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  • And the Oscar goes to...

    How big of a dork does it make me that I raced to find out the nominations as soon as I got up this morning? And I was BITTER it was early this year because it's always in February! Hee.

    It probably doesn't make me as big a dork as the fact that I was, like, ANGRY because so many articles didn't include the noms for Best Documentary and I had to hunt for them, just a lil' bit.

    I ran to the video store to rent the Oscar Nominated! Capturing the Friedmans (which I missed in the theater ) this morning and realized I need Netflix back SO BAD. It cost $4.29 to rent a movie at my local Blockbuster! I was horrified! RIP OFF! Hee. I miss movies.
    Its just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.

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    I really like the info page set up this year.

    Is, I got up this morning and was freezing while I turned on the shower so I went to turn on the furnace and realized the noms must be up so I turned on the tv/online and that sucked 20 minutes while the shower was running and I was totally embarrassed when I made Mr. S late because of it.

    I apologize in advance for the water I wasted today; I'm sure LA needed it.


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      Heh. I left for work LATE because I watched the coverage live on the Today show. Heh. I thought I'd be beating the morning rush with the ice and all but it turns out that I still had to friggin' wait an hour for a damn train to take into work. But I digress...

      I was quite pleased to see both Bill Murray and Johnny Depp nominated. Hee! Thank Jeebus Tom Cruise got snubbed. I don't love Nicole or anything but I HATE that Renee got nominated and not her. And what is up with Scarlett J not being nominated for Lost in Translation? That sucks yo.

      Can I say for the record that "Into the West" from LOTR sucks ass? OMB I cannot believe it friggin won the GG.
      It's all about me and my precious.


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        Roly just brought up a point in the gossip thread about how Depp's nomination is kind of insulting because they've ignored all the other quality work he'd done in the past. I hadn't thought of that and it could change my pics for this year. If the "We own you one" rule is in effect, then Johnny has a better chance than I thought he did.

        I'm still going with Bill Murray, but Johnny will be my dark horse.


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          Four words: Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost.


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            Eh, my only favorite part of the Oscars is the In Memoriam montage so I can hear which dead celebs get more applause than others.

            I really don't have anything against Nicole, but I watched the Hours over the weekend and I really wasn't that impressed by her performance. Nor did I find her nose that hideous.
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              Originally posted by piggay
              Can I say for the record that "Into the West" from LOTR sucks ass?
              Aw. I like that song. It helps that I imagine the lyrics as Frodo's words to Sam ("And you'll be here in my arms," particularly). It's certainly better than Enya and NotBjork's offerings from the previous two films, IMO.

              I'm totally pulling for Bill Murray but, for once, I have no feelings about the Best Actress category. However, I will freak out if Renee wins SA. Hate her. So much.

              I've already ranted about my poor little Mikey in the other thread, so I'll use this space to bitch about Bernard Hill, who also kicked major ass in RotK and probably would've been a more palatable (read: Less hobbit-y) selection for the Academy to put forward.

              I haven't seen Big Fish, but the lack of love for Ewan bugs the shit out of me.


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                And what about the lack of love for Kill Bill? Is it because the movie has been split in two? Why can't they present both films?


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                  The "We Owe You One" mentality happens all the time. Judi Densch won for her 5 seconds in Shakespeare In Love because she should have actually won the year before in Mrs. Brown. And Nicole won last year as a make-up for Moulin Rouge. Russell Crowe won for Gladiator when he should have won for The Insider.

                  I don't think Johnny has a chance. But I think he was nominated because the acting branch of the Academy respects the kinda wacky Keith Richards inspiration. He definitely didn't play that role the way anyone (including the studio) expected. I think it may very well go to Sean Penn, unless people decide he won't show up anyway so why bother. I hoping it's Bill Murray.

                  As for actress, I think Charlize has it wrapped up. The academy are suckers for pretty girls uglifying themselves. At least she did more than have her hair be frizzy and wear big glasses to do it.


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                    Originally posted by ripleybogle
                    And what about the lack of love for Kill Bill?
                    I had actually assumed it was because the movie sucked.


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                      I think it's Bill Murray's year, for the lifetime achievement reason - though I understand he was very good in the part and deserves it regardless of the lifetime of good work.

                      <--Finds Bill Murray strangely sexy.


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                        Finds Bill Murray strangely sexy. [/B]
                        I think that is because, for the first time in years, he can wear a beard without it looking like he's too hung-over to shave.


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                          He was so good in Rushmore. He should've been nominated for that one man. And though I hatehatehate Andie Mc, I Ground Hog Day. Not that it was Oscar worthy or anything, but he rawked in that movie!
                          It's all about me and my precious.


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                            I had actually assumed it was because the movie sucked.
                            You can't be serious.


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                              No joke here. I really thought the movie was a big pile o' poo. A big pile o' poo with some really beautiful shots, mind you, but a pile o' poo nonetheless. Maybe it would have been better if the movie had been shown as a whole rather than split into two discrete movies, but that really wasn't the central problem.