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  • vanessa
    Thank you for all the lovely Joe content, O! I am loving all the interviews and pictures. I don’t currently have Hulu, but I may subscribe for a month to see this.

    In retrospect, it was kerrrrazy to think she would drop anything at all the same weekend that Joe's show was launching. Neither of them would want to share those headlines, and it just would have been unnecessarily hectic for them as a coupl
    She is laying low till after the NYU thing apparently. Sekrit wedding planning, perhaps? Morning sickness?

    This was notable just because shippers have been eagerly anticipating this for a very long time. That interviewer pinned him down, no way out!
    He is trying his best to be cagey in some of these interviews, but this interview did the Beek’s work in getting it out of him.

    Which means he was dressed as Ryan Fucking Reynolds for his audition which is really funny to me.
    For reals, cosplaying Ryan Reynolds to audition. That made my day.

    The bit about the Christmas candles is so Peak Taylor. Their relationship is so domestic and hum-drum is my guess. Millionaire super famous homebodies.

    Taylor likes to hike. I tried to but I wore the wrong thing: Chanel flats and a little button-down dress. I’m not a hiker.” Did Swift wear appropriate footwear? “Very.”
    cooked pizza with Chef Taylor Swift and her cats.
    So Taylor was their Scout Leader the whole time, wasn’t she? She probably had a shared Google Calendar with activities, color-coded and all.

    Anyhoo, loooove youuuuu guuuuys.

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  • ophy
    This Love TayVer debuted at #8:

    Pretty wild. And how good it is is making people ANXIOUS about wanting 1989 like RIGHT NOW.

    Despite just getting a new song, people were really hoping that Taylor would drop something ANYTHING else last Friday . . .

    The theory was really widespread . . . even Jimmy Fallon was convinced:

    . . . but alas and alack, all we ended up with was a summer merch drop.

    But! Taylor did emerge from her cave to do a quick promo post for CWF because of course she did.

    In retrospect, it was kerrrrazy to think she would drop anything at all the same weekend that Joe's show was launching. Neither of them would want to share those headlines, and it just would have been unnecessarily hectic for them as a couple.

    So! After a week in London, Taylor's jet returned to NYC yesterday. Which makes sense, given the upcoming sched. I yoinked this from somewhere on tumblr (I don't remember where, y'all are just going to have to deal with my basically-a-jello-like-consistency long covid brain I guess):

    May 17 Joe at The Kelly Clarkson Show & maybe at the Emmy's For Your Consideration Event in LA

    May 18 Taylor at the NYU graduation

    May 22 Joe at the BFI & Radio Times Television Festival in London

    May 25-26 Joe (probably) in France at the Cannes Film Festival for that Claire Denis movie

    May 28 Joe at Fastnet Film Festival in Schull, Ireland

    June 5 Joe at the Hay Festival in Wales

    The big question, of course, is which of these things are they gonna attend together (especially Cannes! Hopefully!).

    Joe has continued to do a Titanic sized boatload of press for CWF. I did sift through it all to collect things relevant to Swiftology, as well as a bunch of pretty/not so pretty Joe pics:

    Joe said Taylor's name in an interview for the first time evah in this radio interview:

    This was notable just because shippers have been eagerly anticipating this for a very long time. That interviewer pinned him down, no way out!

    Joe talking on Extra about Taylor being a fan of CWF:

    Carefully NOT saying her name, only 'she'.

    Joe's Vulture profile was really excellent and full of gems:

    Breathless lists of “everything Taylor and Joe have said about their private relationship” abound in the Us Weekly universe. Alwyn is left to choose his words and body language wisely or risk their becoming permanent parts of the elaborate Swiftian canon. The man is not simply well-versed in the art of concealment; he is the Criss Angel of conversational dynamics. In interviews, he often demonstrates an ability to politely answer a question while revealing absolutely nothing about himself, sometimes even backtracking mid-answer to negate a benign detail. (From a recent piece in Mr. Porter: “Well, do you like football?” asks the reporter. “Football?” replies Alwyn. “Yeah. Am I allowed to say those kinds of things?”)

    Yet he believes he has gotten better at the whole press thing over the years. “I don’t think I don’t enjoy interviews,” he says carefully. “I think I have seemed guarded.” He definitely “would like to not seem so guarded in them.”

    I can see those contradicting desires roiling inside Alwyn now, sitting across from him on the patio at Fairfax, in the West Village, for lunch. His energy is vaguely uncomfortable but determined, like that of someone preparing to swim laps in the English Channel in January to prove something to themselves. Perhaps sensing he has already revealed too much, he falls back on one of his tried-and-true lines: “If you were to ask a stranger on the street questions about their private life, let alone with the intent to then post it everywhere, why would that person not be like, ‘Sorry, what, why?’ So why would I not be like that?”

    He points at a woman sitting across the way from us who is, to my knowledge, not on a press tour. “I’m not going to go over there and ask that woman about her personal life.”
    “Actually, maybe you should,” I suggest.
    “I mean, I might do later,” he says, now looking cheered. “I’ll just holler across the street.”

    That's hilars.

    COVID had messed up his plans to star in an “Emily BrontŽ origin story,” so he put himself on tape for Conversations director Lenny Abrahamson one weekend at an unnamed friend’s “beautiful, immaculate” house. Thinking he needed to look older than his three decades to play the mid-30s Nick, he went upstairs to find a jacket from his friend’s “older husband,” where he found a paperback copy of Conversations With Friends lying on the bedroom floor. He got the part a week later. “I’m not superstitious,” he adds, before spending the next five minutes discussing the things he actually is superstitious about — namely, and randomly, magpies. (“If I see one, I’m like, ‘Oh, shit,’” he says, whipping out his phone to show me a photo of a magpie, appearing genuinely thrilled to be talking about this.)

    . . . friend's 'older husband'?? Kinda thinking we're talking Blake and Ryan here. Which means he was dressed as Ryan Fucking Reynolds for his audition which is really funny to me.

    Tush only!!! Some people are gonna be so bummed! (pun intended!):

    “When they sent the audition, they said, just as a heads up, that it would be to sign up for the possibility of full frontal,” Alwyn says, though he ended up going tush-only. Is he prepared to be the subject of a new type of public frenzy? “To be honest, I forget that other people will see it.”

    Okay, back to William Bowery . . .

    In the summer of 2020, Swift surprise-released the Grammy-winning album Folklore. Fans speculated endlessly about the identity of William Bowery, a mysterious co-writer on two songs. That November, Swift revealed that Bowery was in fact Alwyn and that the pair had taken up songwriting together in quarantine. I assume Alwyn will give me one of his speak-arounds on the subject. Instead, he leans forward, putting his English Channel–swimming face back on. “What would you like to know?”

    Although he grew up playing a bit of piano and was the guitarist in a “crappy school band called Anger Management,” Alwyn doesn’t consider himself a musician or songwriter and insists that he is, in fact, an awful singer. He was merely “messing around” on the piano when Swift heard and walked over, intrigued. He had been singing the fully formed first verse to the song that became “Exile.” (Bon Iver handles the male vocals on the final version.) “It was completely off the cuff, an accident,” he says, shrugging. “She said, ‘Can we try and sit down and get to the end together?’ And so we did. It was as basic as some people made sourdough.”

