the best - - so far.

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  • ophy
    You guys, not only did Taylor release Fearless (TV) on 4/9 because 4+9 = 13, but also because she now owns 4 out of the 9 albums. I HATE HER.

    Ha, Taylor has always been the world's best dancer:

    So . . . apparently the general public was like, HUNGRY for Fearless (TV) I guess!

    . . . with a 13 yr old album everyone's already heard, that's INSANE. I mean, in Taylor's wildest dreams (pun intended) did she imagine the first re-recording release to go this well? I sure as hell did not. And this brings up a few questions like . . .

    1) Is this surprising success likely to spook Shamrock enough for them to find a loophole out of their clause with Koots to sell the masters back to her now?

    2) If #1 happens, will she halt the re-recording process right here, or is the way the public has reacted actually enough for her to want to keep going anyway?

    3) If #1 happens and she stops the process CAN SHE PLEASE GIVE US VAULT SONG EPS FOR EACH ALBUM ANYWAY

    Okay, so I will be honest and admit I have never listened to either her debut album or Fearless all the way through before now. And! Trying to listen to Fearless all at once is like drinking from a firehose, wowza. I feel like the Emperor from Amadeus when he told Mozart his symphony had too many notes. So frantic and frenetic! So many smooshed together layers! Sooooo many songs about kinda the same type of over the top emotions! SO MUCH RAIN. But I mean, 'over the top' 'frantic' 'frenetic' and 'smooshed together layers' = a teenage girl so it makes sense, really.

    Taken individually, I think I like most of the songs as far as lyrics and melody goes and I enjoy them. But yeah, I think my fave original track off of Fearless is probably the piano version of Forever and Always just because it lets my ears rest a bit. Oh and White Horse, which I've always loved.

    Teenage yeehaw Taylor definitely has it's place in history, even if it's never gonna be my favorite version of Taylor's music, though.

    There's no doubt this has been a Herculean task already, and she's got five! more! to do.

    She's getting her props for it:

    [img] [/img]

    This The Guardian quote!

    She hasn’t actually threatened harm to the testicles of her former label boss Scott Borchetta – and Scooter Braun, the manager who bought the master rights to her first six albums, then sold them to an investment fund for an estimated $300m – but if an album ever seemed like a musical equivalent of a painful knee to the groin then Fearless (Taylor’s Version) is it.

    And! she crushed Justin's new album in both sales AND streaming:


    That's some Queen Shit as the kidz say.

    Ring Of Unknown Significance speculation time!

    Debate over whether or not Taylor was wearing the $80 opal ring set in this People vid, or the fancy Cathy Waterman one:

    Oh, and this is what she was saying here:

    In terms of production, I really wanted to stay very loyal to the initial melodies that I had thought of for these songs but if there was any way that we could improve upon the song, or quality of it, we did. I did go in line by line and listen to every single vocal and think, wat are my inflections here? If I could improve upon it, then I did. I really did want this to be very true to what I initially thought of when I had initially written. But better. Obviously.

    . . . but it looks like that might be wrong:

    Needs some circles and arrows drawn on this, but you get the idea!

    I agree with the anons on swiftiesleuth's page that the ring is the fancier opals from Grammys night that people are speccing is probs her actual engagement ring.


    I feel like it would be very her-and-Joe to have an engagement ring like that instead of an ice skating rink diamond.

    And finally, I feel like the work that Taylor put into building Big Machine is often overlooked in all this, and so do these tumblr peeps:


    Idk who needs to hear this but like... Taylor was like a major independent artist her entire career she had to earn that shit herself, built a label from the ground up herself, paid for her music videos herself


    this is completely true and the most underrated part about her. people instead focus on her dad owning a single digit percentage of the company (which was brand new, so not like... insane amounts of money)
    taylor WALKED AWAY from a large label because she wanted to release a full LP so bad. she took a chance on a man who left a large label as well. she made that place everything it is today.
    SHE sat on the floor and sent CDs of her singles to radio. SHE baked cookies and other goods for hosts to promote. SHE wrote her songs. SHE created the themes of her albums, tours, merch designs. SHE decided to use social media HER WAY to interact with fans and authentically grow.
    Taylor Swift made herself who she is. Yes, she had help from a team as she grew, she had a family with money who supported her, but NEVER, EVER dismiss how much work it was for a TEEN GIRL to put herself out there like that. In a male dominated genre. With radio that is still explicitly sexist.


