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  • James Franco was a terrible host. No energy. Looked tired and high (as usual). It looked like he'd rather be writing stoner poetry.

    Loved MW and BP even if their dresses were underwhelming.

    Adored Reese Witherspoon! She looked sassy and fun and elegant all at once. I want to be Helen Mirren when I grow up. Helena Bonham Carter fabulously weird as always. Jennifer Hudson was like: WHAT AMERICAN IDOL BITCHES? She almost banished that heinous pink dress image from AI back in the day. (I remember everything).

    I could not get over Mark Ruffalo's wife's dress during the red carpet! It was just so ridiculous.
    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


    • Reese did look cute and being in a real relationship where she gets to have sex seems to be working wonders on her tight-assedness 'cause she's all like cool and relaxed these days. My favorite of the night by far was Cate Blanchett. It was one of those dresses that I think people are gonna love or hate, but she looked perfect to me. I liked Mila's whole look too, but somebody mentioned that Halle Berry wore that dress in red a couple of days ago. Don't they have a policy on things like this? How hard can it be to keep up with the actresses wearing your dresses if you're a major fashion house? You'd think there would be a department that existed just for that. Spreadsheet that shit on Excel, fashion houses!

      And double yes to Franco being awful. He was caught in between wanting to appear way too cool for all of this and wanting everyone's approval at the same time. And I usually like Anne Hathaway, but she was kinda try hardy tonight. It bugs me when people are too earnest, hee. It's like my least favorite "good" quality.


      • Honestly, I don't get the Franco criticism. Yeah, of course he looked a stoner poet randomly dragged up there who wasn't supposed to be part of events, but duh. That's what you get with Franco. He's never looks like anything else. I can't imagine the Oscar folks thought he was going to magically morph into a dynamo host like NPH (who *should* be asked to host the Oscars, btw), because the awkwardly stoner-ish, just-shy-of-being-a-douchebag twinkle-eyed-dimply schtick is all he's got.

        I kinda thought AH's try-hardiness was in direct relation to how little it seemed like JF was trying. If they had paired her with Hugh (or NPH!!! or even Steve Martin), she wouldn't have felt like she needed to carry all the evening's energy alone.

        I liked MW's dress! Thought she looked like an angel, all transcendent and shit. Didn't catch her on the carpet, though. RW looked fine, but her dress was . . . eh. I though Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry and Reese's dresses were all on the train to Boredomtown.

        It wasn't until Natalie won that I realized just how much I didn't want her to win.

        Annette Bening was possibly the best dressed out there, although Helen Mirren brought the awesome as per usual.

        Overall, it was a lackluster Oscars, missing some key star power. No Jolie-Pitt, Depp, Clooney, Will Smith, Cruise, Di Caprio, Winslet . .. heck, I would have settled for Julia Roberts or Jack Nicholson.


        • The problem I had with Franco is that the Oscar folks did sell him as something other than a deadpan, sleepy-eyed stoner, and he willingly went along with it! He was acting peppy and goofy and fun in the promos! And then it's showtime and he's a total slug. Also, I love Anne Hathaway and I resent how his complete lack of presence made her act like a spaz. She deserved better.

          I found the whole show tedious. The scripted banter was terrible (I looooove Mila Kunis and I had to switch the channel on her and Timberlake because it just HURT). Most of the speeches were awful. Seriously, Melissa Leo? You've won this award at, like, every other show and you couldn't come up with something to say at the OSCARS? After the way you campaigned for it? Bah. Also, your dress was a fucking monstrosity. (Second only to Ruffalo's wife's! What the hell was that thing?)

          I felt the same way about Natalie Portman as you, ophy. I knew she was a virtual lock and I thought I was fine with it and then she won and I thought about her in Star Wars and I got pissed. And I really didn't like when she said something about wanting to thank those people who never get mentioned, and went on to thank the makeup, hair, costume and camera people. Yes, Natalie, no one ever mentions them. When they thank "the crew" they're talking about totally different people. Only you care about the little people! You're so down-to-earth! God, she's going to be an annoying celeb mom.

          Colin Firth is still a fox. He gave the best speech next to that dude with the awesome 'fro.


          • I thought Reese's dress was okay, but her hair was delightful! I wanted to put her in a convertible next to Ken. The detail in MW's Chanel didn't really translate unless you were looking at it through a camera that was panning up and an inch away from the fabric. Her hair and makeup was freaking lovely, though. And I don't remember Halle Berry wearing Mila's lavender dress, but it makes boobs look pretty phenomenal. Speaking of boobs, Helen Mirren, lend me some of that.

            Like roly, I was fooled into thinking maybe JF would be a slightly peppier version of himself for three hours. Franco is a good actor, so why not act like an Oscar host? Issie, I'm so with you. I like AH, I felt bad for her, but she seemed manic! By the end, when she was just high-fiving PS 22 kids and wooing uncontrollably, I wanted to slap her about face with a trout or throw a valium in her mouth.