    I press him on this point — he wrote an entire verse to a Taylor Swift song without trying? “Who doesn’t walk around the house singing?” he asks. I explain that it’s unusual for hit songs to spring forth like that from nonmusicians’ heads. He says he wasn’t trying to write to Swift’s personal sound but had been listening to a lot of the National (Aaron Dessner ended up producing the album). Alwyn wrote the chorus for “Betty” just as casually, albeit less soberly: “I’d probably had a drink and was just stumbling around the house. We couldn’t decide on a film to watch that night, and she was like, ‘Do you want to try and finish writing that song you were singing earlier?’ And so we got a guitar and did that.”

    Initially, Alwyn didn’t want his name credited, anticipating that what he describes as the “clickbait conversation” would distract people from actually listening to the music. So he went by William Bowery as a nod to his music-composer great-grandfather and the Manhattan street. But then he recognized the “clickbait conversation” was happening anyway — “I don’t say that vainly,” he adds quickly — so why not let the world know it was him? He stresses his blissful ignorance of, say, those videos dissecting his relationship with Swift: “I’m aware of those when people tell me in these situations.” It seems like a healthy, practiced denial; he has worked at tuning this shit out because otherwise he might never utter a single syllable again. And despite having a face that launched a thousand Swift songs, at certain angles in his normal-boy outfit, he does have a certain ability to blend. None of the other 30-somethings lunching at Fairfax seem to have any clue who he is. “I suppose it’s not as if you’re Jennifer Lopez,” I joke. “I beg to differ,” he shoots back with a laugh. “I am Jennifer Lopez.” I start to warm to Alwyn. He knows that what he wants (privacy) and what he has to do (publicity) are fundamentally at odds and has embraced that contradiction with dry, charming wit.

    . . . this interviewer got waaaay more out of him about it than the others did.

    He recycled this answer:

    “You have things you have to ask,” says Alwyn, folding his hands together. “And I’ll either choose to answer or not.” I look him gamely in the face and ask if he is, indeed, betrothed to marry one Taylor Alison Swift. He exhales. “The truth is,” he begins, “if I had a pound coin for every time someone told me I’ve been engaged or I’m getting engaged, I would have a lot of pound coins. If the answer was yes, I wouldn’t say. If the answer is no, I wouldn’t say.” I’m struck briefly speechless. It is perhaps the best non-answer I have ever received. I ask him how often he’s practiced it, and he explains that recently, back home in the U.K., a journalist had tried to sneakily phrase the engagement as a statement rather than a question. “You’re not the first person to ask,” he says. His tone conveys that he understands I will also not be the last.

    The non-confirmation confirmation strikes again.

    Before I release Alwyn back into the wild, I ask why, in one of his rare forays into celebrity endorsement — a perfectly confusing Tom Ford perfume commercial — he appears physically appalled by the sight of his own neck in the mirror as he sprays himself with the scent.
    “How dare you!” he says, laughing, looking both offended and delighted. “If that’s not how everyone puts perfume on themselves, then I’ve been lied to.” He suddenly remembers his professional obligations: “Tom Ford’s amazing as a person.” He stands up and bids me a polite farewell. Walking solo toward Tribeca, he is instantly snapped by the paparazzi.


    So we know that interview took place March 16 or 17, because that's when the pap pics hit:

    Joe on Graham Norton radio show:

    This was an excellent interview! Joe's voice is just . . . .

    Graham Norton, who is Irish, thought Joe's accent was spot on for the area Nick is supposed to be from (South Dublin) and the fact that Nick went to drama school in London and was married to Melissa (who is English) so it would be soft and anglicised and gave him props for that.

    And he also got Joe to talk about the Grammy . . . which made it pretty clear that Joe has zero idea about Grammy rules so doesn't even know how he got it, but thought it was 'surreal and lovely.'

    Anonymous asked:
    I think she didn’t know that the rules were what they were and just thought that he really won. Then it turned out he didn’t so she acted accordingly and probably didn’t even bother to tell him.

    Nat: I think so too lol I think she figured he made it with her and would get the Grammy with her and then found out that wasn’t the case and was like “well that’s BULLSHIT baby boy deserves a Grammy????” and ~fixed it~ idk.

    It really doesn't seem like he even knows that technically he has a Grammy for 'producing' and not for 'songwriting'. Like, he just seems clueless. Which is fine! This is so obviously Taylor's circus and Taylor's monkeys, not his.

    He talks even more about the folkmore of it all in this GQ UK profile:

    Not even the paparazzi or the tabloids, who would dedicate a double-page spread to him if he sneezed and it sounded vaguely like “Taylor”, have been able to dampen his spirits. “I think because the precedent was set – that our choice is to be private and not feed that side of things – the more you do that, hopefully, the more that intrusiveness or intrigue drops off.”

    Throughout our conversation, Alwyn directs lots of questions back at me, but he’s not deflecting, he’s genuinely interested. He tells me he still doesn’t get recognised in the street, but that may change once Conversations lands.

    Luckily for Alwyn, there was already a Sally Rooney Male Lead Starter Pack waiting for him when he landed the role (short shorts, gold chain, inability to communicate feelings, check, check, check). He had seen and loved Normal People in lockdown and admired how tonally different it felt to everything else on TV at the time. “[Rooney and Abrahamson] are so good at just spending time with people in a room talking or not talking. It’s not hugely narrative-driven. I like the messiness of it, and the complexity of it.” Soon after he was cast, a mutual friend created a WhatsApp group with him and Paul Mescal called The Tortured Man Club, “which is I guess a reflection on [Mescal’s character in Normal People] Connell and Nick.”

    They exchanged texts and eventually met in Abrahamson’s house in Dublin while the show was filming. “He’s a lovely, lovely guy,” Alwyn says.

    The Tortured Man Club!! ha. Y'all know that Pheobe Bridgers and Paul Mescal are supposedly engaged now, right? So maybe we'll get Joe and Taylor at that wedding, p'raps.

    Alwyn’s pandemic wasn’t quite so normal. Somewhere in the stagnation of lockdown, he wrote a few songs with Swift on a whim, which went on to win some Grammys. Mucking about on the piano and trying his hand at composition for the first time since being in a band at school (they were called Anger Management and performed Marilyn Manson and Korn covers), he wound up creating the melody and first verse of “Exile”, arguably the standout track on Swift’s eighth studio album Folklore.

    “It was really the most accidental thing to happen in lockdown. It wasn’t like, ‘It’s three o’clock, it’s time to write a song!’ It was just messing around on a piano and singing badly and being overheard and then thinking, you know, what if we tried to get to the end of it together?” It was surreal when his musings that quickly became sketches and then an actual track would go on to be produced by The National’s Aaron Dessner with vocals by Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon. “Sending it to Justin with the idea of doing a duet and getting voice notes back of him singing over the top and stuff was surreal. It was a perk of lockdown.”