    Y'all forget that all of self titled and half of fearless was literally recorded on a basement with shitty equipment. If taylor ever had help of a team later on, its because she earned the money to hire them herself. Big Machine Records was created to release Taylor Swift the album, and it became a Label Group years later.

    This is why walking away from the label was such a big decision for her, she wasn't just walking away from her entire musical career which was already hard enough. She was walking away from a mega successful business she built up herself since she was a teen.

    Somewhat over stated maybe but the point is valid. Scott Baloney didn't MAKE Taylor Swift, but she had a lot to do with making HIM. And that vision of baby Taylor sitting on the floor of a conference room stuffing mailers herself is what makes this verse from my tears ricochet hit different:

    . . . I can go anywhere I want

    anywhere I want

    just not home.

    I hope she's enjoying all the re-record accolades today. Must feel extra sweet given everything.

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  • ophy

    It does sound really good! I didn't really start listening to Taylor until 1989, so I don't have any Fearless nostalgia, but I'm enjoying listening to it now. And I'm a big fan of all the vault songs. So well produced.They are really raising my hopes for the other stuff in the vault.

    Taylor announcing Fearless in front of the white wall of mystery again:

    Had to post because I loooooove that shirt.

    Reviews have been supportive so far:

    An update account is posting reviews in this thread:

    And it's selling well already:

    Welp, this is not the kind of info Koots and Scott B want the media to be sharing:

    Taylor Swift Fans Share Notes on How to Make the Old ‘Fearless’ Disappear

    Breaking up is complicated… especially if you’re a diehard Taylor Swift fan wanting to break up with her old albums, which she has urged her fans to no longer support as her campaign to issue re-recorded versions in their stead gets underway in earnest.

    Friday, Swift will be releasing “Fearless (Taylor’s Version),” a remake of her 2008 sophomore album, and it’s understood that many Swifties who support the singer’s choices will want to retire the original from their digital collections or playlists. But what if songs from “Fearless” — Big Machine’s version — accidentally pop up as choices on streaming sites, like old boyfriends whose pictures you thought you’d burned but hadn’t? Is there a way to make these unsightly reminders of songs that had once been most-playeds but have now joined the self-forbidden list never appear as recommended possibilities again?

    The step-by-step process includes “hiding the song” for each number of “Fearless (Platinum Edition),” then each song on “Fearless (International Version),” then “Fearless (Big Machine Radio Release Special),” then the individual track “Today Was a Fairytale” (a soundtrack cut never included on “Fearless,” but a bonus track on the new release), then the collection “Live From Clear Channel Stripped 2008” (a release Big Machine uploaded to streaming services after she left the label, to her public displeasure), then “Love Story *Digital Dog Remix),” then “Love Story (Pop Mix)” and, finally, “You’re Not Sorry (CSI Remix).”

    The user @swifferupdates did miss one angle, though: As a respondent pointed out, there was no instruction to hide the original-original version of “Fearless,” which also remains on Spotify, sans the bonus tracks added for all the special editions.

    There may be simpler ways to play the new album without being afraid of a Big Machine-benefitting version creeping into view that don’t involve doing more than 50 individual hides. As a respondent wrote: “I just made my own Playlist and added the songs she owns only …. and I don’t allow it to play ‘suggested music’ when it completes the playlist — you can turn that off — and also by pressing repeat all in the Playlist so it will continuously loop the Playlist.”

    Anyhow, with five more albums to go after “Fearless” in Swift’s series of Big Machine album re-records, someone might be able to make some coin offering a concierge service to manually eliminate all these choices for overburdened or techncially challenged Swifties. Others, of course, will accept the risk of accidentally letting a 2008 come up and putting a fraction of a cent into the pockets of Scooter Braun and the investors to whom he uploaded her catalog last year.

    Basically . . .

    Oh hey, Taylor is doing Colbert next Tues:

    Hoping she performs Don't You because that is my fave.