            • I actually started to feel bad for Hathaway and I'm not even a fan. I find her distractingly freakish looking! Those are some seriously exaggerated facial features. She's like a caricature of herself! I'm not against Franco being a bored stoner. It can work. BUT, as was rightly mentioned above, he actually looked sober in the promos! Heh. Also, I heard/read/something that said that after the final run of the rehearsal, Franco got all weird and went to Hathaway's dressing room and talked into cutting and changing a bunch of stuff. I really feel like Franco (much like myself) is in it to amuse himself and is not so interested in your being amused. Life is a performance art and he's got eff-you money.

              The biggest problem is that NO celebrities come to the Oscars anymore--just the after parties! Only *actors* go to the Oscars. Where were the STAHS? How do they not get the most famous people on earth to that thing? Nicholson went every year forevah but somehow George and Brad find it embarrassing to doll up and smile? Celebrities today are so serious about their celebrity! It's boring. Like I liked GooP's dress but she looked vaguely pretend-embarrassed to me there!

              Mila's boobies were amazing, if I didn't mention it before. Hee!

              And, Roly! LOVE your rant about Portman. I was bored the second her name was announced. She's moved from precocious to exhausting with record speed!
              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


              • Gwyneth probably was embarrassed to be there, not 'cause she's too good or anything, but because she was basically there as entertainment for the real actors and not a nominee like I bet she told herself she would be when she signed on to do Country Strong. In her mind, it was probably her version of Walk the Line.



                  Booby chatter.
                  Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                  • Jennifer Lawrence got nominated for an Oscar for Silver Linings Playbook.

                    I am so happy for her, even though Lincoln is probably going to clean up all the awards. I have not seen it yet, but that's the word on the streets.
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                    • And Ben Affleck got denied! He's been working the scene so hard that I kinda feel bad for him, but it's still funny. If I'm being fair, I actually think it's bullshit since Argo got nominated for a bunch of the other big awards and how do you declare that the overall project is worthy of being among the best, but the creator of said project is somehow not? Same with Zero Dark Thirty and Bigelow. I haven't seen that one yet, but still thinks it's lame that she's not nominated.

                      I'm also surprised at how much err, love Amour is getting. I figured the Academy would just shove it into the foreign film category and leave it at that. That was the movie that made DK sob buckets at Cannes which is the only reason I even remember it. Beautiful Marion also got denied! And she brought it so hard with her Oscar dress the year she won so I was really looking forward to seeing her there this year.


                      • The denying of Affleck does amuse me, despite the fact that I think he's shown he's a cut above the other actor/directors.
                        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                        • I find it amusing that he got denied - - possibly because he screwed up a story where Canadians were heroes. Who would have thought the TIFF backlash would be so long lasting?

                          I don't know if he's a cut above other actor/directors but he did manage to pick a good story; it's just too bad he didn't do it justice.


                          • Using this as a general movie awards thread, 'kay?

                            The 2013 Critics Choice Awards is going on right now, and here are some of the carpet arrivals:


                            Emmy Rossum. Parts of this confuse me, but I like the concept:
                            Joss Whedon:
                            Krasinski and Blunt:
                            JLaw. DRAMATIC!:
                            Marion Cotillard. Dunno why I love this. It's cray.:
                            Quvenzhane Wallis. ADORBS:
                            Anne Hathaway. Fancy nightgown!:
                            Ian Somerhalder. Gorgeous suit.:


                            Famke Jansson:
                            Elle Fanning:
                            Jessica Chastain:
                            Leslie Mann. Pepto!:
                            Melissa Leo:
                            Clea Duvall:
                            Kara Hayward:
                            Amy Adams:
                            Sally Field:
                            Amanda Seyfried:
                            Eva Longoria:
                            Nina Dobrev. Hate doing this to you, Neeners . . . :


                            • I'm on my crappy phone, so I have to look at all the pretty later... But Emily Blunt and Jim Halpert look FABULOUS.


                              • You will appreciate this:

                                JGL was sitting at Krasinksi and Blunt's table (they sound like a detective firm . . . or maybe accountants or something) and now that's a bromance I would like to see happen.

                                Nina Dobrev got to present to the little girl from the movie that has the little girl in it (Southern Wild something), and the kid was so insanely adorable and unaffected and happy . . . totally rooting for her to win an Oscar now. Have GOT to see that speech.

                                It was also cute to see Eddie Redmayne giving an award to Anne Hathaway. I've never hated on her! I was never quite sure why we were supposed to.

                                Rebel Wilson was funny! She was the only seriously funny presenter, and now I wish she had been the host instead of the random critic guy that hosted.

                                Aaaaand . . . those were the highlights. A good practice run for the Golden Globes this weekend!