    On the album’s credits, he goes by the pseudonym William Bowery (a mash-up of his great-grandfather’s first name and an area he likes in New York), but Swift eventually gave the game away. They kept his participation in Folklore and its follow-up Evermore (two co-writing credits on the former, three on the latter) a secret because they knew it was all people would talk about. “The idea was that people would just listen to the music rather than focus on the fact that we wrote it together.” While he has no plans to write more music, he cherished the experience. “It was fun to do it together, and I was proud of it. It was nice getting such a positive reception.”

    Is there a version of “Exile” out there with him singing on it? “Jesus, there’s probably a voice note somewhere that should be burned.”


    This Tenet bit is funny . . .

    After our dimly lit breakfast, we head for a walk by the canal in King’s Cross. It’s a warm, grey day, and there’s a woman running backwards down the path, glancing over her shoulder every other second to avoid clattering into us. “Maybe she’s in Tenet,” Alwyn quips, and then later, when she runs past us again the correct way, “maybe we’re in Tenet”.

    He’s dragging along a suitcase, as he’s about to head to Paris to put down some additional dialogue for Claire Denis’sThe Stars At Noon, the other massive project he’s got dropping in May (it’s premiering in competition at Cannes). He shot the film straight after Conversations last year, swapping Belfast for Panama. “The premise is two strangers meet in Nicaragua amid climate and political turmoil. They fall for each other and have to escape to the border. It’s a romance/ thriller… Jesus, I don’t know. We’ll see.”
    (TSAN sounds grim as hell, tbh. I don't know if 'romance' is the word to go with.)

    Valid question, valid answer . . .

    Before he rushes off for his train, I ask a question that’s been looming over our conversation. Given the reputation he has developed among journalists for keeping schtum about his relationship (fair enough), how comfortable does he feel answering questions about his own life?

    “I honestly don’t mind. I’m probably not very good at talking about myself.” He hesitates. “I’m sure I’ve come across as guarded in the past. And it’s a mix of me being British and having a private life. But I don’t want to be going into these things guarded.”

    There’s a difference between being guarded and being quite understandably private, we agree, before parting ways.

    The day after our conversation, Alwyn goes viral for the most inconsequential thing – tell- ing an interviewer that he’s got no intention of confirming whether or not he and Swift are engaged. There’s only so much you can do.

    The GQ UK pics are really something!

    They go from 'fine' and 'acceptable' right back to 'why do art directors lose their damn mind when they are presented with Joe Alwyn to style for shoots'.

    In his GQ My Ten Essentials vid he talks about The Watch that Taylor bought him, and which apparently dates from 1991, the year he was born (which is a super Taylor kind of thing obvs) :

    Looked it up and I think that kind of watch goes for about $20k. He doesn't mention that or that it's a gift from her, but duh.

    He also collects lovely vintage lighters, even though he's not really a smoker, and he talks about how he really likes Stella McCartney's clothes, and how he really likes her as a person as well.

    And here, Taylor and Joe are essentially the same person:

    This author dude appreciated that interview very much:

    Joe was also forced to leave the house to present at the Baftas:

    You know, Shawn Mendes would be scared of Joe in this Bafta Bond villain getup:

    Villainously presenting an award:

    Smirking as he contemplates the villainous destruction of his many enemies (i.e. just Shawn Mendes):

    But also, how cold is it in May in London??/? That's a heavy villain coat over a heavy villain sweater:

    Yeah, I'm with you Shawn!

    Hand him Olivia or Meredith to stroke evilly and the illusion would be complete.

    In all the recent press, we also have gleaned some Taylor bits from Joe's co-stars, too:

    Taylor has no reason to be the main focus of this headline . . . but I guess now we know for sure Taylor visited the set, I suppose?

    Sasha posted a pic with Taylor's Brit Award, calling her 'T':


    Jemima on Taylor:

    Kirke filmed Conversations With Friends in Belfast, and she inevitably missed her children – but it doesn’t sound too much of a drag, especially for fans of Taylor Swift. The pop star flew over to visit her boyfriend Alwyn. “We all became very close: Joe, me, Sasha, Alison and Taylor – we all became each other’s pod,” Kirke says.

    How did they entertain themselves on weekends? “Drink,” she smirks. But there was wholesome fun, too. “Taylor likes to hike. I tried to but I wore the wrong thing: Chanel flats and a little button-down dress. I’m not a hiker.” Did Swift wear appropriate footwear? “Very.”

    And Sasha's partner says he and Taylor made pizza (he's Italian so it was probs pretty good pizza):

    I love this pic he took of Joe, it's like a religious painting of The Last Supper:

    and he's also the one who took this one, which is evocative of an entirely different kind of religion:

    We're getting a pretty clear pic of what that spring/summer was like for Taylor last year. . . hosting dinner parties, cooking with friends, daytripping around Ireland, listening to live music in pubs, dropping by the set, organizing activities/hiking trips, swimming in the Croatian sea with Joe's current arms wrapped 'round her, helping Jemima's partner Alex with his album (as per his liner notes thanking her) etc. All while entirely re-recording Red and planning/filming music videos for it. Must have been a great time, very chill and productive. I saw someone compare it to being in grad school . . . a sort of bohemian, creative limbo in-between time.

    So Taylor would naturally be the most fond of this project of Joe's even if she hadn't already been a massive Sally Rooney fan, because she was really involved and close to all of them every step of the way in making it. Which is cute! Like really, super cute! Not really the sort of thing that is replicable in the future, since the fact they were in an almost summer camp environment was both pandemic-related and project-specific so i hope she really soaked it in and used the experience to create more art with that vibe. Got high hopes for TS 10, yo.

    I have not hit play on CWF yet, but I do wonder if they ended up cutting this scene:

    (Joe said he thinks they did. I will be mad if so. It's the gateway visual to seeing him as William Bowery, duh. And maybe? even hearing him sing!)

    Anyhoo, loooove youuuuu guuuuys.

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  • vanessa
    This Love was IMO the weak link of 1989 (I liked Bad Blood better, for Beeks sake), but the new version totally wins with me. Her voice is so much clearer. It’s gorgeous.

    Those green socks are .. a choice.

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  • ophy

    It sounds so so so so goooood. Perfectly ethereal, just like an ocean tide coming in and out. Love it. This bodes well for 1989 as a whole, I think.

    The Washington Post about This Love TayVer:

    “Swift’s version takes “This Love” from a synth-pop slowburner to a full-blown cinematic trip, fit for a coming-of-age montage filled with fireworks, first kisses, and long walks on the beach”

    — Consequence of Sound on This Love (Taylor’s Version)

    Both are totes fair.

    People are hoping that the fact that Taylor dropped This Love and then also mentioned being nostalgic over the 1989 tour doesn't mean that we won't get 1989 TayVer until December . . .

    . . . that just seems way too long to wait, but it's a valid reading of an easter egg for sure.

    In Joe news, here's Joe at a special preview screening CWF London yesterday:

    Feels like the girls should have had a group fashion chat before selecting these partick lewks, but Joe looks fine.

