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    I've heard both sides to this argument. I haven't seen it yet but I have a couple of film geek friends that thought it was, like, GENIUS, and most everybody else seemed to think it sucked ass.

    Apparently, the movie is a series of shout-outs to other utterly obscure movies and you actually have to be Tarantino to get them all but my friend got so many of them that I think he should do the DVD audio commentary.
    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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      Of course, you could also get a lot of the shout-outs and STILL the the movie is a big pile o' poo. Mr. D and I got a large portion of the shout-outs (Mr. D more than me, I will admit -- I would place Mr. D firmly in the film geek category), but we both still didn't like the movie very much. All the shout-outs in the world do not make this movie have a coherent or compelling story. Visually, the movie is stunning. And the shout-outs were big fun (except the ones that were annoying ). But there was nothing tying the whole thing together to make it interesting or make you care about what happened to any of the characters. Mostly I just found it boring.


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        I didnít get most of the shout-outs, but I found the film to be extremely enjoyable nonetheless. I was jubilant and captivated throughout the two hours. But of course I love Tarantino so much that I was determined to like it when I entered the theater. Thereís almost no story, but it doesnít matter, because itís all in the way it is told. The music rocks. And the action scenes donít have the annoying Matrix special effects everybody uses now in them.

        Iíve never seen any of the LoTR films, but many of my friends told me that they were boring as hell. Anyway, Iím pretty sure Kill Bill is a million time more inventive and original than, say, Seabiscuit.


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          I think comparing Kill Bill and Seabiscuit is rather like apples and oranges--sure, they're both fruit, but that's really where the comparison ends. I doubt that being inventive and original was on the minds of the filmmakers of Seabiscuit, because of the nature of the story they were trying to tell (i.e., historical nonfiction).

          I liked Kill Bill ok even though I know I didn't catch all the shout-outs--some beautiful work, and I did like the music. But I really thought Tarantino could have dialed it back a bit on the blood. I'm not squeamish, and I know violence is his thang, but I actually found it distracting.


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            [BAFTA Alert]

            Aww... As much as I love Ian McKellen, how happy am I at Bill Nighy's win? He was So. Damn. Good. in Love Actually. It's giving me the warm and fuzzies. Yay!


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              I caught a bit of the SAG awards at lunch time today. Please tell me I didn't really see Sean Astin stand up there trying to tell the world how the union should unite to bring productions back to the US. I can't decide if it was the epitome of hypocrisy, seeing he was standing on stage with the team from a movie filmed in New Zealand (that *he* wasn't forced at gunpoint to be in), or that it was incredibly rude to intimate that movies are a US-only thing while surrounded by a bunch of English, Scots and Kiwis.

              I have trouble believing that American ACTORS are really that troubled by whether American film crew members and lesser known actors have steady jobs or not because I don't see them actually doing anything about it. If they're the ones with the public persona to be the voice of the "working man" in their industry (as they believe), then they'd also be the ones with enough clout to down tools. I haven't exactly seen any of them prepared to fight *that* much for the common man. It's like uniting with limitations.

              And Astin was only in LoTR because he's 2 feet tall.


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                Astin's also in the ads that try to make people feel bad about free illegal downloads that take the meals out of the poor crewpeople's mouths!

                I was mostly disturbed by the E! Channel having Lance Bass interview people on the red carpet...but he was still better than the Riverses.
                "But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.Ē---Kanye


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                  Astin was being his mother's (Patty Duke) mouthpiece. But I did so enjoy the hypocrisy of it. I did give a big Yay! for Gimli for kicking his ass off. And I now Billy Boyd.

                  ETA: Don't get me wrong, I like Johnny Depp, but there was NO way he should have won the Best Actor. PotC was amusing and he was good and funny, but compared to the other performances? The only thing I can figure is that the SAG members couldn't actually choose between the other great performances and thus went with Johnny.
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                    I noticed the Patty drop. Because I didn't see a lot of the broadcast, now I'd like to know what Robbins said (Astin mentioned him too). The big hip bump was good. Very Shut.The.Fuck.Up.Moron.

                    And while I'm sure there must be a connection between illegally downloading and hardworking crewmembers not getting paid their dues *because* of it, I'm not actually seeing that connection right now. If it's something to do with a writer not receiving his royalty dues because of it, I can see that and would agree. Otherwise I'm at a loss.