    And oh boy! Lizzo shared some TSwizzle fanfic on her IG Live:

    I also love that the thing that made Lizzo realize that Taylor is Rich rich wasn't the multiple private jets, it was the fact that she sealed a handwritten note/gift to Lizzo with sealing wax:

    Anyhoo, I'll never be over Joe Jonas/Sophie Fearless memes:



    Holy beekola. I think she's already outsold Justin Bieber's newest album? In one day? Yikes for Koots.
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  • vanessa
    I am not the biggest fan of the yeehaw days, but I am listening on Spotify this morning so as to make sure she gets good numbers to damn the men, and it’s good. Her voice is so much better than it was back then, and it’s winning me over to the yeehaw times.

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  • vanessa
    Total side note, but Issie! did you see Karlie dropped out of Project Runway?
    I mean, she has to manage one real baby and two fake babies. Who has time????

    The Kays have some hard times coming.

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  • ophy
    Total side note, but Issie! did you see Karlie dropped out of Project Runway?

    She's going to be an occasional guest or whatever, but she's not hosting anymore.

    Project Runway is set to return for season 19, with a slight change to the judging panel.

    On Wednesday, Bravo announced in a press release that mentor Christian Siriano and judges Nina Garcia, Brandon Maxwell and Elaine Welteroth will returning to the Emmy-winning competition series, while host Karlie Kloss is set to make guest appearances this year.

    Production for the upcoming season will begin this spring in New York City, according to the release.

    A source close to Kloss tells PEOPLE the entrepreneur — who welcomed her first child with husband Joshua Kushner last month — has "a lot on her plate" between scaling Kode with Klossy's virtual offering, launching another collection with Adidas and leading the purchase of W Magazine.

    Dunno if this had anything to do with it . . .

    So! Fearless drops at midnight!

    Taylor's literal children apparently got an advanced drop of YBWM and White Horse:

    Adorable! . . . and really good marketing strategy, obvs. They posted snippets on both tiktok and insta.

    Having Sophie T interact on Mr.Perfectly Fine was also primo marketing.

    And Taylor and her white-wall-of-mystery* was on GMA this morning with a snippet of Fearless as well:

    *which generally indicates she's in London.

    I just picture Scott Baloney sitting on his throne in his palace of bones gnashing his teeth at how well this rollout is going.

    Speaking of Mr.Perfectly Fine:

    The infamous 27 second phone call!

    I mean, it's all fun and games to slyly poke at Joe J, who is actually a friend of hers now and well over the teenage dramz, but!

    I mean, she is unlikely to drag Harry on any of those vault tracks (and he's pretty chill anyway) but Jake and John? They are not known for chillness, so it'll be interesting.

    The kays in the kween's kourt are Unamused:

    Anonymous asked:

    I know Swifties are shallow when it comes to relating Taylor’s songs to the men she’s publicly dated, but no way ppl can actually think Mr. Perfectly Fine is about Joe Jonas?! Like, what?! Maybe that’s part of her plan... to let ppl know she dated ppl that the public and fans had no idea about. Well I can dream anyway lol it’s better than the Joe Jonas Publicity Tour

    Anonymous asked:

    Sophie Turner sharing the song on her IG story.

    This is gonna be a wild ride. Revisting all these damn beards again with these re-recordings.

    Free publicity...

    Anonymous asked:

    Welp, that was a great extremely heterosexual bop!

    Anonymous asked:

    Taylor, needing a hetero stunt on the eve of Fearless: "I could put Karlie in the firing line again . . . or I could do one of my old beards a solid."

    Anonymous asked:

    the way she is rolling out joe jonas articles for the fearless album prom has me a little is she gonna use these re-records to double down on every single beard she’s had...?

    Anonymous asked:

    The way a man is still being promoted to sell her 13 year old song
    Perfect PR Queen!

    Listen. I'm just glad secret sessions are dead.

    . . . . I don't think these re-record rollouts are going to be much fun for them. 2021 is gonna be a bumpy ride for these grumpy klowns!


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  • vanessa
    It’s fun! I like it! She is right that it’s not NOT a bop. Hee.

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  • IssieCol
    The song is cute, like it’s even cute-mean in the way suburban 16 year olds are mean to each other after they break up. Besides, nothing could be actually more savage than Sophie telling the world that Joe’s penis is average and then cackling about it with Maisie Williams in an interview. And he still married her after that so he’s conditioned to abuse at this point.

    I’m so ready to hear the Fearless hits!

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