    Joe's Homme interview was conducted by the director/exec producer of CWF so it's a bit cheeky:

    A bunch of screenshots here:

    These were funny:

    He's very very very British.

    And just for no reason at all except that I've been deep in my evermore feels this week, I like the cut of this twitter person's jib:

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  • isadora
    Thanks for the update, o!

    I think we're getting both re-records this summer but she will space them out for maximum ROI.

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  • vanessa
    Thanks, Ophy! I am convinced based on her putting three emojis in that post that she is announcing Speak Now TayVer at midnight.

    Joe looks not legal in some of those pics.

    Taylor/Joe are like the anti Jodie/J, and I don’t begrudge them that, but it would be nice if they told us if they are married or engaged or having a sekrit baby.

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  • ophy
    1989 TayVer is coming (probably) this summer, y'all!!

    . . . unless This Love TayVer is the actually the promo single for Speak Now TayVer the way Wildest Dreams TayVer was kinda the drop for Red TayVer.

    I know errrrybuddy else calls the re-records 'TV' but dagnabbit, 'TV' means something else to me, and I like the way 'tayver' sounds.

    Confusingly, Taylor also just added a bunch of Speak Now merch (and some 1989 merch) to her site.

    . . . could we be getting a summer time simul-drop of BOTH albums, because . . . . that would be kerrrrazy.

    Some folks are feeling the pressure by now, I'm guess, just at the thought that 1989 is a'comin'.

    I am BEYOND READY for Dear John TayVer, you guys.

    In jet news, Taylor might be back in the States now. Her main jet went London - Nashville yesterday. Getting ready for somethin' somethin, maybe! She's got that NYU commencement thing this month, and then she's also going to be at the Tribeca Film Festival to talk about the ATW short film in July. Plenty of space in June to drop an album (or two!).

    In Pretty Pics Of Joe news, there was a great profile of him in The Guardian:

    He's having a Very Good Hair Era.

    But also the dude literally gains or loses ten years based on facial hair or lack there of.

    I think this is behind a paywall, so Imma just bring over a whole bunch of quotes for y'all's edification . . ..

    I am not sure that Alwyn is as desperate to speak to me, though over the course of a slow and steady pint, he is very polite and easy company. The actor, 31, has been on the brink of being a big star ever since he left drama school in 2015, but his route to fame has run at a slightly different angle from his route to acting success. His partner is Taylor Swift, one of the most famous women on the planet, so there is that. He is tall, handsome, with floppy 90s heart-throb hair. He is quick and funny and confident, low-key in a fleece and jeans.

    For a while, we are the only people in the pub. He uses humour to deflect awkwardness, and I suspect it suits him that nobody can hear what we’re saying. Alwyn is about to star as Nick, the married, maudlin actor who has an affair with a student, Frances, in Conversations With Friends. The adaptation is the second of Sally Rooney’s novels to be made into a television series, after the lockdown-fuelled smash hit Normal People. The director of both, Lenny Abrahamson, said he cast Alwyn as Nick in part because he was “soulful”. “What does that mean?” Alwyn splutters. You tell me, Joe. “I’ll take it. I don’t know! So soulful,” he repeats, with a hint of embarrassment.
    . . . .

    Nick is certainly a complicated character who runs hot ad cold, and he is difficult to pin down. “When you meet him, he’s in a place of recovery – he’s been through a storm and is slightly numb to the world. And he’s just kind of functioning, and we meet that version of him, but we don’t really know why,” Alwyn says. It isn’t until later in the series that we start to learn who he is. “He can be a real enigma, and sometimes frustratingly so. He’s quite aloof and enigmatic and unreadable.”

    I am not sure that Alwyn is aloof, but he has more than a touch of the enigmatic and unreadable about him. He has been a steadily successful actor since 2016, when his first job was to star in the Ang Lee-directed Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, alongside Kristen Stewart. He followed it up with smaller roles in a series of award-winning films, including The Favourite, Mary Queen of Scots, and Harriet. He has fronted campaigns for Prada, and has also won a Grammy, after collaborating with Swift on her 2020 album Folklore. Despite all of this, I say, I don’t know very much about you. Few details of his life are public, which he seems to prefer, but it does mean we have to start at the beginning. So you grew up …

    “I grew up in this pub,” he cuts in, grinning. “I was born in this garden and I’ve never left. Very happy here, thank you.”

    He actually grew up near where we are today, in Tufnell Park, a well-to-do neighbourhood in north London. His mother is a psychotherapist. “I never felt like I was lying down on the couch and being analysed every evening, which is probably a good thing. I managed to escape that. But she’s great with people and great to talk to. People always think that must be strange, having a mum who’s a therapist.” Well, it is interesting. “It definitely is. It’s an amazing job. I actually think if I didn’t do this, I would be interested in doing something like that.”

    His father is a documentary film-maker who also teaches film-making. He instilled a love of films in the young Alwyn by giving him stacks of VHS tapes for his birthday and Christmas presents. “He makes fly-on-the-wall, observational human stories. When I was growing up, he was often away, and I remember him being in these far-flung places a lot, bringing back cool gifts for me and my brother.” Did you ever go with him? “I was never invited.” He leaves a beat. “Don’t worry, I spoke to my mum about it,” he quips.[/quote[

    Alwyn decided early on that he would rather take smaller parts with directors he admired than always go for the big, splashy jobs. “There are a couple of things I probably did just because I wanted to work, but I’ve tried to be pretty picky,” he says. Does that require a healthy ego, to be happy to play the supporting role, rather than insisting on being the star? “The idea of being the lead role just for the sake of it seems ridiculous,” he says, then catches himself. He likes to make sure he is being understood. “Well, it doesn’t seem ridiculous. Each to their own. But I’d much rather play an interesting support role in an interesting film. I find that more attractive.”

    Here's where he just @s us, basically:

    Since 2016, if the internet is to be believed – details are sparse, and will remain so, largely – Alwyn has been in a relationship with Swift. His film career brought him a level of recognition, but the level of fame he has been exposed to around his relationship is something else entirely. Was that a shock? “It’s not something I think about, unless I’m in situations like this, and someone says, ‘What’s it like?’ and I have to think about what to say about it,” he says, though he does have plenty to say on it, which suggests he has thought about it at least a little bit. He is more clipped when he talks about this side of things, and a bit less jokey, as if practised in being firm. “It’s just not for other people,” he says, of their relationship. “And I don’t say that with aggression.”

    He will concede that he can see why people might be interested in it. And people are interested. Her 2019 song London Boy, about fancying a charming, sporty north London boy with lots of mates, is rumoured to be about him, but, other than that, they say very little about each other in public. I tell him I watched a nine-minute compilation on YouTube that collected everything they had said about their relationship in public into one handy video. “Well, I hope that was illuminating,” he says, drily. It wasn’t, actually. “That doesn’t surprise me, because I don’t know what people would be going off.”