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                      Actually, I understand the outrage over runaway productions. When you live in an Industry town like LA you see first-hand the effects of deciding to film a Civil War story in Romania or the 1980 US Hockey Team in Canada. There are quite literally thousands of crew and other behind the scenes folks (who aren't millionaires) having difficulty paying their bills because of this practice. To me, it's no different than manufacturing companies like Levi Strauss moving their plants overseas. It leaves people out of work.

                      The position isn't that movies are only an American thing and no movies should be made overseas. But there are some stories (like the ones I mentioned above) that are uniquely American and the only reason they aren't made here is because it costs more money to do so.


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                        Snick, I'm totally behind the plight of the labour force. But the public mouthpieces seem vacuous and hypocritical when they have their say in the type of setting Astin did.

                        The position isn't that movies are only an American thing and no movies should be made overseas. But there are some stories (like the ones I mentioned above) that are uniquely American and the only reason they aren't made here is because it costs more money to do so.
                        Exactly! But people like Astin are calling for unity. I'm trying to work out who they're uniting against. Alan Greenspan for over-inflating the US dollar so many years ago? I presume it's the studios but they're not going to cut their profit margin in a blue moon so until these mouthpieces do something more than lip service, I have trouble believing they're very concerned about the crew labour. When the writers went on strike, did any well-known actors join them to make more impact? That's not a facetious question. I can't recall if any did. I don't remember any unity within that industry other than whining that production was held up.


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                          <---Is inappropriately keyed up waiting to see if Return of the King will win big tonight.


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                            All four hobbit boys are there! Squeeeee! Dom&Billy

                            Edited to say that the way LotR is sweeping is making me extra super paranoid that they're going to get everything but Best Picture.

                            Random comments:

                            - I love how the Depp is sporting his 21 Jump Street 'do again.
                            - Catherine Zeta-Jones and Susan Sarandon are ridiculously beautiful.
                            - The Will Ferrell/Jack Black song kicked ass. WF.
                            - Sofia Coppola calls Bill Murray her "muse" and then doesn't even thank Scarlett Johansson? Burn!
                            - The applause during the Dead People Montage was pathetic.
                            - Peter Jackson! Yay!

                            Edited again because WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
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                              Yes, to everything Roly said.

                              Also lovely were Charlize and Jennifer Garner. I liked Julia Roberts' dress, but not her new hair color. And what's with all the trains this year?

                              No accounting for what Uma was thinking. I guess Ethan hurt her bad.

                              Depp's hair made me die - I just kept looking for Skeet.

                              I was bitching at Mr. V after the Bob Hope special thing that Kate Hepburn better get one too, so that made me happy. It was a shame that Gregory Peck didn't get that level of treatment, but it was a really big year in death, unfortunately.

                              Billy Crystal seemed to start well, but has been dragging as the night's gone on.

                              The technical awards are usually an eye-glaze to me, but the LotR EE DVDs have made me love Richard Taylor and the gang. I'm so thrilled they won so much.

                              I didn't expect LotR to win the adapted screenplay, or the original song. I love "Into the West" but I dunno about best of the year.

                              I can't believe LotR won all of its nominations. I am so fucking thrilled that they won. Sean Astin and I had to wipe away tears.


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                                The LOTR peeps were prepared, yo! They had their speeches split up so that there was no overlap of gratitude, but made sure that they got everyone in that they needed to. And none of them were time hogs. Plus they were just so gracious about their embarrassment of riches that you couldn't help but be thrilled for all of them. Way to be winners, man. Classy.

                                I was rooting for Bill Murray, but I understand that according to the "owe you one" law, it was Penn's turn. I will concede that having now seen Mystic River, Penn's role did seem to require more of him than Murray's did in LiT.

                                Now for the important part: the fashion. CZJ was smokin' and she knew it. I also liked Charlize's dress, but her and Sandra Bullock looked like they swam in bronzer and then tanned afterward. Me no likee that. Naomi Watts's dress was pretty, but for some reason, she bugs me. I don't really know why. I also thought Sophia Coppola looked cute. Not glamorous, but that's not her thing anyway.

                                Oh, and how cute was it that Nicolas Cage was so excited for his cousin? Big AWW.