    He pauses, for what seems like an age. “I don’t know how best to talk about it. I mean, I’m aware of people’s … of that size of interest, and that world existing. It’s just not something I particularly care about, or have much interest in feeding, I guess, because the more it’s fed, the more you are opening a gate for intrusion.” He is aware that this makes him sound guarded. “I think that’s just my response to a culture that has this increasing expectation that everything is going to be given. If you don’t post about the way you make your coffee in the morning, or if you don’t let someone take a picture when you walk out of your front door, is that being private? I don’t know if it is. So I just don’t really feed that.”

    His own Instagram is strictly work-based, and there is little hint of anything beyond a film set. “If you and I were having a conversation, and having a shandy in my house, and it wasn’t being recorded, then, of course, other things would be said,” he says, echoing what Swift told this paper in 2019. (“If you and I were having a glass of wine right now, we’d be talking about it – but it’s just that it goes out into the world,” she said, back then.) Did they decide, from the beginning, to have a party line, and not to talk about each other? “Erm. It was just like, well, why? There are more interesting things to talk about and I just think it feeds into a weird part of the culture that I’m not really interested in being a part of.”

    He's very well trained:

    And about the William Bowery-ness of it all . . .

    One thing he will talk about is their musical collaboration, which turned him into a Grammy winner. I did want to ask about music, I say. “Go for it, and I will sing for you,” he jokes, happier to be back on solid ground. When Swift released Folklore, two of the songs, Betty and Exile, credited a mysterious co-writer called William Bowery. Fans speculated as to who it might be, and Swift later revealed that it was a pseudonym for Alwyn, who also co-wrote some of the songs on its follow-up, Evermore. “That was a surreal bonus of lockdown,” he says, checking himself. “That’s an understatement.”

    What was it like to work with your other half, in her line of business? “It wasn’t like, ‘It’s five o’clock, it’s time to try and write a song together,’” he says. “It came about from messing around on a piano, and singing badly, then being overheard, and being, like, ‘Let’s see what happens if we get to the end of it together.’ ” He liked it because there were no expectations and no pressure. “I mean fun is such a stupid word, but it was a lot of fun. And it was never a work thing, or a ‘Let’s try and do this because we’re going to put this out’ thing. It was just like baking sourdough in lockdown.” But not everyone’s sourdough resulted in a Grammy. “The Grammy was obviously this ridiculous bonus.”

    Did he have any musical ambitions before this? “I like music, and I played a bit of guitar awfully in a school band when I was 12.” They were called Anger Management, and they covered Marilyn Manson’s version of the Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This). “I can play piano pretty badly, but never with the intent of, ‘Right, it’s time for my jazz-fusion album.’” He grins. “Unfortunately.”

    He’s joking, but if a jazz-fusion album does emerge one day, it wouldn’t be such a curveball. He is about to take some time off and has no immediate jobs lined up, he says, which is fine by him, as last year was so busy. His recent work indicates a Robert Pattinson-style swerve into the arthouse. He had a small role in Joanna Hogg’s The Souvenir: Part II, and his next two films will be Stars at Noon, an adaptation of a Denis Johnson novel directed by Claire Denis, and Catherine, Called Birdy, a medieval comedy directed by Lena Dunham. “Again, I think that all comes from working with Ang Lee, and the luxury of that at the beginning,” he says. “I would just much rather do that for now and ‘build’, which sounds awful,” he says, beginning to collapse into a cringe, “and like, oh, grow as an actor, which also sounds awful.” He looks mortified. “Do you know what I mean?”

    I think I know what he means. He sounds like someone who is satisfied with life as it is, and where it’s about to take him. We finish our pints. Alwyn is heading off to meet someone on Hampstead Heath, and we shake hands, politely, as we say goodbye. He heads out into the street, eyes on the path just ahead.


    Taylor will fight you on this, Josepher!

    So that was pretty well done, however! I don't love Joe's Homme cover:

    But the pics inside are another entry into 'Joe loses ten years depending of facial hair status' . . .

    Anyway, 19 pics here:

    I do not understand the lack of cohesiveness in this shoot at all, but wevs.

    And Vogue UK did an article about how smexy it is that Joe and Taylor give us nothing to work with:

    "The Exquisite Privacy of Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn"

    Joe Alwyn is to the upcoming Conversations with Friends series what Paul Mescal and his legendary chain were to 2020’s Normal People: the sexy, stifled, not-infrequently naked love interest in a Sally Rooney adaptation. But while Alwyn (artfully!) bares plenty of skin in the show, premiering 15 May, he has revealed very little about his notable real-life role as Taylor Swift's boyfriend – as has been the couple’s practice.

    . . . .
    In an era of overzealous PDA, where tongue-touching has become the red carpet norm – to say nothing of the standard practices of staged paparazzi walks and cementing “Instagram official” status – Alwyn and Swift’s commitment to privacy is rare, refreshing, and, frankly, hot? There’s something incredibly romantic to me about a joint oath to hold on to what is sacred about a relationship rather than inviting the world in, as even normal, non-famous people constantly do in performing their anniversaries online. How delightful to be coy. Imagine, in 2022, leaving a little something to the imagination! It’s giving Julia Roberts-decamping-to Taos-with-Danny Moder energy. Like Roberts, Swift has reached an echelon where she doesn’t need to use her romantic relationships for publicity or image-crafting. Privacy: it’s also a power move.

    . . .

    The Swift/Alwyn method of under-sharing still sparks intrigue about their relationship. But instead of an open-season approach, fans can relish even the tiniest details that trickle out – like Swift’s reference to Alwyn in her Netflix documentary, Miss Americana, when she described “falling for someone who had a wonderfully normal, balanced life”, or when she thanked Alwyn at the 2021 Grammys for writing songs with her during quarantine. Maybe they’re engaged, or secretly married; maybe they’re not. Never tell us, Taylor and Joe!

    And also, Joe is going to be on Kelly Clarkson May 17th, where he will probably continue to give us nothing to work with:

    I think there's going to be a red carpet premiere for CWF in a few days, but nobody seems to know what continent it will be on.

    I've got some other stuff that I'll have to save for later just because I'm now exhausted and can't keep sitting upright. Love you guys!

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  • IssieCol
    Joe updates are great, but I do miss Taylor teatime and really NEED her to release a rerecord ASAP. I saw a short vid on Twitter of Finneas saying Taylor would sue him and Billie after they invited Damon Albarn to perform with them at Coachella. It was a throwaway moment in the middle of Billie's set, but it would be A+ content if during one of his press commitments, Joe pulled his own version of Will Smith and told Finneas to keep his wife's name out of his mouth.

    The Aussies reacted to Olivia Rodrigo's new Disney+ special and talked about the weirdness between her and Taylor at length. They seem to conclude that the tricky writing credit situation is to blame and also think that Olivia's team is advising her to distance herself from Taylor for now. Conan Gray (Taylor's other child) has clearly decided to be Team Sister so he hasn't talked about Taylor either even though he was also obsessed with her at one point.

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  • vanessa
    Thanks O! I am good with it occasionally being a “Joe is pretty” thread, speaking only for myself.

    I didn’t take his no plans thing to mean he wouldn’t be writing songs with her again, just that it wasn’t a thing that was planned in the first place, and so it’s not planned now. Also it is the most evasive answer, and clearly when he is talking Tay, he is EVADING. Which: good for him.

    Everything about his styling in that photo shoot is bad; I hate all the outfits, and the white pants that are possibly showing his penis.

    I mean, if all the references to 'blue' weren't enough, Renegade is literally right there
    Yeah, this is not an unknown thing. Both he and Taylor struggle with their mental health. That is just the current reality.

    I really like Alison in that interview as well. She is just adorably cute too.

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  • ophy

    Drake woke up yesterday evening and chose chaos :

    Based on Taylor's hair this is obvs from 2016, maybe from around the time when she went to his bday party.

    As an anon pointed out on Nat's blog, this tweet notes that her hair and outfit match this video that Joe took:

    So it's possible that Joe was even there while she was hanging with Drake that day. But that's not gonna stop the spec happening on twitter! People are torn between accusing Taylor of being Drake's deadbeat baby mama and there being an upcoming Draylor collab in the 1989 vault.

    Y'all are going to have Taylor herself out there looking for her own easter eggs for mythical collabs:

    . . . I wouldn't rule out a Drake feature on a vault track, but I also wouldn't rule out that Drake just found an old pic and was thinking about how he and Taylor are hard working af and just posted it no reason.

    Anyhoodles! I promise I am not trying to turn this into a Joe thread or a CWF thread but! there is a ton of Joe content coming out and probs not a ton of Taylor content so we take what we can get.

    New Elle profile of Joe and Alison (the Frances to his Nick):

    I love this description of Joe because they are basically restating Taylor lyrics here:

    Perhaps Alison Oliver and Joe Alwyn don’t look like they would be lovers. In early marketing materials for Conversations With Friends, the upcoming Hulu series adapted from literary wunderkind Sally Rooney’s debut novel, Alwyn, 31, seems almost to loom over Oliver, 24, as she slouches on a rocky precipice along the Croatian shore. Alwyn, suntanned and blue-eyed with the precisely tousled hair of a Hellenistic sculpture, has the movie-star aura, as well as the burgeoning repertoire

    "precisely tousled" = "with your hair falling into place like dominoes"

    The pics are really good and I like the aesthetic in general, but wtf is with this wee sweater on Joe:

    And this jacket is dumb!

    And these pants are dumb!

    (but yes his hair is Hellenistic-sculpture level great in all of these.)

    This one is cute:

    However! This! is HEARTBREAKING:

    Alwyn, meanwhile, comes to his role in markedly different circumstances, given the fact that he’s dating one of the world’s most obsessively chronicled superstars. That he has remained an elusive facet of Taylor Swift’s life for more than five years, reportedly, speaks to his inscrutability. Swift is known for her music’s bare-it-all, true-story approach, and Alwyn cowrote songs on the singer’s Folklore and Evermore albums under the pseudonym William Bowery. Yet Swift and Alwyn have chosen to speak only rarely about their relationship. And when asked if he hopes to continue writing songs, Alwyn simply says, “It’s not a plan of mine, no.”

    I hope it is not true, and it's just what he has decided to say in order to shut down any interview avenue that leads back to his personal life.

    The profiler keeps trying those avenues, though, and Joe seems to have some pity for her poor efforts:

    With that in mind, I ask about the tendency for audiences to study artists’ creative choices—such as, say, acting in an adaptation of a Sally Rooney novel—for insights into their personal lives. Oliver admits she hasn’t yet experienced this equation in her career, but Alwyn gives what I read to be an understanding look. He’s already fielded an inquiry about whether Nick’s polyamory reflects on his relationship with Swift. (It does not.) “You choose projects and the thread there, of course it says stuff about you, but also you need to work,” says the actor, kind but cautious. Still, watching the Oliver and Alwyn pairing—open, vulnerable, passionately in love—can feel surreal, even voyeuristic.

    Too bad for you, Lauren Puckett-Pope! But you can send this gif to your bosses at Elle:

    JOE ALWYN: I’d also read Conversations and read Normal People, I think because my mom or some friends had mentioned one of them. It wasn’t tied to the fact that I knew they were making shows from it. Like everyone else, I just thought [Rooney’s] writing was so phenomenal. But I remember thinking those kinds of jobs are so few and far between. I would happily audition, but didn’t think anything would come of it. There were two or three scenes I put on tape, and then within, like, a week or so got a call.

    Taylor is a well known huge Rooney fan, but I guess he wasn't going to say that.

    I think this is the first time Joe has confirmed what Taylor has hinted at in her lyrics, that he does struggle with depression:

    Joe, on your end—Nick is a tricky character. He’s passive, though not necessarily weak. He’s passionate, but not forthright. He’s in love with two different women. There’s a lot to explore there. How did you do it?

    JA: God, I don’t really know. I mean, there were ways I could initially relate to him. I’m not a married, 32-year-old Irishman having an affair, but I could relate to some of his anxieties and ups and downs—perhaps accounting from his profession, being an actor. Without turning this into a therapy session, I could relate to some of his depressive moods and struggles.

    People who are outsiders in the one sense and can’t quite communicate what’s on the inside, I always like those characters. It’s a quality in both of them that Frances is initially drawn to. It’s a behavior that Bobbi labels as boring at the beginning, and Melissa probably thinks Nick could do with bucking up a bit. But for Frances, for whatever reason, she’s drawn to that and intrigued by it. Obviously, that’s interesting and hard to play, and I think what can seem distant or perhaps cold or guarded is him actually just being.... He’s quite fragile. He’s just trying to hold on.

    I mean, if all the references to 'blue' weren't enough, Renegade is literally right there.

    So yeah, we might get a glut of Joe stuff and very little Tay stuff for a little while. But hey, pretty pretty pics, so!

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  • ophy

    Something about the "Fuck Off" face he gives to paps is very attractive, I agree. He seems like one of those dudes that get better with age, as well.

    Only two pics from this occasion . . . Joe papped in North London 4/15:

    Joe out there all like . . .

    Dunno who the other dude is.

    Not A Lot Going On at the moment in Swiftdom, I guess? Taylor and Joe appear to be in London, obvs. They were in LA for awhile and then one of her jets went from Nash (where her mom lives) to Tampa (where her dad lives) on April 2, and then her main jet went LA to Tampa and then on to London on April 3. So it kinds looks like maybe Joe and Taylor picked up her mom and dad and took them to London, but dunno if that's actually true.

    Taylor has that record store dealio coming up which we will probs get a white wall vid for, and she's got that honorary degree thing in May. (whih might mean she can't do Cannes with Joe, maybe? BOOOOO). I wanna see them on La Croisette at least once before I die. It's a bucket list thing.

    This was from 2015 about honorary doctorate degrees:

    ha. She manifested that.

    Just some other miscellany . . .

    Fastest thumbs in the West: Taylor liking the CWF trailer in seconds:

    Joe is about to have a super busy month of May. He's doing press for CWF currently, and in May he will have the CWF premiere plus a couple of cast panels/festival thingys to promote it and then he also has to make a Cannes appearance for that Claire Denis movie (Stars At Noon) which he filmed in Panama with Margaret Qualley. Probs have to do press for that, too. We are about to have ourselves A Whole Lotta Joe.

    Elle's interview with Joe for CWF promo makes it clear he ain't gonna be talking about Blondie much, though:

    "One of the downs is undoubtedly the public's interest in his own life (Alwyn has been dating Taylor Swift since 2016). He still finds it hard to understand why sharing, rather than protecting, one's private life is the expectation. It's not really because I want to be guarded, it's more a response to something else," he shrugs. "We live in a culture that is increasingly intrusive. The more you give-and frankly, even if you don't give it-something will be taken."


    Regardless, it'd be nice to hear him talk about how they made folklore/evermore. I could use more deets from his side of things.

    And speaking of Ireland and Irish things in general, DM had this last week:

    Would not be the least bit surprised if this one is actually true. Joe and Taylor did the most random jaunting around Ireland and Northern Ireland last summer for no clear reason, so . . . and I STILL think it's reasonable that they got engaged in Ireland in 2018 so . . .

    And on Grammy night, Lana Del Rey posted this never before seen pic of her, Taylor, and Jack to congratulate Jack on his producer of the year win:

    And also Sarah Ramos (besties with DOB as well):

    Cuties. Some fans are hoping this means a Taylor/Lana collab but that seems doubtful. I guess maybe LdR could feature on a vault track, though?

    So I didn't kollect any kay stuff, but that Jezebel's gaylor article came out and they got the Jennifer Lawrence thing wrong right off the bat.

    Jennifer Lawrence was promoting a spy movie in 2018 when she veered far off course. At a promo stop, an audience member asked the actor how she would use high-level spy skills if she had them in real life. “I’d like to know what’s going on with Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift, that’s the honest to God truth,” Lawrence responded. “Is nobody else curious? It’s keeping me up at night. What happened?!”

    Why would Oscar-winning Lawrence give a shit that two friends weren’t actively posting about each other anymore? Her interest in investigating the Swift/Kloss undoing was akin to me looking up my ex’s boyfriend’s best friend’s wife’s cousin on Instagram. But the rumors surrounding Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss’s public (court-side seats! performing at a fashion show!), semi-public (cooking together and posting to Instagram! vacation!), and private friendship for years supposedly pointed towards a secret gay relationship complete with beards. It even had a nice portmanteau—“Kaylor”—because the internet loves nothing more than shorthand for discussing real people like objects. But the rumors didn’t limit themselves to just one of Swift’s female friendships; Lawrence was alluding to something more accurately described as a cinematic universe of fan theories.

    . . . um, no? JLaw was 'alluding' to the fact that Karlie and Taylor were obviously not friends anymore. She was wanting the hot goss on how that friendship went 'spoldey, not on whether or not they had ever been hooking up.

    It goes all down hill from there. Just deeply dumb. I thought it was going to be an 'exploring tinhattery' article, not one that 'kinda sorta but not really but actually kinda yeah totally wants to belieb Taylor Swift is a sekrit lesbean'. A whole ass mess. It's not only defensive of poor oppressed gaylors, it uses their own language to talk about those who don't buy into it as hateful homophobic 'hetlors' . . . and just comes right out and labels the Lover era as queerbaiting and folklore/evermore as 'potentially sapphic'. The author also talks about the bettygate doxxing of some gaylors but does NOT mention how the kays doxxed people too. Super icky and pretty much totally NOT journalism?

    Joe gets barely a mention, although you'd think his existence would be quite relevant:

    All this is before we even get to Swift’s current, mostly secretive relationship—cruelly referred to as “Toe”—with Joe Alwyn. As Alwyn starts to get press for the much-anticipated adaptation of Conversations With Friends, online speculation will surely follow. If Swift and Alwyn break up, it’s a win for the Gaylors, who believe this will give her the space to come out and market the release of 1989 (Taylor’s Version) as the single lady album it is. Last month, after days of headlines about Jake Gyllenhaal’s reaction to “All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version),” engagement rumors swirled about Swift and Alwyn. Nothing official every came of this D-list tabloid story (who wants to get engaged in Cornwall in winter?), but if they do eventually get engaged, it will lend credence to the Hetlors. Still, Gaylor believers never take a day off. Swift recently posted on Instagram about how perfect ZoŽ Kravitz was as Catwoman in The Batman, and ToŽ was reignited. Even controlling rumors that Swift could be gay is impossible—no matter how talented Swift’s longtime publicist may be.


    So dumb.


    A Swiftie Horror Movie on tikitok:


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  • vanessa
    He’s pretty.

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  • IssieCol
    I vote a combo of options 1 and 3 for why Olivia has backed away from being Taylor's best fangirl. It's probably smart to distance herself from the Swifties anyway and try to figure out what she wants to do with her music independently.

    But if you mean nothing changes by January 1, 2023, I will walk away.
    Who are we kidding? She'll just take some random connection that she puts together in her mind and use that as an excuse to keep it going. Karlie will wear a color that Taylor wore 3 days prior and that will be her message that "the girls" want her to persevere.

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  • ophy
    Can we talk about whatever weirdness is possibly going on between Olivia Rodrigo and Taylor?

    So, I must admit that I have read through the ongoing OR/TS fandom discourse with only half of my attention actually turned on, because I don't really pay much attention to Olivia R. herself to be honest? But from what I understand the general Swiftie assumption is that YES Olivia has been creating distance between herself and Taylor in her media narrative and these are the three main theories that I've seen:

    1) Olivia's team are doing this strategically because so much of her early promo was centered around being a Taylor fangirl and they felt like she was being painted into a Taylor corner . . . so now they are transitioning her to clearly stand on her own as her own creation without so much attention paid to the inspiration she got from Taylor.

    2) Taylor wrote Olivia a very very long handwritten letter of advice (Olivia stated that she received such a letter) and it's possible that Olivia actually did not appreciate some of it or maybe even took a bit of umbrage to it or something? or maybe something happened when they met in person at the Brits that caused Olivia to cool off? This the 'don't meet your heroes' theory that I have seen.

    3) I can't even remember the song now (Deja Vu, maybe?) but Olivia had to retroactively give credit to Taylor and Jack A. for part of it because the bridge was inspired by the bridge from Cruel Summer, and maybe there are bad feeling around this? We know very little about why this came about . . . it doesn't seem like the kind of thing Taylor would demand, so maybe it was all just biz stuff behind the scenes dunno.

    The first one seems most likely . . . that there's no bad blood and it's just a new media strategy for Olivia, but either of the other theories could be true or all three or who who knows. There's no question that she does seemed to have backed way off from all the Taylor squeeing she was doing before though. Some swifties are quite cynical about the whole thing, assuming that she only hit that as a theme early on to leverage them as a fanbase . . . and now that it's has worked, she's shedding her Swiftie cos-play.

    For me, Olivia's music had a limited shelf life. Like, I listened to the album a few times and quite liked it, and remembered thinking it was a very good debut album . . . but then sort of forgot about it and never went back to anything again. driver's license is quite good! The rest of it was sort of forgettable to me a week or so later . . . and after repetition sounded like a lot of other things I have already heard before, but! that is certainly not to say that I don't see why people like her a lot. Sour does have some great stuff on it.

    Maybe if the ogirl had been interested in her, I would have been able to sustain interest as well, but the ogirl has decided to out right haaaaaate Olivia R. for Incomprehensible Teenage Girl reasons, so . . .

    I was hoping that we'd get to see Taylor and Joe at VF last night, but no luck.

    I knooooooow! I had even started to search through Stella and OscarDLR collections to fandress her for it, but then was like, oh who am I fooling, she ain't coming.

    (apparently she did go to the Gucci after-party, as I will mention below, though.)

    But we did get confirmation from Variety that Taylor and Joe were at the CAA party on Friday:

    And we even got vid from the party of Taylor and Zoe on the dance floor:

    You could kinda call what Taylor is doing 'dancing' I guess? Bless her heart.

    Possibly? Joe and Taylor leaving the CAA party:

    Can't see nothing of the first person in the first two pics, but Daily Fail says the other pic was Joe, and that is a Stella shirt we've seen him wear before, and that also looks like one of Taylor's bodyguards (and we know black umbrellas is like, their thing) but who knows. Also looks like he ended up wearing the necklace she was wearing in the side profile pics (but wasn't wearing in the dancing vid), so it probably ended up looped around his neck when she found out it was uncomfortable to dance in.

    Inside Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn's Date Night at Pre-Oscars Party

    Ahead of the 2022 Oscars, Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn hit up a CAA party where they were spotted looking “very much in love,” according to a source.

    Taylor Swift and her longtime boyfriend Joe Alwyn had a rare date night out when they attended the CAA Pre-Oscar Party on Friday, March 25 at the San Vicente Bungalows in West Hollywood, Calif..

    Although the couple kept a relatively low profile and did not pose for any photos, a source tells E! News that the 32-year-old singer and the 31-year-old British actor "looked very much in love and were together majority of the night."

    "Taylor was hanging out at the bar chatting with Zoe Kravitz for a while," the source said. "Both of them were laughing and had smiles on their faces."

    According to the eyewitness, Taylor also ran into Hailey Bieber and the two stars said hello at the bar.

    "Taylor was introducing Joe to many people around her," the source added. "She looked smitten and proud to be there with him."

    A second source concurred, telling E! News, that Taylor and Joe "were very coupley and cute and seemed happy to be there together."

    "Taylor and Joe were together all night," the insider told E! News. "He was leading her around introducing her to people, and Taylor also introducing people to Joe. When Joe was leading Taylor around he held his arm around her back."

    The eyewitness says the couple also hung out with one of Taylor's BFFs Alana Haim and they were "laughing and chatting and having a great time."

    "She stayed pretty late too," the source added.

    So, standard party behavior.

    Ha, pretty much:

    However! Taylor was also listed as an attendee at the Gucci after-party last night:

    Which is cool and all, but we might not get any photos because it was a very private event. Sounds like Rob and Suki were there, plus Miles and his wife and Zoe K., too, so she had friends there. Maybe something more will leak out?

    Crumbs, man. All we get are crumbs these days.

    Next year could be better, assuming that CWF or any of Joe's other projects do well during the 2023 awards season. He does have some possibles on his slate. And that song that Taylor did for Crawdads could garner an Oscar nom, who knows.

    So we will be seeing Taylor on May 18, for sure . . . she'll be receiving an honorary doctorate and will be speaking at commencement for NYU that day. Would it have been hilars if Karlie had actually stuck with her schooling and was graduating that day ha. It would be the new Kay Holiday. (a new holikay?)

    From Vanity Fair:

    New York University will award Taylor Swift an honorary doctorate of fine arts May 18, and will speak at commencement at Yankee Stadium, the institution announced Monday.

    Swift will receive her honors from NYU along with the class of 2022 on the morning of May 18.

    Three graduating classes will be honored that day. Swift will be part of what is described as a “traditional” ceremony for the current graduating class on the morning of May 18. Separately, in the evening, the university will also be holding a “double-header” commencement for the classes of 2020 and 2021, who weren’t able to have a traditional ceremony earlier due to the pandemic..

    The official title that will be bestowed on Swift is Doctor of Fine Arts, honoris causa.

    I don't really get/care about honorary degrees but anything that gets Blondie out of the house is fine by me.


    Can’t believe they aren’t giving her a doctorate in engineering for constructing some of the greatest bridges ever made


    The funny thing is that there was a huge easter egg in her merch so we should have anticipated this . . .
    A whole line of Class of '22 items, like these:

    She'll have to wear a cap and gown to do her speech, which will be cute af.

    And commencement speeches are like 15 mins long, right? I wonder how many times she can work "fuck Scooter Braun" into a fifteen minute speech.

    DM thinks she is also going to release something in May:

    As good of a guess as any, I suppose.

    Meanwhile in kayland, the kween has made a royal deklaration:

    Anonymous asked:

    Hi SR I have a genuine question here. I know most of us here were saying that we will hold on till the end of this year for at least one of them to ditch their beard but lets say if nothing happens until this December, will you guys leave this ship? And if there’s a miracle happens in 2024, will you be back?

    S-R: This December is still 2022. But if you mean nothing changes by January 1, 2023, I will walk away. I have done my time. I believe they are a happy private family. But I don’t think we will know this for many years (the child part).

    We have been through a lot. And, many of us have taken a beating for our support. TTB was taken down unfairly, and we all know that Tree/Taylor could get it put back up. They have chosen not to, despite our years of support. I am certain our Tumblr blogging created many new fans for Taylor … and even helped sell some albums.

    I also do not find either of them interesting in these fake relationships. I don’t even follow Karlie on social media anymore. And, I was someone who absolutely adored her back in the 1989 era.

    The main reason the long term double bearding bothers me is that they imply that being single is a negative thing. For two women who speak of female empowerment, they present a very needy public face (re: relationships). I get Taylor needing a public muse. But Karlie doing a 10 year bearding relationship starting at 19??? WTF!

    Long story shot: I have been around since 2015. If they don’t want our support anymore, I am leaving at the end of 2022. I don’t know why you mentioned 2024. Maybe I missed something implying that year. But it is hard to predict that far out.

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  • IssieCol
    Thank you for that awesome roundup, o! I was hoping that we'd get to see Taylor and Joe at VF last night, but no luck. For two people in a multi year fake relationship that they use for PR, they are very bad at the public part.

    Can we talk about whatever weirdness is possibly going on between Olivia Rodrigo and Taylor? Like is it a bunch of nothing or is there an actual attempt from Olivia and her team to create some distance from Taylor? The Aussies made a brief mention of it in one of their recent vids and then I saw an interview with OR at an awards show last week where she was asked a couple of questions about Taylor and she definitely seemed to be making an effort not to say Taylor's name and generalize her answers. I haven't seen any articles about it or anything, it just seems to be a feeling among some Taylor fans and not even all that widely talked about among them.

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